Who are you? Part 3 Preview, tracking how the energies affect you; Dealing with Depression
March 20, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Mar 20 16:37:41 2008
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<hermeslogger> Welcome Hermes to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel
<Hermes> oh yea they are breaking down the door today
<Hermes> action .> hermes fights back the crowd of people trying to get into the chat room
<Hermes> back, back, back
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<hermeslogger> Welcome raza to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel
<raza> hi every one
<Hermes> howdy
<raza> grt thanks
<Hermes> so where you here last week, or was that the week before?
<raza> yes i was here
<raza> working on sheet
<Hermes> still working on it
<raza> i did that part
<raza> but could not understand the chart
<raza> at the end
<Hermes> yes we did not get to that yet
<Hermes> i mean I did not get to that yet
<raza> so we will talk about that today
<Hermes> today Iris was supposed to be here to do Geburah
<Hermes> travel meditation to Geburah
<raza> oh ok
<raza> sorry i forgot
<Hermes> so that will probably be today's topic,
<Hermes> but we can talk about last week for a bit too
<raza> good
<raza> i learned a lot last week
<Hermes> that is good, as it was not an easy topic for sure
<raza> i was trying to understand the chart whole week
<Hermes> that can be confusing if you have never seen it
<raza> yes it is
<Hermes> it represents the current angles of the planets
<Hermes> to each other
<raza> saw it first time
<Hermes> this creates various interference patterns between the energies
<Hermes> those lines and glyphs are ways of interpreting these angles
<raza> hmm
<Hermes> the symbols around the center are each of the planets
<Hermes> the inner circle
<Hermes> don't worry about the outer circles
<Hermes> of course that still does not help much in deciphering it
<Hermes> these different angels affect the energy of each planet
<Hermes> the idea is to go to your primary planet
<Hermes> what was that
<raza> ok
<raza> pluto
<Hermes> what planet energy did you score highest for
<Hermes> so that planet and what is happening to it will be important to you
<raza> got it
<Hermes> let me get a capture of today's chart
<Hermes> hold on a moment
<raza> sure
<raza> my score was venus 27 neptune 25 uranus 26 pluto 32
<Hermes> pluto is by the 5 O Clock position
<Hermes> notice the lines coming from there
<Hermes> you have green ones and red ones
<raza> looking at them
<Hermes> the green lines generally symbolize energy angles that make things easier
<Hermes> the red ones make things harder
<raza> hmm
<Hermes> you will see a red line with a square on it going to the symbol of the sun
<raza> yes
<Hermes> this makes the energy of pluto a bit overwhelming on your will today
<Hermes> you may find it hard to control your day
<Hermes> or exert your will power
<Hermes> the sun energy represents your self expression, willpower
<Hermes> how you show your face to others
<Hermes> with that pluto square energy there, it makes you a bit overwhelming
<raza> and some time i feel bad about it
<Hermes> and this could lead to complications in dealing with others if you are not careful
<raza> yes you are right
<Hermes> this configuration says to you, to take it easy, try not to force your spiritual self
<Hermes> outward too much because you will have a tendency to over do it.
<raza> ok now i understand
<Hermes> now that is just for today, or until this energy configuration passes
<raza> ok thank you so much
<raza> but u know when i am in oneness
<raza> i feel very powerful
<raza> i feel like i can do any thing
<Hermes> yes, that is because the energies that day support your pluto energy
<Hermes> with very little complications
<Hermes> the idea of knowing a bit about how you use these energies is so you can understand how you interact with these other energies
<Hermes> this way you can hopefully, try to make things easier, when certain energies are not present or supporting you
<raza> that make sense
<raza> may be that's why i feel so depressed some time
<Hermes> of course this is just an introduction to make you aware of this. I do not expect you to be a master at this with just one or two workshops on it
<Hermes> yes, if the energy of pluto is blocked, then your usual spiritual connection will be harder to maintain
<Hermes> you may feel depressed
<Hermes> that energy you usually use is not there
<Hermes> the red line between pluto and mars. Mars is in the 11:30 position
<Hermes> will block spiritual energy
<Hermes> this configuration has been going on for awhile
<Hermes> I am not sure when it clears
<Hermes> but I know it is a slow moving system
<raza> i was feeling little bit pain too in my heart with burning inside without any reason
<raza> for last couple of weeks
<raza> now its ok
<Hermes> well that is good.
<Hermes> there could have been some energy that has gone now that was causing it
<Hermes> for the last two weeks the energies have been a bit overwhelming
<Hermes> they are beginning to separate a bit
<Hermes> and things should be easier.
<raza> yes, for last few days i am in oneness again
<raza> and it feels every thing coming back
<raza> i am going to get married in first week of april, would you suggest me any thing about this energy
<Hermes> how nice, congratulations
<Hermes> what day in april
<raza> thanks
<raza> 6th
<raza> sunday
<Hermes> where are you located
<Hermes> what country
<raza> right now in LA california
<Hermes> ok usa
<raza> but i will get married in pakistan
<raza> i will go travel there
* electra925 has joined #energyworks
<hermeslogger> Welcome electra925 to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel
<Hermes> ah ok let me look at that
<electra925> hi everyone!
<raza> hi electra
<raza> ok thanks herm
<Hermes> what city there in Pakistan
<raza> Gujrat
<raza> it is a small city
<raza> u may not know it
<Hermes> ok only thing i see is that pluto squares venus on that day
<raza> that's not bad right
<Hermes> try not to let your spiritual concerns overshadow your wedding
<Hermes> day
<Hermes> just let the day flow
<raza> got it
<Hermes> and do not worry too much about your self transformation
<Hermes> it can interfere with your relationships a bit
<Hermes> other than that the energies are quite good for a wedding
<Hermes> you may feel a bit confined by all the ceremony
<Hermes> saturn is trine pluto
<Hermes> which means it will be trying to over structure your day a bit more than you like
<Hermes> but compared to the energies now, you should breeze through it
<Hermes> best of luck with it all. It is an important day, and so long to travel too
<raza> coool i will try to keep in mind
<raza> thanks
<Hermes> Hi electra
<Hermes> did not think anyone else was coming
<electra925> well I've been so busy that I didn't know myself if I was coming until 3 minutes ago
<electra925> so is this an Iris session?
<Hermes> Iris could not make it
<electra925> oh!!!
<Hermes> so you get me today
<electra925> oh well - we could do worse LOL!
<raza> hahah
<Hermes> :)
<electra925> so what's on the menu herm?
<Hermes> well i was still going to cover Geburah
<Hermes> Raza and I were talking bout last week's workshop
<electra925> oh great!
<electra925> well last week was really good
<Hermes> i was giving a preview of the next part
<Hermes> we were talking about the planetary angels and such
<electra925> shame i missed that but I was still working here
<electra925> just need to keep the energy going!
<electra925> get everything done
<raza> good
<electra925> crystals hate anything disorderly or untidy
<electra925> I have loads of them here as you know Hermes!
<Hermes> yea i do too
<Hermes> they want me to vacuum more
<electra925> so there has to be a place for everything and everything in its place3
<electra925> oh yes - the cat fur here gets everywhere
<electra925> I just found a load on one of my shelves
<raza> crystals?
<electra925> no - cat fur!
<electra925> hahahaha
<electra925> but I do have loads of crystals too and the cat fur floats up and lands on them as well
<electra925> I have 5 cats
<raza> oh!!!
<electra925> one of them is sitting right by my key board - nearly wrote catboard there#
<electra925> she will probably go to sleep in a few minutes
<electra925> that's Polly, she's my office cat
<electra925> she follows me everywhere
<Hermes> so electra what was your ruling planetary energy, did you ever get round to doing the questionnaire
<Hermes> Iris loves cats
<electra925> i have had it in front of me all week and not had a second to do it
<Hermes> i can put up with them myself, but really do not desire them as pets
<electra925> this office refurbish and all the other decoration has taken every second of my time this week
<Hermes> np, it was not an easy worksheet
<electra925> some ppl just are not fond of cats
<raza> common it was so easy!
<raza> just do it and that's it
<electra925> these ones we have here are very affectionate but I think cats are more of a woman's pet perhaps
<Hermes> yea i think so too
<Hermes> i find more women cat lovers than dog lovers, in general
<raza> more u think more get confuse
<electra925> I will probably do it at the weekend - it will be a great way to sit back and relax after all this work I've been doing and I've been looking forward to that
<electra925> well Raza don't forget I did it once at the workshop and misunderstood how to do it
<electra925> so I did get a result but from a different perspective to everyone else.
<electra925> also by then it was very late and I had done a 12 or 13 hour day
<raza> i think its ok who cares about others
<electra925> by then I like to sit back and listen to you guys taking the floor
<electra925> gotta have a break some time - up at 6.30 the next morning, might even wake at 5
<electra925> raza while you're here................
<electra925> don't forget that you're doing the w/d reference for each week when the forum opens
<electra925> you might like to start researching that now as we'll up and running in a fortnight
<raza> did not get it
<Hermes> reference, what is that
<electra925> what didn't you get
<electra925> you remember in that e-mail I sent to everyone I said that Raza should do a reference each week from the library.
<raza> ohhh
<electra925> like in the e-mail I gave everyone a reference for Babylon and the beast - that happened to be a very old workshop
<electra925> but RAza has read nearly the whole website so it would be great if he could give us all a recommendation each week
<electra925> I can do it if you want but if you would like to do it Raza that would be great
<Hermes> i understand now
<Hermes> yes that was a great workshop
<electra925> ok - just a suggestion
<raza> i think every one looks according to his inner vision, so any think would be perfect
<raza> but if you want me to choose - I will
<electra925> yes - please do!
<raza> will send email
<raza> herm lets talk about some thing else i am hungry
<raza> to hear you
<electra925> are we actually going to do a meditation on Geburah
<Hermes> ok
<electra925> or is this general chat today
<Hermes> what do you want to talk about,
<Hermes> well it can be what you want because it is so few of us
<electra925> or an intro to next week did you say hermes?
<Hermes> we can do the meditation, talk about geburah or anything else
<Hermes> sure we can talk about that too
<electra925> the time on the clock for this session was 8.30 GMT
<electra925> I'm wondering if ppl came and then went
<Hermes> the chart at the end of last weeks worksheet shows the angle of the various planets to each other
<Hermes> i was here on time
<electra925> what - at 8.30 or 9.30
<Hermes> these angles cause interference with each other that can augment or degrade that energy
<electra925> because Iris sessions are always at 9.30
<Hermes> we had time change
<Hermes> here in the usa
<Hermes> spring ahead -- fall back thing
<electra925> oh that hasn't happened here yet
<Hermes> yea i put a note on the blog
<electra925> oh haven't read that this week
<Hermes> Raza what was your second main planetary energy
<raza> venus 27 neptune 25 uranus 26
<raza> so venus
<raza> all others are way below
<Hermes> so that makes you sensitive, kind, and loving
<Hermes> here is today's chart electra
<raza> hmm
<Hermes> right now there is a venus mercury conjunction going on.
<Hermes> this has been this way for a couple weeks now
<Hermes> this makes it easy for you right now to express your inner beauty outward
<Hermes> probably good for getting married, I suspect
<raza> cool
* orph has joined #energyworks
<hermeslogger> Welcome orph to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel
<Hermes> when two planets are in conjunction
<raza> hmm
<Hermes> that means their energy amplifies each other
<electra925> Interesting - only the other day I felt that I was having my own inner conjunction between venus and mars
<electra925> hi orph
<orph> hi ( :
<raza> hi orph
<Hermes> hi orph
<orph> hi hermes ( :
<Hermes> well mars is a trine to both mercury and venus today
<Hermes> this will cause you to be more forceful and outgoing with communicating and creating harmony and beauty
<Hermes> a trine, shown by a triangle
<Hermes> causes energy to flow
<Hermes> from one planetary energy to another
<Hermes> Hi orph, here is today's chart
<raza> yes i saw this change in me
<raza> i talked to ppl i never think of expressing myself
<Hermes> see there you go
<Hermes> these energies are very free flowing today and because you are sensitive to them
<Hermes> you feel them right away in your reality
<Hermes> orph, what was your strongest planet energy
<raza> so it means i can print this chart every day or week and then plan
<raza> it will help
<orph> I misplaced the paper with the exact numbers, bit pluto was high and I believe so was saturn
<raza> they are not far from each other
<raza> i can see
<Hermes> ok Raza scored high with pluto too
<Hermes> that means today it will be harder for you to express your self spiritually without overwhelming others
<Hermes> because of the pluto square sun
<raza> hmm
<Hermes> the squaring causes energy to flow in an overbearing manner
<Hermes> it flows too strongly and you cannot contain it
<Hermes> today we have a pluto square sun, so if you are a pluto centered person this makes your spiritual side show a bit more than it should
<Hermes> or you may be hell bent on transforming things in your life
<Hermes> today
<Hermes> and not getting too far with it
<Hermes> because of over applying yourself
<Hermes> when i see that configuration I just take things slowly
<orph> perhaps that energy made me pack up a rune book to school today
<Hermes> Saturn is the planet of structure
<Hermes> what happened with that
<Hermes> with that Saturn Trine PLuto
<Hermes> you would be inclined to share this spiritual disipline with others
<Hermes> but with that square there, you have to be careful not to overwhelm people
<raza> makes sense
<Hermes> yes saturn can be a bit hard for people to take
<orph> I don't know the symbols by heart, can you tell me what the position of venus is on the chart?
<Hermes> its in 7
<Hermes> by the des line
<raza> yes
<Hermes> the circle with the downward cross
<raza> 6.5
<raza> or 7
<Hermes> mercury is the one next to it
<Hermes> it has the two feet in the air
<raza> yes yes
<raza> they are very close
<Hermes> yes they are in conjunction
<Hermes> adding their powers together
<Hermes> mercury = communication
<Hermes> venus = love, beauty, relationships
<Hermes> good time to get married
<Hermes> wink wink
<electra925> hey Raza - I thought you said that you were a monk!!!
<Hermes> Raza is getting married on April 6
<electra925> ah - my birthday
<raza> haha cool
<electra925> so are you marrying a nun?
<raza> hahahah
<raza> i wish
<raza> u know i am a monk
<electra925> well that's what you told us
<Hermes> yea, did i switch to a new reality
<electra925> :)
<electra925> I think it helps sometimes
<Hermes> i felt light headed before but I thought it was because my sugar levels were dropping
<Hermes> maybe it is a new reality
<Hermes> well orph
<electra925> no new - just different perhaps
<Hermes> how did that bringing the rune thing go
<orph> oh
<orph> I was way too busy to do anything with it
<orph> but actually, since you said to be careful today not to force spiritual stuff onto people
<orph> if you are a pluto person
<orph> well
<orph> usually, my day will arrange itself somehow in a way that makes the energies fall right
<orph> so I would just automatically never have gotten the chance to overdo anything ( :
<Hermes> well the idea of course is to learn how to integrate these energies into your daily life so they are transparent
<Hermes> you probably already do that
<electra925> hey guys, if you don't mind I gotta go - work calls and I've got a lot of work to do on this astrology thing before next time. There is quite a lot to understand in these charts.
<orph> it is
<electra925> That and clearing up the cat fur LOL!
<Hermes> ok
<orph> lol
<Hermes> have a good evening electra
<orph> bye bye
<electra925> ok - I'll be e-mailing everyone again shortly
<electra925> well here the evening is gone ! LOL!
<electra925> see you all next week
<electra925> byeeee
* electra925 has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<orph> speaking of cats,
<orph> we got a black cat here not too long ago
<orph> I suggested he would be named hermes
<orph> but it was rejected ^^
<Hermes> good name
<Hermes> oh darn
<orph> for some reason I think hermes would be suitable for a black cat
<Hermes> yes it would
<Hermes> the god that travels the underworld
<Hermes> you certainly do not do that dressed in bright clothes
<orph> ^^
<orph> his name got to be Kato since that added up to an 11/2 (we are still spiritualists here)
<Hermes> well that works
<Hermes> Kato was the Green Hornet's side kick
<orph> yea, that too
<Hermes> so he kicks ass too
<orph> too bad we don't know his exact ago though, so no astrology charting is possible ^^
<orph> age*
<raza> sorry i was on phone
<orph> welcome back ( :
<raza> hey i play flute too
<raza> indian flute
<Hermes> the flute makes nice soothing music
<raza> yes i love it
<orph> that spiritual radio show on always starts of with a flute melody
<orph> works nice
<orph> perhaps we can arrange a tune for the RC radio too ( :
<Hermes> sure sounds good
<raza> i have played some on youtube
<raza> i am not very good but i can play some songs
<raza> herm where can i see this chart with current position
<Hermes> the charts are not easy to read but if you just concern yourself with your primary two planetary energies
<Hermes> it gets a bit easier
<Hermes> as there are only a few lines to look at then
<raza> right that's what i want to learn first
<Hermes> you can have two conditions with these energies
<Hermes> one where they are in harmony with each other
<Hermes> and one where they are not
<raza> hmm
<Hermes> like I said, the red lines show where the energies conflict
<Hermes> the green are where it flows
<Hermes> the blue, (conjunctions) are an adding of the energies together
<Hermes> there is no good or bad there by itself
<raza> its just a change
<Hermes> it is how you use those conjunction energies and what other angels are being formed by it that determine if a conjunction energy flows in harmony or not
<raza> but at lease i can give me some reason of depression
<raza> i keep on looking some reason
<raza> but no reason
<Hermes> well these energies can help with causing depression
<raza> at least
<Hermes> but depression itself is like a fungus that can grow out of control
<Hermes> if you let it fester too long
<Hermes> depression puts the solar plexus to sleep
<Hermes> this makes it harder to change your reality
<Hermes> much rc power comes from the solar plexus
<Hermes> if you are stuck in some kind of depression and not coming out of it
<Hermes> then you need to start kicking yourself in the butt
<raza> hmm
<Hermes> to get out of it
<orph> that makes sense also in the way how fears can take so much energy away
<raza> right
<Hermes> yes orph fear robs you of the ability to act, this prevents you from making changes. as physical reality requires action to manifest things
<Hermes> depression does that too
<Hermes> it makes you sit back and wallow
<Hermes> and not want to change anything
<Hermes> so no action, no change
<Hermes> physical exercise can help much with depression
<Hermes> the activity helps release chemicals in the body that make you feel more alive
<raza> i feel deppressed most time when my nothingness is gone, its not exactly depression , just a feeling of some thing lost
<raza> then i try hard and it makes it worst and then it comes back without effort
<Hermes> nothingness is gone?
<Hermes> not sure what that is
<orph> I think that there's no emptiness or feeling of anything being gone or missing when you are balanced in your energies
<orph> and are going with the flow of things
<orph> following synchronicity where it happens
<Hermes> yes i agree
<Hermes> but getting to that point is not so easy
<orph> well, you do have to set goals to work towards
<orph> and accept that the goals will change as you get closer to them
<Hermes> Raza how long have you been in this depression?
<orph> that will keep you happily creating for ever and ever
<Hermes> yes i have lots of post it notes up here on what has to get done
<Hermes> it keeps me going... and going.... and going
<orph> ^^
<orph> I have to be off early-ish today, so see you both later again ( :
<Hermes> yes I am leaving as well
<Hermes> dog needs a walk
<Hermes> Raza take care
<Hermes> see you next week
<orph> and hermes, perhaps I can mix down a nice instrumental tune for the RC radio ( :
<Hermes> sure orph
<Hermes> i would like that
<orph> cool
<orph> see you later ( :
<Hermes> ok great
<Hermes> thanks
<Hermes> take care Raza, send me an email if you need to talk a bit more on things
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