Healing yourself; Atlantean Healing Technique; healing and beliefs; deep sleep and light sleep
November 15, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Nov 15 09:26:23 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<hermeslogger> Welcome attuned- here is today's worksheet. Bring your wounds and have it ready!
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<C4RB0N> Hi electra.
<electra> Hey hi carbon
<electra> Not many ppl turning up today - just us 2 and h/s
<C4RB0N> I guess so! :(
<C4RB0N> Maybe they'll all show up an hour from now?
<electra> yes - we've had some great groups at times - this is the smallest I think
<electra> thing is if they turn up that late the main program will be over
<electra> this worksheet looks really interesting
<C4RB0N> And from RC3 no less! ^_^
<electra> oh really !
<C4RB0N> See the top?
<electra> Oh yes - so it is
<hermeslogger> Hermes is detained, Iris will be here shortly
<electra> well that's different!
<C4RB0N> How so?
<electra> well that's an unusual turn of events I think
<C4RB0N> Hmmm...
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<electra> Hello Iris!
<C4RB0N> Hi iris.
<electra> not many of us here today
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<C4RB0N> ...and now there's even less. Eheheh.
<electra> hehehehehe
<electra> It would be funny if darlok and sunshine
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<electra> appear at the end of this session
<electra> I don't think a lot of ppl realize that the times of the w/shops change
<electra> hello again Iris
<electra> don't you just love h/s and the way he puts things LOL!
<iris> Hi everyone!
<C4RB0N> Hi!
<iris> Hermes was detained so I'm filling in until he gets here
<iris> how's everything
<electra> oh that's great
<electra> not so bad
<C4RB0N> Empty... I wonder if there's a javascript clock that can check what time-zone your system is set to...
<electra> well if you just stick to GMT and know your equivalent time you're ok
<iris> is this time not good?
<electra> for me Hermes w/s are at 8.30 and Iris at 9.30
<iris> I can't always make it this early
<electra> the times are ok it's just that you have to make sure you check when things are happening
<C4RB0N> Isn't it an hour earlier than the previous workshop?
<electra> yes
<electra> there's always a note on the workshop page that tells you what time it starts and what the topic is
<electra> yes Hermes was saying that Iris can't always get here at this time
<electra> so last week I forgot to check and ended up arriving too early
<electra> Iris do you do this kind of healing work
<iris> yes, actually
<electra> it's a little different To RC2
<electra> especially the fingertip one
<electra> Can you use the fingertips of both hands at the same time I'm wondering
<electra> as it doesn't say
<iris> this is a little more advanced than RC2
<iris> I suppose you could use both hands at once
<electra> yes definitely
<electra> I just wondered about that
<C4RB0N> There's boatloads of healing-hands techniques and theories. Probably one of the oldest things out there... well, as long as there has been been hands anyway.
<electra> I often find it easiest to project energy into something with the out breath
<electra> anyone familiar with that feeling
<iris> yes, there are many techniques - hands on and off
<electra> also I think it helps to visualize as well as feeling the energy
<iris> I do visualize the energy going into where I want it
<electra> ah right!
<C4RB0N> Ditto.
<iris> or drawing out negative energy depending on the situation
<iris> for instance, I would draw out a fever
<C4RB0N> Here's something: Chi:
<C4RB0N> Ch (Beijing) qì, literally, air, breath
<iris> but put healing energy into a sore muscle
<electra> I understand
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<Hermes> howdy
<electra> hi Hermes
<C4RB0N> Hi hermes.
<iris> Chi helps you build your energy so you can use it
<electra> Incidentally Iris that technique you showed us of sending an energy ball to someone who is disturbing us really worked
<electra> Many thanks for that
<electra> I would never have thought of it
<iris> oh that's great
<iris> I use it all the time
<electra> yea - worked like a charm
<iris> mostly they are bothering us because they need energy
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<hermeslogger> Welcome attuned here is today's worksheet. Bring your wounds and have it ready!
<electra> yes exactly
<attuned> hi all
<electra> hi attuned - we were despairing of anyone else showing up
<iris> so, if you send them some outright they may leave you alone.
<iris> I'm glad it worked
<C4RB0N> hi attuned! :)
<electra> which they did !!!!
<electra> in this case so am I LOL!
<iris> hi attuned
<Hermes> ok how are those worksheets coming along
<electra> I'm having to get used to this
<Hermes> this worksheet is designed to help you learn the two main types of healing
<electra> if someone had something like a birthmark could you help to ease it by using one or both of these techniques
<Hermes> you could use it to help remove a birthmark, but generally birthmarks and things from birth are much harder to remove
<electra> yes - I thought so but worth a try perhaps
<Hermes> well I would not give up
<Hermes> but just keep in mind that it may take more effort
<electra> do you have to feel these blockages in order to remove them
<Hermes> the OLAP are good at removing stuff like that
<electra> there's been quite a lot in the press over here about things like that which is why I asked
<iris> I think it is also tied in with one's belief system
<electra> you say the OLAP but I thought that the ARAGOTH would have handled stuff more related to karma
<Hermes> yes the Aragoth as well
<iris> if you believe you have something for life - then you do
<iris> nothing will help
<electra> yes I do accept that Iris and it comes up many times
<electra> some ppl just are not ready for these kinds of concepts
<electra> I remember trying to explain to someone about homeopathy but he just couldn't accept it and would far rather go to a conventional dr
<iris> exactly
<iris> and we have to respect that
<electra> yes - I got that Hermes
<electra> yes I agree with you Iris but at times it is frustrating because you want to help the person
<electra> to evolve
<electra> and save them from more suffering
<C4RB0N> Beliefs also play a pivotal role in any technique. Nothing's gonna work if they're completely closed off.
<electra> well that's the truth
<iris> I know - I feel it all the time
<iris> but our reality may not be theirs
<iris> sometimes we just need patience to wait it out until they are ready
<electra> unfortunately some ppl are very prejudiced against alternative methods of healing and often don't even want them to work
<iris> and in the meantime, we work with those who are ready and do want it
<electra> conventional doctor's get positively angry when other methods are seen to work better than theirs
<iris> absolutely
<iris> but their mentality is different - they treat symptoms
<electra> yes that is so true
<electra> so it's just like putting a band aid on something
<iris> they have no education about this stuff and I'm sure it scares them
<electra> for sure
<iris> it is putting a band aid
<iris> help them feel better until their own bodies can do the healing
<iris> and that's what this does - it gives the body energy to heal
<electra> well if they can even accept that
<electra> the body is self-healing and self-renewing
<iris> I haven't seen many who can
<electra> I read that somewhere but I totally agree with that
<electra> I think you would have difficulty convincing a dr that the body does the healing and not them
<iris> yes I agree
<iris> it's like fixing a car
<C4RB0N> There have been a lot of studies on the placebo effect, some even point to the idea that ALL medicinal healing results from it. One example could be aspirin helping prevent heart-attacks in the USA, but not the UK.
<electra> that sounds a little odd but I know things like that do happen
<iris> what we believe is
<iris> remember this is our creation
<iris> something to keep in mind when we try to help heal others
<iris> what they believe will enter into how well it works
<iris> works
<iris> and sometimes we must help them to be receptive to these techniques first
<iris> that's why alternative healing is usually tried by people who have not gotten results with traditional healing
<iris> which means they are very often the most serious cases
<iris> but we're supposed to be focusing on some techniques we can use to help ourselves today
<electra> we are!
<iris> :)
<electra> which is good
<iris> so if we are all receptive, results should be good!
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<hermeslogger> Welcome sunshine652 here is today's worksheet. Bring your wounds and have it ready!
<C4RB0N> Hello sunshine!
<electra> hi sunshine - we were wondering when you'd turn up!
<sunshine652> Hello everyone, the change of our clocks has me off an hour
<iris> hi sunshine
<electra> yes - we were talking about that earlier - we thought you might show
<Hermes> this workshop is actually an hour earlier
<sunshine652> Glad to be here. Now to get the worksheet. be back soon.
<Hermes> there are two main ways to heal, through the palms and through the finger tips
<Hermes> and you should practice with both of these to get a feel for the difference in how the energy moves
<Hermes> the palm and finger method today both use pressure and energy to bring about healing
<Hermes> some healing techniques you hold your hand over the area
<Hermes> but not with this one
<Hermes> you gently palm the area or use your fingers
<Hermes> ok, with this method of healing you actually seek out the areas where the discomfort is
<Hermes> by using light pressure and healing energy, you find where it is hurting
<Hermes> and then send energy into that spot
<Hermes> you continue with the healing current until the pain stops
<electra> Hermes, what is the best way to get the healing current started
<electra> I sometimes have difficulty getting going
<Hermes> i feel a light pressure in the heart chakra area, a kind of loving but warm feeling
<Hermes> i push it outward and down the arm
<electra> actually I felt that earlier
<Hermes> and into the hand, then out the palm or fingers
<electra> ok
<Hermes> you can use your breath to help push the energy outward if that helps
<Hermes> but do not get caught up on focusing on the breath
<electra> yes - I often do that
<Hermes> in this Atlantean healing method it is more important to be in a light trance like state
<electra> pushing the energy out with the breath that is
<Hermes> you can also, call in the OLAP, ARAGOTH, or ARN healers to assist you, but chanting their call in your head as you do the energy work
<Hermes> but chanting = by chanting
<sunshine652> Got the worksheet. Funny I was doing this this morning !!!
<Hermes> Nice sunshine, you are a time traveler.
<Hermes> picking up on the workshop earlier
<electra> what happens if you are trying to heal one condition that is related to another
<electra> like many specific ailments are related to something else
<C4RB0N> Time traveler?
<Hermes> you can heal both, but try not to focus on two different areas of the body at one time
<electra> you try and heal a skin condition for instance and it actually relates to one or more internal organs not functioning as well as they might
<Hermes> decide what is the most pressing and do that work first
<electra> or a vein condition that relates to blood circulation - something like that
<Hermes> this brings up a point i want to make
<Hermes> i call it feeders
<electra> oh good - I was worried that Was going off the subject
<Hermes> you have an ache in your hand and it is fed by another place in the body
<Hermes> this method will uncover those areas
<Hermes> here is what happens
<Hermes> you find a spot to heal by searching for the painful spot
<Hermes> light pressure on the body with your fingers or palm
<Hermes> palm^
<electra> LOL!
<Hermes> then at the same time you feel another pain somewhere else in they body
<Hermes> these two places are connected. One is feeding the other
<Hermes> you need to heal not only the initial spot of the pain
<Hermes> but also the other spot wherever that is in the body
<Hermes> these feeders look like lightening in the sky at night
<Hermes> how it travels from one place to another
<Hermes> so the path it takes through the body is also important to heal
<Hermes> how it gets from the feeder to the main spot you are healing
<Hermes> the feeder spot, the path, and the core problem all must be brought in to balance
<Hermes> if you have this kind of thing going on
<Hermes> if you do not get the feeder
<Hermes> the condition will just return
<Hermes> if you have some persistent problem
<Hermes> then most likely it is fed from someplace else in the body
<C4RB0N> Are feeders part of the natural system or something akin to damage spreading?
<sunshine652> Good question
<Hermes> it is damage spreading
<Hermes> an illness starts to damage the area it is in
<Hermes> this will not sustain it
<Hermes> so it sends out feeders to other healthy areas of the body
<Hermes> to draw energy from so it can sustain itself
<Hermes> it latches on to weak areas of the body that do not fight it
<C4RB0N> Ah, like an amoeba sending off more arms or... cancer.
<Hermes> and eventually will spread to that part of the body if the main condition is not fixed
<Hermes> but the feeder is smart
<Hermes> you heal the main condition and the feeder remains
<Hermes> it goes dormant and waits
<Hermes> then starts up the condition again
<Hermes> so with this kind of healing energy
<Hermes> it is important to get the feeders as well as the main condition you are trying to heal
<Hermes> not all conditions have feeders
<Hermes> but some do
<C4RB0N> So then are feeders something akin to astral parasites?
<Hermes> it is an energy pathway that the illness is drawing on
<Hermes> it needs to feed on the body
<Hermes> i guess you could call it a seed left behind
<Hermes> it is ready to be reactivated
<Hermes> easily
<Hermes> usually feeders are not too far from the main condition but they can be further
<Hermes> typically, let's say you are healing an elbow
<Hermes> and you use this energy technique and search for the painful spots in the elbow
<Hermes> you find one but then also find one in the neck or wrist
<Hermes> you experience a pain in the elbow and the neck
<Hermes> well the neck is feeding the elbow or the reverse
<Hermes> so while you are burning out the bad energy in the elbow, you also need to work on that spot on the neck
<Hermes> you can do this without moving your fingers
<Hermes> lets go with the elbow
<Hermes> you have your fingers on a spot on the elbow and are working the energy into the area
<Hermes> to remove the pain.
<Hermes> at the same time you feel it in the neck.
<Hermes> send a stream if energy from your finger into the elbow and up the lightening like path to the neck
<Hermes> now you are burning out the feeder and its pathway
<Hermes> soon the pain will stop in the neck
<Hermes> and even the spot on the elbow
<Hermes> now move on to another spot on the elbow
<Hermes> and see if that has a feeder
<Hermes> it may
<Hermes> it may go to the same place or it may go someplace else in the body
<Hermes> keep working it
<Hermes> until you get them all
<Hermes> now you may have to repeat this process later or over several days
<Hermes> it depends on how bad the injury is, how many feeders it has
<Hermes> the longer an injury lasts the more feeders it will create
<C4RB0N> This reminds me of something... like those massive blackouts; where one system goes down, the others get shunted all the first's duties, but then they can't keep up, etc. etc.
<Hermes> yea cascading failure of the grid
<Hermes> the body can be like that too
<Hermes> one area depends on another
<Hermes> it is all interconnected
<electra> when you push energy into an area presumably you need to have that thought that a particular place is where that energy is headed for
<Hermes> yes, but you look for the pain spots
<electra> you just can't push energy in and assume that it's going to go where it's needed unless it's guided by you
<Hermes> focus on the spots where the pain is
<Hermes> this will send the energy there
<electra> right!
<Hermes> this method actually causes a bit more pain
<Hermes> but is very effective
<electra> well I guess we can take it LOL!
<Hermes> yea it gives you positive feedback of where you are sending the energy
<electra> why aren't the thumbs used
<sunshine652> Does this method work with emotional pain, and if so, where would you place your hand?
<Hermes> you can use them, but I found the long fingers work well
<electra> ok
<Hermes> if that emotional pain causes a pain in your body than focus there
<Hermes> if it is just that emotional dread feeling you get all over the place
<Hermes> I would send the energy into the heart chakra
<Hermes> or that area of the body
<sunshine652> that makes sense
<Hermes> in the case of a like a breakup
<Hermes> there are other things going on
<Hermes> you become energy dependent on the other person
<Hermes> when you break up
<Hermes> the energy ties are severed
<Hermes> and you experience an emotional collapse
<Hermes> because you are not longer connected to the other person acting like a ballast
<sunshine652> my last break up was filled with elation :)
<Hermes> ok... i stand corrected
<electra> what - you couldn't get rid of them fast enough LOL!
<C4RB0N> It can go both ways! :D
<Hermes> i assume all of you are working on your worksheet there, that is why I am not saying much
<electra> well if you don't have any pain just now - I mean how would you work with a blister which is what I have now
<sunshine652> My too, just got it yesterday !!
<Hermes> man just a blister
<electra> oh cool!
<Hermes> not bad
<electra> oh I get pain sometimes believe me but not just now
<electra> (probably because I had some mulled wine this evening LOL!
<electra> practicing for Christmas!!!
<Hermes> well can you work the place where you get the pain
<Hermes> i assume that is a reoccurring thing
<electra> well it doesn't hurt unless I press it
<Hermes> yea
<electra> no - just this one time
<Hermes> that is what you want to do
<Hermes> press it lightly to find the spot where it hurts
<electra> I burst it by mistake because I didn't realize that I had it
<electra> right I pressed it
<Hermes> with this method we invoke the pain so we can find exactly where to send the energy
<electra> and now the pressed area has gone blue LOL!
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<hermeslogger> Welcome orph here is today's worksheet. Bring your wounds and have it ready!
<C4RB0N> Hi orph!
<electra> hello orph - I wondered if you'd show
<sunshine652> Greetings orph
<electra> guess I pressed too hard!
<Hermes> what happened electra
<Hermes> gone blue
<Hermes> man
<electra> hahaha
<electra> only pressed too hard I think
<Hermes> yea just press gently
<electra> hahaha!
<Hermes> it does not take much effort
<electra> actually it does look better - and that's not just the change in color
<Hermes> nice
<Hermes> you will see fast results with this method
<electra> probably more healthy skin cells coming on
<Hermes> how are you doing sunshine
<Hermes> any results
<sunshine652> I'm doing well. Worked on my leg and felt relief
<orph> Hey all :)
<Hermes> hi orph
<Hermes> how about you carbon
<Hermes> this also works good for headaches
<Hermes> usually with a headache you will be working several areas of the head.
<Hermes> your hands will be moving allot, chasing the energy around
<Hermes> and toothaches
<electra> I actually think I've found a feeder
<electra> after pressing that blister I now have a pain on the left side of my stomach
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> that would be a feeder
<electra> it's not real pain but it is discomfort and different to what I am used to
<electra> I am really surprised that such a small thing would lead back to that
<electra> so do I try and heal the stomach pain through the area where the blister is?
<Hermes> yes usually the pain level on a feeder is much less than the actual spot you are healing
<Hermes> yes electra
<Hermes> leave your hands where they are and send energy from there to the stomach spot
<electra> well I can definitely feel myself going warmer and something is definitely happening
<Hermes> you can move them if you must, but first do it this way, so you get the pathway as well
<electra> well it's definitely feeling eased but now quite aware of two symmetrical already just below the shoulder on my back
<electra> areas
<Hermes> you can have more than one feeder and often do
<electra> all from this one little blister - amazing
<C4RB0N> I wonder if there isn't a natural process that clears out feeders that could be bolstered as well?
<Hermes> in most simple healings feeders would probably go away, but some conditions are persistent and these feeders must be taken into account
<Hermes> this blister would probably not leave any feeders behind after it heals
<Hermes> but it does show you how conditions can spread through the body and take hold
<electra> it has hung around a bit more than I would have expected
<electra> I had another small blister last week and it went really quickly
<Hermes> then it is good we are getting to the roots of it
<Hermes> it is a good teacher for you
<electra> admittedly I didn't burst it by mistake though
<orph> I haven't followed from the beginning so I'm not sure what feeders are, but I have dot of hard skin on the side of a finger, and one on the exact same place on the corresponding toe. Is that perhaps energetically relative? Is that a feeder?
<Hermes> when a condition is present in the body it often sends out feeders to draw in additional energy
<Hermes> to sustain it
<Hermes> it is like roots
<Hermes> with this healing method you heal the spot and the feeders sustaining it
<Hermes> this removes it completely from the body
<Hermes> if you were to press the skin on the finger and feel a pain in your foot, that would be a feeder
<orph> I see
<orph> that's always strange, pressing one spot of the body and feeling a sting in another place
<Hermes> persistent conditions have these feeders that keep it alive by feeding it
<Hermes> a complete healing needs to heal the area and remove the feeders and the path to the feeders
<Hermes> otherwise the condition could return or take a real long time to heal
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<orph> does this type of energy healing usually have an effect on an emotional or mental level as well?
<Hermes> it can, but in this exercise we were focusing on physical ailments
<orph> oki
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<hermeslogger> Welcome C4RB0N here is today's worksheet. Bring your wounds and have it ready!
<C4RB0N> Hmm, guess you can get kicked for flooding Private Message windows too... good to know.
<Hermes> i wondered why you were kicked
<Hermes> i did not see any flooding
<orph> he was keeping me posted on what was discussed before I joined
<electra> I got a message saying Excess Flood for Carbon signoff
<orph> only took a couple of sentences ^^
<orph> Hermes, can I ask a quick question about dreams?
<C4RB0N> Now if only there were a way to apply this sort of thing to healing & feelers...
<Hermes> sure orph, as long as we keep it open for people working on the healing
<electra> unfortunately I really need to go
<electra> I've got to be up sort of earliish
<Hermes> ok anything you want to ask before you go
<Hermes> we covered just about everything i wanted to cover today
<electra> No thanks - I think that went well and really given me something to work on
<electra> and think about as well
<electra> I probably need some sleep after that
<Hermes> ok, electra, have a good evening
<electra> it may even bring up some interesting dreams
<electra> as energy releases sometimes do
<sunshine652> Sleep well.
<orph> good night
<electra> ok everyone - see you next week
<electra> bye
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<orph> bye :)
<orph> ok, I just wondered about a change in sleep patterns lately. Usually I'll sleep very deep and dream vividly. But lately I've also been experiencing super light sleep, waking every hour or so and with every little noise,
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<hermeslogger> Welcome Darlok here is today's worksheet. Bring your wounds and have it ready!
<Darlok> hey guys
<orph> hey Darlok :)
<sunshine652> hey darlok
<C4RB0N> Hi darlok!
<orph> either sleep pattern will kick in depending on the thoughts I have just before falling asleep
<orph> just wondering if you can tell me something about the difference between the two types
<Hermes> usually when you are mentally exhausted you will fall into a deeper sleep
<Hermes> because consciousness needs to refresh itself more
<Hermes> if it does not need the intense refresh you can experience the kind of light sleep/dreaming you are experiencing
<Hermes> you probably have not been mentally or creatively challenged lately
<C4RB0N> lol
<orph> is one state more suitable for healing to take place, or learning
<Hermes> you get better body healing from the deeper sleep
<Hermes> the body needs time away from consciousness
<Hermes> if consciousness is always returning to the body and only leaving for short periods of time
<Hermes> the body cannot heal itself as good
<Hermes> but perhaps the body does not need that level of healing right now either
<Hermes> so it can be okay
<Hermes> your thoughts before you sleep can have a affect on the kind of sleep you will get
<Hermes> i find when I do not properly prepare for sleep or dreamtime, I have that kind of light sleep
<orph> ok
<orph> so back on topic :)
<Hermes> so how are the self healings coming along
<Hermes> any last minute questions or comments before I call this a night
<sunshine652> Not from me. Thanks for the session.
<orph> I'll have to try later
<Hermes> yes give the exercise a try when you get the chance orph
<Hermes> most people here had good results
<orph> do I have to have an injury for trying it? or does it pay to send energy to a healthy spot and see what happens
<C4RB0N> Can thinking of things in a certain way, such as feelers, can actually cause them to form in an impressionable void? (not discounting the actual feelings in the area, of course)
<Hermes> Orph that is great that nothing needs healing now. but you can use this technique for bringing additional balance to an area that is already working good
<orph> ok
<orph> will give it a shot :)
<Hermes> impressionable void?
<Hermes> what is that
<Hermes> by feelers do you mean the feeders were were talking about
<sunshine652> Thanks everyone, I'm signing off.
<orph> goodnight sunshine :)
<C4RB0N> I mean, there can be a tendency of approaching something to define that something. Depending on the person and the approach, different things can form.
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<Hermes> you mean by talking about feeders we create them
<C4RB0N> Not talking exactly, but setting off with the concept of feelers (or something else) could. "Seek and ye will find."
<Hermes> to a point. we do have to start somewhere
<Hermes> i try not to contaminate your reality as much as possible
<Hermes> and give you information that is helpful
<Hermes> in the end, this knowledge I gave you on feeders, does enhance your ability to heal yourself
<Hermes> illness is never situated in one place
<Hermes> it always spreads itself out
<Hermes> even if you are not aware of it
<Hermes> will this create more feeders
<Hermes> perhaps, but I think most likely not
<Hermes> even if it did, you have the knowledge to remove them now
<C4RB0N> ^_^ Of course! Of course. But take tulpas, servitors, or ghosts for example. There's even cases of auras conforming to the view an individual who held a certain idea of how their structure should be.
<Hermes> do you create your world, absolutely
<Hermes> that is what WD and RC books is about teaching you
<Hermes> but we do have to start someplace,so we do need to establish some common ground
<Hermes> some contamination is going to happen and influence your world
<Hermes> hopefully in a good way
<Darlok> Hermes i recently wrote you an email... Did u get a chance to reply to it yet?
<Hermes> not yet
<Hermes> i was getting to it today
<Hermes> but something came up that pushed the whole day off
<Hermes> i will get to it in the morning
<Hermes> well i have to go
<orph> goodnight everyone, sleep well :)
<Hermes> i will see everyone next week
* orph has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<C4RB0N> G'night!
<Darlok> okay cya later
<Hermes> night all
* Hermes has left #energyworks
<C4RB0N> Anyone have any thoughts on using hands to heal? I know of at least one organization bringing that approach to modern medicine:
<Darlok> heal what though?
<C4RB0N> Well... anything I suppose. ^_^ As far as the group, not entirely sure.
<Darlok> i missed the grp .. Don't know what u guys were talking about
<Darlok> I guess it could work though.. provided that the healer knows what he's doing and is experienced
<Darlok> bbl
* C4RB0N has quit IRC (" So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye!")
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