the different kinds of dreams and how you can tell them apart; out of body travel basics and having an OBE from a dream; angels manifesting in a crisis moment to help; what is a travel meditation; the tarot Empress card and the suit of swords.
October 2, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Oct 02 15:33:21 2008
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<Nahda> Hello
* Hermes ( has joined #energyworks
<Hermes> howdy
<Nahda> Gday
<Nahda> It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Australia
<Hermes> wow morning there
<Nahda> 6.34 am
<Hermes> here it is just about the end of the day
<Hermes> do you normally get up that early in the morning, or is it just because of the workshop
<Nahda> I try and get up early to enjoy the sun rise. But I have been looking forward to getting up for the workshop too.
<Hermes> well what you want to talk about
<Hermes> anything
<Nahda> This will be my third. And I wont have to leave for work today as I am on holidays
<Hermes> i did not really decide on a topic
<Nahda> I have lots to talk about. I don't mind what though. What's today topic? is it general Q & A's?
<Hermes> yes, general q&a
<Hermes> so fire away
<Hermes> and we will see where it leads
<Nahda> When first developing like myself, is it normal to experience periods of lots of learning followed by a slowing of learning.
<Hermes> yes, the process can be very demanding on the spirit, even if it does not feel like it
<Hermes> so you have a natural slow down.
<Hermes> also
<Hermes> it takes time to integrate this new knowledge into your core being
<Hermes> so when you fill up a bit, you then have a slow down
<Hermes> until that happens
<Nahda> Spirit has well and truly got my attention and all messages are saying similar things. What next?
<Hermes> good question
<Hermes> where would you like to go next
<Hermes> desire is part of the process
<Nahda> It's like I am waiting.... Do I need to ask or does spirit have a plan for me (us)
<Hermes> well if you feel like learning something you should go for it, do what you can to learn it
<Hermes> spirit will throw things at you at times
<Hermes> to learn
<Hermes> but also you have to give your progress some personal direction
<Nahda> I would like to serve .... i have always felt something missing in life, but have always kind of known what it was just didn't acknowledge it.
<Hermes> in like healing others
<Hermes> or just helping others
<Nahda> Teaching and healing. I think
<Hermes> well you can do that as you yourself learn and grow by sharing your wisdom with others
<Hermes> that is nice that you want to pass that along to others
<Nahda> Thanks I will do
<Nahda> What do you know of the lower world? I dreamt I when to a place under the ground.
<Hermes> i think i have a email question on that
<Hermes> that i have not got too
<Hermes> was that from you
<Nahda> That's fine
<Hermes> no lets answer it
<Hermes> i just was wondering if it was from you
<Nahda> yes I know you are extremely busy
<Hermes> i do email in spurts
<Hermes> i will spend an entire day on it
<Hermes> then not work on it for a few days
<Nahda> You are very generous to do so
<Hermes> there are several planes of manifestation
<Hermes> the physical plane
<Hermes> which is the lowest of them
<Hermes> the etheric plane
<Hermes> which exists just above
<Hermes> ghosts inhabit that mostly
<Hermes> then you have the astral plane
<Hermes> that is a plane driven by emotions and desires
<Hermes> then you have the mental plane of ideas
<Hermes> and the spiritual plane of union
<Hermes> so the lower worlds would refer to the etheric plane, if you did not want to include the earth
<Nahda> does that mean that in my dream i went to the etheric plane?
<Hermes> sure dreams can occur on any of those levels
<Nahda> I spoke to a few people there and they seemed to know things about me
<Hermes> dreams often take place in the etheric and the astral level
<Hermes> you can tell what level it is on by what you were doing there
<Hermes> what were you doing there
<Nahda> This might sound weird
<Nahda> but i was given something to smoke
<Nahda> something i don't do in the physical
<Hermes> was there desire involved in smoking this thing
<Hermes> if so then it was an astral plane dream
<Hermes> if instead
<Hermes> the smoking represented some kind of idea or thought
<Hermes> then it was a mental plane dream
<Hermes> if it was something you had to do, for self preservation
<Hermes> then it was an etheric plane dream
<Nahda> no it just happened. Felt a little like i shouldn't smoke there so i explored looking for some where appropriate
<Nahda> a lady was smoking, then i was smoking and then we were laughing
<Hermes> what else happened
<Nahda> I met some people who knew some people who have passed
<Hermes> and did they help you find these people
<Nahda> no i had to go but one was crying and hugging me a lot
<Nahda> there were tunnels that led to this place
<Hermes> was it emotional at all
<Nahda> not for me it was pleasant to be there
<Hermes> it could have taken place on the etheric plane
<Hermes> because that deals with things like past people you knew
<Hermes> the dead
<Nahda> They gave me their names given and summates though
<Nahda> i don't know them or their families
<Hermes> so what do you think was the purpose of them giving you this information
<Nahda> I am not sure yet. But I did ask them are they related to me and they said no.
<Hermes> there are many wandering souls on the etheric plane. they get stuck there, and do not want to move on.
<Hermes> they prefer very physical like existences
<Hermes> and the higher planes, astral, mental are much less physical like
<Nahda> It was like a physical world, people walking around, buildings clue skies and light clouds. It was just under the surface of the physical earth. That's what I was shown and told.
<Hermes> yes sounds almost like an out of body experience to the astral plane
<Nahda> Why would one be taken there in there dreams?
<Hermes> i mean
<Hermes> astral should be etheric plane
<Hermes> to get you used to it
<Hermes> to introduce you to the landscape of the nonphyscial plane
<Hermes> when I started my own out of body trips, some of them happened in dreams
<Hermes> and many of them were on the etheric plane
<Hermes> i would talk to people
<Hermes> see where they lived
<Nahda> I have had quite a few of them recently
<Hermes> it was quite physical like
<Nahda> yes i was really there
<Hermes> after awhile though, as I got bored with these, my guides did start taking me to the higher planes
<Nahda> the only difference signs are written and arrows point to things i need to remember
<Hermes> it sounds like your spirit guides are giving you an introduction to it
<Nahda> names of places etc
<Hermes> sounds like some sort of way for your spirit guides to help you bring back certain information
<Nahda> yes so i know it was significant and so i don't forget it
<Hermes> there is a knack to bringing back information from those kinds of encounters
<Hermes> you almost have to pick and choose what you will take back with you
<Hermes> if you try to take too much you lose it all
<Nahda> I see
<Hermes> over time, you are able to bring back more information. it is a matter of learning how to retain more
<Nahda> Last week iris said it is difficult to brings some things into the physical after meditation.
<Hermes> training your consciousness and your physical brain to record more information
<Hermes> yes that is true
<Nahda> is this what she meant
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> remembering the content in some dreams or out of body trips is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole
<Hermes> it just may not fit right
<Hermes> and often you have to choose what bits you are going to leave behind to get it through that hole
<Nahda> is it possible to manifest in the physical what you see in other plans
<Hermes> your guides seem to be helping you with these signs
<Nahda> ok makes sense
<Hermes> that depends on what you see there
<Nahda> is it safe to do so
<Hermes> sometimes you can test things out on the Etheric planet to see if you want to manifest them and if they are safe
<Hermes> etheric plane ^^^ i mean
<Nahda> ok
<Nahda> I read you article on OBT
<Nahda> The vibrations you refer to...
<Nahda> I have felt these before in dreams...
<Hermes> yes that is the start of an OBE
<Hermes> often it is easier to do this from a dream
<Hermes> have an OBE
<Hermes> out of body experience = OBE
<Nahda> when i have been drugged by people....
<Hermes> drugged in real life or in the dream
<Nahda> not a pleasant experience though.... the being drugged
<Nahda> in dreams only
<Hermes> well that is good that it is only in dreams
<Hermes> does this happen often
<Nahda> it starts vibrating in the head, numbness, and spreads quickly to the rest of the body leaving me paralyzed
<Nahda> not very often
<Hermes> yes that is an OBE
<Hermes> the start of one
<Nahda> what could this mean
<Hermes> you could be just misinterpreting the dream
<Nahda> in my dreams a could move
<Hermes> your guides may be helping you to get out of your body
<Nahda> no body hurts me though
<Hermes> yes it can seem like that
<Hermes> because the vibrations are strong
<Hermes> but you will get used to that
<Nahda> so this is a good thing then
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> when they are really strong
<Hermes> so strong that they hurt
<Hermes> you are ready
<Hermes> you just get up
<Hermes> and out
<Hermes> like you are getting off the bed
<Nahda> should it be easier for me to do when not sleeping then
<Hermes> if you are getting these vibrations in bed, like just after having a dream
<Hermes> after^
<Hermes> you just kind of get up out of the bed
<Hermes> you will move your nonphysical body
<Nahda> sometimes but usually when i am already asleep
<Hermes> and get out of the physical body
<Hermes> if it happens during a dream
<Hermes> then you need to float upward out of the dream
<Hermes> and into the OBE
<Hermes> usually
<Hermes> you have this dream and then get to a point where you are back in your bed and have these vibrations
<Nahda> the problem is it only happens in dreams so i don't have the conscious control
<Hermes> the dream has ended but you are still not awake
<Hermes> then you are in the perfect place for an obe
<Nahda> ok i I'll try and practice this
<Hermes> those are the two ways
<Hermes> if the vibrations happen and you are in some sort of dream
<Nahda> Can you chose where you go or are we always led to places
<Hermes> then float upward out of the dream
<Hermes> at the start you will be taken to places by your guides
<Hermes> later you can ask to go to some specific places
<Hermes> and they will help you get there
<Nahda> and they can be to the higher plans
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> many will
<Hermes> but not the ones at the start
<Nahda> this is great!
<Nahda> How long have you been awakened?
<Nahda> You know so much!
<Hermes> i guess my first obe was over 25 years ago
<Nahda> wow
<Hermes> it was quite an eye opener
<Hermes> because the universe was nothing like i imagined or had been told
<Nahda> Do you know what it could mean when you close your eyes and see other peoples eyes, lots of them.
<Hermes> maybe it is your spirit guides eyes
<Hermes> or eyes of the nonphysical people watching over you
<Hermes> perhaps it is some kind of signal or sign for you
<Nahda> I used to see them a lot
<Hermes> your spirit guide may often communicate to you with signs or visions like that
<Nahda> Is it possible for angels 4 or 5 of them to take on human form when we need them the most (life threatening times)?
<Hermes> i do believe so
<Hermes> they can take form for short periods of time
<Hermes> then puff they are gone
<Nahda> About ten years ago I believe i witnessed this
<Nahda> At a low point...
<Nahda> they would not intervene though...
<Nahda> do did offer support or assistance if asked for. One took my hand when i offered it.
<Hermes> it does help to ask
<Nahda> then they were gone..
<Hermes> they are limited in what they can do if you do not ask
<Nahda> feel will i guess
<Hermes> yes, they cannot override that
<Nahda> free will that should be
<Hermes> it does sound like you are watched very closely by your spirit guides
<Nahda> Is it normal to almost not off to sleep when attempting to travel to HOD in a meditation?
<Hermes> yes, you can get into a deep trance that puts you to sleep
<Hermes> and then have your journey to hod inside a meditation type dream
<Nahda> sleeps good, but it;s not meditation LOL
<Hermes> well travel meditations are different
<Nahda> Can we try a meditation today?
<Hermes> you are in a very relaxed state
<Hermes> that is next week with Iris
<Nahda> ok cool
<Nahda> so travel meditation...
<Nahda> should we be asleep?
<Hermes> in a travel meditation it is normal to be in a deep trance or to even go into a light sleep state
<Hermes> if you go too deeply into sleep you may not remember it
<Nahda> how do we not fall asleep?
<Hermes> just trial and error
<Hermes> try not to meditate if you are really tired
<Nahda> wow
<Hermes> if you want to remember where you have been
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<Nahda> so if i want to go to hod how do i get there?
<electra> well hello there - very select gathering tonight
<Hermes> but sometimes when i am tired I will meditate into a deep trance to regain strength
<Nahda> Hi electra
<Hermes> yea just Nahda and myself and now you
<electra> hi!
<electra> well I can go away again LOL!
<electra> sounds like you're doing really well
<Hermes> staying is good
<electra> please go on
<Nahda> No please stay the more the merrier
<electra> of course - only joking
<Hermes> with a travel meditation you focus on where you want to go
<Hermes> then go into the light meditation state
<Hermes> and try to capture the images in your mind as that part of you goes there
<Hermes> if you happen to nod off to sleep, then hopefully when you wake up you will remember your visit
<Nahda> do you ask your guides to take you there?
<Nahda> at the start of the meditation
<Hermes> sure
<Hermes> that could help
<Nahda> so so much to learn1
<Nahda> Hermes do you have a question?
<Hermes> me a question
<Hermes> no
<electra> ok i guess this is where I step in LOL~!
<Nahda> ok, don't wont it to be all about me
<Nahda> LOL
<electra> hermes - I was going to e-mail you to ask about tarot
<electra> with the empress
<electra> that is a very strong energy and I wanted to know if there was a card in the pack that had the same quality of energy but lesser
<electra> if you see what I mean
<electra> like the empress but not major arcana
<Hermes> perhaps one of the aces
<Hermes> that deals with new things
<Hermes> new ideas, new conflicts
<electra> cups perhaps
<Hermes> if it is emotional yes
<Hermes> then cups
<electra> it would not be swords or wands i don't think
<electra> and i suppose it could be pentacles
<Hermes> the empress itself is a complicated card because it implies a gestation
<Hermes> a period where something is growing
<Hermes> or coming into full light
<electra> yes - it is an amazing energy
<Hermes> aces are more basic, like the building blocks of an idea or something
<electra> and it is associated with the hebrew letter daleth which mean an opening so all the time new things
<electra> what do you think of the ace of swords
<Hermes> i always see that as the beginning of a conflict
<electra> there are opinions that swords are a symbol of wisdom and courage
<Hermes> sort of like "there will be hell to pay next time i see that person"
<electra> but a sword is two edged i supposed
<Hermes> it depends how you use that sword if you get the wisdom out of it
<electra> like i've got a book here that in the sword suit hardly ever mentions conflict
<electra> but just learning involves conflict
<electra> all of life is conflict even if you don't see it#
<Hermes> yes i agree
<electra> when a forest grows there is conflict between all the competing trees
<Hermes> conflict is an important part of the process for many things
<electra> to some extent we are all competing in a way
<electra> you compete with yourself even when you try and do something better
<Hermes> sure
<Hermes> sure not all conflicts can be negative
<Hermes> but they often are
<Hermes> because most humans do no know how to use conflict for positive change
<Hermes> i guess by doing so many tarot readings for other people you often only see this side of conflict
<Hermes> but yea, working out the bugs in some project is conflict used most positively
<electra> well i spend some of most days having some kind of conflict with myself
<electra> when you process stuff in meditation there's always a certain amount of conflict going on
<Hermes> meditation is a great way to settle those energies for sure
<Hermes> well i am running out of steam here,so I am going to call it a night
<Hermes> good workshop today. Nahda thanks for your questions
<Hermes> they were great
<Hermes> good to see you too Electra
<electra> yes - i shall look forward to reading the log files
<electra> well sorry I had to be late
<electra> it isn't usual for me
<Hermes> np
* Hermes ( Quit ("")
<electra> so we'll see you or iris next week
<electra> bye nahda
<Nahda> are going ow?
<Nahda> bye electra
* Nahda ( Quit (Ping timeout)
Session Close: Thu Oct 02 18:38:05 2008

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