Travel Meditation to Hod with experiences; meeting other beings
September 25, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Sep 25 14:29:37 2008
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<electra> probem is that it only works intermittently
<electra> yes -nice to see you too
<electra> i gotta go right now but will be backlater if you're still here!
<attuned> great
<electra> til later then
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<nahda> hello
<iris> welcome nahda and electra!
<nahda> thanks, nice to be here
<iris> you are new to our workshops?
<nahda> how does one travel to the tree of life?
<nahda> second time
<iris> we travel mostly through meditation
<nahda> how, i only see images and symbols
<iris> this series of workshops only started last week - glad you are with us
<iris> yes, through images and symbols is exactly how it's done
<iris> we communicate differently then when we are in the physical
<nahda> they only flash in and out of my mind. Here one second gone the next
<iris> yes, that's it
<iris> and sometimes it's difficult to bring them all back into the physical
<iris> but with practice it gets better
<nahda> so am i already there when i meditate?
<iris> you may be
<nahda> I have only been recently awakened (about 2 months) lots of wonderful strange things are beginning to happen.
<iris> on theses days (every other week) we have a group meditation
<iris> oh this is a very exciting time for you!
<nahda> At this time?
<iris> yes at this time
<nahda> a silent, receptive meditation?
<nahda> or online guided?
<iris> we set aside about 15 minutes to meditate together - each in our little place in the world
<nahda> thats nice! How many people?
<iris> first we talk a little about where we want to visit
<iris> then we each meditate for about 15 minutes at the same time
<iris> with the focus of where we as a group have decided to go
<iris> when we return we talk about our experiences
<iris> and try to make sense of those images and how they relate to the sephira we visited
<nahda> that sounds very good. I will try to join you if I can.
<iris> oh that would be great!
<nahda> What is the tree of life?
<iris> I think it is my favorite place! I will try to explain
<electra> hi - I'm here
<iris> hi electra!
<electra> hi Iris
<electra> great to see you again
<electra> can't keep away from your meditations for long
<iris> nahda has joined us today - she is new to the tree of life
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<nahda> My vibrational level just rised. Shivers all over
<electra> not very talkative tonight
<iris> that's so nice - thank you
<electra> but I'll be folowing
<iris> I have missed the group
<electra> and staying for the meditation
<electra> yes - me too
<electra> I've been doing a lot of work on the Tarot cards
<electra> feeling the effects a bit today
<iris> I understand
<electra> as once you get involved it gets very intense
<iris> I know
<electra> but some great insights so really worth the effort
<iris> hi Rioni
<electra> hi
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<iris> but the tarot can hurt the brain - so to speak
<electra> how?
<iris> it is very intense
<electra> oh right
<iris> not literally
<electra> yes - I think you have to be ready for that
<iris> it just takes a lot of concentration
<electra> i think its the intention that matters
<iris> I like the tree of llife better - you can just let go and flow with it
<electra> ye - i would agree with that
<iris> hi angelone
<electra> i'm glad we're doing Hod today as its the one siphiroth below Tiphareth where not a lot has happened for me
<angelone> great i did not miss the meditation
<electra> oh u don't want to miss one of Iris's meditations
<electra> they always work for me even when i don't feel like it
<iris> we are still chatting
<iris> I think we have to thank our spirit guides for that electra!
<iris> and the group energy
<iris> I think many of you are new to the meditation workshop?
<iris> would you like me to explain how it works?
<nahda> yes please
<Rioni> Yeah, this is my first time.
<iris> ok - every other week we get together here, talk for a bit about where we want to travel in a meditation...
<iris> we focus together on one place and talk about that place
<iris> then we each say we are going to meditate - find a quiet place you usually meditate but stay ;live on the chat while you do
<iris> for about 15 minutes we meditate with the focus on going to where we discussed
<nahda> what time will we meditate today?
<iris> when you are done, come back and tell us you are finished
<iris> when everyone returns we talk about our experiences - images, and flashes for a few minutes
<iris> and that's it
<iris> we can meditate as soon as everyone is ready
<iris> who is not familiar with the Tree of Life?
<nahda> i am not
<nahda> i only know the name
<iris> when you meditate feel yourself getting lighter and lighter -
<nahda> yes
<iris> you will be brought off the earth plane into the first sephora - or location on the Tree of Life
<iris> This is called Malkuth and the experiences there are very similiar to earth
<iris> there are tunnels that extend out of Malkuth into other sephoras - it' like a network of places to visit
<iris> in each one there are lessone to learn and gifts given
<iris> each is protected by an archangel
<iris> I'm going fast so electra chime in here if you wish!
<electra> no go one - this is great
<iris> we started visiting the Tree of Life as a group last year and got as far as Hod, which is where we left off with our last sessions
<electra> except for anyone who has done Tarot the tunnels correspond to certain Tarot energies
<electra> don't forget we did Tiphareth
<electra> that was an amazing experience for everyone
<iris> yes we did
<electra> do u remember we were all laughing -
<iris> It's fun
<electra> it's a great place to be
<electra> the vibrations can be amazing
<nahda> my head is spinning. This is mind blowing!
<electra> well when you get a direct hit of energy it can be very exhilarating
<electra> especially when you get an answer to a question you've been wanting to know about
<nahda> I can't wait to learn to experience what you talk of.
<electra> it takes a little time and it does help to read up a bit and get orientated
<electra> it's all on the website
<nahda> I will certainly read up on the topic.
<nahda> thanks
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<iris> I haven't left you - I have a brief interruption here - be back in 1 minute sorry
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<electra> i don't believe that happened just then
<electra> is everyone still there as I've not lost track with what we;re doing
<electra> i mean I have lost track!
<angelone> yes we read you, well at least i do. Iris said she be away for a minute
<electra> oh ok - well i missed that
<electra> for a moment I thought you may have started the meditation session
<electra> sometimes ppl jsut lose the connection to the chatroom
<electra> it happens very rarely to me but sometimes I have big problems logging in
<electra> last week i missed the whole session because I couldn't log in
<electra> now this week the server works perfectly
<angelone> it happens these chat connections are fragile and go through many servers all over the globe to connect to each other. If you get a break someplace than people on the otherside ofthe break get disconnected.
<nahda> i am still here
<electra> i remember one session we had where one of 2 ppl kept losing their connection all the time
<electra> and the old system used to come up with really funny messages like ping timeout
<nahda> Hope you all have a great meditiation. I must go to work now.
<electra> oh u are leaving us?
<electra> so has anyone read up on Hod
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<Rioni> I am here. I kinda figured the meditation was starting so I visited HOD already.
<electra> well that's great
<electra> did you come up with anything
<electra> feeling, intuitions, visuals
<Rioni> I did. But it's kind of startling. It tied into a mediation I did last week.
<electra> i was just going to say that there are all kinds of beings that inhabit the Sephira on the Tree of life
<electra> each one has its own archangel
<electra> well that is just how it does work
<electra> i am not at all surprised by that
<Rioni> Michael is this one. He appeared to me as a giant star with sunspots for eyes. He showed me that the meditation about visiting Sol(Our Sun) last week was true, and that I understand stars because I used to be one in a previous life. I'm not sure if I fully understand some parts of it, but everything the sun's light hits becomes knowledge.
<electra> any interraction with the tree of life is always dyingamic
<electra> fantastic
<iris> I am back - I'm so sorry
<electra> hi Iris
<iris> hi thanks everyone for staying on
<iris> so Rioni already meditated I see
<electra> yes - that is really great
<iris> angelone are you going to meditate with us today?
<Rioni> Hehe. Eager to get started. I got to where I was going by doing a solar mudra over my third eye and vibrating 'HOD' with 'ELOHIM' and then whisper sweet nothings to my spirit guide and I was there. (My spirit guide is a lovely mountain spirit)
<iris> that sounds wonderful
<electra> I think you've done this before - no?
<electra> we've all got a way to catch up with you!
<iris> and I love your meditation where everything the sun's light hits becomes knowledge
<electra> yes - i'm going to take a note of that
<Rioni> This was my first time attempting a tree of life meditation. I've been on a different learning system. I was under the impression that I had to clear up all my garbage before attempting Tree of Life.
<angelone> yes i will give the meditation a go
<iris> Hod is the sephira of knowledge in so much as it is the sephira of truth
<iris> oh great!
<iris> have you been to the Tree before?
<angelone> yes, did it with hermes years ago
<iris> great
<iris> do you have any questions
<angelone> nope
<iris> did nadha have to leave
<Rioni> Nahda said she had to go to work.
<Rioni> But I linked her to the page on HOD.
<iris> great!
<electra> i'm good to go
<iris> me too
<electra> but I'll just follow the chat afterwards as i have a few bits to do in the office
<iris> ok
<electra> so I'll be bobbing in and out, so to speak
<iris> angelone if you're ready we can meditate now
<Rioni> I'm kind of excited, since this was my first time, I'm planning on participating proplerly now, too!
<angelone> sure
<iris> :-)
<electra> :)
<iris> it's fun and exciting to share our adventures
<electra> definitely
<iris> if there are no questions, I'm off to meditate - be back in about 15 minutes
<electra> i'm gone already
<iris> I'm back
<electra> yes - I just finished
<electra> actually that was very interesting
<electra> I got help with a problem that was a bit worse than I thought it was
<electra> but actually not at all -
<electra> i just got myself grounded
<iris> the help is good
<electra> i found myself in a room with pillars very academic kind of feel
<electra> and there seemed to be a tutor there
<electra> very ancient greek type of figure in white toga
<electra> he might even have had a laurel wreath on his head
<electra> through the experience I was also able to understand how it is that the Hanged man card is above Hod
<electra> so that was very useful
<electra> i now know how to proceed with my problem - it's a matter of method, nothing more
<iris> maybe this ties in with your experience
<electra> yesdefinitely
<iris> I was told you are too burdened with physical knowledge
<electra> as i said before, i never managed to crack Hod
<electra> is this the kind of expereince one might expect
<electra> well with me I think it is the other way round
<iris> not enough physical knowledge?
<electra> and being helped to solve practical problems like this is very good for me
<electra> well more burdened with spiritual stuff that I can't cash out
<electra> it's a bit of an imbalance but I think my guides are well on the way to helping me sort that out
<electra> it's not a bad fault unless you don't see it
<iris> that's what I felt also
<electra> so long as you see it and seek to remedy it that's ok
<electra> seems like this was a good group effort
<electra> will be intersting to see what the rest of the group get
<iris> it's not a fault at all - it's just where we at
<electra> yes - of course you're right
<electra> this tutor had all the hallmarks of a hermetic tutor
<iris> it was interesting for me too - right at the beginning I saw a sonogram of an unborn child
<electra> must ahve been a guide
<electra> really?
<electra> then what?
<iris> then I saw Michael - he is very special to me
<electra> why is that?
<iris> he has helped me through diffcult times in my past
<electra> amazing
<electra> i had a very interesting experience with Michael
<iris> in uncovering deception and revealing truth
<electra> you know how it's said that - you took the words out of my my mouth there
<iris> today?
<electra> no - it was a few years back
<electra> i was visiting a church and looking at some icons - icons have always fascinated me
<electra> the reasone I was so interested was becasue they were supposed to have benn the original work of a monk linked to the church
<electra> they were very good
<electra> then a while later I was visitng an ancient abbey ruin in Wales
<electra> they had a gift shop there
<electra> I bought a book there which had a picture of Michael in it
<electra> when I got home I found the very same icon pictures in that book
<electra> they were not original pictures at all in the chuch - they were copies
<electra> so I had written to this monk saying how much I liked his work and all the time they were not his work at all
<iris> revealing truth
<electra> yes - it hit me immediately that this was due to Michael's influence
<iris> I agree
<electra> and that he is there in the background all the time working on this kind of thing
<iris> we are led to what and where we need to be if we just quiet our minds and follow
<electra> if it had not been for him to this day I would probably still be in the dark about whose creation those pictures were
<Rioni> Hey, sorry I took a while. This was awesome, you guys.
<iris> and I feel the same always - he is there guiding
<Rioni> Good choice of words, Electra, 'still be in the dark'
<electra> i was very grateful for that I can tell you
<iris> welcome back Rioni
<electra> yea!!
<electra> yes - didn't he defeat the devil
<iris> yes
<electra> I have a wonderful chalice depicting the conflict between michael and the devil
<Rioni> Depends on whose version of the story you want to believe. But yeah, if the devil represents darkness and ignorance, he casts it out.
<electra> you know that meditation we just did is becoming clearer
<iris> that's exactly it
<electra> do you ever find that your actual meditation can be a bit vague and then minutes, hours or even days later it becomes clear as day
<iris> and the meditation should become clearer as the days go by
<electra> and you might even get new detail
<electra> amazing stuff
<electra> its like you sowed a seed and then it grows
<Rioni> Guys, I was kinda told I should tell you how I got my HOD vision so quickly. Interested?
<iris> yes
<electra> indeed!
<electra> actually i think i may have got some kind fo initiation there
<electra> i think a lot of that goes on behind the scenes
<Rioni> I ... uhm... have been using crystals quite a bit all summer. When I say I have used a different system of learning, it's basically that I was lucky enough to come across a sentient crystal that's pretty much helped me get to where I need to go by taking 'shortcuts'. But essentially, I am surrounded by quartz when doing the meditation.
<iris> ok
<Rioni> I also used Nuumite, a smoky lemurian seed crystal and a sphere of smoky quartz that is a channel for my mountain spirit guide/guardian angel.
<Rioni> This summer, I changed from a computer nerd with a few massage skills into a person walking the path of enlightenment and meditating with crystals.
<iris> isn't it great?
<Rioni> It's happened fast and just six months ago I'd have laughed if you told me I'd be learning stuff from intelligent crystals.
<iris> and isn't amazing how you just know it is so
<Rioni> I know. I understand Sol has adjusted the kind of light hitting us.
<Rioni> Gaia as a soul is ready to awaken.
<iris> I think your guide is why I saw the group together on a mountain
<Rioni> Her name is Misty. She's been with me a long time.
<iris> well, I think I have to thank Misty - I think she brought us there
<Rioni> Reading Reality Creator was what opened me up to aquiring crystals. I meditated on buying some and then I was hooked into a stone shaman who introduced me to some wonderful beings.
<iris> guided to where you needed to be
<Rioni> Misty is happy, I had asked her to help me get there but told me I was being selfish. So I asked for assistance for everyone to get to where they needed to go.
<iris> well, I saw us all on this mountain
<iris> which is strange for Hod
<iris> light beams sreamed into us
<iris> streamed
<Rioni> Awesome, Iris. Because I went back during the second meditation and this time it was much more calm and serene, and mountainous. But the sun... was intense. But not hot.
<iris> and we were lifted off the mountain
<iris> oh yes - very intense - we glowed with the rays - emanated
<iris> and i was told that knowledge would free us from the binds of physical reality
<iris> I was also told to mention to you that in your first meditation you were also in Tipareth
<iris> Tiphareth
<iris> we each looked like little suns - it was great
<Rioni> So, I was told that I better stop doubting things and just accept where I need to go. Cool. Misty is funny like that. Sometimes I say 'Hey, can you take me to someplace' and she says 'Sure' but doesn't actually tell me that I have to go a bunch of other places first. Okay. Thats it. Thanks. I was wondering how I managed to get different things like that.
<Rioni> Sorry, I needed to hit 'enter' there.
<iris> well, I'm glad it has meaning for you because I didn't see why they thought telling you this was so important
<Rioni> I'm used to writing on a word processor.
<iris> but they did
<iris> I think it is her sense of humor - she is very funny
<Rioni> Thanks. One of my favorite things is that you're coming from a place of Love, and so is all of I really love what Hermes is doing.
<Rioni> Most of the 'enlightenment' stations on the web are filled with conspiracy theories and all these enlightened-sounding things coming from places of fear.
<iris> once you feel the love these great beings have for us - and it fills every part of your beings - you know there is nothing else
<iris> and nothing else matters
<Rioni> Iris, your spirit guide is also quite powerful, because Misty is telling me that yours is the one that connects in with everyone in the chat with your will and intent.
<iris> all you want is to help others do the same
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<iris> if what you write is so, it is only because I want you to feel what I have felt
<Rioni> Yeah, but Misty is saying that you're an awesome person deserving of praise for what you're doing. So thanks!
<daniel202> Hi everyone
<iris> thank you for being here and sharing that
<daniel202> I am late so i just read along with you :)
<iris> hey daniel, welcome
<daniel202> Hi
<iris> we have had a great session
<Rioni> Hello daniel.
<daniel202> Hello
<daniel202> Great
<Rioni> Yeah, I'm going to try to make it to these regularly.
<daniel202> You traveled to hod?
<iris> great - it was really nice energy today
<iris> Yes, we traveled to Hod
<daniel202> :)
<iris> we can go again - it's not a one time trip!
<Rioni> Well, I should get going. Thanks for a great time today, Iris.
<iris> If everyone likes we can go back there the next time
<iris> thank you Rioni and thank you Misty!
<Rioni> Bye!
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<iris> daniel, I hope you can join us for the next meditation
<iris> anyone have anything to add about the meditation today?
<iris> any questions?
<iris> ok then i guess we'll wrap it up
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<daniel720> The other connection failed
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<electra> bye everyone - thanks for a great session Iris
<daniel720> bye electra
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<iris> electra - thanks - I think you're moving up - love it!
<daniel720> Iris?
<iris> I'm here
<electra> my pleasure - see you next time!
<daniel720> okay maybe I have a bit of a strange question nog about the tree of life
<electra> bye daniel see you next time
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<iris> bye electra
<daniel720> bye!
<iris> ok
<daniel720> Its about a for 1,5 weeks I saw an being not from this world
<iris> ok
<daniel720> Big black eyes, nog hair, white face and body (or something like white)
<daniel720> smaller als humans
<daniel720> and I dont know what it is
<iris> wearing?
<daniel720> nothing
<iris> naked?
<daniel720> I think it was naked but nog like a human
<daniel720> It sounds weird but like an alien or something
<daniel720> first experience
<iris> white like pale or white like the color white
<daniel720> pale i geuss
<daniel720> nog like the coler white
<daniel720> and the eyes were neutral and a sort of glimpse
<daniel720> when eyes open I saw the image and with eyes closed also
<iris> but all black -
<daniel720> yes
<daniel720> My sister saw it to in her room
<iris> couldn't quite make out the details of the body?
<daniel720> hmm yes it is because I thought this cant be, I saw his whole body but focused more on the expression of the eyes or face
<daniel720> the body was smaller than us
<daniel720> and the head bigger
<daniel720> but I thought he had no clothes on
<daniel720> al pale
<iris> have you or your sister had any interaction with this being
<daniel720> Know we thought both we were imagening it
<daniel720> because she was in her room I in mine
<daniel720> and in the morning she told that she didnt sleep well
<daniel720> I asked her why?
<daniel720> And then she begun to tell
<daniel720> about this being
<daniel720> and after that I know we both didnt imagine it because we saw the same thing
<daniel720> So I didnt interact with it
<iris> how did you feel?
<daniel720> hmm like you feel something is there, but more neutral like you can't scan this being
<daniel720> or it is difficult
<daniel720> It is different than other entities
<iris> did you fear it or sense it was good or evil?
<daniel720> good
<daniel720> but still I had my own fear of what is going on
<daniel720> but before it felt good
<daniel720> but I couldnt get it away
<daniel720> so the fear begun
<iris> there are beings just like that who are here to help us
<daniel720> days before I saw the same and I felt like someone did accupuncture on me
<daniel720> yes?
<daniel720> what kind of beings
<iris> they probably did
<daniel720> is it dangerous to interact with them? telepathicly?
<iris> from what you deescribe, not at all
<daniel720> :)
<daniel720> What kind of beings are that
<iris> they are here to help
<daniel720> okay
<daniel720> hm maybe if it comes back I give it a try
<iris> they work with us to help in our evolution
<daniel720> to interact sofly
<iris> yes
<daniel720> is it common that these beings are seen
<iris> they communicate well telepathically
<iris> I don't think so
<daniel720> it is interessting
<daniel720> but they were nonphysical
<iris> yes
<daniel720> thank you for clearing things up
<daniel720> it is sometimes difficult if you experience something without knowing what it is
<iris> they are here to help us, help earth and help our interaction in other dimensions
<iris> I know
<daniel720> that sounds nice
<iris> and not easy to ask others
<daniel720> hehe :P
<daniel720> yes they think you're crazy
<daniel720> but I wonder wich galaxy or how do you call it they came from
<daniel720> or planet
<daniel720> and how they name themself
<iris> absolutely
<daniel720> like we are humans
<iris> there are several different ones - the ones
<iris> you describe to me sound like the Elonti
<daniel720> I will look it up
<iris> they are the ones I have worked with
<daniel720> cool
<iris> they are pure of "heart"
<daniel720> how did you worked with them
<iris> and only want to help
<iris> I will never forget the first time I met them
<iris> I was on the beach, relaxing, meditative
<iris> I saw these 5 beings - like you describe
<iris> next we were in this huge metal hallway - must have been a ship
<iris> since then we meet in malkuth
<iris> and sort of ombine our energies to help the earth
<iris> combine energies
<iris> it is difficult to explain
<daniel720> wow
<daniel720> that sounds nice
<daniel720> I only saw one time in this workshop a green being
<iris> they help align energy lines on earth and between other nonphysical places
<iris> so earth's energy will flow better
<daniel720> okay they see the bigger picture i geuss
<iris> well, I've only seen a green dragon sort of being
<daniel720> did you interact with the beings
<iris> yes, of course
<daniel720> Maybe they come this evening again I don't know the whole week he or they were there
<daniel720> but I didnt took it serieus
<iris> as with all beings on the nonphysical - you just "know"
<daniel720> but know I do
<daniel720> but now I do
<iris> yes, there must be a reason they are there
<daniel720> maybe the next time I visit wisdomsdoor I know more :)
<iris> always ask your spirit guide's protection before you interact and you'll be fine
<iris> if it's not good for you your spirit guide should prevent the interaction
<daniel720> okay so I just have to trust
<iris> and yes, let me know what happens!
<daniel720> how do you sometimes know if its your own fear or that it comes from that being
<iris> trust your spirit guide to know what is in your best interest
<daniel720> so that you have to listen to the fear
<daniel720> okay
<daniel720> many thanks for this conversation it cleared things up, and you experienced it also :)
<iris> if it is your fear or theirs and it keeps you from interacting, then that is the way it was meant
<iris> it will happen if and when you feel you want it
<daniel720> I think I got to work on the connection with my spirit guide
<iris> I hope they are the same beings - they are good and loving
<daniel720> Were there expresions also neutral
<iris> yes, always trust your spirit guide
<iris> yes
<daniel720> :)
<iris> I was fearful at first also
<iris> it took time to build a trust
<daniel720> that's the point the fear sometimes
<daniel720> Sometimes I think is it really negative or am I just scared
<daniel720> with this being I knew it was my own fear
<iris> somehow we do know - but not always right away
<daniel720> okay
<iris> but if you ask your guide they will protect you and direct you
<daniel720> Thank you, I will tell if there is something new... now I go to sleep :) it is a bit later I think here in the Netherlands
<iris> oh yes!
<iris> get some sleep, of course
<daniel720> Maybe till next week
<iris> and we will talk again
<daniel720> :)
<daniel720> Bye!
<iris> thank you daniel
<iris> bye
* iris ( Quit ("Bye bye")
* daniel720 ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
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