Who are you? Part 2, Planetary/Astrology Energies; how do these energies effect us; Out of Body Experience
March 13, 2008 (workshop log file)

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<raza> hola
<raza> electra where r u?
<electra908> hi raza
<electra908> I'm here
<electra908> I've just finished dinner - a great rush to get here
<raza> oh ok
<raza> u did dinner
<raza> well i am at work
<electra908> sometimes I can't get into the chat room so it pays to log in early
<electra908> you are at work?
<raza> yeah
<raza> i am in CA
<electra908> how can you get away with doing this class then
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<electra908> hi daniel
<raza> well i will stay long
<daniel946> Hi Electra
<electra908> you mean Canada?
<daniel946> And Raza
<electra908> or California
<daniel946> Brb
<raza> no los angeles california
<electra908> oh right
<electra908> great place to be
<raza> yeah
<raza> hi dani
<electra908> and so to work
<raza> yeah
<electra908> let's look at this worksheet
<raza> ok
<raza> i was just thinking why we do this on wed
<raza> why not sat or sunday
<electra908> um today is Thursday LO>!
<electra908> well at least here it is!
<raza> oh sorry
<electra908> hahahaha
<raza> hahaha
<electra908> it can be difficult
<electra908> like I've been at work since about 9 am and I'm still going
<raza> hmm
<raza> do u work on saturday and sunday too
<electra908> the problem is that whatever day is not suitable for everyone
<electra908> well this weekend I will be but I hope soon not to be doing that
<raza> ok may be i am new
<raza> herm i am kind of impressed by you and wanted to talk to you
<electra908> ;(
<raza> well electric i think we are only two talking
<raza> electra sorry
<electra908> oh I know - I'll leave you two alone together LOL!
<raza> other people are reading us or what
<raza> no no i just wanted to say hello to him
<raza> that's all
<electra908> it's just high spirits after a day of paper shuffling and office maintenance
<electra908> it's good to get out to pasture
<raza> r u guys meditating or what electra
<electra908> oh - you mean you want me to say something
<electra908> I thought you were taking over where I left off
<electra908> did I get that wrong
<raza> no you r right
<electra908> I thought you wanted to talk to Hermes and had something to ask him
<raza> no not special
<electra908> when there was a pause I just thought I'd practice my smiley's
<electra908> :D
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<raza> hahaha
<hermestrs> ok we have a worksheet for today
<electra908> oh now we have 2 herms
<electra908> which is the right one
<raza> yeah
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<raza> not sure
<hermes> in today's workshop we will continue to focus on who you are
<electra908> and there was me thinking there were two of him!
<hermes> and who that is, is a combination of various energies
<raza> ok cool
<electra908> you mean that was only half of you?
<hermes> today's worksheet will "hopefully" help us to determine what those core energies are that make you up
<raza> han
<electra908> ah - the nuclear core
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<raza> what is our core
<hermes> In astrology we have various planetary energies that surround the earth
<raza> hmm
<hermes> these bodies mirror energies that you are made of
<hermes> astrology has put labels on them and done a pretty good job of defining these energies
<raza> it means they effect us
<hermes> actually, it means you are made of these energies
<hermes> and use them in your daily reality creating
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<hermes> they do have an "affect" on you but not because of what you think
<raza> sorry my eng is not so good
<RedXVIII> hi all, I'm a bit late
<raza> hello
<daniel514> Hi
<electra908> hi RD - nice to see you
<raza> i am not sure but i feel very good in full moon days
<RedXVIII> nice to see you too :)
<daniel514> I feel really tired with full moon
<daniel514> most of the time
<hermes> what happens is you draw on these energies for your daily reality creating
<RedXVIII> I like full moons
<hermes> and at times because of angular configurations between the various energies, these energies are not available for you to use
<hermes> so you feel tired
<hermes> or upset
<electra908> I also like dark moons
<hermes> but it is not really because the bodies themselves are affecting you
<electra908> and also when moon is v/c it works v well for me - v weird , I know
<hermes> it is rather that you are not able to draw on that energy
<daniel514> Why are we not able to draw on that energy
<hermes> because at various times there are interferences between the various energy bodies
<hermes> right now for example there is an opposition between mars and pluto and between saturn and venus
<hermes> this can block these energies so that you cannot draw on them
<daniel514> O okay
<daniel514> :)
<electra908> Hermes, slight problem with this sheet. When you say argue in 2a do you really mean argue or discuss, or do you mean argue aggressively
<hermes> but of course it depends on how much you draw on these energies
<hermes> everyone is different in how they use these energies
<hermes> i mean argue
<electra908> oh ok
<hermes> mars is an aggressive planet
<electra908> I think of myself as being quite aggressive at times but in a peaceful kind of way
<electra908> not destructive
<RedXVIII> you might have explained earlier, but how can i benefit from knowing which energies are available.... is it possible to tune in on some energies that you know are available
<electra908> I'm finding the Mars questions difficult to relate to
<hermes> well electra that could be because as a secondary energy you have venus in you
<hermes> mars is the energy of aggression, war, conquest, and determination
<electra908> I'll go for the determination bit
<hermes> by itself it makes a very volatile individual
<electra908> ok - I'll try and get round this
<hermes> but most people are not all mars energy
<hermes> you are a combination of these energies
<hermes> perhaps you have Venus as a primary energy pattern
<hermes> and mars as one of the lesser ones
<electra908> I do like Mars but I think you can be really determined and forceful without it impacting on others
<hermes> policemen and fireman have lots of mars in them
<electra908> I think you need that to combat the dark forces
<electra908> that desire to conquer
<RedXVIII> could someone post a link to the worksheet
<electra908> you can't achieve without it
<hermes> i would not think that in this group we would have big Mars people here
<RedXVIII> thanks
<electra908> but you don't need the destructive element that impact on others negatively
<daniel514> hehe
<electra908> you can just use that energy for your own accomplishment or to help others
<hermes> of course not electra, that is why hopefully if you draw on Mars you also have other energies that temper it
<raza> well when you become one with existence i think negative and positive are both your parts
<electra908> this sheet does seem to make Mars rather negative
<electra908> but I would say that - I'm an Aries through and through
<electra908> LOL!
<hermes> Mars by itself is very untamed
<electra908> yes - I can see that
<electra908> ok - for 3 I'll give him a 2
<hermes> grouping should emerge from this short questionnaire that shows the rank of each planetary energy within you
<hermes> ideally we would need lots of questions for more accuracy
<hermes> but this should help us to at least hone in on them
<hermes> of course meditation on each planetary energy can help too
<hermes> to figure out how much of each you have
<hermes> I do not test for the Sun and Moon
<hermes> by the way
<electra908> I found that to be the case with Jupiter
<hermes> these are core energies that everyone draws on
<electra908> It really released a lot of Jupiter energy
<hermes> everyone has sun and moon within them
<hermes> there is much information on that worksheet, I do not want to overwhelm everyone here with it. Today I just want to play around with what core energies everyone is and demonstrate a bit how you may use this knowledge
<raza> does chakras has any thing to do with these bodies in space?
<raza> i mean relation between them
<hermes> your chakras are like the power centers in your body
<hermes> they would use these energies
<hermes> but they do not emit any of these particular energy
<raza> why we have 9 holes in bodies and nine main planets around in space
<hermes> no one has found 10
<raza> i use to think this could be some relation
<hermes> perhaps, but chakras are usually looked at as separate entities that vibrate at certain frequencies
<orph> since we are mode from this world, it would make sense that we resemble it
<raza> hmm
<orph> so our structure would be derived from the structure of that from which we are created
<raza> i thought you can use these energies by using your open chakras
<hermes> you seem to be getting hung up here on planets and chakra
<hermes> we are exploring these energies
<hermes> not the planets
<hermes> the planets represent certain energy patterns that you possess
<raza> ok move forward
<hermes> these patterns of energy make up who you are at any given time
<hermes> you create this energy, use this energy
<hermes> everyone uses these energies in different mixes
<hermes> the earth is also showered in these energies
<hermes> and you tap into these energy streams
<daniel514> Okay Interesting
<hermes> and use them in your own way
<hermes> you do this unconsciously
<hermes> one day you feel great for example and the next day you do not
<daniel514> That's very helpful to tune in the energy you feel needed
<hermes> one of the reasons for this is that one of these energies that you usually tap into is not available to you
<hermes> a master reality creator, would figure out what that energy was
<hermes> and then perhaps shift the way he does things to an alternate energy that may be available
<hermes> in this way, you do not have to feel powerless when an energy you use is not available to you for that day or days
<hermes> but to begin this process, you need to know what energies you use and what ones you do not use as much
<hermes> it is part of knowing "who you are"
<hermes> I, myself, draw heavily on the energy of Pluto
<daniel514> But when an energy is not available are you tapped in some kind of other energy
<daniel514> one you don't choose?
<hermes> you receive all these energies, so you can shift to another one.
<daniel514> okay
<RedXVIII> so how does one switch from one energy to another
<hermes> it may require that you do things differently
<hermes> here is a rather crude example but I think it gets the point across
<hermes> let's say you are a fireman who loves to put out fire
<hermes> fires
<hermes> you use the Mars energy to mobilize your physical body to do this
<hermes> so today it is your day off and Mars energy is being blocked
<hermes> you are exhausted
<hermes> you spot a fire down the block, what can you do
<hermes> you are exhausted
<hermes> well, you can pick up the telephone and call someone who can put the fire out
<hermes> you switch from using a very physical energy like mars to a the communication energy of mercury
<RedXVIII> lol, nice
<daniel514> Okay nice, then you won't be struggling inside yourself
<hermes> :)
<hermes> exactly, you find a different way to solve the problem
<daniel514> you just switch
<daniel514> and either way the problem is solved
<hermes> yep
<electra908> but what if you want to push yourself and go through the exhaustion barrier
<electra908> at some time one is going to want to test oneself
<daniel514> And once you go with an energy you can fix things better and faster rather than go against it
<hermes> well you can but that is the hard way o doing it
<electra908> would the experienced rc creator summon up more mars energy
<hermes> the RC master would find the easiest way to do it
<electra908> i've had experiences similar to the one you describe
<hermes> one that the universe is helping him with
<electra908> now I want to push myself more, change my reality
<hermes> the reason the fireman's energy is blocked is because he is physically exhausted, he needs rest
<hermes> the universe has removed the energy he normally uses so he can rest
<raza> hmm
<electra908> yes ok I get the pint
<hermes> of course he could go and put the fire out himself
<electra908> point I mean LOL!
<electra908> but some rcs want to go on forever
<electra908> not have the body as a physical barrier
<electra908> I think some highly realized ppl are like that
<electra908> but I do get your point
<electra908> just thinking that we should look beyond our limitations
<electra908> not let the planets do it all for us
<daniel514> But the past events constructed this exhaustion by the fireman? so he created this himself
<daniel514> ?
<raza> but i daily life its hard to work like that
<raza> in
<raza> in daily
<hermes> yes daniel
<hermes> it is about balance
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<hermes> you can't keep hammering the nail when it does not move anymore, you will break it
<daniel514> okay
<hermes> keep in mind the planets are only mirroring what is going on around you with energy.
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<hermes> they do not direct any of this
<daniel514> This will help me I think, most of the time when something don't feels right I am searching inside of myself
<hermes> energy comes and goes as the universe breathes
<raza> os it means that a person who is tuned with universe can do things better unknowingly using this energy
<hermes> yes raza, if you are aware of how you use these energies
<hermes> and when they are in abundance you can do more with them. When there are less of them around you can use other energies to get things done
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<raza> suppose that my mood is off without any reason - it mean i should change my way of thinking or actions
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<hermes> you could sure
<hermes> if you want to move past that mood
<hermes> you may be feeling depressed because you are not able to tap into as much Jupiter energy
<raza> my last whole week was like that
<hermes> so you could try something else, or take it easy
<daniel514> But if you tab into some other energy, that feels good... how can you find out how you can change it in the future so that you don't feel depressed anymore
<hermes> well you most likely are feeling depressed because you cannot do what you normally do
<hermes> by examining what is missing and what you have around you
<hermes> you can change how you normally do things to other methods that may work
<hermes> this may help you not feel so helpless
<hermes> you do not need for that energy to return
<daniel514> okay :)
<raza> hmm
<orph> synchronicity is a good indicator of how well you are making use of the available energies
<hermes> this understanding how you use these energies is to help empower you more
<hermes> these energies constantly change and you need to learn how to change with them a bit, be flexible
<raza> but some time i try very hard to get back to lost state of oneness it never comes and i get depressed
<raza> some time it comes without effort
<hermes> sure, but perhaps there are other ways to get that back
<daniel514> Maybe it is good to stay open for what life brings, and not holding on to one specific energy so that you move smoothly to another without missing another kind of energy
<hermes> yes daniel
<hermes> in your case Raza you are waiting for the energy to return
<hermes> you need to move on to another one you can use instead
<hermes> the other energy will come back, but in the meantime you do not need to wait around
<daniel514> this clear some things up
<raza> but how - by changing my mind or meditation or what should i do
<hermes> well raza one step at a time
<hermes> a time
<hermes> first you need to figure out what energies you use
<hermes> that is today's goal
<daniel514> so we fill in the worksheet
<daniel514> ?
<hermes> yes, it will help you get started in knowing what energies you use
<hermes> meditation will help too
<hermes> but you can meditate on each of these energies this week
<hermes> so that when we get round to actually doing energy charts
<hermes> you will have a good idea what energies you use and are sensitive too
<raza> actually i have been using only method of meditation for a long time
<raza> some time i am 100% soul of whole existence but i don't know what kind of energy this is
<raza> sorry if it does not make any sense
<hermes> raza, what does the questionnaire say, let's stick with that for now
<hermes> has anyone finished them?
<RedXVIII> the worksheet, yes
<RedXVIII> or was there something else
<hermes> so let's get some scores
<electra908> yes I have but I'm not convinced that I'm being really honest with myself
<hermes> yes honesty is important
<hermes> but it is the first try with it
<electra908> need to really think about this more
<raza> where is that worksheet
<electra908> well looks like I'm a mass of contradictions
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<hermes> well nothing says that my worksheet is perfect
<hermes> it is just a means to start the ball rolling within you
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<hermeslogger> Welcome raza to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel Today's Worksheet is at
<electra908> well I get equal scores for all the planets except Mars and Uranus
<electra908> and there is one Uranus question which could be a 1 or an 8
<electra908> that is 3g
<hermes> wow that is a big difference
<electra908> i'm trying to make sure that I understand the question correctly
<electra908> everything is either 1 or 8
<hermes> 1 or 8
<hermes> you are actually supposed to order them 1 to 8
<electra908> except3b which I think is 2 but it could also be 8
<RedXVIII> my averages: merc 6 mars 2, venus6-7, Jupiter 5, saturn 7, neptune 6, Uranus 5, Pluto 6-7
<hermes> otherwise you will not get any ranking
<electra908> I feel like I am all of these things and use all of these energies
<hermes> of course you use them all
<electra908> oh right - so I misunderstood the original question LOL!
<hermes> just not in the same proportion to each
<orph> but electra, which would you use before all others? and which would you prefer to use last
<electra908> well that was a creative way of understanding the worksheet
<hermes> you rely on other energies more than others
<electra908> yeah - now I understand how to do it
<electra908> I did not 'rank' them
<electra908> hahahaha
<electra908> now that is a typical characteristic of mine
<electra908> understanding info in new and creative ways
<RedXVIII> :)
<electra908> seeing meaning that others don't LOL
<orph> you probably will rank high on mercury :D
<electra908> oh definitely
<electra908> at times I'm all Mars and Mercury with a lot of Venus modulating between the 2
<RedXVIII> its late so i'm gonna go now, see you next week maybe. bye
<electra908> but a lot of Neptune too
<electra908> bye Rd
<orph> bye
<raza> bye
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<orph> Hermes, once you get to know all there is to know about yourself, what do you do then?
<hermes> do you mean philosophically
<hermes> or in terms of this workshop
<orph> I mean what do you do?
<orph> like, say,
<daniel514> O missed allot hehe just finished the worksheet! :)
<orph> you are here to experience yourself
<orph> and then you get to know yourself
<orph> so what do you do then?
<hermes> you always are changing
<hermes> so i suspect you never do quite get there
<orph> but say you know what you will change to before you do ( :
<hermes> but the better you know yourself the better you can control your reality
<hermes> physical reality is a self discovery process to come to know who you are
<hermes> how you react to things
<hermes> and what you can do
<hermes> once all that is accomplished then perhaps it is time to move on to a higher plane of existence
<hermes> and become challenged again on a whole new level
<orph> how would you do that?
<hermes> oh there are far more challenging environments than physical reality
<hermes> think about being a Sun for example. How to create all that energy and not explode. How to use that energy in a peaceful way.
<hermes> how to not burn yourself right up
<orph> how does one go there ( :
<orph> does that happen after death?
<hermes> after this reality is done, there are many nonphysical masters that can help you with the next step in evolution
<hermes> but there is lots to do and learn here for sure
<orph> I'm just wondering, if you are ready to move on, then do you still have to sit out the ride on this planet
<hermes> if you are ready, there is no need to be here, unless you want a holiday or something
<hermes> i will tell you a secret
<daniel514> My scores are : Mercury-16 Mars-9 Venus- 17 Jupiter-21 Saturn- 14 Neptune-21 Uranus-14 Pluto-32
<hermes> once you achieve all it is there is to know here
<hermes> you won't want to move on.
<hermes> that does not mean you will not move on
<hermes> it is just that once you learn, you are free
<hermes> and you no longer wonder about what is next
<hermes> or how long do I have to wait
<orph> I wish you could see my grin right now :)
<orph> that's very nice to hear
<hermes> ah daniel those scores seem to be good
<orph> from someone else then me that is ( :
<hermes> i mean the tally
<daniel514> :) now I only have to find out what it means hehe, on the sheet
<hermes> ok Pluto is the highest
<hermes> that means you use transformation energy the most in your life
<hermes> you are driven by changing yourself for the better
<hermes> you look at your world as if it is a puzzle to unravel and to use to propel yourself forward
<hermes> jupiter and neptune are next
<hermes> jupiter is adventuresome and expansion
<hermes> so that helps your Pluto energy
<hermes> Neptune means you use your mind or imagination to see yourself in better places
<hermes> so these energies are very important to you
<daniel514> thanks hermes it sounds like me :D
<hermes> if these energies get blocked, then you would find yourself at a loss
<hermes> because you would be unable to transform yourself
<hermes> you would feel stagnant
<daniel514> then I feel a bit depressed
<hermes> and heavy
<hermes> yes
<hermes> understanding why this is is the first step to overcoming those feelings
<hermes> by understanding that these energies are important to you, will help you feel less helpless when they are not in abundance
<hermes> it means you have to look for other avenues to use to move forward
<daniel514> Yes it looks helpful
<hermes> until those energies come back
<hermes> let's say that this is the case right now
<daniel514> It is
<daniel514> :P
<hermes> Mars is the lowest planet
<hermes> in your energy
<hermes> that means you do not use that very often
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<hermes> so if Mars's energy was abundant at this time
<hermes> you could do something physical to help propel yourself forward
<hermes> more physical than you are used to
<orph> I have to be off for the day, so good night everyone ( : nice workshop this time ( thanks for being back Hermes :) )
<daniel514> Good night Orph !
<hermes> tap into the more aggressive energy of mars and use it to help you with your transformations
<electra908> bye orph
<orph> good night Daniel ( :
<daniel514> Like jogging or do some work in the garden maybe
<hermes> bye orph
<hermes> yes
<hermes> exactly daniel
<daniel514> That's nice to know
<hermes> by switching to another energy you do not feel stagnant or un powered
<hermes> you again move forward and you will not be depressed or feel like you cannot do anything
<hermes> in the next workshop I will try to cover how to chart these energies
<hermes> today and for homework over the next week, you want to get to know these energies
<daniel514> Yes I will study them
<daniel514> Glad to learn about this
<electra908> yes, me too
<daniel514> Normally I struggle inside
<daniel514> lose much energy and my mood then insecurity pops up
<hermes> yea the idea is not to let that set in. The longer you sit in that zone the harder it is to get out of it
<hermes> you are never without options
<hermes> you just do not know yourself well enough to use them
<electra908> yes I have exactly the same problems
<daniel514> that's true but i am someone that doubt when it happens, doubts about myself and that is not a good thing
<daniel514> but now I know a bit more of what is going on
<hermes> that is good then that we are working on this. showing you a bit about yourself
<daniel514> and how to find a healthy way to deal with it
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<daniel514> Is next week, another workshop?
<hermes> Iris will be here next Thursday
<hermes> for another travel meditation
<daniel514> I have a question or experience but it is off topic
<daniel514> okay
<hermes> sure go ahead
<hermes> daniel
<daniel514> You know about my email about the meditation, with the static?
<hermes> yes
<daniel514> Yesterday I meditated and there were things happening I never experienced before!
<hermes> oh good
<hermes> what was it
<daniel514> I first cleaned my chakra or empowered
<daniel514> then I heard a voice keep your focus on this, some spot with my eyes closed
<daniel514> I felt much energy flowing
<daniel514> then I saw a lion
<daniel514> I think it was malkuth
<daniel514> and fields
<daniel514> Then my energy was drawing in my third eye
<daniel514> it was weird
<daniel514> all my energy
<daniel514> and I could see with eyes closed
<daniel514> but saw not much of my room but realized I was in there
<daniel514> but I saw a great tunnel with many colors
<daniel514> They were moving
<daniel514> It felt if I were drawn into it,
<daniel514> I was in my third eye or it felt like that
<daniel514> I was sucked into it
<daniel514> and after that I felt my heart was beating fast
<daniel514> and I think I felt my energy body
<daniel514> But I wanted to go in the tunnel but didn't do it and stopped
<daniel514> I was scared about the heartbeats
<daniel514> But I felt really energetic when I came out of the meditation
<hermes> very good
<hermes> you had an OBE
<hermes> out of body experience
<hermes> the tunnel would have taken you somewhere
<hermes> then you would not have heard or felt your heartbeat
<hermes> it was just overpowering because you were out of the body and still inside it
<daniel514> But the beatings of my heart was scary and I think I had fear to leave my body
<hermes> it was just that you were focused on the inside of your body
<hermes> like putting your ear to your heart
<raza> i have one same kind of question too?
<daniel514> Yes I was still inside but felt I was going outwards at the same time like I was in between
<hermes> you just have to let go and travel into the tunnel
<hermes> your body will be fine
<hermes> once you do that the fear goes away
<daniel514> Okay thanks, I was scared but little by little I dare to let myself go
<hermes> then you will travel the tunnel and most likely find yourself someplace
<daniel514> It can be anywhere?
<hermes> could be Malkuth. Depends where your guide wants to take you
<daniel514> So it is not like I go out of my body and stand in my room
<hermes> your spirit guide sits on back of your neck and directs your path
<daniel514> Okay :)
<hermes> when the tunnel appears it means they have and adventure planned for you
<hermes> an adventure^
<raza> okay i did my worksheet and i am 27 on venus and 32 on pluto
<daniel514> But it felt really great!! it was an strange but cool feeling.... In my own body
<hermes> you can just walk around the room, if you like
<daniel514> And the loin?
<daniel514> he appeared right before it
<hermes> it could be your spirit guide, they have an animal form
<hermes> they usually appear to you
<hermes> just before to help calm you
<daniel514> Thanks Hermes :), you helped me allot in this
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<raza> i have one question can I ?
<hermes> So Raza you too work to transform yourself but do so more through your feelings, emotions, and seeing the beauty in things
<hermes> sure raza
<raza> yeah i think
<raza> ok i have lot of time this experience that i am looking with closed eyes
<raza> just like during the day sun
<raza> but then i get excited
<raza> and cannot continue long
<raza> it happens just for a moment
<raza> or seconds
<hermes> you jump out of your body for a moment
<raza> but how can i maintain it
<hermes> try not to raise the emotions when it happens
<hermes> by getting excited your terminate the experience
<hermes> i bet you feel your nonphysical body slam back into your physical body when you do that
<raza> i feel like oh cool i am looking with open eyes
<hermes> kind of like a click and perhaps a small pain in the solar plexus or the brow
<raza> actually i that moment i am totally aware where i am i mean my body
<hermes> yes when you are OBE you are totally aware of everything
<raza> yes i am and i also remember totally what i saw
<hermes> the strong emotional response sends you back into the body
<hermes> you have to take deep breaths and try to contain the emotion
<raza> its hard to control
<hermes> yes
<hermes> but you are close
<hermes> you just need more experience with it
<raza> u mean i should not get excited
<hermes> exactly
<hermes> you have to keep the emotions even
<hermes> it is normal to get excited at the start
<raza> so it is just emotions, i thought may be lack of energy or something
<hermes> no, the emotions act like an anchor, forcing you back in the body
<hermes> it is a lack of energy
<hermes> your emotions take all the OBE energy
<hermes> and use it up
<hermes> so back you go
<raza> oh ok
<raza> well i will work on it now
<hermes> how you doing electra
<hermes> i am going to wrap up the workshop in few minutes
<electra908> I'm just sitting here reflecting on this
<raza> thanks
<electra908> I haven't done the worksheet again
<hermes> ah okay
<electra908> It's been a busy day and I am now thinking and relaxing
<hermes> then I will leave all of you to work on it more later
<hermes> and go eat some dinner here
<electra908> also had to walk around and do a little bit in the office here and there for tomorrow
<hermes> i want all of you to continue to examine your core energies
<electra908> but I will tell you my results in a day or so as soon as I've done it
<hermes> so that you will be ready for the next part
<electra908> i'm amazed how working with the Jupiter energy during the week has really released a lot of that energy
<hermes> of this workshop, where I will show you how to interpret the chart of energy
<electra908> it has been incredibly helpful - all of this
<hermes> yes the planetary energy has much benefit when you work with them
<hermes> each energy is a part of you that you can develop and learn
<hermes> ok then, I will see all of you next time
<electra908> yea - thanks Hermes for a great session
<hermes> have a great evening, you all did well, with a hard topic
<raza> thanks and have a great dinner
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<raza> ok electra see ya
<raza> bye bye
<electra908> bye raza
<electra908> bye daniel
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