remembering events in a travel meditation; various methods of entering the Tree of Life; what is imagination
October 9, 2008 (workshop log file)

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<nahda> hi aina
<nahda> do you guys want to talk about anything?
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<nahda821> meditation today?
<attuned> yes, should be soon
<nahda821> thanks, ok i'll make a tea and then return
<attuned> ok
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<nahda821> hi raza
<raza808> hi
<raza808> What is Geburah? what language is this? do you know
<attuned> it is a part of the tree of life
<raza808> seems like Hebrew word
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<nahda821> hi zanthia
<zanthia545> hi everyone!
<zanthia545> Hi Hermes! I have a question on higher self & how it relates to consciousness.
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<iris> Hi everyone!
<nahda821> hi iris
<zanthia545> Hi Iris!
<iris> hi nahda and zanthia
<iris> seems like we have a nice group signed on today
<zanthia545> monad splits into 12 oversouls, each with 12 souls (6 pr twin flames). Where is the higher self in this arrangement?
<zanthia545> Will Hermes be with us today?
<iris> I don't think so
<nahda821> next week i believe
<iris> We usually alternate weeks
<zanthia545> Iris can you answer my above question?
<iris> yes, he should be here next week
<nahda821> Iris last time we spoke you said sometimes it is difficult to bring back into the physical what we see during meditation
<nahda821> do you mean it is difficult to manifest it in the physical or remember it?
<iris> yes, because the way we communicate is different
<iris> remember it
<iris> in this reality we use words to communicate
<iris> when we meditate we use our other senses
<nahda821> ok i see
<iris> so we have to train ourselves to be aware of what we "see" and feel
<nahda821> is it possible to manifest in the physical what we see during meditation?
<nahda821> Make it here or real?
<iris> in meditation often we meet a being and we just know what they are "saying" to us
<zanthia545> I am having trouble w/my meditation. Can't seen to stop the chatter no matter how hard I try. Mostly I just see a violet sphere moving around.
<iris> yes we can manifest here what we experience in meditation
<iris> don't focus on the chatter
<nahda821> thanks iris
<iris> let it go
<zanthia545> how do you let it go?
<iris> sometimes playing soft music in the background helps
<nahda821> try focusing only on your breath
<raza808> does our seeing depends on our conscious awakening?
<iris> breathe deeply and when you exhale just picture it going away from you
<zanthia545> my brain is constantly analyzing. I have hemi-sync CD's but it still doesn't reduce the chatter.
<iris> actually I think our conscious gets in the way
<zanthia545> I have tried all of that. I even float them away with balloons but it keeps coming back.
<zanthia545> the chatter is always about spirit & what I'm trying to do anyway
<nahda821> give it time zanthia, with time and positive thought and you will achieve what ever it is you want to
<iris> then maybe you are one who should listen to the chatter!
<zanthia545> I can stop it briefly but not for long, and I practice everyday
<iris> maybe your guides communicate with you that way
<zanthia545> I do listen! ha ha
<iris> I am a visual person - so I communicate through pictures and images I see
<iris> but not everyone is
<zanthia545> I think it is a form of communication because it seems like I'm having a conversation with someone
<zanthia545> I'm pretty good at visualization too and always have very vivid dreams
<raza808> me too
<zanthia545> I just always get caught up trying to figure out what everything means
<iris> what I try to do is simply note what happens as I go along
<zanthia545> I have tons of synchronicity. all day long. I get messages through the tv or whatever is going on
<iris> then after the meditation I try to recall it and figure it out
<zanthia545> i think sprit has to do this since they have a hard time getting through the mental chatter
<zanthia545> I never get that far in the meditation.
<iris> well we should be getting messages all day long -
<raza808> u mean in awake?
<raza808> or in meditation?
<iris> that's the idea with most people - they open up that channel through meditation and eventually carry it through in their everyday physical life
<zanthia545> numbers are huge for me. I'm a master 11. So it's 11's everywhere I turn.
<nahda821> it is only when one is truly awake that we notice
<nahda821> my number is 77
<zanthia545> Oh, then maybe my channel got blasted open last dec. & has been open ever since.
<zanthia545> hey that's cool! another master #. See?
<zanthia545> It's no coincidence.
<iris> there are all different ways to communicate - yes, numbers are another way
<nahda821> it is validation and a reminder of the path we have chosen?
<zanthia545> I notice 'clues' all the time. Even the dog works with spirit to enlighten me.
<iris> signs and symbols through our physical day
<raza808> i don't think we can do that while working 8 hrs a day
<zanthia545> I read books and then whatever I read just happens to me the same way
<iris> well, we get preoccupied with physical things
<zanthia545> I don't have to work, so my job is working with spirit 24/7
<nahda821> signs come through when ever you allow them to (you look)
<iris> I think we come into this world with a good link to the nonphysical -
<raza808> oh ok that's why
<nahda821> slow down and just live in the moment, not the past or the future but the now. Even for 5 minutes.
<iris> then as we grow we get "trained" in the physical and our nonphysical abilities and connections go dormant
<zanthia545> is it possible to be working ascension through the tree of life on the physical plane?
<zanthia545> my numerology chart IS the tree of life. I know I planned it that way too.
<raza808> I think physical and non physical are not two
<zanthia545> I have tried to enter the tree through meditation & OBE but no luck.
<iris> the Tree of Life is just a way of learning lessons - there are many ways
<zanthia545> At the same time though my wisdom tells me I'm in Chesed now.
<iris> maybe you do not recognize that you are there
<iris> and there is nothing that says you can only enter through meditation
<iris> it is just that meditation makes it easier for some people
<zanthia545> I created a visualization where I sit at the base of a large tree with a door in the trunk. There is a white mailbox next to the tree where I've left a letter for Sandalphon requesting permission to enter. Then I sit there & wait. But nothing happens.
<zanthia545> Except a week later I was walking the dog & a guy rode by on his bike with the exact white mailbox attached to the back
<iris> that sounds like sandalphon's sense of humor
<zanthia545> I knew he got the message, as I know all messages are heard
<iris> and a message to tell you permission is granted
<zanthia545> so I understood that permission was granted
<iris> and perhaps to let you know that you can visit through the physical
<iris> but not everyone's physical world is uncluttered enough to do that
<zanthia545> I have asked james, my guide, and higher self etc to help me but seems I just can't stop the chatter long enough
<iris> so many times we miss the message
<zanthia545> I'm always on the lookout for messages. My entire day is looking for waldo & the next puzzle piece. It's fun.
<iris> why does this concern you if you can visit through the physical day
<iris> and it should be that way
<zanthia545> Thanks to higher self last December my life is completely uncluttered. Everything's gone now. My home, stuff, friends...
<raza808> what if that higher self is not real and fooling you?
<zanthia545> but I understand it's cleaning out the stuff that doesn't match my vibration anymore
<zanthia545> What? Higher self doesn't
<raza808> seems like you imagine every thing on your own
<zanthia545> seems like I do
<zanthia545> but there's so much synchronicity it can't be just my imagination
<nahda821> does anyone want to meditate?
<raza808> there are many non physical beings who have the ability to connect with our brain without knowing us and can play with us or fool us
<iris> perhaps there is no imagination
<zanthia545> yes! maybe a group energy will help me.
<zanthia545> interesting iris
<nahda821> For me the best meditations are group ones
<iris> perhaps what we call "imagination" are communications from the nonphysical
<zanthia545> yes I know about them, but I have tons of protection
<zanthia545> ooh! I'd love that ides Iris!
<zanthia545> oops! i meant idea
<iris> uncluttered lives make tuning in to these nonphysical messages easier
<zanthia545> I think maybe I set it up this way b4 I incarnated as a challenge
<nahda821> unfortunately to survive in this physical world we can only unclutter so much
<zanthia545> or maybe to keep myself grounded in the physical
<iris> yes it's a fine line we walk sometimes
<iris> one foot in the physical and one in the nonphysical
<nahda821> so of us are raising families and you cant unclutter your children
<iris> I know
<raza808> I think there is no real you in this world, the real you is this whole existence, the source
<zanthia545> yep, I agree. I think that's why I'm 41, never married, no kids. So it's easier for me
<nahda821> for some its a matter of proportion of action versus thought
<iris> that's the challenge of being here
<iris> but it can really fine tune our abilities
<zanthia545> I have a theory that we are all just puppets in a play being danced around by our higher selves, which is just us anyway at another level
<zanthia545> I really pay attn to the things ppl say
<iris> and we are learning through the dance
<raza808> right but it's not a theory
<raza808> all religions are based on that
<nahda821> I think our thought and choices shape our lives
<zanthia545> I'm not religious either
<nahda821> we create what we want
<nahda821> it is not created for us
<nahda821> ask and you shall receive
<zanthia545> I think everything we say & do is shaped by higher self, esp where others are concerned
<raza808> you are right but religion is not a bad thing at all, its we who think that way
<zanthia545> like you might respond to energy they put out unintentionally
<nahda821> thoughts on life are subjective
<zanthia545> I am all for religion, just never went to church except Christmas & easter
<nahda821> it doesn't matter what things mean to others, it matters what they me to each of us
<raza808> right
<iris> yes our lives are our creations
<zanthia545> Its funny now though. I just realized I only went for the death & resurrection.
<raza808> i think religions are also for time travel or out of body experience, they teach the same thing
<zanthia545> Every time I OBE spirit shows me my own death from a past life
<nahda821> all the great world religions teach the same fundamental qualities
<raza808> agree
<nahda821> love, kindness, forgiveness
<iris> virtues from the Tree of Life
<nahda821> it is these messages that are important
<zanthia545> I walk around se4nding peace love & light to everyone I see
<raza808> that's nice
<nahda821> not people who profess to own these
<zanthia545> what happens when one ascends? physically.
<zanthia545> ur supposed to be able to materialize & dematerialize your body at will but I am confused
<nahda821> it is through our thoughts and actions that we are one with god
<raza808> no not at all
<iris> and feelings
<nahda821> and feelings
<raza808> just our witness or consciousness
<zanthia545> I know this is my path & that's why spirit always has me experience my own death. I think I collect soul fragments each time.
<raza808> actions and emotions are good to reach to high conscious but once you are there they does not matter any more
<raza808> you become one soul
<raza808> every thing comes within you
<nahda821> we are all one soul, the same
<nahda821> the only difference is our physical body
<raza808> right
<raza808> yeah it deceives us
<zanthia545> yes I'm aware of all of this too.
<nahda821> from the light we all came and to the light we shall all return
<zanthia545> that's where I'm headed!
<raza808> right we are from same light
<raza808> hahaha cool
<nahda821> until next time...
<zanthia545> so how do we conduct a group meditation?
<zanthia545> which next time? ha ha
<raza808> there is not next time in reality
<nahda821> what's reality?
<zanthia545> I broke the wheel of fortune
<raza808> soul or source or spirit
<zanthia545> at least my wheel. I'm done with it
<raza808> you mean you have become one with one
<nahda821> the end of one journey is merely the beginning of another
<zanthia545> I'm one with one. Just the non-awake folks still maintain separation with me
<raza808> that's cool so i am you and you are me - right
<zanthia545> Yes! namaste!
<raza808> nice to know
<zanthia545> I'm looking forward to ascension
<raza808> you are the great if you have this experience
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<nahda821> meditation?
<iris> are we meditating today?
<nahda821> yes please
<zanthia545> I'd like to
<iris> we are scheduled to try for Geburah
<raza808> ok guys nice to talk to you - see you next week - take care bye bye
<zanthia545> I'm excited
<zanthia545> bye
<iris> ok - does anyone need a run down on how we do this?
<nahda821> bye
<zanthia545> I do
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<iris> ok we stay signed on but just let us know when you are going
<iris> find a quiet place where you can sit and try to meditate
<zanthia545> ok I can do it right here
<iris> try to focus on going to Geburah
<iris> we meditate for about 15 minutes
<iris> when you return just let us know you are back
<zanthia545> what does it look like?
<nahda821> going to start now
<iris> then whoever wants to share their experience does
<iris> it may appear differently for each of us
<iris> Geburah is "red" in color
<zanthia545> ok i will try now. hope the group energy will help
<iris> it should
<iris> if there are no questions, I'm going to meditate
<iris> ok see you in 15 minutes
<nahda821> i am back
<zanthia545> back
<iris> I'm back also
<nahda821> a good meditation today
<iris> was it just the three of us?
<nahda821> think so
<zanthia545> still nothing, but there was some pressure in my temples & bridge of nose. Is that common?
<iris> yes - I used to get that all the time
<zanthia545> ok so that is good?
<nahda821> I saw a red martian like landscape
<iris> yes it's fine
<nahda821> desert sands
<zanthia545> can you touch things? or just observe?
<iris> you can touch
<zanthia545> cool!
<nahda821> a vast land that meets a rainforest to the west and and ice lands to the north and vast oceans to the south
<iris> red is the color of Geburah
<nahda821> i saw a white horse or unicorn
<zanthia545> can you hear too?
<nahda821> it was a place where night and day met
<zanthia545> I love unicorns
<iris> yes, you can hear
<nahda821> there was a goddess with a long blonde platt and plain blue or white gown
<nahda821> i saw a man like flying angel, a lion and cat eyes
<nahda821> how about you iris
<zanthia545> Is the experience like a dream or lucid dream?
<iris> we go through Malkuth to get to the other Sephira
<nahda821> images like a slide show
<iris> some of what you describe sounds like that
<iris> yes, images come sometimes like a slide show
<zanthia545> hmmmmm....
<iris> it's similar to a dream but can be more vivid
<nahda821> a very fast slide show thousands on continuous images
<iris> yes
<iris> it's hard sometimes to bring them all back
<nahda821> like traveling through time and space
<nahda821> that's right
<zanthia545> I can't wait to get this figured out
<iris> sometimes I feel like I'm traveling at light speed
<nahda821> me too
<iris> other times I feel very still
<zanthia545> I've always been very left-brained. Thank that's my big problem.
<nahda821> depends on energy levels
<iris> I guess it depends on where we go and what we need to accomplish
<nahda821> true
<nahda821> what did you see iris
<iris> In my meditation I reached out my hand -
<iris> one person grabbed my hand and other grabbed that person's hand
<zanthia545> hey! I asked for my hand to be held by 2 people!
<iris> a beam of light shone down on us
<iris> maybe you were in the middle!
<zanthia545> ooh! I think that was me!
<zanthia545> I consciously bring light up & down through my center
<iris> then we were walking on a sandy path
<zanthia545> oh this is very exciting!
<iris> there were small stones bordering the path
<zanthia545> this is validation that helps me tremendously! Thank you all so much!
<iris> some had gotten in the path
<iris> glad it helps!
<iris> so we walked and kicked the stones to the side as we went
<zanthia545> were you guided to reach your hand out?
<iris> I was told that we had to constantly clear the path to make it too the light
<zanthia545> you guys were clearing that path for me! how cool! you were kicking the chatter out of the way!
<iris> I hope we did a good job!
<zanthia545> excellent!
<zanthia545> OMG! this is a huge breakthrough for me!
<iris> I asked that we be able to feel the power within us
<iris> sounds like they heard the request!
<zanthia545> I asked to be connected to the energy of the group!
<zanthia545> all requests are heard! I know this is true.
<iris> and I'd say that you were!
<nahda821> my energy is rising now
<zanthia545> weee! Thank you James & Sandalphon too!
<iris> and so it should
<zanthia545> I bet I see that guy with the mailbox on his bike today.
<zanthia545> I walk the dog on a bike trail. I guess that was the sanday path.
<nahda821> a very pleasant experience. Thanks
<zanthia545> That's what I was thinking about. Sandalphon riding me to geburah down the path on his bike with the mailbox.
<nahda821> bye for now
<iris> bye nahda
<zanthia545> bye! thank you!
<iris> Sandalphon has a sense of humor
<iris> He will come to you in many ways
<zanthia545> Got to walk the dog now. Thank you everyone! Thank you Iris! Bye!
<zanthia545> I love his sense of humor.
<iris> Bye Zanthia
<iris> thanks!
<zanthia545> good to know this is available every week.
<zanthia545> Bye!
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<iris> as long as people want it!
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<iris> well, I'll see everyone in 2 weeks
<iris> bye and thanks
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<aina> wow
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