Travel Meditation to Tiphareth with experiences; everyone has a purpose; love & beauty; workplace politics; children and what they teach us; voices in meditation; working with the Tree of Life; some book suggestions
March 6, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Mar 06 17:07:13 2008
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<orph> but now that there are so many of us, one country cannot sustain all of its peoples needs
<electra597> every human born deserves to have a minimum standard of living
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<orph> every country has to work together
<electra597> so why is having so many ppl on this earth a necessity - explain
<vik36> okay there are dark forces but when i realize my true nature and that is emptiness i understand that i create my own universe. so no demon can be more powerful than me.
<iris248> :)
<electra597> yes vik but you are lucky to have been born into circumstances that allow that
<electra597> many many others are denied that opportunity
<orph> everyone chooses their place of birth
<iris248> keep the bigger pic in mind
<vik36> i am privileged and i do my best to remind other ppl
<orph> you aren't just tossed at the planet at a random location :D
<electra597> yes but you don't explain why having so many ppl on the planet is a necessity
<electra597> ppl should be responsible if they must produce children, not just do it like rabbits
<orph> cooperation has become a necessity for survival now
<electra597> we are not rabbits, we are humans
<orph> lol
<electra597> what has cooperation got to do with so many ppl being on the planet with 2/3 of them starving
<orph> it's true that the situation is not balanced
<vik36> ok electra with every word we create.that's why i create awakening. or just circumstances for it for everyone around me
<electra597> to me that is mindless procreation
<electra597> ok you concede that then
<iris248> but no one comes here without purpose
<orph> electra, your example perfectly demonstrates the issue
<electra597> well it seems 2/3 of the world came here to die in poverty and ignorance
<orph> this is the sort of thing we now have to work on
<vik36> i'm not concerned for what i can't do because what you can't do you don't have to
<orph> we didn't have to worry about this before
<electra597> yes - but it is a fact of life that needs to be faced
<orph> but a poor country on the other end of the world now effects us right here
<electra597> because with poverty comes ignorance and that is now so rampant that as you say it affects us all right now
<electra597> in the other hand I don't see why we should all be brought down by other ppls ignorance
<orph> at the same time, with poverty come unique experiences that these people go through
<orph> they don't have a lesser life then you do
<orph> poverty has no meaning to the soul
<electra597> would you like to be a child dying on the streets of Calcutta
<iris248> and maybe there are so many people to help us learn to care
<vik36> the strongest influence is our creation
<electra597> no I think the strongest influence is procreation
<orph> Iris, I would certainly say so
<vik36> what's the difference?
<electra597> and the greatest lesson man has to learn is to use that power responsibly
<orph> yea
<vik36> i humbly agree
<iris248> we are here to master creating
<orph> and now, because of this mess, we are forced to learn that lesson
<iris248> whether that's creating people or works of art or music or whatever
<electra597> creation if I take your meaning in the right way is the first divine word of vibration whereas procreation is man mirroring that in an ignorant way
<iris248> we are her to master the art so we can move on
<electra597> exactly
<electra597> well said Iris
<electra597> the art or the science LOL!
<electra597> hahahahaha
<iris248> wherever you need to learn!
<electra597> well I'll go for the art first being female - <smile>
<vik36> don't give me excuses :) you are creating and don't be so hard on yourself. the first divine word of vibration is in every creation
<electra597> who is giving excuses. Me! Where is that and where was I being hard on myself
<electra597> I think you misunderstood me there
<electra597> As I wasn't even talking about myself
<electra597> Just about these issues that challenge us at the moment on this planet and have devastating implications
<electra597> all of us could be affected very personally in times to come
<electra597> so it is important to see the issues
<electra597> and their implications
<iris248> can I bring us back to Tiphareth for a moment
<orph> :)
<vik36> oki
<electra597> Yes - that was the whole point of the meeting LOL!
<iris248> because this back and forth her has a lot to do with this sephira
<iris248> first, Tip. is the sephira where we find our inner beauty
<orph> was it this one that relates to the heart?
<iris248> knowing and feeling our inner beauty helps us to see and appreciate that beauty in our external world
<iris248> yes
<iris248> I'm getting to that
<iris248> we would not want to destroy something beautiful if we knew its value
<iris248> thus we learn to appreciate and respect everything we hold
<iris248> then the world would not be in this mess
<iris248> second:
<iris248> Tip is the sephira of the Christ consciousness
<iris248> in one simple sentence he told it all:
<iris248> love yourself and love others
<iris248> we are not apt to destroy that which we love
<iris248> truly love
<iris248> end of story
<vik36> yes!
<iris248> so our discussion is very appropriate for today's meditation
<iris248> as I see it!
<iris248> the sephira of Harmony
<iris248> sephira of the Sun - central to us - necessary for survival
<iris248> and central in the Tree of Life
<iris248> and that energy emanates outward to al the others
<iris248> make sense?
<orph> *nods :)
<electra597> agreed
<iris248> and I think there is a very small percentage of the earth population that is evolved enough to get it
<vik36> well love is the only thing that we can't keep for ourselves :)
<electra597> how do you work that one out?
<electra597> I know loads of ppl who hoard it like misers
<iris248> which one?
<iris248> that's not love
<vik36> they may hoard something but it can't be love
<electra597> but they think it's love
<iris248> and when they evolve a bit more they will see it differently
<vik36> love is when i become love
<vik36> you can only be love
<electra597> that sounds v sentimental to me
<electra597> I don't think real love is like that
<electra597> it can be a very practical as well as a profound emotion
<electra597> it permeates everything
<iris248> and manifests in unlimited ways
<iris248> so we see it in the practical
<electra597> have you ever noticed the difference between someone washing the dishes with real love and someone who doesn't have that quality
<iris248> and the divine
<electra597> real love has intelligence
<iris248> because when you wash the dishes with love your essence reaches out
<electra597> yes and what difference it makes
<electra597> someone radiating love works with their environment, someone who doesn't grates against it
<electra597> and then that radiates disharmony
<vik36> love is universal so washing dishes or walking in the park or just chatting like this its all the same :)
<orph> ah, those are the people responsible for change :D
<iris248> and so, the friction in the world
<orph> we need them too
<iris248> vik is right - in every small action we extend ourselves
<electra597> oh I keep banging on about this but no-one will listen LOL!
<vik36> ?
<orph> :D
<electra597> it's the small things in life that say everything about us
<iris248> absolutely
<orph> then why do we call them small I wonder? ( :
<orph> perhaps our value system needs a check up
<electra597> because we're stupid???
<electra597> oh indeed I think so
<iris248> and most people are not at this point
<vik36> because life happens while we think about "big" things
<electra597> brilliant observation
<electra597> oh that is so true
<orph> like big cars, big marriages, big movies, big gossip, little meaning to soul
<electra597> making note of this as quote of the day!
<iris248> great point
<iris248> remember,
<iris248> worldly things are tangible things
<iris248> to the novice,
<iris248> creating that big car etc is the first step to learning how creation works
<iris248> some day they will take it to the next level - in some lifetime
<iris248> but by creating "things" people begin to see how it works
<iris248> so have patience with people
<iris248> they're just at a different place
<iris248> they have to "see" what they made
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<orph> hi daniel ( :
<iris248> hi daniel
<electra597> hey Daniel - you made it
<daniel806> Hi :)
<daniel806> A little late hehe
<iris248> just glad you're here:)
<daniel806> :)
<electra597> well we've had such a great discussion going on that it just kind of took over
<electra597> so you haven't missed the meditation
<vik36> you can help everyone if you just move to their world. you may not teach them creation but a simple solution their small problem will encourage.
<daniel806> ow okay
<daniel806> About what are you discussing
<orph> things like over population
<orph> love
<orph> creation in general
<iris248> problems in the world, why they exist, how Tiphareth fits in to all of it
<daniel806> interesting :)
<iris248> how love of self and others is central
<iris248> well, are we ready to meditate?
<iris248> I know it gets late for some of you
<vik36> let me finish your sentence: in creating eden
<vik36> good?
<orph> I'm ready, today is a good day to stay up late here
<iris248> thank you - well done :)
<iris248> ok
<orph> eden is a state of mind, creating that is easier then people think
<vik36> hahaha yes!
<vik36> i love you mate :)
<orph> :D
<orph> lot's of love here today
<iris248> ok - let's bring all this love to Tiphareth!
<iris248> see you in 15
<electra597> ok - I'm gone
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<orph> back from meditation
<iris248> back too
<vik36> me too
<orph> Tiphareth i a fun place to go
<electra597> it took me ages to get started because I couldn't stop laughing
<iris248> one of my favorites!
<orph> lol
<vik36> :)
<electra597> then I had a great vibe and got in quite deep
<orph> yea, too much fun there?
<electra597> and then after a few minutes I could feel that everyone had finished
<electra597> bummer - I could do with going back there
<vik36> no there for me i was just radiating
<iris248> it all sounds like Tiphareth :)
<orph> I saw people there, dancing, wearing colorful clothing
<orph> but also a couple flashes of comedy shows
<orph> or something like that
<orph> it's all a bit blurry now
<electra597> hahaha - really
<iris248> but that is the beauty - the beauty of people and life
<iris248> the fullness of life when it's filled with laughter and love
<electra597> it's very easy to forget that
<orph> not sure if there are any rune fanatics here, but to me, the energy of tiphareth is very similar to Wunjo
<iris248> part of the christ consciousness is that we should be like little children
<electra597> I am interested in runes and would like to study so will take a note of that and see if it works
<orph> Wunjo is the rune connected with getting together and celebrating
<orph> the P like shape represents the banner that is put on display during festivities
<orph> this visit felt like that
<orph> lots of festive things
<iris248> a child's world is filled with wonder, spontaneity, laughter, love. it is not burdened with the negative aspects of living
<iris248> that's festive enough for me!
<electra597> Thanks Orph
<orph> ( :
<vik36> that's why kids are great teachers
<iris248> there is so much to learn from them
<daniel806> I agree :)
<orph> yes, wisdom seldom relates to age ( :
<daniel806> I am working with kids :)
<iris248> what ages, daniel?
<daniel806> 1,5 till 4
<daniel806> very young
<iris248> oh, the best - you get to interact with them before this world taints them too much
<orph> and leave a positive impression yourself
<iris248> yes
<iris248> adults want them to conform - and they do I suppose - but they lose their spirit and all that energy and memory from wherever they came
<daniel806> Yes that's so bad
<daniel806> They are so free, loving etc
<iris248> that's the lesson to be like children
<iris248> they give freely from their hearts
<orph> at least we are not spoiled for life ( : and can learn those lessons
<iris248> no agenda
<electra597> I think that you got right to the heart of the matter there Iris
<iris248> no, we aren't spoiled for life - it's just a little bump in the road
<electra597> no agenda exactly
<electra597> the thing with adults is that everything has to be so political
<electra597> and often ppl don't like you if you don't have an angle or some kind of agenda
<electra597> it makes you different
<electra597> and often they find it threatening
<iris248> because they don't know how to relate
<electra597> when I first went to work I had quite a problem with this
<iris248> so that puts them out of their safety zone
<electra597> because a lot of the ppl there had some kind of agenda, it was all political
<electra597> as to what they could get away with and this kind of thing
<electra597> how about an honest days' work - no way!
<orph> you are always asked things like, how do you see yourself in the next 5 years? but for a workplace that makes sense :P they just want to have some sort of certainty
<electra597> yes - I don't have a problem with that
<electra597> what I don't like is how offices often form themselves into little groups
<electra597> all back stabbing and tittle tattling
<vik36> i guess one of the greatest challenges is to stay spiritual at your workplace
<electra597> and they don't seem to realize that the main thing they should be doing is their work
<orph> ah, the office jungle
<iris248> it coats and colors an otherwise boring existence
<electra597> exactly Iris
<electra597> but if you are interested in your work then it won't be boring
<electra597> you can serve others at a deeper level
<electra597> and then that creates energy that helps others
<electra597> like Vik says, one should and can stay spiritual
<electra597> but others don't want to do that
<electra597> they want to do as little as possible so is it any wonder that they get bored
<electra597> there isn't any need at all for the office jungle
<iris248> yes - it takes some evolvement to move from the mindless job to something meaningful
<orph> a whole lot of people can't find the meaning in what they do, just cause they shouldn't be doing it
<iris248> electra, you have moved beyond that point that's why it is so distasteful
<electra597> hahaha - I really like that comment
<electra597> well after a while you can sit back and watch
<iris248> and you hit it orph
<vik36> yeah don't get involved in what you can't change
<electra597> I try now not to find what ppl do distasteful, not to be fazed by it.
<iris248> exactly
<electra597> After a while you find you';ve seen it all or similar so you don't feel the need to react emotionally or otherwise
<electra597> it's just a part of life#'s gay pattern
<electra597> I find I can accept a lot more than I used to
<iris248> and that's a Tiphareth lesson
<vik36> :)
<electra597> you have to leave ppl to get on with it
<orph> there are lots of socially acceptable jobs that just don't fit a person at all, but when everyone around you is pushing you to go in the "acceptable" direction, then the easy thing to do is to pretend that you want to do these things and be in those positions.
<electra597> oh yes - I know that one well!
<daniel806> O sorry if I interrupt , but had a strange experience 2 weeks ago
<electra597> go on go on, we love strange experiences
<daniel806> hehe
<daniel806> It was in a meditation
<electra597> and...............
<daniel806> for a few weeks I see with my eyes closed bright light
<daniel806> But that wasn't it I am looking in my notes what happened because I meditate allot
<electra597> by now we're all gagging LOL!
<electra597> what happened next?
<daniel806> My ear began to tickle
<daniel806> or don't know how to explain
<daniel806> a strange feeling of energy by my ear
<vik36> who is that light ? what is that light?
<daniel806> after that I heard strange noise
<daniel806> In that ear
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<hermeslogger> Welcome Raza to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel
<daniel806> Like snow on the tv maybe orph can help me explain?
<Raza> hello
<Raza> can i join
<iris248> hi Raza
<vik36> hello :)
<daniel806> hello
<Raza> hi
<Raza> i have been waiting for last two weeks
<orph> Daniel, many meridians end in the ears, if you were doing energyworks, perhaps that stimulated a discharge in that area
<Raza> and i am late now
<electra597> Hey nice to see you#
<Raza> thanks
<daniel806> I heard some static in my ear
<iris248> Raza sorry you waited for 2 weeks. Glad you are here now.
<electra597> we've been offline for a few weeks but we're scheduled to move on to bigger and better things now!
<electra597> I hope you'll join us
<Raza> great
<Raza> sure
<iris248> yes! and we should be back on regular schedule now
<Raza> good
<daniel806> And at the same time when the static was happening I heard a voice not clear because of the noise it said something like higher...? is that possible because It sounded like a voice through the static
<iris248> daniel, also healer work on us when we meditate
<iris248> healers, guides, perhaps raising your vibration level
<orph> yes, you do your thing on this end, and they help out on the other end
<iris248> sharpening your senses - bringing them to a new level
<orph> the raising of the energy might have produced the static, just like during OBE you may hear static at first as you travel from one plane to another
<Raza> I hear some kind of biz too
<iris248> yes, that's what it "sounds" like to me
<Raza> but only when i am with some wall or surrounded by some thing
<daniel806> Okay that makes sense, but I stopped after that :P
<orph> that happens ^^
<iris248> no, you adjusted to the new energy
<daniel806> Always when new things come I get some kind of fear
<orph> but usually the static will get less
<daniel806> But the voice what was that
<orph> like Iris said, probably a guide or healer
<iris248> your guide telling you what was happening
<iris248> especially because of the "fear"
<orph> it seems that OBE is not just interesting for us people, etheric beings gather around you when you OBE ( :
<iris248> of course they do - always eager to help and welcome a visitor :)
<Raza> hey guys want to share one thing
<iris248> great
<orph> I think to them, we light up like a light bulb ^^
<Raza> i am from a totally different background but after reading your meeting it seems no difference
<vik36> thanks for the wonderful evening everyone. i wish you all the best and may creation flow through from our hearts
<electra597> ok vik - please come next week
<orph> thanks for being here vik ( :
<iris248> agreed! Thanks Vik
<iris248> Raza, we may have different paths..
<iris248> we may be at different places on that path..
<vik36> :)
* vik36 has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<iris248> but all our journeys are similar
<Raza> i think energy is same we play with
<iris248> yes, because we are all people
<iris248> made of the same kind of essence
<daniel806> thanks for the information
<Raza> yeah right
<iris248> like twins, growing up in different households
<orph> I heard a nice lyric this week, it was something like "I'm not a prisoner, I'm a free man I don't what path I take, I know where I'm going"
<Raza> nice
<electra597> cool
<iris248> that's it
<Raza> i understood lot of these things after seven stage
<Raza> i mean oneness
<Raza> lot of things that herms discuss here are very good but after seven chakra
<iris248> I agree
<Raza> its hard for new comers
<iris248> It takes a certain evolvement for this to make sense
<Raza> right
<Raza> you people are doing great job for growing people
<iris248> we are here to help one another
<iris248> that's what love is all about :)
<Raza> right these talks are beyond any thing
<Raza> and people coming here should be very very great full
<iris248> so we have all been directed here because we have some things to teach the others and some things to learn
<Raza> i use to search a lot to find this kind of conversation
<iris248> so have we
<electra597> yeah - it takes time to find the right group
<daniel806> yes this is great :)
<Raza> it is great i know
<Raza> and appreciate it
<Raza> it took me many years to go beyond religion
<electra597> I was very interested in Buddhism for quite a few years
<electra597> and hinduism as well
<Raza> ahan
<electra597> and got a lot out of it
<Raza> same here
<electra597> i used to love the meditations
<Raza> i think meditation should be the only religion
<electra597> but I felt that I could go beyond that so eventually I changed
<electra597> oh that#s a great sentiment - will make a note of it
<Raza> meditation is not a word - religion is
<electra597> There - that will go in my note book
<electra597> we've got a philosopher here!
<Raza> no no
<Raza> a student
<orph> :D
<electra597> oh you should have seen our conversation earlier
<Raza> u know a wonderer Monad
<Raza> monk
<electra597> about children and what they teach us
<electra597> same with students
<Raza> yeah i miss it i know
<electra597> it's the seekers who are the ones who already know the path
<electra597> it's the teachers who have to find it again
<Raza> right!
<Raza> see children can be happy without reason
<Raza> we older people need some thing to be happy
<electra597> that reminds me of something really interesting that happened to me a few days ago
<iris248> and that was our meditation today
<Raza> ?
<electra597> I had a glass of cold water, it was very cold
<electra597> and I brought it into the office which was very warm
<Raza> ahan
<electra597> after a few hours I noticed that there were thousands of bubbles inside the glass that had formed where the water had warmed up and released some of the air it contained
<Raza> hon
<electra597> this immediately put me into a kind of meditation and it occurred to me that the bubbles were like the joy that is always present in the mind whether we see it or not
<electra597> It is in fact always there and I imagined rays of sunlight illuminating the bubbles
<electra597> and I think a lot about that now
<Raza> yes it is always there
<Raza> we just seek it outside
<iris248> that was beautiful
<Raza> cool
<electra597> yes you're right
<iris248> when it's inside all the while - we just can't see it
<electra597> yes - it was a great source of inspiration
<Raza> but u know what
<Raza> some time we start seeking outside unknowingly and get worried
<Raza> then a moment comes when we go inside and get relief
<electra597> exactly
<iris248> :)
<Raza> but its hard to control all the time
<orph> inspiration can come from anywhere though, above below, within without, as long as we can be bothered to pay attention
<Raza> i mean to be in that moment
<Raza> ur right
<Raza> i think hermes started this site right
<orph> yea
<electra597> he did quite a few years ago
<Raza> i am kind of impressed by him
<electra597> have you got his books?
<Raza> yeah i got one cd
<electra597> you should try some of the books or look in the library for some of the online chapters
<electra597> there is some great stuff there
<Raza> well man i have studies almost all of them
<electra597> ooh more than me then!
<electra597> I like the stuff about the monad and also the beast
<orph> just his site takes weeks to go through ^^
<electra597> there are loads of references
<electra597> yeah - Raza must have worked very hard - |I'm impressed
<orph> *nods
<Raza> well i have studies most topics like thought
<Raza> beyond physical
<Raza> beyond
<electra597> makes me feel guilty for not doing enough - must try harder!!!
<electra597> has anyone tried the aethyrs
<orph> it's not a race
<Raza> i use to fast a lot
<electra597> I know but........... should still try harder LOL!
<Raza> hahaha
<orph> :D
<Raza> well if nature want u, u will
<electra597> I have done that but I don't think it's for me
<electra597> but right - it can happen
<electra597> without meaning to
<Raza> it all depends on your thrust
<Raza> i have learned one thing new
<Raza> u know every thing is already happening, we just learn to pay attention
<iris248> we are awakened to it
<Raza> hey have u heard about osho
<electra597> yes - it's amazing how we can let everything go by us and not notice
<electra597> oh do tell!
<Raza> indian master
<orph> osho, that book he made is something else
<daniel806> Osho is funny!
<orph> lol
<Raza> yeah he is
<Raza> but he is realistic about every thing
<daniel806> I agree
<daniel806> I watch him sometimes on you tube :p
<electra597> never got to know his teaching - oh is he there - I must look
<Raza> yeah he is on u tube
<Raza> hahah
<Raza> ok try him
<Raza> u will like him
<daniel806> He is a slow speaker, but very interesting and funny sometimes
<electra597> thanks
<electra597> I used to read Yogananda
<Raza> he is good too
<Raza> but osho is more mature
<electra597> Even went to a Kriya yoga course
<Raza> ohhh
<Raza> well yoga is not for me
<electra597> Paramahamsa prajnanananda
<Raza> i think we can mover this energy by two ways
<electra597> You would be able to do this as it's not really full blown asanas
<electra597> it is very easy by comparison#
<Raza> oh ok then i can
<electra597> it';s meant for everyone
<Raza> some of these are very difficult man
<electra597> I don't know about the advanced levels
<electra597> then you just have to do it a tiny step at a time
<electra597> Hermes says to do the yoga an tai chi
<electra597> good for you
* orph has quit IRC (*.nl
<electra597> so I am learn Qiqong, which is a kind of Tai Chi and taking up yoga again
<daniel806> Till next time Ill go to bed, thanks everyone for the conversations and everything
<daniel806> BYE
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<hermeslogger> Welcome orph_ to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel
<electra597> ok Daniel, see you next week
<Raza> Bye
<daniel806> ;)
<orph_> my machine disconnected me, seems like it knows what's good for me ^^ I'll better be off for the night, good night everyone ( :
<iris248> bye daniel
<electra597> byeee
<orph_> goodnight daniel ( :
<iris248> bye orph
<Raza> Ok guys i have work to do
<daniel806> Bye
<Raza> see you next
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<Raza> Bye
<electra597> bye
<orph_> seeya
<Raza> seeya
<iris248> i have to go too
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<electra597> oh ok I'll go then
<electra597> seeing as I'm the only one left LOL!
<iris248> it was a good day!
<electra597> yes great
<electra597> I hope we get more like this
<iris248> and you were wondering where everyone was
<electra597> so see you in a few weeks
<electra597> yes I know hahahaha
<iris248> I hope we have more like this too
<electra597> that was good
<electra597> yes I do too
<electra597> it makes a big difference
<iris248> it does
<electra597> but I think that Tiphareth made a big difference
<iris248> I hope so - it really is the "heart"
<electra597> yes - i need to finish off that meditation
<iris248> maybe we will go there again
<electra597> I felt that I got a really significant vibe there
<electra597> needs investigating
<iris248> yes, try to tap into it again
<electra597> I've had some mega results in the last few weeks
<electra597> Binah and Chokmah
<electra597> Also Hod and all 5 surrounding paths
<iris248> oh that's great
<electra597> Yesod again as well
<electra597> and Daath
<iris248> wow
<electra597> but a lot of ups and downs going with that
<iris248> the flood gates really opened
<iris248> oh yes I know
<electra597> all sorts of new angles on old stuff
<electra597> yes - I'll say
<electra597> a few very difficult days
<electra597> but very very insightful
<iris248> that's a lot to handle in a short time
<electra597> really sorted out some massive things
<electra597> but it has enabled me to do a review of my life
<electra597> I've been wanting this for ages
<electra597> getting the right angle on things so that I can move on
<electra597> finally it happened
<iris248> oh I'm so glad for you
<electra597> I feel I can really move into the present now
<electra597> so a lot of relief with that as well
<electra597> I had no idea really what had been happening to me
<electra597> so finally I got the answers I'd been looking for
<iris248> because you stuck with it
<iris248> until the time was right
<electra597> yes - you need to have a lot of sticking power
<iris248> some people never go far enough down the path
<electra597> it all really started in October, went massive at Christmas time and then a few weeks ago
<electra597> So finally I think it's over
<electra597> for that section anyway
<iris248> :)
<electra597> I still haven't done Malkuth properly
<electra597> so I must do that
<iris248> you can go back and really enjoy Malkuth now
<electra597> but the center of Malkuth has also been extremely important and that came up a lot just before it all really got going
<electra597> So I am getting a much better idea where I am with myself
<electra597> been quite a grind though
<electra597> and had some really rough days
<iris248> yes, it is hard work
<electra597> but anyway, think of the rewards!!!
<iris248> but well worth it :)
<electra597> so it was nice to come back to the group today
<iris248> yes, it was good for me too
<iris248> I miss everyone when we do not meet
<electra597> yes - it seems like ages - the last one was Netzach
<electra597> and that was great too as I remember
<electra597> but I didn't get much after that
<electra597> will have to try again
<iris248> I think you are doing great
<electra597> I will think that when I've consolidated this lot
<electra597> if I can do that I shall be well pleased
<iris248> now you will continue to get valuable lessons from each sephira but it will be easier
<electra597> yes - I think so
<iris248> and they will flow together better
<electra597> I've been reading that book by Gareth Knight on Kabbalah
<electra597> that's got a lot of useful stuff in it
<electra597> it's very English though
<electra597> and long-winded too
<iris248> I'm looking for a good Kabbalah book
<electra597> not sure I would recommend that one necessarily
<iris248> many of them are - you have to do some sifting
<electra597> if you can put up with his style you might like it
<iris248> yes I was looking for something simple
<electra597> well that is not simple
<electra597> there is one by Dion Fortune
<iris248> well, I suppose neither is the kabbalah
<electra597> I haven't read it, but from what I've heard you have to be selective
<electra597> it is better in places than others
<electra597> I tell you one book that looks good
<electra597> if you want something simple
<electra597> It's called Personal Power by Anna Franklin
<electra597> it's not necessarily about Kabbalah but it's got a lot of W/D type stuff in it
<electra597> It was recommended to me by one of our decorators who is a Freemason
<electra597> It's got lots of exercises on meditation and pathworking
<electra597> looks very interesting and concise so I bought a copy and read the first chapter today on relaxation
<electra597> often we know all this stuff but we don't practice it
<electra597> good opportunity to revise
<electra597> I don't' do it when I should
<iris248> this sounds good
<electra597> it's got all about the chakras in it as well and I dare say the Tree of Life too
<electra597> I'm sure you would enjoy it
<iris248> wow I'm surprised
<iris248> I think I will check it out
<electra597> There seems to be a lot there
<electra597> it's very meditation orientated
<iris248> then i would love it
<electra597> I think that's what the appeal is
<electra597> With Gareth Knight it's very academic
<electra597> but he's telling me what I want to know so that's ok
<electra597> what I don't' like I skip
<electra597> and I can also use it for meditation because that happens to be what I'm looking for
<electra597> but it certainly is not for everyone
<electra597> it's a big thick book
<electra597> if you've done all this stuff already then you really don't need it
<electra597> unless you particularly want a shake up LOL!
<iris248> yeah, I find I don't have the patience!
<electra597> I'd go for the Franklin book
<electra597> I can tell that it is lots of fun
<electra597> I see in chapter 2 there's something called the Crystal Cave and also the Secret Garden
<iris248> but I am looking for something I can use as an over view for people who are searching and may be ready for the Hermes material with a little prep
<electra597> That is what we really want
<electra597> oh definitely - this is it for sure
<electra597> you should definitely get this book then - glad I told you about it
<iris248> great! thanks
<electra597> if you think about it reclaiming your personal power is what it's all about
<iris248> yes - it is
<electra597> there is stuff about healing as well I think
<iris248> oh great
<electra597> it's a very diverse book
<electra597> but not that big
<electra597> so doesn't look too challenging
<iris248> and that's good - a smattering of everything to awaken interest
<electra597> exactly - that's what I thought
<electra597> it's meant to be a 52 week course, a little every week but ppl don't necessarily have to do it like that
<iris248> well, 52 lessons is a lot
<electra597> but they are very small
<electra597> the book is not that much bigger than an average paperback book
<electra597> and the book has a nice feel to it too
<iris248> that's what i go by
<electra597> me too
<electra597> ok - I just yawned and I guess you want to get off and do some work
<electra597> it's nearly 1 am here
<iris248> thank you for the tip - I will pick it up
<iris248> oh, yes, I guess we have to go
<electra597> pleasure - nice to help each other as you say
<electra597> tomorrow calls, work calls
<iris248> agreed
<iris248> back to the physical :)
<electra597> have to keep moving on into the future
<electra597> we've been here 31/2 hours
<electra597> that's a lot!
<iris248> that is a lot is right!!!!!!!!!!
<electra597> hahaha - but it doesn't seem that way - everyone enjoyed themselves
<iris248> and that is as it should be!
<electra597> ok - i yawned again
<electra597> finally i have to give in
<iris248> it's time
<iris248> I'll see you next time
<electra597> so see you in a few weeks and maybe you will pop in next week
<electra597> I know sometimes you do
<iris248> thanks for sharing so much with us
<electra597> oh thanks for sharing with us
<iris248> yes, I like to when I can
<electra597> it was a very harmonious group today
<electra597> everyone contributed which was great
<iris248> yes, nice fresh positive energy from all
<electra597> sometimes it sags a bit
<electra597> but if we can maintain this energy it will be great
<iris248> yes!
<electra597> I'm laughing again LOL!
<iris248> me too
<electra597> Tiphareth is infectious
<iris248> got to bring it into the physical :)
<electra597> yes - that's a good way of doing it
<electra597> ok - must go!
<iris248> me too
<iris248> good night
<electra597> I'll e-mail you with some other books
<electra597> there are some good ones just out
<iris248> great - thanks
<electra597> they maybe e of interest
<iris248> even better
<electra597> ok - bye for now
<iris248> bye
<electra597> au revoir
<electra597> hahaha
<electra597> bye
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