Healing the Self, Atlantean Healing Technique Continued; Energy Sweeping; Healing others; Healing with colors; Gaya helping humans
November 29, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Nov 29 15:23:50 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<hermeslogger> Welcome Hermes to Wisdomsdoor Official Chat/Workshop Channel
<Hermes> hi Attuned
<attuned-> hi
* Hermes changes topic to 'Heal Yourself Continued'
<Hermes> how is everything going
* Hermes changes topic to 'Heal Yourself Workshop Continuation'
<attuned-> good. reading that peaceful warrior
<Hermes> ah, so someone does read those letters of the month
<Hermes> yea its a great book
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<hermeslogger> Welcome electra822 to Wisdomsdoor Official Chat/Workshop Channel
<Hermes> hi electra
<electra822> hi Hermes where is everyone today?
<electra822> hi attuned!
<Hermes> i guess they are going to show up at the old time
<attuned-> hi
<electra822> hahaha!
<electra822> are we doing healing today?
<Hermes> yes, I wanted to have a new worksheet today but I just never got the time to work on it. So we can just work off of last weeks session
<electra822> suits me
<electra822> do you want to wait for a while - maybe the others will show later as you say
<Hermes> we can discuss now
<electra822> ok
<Hermes> i always wind up repeating anyway
<electra822> yes it does seem to go that way LOL!
<Hermes> ok so how has the healing work been doing this week
<Hermes> I know electra has been working on it, how about you attuned?
<electra822> well it's taken me these last 2 weeks to deal with what we did last time so no new healing as yet
<Hermes> have you been working with last week's technique
<electra822> the stuff that brought up was amazing
<electra822> so a full 2 weeks' worth - I've just finished up in the last few days
<Hermes> yes it can be intense if you have never done this kind of work before. It unleashes all the junk from your energy field
<electra822> no kidding!
<Hermes> which then makes your reality just go nuts
<electra822> intense is definitely the word here
<electra822> I felt there was stuff there just waiting for the right moment so a full offload as it were!
<Hermes> the healers call that processing
<Hermes> you process stuff
<electra822> I have done a lot of processing before but not precipitated in that way
<Hermes> :)
<electra822> it's very focused and as you say it is reality changing
<electra822> it's a kind of technique that comes from the angle of looking for answers
<electra822> it isn't just a straightforward physical thing more like Reiki
<electra822> Reiki does bring up emotions but this has an added kind of intelligence to it
<electra822> I wouldn't say it was for everyone and not really a beginner's thing either
<electra822> if I hadn't done some healing before I would have been totally nonplussed
<Hermes> I find Reiki very on the surface of things compared to this method
<electra822> definitely
<electra822> I would not want to do this technique on another person I don't think
<Hermes> that is just for the log file for people reference to last week, so they know what we are talking about6
<Hermes> actually you can
<Hermes> heal others with it
<electra822> yes - I've still got mine here from the other week
<Hermes> that would be the next level of it
<electra822> well maybe when I've had more experience of it on myself perhaps
<electra822> but I think it's asking a lot on both sides
<electra822> Reiki would be easier in the short term
<Hermes> yes, it is quite different on someone else because you do not have the direct feedback that you do with yourself
<electra822> yes - I think that is what would concern me most
<Hermes> Reiki would be easier but it is not as complete
<electra822> I suppose it depends on what the other person is looking for
<electra822> healing or answers as well
<Hermes> true
<electra822> some ppl would not be satisfied with just a temporary fix - some want answers as well to heal the mind as well
<electra822> interestingly the section with healing with the palm
<electra822> I saw this in a book about healing where you project the energy from your palm at the afflicted area, not touching them
<electra822> I gave someone a bit of a shock when I did that to them once!
<electra822> the palm can be very powerful
<Hermes> yes you can give them a jolt
<electra822> mind you that chakra on my palm felt like it had lit up like a beacon LOL!
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<hermeslogger> Welcome attuned to Wisdomsdoor Official Chat/Workshop Channel
<Hermes> actually i look for the twitching and jumping when i heal someone else, that way I know it is working
<Hermes> yes great energy can come out of those palms
<electra822> interesting - I've never experienced that
<electra822> doesn't that also indicate quite a deep state of relaxation
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> it is the perfect state to heal in
<Hermes> your energy relaxes them
<Hermes> then the body can react directly to the energy you are sending
<Hermes> you get the feedback you need to know you are at the right energy level
<Hermes> you only need a few moments at this level to affect permanent change
<Hermes> so it is not like the patient is popping off the table
<electra822> LOL!
<Hermes> :)
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<Hermes> i find it may take 5 or 10 minutes for me to get them to that point
<Hermes> and get myself
<Hermes> there is another part of this Atlantean Healing Technique
<Hermes> it is called the energy sweep
<electra822> I am familiar with something similar I think
<Hermes> you set up the same way as on that worksheet
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<hermeslogger> Welcome Orph to Wisdomsdoor Official Chat/Workshop Channel
<Orph> Hi :)
<Hermes> locate the area to be healed by looking for the painful spots
<electra822> Hi Orph
<Hermes> hi Orph
<Hermes> then instead of using a fine pinpoint of energy
<Hermes> you use a large sweeping energy
<Hermes> the energy leaves the tip of your fingers or palm
<Hermes> palm^
<electra822> when you say 'looking for the painful spots' what exactly do you mean
<Hermes> but then sweeps outward
<Hermes> remember last week I said you find the spot on your body where you feel pain when you lightly touch it
<electra822> oh right!
<Hermes> that is like a main energy spot that has to be healed
<Hermes> then we had those feeder things popping up all over the body
<Hermes> but with the energy sweep we are more concerned with just the one spot
<Hermes> and sweeping energy from that spot over a large area of the body
<Hermes> it is like a scanner, scanning in a piece of paper
<electra822> so how exactly does that healing work?
<electra822> does it diffuse the negative energy?
<Hermes> yes it breaks up large amounts of stagnant energy
<Hermes> it also can be used to even out your healing energy after you have applied it more finely with last weeks method
<Hermes> i usually use my palm with the sweep energy but you can use the fingers as well
<Hermes> you will actually use both these methods together, alternating between the sweep and the fine focused bursts energy to burn out the painful spot and the feeders
<Hermes> i may begin a healing with the sweep
<Hermes> then do the fine pinpoint work
<Hermes> then finish with some sweeps
<Hermes> when sweeping
<Hermes> it helps to close the eyes and see the energy
<Hermes> using your mind, but it is not imagination
<Hermes> you actually can feel this energy sweep over the body
<Hermes> it is normal for the spot that is painful to become more painful as this energy sweeps over it
<Hermes> you are like washing over it with good energy
<Hermes> taking away the bad
<Orph> are you then, in a way accelerating the illness so that it comes to an end faster then it would without intervention?
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> you are
<Hermes> very insightful of you orph
<electra822> I sense a lot of flowing water type energy in this method.
<Hermes> yes it uses lots of water energy
<Hermes> The Atlantean healing method in a way forces the illness to move through all the stages very quickly
<Hermes> and bring it to its final healed state
<electra822> so this could be very good for colds and viruses and all kinds of infections
<Hermes> so this is why the pain increases a bit when you work the energy in this way
<Orph> is there no risk of accelerating the illness faster then the patient can take?
<Orph> like, send too much energy
<Hermes> I have found it goes so fast the patient or yourself experiences far less than had they gone the full slow method
<Hermes> it is like getting a monetary pin prick instead of applying the pin slowly
<Hermes> the pain may be briefly intense
<Hermes> but it is gone before they realize it
<Orph> so it is always beneficial to do the energy healing
<Hermes> i recommend energy healing even for people before they get operated on
<Hermes> it can cut short the recovery time a great deal
<Hermes> you accelerate the condition right out of the body
<Orph> I ask, because for instance, eating fruit is good for you, unless you overdo it ^^
<Orph> like, there has to be a balance in everything
<Orph> perhaps a patient may require to be rested for instance, before going through an energy healing session, as that could be stressful, even if only for a moment
<Hermes> well i have not found a way to over do healing work. However I do recommend that you do not heal the same patient more than once in a two week time period
<Hermes> after a healing the patient does need time to recover from the energy work and integrate it
<Orph> oki
<Hermes> much of this work is guided by a higher power. I think we are capable of being good antennas for other healers that are doing the work behind the scenes
<Hermes> but as far as ourselves actually doing all the work, that is rarely the case
<Orph> I guess it's an important part of being a healer to be in touch with guides/angels etc.
<Hermes> yes it is
<Hermes> that is why i use the OLAP, ARN, and ARAGOTH calls
<Hermes> I always ask for help and guidance
<Hermes> I realize i am still learning and there are far more knowledgeable people than I in the universe doing this stuff
<Hermes> so I welcome these advance healers and allow them to work through me
<Hermes> in the process I learn
<Orph> apart from the ethereal masters,
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<hermeslogger> Welcome attuned- to Wisdomsdoor Official Chat/Workshop Channel
<Orph> the entire planet is supposed to be a giant healing generator
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<Orph> do you have experience with channeling that energy as well?
<Orph> the "gaya" consciousness
<Hermes> I have not channeled the gaya consciousness
<Hermes> but sometimes I do get directed by it
<Hermes> she will send me a message
<Hermes> when someone that is very important to the planet needs help
<Orph> she recognizes persons specifically?
<Orph> like, is aware of them
<Hermes> yes, i was quite surprised the first time it happened to me
<Hermes> i always thought of this consciousness as huge and non specific in human terms
<Orph> *nods
<Hermes> but Gaya is well aware of the key role some humans play in the future of the planet
<Orph> she wouldn't/couldn't take action herself?
<Hermes> I suppose as a human being I was in a good position to help these people
<Hermes> they were quite powerful experiences. When it happened, I had not know these people at all or met them. She would said, so and so will be coming into your life
<Hermes> you need to do this to help them
<Hermes> about two weeks later they would show up
<Hermes> and the work they did afterward was very important to the planet
<Hermes> very mystifying
<Orph> in reverse, I once read about a meditation to heal the earth in stead
<Orph> it involved a visualization where one flows liver and gold energy through the mind first and through the planet
<Hermes> i am sure the earth would love it if everyone would send some healing energy that way
<Orph> silver*
<Orph> not liver
<Orph> :D
<Hermes> hehe
<electra822> LOL!
<Hermes> liver is a strange color indeed
<electra822> yes - I was wondering.............
<Hermes> that sounds like a nice healing technique for the earth
<Hermes> i just want to mention something about colors in meditation
<Hermes> you bring it to mind with this technique
<Hermes> when you do color work it is important not to visualize the color
<Hermes> but feel it
<Hermes> if you visualize the color you often project green
<Hermes> as that is a mental color
<Hermes> the mentalization process releases green
<Hermes> so thinking silver gets you green
<Hermes> feeling silver gets you silver
<Orph> the technique is on tom kenyons site
<Orph> hmmm
<Orph> I see
<Orph> that's a good thing to keep in mind
<Hermes> i will have to give it a try later
<electra822> Hermes I think I'm going to go off now and try that sweeping technique
<electra822> I'm just in the mood to do it but I think it needs to be practiced lying down
<Orph> the body always knows best :)
<Hermes> sure electra
<electra822> probably very useful to try it before going to sleep
<Hermes> i think we covered everything i wanted to today anyway
<Orph> o
<Orph> just one thing that popped to mind
<electra822> that's good
<Hermes> sure orph
<electra822> what's that?
<Orph> if you do a healing before going to bed,
<Orph> and fall asleep while still doing the healing,
<electra822> hahah!
<Orph> it apparently continues during the night,
<Hermes> yes it does
<Hermes> your consciousness continues with the directive
<Orph> so if you can hold the healing that long, it should have great results
<Hermes> yes i do that very often
<electra822> oh well there you go!
<electra822> right - well I'm up for that!
<Orph> have fun ^^
<Hermes> take care electra
<electra822> ok well I'm off then and I hope you'll be there next week Orph
<electra822> you too Hermes!
<electra822> bye for now!
<Orph> I'll try :) see you next week
<electra822> great!
<electra822> byee
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<Hermes> i do find however those nights sleep are very draining, where you go to sleep and do the healing work
<Hermes> you do not actually wake up as refreshed as usual
<Orph> I tried, but never managed to keep up the focus
<Hermes> it does take some doing
<Hermes> in the start i never had good results
<Hermes> but later as I did work with it more often I began to move this idea into the sleeping self
<Hermes> and it did start to continue the work
<Orph> the sleeping self does things in a... interesting and unexpected way
<Orph> couple of days ago I dreamt of programming a website with two images, one of a cat and one of a snake
<Orph> the sleeping self was extremely worried about the snake catching and eating the cat
<Orph> it didn't understand the concept of code
<Hermes> ahaha
<Orph> html, css
<Hermes> yea it does surprise you sometimes
<Orph> carry overs like that happen all the time both ways
<Orph> I'll love to synch me's up, lol
<Hermes> have you been giving that healing technique a try Orph
<Hermes> the one from last week
<Orph> yea, when I felt a cold sore (spelling) coming up
<Orph> tried to send healing with the fingers
<Orph> but since it was for me, and not another person, I figured it would be more efficient to just have the energy flow to that area directly ( :
<Hermes> you mean without using your fingers
<Hermes> just moving it with your mind
<Orph> yea
<Hermes> well this technique uses pressure
<Hermes> as well as energy
<Hermes> that is what makes it different
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<Hermes> the touching of the skin and light pressure there creates changes on a physical and energy level
<Hermes> so you get it from both ends
<Orph> does it differ strongly from visualizing the pressure?
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> the physical touch is needed
<Hermes> you are a physical creature and that means initiating the healing on a physical level
<Hermes> as well as an energy level
<Orph> *nods
<Hermes> many people make the mistake that they want to manifest this or that and do it just in the mind
<Hermes> but this is physical reality and it requires some physical action to activate the creation
<Orph> hence; mudra's, chanting, candles, etc? ( :
<Hermes> yes
<Orph> that sentence played through my mind before, perhaps a month ago
<Orph> forgot about it un till you said it just now
<Hermes> well I guess I will depart if there is nothing else
<Orph> this week has been busy,
<Hermes> yes for many people
<Orph> I'm on an interesting project about evolution and stuff
<Orph> keeps the mind going ^^
<Orph> we have to develop a courseware application for a museum
<Orph> never done something like that before
<Orph> anywho ^^
<Hermes> sounds like fun
<Orph> it is
<Hermes> developing something new is always refreshing
<Orph> especially with the topic being the evolution of sea creatures
<Orph> :)
<Hermes> that will have you doing much research into the history of the planet as well'
<Orph> o yeah
<Orph> although people in the end often establish that they don't really know that much about it
<Hermes> the earth's history is truly amazing, when you think about how life forms evolve and grow and change. It is quite a mystical process
<Hermes> like you said it is a process we know little about
<Orph> and most things we know come from...
<Orph> 20, 30 years ago %%
<Orph> ^^
<Orph> so in a couple of years, we'll be teaching kids something completely different again
<Hermes> yes knowledge changes quickly as well
<Hermes> what we know today is very different from tomorrow
<Orph> well, I decided that the past is too liquid to bother too much with it
<Hermes> i guess this is some sort of internal application and not a Internet based one you are developing
<Orph> it will be on a touchscreen panel in the museum
<Orph> next to a fossil exposition
<Orph> we'll work in flash though, so it could be ran on a site
<Orph> in fact, we hope to be able to create a game for the museum,
<Orph> that can be continued at home
<Orph> so that people keep their interest up
<Hermes> nice idea
<Hermes> you will have to keep me informed on how you are doing with it
<Orph> sure :)
<Orph> in a few weeks I can show you an example
<Hermes> great
<Orph> the period lasts only 8 more weeks I think
<Hermes> ok i am going to go
<Hermes> Good chatting with you Orph
<Hermes> see you next time
<Orph> see you later :)
<Orph> *waves
<Hermes> bye
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