Travel Mediation to Yesod; reducing stress; energy vampires; Scrolls & Sandals
November 21, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Wed Nov 21 11:40:24 2007
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<Gamble> Greetings hermeslogger..
* shrishti has joined #energyworks
<shrishti> hi
* electra576 has joined #energyworks
<electra576> hi shrish
<electra576> haven't seen you in a few weeks
* Iris has joined #energyworks
<electra576> hi Iris
<Iris> Hi electra
<shrishti> hi electra!
<Iris> Hi shrishti
<shrishti> I know- I've just been too busy with exams and stuff
<shrishti> Hi Iris!
<Iris> how is everyone today?
<electra576> very well thank you
<electra576> and you?
<shrishti> I'm hanging in there
<shrishti> :)
<Iris> good thanks
<electra576> hahaha - yes I know that feeling!
<Iris> sometimes we just have to ride the wave
<electra576> well it's either that or drown LOL!
<Iris> exactly :)
<electra576> :)
<shrishti> :)
<Iris> I'm sorry we had to move the workshop to today this week - tomorrow is a holiday here
<electra576> yes - isn't it Thanksgiving for you
<Iris> so thanks for going with the change of tide!
<electra576> hahaha
<Iris> yes it is Thanksgiving
<electra576> yes - I thought to look on the chat page to check
<electra576> I guess a lot of ppl didn't
<electra576> so I'm sure a lot of the usual crowd will turn in at the usual time
<Iris> I wouldn't expect them to
<Iris> check that is
<Iris> yes I suppose they will show up tomorrow
<electra576> I told Hermes that it's very easy to miss the announcement on the chat page
<electra576> you wouldn't see it unless you're looking for it
<Iris> I agree
<shrishti> yeah
<shrishti> I'm glad we're doing this today though and not tomorrow
<electra576> are you busy tomorrow then
<Iris> I'm glad it worked out for you
<electra576> I've got something on my mind at the moment
<Iris> ok
<electra576> No doubt everyone knows that expression from the mysteries 'Know Thyself'
<Iris> yes
<electra576> It seems very relevant to me at the moment
<electra576> very relevant to pathworking I should think
<Iris> well traveling the tree of life is one way to get to know thyself
<electra576> at the moment everything in meditation as well as in my life at the moment seems to end with that kind of thought
<Iris> our whole experience here is a journey in self discovery
<electra576> I think we often underestimate how important this is
<electra576> It's something that I'm learning from my meditation
<electra576> You have to journey into your own experience and take it seriously
<electra576> It's all that you have to work with
<Iris> sometimes we get side tracked and lose focus on what's important and why we are here
<electra576> definitely
<electra576> I'm having to reappraise a lot of things
<electra576> I can see that a lot of the time I am blocking myself
<electra576> if I keep doing that then I can't develop my personality
<electra576> and that also means that I am blocking others
<electra576> its very bad and important not to do that
<Iris> we do block ourselves
<electra576> I think it is very damaging mentally and physically as well
<Iris> whether out of fear or uncertainty of the unknown, past experiences and such
<Iris> it's damaging in that we can't progress
<electra576> I think we have to learn how to handle our experience so that we can learn from it and grow in the right direction
<Iris> and take control of our own reality
<Iris> absolutely
<electra576> yes - take control of our reality - definitely
<electra576> it's a must
<Iris> once we realize that we are in control then we can reality create our world the way we want it
<Iris> but first we have to know ourselves
<Iris> and that is what the tree is all about
<electra576> yes, fascinating
<Iris> so i'm not surprised you are having theses thoughts
<Iris> it is fascinating
<Iris> and exciting too
<shrishti> Is there any way to reduce stress?
<electra576> definitely
<shrishti> I don't know how to not stress and I know i need to relax in order to reality create better
<Iris> stress, worry - wasted energy
<Iris> what does it accomplish
<Iris> does it help solve the problem?
<Iris> help find answers?
<Iris> usually not
<Iris> the key is in knowing what is stressing you
<Iris> once you know the source just take a step back
<Iris> try to look from the outside in
<Iris> first acknowledge that you are stressed
<Iris> then try to embrace it
<Iris> I AM STRESSED - scream it if you have to
<Iris> let yourself experience all the feelings the stress brings
<shrishti> I do but I just cant find the real source
<electra576> yes I have that problem too sometimes
<shrishti> And at one point the stress turned into obsession
<shrishti> and that's when I had to stop
<electra576> and sometimes when I feel really relaxed I don't know where the source of that comes from either
<shrishti> what's worse is I can feel the chakra on the stomach drain
<shrishti> that chakra tightens itself and I feel that and I try to imagine white light entering it but that does not help either
<Iris> then if you don't understand the source of the stress
<Iris> if you can recognize when you are stresses
<Iris> stressed, take a moment, breathe deep, step back,
<Iris> imagine you are collecting all the stress and putting it in a bubble
<Iris> send it off
<Iris> breathe deep, try to relax, eyes closed
<shrishti> I have tried that
<shrishti> and this just occurred to me
<Iris> then seal the space around you
<shrishti> I feel threatened
<shrishti> and I cannot let my guard down
<shrishti> but the energy that goes into putting that guard up is the energy I need to do other things
<shrishti> My solar plex chakra feels like a tight knot
<Iris> you can pull endless energy in through the top of your head
<Iris> see, you may be leaking energy through your solar plexus
<shrishti> I have tried the pulling in energy and that works for a moment but right as I come back to reality the knot in solar plexus tightens up again
<Iris> I get that feeling as a premonition that something negative is going to happen
<shrishti> I know
<shrishti> I see that knot as something bad is going to happen to and hence why i feel threatened
<shrishti> and I feel so helpless
<shrishti> light meditation doesn't work with the knot
<Iris> but it to make you aware - not to frighten
<Iris> but it happens to make you aware
<shrishti> I don't know how to be aware of what to be aware of
<Iris> the what is not necessary
<shrishti> so how do I make the knot go away and feel secure again
<Iris> it is just to give you the "head's up"
<shrishti> Its like I feel the psychic attack
<Iris> that's what it is for me
<shrishti> I know but it stays forever
<Iris> hopefully only until the occurrence happens
<shrishti> what do you mean?
<Iris> well, at least with me it a premonition of a negative occurrence
<Iris> a death, accident, etc
<Iris> once it happens, the solar plexus stops burning
<Iris> but in the meantime i don't worry about it
<shrishti> how can I not
<shrishti> if I know something bad is happening or going to happen its almost impossible to let it happen
<shrishti> but it happens anyway
<Iris> by realizing that worry just drains your energy
<shrishti> that's true
<shrishti> I understand what u are saying
<shrishti> but what if the knot in the chakra stays for 2 months
<Iris> well that's a long time
<shrishti> is there anyway to make the knot go away or to protect myself from any psychic attacks? or to even know what ba thing is going to happen
<shrishti> That's how long I've been experiencing the knot
<shrishti> and It has not been easy 2 months
<Iris> have you done healing on your solar plexus
<Iris> sounds more like leak than a premonition
<shrishti> it probably is a leak
<shrishti> and I have tried but I don't think I am doing it right
<Iris> try the exercises from last week
<shrishti> okay
<shrishti> what causes the leak?
<Iris> in meditation ask your guides and healers to heal it
<Iris> many things but most often I think it comes from some one or more in your life that on some level know you are weak there and that is where they can steal your energy from
<Iris> it comes from
<Iris> literally sucking the life force from you
<Iris> we call them energy vampires
<shrishti> I have a few of those around me
<shrishti> but in my life?
<shrishti> like parts of my life that may not be people
<Iris> well people in your life or people you see regularly
<shrishti> or people I think about regularly?
<Iris> possibly
<shrishti> okay
<shrishti> i see
<Iris> maybe that is a message
<shrishti> how?
<Iris> and the reason they frequent your mind
<shrishti> not to think about psychic vampires because the thought connection steals energy too/'
<Iris> yes
<shrishti> i see
<shrishti> thank you so much - you helped me a lot
<shrishti> I have to get going though but i will try and make it to the next session!
<Iris> I hope it does help
<Iris> ok
<shrishti> happy thanksgiving!
<Iris> thank you
<shrishti> see u soon!
* shrishti has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<electra576> oh! didn't' realize they were leaving
<Iris> we got involved in conversation
<electra576> yes - I noticed but I think some help was needed there
<Iris> I think so too
<electra576> exams can be very stressful and that could have contributed
<Iris> of course
<Iris> fears
<Iris> fears cause the stress
<electra576> I used to suffer a lot from that
<Iris> fear of failure, etc
<electra576> it can take a very long time to get over that
<Iris> we all do at some point in our lives
<Iris> and some people live their whole life like that
<electra576> burns you out
<Iris> so sad because there is so much to love and enjoy
<Iris> that's what I mean by useless energy
<Iris> drains us so we cannot create
<electra576> I think things start to really unravel when you don't know how to handle that energy
<Iris> exactly
<electra576> do you want to do the meditation now
<Iris> if you would like
<electra576> yes that would be great - I can't see that anyone else is going to show up now
<Iris> I don't think so
<electra576> the usual crowd have missed this session
<Iris> shall we try for Yesod again
<electra576> yes - that would be good
<electra576> there's a lot to be done there
<electra576> and I really enjoyed my experience last week
<Iris> great!
<Iris> Yesod is more difficult to describe - much less physical
<Iris> but the lessons are amazing
<electra576> yes - very ethereal - I really like it
<Iris> and sometimes they take time to reveal themselves
<electra576> very subtle
<Iris> yes
<electra576> and very purple
<Iris> oh yes
<Iris> are we ready?
<electra576> we are
<electra576> shall we do the usual of 15 mins
<Iris> good - see you back here in about 15
<electra576> ok
<electra576> I'm going now
<Iris> me too
<electra576> right
<electra576> I'm back
<Iris> I'm back too
<electra576> well that was good though not what I Expected
<electra576> time went very quickly
<Iris> agreed
<Iris> how was it different then what you expected
<electra576> i think I carried on from where I left off last week
<Iris> wow that's interesting
<electra576> well I didn't seem to be able to go into the meditative state as deeply as I expected
<electra576> but it went in a different kind of meditative direction
<Iris> ?
<electra576> I kept saying to myself 'intelligent life forms'
<electra576> I think Yesod is a very deep place
<electra576> conceptually as well as emotionally
<Iris> yes
<electra576> I think i was looking for something that isn't there
<electra576> better to go in from another angle completely
<electra576> I feel there are a lot of spirits there, a lot of voice
<electra576> voices
<electra576> its a dark place for me but very benevolent
<Iris> me too
<electra576> there is a lot of natural beauty there expressing itself but not as we understand it here
<electra576> I think Yesod is full of intelligent life forms'
<electra576> everything seems to be alive , very fluid
<electra576> and communicative
<electra576> like in Wicca nature is seen to be a somewhat malevolent force that you have to come to terms with
<electra576> in Yesod the natural forces are all benevolent and wise
<Iris> :)
<electra576> so that resolved a lot of issues for me just in a few moments at the end
<electra576> as I've always been very interested in Wicca but it all seems so dark and full of bondage LOL!
<electra576> not really very happy because the concept of nature is very primitive
<electra576> Yesod nature is very sophisticated by comparison
<electra576> and very lunar
<electra576> much closer to the real Wiccan truth I'm sure
<Iris> I'm always interested in Wicca also - but yes, Wicca is tied too much to the earth plane
<Iris> too physical
<electra576> but probably isn't meant to be
<electra576> it's just the misguided perceptions of the ppl who practice it
<electra576> I mean where would we be if that was all that we could attain to
<electra576> the goal, to me, isn't logical
<electra576> it's a misuse of the true lunar current I guess
<Iris> well, it's just too grounded too close to the physical world
<electra576> agreed
<Iris> when we travel to places like Yesod we begin to experience a purity that is not here
<electra576> exactly
<Iris> so we begin to see qualities like benevolent, sphiscated, etc untainted
<electra576> and with that comes the lack of chaos that we have so much of here
<Iris> yes!
<electra576> things are centered and ordered and logical
<electra576> so there is space to grow
<Iris> everything there is harmonious
<electra576> yesod has a wonderful atmosphere
<Iris> and you see how much more of your experience lies in "feeling" rather than "seeing"
<electra576> yes - that's where I got confused
<electra576> it is a place of feeling
<Iris> we can feel how it is so easily
<Iris> and that's how we really touch the "soul" or essence of things
<electra576> it isn't necessarily a place of going into ourselves as a separate entity
<electra576> which is what I was trying to do
<Iris> you become one with the experience
<electra576> i think that is what is required there
<Iris> yes
<Iris> Malkuth is the end of that separateness -
<electra576> ah now I see the difference
<Iris> the light and dark towers, etc
<Iris> beyond Malkuth the distinction blurs and everything is more unified
<electra576> i think one could be totally fascinated by yesod
<Iris> so we become one with the sephira through feelings
<Iris> and so it should be
<Iris> and that fascination will carry over to each of the others too
<Iris> they take us to levels within ourselves we didn't know were there
<electra576> yes - i can see that
<Iris> hence "know thyself"
<electra576> yes :)
<electra576> ok - do you want to 'call it a day' now
<electra576> that was a great session and I'll probably do a bit more on that afterwards
<Iris> with one last thought - there was a gift today - I received two scrolls - I assume one was for you
<electra576> oh how nice!
<electra576> I wonder how I'll receive mine then
<Iris> I don't know what was on them but perhaps we will "see" over the next few days?
<electra576> oh yes!
<electra576> that would be really interesting
<Iris> I rolled them up so I think we will "unroll" them in time :)
<electra576> maybe a teaching that is common to both of us perhaps
<electra576> or an experience maybe that we both share
<Iris> I was thinking that too
<Iris> something we share since they came together
<Iris> or something we both needed
<electra576> well if anything unusual happens I'll e-mail you and we can compare notes
<Iris> ok same here
<electra576> a scroll I think in this context would denote some kind of decree or royalty as in alchemy
<electra576> I think yesod is also a very transformative place
<electra576> there is a certain alchemy going on there
<Iris> yes, that would make sense
<electra576> so maybe there is some kind of transformation at hand
<electra576> or we both receive an energy from the same source
<electra576> something like that
<Iris> I like the sound of either
<electra576> i shall be dwelling on that now
<electra576> it has a very nice feel to it
<Iris> me too
<Iris> so we'll let it unravel in its time - which I think was the point because I rolled them up
<Iris> and I know they were meant for you and I -
<electra576> well how interesting
<electra576> maybe something to do with us working together in some way, maybe on the same project
<Iris> maybe
<electra576> they might not say the same things - could be more like chapter one and chapter 2
<Iris> that would be nice
<Iris> yes
<electra576> like the alchemical wedding or something
<Iris> I didn't get the sense they were the same - but rather related somehow
<electra576> well it has a very alchemical feel - that would be very yesod
<Iris> yes
<electra576> and related to co-operation and communication which is also very yesod
<Iris> yes!
<electra576> so maybe these scrolls relate to some kind of spiritual change
<Iris> or information
<electra576> some way in which we are both going to evolve
<Iris> or both
<electra576> yes!
<Iris> well, whatever it is I am very happy to share it with you
<electra576> my sentiments exactly
<electra576> we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for symbolic activity in our lives that would seem to relate to this
<Iris> thanks :)
<electra576> maybe some point of interest will emerge that is jointly very meaningful
<Iris> I know - the translation from one reality to another can be difficult!
<Iris> well, that would be a good hint for us
<electra576> could be to do with some kind of spiritual inheritance or legacy
<Iris> I like that
<Iris> could be a job we have to do too!
<electra576> i get the impression that these are old scrolls
<Iris> yes they were
<electra576> just waiting for the right people
<Iris> not crumply though - nice and crisp
<electra576> yes - that's how I see them
<electra576> and maybe this activity is supported by nature, the intelligent life forms' I was talking about
<electra576> that would be very Rosicrucian
<Iris> very interesting
* electra401 has joined #energyworks
<hermeslogger> Welcome electra401 to Wisdomsdoor Official Chat/Workshop Channel
<electra401> hi - I was disconnected - a reset or some such thing
<Iris> wondering what happened
<electra401> well I think it does these funny things from time to time
<electra401> so was there anything else accompanying these scrolls
<electra401> like a feather for instance
<Iris> no
<Iris> sandals
<electra401> there were sandals!
<electra401> they can be symbolic of Mercury or Hermes
<electra401> maybe we have to convey a message to someone or take what we learn in this joint project to other places
* electra576 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<electra401> am I still here#
<Iris> yes, I looked down and they were on my feet but as much as it seemed like my feet it seemed like it wasn't
<electra401> oh really!
<Iris> it was really strange - they were my feet but they were bigger - that's how I knew they were different
<Iris> and there were sandals on them!
<Iris> that was right after I got our scrolls
<electra401> maybe someone else is going to do the legwork for us LOL!
<electra401> maybe someone else will be involved
<Iris> I like someone else's leg work! LOL
<Iris> it may have been to convey the "ancientness" of the scrolls
<electra401> I think that part is highly symbolic for you
<electra401> it relates to some other identity
<Iris> maybe one you were part of
<electra401> maybe they were the feet of someone you know or work with
<Iris> perhaps we go way back when
<electra401> well no reason why not
<electra401> I don't know why but I'm thinking of Greek myths and how there area number of stories about sandals
<electra401> like there was that guy, maybe it was Jason, who carried an old woman across a river
<Iris> maybe that's the hint
<electra401> and maybe he lost a sandal
<electra401> something like that
<electra401> but sandals denote a quest
<electra401> I'm sure of that
<Iris> so we have scrolls and a quest!
<Iris> I like that!
<Iris> instructions on our mission!
<electra401> well sounds like something out of ancient mythology
<electra401> two minds, one pair of sandals LOL!
<Iris> LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
<electra401> so where do we go from here
<electra401> obviously there's some kind of plan there
<Iris> well, let it "unravel"
<electra401> I'm sure it will make itself manifest
<electra401> and not before too long either
<Iris> we'll get more info somehow
<electra401> I was thinking maybe in a dream
<Iris> on some level anyway
<Iris> yes
<Iris> or in another meditation
<electra401> yes exactly
<Iris> or sometimes it just "comes" to us
<Iris> - the clarity
<electra401> yes - I agree
<Iris> so if you get enlightened - let me know and I'll do the same
<electra401> hahahaha!
<Iris> :)
<Iris> well, it's getting late
<electra401> yes - it's nearly midnight here
<electra401> i best get some beauty sleep
<Iris> ok
<electra401> maybe even get some dreamwork in
<Iris> bring your sandals!
<electra401> well seems a bit silly having only one pair between us and they don't even fit either one of us LOL!
<electra401> so you'll need to bring a pair as well in which case who do they fit LOL!
<Iris> these seemed big enough for both of us!
<electra401> hah!
<electra401> must have been some damn funny sandals!
<Iris> oh yes
<Iris> actually I'll go barefoot - you take the sandals!
<electra401> but I did wonder if that fact in itself symbolized some kind of joint effort
<electra401> well why would I want them if they don't fit
<Iris> that's what i think
<electra401> we'll have to find the person who they do fit
<Iris> maybe your feet are bigger!
<electra401> oh no - very small
<Iris> humm, and mine are big enough already
<Iris> see you could fit in those sandals too
<electra401> so here we are in the middle of Yesod with 2 scrolls and we don't know what they say and a pair of sandals and we don't know who they belong to
<Iris> I think joint venture - maybe unfinished from many lifetimes ago
<Iris> you've summed it up perfectly!
<electra401> could even be an unfinished work of someone else's
<Iris> yes it could
<electra401> I'll have to get my thinking cap on with this one
<Iris> maybe hermes will have some insight - we'll have to check with him
<Iris> check
<electra401> maybe he's the owner of the sandals!
<Iris> yes!
<electra401> well it certainly is a mystery
<Iris> well, we could suppose for the rest of the night
<electra401> yes and I probably will be doing that LOL!
<Iris> get some sleep and we'll see what happens
<electra401> ok - I'll let you know if any more detail comes to mind
<Iris> great!
<electra401> right I'd better hit the hay and I'll speak to you again shortly
<Iris> thanks for sharing the adventure!
<electra401> well thanks for letting me in on it!
<Iris> :)speak to you soon
<electra401> ok then Iris - until later
<Iris> bye
<electra401> over and out :)
* electra401 has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
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