out of body tips; the various levels of heaven; what happens to suicides; quieting the mind for OBE or meditation; controlling your energy; getting rid of the song that constantly plays in your head; visiting hermes astral shop; unconditional love; setting up a gate keeper; knowing the demons from the angels; how old of a soul are you; what will happen in 2012;
October 16, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Oct 16 12:34:59 2008
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<zanthia11> Is there a workshop today?
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<hermes> hello
<zanthia11> Hi Hermes!
<hermes> how are you doing today
<zanthia11> great! you?
<hermes> doing fine
<zanthia11> question...
<hermes> sure
<hermes> fire away
<hermes> i did not set any topic for today
<zanthia11> I have been sending peace, love & light to everyone i see on a daily basis...
<zanthia11> I don't see that many people each day, but could this run down my energy enough not to be able to OBE?
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<hermes> i do not really think so
<hermes> if you were sending raw energy to them
<hermes> it could
<zanthia11> ok
<hermes> but feelings of love and happiness
<hermes> these are things you emit everyday
<hermes> or the reverse of those
<zanthia11> in a dream last night i was aware of lots of low vibration ppl zapping my energy
<hermes> all you are trying to do is make that a part of your makeup
<hermes> well that will happen
<hermes> as your vibration goes up
<hermes> other people will tap into it
<hermes> they see you as a battery source for them
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<hermes> most people do this unconsciously
<zanthia11> I decided to stop just for today to see if it makes a difference
<hermes> it is up to you to limit these people that tap your energy
<zanthia11> yea, i do feel like a battery allot
<hermes> Hi Orph
<hermes> good to see you
<Orph> Hi Hermes ( :
<Orph> Aura_cat says hi
<zanthia11> re: higher self. where is it on the monad tree?
<zanthia11> Hi!
<hermes> yea the term higher self usually refers to the part of you that has learned all the human lessons'
<hermes> but
<hermes> it can also mean
<hermes> the Soul or the Monad
<hermes> it really depends on who you talk to
<zanthia11> Is the higher self the same for both souls of the twin flame pair?
<hermes> it can be if you are referring to the Soul or Monad
<hermes> but not if you are referring to the higher self of the individual
<hermes> the individual's higher self is the guy in the future that has ascended
<hermes> you can tap into this part of you
<zanthia11> I'm having trouble understanding unity as one, but yet everyone still has their own identity
<hermes> as in the nonphysical time and space are meaningless
<zanthia11> yes, the HS of the individual
<zanthia11> Is HS outside of time?
<hermes> yes
<hermes> it is you, after completing the human journey
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<hermes> you become him/her
<hermes> one day
<zanthia11> then how does it know just when you ask something of it?
<hermes> time does not exist in the nonphysical
<zanthia11> I have a hard time wrapping my brain around simulataneous time.
<hermes> so you can exist along side of your higher self and your current self
<hermes> yea simultaneous time is a tough one
<zanthia11> I understand it, but I need to have the experience of being outside it I guess to understand clearly
<hermes> what happens usually with these other selves
<hermes> is as you integrate them into you
<hermes> you reach up to the next higher level for guidance
<hermes> so perhaps today you are reaching for the higher self
<hermes> then tomorrow as you grow you start reaching for the Soul self
<zanthia11> what is it like to be outside of time? how do you experience things?
<hermes> when you are outside of time, thought guides where you find yourself
<hermes> if you think about 200 years ago
<hermes> you are there
<hermes> if you think about jupiter
<hermes> you are there
<zanthia11> ok so, where is heaven & what is its function?
<hermes> that is the simple version
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<hermes> heaven is more an idea than a place
<Orph> Hermes, a friend is struggling with smoking addiction because she is worried of gaining weight, can you give her some tips on how to get started?
<hermes> as you evolve and grow so does your idea of what heaven is
<zanthia11> when a should gets back to heaven, how do they stop it from manifesting negative things due to the freshness of the experiences it just left?
<hermes> well there is no heaven to go to
<hermes> to^
<hermes> after death you gravitate to the level of reality that you have achieved
<hermes> there are 30 or so levels of reality where souls can go to after death
<zanthia11> I see heaven as a place where should live between incarnations until they finally ascend
<zanthia11> just like no hell?
<zanthia11> that makes sense now thanks
<hermes> that is the simple idea of heaven, yes
<zanthia11> there now lies the motivation to reincarnate
<zanthia11> so many should live on the astral etc. between lives?
<hermes> orph, she is worried about gaining weight or giving up smoking?
<hermes> there are many many more souls not incarnated than there are incarnated souls
<hermes> it is a busy place these nonphysical levels
<zanthia11> I understand hypnosis is good for that
<Orph> she wants to give up smoking, but she panics at the thought of gaining weight because she used to have a lot of it on her.
<Orph> she quit for three days and then tried a pair of new jeans and they were to tight, and she broke down and had a cigarette
<zanthia11> if she focuses on gaining weight, then she likely will
<zanthia11> she should focus on being healthy and staying g the same weight right Hermes?
<hermes> yea
<hermes> good advice
<Orph> she already knows that you will gain a few pounds, but it still gets to her and she refuses to exercise
<zanthia11> thanks!
<Orph> what do you think is conflicting in her RC
<zanthia11> she is letting others' belief systems influence her own
<hermes> i would say she does not want to give up smoking
<zanthia11> maybe deep down she really doesn't want to quit?
<hermes> and is looking for excuses
<hermes> if she really wants to quit these things would not stop her
<Orph> agreed
<hermes> she would quit and find a way to stay trim
<Orph> exactly, that is what she was told
<Orph> thanks
<hermes> in all honesty, everyone needs some exercise
<hermes> even if it is just walking
<hermes> that just keeps the body healthy
<hermes> but, have her focus on one thing at a time
<hermes> have her give up the smoking
<hermes> then see where it puts here
<hermes> losing weight is far from an impossible task. I think giving up smoking is far harder
<Orph> good advice, I'll tell her to focus on one thing at a time
<zanthia11> Is suicide always unplanned? Or do souls write it in their charts?
<hermes> well, i do not think anyone sets out to create such a thing
<hermes> but often people see no other way out
<hermes> of their problems
<zanthia11> they get 'stuck' lots of times huh?
<zanthia11> I mean in between physical & non-physical
<zanthia11> after they 'die'
<hermes> well when a person reaches the point where suicide seems like the only option, they are really messed up. This places them in terrible places in the nonphysical plane
<zanthia11> like the lower astral?
<hermes> because the suicide ends the life but not the torment
<hermes> most of them wind up in some self created reality for awhile, until a guide can get in there and wake them out of it
<hermes> if they are lucky these realities are pleasant
<zanthia11> after awhile doesn't their light go dim and they are hard for guides to find?
<hermes> yes it gets harder the longer they stay in that zone
<hermes> prayers and energy from the living can help allot to guide the spirit guides to help them and find them
<hermes> as the living are still tuned into them
<hermes> much is done right after a suicide to get to them
<zanthia11> by consciously walking around and intentionally bringing down light, does that then light up the non-physical counterparts of the places you are at?
<hermes> any time you reach upward for spirit it energizes where ever you are
<zanthia11> in meditation last week I did that & Iris could see it
<hermes> it can be like a bright light going on
<hermes> the light of spirit is very much a real thing in the nonphysical plane
<zanthia11> that's good because I always try to light up wherever I go just for that reason
<hermes> yes it is always good to do that
<hermes> when you can remember too
<zanthia11> so I am like a waling flashlight in a sense? a really bright one?
<hermes> yep
<zanthia11> oops i mean walking
<zanthia11> how cool!
<zanthia11> it feels really good to help
<Orph> The more of the lights are walking around on the street, the more the overall consciousness benefits
<Orph> I hope soon we can take over this place ( :
<zanthia11> I still have trouble meditating and OBE so I try really hard and end up manifesting stuff in the physical instead
<hermes> yes every spiritual person casting their glow helps to bring the earth closer to peace and harmony
<hermes> well manifesting in the physical is good
<hermes> that is one of the things you need to do
<hermes> manifest spirit on the earth
<zanthia11> it seems like it's almost easier to manifest in the physical
<hermes> wow you do not hear that everyday
<zanthia11> I am always in the dark when I try to turn on the 3rd eye light
<zanthia11> I think I planned it that way to anchor more light in the physical
<zanthia11> it's starting to seem like I've done all this before, and purposely set up myself the challenge of manifesting in the physical
<hermes> you probably have
<hermes> you just are remembering again
<zanthia11> yea it's hard for me to travel in meditation or OBE. I always need help
<zanthia11> I practice every day though
<hermes> they are not easy skills to develop
<hermes> but patience and time
<hermes> and it will come
<hermes> people who fine it easy, most likely have mastered that in previous lives
<zanthia11> I tell myself it's easy so I don't subconsciously set up a harder time
<hermes> well that is true
<zanthia11> but I'm not making much progress
<hermes> OBE is actually very easy once you do it
<zanthia11> too much mind chatter
<hermes> you say wow, how come it took me so long
<zanthia11> I love OBE!
<zanthia11> Only can do it maybe once every couple months though
<zanthia11> and it's always spontaneous except once
<hermes> well i would set up one evening a week for trying to OBE
<zanthia11> not every night?
<hermes> spend the rest of the week preparing, gathering energy
<hermes> no not every night
<hermes> not at the start
<hermes> you will burn away all the energy you need to do it
<zanthia11> during the day I work on breathing & charging up chakras for night
<hermes> that is good
<hermes> but set aside one night a week for OBE practice
<hermes> make it a constant night
<zanthia11> but my dreams are amazing. several every night
<hermes> every Tuesday for example
<hermes> then during the week
<hermes> do dry runs
<zanthia11> been keeping a journal like you said since june and it really has helped allot
<hermes> and keep working on building the light around you
<zanthia11> ok
<zanthia11> I am a very light sleeper so it is hard to go into trance
<zanthia11> I can't do it if I just sit in a chair
<zanthia11> I have hemi-sync CD's which seem to help
<zanthia11> but of course they don't stop the chatter
<hermes> this is what you do
<zanthia11> mostly I see a violet sphere morphing around inside my head
<hermes> you set up one evening a week for a real obe attempts
<zanthia11> this has been going on for months but nothing ever happens
<hermes> then the rest of the week you work on quieting the mind
<zanthia11> It always seems like I'm having a conversation with someone else inside my head, just not sure who
<hermes> could be your spirit guide
<hermes> have you asked him to be quiet for a bit
<zanthia11> they never give me a name
<zanthia11> duh! why didn't I think of that?
<hermes> no one usually does
<hermes> that is why i mentioned it
<zanthia11> I will try that. I've just always considered myself the culprit
<zanthia11> I am trying to learn self-hypnosis also
<hermes> it sounds like you are very sensitive to these communications
<zanthia11> it goes on all day long
<hermes> so it is okay to ask them to be silent every now and then
<zanthia11> I get lots of answers & stuff that way
<hermes> is it one person coming through or many
<zanthia11> like they will show me something in the physical that I take note of and then I go 'oh yeah, that means...'
<zanthia11> to be honest, I really rather like the communication. I'm never alone.
<hermes> well that is why it is the way it is
<hermes> you can set some boundaries there with it
<hermes> they will understand
<zanthia11> I think it is higher self, but could be angels or guides too. Maybe even masters. not sure.
<hermes> you just have to be clear to them when and how
<zanthia11> But it's only one at a time.
<hermes> if you get more than one coming through
<hermes> pick one to be a gate keeper
<hermes> this guide will be the only one for now, that communicates with you
<hermes> the others have to go through this guide
<zanthia11> ok
<hermes> this will help to quiet the chatter and make it more manageable
<zanthia11> I can pretty much find messages in anything
<Orph> zanthia, there is a visualization I got from an Oh so book. He describes thoughts as clouds in the sky. You can try to think them away, but every extra thought like that is just another extra cloud. The trick is in observing them float by until gradually only the clear, empty blue sky remains. I find this to be an effective visualization for quietness ( :
<zanthia11> I have tried to think in pictures but sometimes is hard
<hermes> yea that meditation works good too, i use it often
<zanthia11> Thanks, I have tried that, & boats, & balloons, etc
<zanthia11> conversation keeps coming back
<zanthia11> so I can't stay quiet long enough to get anywhere ya know?
<Orph> the trick is not in sending thoughts of per se, though such techniques can help
<Orph> I find it to be more about looking in the eye of the void so to speak
<zanthia11> See I will observe the clouds then think about the shape & what it is trying to tell me, see?
<Orph> yes, and that is good at first
<Orph> but don't linger with one cloud
<Orph> go to the next cloud
<Orph> and the next
<Orph> until they all are the same
<Orph> and until they eventually just stop appear in new and exiting shapes
<zanthia11> then I will string them together like works in a sentence
<Orph> appearing*
<Orph> you have to look past any technique that you use, clouds or otherwise
<zanthia11> when I visualize, I can see it but not in my 3rd eye area. It's somewhere else that is hard to maintain focus on.
<Orph> I mean, the techniques like you say only replace the previous thoughts
<zanthia11> my 3rd eye is always black, so I have to "see" it somewhere else in my mind.
<Orph> do you ever get a tune stuck in your head that keeps on repeating over and over?
<zanthia11> only the purple sphere will appear in my 3rd eye
<zanthia11> yes!
<Orph> what do you do to get rid of those tunes?
<zanthia11> I try to stop that in a hurry too!
<zanthia11> hmmmmm....
<hermes> you just listen to them over and over again until the guide changes the record :)
<zanthia11> I have trouble with that at times
<zanthia11> can I ask my guide to do that? change the record?
<hermes> yes you can
<zanthia11> cool!
<zanthia11> oh James ...change the record please!
<Orph> when you hear something and ask for silence, or see something and ask for nothingness then it will come. A fraction of a second at first
<Orph> ^^
<zanthia11> I analyze things too much. how do I stop & just watch ?
<Orph> I suppose getting control over which tune or image is there is one step of the way
<Orph> in my experience, you can stop and watch anytime you want to, it just comes in very short intervals at first
<zanthia11> I try to create a point of light in the blackness.
<Orph> first a fraction of a second, then after a few weeks, a full second! Then in a year perhaps even a full minute of just nothingness
<Orph> ;)
<zanthia11> when you visualize, do you see it in your 3rd eye area?
<zanthia11> I can stop thought for about 3 sec or so now
<Orph> actually, I am only now learning that truly seeing happens with the heart
<zanthia11> maybe a little longer
<Orph> 3 is good
<Orph> you can take it from there
<Orph> a lot can happen in three seconds of silence
<zanthia11> I try to put my awareness there too
<zanthia11> there is supposed to be a magical place in sacred space of the heart. It is the doorway to ascension
<zanthia11> I have yet to find mine
<Orph> the heart is the crossroads inside of you
<Orph> its the right place to be looking ( :
<zanthia11> Inner hearing is getting stronger now. I hear stuff all the time and think it's in the physical but then realize it's not
<zanthia11> usually just as I'm waking up
<zanthia11> I had a dream dream that took me to this crossroads awhile back
<zanthia11> when I analyzed it I realized exactly what it meant
<zanthia11> thank for the advice Orph!
<Orph> when you are just waking up the nonphysical experience is closest to the waking mind, that's magic hour and yea, a lot of stuff happens during that time
<zanthia11> At least I'm really good at remembering it all. And I write it down
<hermes> yea i love that time
<zanthia11> me too
<Orph> ( :
<zanthia11> I sleep about 12 hrs a night just for the dreaming!
<hermes> until the dog licks you in the face and says "get out of bed you lazy person, I want a walk"
<Orph> hmm, that's quite a block of sleep
<Orph> haha ^^
<zanthia11> that's funny cause the dog works with spirit allot too to show me stuff
<hermes> yea 12 hours of sleep will get you lots of dream activity
<Orph> 12 hours of sleep a day would explain why much of it is light sleep ( :
<zanthia11> just this morning he led me to a light bulb
<hermes> but the real key to dream recall is to go to bed before midnight
<zanthia11> message: my light's burnt out
<Orph> o, Hermes, I dreamt of being in one of your classes a while ago
<Orph> but it was a dancing class
<Orph> ( :
<zanthia11> fun
<hermes> dancing class
<Orph> I was there late, and a big man was about to stop me, but you recognized me and let me enter
<hermes> man what i have some kind of breakdown
<zanthia11> sometimes I try to go to your nonphysical place but no luck yet
<hermes> the astral shop, good place
<hermes> lots of cars there
<hermes> people too
<zanthia11> seems like my OBE's visions, etc revolve mostly around me experiencing my own death
<zanthia11> the 1st 2 times, a bit unsettling, but now it's fun
<hermes> i wonder what the dancing was a symbol of in that class
<zanthia11> but I still wonder why always surrounding my own 'death', when are they gonna take me someplace fun
<hermes> you may need to come to terms with those deaths
<zanthia11> I have been trying to get into the tree forever, but no luck
<zanthia11> I think I'm collecting lost soul fragments when it happens
<zanthia11> if only I could get into the akashic records!
<hermes> Orph, interesting about the big guy, of late I have been seeing two big guides next to me on my nonphysical trips
<zanthia11> I know they are resisting this request because they know I would never leave, ha ha
<Orph> yea, I never quite nailed the meaning behind the dancing class dream, except from just the obvious, which would be that you actually gave a class in the ethereal and I actually participated ;)
<zanthia11> I love books and libraries, that one is the intimate
<aina> dance of life
<hermes> zanthia, there are several places in the Tree of Life where you can access libraries. Once you get going in that, you will find them.
<aina> and evening alls :)
<Orph> hey aina, nice to see you join in ( :
<zanthia11> I know sandalphon gave me permission to enter. I visualized myself sitting outside a huge tree with a door in the trunk...
<hermes> first you need to work on actually having some programmed OBEs. one step at a time.
<hermes> i will go for the dance of life, meaning on that class
<zanthia11> I pictured a white mailbox outside where I put a letter to him with/my request and I put the flag up and knocked on the door. Then I sit & wait..
<Orph> hmm I need to be off, so good night to the three of you and have a nice chat ( :
<Orph> *night night
<aina> nn Orp
<zanthia11> About a week later I was walking the dog when a man rode by us with the exact mailbox attached to the back of his bike. It was comical.
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<hermes> yea that is very unique for sure, not many people carry mailboxes on a bike
<zanthia11> this is the kind of stuff I manifest in the physical all the time
<zanthia11> this is how I get the bulk of my messages every day
<zanthia11> oops bulk
<hermes> well that sounds okay
<hermes> it seems you have spirit working through your daily life
<zanthia11> It's fine with me, just wish I had more non-physical interaction outside of dreams
<hermes> and have some good reality creating skills there
<zanthia11> I have read all your books!
<hermes> well as I said, with the OBE You are trying to hard
<hermes> you need to take that in steps
<hermes> work on all the small things first
<hermes> like quieting the mind
<hermes> relaxing the body
<zanthia11> yes, I think I try to focus on too many things at once
<aina> glad to see this channel sounds the same as it was when i used to visit here :)
<hermes> if you devote one evening to just relaxing the body
<hermes> another to quieting the mind
<zanthia11> ok
<zanthia11> I try to do them all at the same time
<zanthia11> probably why there's so much chatter
<hermes> Hi Aina, good to hear have come back
<hermes> who were you before?
<aina> hmm must have been under tiKklu name back then
<hermes> that seems familiar
<aina> (don't remember which 'k' was on caps :p)
<aina> back in 2001? or so
<hermes> well good to have you back
<aina> thank you :)
<zanthia11> how is rc3 coming?
<hermes> RC3 is coming along. I think i may have to break it up into 2 books
<hermes> i keep getting new stuff to put in it
<hermes> i can't imagine how I can put this all into one volume
<zanthia11> great! I can't wait!
<zanthia11> I have learned so much from your books & cd. They are an invaluable tool & very well written
<hermes> glad to hear it
<zanthia11> I like the summaries at the end to help cement the info into memory
<hermes> i will have a new CD in a few weeks
<hermes> just putting the finishing touches on it
<zanthia11> cool
<hermes> it covers the Tree of Life
<zanthia11> yea!
<hermes> it is actually a 2 cd set
<zanthia11> put me on the list!
<hermes> you cans subscribe to the RSS feeds on the website
<hermes> that is how i broadcast new changes on Wisdomsdoor
<hermes> i will announce the CD Through that medium
<zanthia11> In numerology, my chart is the tree. Column for column. birth date, time, life path, etc all laid out perfectly. I know this is no accident. What do you think it means
<zanthia11> My birth time is the past column date middle column & paths future column
<zanthia11> My gut says it has to do with anchoring light in the physical dimension, that I'm some kind of portal or something for others
<hermes> Well the chatter you hear to me sounds like you got some spirit guides chewing your inner ear off, so that does see to indicate some kind of portal or medium
<hermes> a bridge
<hermes> between two worlds
<hermes> that is why i suggested you appoint one of them a gate keeper
<zanthia11> yes, that's what I think too
<hermes> because that can get quite distracting with all those guides wanting to speak at once
<zanthia11> ok should it be my higher self, or guide?
<hermes> any one of the guides you like
<zanthia11> ok
<zanthia11> It is done
<zanthia11> telepathy is great
<zanthia11> James is the gatekeeper & will close the door when I need quiet
<hermes> good
<zanthia11> james taught me unconditional love
<hermes> you need to out boundaries on that
<zanthia11> something I've never felt with another human
<zanthia11> can a guide be your twin?
<hermes> yea that is hard to feel on a human level
<hermes> sure it can happen
<zanthia11> it brought me to my knees!
<hermes> you do not both have to be incarnated at the same time
<zanthia11> I never felt such intense emotion!
<zanthia11> i think my guide may be my twin
<zanthia11> seems like something i would have set up
<hermes> that is very possible, it does happen
<zanthia11> who would you trust more than your own twin right?
<hermes> that is true
<zanthia11> my guidance has stated that I am ascending in this life, but will not meet up with my twin
<hermes> many times that is the case, as having your twin flame in the physical could be distracting to the work of ascension
<zanthia11> that's true
<hermes> if there is some special spiritual work that has to be done in a short amount of time, twin flames can come together in one lifetime to do that
<zanthia11> I set it up so I'd never marry or have kids so I would be 'baggage free' and be able to devote 100% of my time to this. don't even have to work.
<hermes> nice
<zanthia11> it's great
<hermes> good reality creating there
<zanthia11> but like you said, can be too much going on at once when you're working on this stuff 24/7
<zanthia11> RC is pretty easy once you know the rules
<hermes> it is okay to take a break from time to time
<hermes> if you need rest from the spiritual work, take it
<zanthia11> i know, just never want to
<hermes> yes it is very rewarding work
<hermes> and the energy just keeps you wanting more
<zanthia11> I'm always anxious to find the next puzzle piece
<zanthia11> it's addicting
<zanthia11> but hard when everyone else is still sleeping
<hermes> sleeping in a spiritual sense
<hermes> ?
<zanthia11> yes
<hermes> yes there are far too light workers to go around
<hermes> so they are spread thin over the globe
<hermes> far too few ^^
<zanthia11> I know I am one for sure
<hermes> but at least because of the Internet and communications it makes it easier for these people to connect
<zanthia11> I realized that when I had to be around the dark entities for awhile with my ex's family. I hated it.
<zanthia11> Made me suicidal for a while
<zanthia11> then I woke up
<aina> yaiks, that sounds familiar
<zanthia11> oops woke up
<zanthia11> i figure how can you know the light unless you know the dark
<hermes> very true
<aina> when you go very close to a dark person you suffocate, sometimes its a reminder
<zanthia11> it's all good now. I feel bad for them that they elected to be so far removed from the light
<zanthia11> it will take them many lifetimes to find it for sure
<zanthia11> it was more like a wake up call
<zanthia11> they were mean & spiteful just for the pleasure of causing trouble
<hermes> yea standing near a demon sure shows you where the light it
<zanthia11> i would isolate for days trying to reconcile why they hated me so
<zanthia11> now I know they were just fearful of my bringing the light in
<zanthia11> demons masquerading as your boyfriends mom!
<zanthia11> and kids!
<zanthia11> and ex wife was the worst!
<aina> oh, mine was the ex himself
<aina> he also believed he was 'the devil'
<zanthia11> my ex just sat on the damn fence
<zanthia11> i saw the devil at the hospital when I woke up!
<zanthia11> I told him to get lost
<aina> i didn't believe him before i was suicidal myself :)
<zanthia11> yea that devil can be very pesky
<hermes> sometimes people are weak minded and the dark force can use them
<zanthia11> he would go from his mom, to the kids, to my ex until IO finally drove him out by sending him love
<hermes> use their weaknesses against you
<zanthia11> that is very true
<zanthia11> they were all drug addicts
<aina> heh familiar story..
<zanthia11> but the light wins every time
<hermes> yes the trick is to never forget that. because the moment you do, they strike at you
<hermes> you can never say "I am the Light" too much
<zanthia11> I am proud of myself that I persevered through it all, 6 ganging up on me at once for 3 yrs and I still found the light!
<zanthia11> now I don 't have any trouble with dark entities. it's over. there's nothing for them to latch onto
<zanthia11> I don't even really ask for protection anymore. Don't think I need it.
<zanthia11> is that progress?
<hermes> yes it is
<hermes> but nothing wrong with asking for protection if you ever need it in the future
<zanthia11> good. just wanted to make sure I wasn't being tricked
<zanthia11> oops tricked
<aina> sounds like you have won your fears :)
<zanthia11> I call on arch michael for that when I do and he surrounds me in a golden funnel of light
<zanthia11> i think so
<hermes> yes good way to put that Aina
<zanthia11> at least I know what to do know if I do have a fear
<zanthia11> it's good when you finally have a higher perspective on why everything happens
<zanthia11> and when your reality mirror finally reflects good things, it's easy to see when something bad pops up
<zanthia11> then I ask myself how I created it and go from there
<hermes> yea it takes time to get to that place. time and patience and some work. but it is all worth it
<zanthia11> definitely
<zanthia11> I'm just upset I didn't figure it out until 40
<zanthia11> could have saved myself some grief
<hermes> well better then never at all
<zanthia11> but I guess I had to wait for the right conditions to present themselves
<zanthia11> yep that's true
<hermes> purifying the soul takes time and years
<zanthia11> I wonder how many lives I walked around and never knew
<zanthia11> how do you know if you are an old soul?
<hermes> some people do not like that word years, but it does take that long to really work these things out
<zanthia11> I feel like I'm really close to the finish line now.
<hermes> you can look at your wrists to tell how old soul you are
<hermes> count the rings on both wrists
<zanthia11> I have 2.5 on each one
<hermes> you are medium soul
<hermes> old souls have 7 to 8 total
<hermes> young souls have 4 or less
<zanthia11> is ascension just for old souls?
<hermes> no, not at all
<zanthia11> good
<hermes> it depends on the person's path
<hermes> older souls are working toward the teacher blueprint
<zanthia11> oh so I can ascend this life, but continue evolving in nonphysical learning systems?
<hermes> they want to help others after they ascend with the human system
<hermes> so lots of lifetimes are needed there
<aina> on your wrists, do you count the rings that are broken from the middle?
<hermes> if you have a broken ring that counts as one
<hermes> it means like almost one ring
<zanthia11> there are 2 ea across and 1 on each that go halfway
<zanthia11> and lots of faint ones
<hermes> so you have about 5 or 5.5
<hermes> yea faint ones can count to but not as full rings
<hermes> it is not an exact science of course
<zanthia11> yes, that would make 5.5-6 then
<hermes> just gives you some idea of your path
<zanthia11> on the outside there are more than the inside
<hermes> if you bend the wrist it makes it easier to see them
<hermes> 1 to 4 young soul, 5 to 6 medium, 7 and up old soul
<zanthia11> so what happens when we round the galactic bend in December 21, 2012?
<aina> my birthday:p
<zanthia11> will lots of folks be ascending then?
<zanthia11> do you think we will have a pole shift?
<hermes> the energy of the Great Central sun will become intensified
<hermes> this is the energy of brotherly love
<zanthia11> what will that do?
<zanthia11> that is good
<hermes> the Sun will act as a lens and focus this energy on the planet in great concentration
<hermes> this will affect people to varying degrees
<zanthia11> I see 12:21 on the clock everyday. I know I'm being reminded
<hermes> those that are more spiritual and in tune with these energies will feel very connected to the universe
<hermes> and gain a new level of understanding and growth
<zanthia11> I am looking forward to it
<zanthia11> ppl need to know it's not the end of the world, just the end of what we're used to
<hermes> those that are not so in tune with these spiritual energies will not notice very much, but it will become harder for them to create disharmony without some instant karmic backlash
<zanthia11> Instant karma is good. it shows you you are the one creating the disharmony
<zanthia11> it is a great motivator to do the right thing I have found
<hermes> yes if you create harmony, you get more harmony in your life
<zanthia11> thanks for the chat Hermes. Have to walk the dog now & see what's manifested outside for me. ha ha!
<hermes> and this will intensify after that
<zanthia11> bye!
* zanthia11 ( Quit ("Bye bye")
<aina> tiny energyball that one :)
<hermes> yea, a fire cracker
<hermes> for sure
<hermes> i am going to sign off unless you have some question
<aina> I'm ok for now :) good to see you after such a long time
<hermes> yes please do come back
<hermes> always good to see the same faces
* peta ( has joined #energyworks
<peta> hello
<aina> hello
<hermes> hi peta, I am just leaving
<hermes> but will be back in a couple weeks
<peta> well, tc then!
<hermes> take care
* hermes ( has left #energyworks
<peta> ty, i will try
<peta> sigh
<aina> sup? :)
* peta ( Quit ("Bye bye")

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