Travel Meditation to Yesod; caffeine and its effects; music an meditation; getting over that losing control feeling when going into deep meditation; traveling the tree of life
December 6, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Dec 06 16:19:19 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Thursday Workshop with Iris: Travel Meditation to Yesod'
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<hermeslogger> Welcome RedXVIII to Wisdomsdoor Official Chat/Workshop Channel
<attuned> hi Red
<RedXVIII> my first time here
<attuned> oh welcome
<attuned> what brings you here?
<RedXVIII> well, I'm curios about allot of things these days
<RedXVIII> and this seems like the appropriate place to be
<attuned> like what kid of things?
<attuned> kind
<RedXVIII> everything spiritual, getting in touch with the higher self, meditation
<attuned> yep, this is the right place :)
<attuned> you practice meditation?
<RedXVIII> i want to talk with like minded people, yes i do
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<attuned> hi electra
<electra317> hi attuned, how's things?
<attuned> good
<electra317> great
<attuned> so Red, you'd join our group meditation today?
<RedXVIII> of course:)
<attuned> great
<attuned> you seen previous workshop logs?
<RedXVIII> yes, so i recognize both yours and electra's name from them
<attuned> oh then you're familiar with how that goes
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<RedXVIII> and they have been quite informable, well sort of yeah
<electra317> hi Iris
<iris> Hi everyone!
<daniel284> Hi
<attuned> hey Iris. I dreamt you, that you made one of those radio shows Hermes does
<electra317> I like it LOL!
<iris> that's great!
<iris> guess I'll have to talk to hermes about it :)
<attuned> :)
<iris> that is, of course if the show came out good!
<RedXVIII> I was wondering, how many of you steer clear from caffeine... i mean is it really bad for you?
<attuned> don't remember what was said, but I know the dream self liked it
<iris> well then that's what matters!
<iris> Red, I don't ever have caffeine
<iris> even a little bit makes my hands shake and heart race
<RedXVIII> oh
<attuned> I don't either
<iris> only in tea - has no effect
<iris> the tannic acid binds the caffeine
<iris> why do you ask?
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<hermeslogger> Welcome shrishti to Wisdomsdoor Official Chat/Workshop Channel
<electra317> hi Shrishti
<shrishti> Hello everyone
<iris> hi shrishti
<shrishti> Hey Electra, Iris
<shrishti> Have you already started the workshop?
<iris> just chatting about caffeine
<shrishti> fun
<RedXVIII> well, i«m used to drinking coffee 6-7 times a day... and lately i have been reading that its bad. anyways, i actually dropped down to close to zero for a week ago
<shrishti> I'm a tea person
<iris> it's not easy to stop all at once - it is addicting
<shrishti> although I do love eggnog mocha
<iris> so you may feel tired, sick, headache
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<iris> the withdrawal tells my body it is not good
<RedXVIII> i have no problems stopping, but i don«t like telling people that i don«t drink coffee anymore. it feels so silly
<RedXVIII> for some reason...
<iris> join us tea drinkers!
<electra317> you should try rooibos tea or green tea
<iris> good stuff
<shrishti> I love mint though
<electra317> me too
<RedXVIII> hehe, i might just do that. but i thought it is just as bad as coffee since both have caffeine
<shrishti> and white melon tea
<shrishti> yummy
<shrishti> with a little bit of agave nectar its perfect
<electra317> rooibos and green have very little
<iris> i love them all
<shrishti> and healthy
<iris> and, like I said, the tannic acid binds the caffeine so it's not so bad
<iris> plus there's a lot of other good stuff in there
<RedXVIII> ok
<iris> we're all about being different here anyway!
<RedXVIII> do you guys ever listen to music while meditating
<shrishti> I so sometimes
<electra317> yes - I do sometimes
<shrishti> it helps but a lot of times it doesn't let me go deeper
<shrishti> which can be good at times
<shrishti> too
<iris> soft music sometimes, but I like it quiet
<iris> music is good when you need to cover other outside noise
<iris> can also help you relax
<RedXVIII> yes, i think it helps me relax
<iris> so how are the meditations since we last met?
<iris> anything interesting going on?
<shrishti> sometimes when I close my eyes to meditate this whole different world pops up and I find myself already in it
<iris> that's great - happens to me sometimes too
<shrishti> its like half of myself is already there and half is here and when I close my eyes all of me is in that dream world
<shrishti> why is that great?
<iris> well, our consciousness tends to resist letting go
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<hermeslogger> Welcome C4RB0N to Wisdomsdoor Official Chat/Workshop Channel
<iris> when you can easily transition then you are breaking down the barriers
<electra317> hey hi C4rbon
<RedXVIII> wow, that's amazing.
<electra317> thought you weren't going to make it
<C4RB0N> Hi! ^_^
<iris> hi C4rbon
<iris> from early childhood we are trained to focus in physical reality
<iris> now we're trying to undo what we have been trained to do
<shrishti> ah i see
<shrishti> cool
<RedXVIII> have you ever gotten afraid when something is about to happen, or when your about to shift?
<RedXVIII> i sort of get afraid every time, and that's probably keeping me back...
<RedXVIII> like, oh no something's happening :p
<iris> in the beginning I was afraid of the whole thing
<iris> I didn't like the feeling - like I was losing control
<RedXVIII> how did you get over it
<iris> packed up my crystals for a while
<iris> others started meditating and they were having these great adventures so I decided to go back and try again
<iris> best decision I ever made!
<iris> and it was scary - in the beginning
<RedXVIII> hmmm, ok. what about having a huge amount of pressure on the head, ever had that?
<RedXVIII> like really really bad
<RedXVIII> and everything is spinning
<iris> yes
<iris> energy can enter through the head
<iris> when you're not used to it - it's like a power surge
<iris> let yourself go with the spinning - let go and the energy will flow
<iris> then the pressure should diminish
<iris> it's difficult if your the kind of person who likes to be in control
<RedXVIII> ok, i will try that
<iris> just keep saying to yourself - let it flow through and around me
<iris> and try to enjoy the ride!
<RedXVIII> hehe
<iris> so today we are going back to Yesod
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<hermeslogger> Welcome Darlok to Wisdomsdoor Official Chat/Workshop Channel
<shrishti> okay
<C4RB0N> Hi Darlok.
<iris> hi darlok
<iris> some of us may not have gone there yet
<shrishti> you will announce when we have to start right?
<iris> it's different than Malkuth
<iris> yes, I will
<iris> your experiences won't be as physical
<shrishti> will they be emotional or mental?
<iris> so try to be mindful of your other senses - mostly feelings
<iris> it's a place where you begin to just "know things"
<shrishti> ok
<iris> know someone is there for instance
<iris> with little or no landscape
<shrishti> k
<iris> are there any questions?
<RedXVIII> what you focus on for this?
<iris> as you go into meditation, ask to be taken to Yesod - then let go and let it happen
<RedXVIII> alright
<iris> try not to focus on anything specific
<iris> may help to visualize going to the Tree of Life
<iris> remember this is relaxing and fun - not work :)
<shrishti> :)
<RedXVIII> :)
<iris> do we need to wait for anyone?
<iris> otherwise we can get started now
<shrishti> okay
<electra317> fine with me
<shrishti> do we have a time limit?
<iris> we try to last about 15 minutes - if it's less or more for you that's fine
<shrishti> ok
<iris> I'll try to be back in 15 for those who are here and we'll chat while we wait for the rest
<electra317> ok - I'm going now
<shrishti> ok i'm leaving too
<iris> great
<iris> if this is your first time with us, just let us know you're leaving and let us know when you return - no need to log off
<iris> anyone else joining us?
<iris> ok I'm going - I'll see you in 15
<C4RB0N> ack, yes! gone!
<electra317> Hi everyone, I'm back but I have to go so I'll see you all next week. Bye!
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<RedXVIII> i'm back... and i already left before you said"let us know when you're leaving"
<iris> hi all I'm back too
<iris> I thought you already left
<shrishti> I'm back
<C4RB0N> back as well
<iris> ok let's see...
<iris> attuned and Darlok - are you here?
<iris> otherwise, everyone is back
<iris> so anyone want to share their experience?
<shrishti> I can start
<shrishti> I don't remember much at all
<iris> thanks
<C4RB0N> Ditto.
<shrishti> but I felt light - first there were vibrations and then spinning- then very light
<shrishti> there were some thoughts but I don't remember them
<iris> it's more of a feeling place
<shrishti> I don't think I got there
<shrishti> but I do think I almost astral projected
<iris> what makes you think so
<iris> it very well could be
<iris> it does happen
<attuned> back
<shrishti> well I felt like I could move my hands and legs
<iris> welcome back
<shrishti> and when that happened, I felt like I was floating in the air
<shrishti> and right after I was back feeling my body but hardly
<iris> sounds like you might be right
<shrishti> I have done astral projecting before but that was long ago and then I lost the skill
<shrishti> but am trying to gain it again
<shrishti> I do it unconsciously all the time, its only consciously that's difficult
<iris> and so that is why this happened
<shrishti> oh
<shrishti> sweet
<RedXVIII> I«d be happy to share something but nothing special really happened
<C4RB0N> Go for it. ^_^
<iris> something always happens - we just can't always recognize it or bring it back
<RedXVIII> lol, no i mean it. it just felt really nice as it usually does
<RedXVIII> maybe yeah
<iris> in other words, the translation is just too difficult
<iris> but it manifests in other ways
<RedXVIII> well, would i have to leave my body to get there. because i have never consciously left my body
<RedXVIII> but i'm still a rookie
<RedXVIII> hehe
<iris> we all are :)
<iris> Yesod is the foundation of the astral plane, therefore not surprising you felt like you did, shrishti
<iris> it's here that we awaken our subconscious and psychic selves
<iris> it helps us become comfortable with operating on a level very different from the physical
<C4RB0N> ...funny how some memories get sharper after a period of time; I'm remembering Yesod as having white & light-brown near it, a flicker of a cannon(?) and an angelic figure. Must take time to translate these experiences into this reality...
<iris> yes it does
<iris> sometimes things come in after days
<iris> and sometimes we just "know" stuff
<RedXVIII> nice
<iris> I guess that's "enlightenment" :)
<iris> that's why it's important to keep on doing it even when you think nothings going on
<iris> because it is - we just can't always recognize it
<attuned> it was like heaven for me, like being on a cloud, mist around, a bright golden star, lot's of people standing in a line. don't remember after that
<shrishti> yeah, I think the times when we don't think anything is happening is when something really is
<shrishti> and i think its just because of what we expect and what we get is never how we imagine it to be
<iris> yes, that's why we try to just go with the flow and let it happen - whatever that is
<shrishti> Its cool to know that yesod is astral plane based
<shrishti> yeah
<iris> funny you should say people standing in line attuned because i saw this path
<iris> leading to Yesod and people were walking on it
<shrishti> I just saw lotus and a lotus pond
<iris> a path "suspended" or surrounded by clouds, so to speak
<RedXVIII> hehe, that is very cool
<shrishti> I did feel like I was in the middle of clouds
<iris> lotus has a specific meaning
<shrishti> but then my brain was like what now? and that's when I moved on
<shrishti> what meaning?
<shrishti> chakra?
<iris> yeah, that's kind of how all the sephira's feel beyond Malkuth
<iris> gaseous, swirls of color
<iris> I'm trying to remember -about the lotus
<shrishti> I hate it when this happens and it happens every time
<shrishti> I find it but don't believe it and then lose it
<shrishti> and I wind up at where I started from
<iris> lotus flower - symbol of spiritual enfoldment
<iris> roots in earthly mud - grows upward in aspiration towards the light
<iris> and opens into a beautiful flower
<iris> that's what Yesod is all about
<shrishti> That's actually what I have been striving for in this reality lately
<shrishti> I am trying to overcome my fears and ridiculous beliefs
<iris> well, that's what Yesod helps with
<shrishti> and its all connected to my beliefs and fears- why I haven't been ale to AP, or why I am so distrustful of any dream or meditation and why I am unfocussed
<iris> and you are facing them in your meditation
<shrishti> its hard but I will get through this
<iris> and that means you are working through them
<iris> the rest is patience
<shrishti> try?ing anyway :)
<iris> just stick with it
<shrishti> yeah
<shrishti> Its funny
<shrishti> Every time I think I am doing okay I realize what a mess I am
<iris> ah, but if we were perfect we would not be here
<shrishti> very true
<iris> and it's all about the process - enjoy the process
<RedXVIII> just out of curiosity, how many of you have consciously started "traveling/learning" in the tree of life?
<shrishti> its painful at times!
<iris> but we learn best through feelings
<C4RB0N> I've tried, RedXVIII, but I keep getting routed to Kether ever time. :(
<RedXVIII> is that what's before malkuth?
<iris> been up down around and through the Tree for many years - love each and every experience
<shrishti> its the last sephira isn't it?
<iris> Kether is at the far end
<iris> yes "last"
<RedXVIII> for how long have you been trying?
<RedXVIII> c4bon
<iris> C4RBON how do you know that's where you go?
<C4RB0N> Since I first came to one of these workshops! ^_^ October, I think.
<RedXVIII> well that's not too long i guess
<iris> in other words, would you share the experience?
<C4RB0N> I keep getting images of a TOL map, going from my target destination to Kether. Sometime thoughts like "go to Kether". Very strange.
<iris> and then?
<RedXVIII> nice, you«ll probably get there soon :)
<C4RB0N> Oh, I usually follow the directions. Don't really remember much of what happens after though.
<iris> it seems your guides want you to stay on "target" for traveling the tree - don't give up
<iris> the tree progression is usually you investigate each sephira, learning different things in each one
<iris> as we progress, we move up the tree, ending with Kether
<iris> but we really can't experience too much of Kether because it is the plane of oneness
<iris> there is no polarity there
<iris> everything is unison and that is totally foreign to physical reality
<iris> it seems you are being directed to focus on Kether to ensure that you travel the whole tree
<shrishti> I should be going now- have a lot of things to finish
<shrishti> thank you iris
<shrishti> see you all next week!
<RedXVIII> ok, good bye
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<iris> thank you!
<iris> so it doesn't necessarily mean that's the only place you go
<iris> it may be a reinforcement to keep you traveling the tree - to learn all it has to offer
<iris> stick with it is the message I'm getting
<iris> When I first started trying to travel the tree, there was a group of us meditating together...
<iris> every session they were all traveling - having experiences, sharing adventures , etc
<iris> I was having nothing
<iris> and nothing
<iris> and nothing
<iris> but I kept at it - in the group and on my own
<iris> and one day I felt like someone just picked me up and at lightening speed
<RedXVIII> awesome
<iris> directed me to each and every sephira
<iris> I will never forget that experience
<iris> I did them all at once
<C4RB0N> Wow.
<iris> yeah
<RedXVIII> that is truly inspiring
<iris> and had I given up I would have missed out on the most incredible thing I've experienced in this life
<iris> so hang in there! :)
<RedXVIII> i'm wondering, what is like the average age for people to begin exploring these things. like how old were you when you started to wonder about spirituality and stuff...
<RedXVIII> if there is such a thing :p
<RedXVIII> or is it just random
<iris> you know, that's interesting because I think it was with me from childhood
<iris> but I didn't see it that way then
<C4RB0N> The Dalai Lama had a pretty early start... heheheh
<iris> so I always had an interest in the spiritual
<iris> :)
<RedXVIII> hehe
<iris> but I was preoccupied to really give it the focus I should have
<iris> and some things in life actually worked to draw me away from it
<iris> so it took a good 30 years before I directed my attention there
<RedXVIII> ok
<iris> and realized that this is my life purpose
<RedXVIII> I«m 20 years old myself, been thinking about this kind of stuff for probably about a year
<RedXVIII> and i like it :)
<iris> and now you can focus there throughout the rest of your life!
<RedXVIII> anyway's, it was nice chatting with all of you. but i should be going to sleep soon, its in the middle of the night already
<iris> oh yeah, ok
<iris> thanks for being here today!
<RedXVIII> my pleasure, bye
<attuned> see you Red
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<iris> attuned, I don't know about that cannon :)
<attuned> Carbon mentioned cannon
<iris> oh, sorry, thought it was in your meditation
<C4RB0N> heheheh
<iris> well, I'm trying to figure it out
<attuned> Carbon you also mentioned angelic figure -- and actually the star I told about actually meant there's an angelic presence there, it's the "you'll just know" thing
<C4RB0N> Oh. If it helps it could equally have been one of those chemistry vials on it's side.
<iris> ah, alchemy works - transformation
<C4RB0N> Yeah, attuned, hard to describe, but yeah.
<attuned> what did the figure look like?
<C4RB0N> Cannons are alchemy too, you know! :D It was like an vague impression of someone wearing those classic robes, with wings & halo. Very vague.
<attuned> ok
<iris> it's nice when you can sense the angelic presence - it's like a gift from them
<C4RB0N> Is there any way to train that sense? I find it challenging to tap into.
<iris> I don't know - it just happens
<C4RB0N> Maybe they can train a person...
<C4RB0N> Well, I've got to get going. Hope you all have a nice [time of day]! ^_^
<iris> I have to go too
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<iris> It's been great - thanks everyone
<iris> keep on meditating! See you next time!
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