Travel Meditation to Hod with experiences; false awakening; heart chakra activation during meditation; the eye of truth; martial arts
January 31, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jan 31 16:18:46 2008
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<Daniel57> Hello Everyone
<attuned> hi Daniel
<Daniel57> Hi, I'll be right back
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<RedXVIII> hello
<attuned> hey
<Daniel57> Hi
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<RedXVIII> btw attuned, i might have had a false awakening this morning
<RedXVIII> but I'm not sure it qualifies:p
<attuned> oh, what happened?
<attuned> you tried the method?
<RedXVIII> yes, but i had it accidentally this morning. meaning that i fell back to sleep after i should have gotten up
<attuned> yes, often happens then
<RedXVIII> and then i dreamed that i woke up, way late and very strange things happened and i met people i haven't seen for over a year. but i was still at home and i thought that i had just gotten up, allot of weird stuff happen and then i wake up realizing that i dreamed
<attuned> why do you think it wouldn't qualify?
<RedXVIII> well because so many weird things happened so i should have realized that it was a dream
<attuned> yep, that's false awakening
<attuned> one of the next times you will!
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<RedXVIII> hope so
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<RedXVIII> hi orph, i looked up some more on abraham/esther hicks since last time
<RedXVIII> she is awesome
<orph> Hi red :)
<RedXVIII> are you familiar with ramtha/jz knight?
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<orph> sorry, walked out for a moment ( :
<orph> not heard that name before
<orph> and esther, yea, she's interesting
<orph> especially her live appearences
<orph> today is a bit hectic for me, if there is a meditation I'll have to skip
<orph> but it's always fun just to chat ( :
<RedXVIII> ok, jz is sort of the same as esther. she is in what the bleep
<RedXVIII> they both have sites of their own
<orph> oh, should have remembered her then
<orph> hmm
<RedXVIII> they are very similar
<iris915> Hi everyone!
<orph> Hi Iris
<orph> Ramtha's story is quite epic ^^
<RedXVIII> hi
<RedXVIII> yes it is
<RedXVIII> search youtube for ramtha and you'll find jz knight
<orph> I see
<iris915> how's everyone's meditating coming along?
<iris915> are there any questions since we last met?
<iris915> new developments?
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<orph> nothing too exiting here :) things are just going as they usually do
<orph> depending on your definition of "usual" of course
<orph> ^^
<daniel125> hi
<RedXVIII> i felt my hearth chakra activate for the first time this morning
<orph> hey :)
<RedXVIII> while meditating
<daniel125> :)
<iris915> that's good!
<RedXVIII> it was totally unintentional, but it felt great
<iris915> I find that things like that happen when we least expect it
<RedXVIII> i have tried before many times but never really felt anything
<RedXVIII> :)
<iris915> we wait and wait and nothing then almost when we let it go it happens
<iris915> the message is to hang in there even when we see no results
<daniel125> that happened to me many times, maybe it's because stay open to everything, not get the focus on what it is you want to feel because maybe its already there, we don't see it because we search to far
<orph> these type of events do usually follow a different agenda then we do ( :
<iris915> agreed
<orph> any lasting effects?
<orph> from the chakra activation
<RedXVIII> asking me?
<orph> yep
<RedXVIII> i don't think so, i felt energy for a while after the meditation but nothing more than that
<iris915> the effects are usually subtle
<iris915> they manifest over time
<orph> *nods
<daniel125> what kind of manifestations could it bring?
<iris915> depends on the chakra
<iris915> in the case of the heart you could become more open and empathetic to others
<iris915> they in turn will begin to feel the same toward you
<daniel125> nice :)
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<RedXVIII> indeed:)
<daniel125> Last times when I meditated it looked like (after a while) if I broke through a layer or something
<daniel125> I don't know how to explain
<daniel125> but it felt like that
<iris915> yes - it brings a greater understanding of others feelings - you are more open to them and on some level people sense that and become more open to you
<iris915> great!
<daniel125> With my eyes closed if I tapped a little bit further or something
<daniel125> and saw things I never have seen before, but what could it be are some sort of layers were you can tap in or something?
<iris915> adding another dimension
<daniel125> are some= are there
<iris915> I guess you could say that
<iris915> everything exists on many levels
<iris915> sometimes we only see and experience on a superficial level
<iris915> as we progress we gain a sense of these deeper levels
<iris915> the more we evolve the deeper we experience
<daniel125> okay :) it felt really nice :)
<iris915> and so it should
<iris915> it's a warm comfy chakra
<RedXVIII> the heart
<iris915> and when it's open it's like this unconditional love just seems to flow from within
<iris915> it's a great feeling - and we all experience this on "some level"
<iris915> depending on where we are at
<RedXVIII> it could be because i have started on this be happy thing a week or two ago
<iris915> and probably is!
<iris915> you started it in the physical and it carries over and manifests on the spiritual
<RedXVIII> i guess
<iris915> or you are at this point in your development so the groundwork was being done on the spiritual which made you manifests this "happy" thing here
<iris915> which in turn will open up deeper levels on the spiritual and thus it goes back and forth
<iris915> going deeper and deeper
<RedXVIII> hehe, yeah sort of law of attraction
<iris915> as long as you keep the doors open!
<RedXVIII> being happy attracts happy, felling love attracts love
<RedXVIII> *feeling
<iris915> EXACTLY
<iris915> and it happens a little at a time - one reinforcing the other and allowing us to progress
<iris915> in this way we only have to deal with little changes
<iris915> many of which may even go unnoticed
<RedXVIII> but it is a good thing though, little changes
<iris915> until one day you wake up and say wow what happened here because you realize you have changed
<iris915> little changes are so much easier to handle
<RedXVIII> so that bad changes don't occur fast either
<RedXVIII> yes
<RedXVIII> any meditation today?
<iris915> same idea on the other side of the fence
<iris915> yes whenever you're ready
<iris915> we're scheduled for Hod
<RedXVIII> great
<iris915> the sephira of truth
<daniel125> `Never been there but I'm ready
<iris915> are we ready because I know some of you are in a time crunch
<daniel125> okay
<RedXVIII> I'm ready
<orph> I'll have to skip this one, but something tells me that dreams will bring me up to speed ^^
<daniel125> I'm ready
<daniel125> ready
<iris915> we'll miss you but try to connect in dreams
<orph> sure ( :
<electra523> I'm ready
<orph> today I just wanted to pop in and out
<iris915> glad you did
<orph> see you next time ( : *waves
<iris915> whatever time we can share is important
<daniel125> Bye !
<RedXVIII> bye
<iris915> bye orph
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<iris915> everyone else ready
<iris915> then let's start
<daniel125> 15 minutes?
<iris915> yes see you in about 15
<electra523> ok - i'm gone
<iris915> me too
<daniel125> Back
<electra523> I think I'm going to continue on with this meditation so just to say a really good book is practical planetary magick by David Rankine and Sorita d'ESte - useful for Hermes next session if you're not astrologically minded
<electra523> Bye everyone - thanks Iris - and hope everyone makes it next week
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<RedXVIII> back
<daniel125> Hi redXVIII also first time to Hod?
<RedXVIII> nah, i've been there once before
<RedXVIII> maybe
<daniel125> okay
<daniel125> :)
<daniel125> For me it's the first time don't know what to expect
<RedXVIII> i take it it was your first then
<RedXVIII> ok
<iris915> I'm back I see electra left us
<daniel125> Electra left
<iris915> yes that's what i meant
<iris915> so how was the meditation?
<daniel125> I don't know don't know it was my first to hod
<RedXVIII> i had trouble calming down and flushed events from my earlier day through the entire time
<iris915> that's interesting because I think I brought events of our chakra discussion with me
<daniel125> I saw allot of Egyptian signs, like pyramids and an eye painted
<daniel125> But don't know how this sephira acts if you meditate on it
<iris915> Hod is a lot of things because it brings truth
<iris915> truth of scientific things, etc
<daniel125> okay
<iris915> so it's interesting that you saw Egyptian stuff
<daniel125> yes a pyramid with an eye painted on a floor
<iris915> it's also a place where reality creating can start because you can see the truth and begin to understand how it all works
<daniel125> But what can it mean
<daniel125> I saw also things with almost no color
<iris915> the eye of truth
<daniel125> spirals, crystals
<iris915> perhaps, daniel, a stripping away of the nonessentials to get to the truth
<daniel125> can you explain it in other words maybe ?
<daniel125> I saw all different kind of things, like butterflies, an eagle flying and looked me in the old wise asian man a woman and child with light shining behind them
<iris915> I saw the butterflies - thought it was strange
<iris915> back to the truth:
<iris915> sometimes we color the truth so it appears to be what we want to "see"
<daniel125> butterflies are also a symbol of transformation?
<daniel125> that's a good one!
<iris915> yes they are!
<iris915> and what we talked about earlier, the different layers of understanding, some people describe them as spirals
<iris915> we keep spiraling around going deeper and deeper into the center constantly experiencing things on deeper levels
<daniel125> I see spirals many times in meditations
<iris915> I also saw the eagle - isn't it a symbol of truth?
<iris915> well, many people believe the universe is constructed in spirals
<daniel125> cool that you saw the eagle too
<iris915> they even do a whole math thing on it
<daniel125> the eagle it could be for truth, maybe also for overview?
<daniel125> or having a view from a higher perspective
<iris915> yes! good thought
<daniel125> hmm that's really cool that you saw the same things
<daniel125> or some of them
<iris915> I like the perspective idea
<iris915> and that's what i love about group meditating - when we share similar experiences
<daniel125> I only travel here to the tree of life
<daniel125> then I can learn through experience, and with others
<iris915> sometimes it takes a group effort to go there
<daniel125> about different sephira's
<iris915> and maybe that is why it is that way
<daniel125> okay
<iris915> we learn through and with one another
<daniel125> that's really nice and i am glad that I can be here sometimes
<iris915> i'm glad to do this with all of you too
<iris915> i learned the tree in a group and it was wonderful
<iris915> i would not have understood everything without the others help
<daniel125> and it is fun to travel together :d
<daniel125> :)
<iris915> absolutely!
<iris915> the only way to go!
<daniel125> RedXVIII did you experience something else?
<daniel125> Sorry I have to go know It's late here
<iris915> ok
<RedXVIII> nope, just had a few flashes from earlier
<daniel125> Thanks for the travel meditation and Information! till next time...
<iris915> thanks daniel
<daniel125> Bye :)
<RedXVIII> till next time, bye
* daniel125 has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<iris915> those flashes from earlier in the day?
<RedXVIII> nothing important, just these kung fu/karate guys i saw on tv :p
<RedXVIII> over and over
<RedXVIII> hehe
<iris915> maybe you've got to get to the truth of that :)
<RedXVIII> nah i don't know
<RedXVIII> one thing though about martial arts
<iris915> yes
<RedXVIII> as they are often supposed to be about peace, how often does a martial artist attract fighting simply by going to these dojos
<RedXVIII> i mean, if like attracts like
<RedXVIII> nah i don't know what i'm even trying to say
<iris915> i think about that myself
<RedXVIII> i have always been fascinated by martial arts, but maybe the ultimate thing would be if there were no martial arts
<iris915> because the training really opens up energy channels
<iris915> but I'm not sure in the original design it was meant for fighting
<iris915> so I might agree with you here
<RedXVIII> well i'm not saying that a martial artist is a bad person
<RedXVIII> i have even practiced karate myself actively a few years ago
<RedXVIII> maybe this should be edited out from the blog, i'm just rambling. i should go to sleep its almost 2am
<iris915> sleep sounds good - to wrap up maybe what we're saying is its the misuse of a good thing
<iris915> we do that a lot in physical reality
<iris915> martial arts was designed to train the mind and body - not to fight but to be disciplined
<iris915> then someone's saw we could make money on this idea and it went commercial
<iris915> and that is the evil of this society
<RedXVIII> sounds right :)
<iris915> :)
<RedXVIII> good night
<RedXVIII> nice closure
<iris915> good night
<iris915> :)
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