Travel Meditation to Netzach with experiences; the book "Urantia"; movie "what the bleep do we know";Author Jane Roberts (Seth Material); the place of skulls; seeing space, or being in space; interpreting strange dreams;
January 17, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jan 17 15:29:05 2008
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<electra689> Hi everyone
<RedXVIII> Hi guys/girls
<Orph> hey :)
<electra689> really nice to see everyone again after the break
<Orph> there was a break?
<Orph> I did wonder why there were no new logs ^^
<RedXVIII> hehe
<electra689> well - you know what I mean LOL!
<RedXVIII> i remember reading in one of the older logs someone mentioning the book urantia
<RedXVIII> anyone familiar with that, it seems interesting
<electra689> no - that must have been a while back
<RedXVIII> yeah, it was:)
<RedXVIII> but i have been reading allot of the logs
<electra689> do you know what it is
<electra689> very virtuous!
<electra689> there are a few good ones
<RedXVIII> i think its something similar to the bible
<RedXVIII> i could be wrong, allot of spiritual stuff
<Orph> *nods
<Orph> the book is in the house here, but never read it yet
<Orph> it is quite huge
<RedXVIII> hehe, yeah
<RedXVIII> i took interest in reading upon the jesus biography in it, since i remember reading that hermes has talked about him in some other logs :p
<RedXVIII> and i wanted to know a little about the man
<electra689> I just looked at the index- it's huge
<RedXVIII> yup, that's part of why I'm asking... i wouldn't want to read to much of it if its not... how should i say, correct info
<electra689> that's always the problem with this kind of thing
<Orph> in the end there are just viewpoints though
<Orph> I believe this book has bee out for quite a while
<electra689> and also a lot of cult type organizations
<Orph> so some of the contents are probably age bound
<Orph> but it should be a good read
<RedXVIII> well yeah, the parts i have read have been interesting
<Orph> A friend told me that some of the book is a bit racist, how white people were supposed to be smarter then black people
<Orph> but that for the rest it was good
<Orph> and the racism was there because that was the way things were back then
<Orph> when it was written
<RedXVIII> ok
<Orph> published in 1955
<Orph> yea
<Orph> different times
<RedXVIII> i found out that you have a site too orph
<RedXVIII> interesting as well
<Orph> :D
<Orph> the site is a great project
<electra689> well where is that?
<RedXVIII> i even book marked
<RedXVIII> it
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<Daniel627> hi everybody
<Orph> hey daniel :)
<Daniel627> finally I can get in
<RedXVIII> hi
<Daniel627> Hi
<Daniel627> Orph how are you doing?
<Orph> pretty good :)
<Orph> how are you
<Daniel627> okay good!
<Daniel627> I'm doing fine after some issues :)
<Orph> great
<RedXVIII> has anyone seen what the bleep do we know
<RedXVIII> i saw it on a few days ago
<electra689> I have it here but haven't viewed it yet
<electra689> is it any good
<RedXVIII> yes, i liked it
<Orph> what the bleep is fun
<RedXVIII> they made it really funny at times
<RedXVIII> yeah
<Orph> wish they would make more of those type of movies
<Orph> like a part two
<RedXVIII> well there is another cool one
<RedXVIII> that i watched yesterday
<RedXVIII> the secret: law of attraction
<Orph> yea, that's another good one
<RedXVIII> anyone familiar with the hidden meanings website
<RedXVIII> another site i like
<Daniel627> never heard of it
<Orph> if you liked the secret a lot, here is some nice background info about it
<Daniel627> what kind of site is it
<RedXVIII> ill watch that a little later, thanks
<RedXVIII> well its this old man talking about allot of paranormal stuff, he has these hour long lectures
<RedXVIII> that are really interesting
<RedXVIII> at first at least, he becomes a bit repetitive
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<hermeslogger> Welcome iris to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel
<RedXVIII> you can watch his lectures at
<electra689> hello Iris
<RedXVIII> hello from me too
<Orph> hi ( :
<Daniel627> Hi
<RedXVIII> i wonder which version of the secret i saw
<RedXVIII> was esther the one channeling someone
<Orph> yes
<Orph> she channels abraham
<RedXVIII> ok, i couldn't put my finger on it but she did seem strange in the way she talked
<Orph> ^^
<RedXVIII> wait now i think i'm mixing the movies... wasn't that in what the bleep do we know
<Orph> I enjoyed the things she said
<RedXVIII> yes
<RedXVIII> so did i
<Orph> her words have a certain ring to it
<Orph> reminds me of Jane Roberts who channeled seth
<Orph> very similar way of putting things
<RedXVIII> who is that
<Orph> Jane is not around anymore,
<Orph> but she wrote a number of books channeling seth
<Orph> seth was just a name the entity gave itself
<Orph> so not the egyptian seth ^^
<RedXVIII> ok, i'll have to look that up
<Orph> he mostly covers things like the personal reality, mass events, reality creation
<Orph> the books are challenging reading
<Orph> make you think a lot
<iris> Hi everyone. Sorry I'm so late
<RedXVIII> hi
<Daniel627> Hi
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<iris> Seems like you've been keeping everything going here!
<Orph> there is a nice crowd today :)
<iris> there is a nice crowd!
<Daniel627> :)
<RedXVIII> yes:)
<iris> are we up for meditating today?
<electra689> definitely
<RedXVIII> i am
<LogoRat> ill go to bed as soon as you start, so i wont come back :)
<Daniel627> I am ready for a meditation
<electra689> where do you live
<LogoRat> sweden
<electra689> oh same timescale as me - well almost - UK
<iris> this time difference is tough
<LogoRat> ah :)
<RedXVIII> were neighbors then, finland myself
<LogoRat> :)
<Daniel627> The Netherlands here :)
<electra689> it's just after 10 pm here
<electra689> what time is it in Sweden?
<LogoRat> 11
<electra689> oh right - so even later
<iris> so, for many of you it's already late
<iris> the plan today was to try to go to Netzach
<electra689> yes - one group I used to belong to I had to stay up until 2 am to start a session
<LogoRat> :)
<electra689> so this is much easier
<LogoRat> indeed
<RedXVIII> i'm ready to begin if everybody else is
<LogoRat> same
<Daniel627> I'm also ready
<iris> Netzach may be more of an emotional experience
<electra689> and me
<Daniel627> okay
<Orph> ready
<iris> so, if we are ready, we can begin
<LogoRat> ready
<iris> ok let's go
<Daniel627> Just ask to go to Netzach
<iris> yes
<Daniel627> ;)
<iris> it's only one step up from Malkuth
<Daniel627> ow okay
<Daniel627> begin?
<iris> ok then I'll see you in about 15 minutes
* LogoRat has quit IRC ("going for a deep trip to Netzach, see u all there")
<iris> yes, begin
<Orph> ok
<Daniel627> back
<RedXVIII> me too
<electra689> sort of back LOL!
<Orph> back
<iris> I'm back too
<iris> anyone want to share their experience?
<electra689> I could go first if you like
<iris> great, thanks
<electra689> I hadn't read up on Netzach at all so was really surprised to find that something quite forceful happened
<electra689> almost immediately I felt the atmosphere there and I was able to resolve a relationship problem in a few minutes that had been hanging on for ages
<electra689> It just happened - really amazing
<electra689> so i feel totally at peace with that person now
<Orph> I saw a purple cloaked lady, perhaps venus
<Daniel627> Nice electra :)
<electra689> yes - a total change in the polarity of that relationship
<iris> great job to both of you!
<iris> Netzach is the realm of relationships and emotions
<Daniel627> I saw many colors
<iris> in astrology it is linked to the planet Venus
<Daniel627> and the sea
<Daniel627> and fire, and a red being also a fire type of being
<iris> the color green is associated with Netzach but it is the sphere of art - so all colors work here
<Daniel627> okay
<iris> water is representative of emotions
<iris> I saw fire too - not a being but in torches
<Daniel627> the being had a torch
<iris> wow
<Daniel627> that was the fire and he was red looking like a reptile
<Daniel627> hehe
<iris> I didn't see him but I definitely saw the fire and torch
<Daniel627> yes I didn't no who he was :)
<Daniel627> no=know
<iris> Haniel is the God there but I don't ever remember seeing him that way
<Daniel627> but It was strange before a came there I saw many colors and geometric symbols
<Daniel627> okay
<Daniel627> colors= colors
<Daniel627> but wasn't sure if that was something from Netzach
<Daniel627> and a golden temple ? in the beginning
<iris> traveling the tunnels (sephira connectors) you can see many colors flash before you
<iris> so it may have been on your way there
<Daniel627> okay :)
<iris> the fire and red may be linked to the energy power in relationships and sexuality
<Daniel627> It could be because I was sort of flying when I saw the colors and geometric symbols
<iris> yes, that's it
<Daniel627> :)
<Daniel627> cool
<iris> this is great
<Daniel627> yes it is... because this was my first time to Netzach
<iris> OK!!!!!!
<Daniel627> I only travel to malkuth a few months ago
<iris> but that's how it happens - fast once you're ready
<iris> and electra's experience says what Netzach is all about
<iris> you experienced it in a heartbeat!
<iris> it's as if we realize a deeper level to love and what it's all about
<Daniel627> I have a question, yesterday I was meditating and I came to a place with many skulls, I didn't judged it like that's bad or it's good, at the same time I was gently pulled into a moving spiral
<Daniel627> when I was almost there, I heard a clear voice that said go back, go back, your in danger
<Daniel627> Can it be? or was it my own fear?
<Daniel627> because when I looked back at that experience I noticed that I was not scared of the skulls
<Orph> in tarot the death card indicates rebirth as much as death, perhaps this was similar
<iris> I'm thinking - anyone have any thoughts here?
<Orph> especially in the case of the personality, the more spiritually you advance, the more the personality is unmade
<Orph> which is a natural occurrence
<Daniel627> It was strange, the voice and all.... never experienced it before
<Orph> but can be threatening
<Daniel627> in what way threatening
<Orph> the personality is only a part of you, but still is valid on its own, and it doesn't want to die
<Orph> so it would object
<Orph> to progress
<Orph> what were your impressions there?
<Orph> at the place with the skulls
<Orph> any colors
<Orph> ?
<Daniel627> many colors
<Daniel627> bright colors
<Daniel627> so it didn't scare me
<Daniel627> and the skulls laid on mountains and I was between the mountains
<Daniel627> and everywhere were skulls
<Daniel627> but it was a bright place
<Daniel627> and the spiral above me was huge like a tunnel blue
<Orph> sounds like a valid learning place
<Orph> even in the lord of the rings movie there is a place like that :)
<Daniel627> the feeling was yippie I go on a trip
<Orph> did you ever go to the other side of the mountains?
<Daniel627> no I was pulled in the spiral/tunnel
<Orph> in the sky?
<Daniel627> yeah
<Orph> to me, it sounds like a preview of the future
<Orph> behind the mountains lays the goal of your journey
<Orph> and to get there you have to pass the skulls
<Orph> the skulls represent the death of the old
<Orph> though the death is not a bad thing
<Orph> its a natural progress
<Daniel627> I think you are right
<Orph> and can be a happy, shiny, colorful event :)
<iris> what happened when you were in the spiral
<Daniel627> I never came that far because I opened my eyes
<Orph> but for now, you were only meant to see it, and probably at a later stage, you will complete the journey
<Daniel627> And about the rebirth I pulled that card the same day
<iris> I agree - it's all about transformation
<Daniel627> okay thanks I didn't know what to think of it
<Orph> write it down, the scene sounds very familiar and you may read on it later
<iris> transformation involves a death and a new life
<Daniel627> Yes transformation could be right because a few days ago I was very down but after I came out of it I felt much stronger and had new ideas etc
<Daniel627> okay I write it down
<Daniel627> thanks :D
<Orph> keep working with those ideas :)
<Orph> seems there is a trip in it for you
<iris> on some level :-)
<Orph> yea
<Daniel627> the day before I had a trip to, flowing through many spirals and tunnels it was very nice
<Daniel627> but a very strange thing happened there also if i may share?
<Orph> sure
<iris> yes
<RedXVIII> it was nice reading your experiences, i have to get up early tomorrow though so good night everyone :)
<Orph> good night :)
<Daniel627> good night :)
<iris> good night
<Daniel627> After a whole trip it ended me flowing in space
<Daniel627> looking down at the earth
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<Daniel627> when I looked better it felt down in a sea
<electra689> Yes - I ought to go too
<electra689> thanks for sharing everyone!
<iris> ok, goodnight electra - thanks
<Orph> see you next time ( :
<Daniel627> Bye
<electra689> bye iris and everyone!
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<Daniel627> the sea was flowing on the earth
<Daniel627> and then I looked around me and saw energy bubbles flowing to the earth
<Daniel627> I really have no idea what it could mean
<Daniel627> the energy bubbles had giving me the feeling that they offered help or something
<iris> this is rather advanced a stuff you know
<Daniel627> what does it mean?
<Daniel627> advanced a stuff
<iris> well, at some point along the way we all seem to have these "space travel" adventures
<Daniel627> okay
<iris> I suppose we see everything from a different perspective once we view it from space
<iris> but there are energy streams that flow to the earth
<iris> and that's great that you saw them
<iris> they flow to and around the earth
<iris> I don't see bubbles as much as energy strands
<Daniel627> I didn't know that it's fun that I saw them
<iris> it is fun - I love those adventures
<Daniel627> I love them to but sometimes i don't know what it means
<Daniel627> It happens so fast
<iris> I know
<Daniel627> but at the same time slow
<iris> isn't that the most amazing thing
<Daniel627> It's wonderful
<iris> AGREED!
<Daniel627> And thanks that I may share them
<Daniel627> It cleared some things up
<Orph> o,
<Orph> something I wanted to ask as well
<Orph> in a dream two days ago, I had conversations with at least two decapitated heads
<Orph> sounds strange, but it didn't seem that way in the dream
<Orph> instead of a person, there was just the head
<Orph> first there was a lady
<Orph> and then a kook
<Orph> actually, I remember his head being in a bowl of soup
<Orph> anyway
<Orph> can't find anything on heads as dream symbols
<Orph> wonder if anyone had an idea about the symbology
<iris> did you just see them or was there some sort of exchange?
<Orph> just conversing with them
<iris> any memory of the content of the conversation
<iris> was it pleasant?
<iris> threatening?
<Orph> well, the cook was describing a recipe
<Orph> the lady I'm not sure
<Orph> the conversations were both casual
<Orph> especially given the context ^^
<iris> the cook was in the dish?
<Orph> yea, his head was in soup
<iris> this really sounds funny and lighthearted - even though they were only heads!
<Orph> I'm not sure what to make of it ^^
<iris> any sort of connections to events in your days - days before or after?
<Orph> separated heads?
<Orph> no
<Orph> :D
<Orph> nothing I can think of
<iris> NOT THE HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
<iris> perhaps the conversation, cook, foods, etc
<Orph> well, I'm trying to learn more recipes
<iris> good idea!
<iris> remove the hair before you stew the head~
<Orph> omg :D
<iris> sorry, couldn't help it LOL
<Orph> lol
<iris> ok - two thoughts-
<Daniel627> :d
<Daniel627> hehe
<iris> when i get dreams that relate events in physical reality they are usually weird and twisted adventures that actually do play out in an ordinary way
<iris> the weirdness in the dream I think is there to impress the event on us so we remember it
<Orph> *nods
<iris> so you can look for signs in the dream that may correlate to physical events
<iris> the other thought is that many beings do not manifest themselves as ordinary people - they take all kinds of forms
<iris> so they can even be guides
<Orph> hmm
<iris> letting you know they are there
<Orph> that does make a lot of sense
<iris> helping you to put "things" together to create - as a cook creates a meal out of raw material
<iris> and with the most important lesson - that it should always be fun
<Orph> I've been getting the impression that some dreams come to an abrupt end when I get hang up on the persons in it rather then the lesson
<Orph> something like a head is too weird to really spend too much thought on
<Orph> I just accepted it being there
<iris> that may be - try to look beyond the person or being and focus on what they are trying to convey
<Orph> *nods
<iris> but it got you to remember it didn't it?
<iris> they know what they're doing
<Daniel627> :)
<Orph> they are learning
<Orph> lol
<Orph> no more famous actors lately for instance
<Orph> I'm usually not very conscious in dreams, but famous people get my attention
<iris> and so they were used to do just that
<Daniel627> I am going to bed, thank you Iris and Orph for helping me understand the meditation trips and the meditation to Netzach
<iris> then these things become clues to signal you of their importance
<Orph> nice workshop
<Orph> I'll be off too
<Orph> o
<Orph> Iris,
<Orph> do you know why the log files are not updated?
<iris> yes?
<Orph> or were there no workshops for a while?
<iris> I think simply because 1. there were no workshops for the past few weeks
<Orph> ok
<iris> 2. hermes has been really busy
<Daniel627> hehe then I joined at the good moment
<Orph> same here :)
<Daniel627> ;) cool
<Orph> ok, good night everyone :)
<iris> yeah
<Daniel627> Till next week?
<Orph> hope so
<iris> good night orph - thanks for everything
<Daniel627> Bye thanks it was a great workshop
<Orph> *waves
<iris> I think hermes has something planned for a workshop next week
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<Daniel627> okay
<Daniel627> Il try to make it
<Daniel627> Bye bye
<iris> great - thanks
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<iris> attuned and gambot if you're there have a great week - see you next time!
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