Travel Meditation to Hod with experiences; being open about meditation with others; DNA and the passing on of knowledge and experiences
December 20, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Dec 20 15:03:28 2007
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.'
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<hermeslogger> Welcome RedXVIII to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel
<RedXVIII> Good evening attuned
<RedXVIII> well this is odd...
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<hermeslogger> Welcome iris to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel
<RedXVIII> ah finally:)
<RedXVIII> hi iris
<iris> hi RedXVIII
<iris> not too many people here today
<RedXVIII> no need to type my signature out completely ;), Red will do just fine :)
<iris> thanx
<iris> how is everything?
<RedXVIII> well I'm feeling great
<iris> that's good!
<RedXVIII> how about you
<iris> good - holidays are hectic but that's what it's all about so I'm loving every minute of it!
<iris> have you had a chance to meditate since the last workshop?
<RedXVIII> i do meditate fairly regularly, almost every day
<iris> oh that's great
<iris> not everyone finds the time to do so
<RedXVIII> well i got plenty of time :D , its just a matter of will
<RedXVIII> for me
<iris> and when we don't have the time it's a matter of priority :)
<RedXVIII> i guess yeah
<iris> making the time for meditating helps us run everything in our lives a little smoother
<iris> last time did you say you were new to meditating?
<RedXVIII> I'd like to think so yes, but i don't achieve that great feeling that often. i mean when sort of your entire body feels great and vibrates
<RedXVIII> well i'm new in the sense that i don't achieve much during them
<RedXVIII> but i've been meditating on and off since maybe july
<iris> ok patience then
<iris> I told you it took a long time for me in the beginning but it was so worth the wait
<RedXVIII> yes, i remember
<iris> and not all meditations give us that "feeling"
<iris> perhaps they are working on us in different ways
<RedXVIII> guess not, but lately my dreams have become more real
<RedXVIII> or i remember them allot better
<iris> see, that's what I found too
<iris> I saw more progress in my dreams in the beginning
<iris> and spent a good deal of time decoding them
<RedXVIII> hehe, cool. i honestly look forward to dreaming now every night
<RedXVIII> time decoding?
<iris> yeah me too
<RedXVIII> sorry i misinterpreted that decoding thing
<RedXVIII> i got you
<iris> well dreams have significance - don't dismiss them
<RedXVIII> well they're so weird, hard to interpret
<iris> i know - look for symbols or signs that tie them into your physical world
<RedXVIII> I'll try
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<hermeslogger> Welcome Orph to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel
<Orph> good evening :)
<RedXVIII> good evening
<iris> hi orph
<Orph> is there a topic?
<iris> we were supposed to travel to Hod today in meditation
<Orph> hod
<Orph> better look that up quickly ^^
<iris> ah, Hod is the Sephira of truth
<iris> also good for the exchange of ideas
<Orph> michael is there I see
<Orph> that's good
<Orph> :)
<iris> and helps in materializing things in the physical
<Orph> ah
<iris> only because it awakens truth so we find dishonesty unnecessary
<Orph> right
<Orph> manifestation would be easy without all the filtering going on
<Orph> filtering*
<iris> this knowledge helps us see the "how"
<iris> well learning through the Tree of Life actually removes the filters
<iris> each sephira helps us in certain aspects so we don't have to be "filtered"
<iris> do you have training wheels to help learn how to ride a bicycle?
<iris> if you know what I'm talking about then filters are like training wheels
<iris> they're there so we don't hurt ourselves or others
<iris> when we don't know what we're doing
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<hermeslogger> Welcome Gamble to Wisdomsdoor official chat channel
<Orph> training wheels, I imagine them to be a metal ball on a chain ^^
<iris> but the Tree teaches us and every time we master the lessons in a sephira the training wheels are removed
<iris> in that aspect of our lives
<Orph> it can be a drag to have to filter all desires to fit family, friends, environment, expectations, local law, etc.
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<iris> but think if those desires ran rampart - then what
<Orph> without filters, what you'd want could manifest easier
<Orph> that's the pagan proverb, right? Do what ye will and harm non
<iris> yes - and we could really hurt ourselves and others
<Orph> none*
<iris> you will master manifestation - again it takes time, patience and a commitment
<Orph> *nods
<Orph> for me, commitment is the current challenge
<iris> but you are in a good place because you recognize that
<iris> helps you focus on working through it
<Orph> yea, can't fool myself anymore ^^
<Orph> it's easy to give up on some spiritual practices because there seems to be no results,
<Orph> but then
<Orph> we spend years and years on school
<Orph> and then years on work in a field
<Orph> and only then get to call ourselves skilled in that field
<Orph> so a couple of minutes spent a day on, say, meditation
<Orph> strange how that can be such a challenge
<RedXVIII> indeed
<RedXVIII> for me there is also the thing of getting "caught" meditating...
<iris> well, you're both bringing up good points
<RedXVIII> if i think that i might get caught i wont do it, mainly because i don't want anyone to start asking questions on what I'm doing and why
<Orph> you mean, someone walking in on you and saying, what in the world are you doing?
<RedXVIII> yes
<iris> I've always had that problem
<iris> people coming and going
<Orph> you can fool people, put on a headset and pretend to be enjoying some music for instance ^^
<RedXVIII> lol
<iris> like that idea
<Orph> or say you are taking a nap and meditate on the bed
<Orph> not suspicious
<iris> but Hod is about truth - so maybe you just need to come clean!
<RedXVIII> well ill just fall asleep if i lie down..
<Orph> ah
<RedXVIII> its sort of silly actually, the only ones to walk in on me would be family members... and i cant even tell them
<Orph> maybe some of them have the exact same concern
<iris> that was me too in the beginning - I used to meditate sitting on the bathroom floor
<RedXVIII> i'm pretty sure they
<RedXVIII> don't
<RedXVIII> what about now, can you talk freely about meditating to people you know?
<iris> oh yes! eventually I had to come clean
<iris> so they think I'm weird and I love it
<RedXVIII> hahaha
<Orph> I can too ever since I accepted that part of me, nothing else really changed
<iris> we laugh about it and it's ok
<RedXVIII> maybe i also should come clean
<iris> you will when you're comfortable with it
<RedXVIII> are you two also comfortable on talking about your beliefs
<iris> I love to!
<Orph> only the ones I actually believe in ^^
<Orph> its a good test that way
<Orph> if you are not comfortable, then you have not fully accepted the beliefs yet
<iris> some I keep more private - like the Tree of Life
<iris> very true
<iris> some things I only discuss with those who want to hear
<iris> when people ask - I share
<RedXVIII> that's probably good too, if someone had poured all of this on me a year ago i would have thought whomever i was speaking to is a freak
<RedXVIII> seriously
<iris> and that could have scared them away
<iris> so are we meditating today?
<Orph> sure
<RedXVIII> i'm in
<iris> ok then - is now a good time?
<Orph> yea, I'm ready
<RedXVIII> yes, and all I need to do is ask to be taken to hod?
<iris> yes, once you are sitting quietly and have closed your circle and filled it with energy
<RedXVIII> alright, i'm ready
<iris> good let's do it!
<Orph> ok
<iris> see you in about 15 min
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<Orph> back
<RedXVIII> me too
<iris> hi
<iris> so how was it?
<iris> any feedback?
<RedXVIII> none from me...
<iris> orph?
<Orph> saw many fountains there ^^ a couple of dream landscapes belong there I see
<Orph> well
<Orph> I tend to record dream environments
<Orph> a couple with fountains resurfaced during the meditation
<Orph> or falling water
<iris> water is emotion
<Orph> didn't see much of michael or other people around though
<iris> I saw Michael
<iris> I was with 2 people - thought they were you two
<iris> he gave us a blessing
<iris> and he gave each of you a book
<iris> also saw a sphinx
<iris> have no idea about that :)
<Orph> was it an egyptian sphinx or a greek sphinx?
<iris> i thought egyptian
<RedXVIII> really, that would be so awesome if I also was there on some level :p
<iris> well, i thought you were :)
<RedXVIII> i read about sphinxes earlier today
<Orph> an egyptian sphinx would fit HOD I guess, it is a guardian of knowledge
<iris> oh yeah, that makes sense
<iris> then I saw that after you got the books
<iris> also makes sense
<iris> gifts of knowledge
<iris> could have picked up on our reading Red
<iris> (your reading)
<RedXVIII> that would be weird, and cool
<RedXVIII> i read it from a book named atlantis
<RedXVIII> its about atlantis and the civilization that was
<iris> h, I love atlantis
<RedXVIII> i like it so far, i bought it today
<iris> it was a great society :)
<iris> everything powered by crystals
<RedXVIII> it appears so yes, the only reason i bought it is because i recognized it from this site
<RedXVIII> atlantis i mean, appearing frequently
<iris> well, we think we had some roots there
<iris> and it's a favorite of mine :)
<RedXVIII> do you mean that you think that you have been part of that civilization, i think the book said that many people living today have been
<iris> yes
<iris> I think I was there at the demise - very sad
<iris> but it was a peace filled society
<iris> people were calm and benevolent
<RedXVIII> yes, so it seems
<iris> much more advanced than us
<RedXVIII> yes, the book mentions a more advanced dna also... having more 12 something instead of 7 that we have now (if i remember correctly)
<iris> yes
<Orph> about that,
<Orph> I was wondering whether that was not something to take literally
<Orph> because of this;
<Orph> dna, in essence, is a holder of data
<Orph> the data is passed on from parent to child
<Orph> virtually unchanged
<iris> yes
<Orph> we have an extra way of doing that now though, as humans
<Orph> with language, we pass on data to
<Orph> no animal does that
<Orph> and in a way, you could say we have discovered a new type of dna
<Orph> not a physical type, but a real extension of it still
<Orph> so language now, but who knows what in the future
<Orph> in that fashion, I wondered if that is what is meant by "unlocking" dna
<iris> that's a really interesting thought
<RedXVIII> do you mean by unlocking dna opening up new abilities
<Orph> not quite
<Orph> I don't believe its literally dna
<Orph> the amount of knowledge we are passing on to the next generation keeps growing
<Orph> at first, just dna couldn't hold it
<Orph> it could only hold basic instructions
<Orph> instincts
<Orph> some behavior
<Orph> now we have books, stories, movies, all sorts of ways to hold more data
<Orph> but soon that won't be enough
<Orph> perhaps soon, we will want to pass on live experiences
<Orph> it may become necessary for our survival
<Orph> and in that way, it would be as if we were using extra dna
<Orph> not literally a physical dna strand
<Orph> but a way to pass on data in another way
<iris> the computer
<RedXVIII> i like the way you are thinking
<iris> we've created ways to "extend" ourselves
<Orph> yea
<iris> and we are creators - makes perfect sense
<Orph> and myth has it, it's not a new thing that we do, but that it has been done before
<Orph> but then the ability was taken
<Orph> or lost
<Orph> or simply not necessary anymore
<RedXVIII> but i still believe in the physical dna strand, and who knows... it might be possible to share live experiences once we are advanced enough
<Orph> well, the physical dna has really basic instructions in it
<Orph> it tells our cells what to do with oxygen how to break down proteins, stuff like that
<Orph> an extra strand would only be able to tell a cell something more about other basic functions
<Orph> like alien materials perhaps
<Orph> I dunno
<Orph> but dna itself is slow too
<Orph> it evolves over millions of years
<RedXVIII> yes
<Orph> while we can come up with ways to extend the passage of knowledge fast
<iris> makes a lot of sense
<RedXVIII> just because it takes a long time to evolve doesn't necessarily make it slow in itself though?
<Orph> well, the evolution speed of dna is similar to the evolution speed of the environment
<RedXVIII> i almost would like to make a comparison to opening the 12 chakras to unlocking the 12 strands of dna
<Orph> the earth doesn't change completely every month or so
<Orph> it's relatively stable
<Orph> though men of course is changing it now
<Orph> and that calls for faster adaptation
<Orph> I dunno, dna is complicated ^^
<Orph> perhaps the chakras are related like that
<RedXVIII> i think i'm in deep waters now, meaning i don't really know what i'm talking about... hehe
<Orph> doesn't matter :P as long as it makes you curious and makes you think
<iris> well the correlation of chakras with dna is a great idea
<RedXVIII> haha, you're right
<iris> that's what the knowledge of Hod does
<RedXVIII> well i just think it would make allot of sense...
<Orph> everything physical has a non physical counterpart, so there is bound to be a relationship
<Orph> it could be researched
<iris> of course
<Orph> you could look into the evolution of dna and the chakra characteristics
<RedXVIII> i guess
<Orph> but it's a lot of work... would have to write a book on your findings to make the time worth while
<Orph> ^^
<RedXVIII> lol
<iris> good idea though
<Orph> *nods
<iris> well maybe our meditation today will bring more enlightenment :)
<RedXVIII> i have really enjoyed this but i think i better get to sleep...
<Orph> *nods again
<Orph> :)
<iris> yeah
<Orph> goodnight everyone
<RedXVIII> goodnight
<iris> nite orph
<Orph> see you next time :)
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