Travel Meditation to Yesod with Experiences; Life's ups and Downs
November 8, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Nov 08 14:29:33 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<C4RB0N> Greetings! :)
<attuned> hi :)
<C4RB0N> How goes?
<C4RB0N> Been waiting around for a while?
<attuned> just watching some free running videos, so beyond impressive
<C4RB0N> On youtube or something?
<attuned> yes
<C4RB0N> Neat! *click*
<C4RB0N> Wow... I wonder how much training or practice it takes to do something like that.
<attuned> I'm sure many practice daily, every time they walk outside can be an adventure to them :)
<C4RB0N> Knowing how to do that would open up a whole new world out of the every-day...
<attuned> yep
<C4RB0N> ...then again, it'd probably be easier to just take the stairs, eheheh.
<attuned> eh when was the easy way ever fun
<C4RB0N> Kindergarten?
<attuned> if we wanted it easy we would've stayed in the nonphysical
<C4RB0N> Good point.
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<electra855> hi everyone - had a lot of trouble trying to get into the chatroom for some reason
<attuned> hi
<electra855> hi attuned
<electra855> no Iris yet then!
<C4RB0N> hi!
<electra855> hi!
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<hermeslogger> iris apologizes for the delay and says she will be on in a few minutes
<C4RB0N> Wait! Hermeslogger talked! He must be here! Hey!
<electra855> Well you can try saying hello but I think you'll find he's a program
<C4RB0N> know more than I would. Oh well. :D
<electra855> :P
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<C4RB0N> Hello!
<iris451> Hi everyone! Sorry I'm late
<attuned> hi
<electra855> hi Iris
<iris451> hi C4, attuned, electra
<iris451> how is everything going these days?
<C4RB0N> The song "Highway to hell" spontaneously pops into my head from time to time...
<electra855> good and bad - black and white!
<iris451> oh that doesn't sound good
<electra855> Hey I like that C4
<electra855> but don't forget like they said in that clip - the best part of falling down is getting up again!
<C4RB0N> Yup yup! :)
<iris451> truth is we can't recognize the up without the down
<electra855> if you can get up again, that is LOL!
<electra855> explain Iris!
<iris451> well, our whole physical reality os based on opposites
<iris451> (on)
<electra855> yeah - that is the truth!
<iris451> it's the polarity of physical reality
<C4RB0N> Measurements are the foundation of rationality.
<iris451> and it's great to be irrational!
<C4RB0N> :D
<iris451> that's why it's so difficult to give credibility to what we experience here
<iris451> it's so hard to measure
<iris451> because we just don't know how to yet
<iris451> so we "experience" and go with the flow
<electra855> but we all know the difference between a good day and a bad day
<iris451> yes, because we have experienced both
<electra855> but no-one wants a bad day if they can avoid it
<iris451> but if we had all good days then we we think that's just the way it is
<iris451> not appreciating what we had
<iris451> but being complacent
<electra855> but we'd still probably feel a lot better for it nonetheless
<iris451> oh yes!
<electra855> yes - I do see what you mean
<iris451> but less motivated
<C4RB0N> The trick to increasingly narrow categorizations is to eventually get just one! God, so-so, bad ---> good & bad ---> it's all good! :D
<iris451> less
<iris451> well that's what the thought on god and the afterlife is
<iris451> a reality without polarity
<iris451> but the polarity helps us learn
<iris451> and that's why we're here
<iris451> so welcome the daily challenges!
<iris451> and as we progress, they do lessen
<C4RB0N> Isn't that why we're anywhere else, as well? :)
<iris451> probably, but different lessons
<iris451> so a different learning style!
<iris451> so here we learn in a world of opposites, up down in out good bad
<iris451> but even in space off the earth plane this begins to disappear - there is no up and down there
<iris451> but, as we all know it's very present here when we are grounded to the earth
<iris451> and we do get to love those good times
<iris451> like sun after the rain
<iris451> but each has a purpose
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<iris451> hi orph
<orph> hi :)
<iris451> and today we are supposed to try to get to Yesod so this is appropriate
<iris451> Yesod is the foundation of the astral and etheric planes
<iris451> it's the bridge so to speak
<iris451> or where we learn to build the images that allow us to connect
<iris451> here we get a greater understanding of the cycles in our lives
<iris451> building that bridge helps us to pull energy in from the other levels
<iris451> is this making any sense?
<electra855> ummm - very abstract
<iris451> it is
<iris451> that's why it's better to just experience it
<C4RB0N> Well, talking about a destination at least prepares us for going there to some extent. :)
<iris451> and talking about it after also helps to make our experiences more understandable
<C4RB0N> Also, Yesod is one of the more stable locations, right? Should be easier to compare experiences, maybe?
<iris451> yes, I think so
<orph> I'm curious how it will differ from the malkuth sessions
<orph> it's storming here now
<iris451> it is not as "physical" as Malkuth with greenery etc
<iris451> but there are some "markers" that identify it
<iris451> orph, do you have to leave because of the storm?
<orph> no I don't think so
<iris451> ok
<orph> but it should be wild tonight ^^
<electra855> I always think of it as being very ethereal and not at all dense
<iris451> yes, exactly
<iris451> more like floating than walking through a meadow
<iris451> try to pay attention to your feelings and other senses
<iris451> you may not visually "see" much
<iris451> that's normal
<iris451> is autumn here with us?
<iris451> are there any questions, comments?
<C4RB0N> I checked by last night, autumn was here then, unresponding.
<iris451> well then I guess we just get moving
<electra855> yes - - I was here about 2 hours ago
<electra855> you were here last night!
<electra855> when I was here a few nights ago no-one was here LOL!
<C4RB0N> Yeah, just looking for no reason.... Should we go to Kether afterwards? Like in
<iris451> want to zip to the top do we?
<electra855> hahahaha#
<C4RB0N> "plan to drop by the sphere of Kether where you can touch the energy of unrestrained manifestation power and help to convert stagnant contentment to dynamic contentment."
<electra855> I tried that one!!!
<electra855> my - so technical!
<iris451> problem with kether is the polarity is nonexistent
<iris451> difficult to bring back here :)
<orph> we'll get there eventually though
<orph> if we keep up the meditations
<iris451> yes we will - but for now let's just try Yesod
<iris451> is everyone ready?
<orph> yes, for now, I'm ready when the rest is :)
<C4RB0N> Aye!
<electra855> yea!
<iris451> attuned?
<iris451> well, let's go then
<electra855> ok
<iris451> iris will return in 15 min
<iris451> happy travels!
<orph> back
<electra855> me too
<C4RB0N> me three!
<electra855> hahahha
<orph> now for iris4
<orph> 51
<iris451> Hi all!
<C4RB0N> wb! :)
<orph> :)
<electra855> HI
<orph> I got the impression that yesod is where inventors get their ideas from
<orph> lots of stuff floating around
<iris451> yes!
<C4RB0N> I think that was one of the better trips I've been on... not stressful at all!
<electra855> yes - you're right - good point
<orph> there was this gate I saw there that I've seen before,
<orph> a big round portal it was, surrounded by large thorny flowery tentacles
<electra855> that sounds very gothic
<orph> I went through it briefly to look at the other side, but once there, there was just "stuff floating around"
<electra855> I saw everything as being very misty and silvery
<electra855> structural
<electra855> almost ghostly
<electra855> but very safe
<electra855> and gentle
<iris451> misty is a good word
<electra855> Iris - do you think Yesod would be a good place to try and sort out relationship problems
<iris451> yes it is
<electra855> I wondered about that
<C4RB0N> I saw a rodeo thing with two horses or cows... with a cowboy (human) hopping from one to the other, both tried to buck him off. The stands were shaped in an octagon, like those I-Ching things; few people at first glance, but moving in closer, all the seats were suddenly occupied by semi-transparent folks when I tried to find a seat.
<iris451> maybe why this cupid was there today
<electra855> I love cupids
<electra855> and putty and all those little angelic beings
<iris451> :)
<electra855> yes - semi transparent is another good word I think
<electra855> everything is kind of frondy and feathery
<iris451> those are the kinds of beings you will meet from here on up the tree
<iris451> they have form but not dense
<electra855> no wonder the moon is the planet associated with yesod
<electra855> it makes me think of a moon garden
<iris451> Gabriel is the archangel of Yesod
<iris451> he was there and welcomed us in
<electra855> yes - I saw him too
<electra855> he had some advice
<orph> gabriel
<orph> something just makes more sense now ^^
<C4RB0N> Do you remember what the advice was?
<electra855> well I am having some problems which resurfaced today
<electra855> and he said that if I visited everywhere on the Tree of Life I would find out all the answers I was looking for and would know what to do so I would be able to resolve all my conflicts
<electra855> my problems are very much associated with understanding what goes on and knowing how to respond to that
<electra855> so many situations I find myself working in the dark
<electra855> I often find myself much misunderstood as well
<electra855> it's also knowing exactly what should be communicated to others and what not
<electra855> I don't always understand what is meaningful to them
<electra855> it's difficult to understand things from other people's perspective
<orph> *nods
<iris451> Yesod helps with all of this
<electra855> just reading all the above makes me sound like an indigo child LOL!#
<electra855> it's not quite that bad
<electra855> but life can be very challenging at times
<C4RB0N> No way! You just sound like you've discovered something new, to me anyways. :P
<electra855> well I'm glad that something I've experienced helped you
<iris451> a greater understanding of others and our relationship to them
<electra855> well that is real wisdom if you can achieve it I think
<orph> I best be off for the day again, thanks for the meditation everyone :)
* orph has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<electra855> Yes - I need to go as well
<electra855> Thanks Iris and everyone for being here!
<iris451> ok electra, thanks for being here
<C4RB0N> Goodbye! (too slow...) Take care!
<electra855> See you all next session!
<electra855> Byeee
<iris451> and you will work these things out by traveling the tree
<electra855> Well that's what he said and I'm not going to argue with an archangel LOL!
<iris451> good idea!
<electra855> I think this will work for me¬
<electra855> and everyone else no doubt
<iris451> just stick with it
<C4RB0N> And have fun!
<electra855> I will!
<electra855> Byee
<iris451> bye
* electra855 has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<C4RB0N> I wonder where attuned went?
<iris451> I was just thinking that
<iris451> so your meditation was good?
<iris451> any questions?
<C4RB0N> Yup! Near the end I someone told me to go to Kether, so I did! :D I got the impression of a bunch of people sitting around some sort of half-circle, but that's about it.
<C4RB0N> Someone said to go back at the end, too, and that's when I noticed orph and electra were back.
<iris451> there were others there but I didn't
<iris451> didn't pay much attention
<C4RB0N> ?
<iris451> to the other people
<iris451> I guess whatever they were about didn't seem like it was important to us
<iris451> there was a woman there though who gave each of us something
<C4RB0N> How often travel groups like this have locals follow them? Did you see what it was/they were?
<C4RB0N> *the things given?
<iris451> it's not unusual to get "gifts"
<iris451> I didn't see what they were but I assume they were gifts specific to helping each one in whatever they need help with
<C4RB0N> Hmm.
<iris451> food for the soul
<iris451> creativity nourishment
<C4RB0N> What do you think it must be like to live there, as a spirit or whatnot? I imagine it's a lot different from earth.
<iris451> well, I don't imagine they live in a "place" but rather exist
<iris451> like how we are in dreams
<iris451> the dream experience is very real while we are there
<iris451> but there are no time and space boundaries
<iris451> the more you travel the tree, the more you'll get a sense of what it's like
<C4RB0N> So, like us they use "places" as reference points, not as domiciles? Since this chat room isn't exactly a place.
<iris451> exactly!
<iris451> good point
<iris451> we are together and sharing experiences yet it's not a physical location
<iris451> did you see any color in your travel today
<C4RB0N> All the colors seemed muted... kinda light-brownish tint to everything...
<C4RB0N> You know the M&M's they used to have, that blue ones replaced?
<iris451> yeah
<C4RB0N> That color. What about you?
<iris451> I asked because I usually experience an intense purple but today it was more muted
<iris451> purple was there but I'd have to agree - almost brownish
<iris451> maybe a message there too - or maybe just the way the energy was
<C4RB0N> I wonder why... when I was trying to focus in on Yesod, it seemed to all be that color.
<iris451> everything we experience there has meaning but sometimes takes time to figure out
<iris451> that was the same with me
<iris451> other times the purple is brilliant and intense
<iris451> maybe had something to do with those other beings that were there
<C4RB0N> Ah! I know, I'll take a peek at the Tree of Death!
<C4RB0N> Aha! This representation at least has a that same color brown as a corona of some sort.
<C4RB0N> Then again, maybe it's something else entirely.
<iris451> You may be on to something
<iris451> it may be an indication that we have a lot to learn in Yesod yet
<iris451> perhaps we should revisit there the next time
<C4RB0N> Maybe we happened along at a time when more energies were aligning with Yesod?
<iris451> it's possible
<iris451> or we colored our world with the energies we brought!
<C4RB0N> That doesn't sound too good...
<iris451> oh nothing bad, just different
<iris451> like the other beings there - that was different for me
<C4RB0N> Oh, how big or affectable are the sephira? How much does it take to influence such a space? Or was it more like we were wearing "brown-colored-glasses"?
<iris451> so there were a lot of different energies there today
<iris451> no "space" - I look at these things more like markers
<iris451> little messages
<iris451> like hints to a puzzle
<iris451> so more like we were wearing brown colored glasses
<C4RB0N> In that case... I wonder what visiting those crystal caves first would do...
<iris451> or were sensitive to the energy trickles present from others
<iris451> funny you said that too because I was thinking that when I was there
<iris451> maybe I could get the intense purple if we had visited Malkuth first
<iris451> maybe that's something we can play with in the future
<iris451> and maybe that's the message!
<C4RB0N> Yeah... I wonder if there's a "decontamination room" on the TOL, so to speak.
<iris451> LOL
<C4RB0N> I can imagine Hermes or some other wise person gnashing their teeth as they read this. :D
<iris451> agreed!
<iris451> well, I should get going
* attuned has quit IRC ("")
<C4RB0N> Farewell! ^_^
<iris451> we have some things to think about
<iris451> thanks for being here
<C4RB0N> Thanks for hosting! :D
<iris451> see you in 2 weeks
<iris451> bye
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