Your are Psychic Exercise; RC3 update; protection from dark energy; Gnosis and Gnosticism; developing psychic senses; birthmarks; everyone's unique symbol
November 1, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Nov 01 12:18:30 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<hermeslogger> Welcome Darlok Today's Exercise: Here is the link for the first half of the page. Divine what is on the rest of this page.
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<electra217> Hi Darlok
<Darlok> hey Electra whatsup
<Darlok> just chilling and waiting for Hermes to show up
<electra217> hahaha:P
<electra217> I mean :P
<Darlok> where are u from? what state and what brings u to website?
<electra217> Well I'm from England
<Darlok> ahh nice nice
<electra217> I've been here on and off for a while now
<electra217> Weren't you here last week?
<Darlok> nope not last week
<Darlok> what happened last week?
<electra217> I meant the week before
<Darlok> yeah i come here from time to time
<Darlok> i was here 2 weeks ago and the week before 2 weeks ago
<electra217> Last week we did pathworking with Iris
<electra217> You should come - it's really good
<Darlok> that's cool
<electra217> Have you read the workshop log files
<electra217> that would give you some idea
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<Darlok> yeah i read them all except the last one
<Darlok> hey whatsup Hermes.. right on time ;0
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<Hermes> howdy everyone
<electra217> Hey that's not Hermes - that's his program
<sunshine652> Greetings
<electra217> Yea - Greetings!
<Hermes> today we have a repeat of the two weeks ago workshop, as it was so popular
<Darlok> what did we do 2 weeks ago? I forgot
<Hermes> everyone tried to figure out what was on the other half of the paper
<Hermes> So this time a new image to try
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<Hermes> There is also a back page, so anything on that counts as well too
<Darlok> Hermes when will u finish RC3? are u close to finishing the book?
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<Hermes> its getting there
<Hermes> but it won't be ready for sale until May 2008
<Hermes> my estimate
<Hermes> it takes 4 months just for copyright
<Hermes> and I have to finish the work first
<Darlok> ahh bummer
<Darlok> okay that's cool.. i guess... WIll have to wait it out
<Hermes> I am working on graphics, exercises and the second pass through the book.
<Hermes> its a slow go but at least it is moving forward
<Hermes> i am not sure anyone was ready for rc3 before this time anyway
<Hermes> the Reference Guide has been out for a couple years and only now are some people beginning to buy/use it
<Darlok> i see.. i just want something to read.. I liked your previous books and sometimes when i have nothing to do i pick em up and read them
<Hermes> well thanks
<Hermes> i am glad they are helping you
<Hermes> yes I wish too the process was more quick
<Hermes> i have other books waiting in the wings but it is such a slow tedious process
<Darlok> you write very well Hermes.. very simple to understand your readings
<Darlok> *nods nods*
<Darlok> readings=writings
<Hermes> of course when i wrote rc1 and rc2 there was no website or emails so I had much more time to devote to those books. Now I juggle my time around all these projects.
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<Darlok> Hermes u should put some stuff about angels and the hierarchies in Rc3
<luci> hi everyone
<electra217> hi!
<sunshine652> hi luci
<Hermes> today's exercise hopefully will help you to boost your psychic power by exercising it some more
<Hermes> i will keep it in mind if there is room Darlok
<Darlok> k
<Hermes> How is everyone doing on the divination
<Hermes> i used books today
<sunshine652> Making notes
<Hermes> instead of adds
<luci> hermes , can i ask a question ?
<Hermes> sure
<luci> i read a spell
<luci> sent by a guy
<luci> and I'm having real problems from it
<luci> what can i do
<Hermes> what kind of spell was it
<Hermes> what did it invoke or what did you hope to change
<luci> dono
<luci> don't know , a black one
<Hermes> well what did you expect it to do
<Hermes> you must have had a reason for casting it
<luci> it's making me think uncontrollably and i'm having a lot of images about demons
<luci> well he had ..
<luci> i was expecting something but not this
<Hermes> how many times did you cast it? just once?
<luci> i red like 4 words and got dizzy , i saw the rest in my mind
<luci> i didn't cast it
<luci> he did , i red it on yahoo messenger
<Hermes> have you tried the protection exercises I sent
<luci> you sent ...
<luci> on that mail ?
<Hermes> you emailed me about it
<Hermes> the exercises on the website
<luci> ya , i know , the mail address got erased
<luci> i never got it
<luci> he said he is a vampire
<Hermes> you should try those
<luci> and i saw him in the astral
<luci> ya , i'm actually getting good at them
<luci> the last 2
<luci> i don't really like rituals that much
<luci> but the imagination ones are really great
<Hermes> Well any of them should help
<Hermes> You can also try meditation on white light
<luci> hmm and i wanted to ask .. is the transformation reversible
<luci> if it should happen
<Hermes> what transformation
<Hermes> ?
<luci> i mean i felt like i was growing horns and my heart was dying
<luci> and i felt evil
<Hermes> if you focus on the light and embrace the light it will repel any darkness
<Hermes> you need to build up your connection to the light
<Hermes> meditation on white light
<luci> ok
<Hermes> the MPE too will help keep your energy high
<luci> i'm doing MPE a lot
<Hermes> good
<Hermes> it takes time to build the light
<luci> i noticed , its really strong
<Hermes> just keep at it
<luci> aha
<Hermes> and stay out of those chat rooms until you get stronger
<Hermes> you do not want to reestablish any connections
<luci> no , i met him in real life
<Hermes> well then stay away from him
<luci> well i'm trying
<luci> he's really strong
<Hermes> i would go into hermit mode and just disappear until you get it sorted
<luci> he's always trying to get me to focus on him
<Hermes> maybe you can just go someplace for a week or two
<Hermes> all you need is some time to build up your light
<luci> hermit mode ?
<Hermes> yea, go someplace nobody can follow you
<Hermes> a friend or relative
<luci> .. i can't i have school and stuff
<luci> but i'm getting better none the less
<Hermes> well then just do your best to stay focused on other things
<luci> ya i'm trying
<Hermes> the thing with dark energy is that it has great initial power
<Hermes> but does not have lasting strength
<Hermes> so if you slowly build your light around you
<Hermes> the dark energy will have less and less of an affect
<luci> and another thing , sometimes i feel a very cold astral world around me
<luci> and can't see color
<luci> only gray
<luci> what could that be ?
<Hermes> are you eating well?
<Hermes> dark energy attacks the body
<Hermes> it is important to keep up with eating right & exercise
<luci> as usual , i'm not on a diet or anything
<sunshine652> Ok, I'm back with a list
<Hermes> keep up with those exercises and lets see what happens in another several days
<Hermes> how is everyone else's list doing
<electra217> I'm not doing at all well this evening - can't focus - finished work too late
<luci> ok , thanks , ill do
<luci> sorry for the interruption
<electra217> I got one item and 2 others
<Hermes> np luci we were waiting for everyone to finish lists
<electra217> hey - if you've got a favorite tune or piece of music play that when you want to change mind set
<electra217> I find that helps if I'm feeling a bit black!
<electra217> You could try Beethoven Bach or Mozart
<luci> i don't know , since this is happening nothing helps , things i liked feel black
<electra217> or some indian music like Karunesh
<electra217> Prem Joshua
<electra217> something beautiful
<luci> it's getting imposed on all my memories
<electra217> get out and meet ppl
<electra217> do you play the flute
<luci> ya ,i've been doing that
<electra217> might be a good idea to do something where you get individual instruction in something
<electra217> so you get attuned to another person and what they're doing
<Hermes> yes luci, you need to change up your routine
<electra217> try and set goals every day and keep focused on them
<Hermes> that is why I suggested you go away
<electra217> anything to break the chain
<Hermes> but since you can't do that, electra's suggestions are good
<luci> hmm , i'm kinda tied up with school at the moment
<Hermes> surround yourself with new people, join a new club at school
<electra217> do you live near a church or chapel
<electra217> sometimes it helps to go and sit in one of those places
<Hermes> yes holy places can help as well
<luci> i'm doing that in any case , i even tried getting sucked up in people's mentalities , when i was very weak
<luci> but that's not a practice
<luci> ya , i went to a priest , told him i was possessed thinking he could channel light
<Hermes> i do not think you are possessed
<Hermes> you just may be under some form of psychic attack
<electra217> no definitely not
<luci> it proved that something was wrong but didn't help
<Hermes> your fears are also feeding this
<Hermes> so breaking your focus on it is important too
<luci> no , not possessed but .. i don't know
<electra217> do you have a hobby or something that you really enjoy doing
<luci> some , i'll try hiking maybe a new game
<luci> i liked that , i was a shaman in past life
<luci> can you remember past life's in dreams ?
<Hermes> sure, they come through often in dreams
<Hermes> I guess we only have two lists going tonight
<Hermes> lets start getting them now
<electra217> I'm not sure you can count mine as one LOL!
<sunshine652> I have about 20 items
<electra217> ooh!
<sunshine652> Not that they are all divine :)
<Hermes> sure give us your best 5 or so sunshine
<sunshine652> How to choose best? But I'll give it a try.
<electra217> green with navy ;(
<Hermes> ok then list the mall
<Hermes> them all
<Hermes> that is fine too
<electra217> :(
<sunshine652> peril, shark, red cover with white or gold lettering, jalopy, crow
<sunshine652> Dare to..., tractor, the lion's roar, treescape, in the bushes, December
<sunshine652> Embrace, fly/flying, dagger in the dark, beyond the summer,
<sunshine652> Tom, Steve, Kevin, Anthony, Marinda, march madness
<electra217> :)
<electra217> :D
<sunshine652> and a little box at the bottom that advertises a book or two
<Hermes> what about you electra
<electra217> OK - well I got a skull, a bird and a heart
<electra217> and that's it folks
<electra217> by the way I love this new addition to the 'English language ' advertises - what a lovely word!
<sunshine652> thanks electra for making a typo a fun new word
<electra217> well it is just gorgeous LOL!
<electra217> we'll have to think up a meaning for it now!
<sunshine652> Made to fit the customer perfectly
<electra217> hahahaha!
<Hermes> ok here is the rest of the page
<Hermes> here is the back of the page
<sunshine652> Now for the real humor
<Hermes> this exercise was harder than last weeks
<Hermes> for sure
<Hermes> the cover does have some read in it
<Hermes> which I did not scan in
<electra217> yes - I had the distinct feeling that was the case - I divined that much LOL!
<sunshine652> Yes, and still this is fun
<sunshine652> I see the box w/ 3 books in the lower corner on the back of the page
<Hermes> yes you did say you saw that
<Hermes> very good
<sunshine652> And the Lean Mean 13 book has an orangey red cover with white and gold lettering?
<Hermes> yes it does
<Hermes> i did not notice that
<electra217> Yes - that is good!
<sunshine652> Thank you for this forum to practice - I'm new to it. Ha Ha
<Hermes> i don't know electra, I can't find a skull, bird, or heart
<electra217> No I can't either LOL!
<sunshine652> There is also a treescape on the back page
<electra217> As I said I'm completely out of it this evening
<sunshine652> Maybe the bird is in the trees on the back page !!
<electra217> HOnestly I really do doubt it!
<electra217> These were real shots in the dark, completely uninspired guesses
<Hermes> wait
<Hermes> garden spells
<electra217> Just not up for this this evening!
<Hermes> it says in the caption that it can open people's hearts
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<hermeslogger> Welcome Daniel495 Today's Exercise: Here is the link for the first half of the page. Divine what is on the rest of this page. Make a list! Have it ready!
<electra217> That's just coincidence - really
<electra217> I know i didn't have the right energy this evening so I wouldn't have counted anything even if I was right
<Hermes> well good try anyway
<electra217> last week it was different
<Hermes> sunshine you did well
<sunshine652> Thanks
<electra217> yes he did!!!
<sunshine652> Electra - Someone to Love would be a heart
<electra217> Hahaha - really it doesn't matter
<sunshine652> Symbolically
<electra217> that effort was completely void - doesn't count at all
<Hermes> well you see
<electra217> was on completely the wrong track tonight
<Hermes> everything is connected
<electra217> well yes - I guess
<Hermes> and even though you think you were not tuning into it, you had to be tuning into something
<Hermes> no thought happens without purpose
<Hermes> or reason
<Hermes> and everything is connected as I said
<electra217> of course - some connected better than others though I think LOL!
<electra217> I am a bit disconnected this evening - put it that way!
<Hermes> hi Daniel
<Hermes> you came late tonight
<Daniel495> yes I know
<electra217> OK everyone - I need to get some sleep - I've had it for the day!
<Daniel495> Are we doing the same as a couple of weeks ago
<electra217> So see you all next week!
<sunshine652> Bye electra
<Hermes> bye electra
<Daniel495> bye electra
<electra217> bye everyone!
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<Hermes> here is the webpage, if you still want to try
<Hermes> and here is the other half but do not look at that until you are ready
<Hermes> and here is the back
<Daniel495> okay I begin now
<Darlok> Hermes have u read that Gnostic gospel called Pistis Sophia yet?
<Daniel495> I am done
<Daniel495> Hi hermes I can't see the back
<sunshine652> Did you add the word BACK behind 15671?
<sunshine652> in lower case
<Daniel495> i just clicked on the link
<Hermes> the website is not coming up for some reason
<sunshine652> Do you have the screen with ....15671.jpg still open?
<Daniel495> But I had... Ocean, garden, rain,rest,peace, eyes, survive,animals,plants,recovering,bed,sun
<sunshine652> If so, you can insert the word 'back' into it to access it
<sunshine652> On the back is a book called ..... and the splendid suns
<Daniel495> cool :)
<Daniel495> And at the other half I saw a few things that were correct
<Daniel495> Like ocean (the sea) garden, plants eyes
<Daniel495> garden= garden
<sunshine652> Yes you nailed several
<Daniel495> and maybe animals to because it's has to do with nature... but that's not 100 percent correct
<Daniel495> and then on the back (thanks sunshine for letting me know)
<sunshine652> nature covers plants, animals, ocean, rain, sun, etc. :)
<Daniel495> :)
<sunshine652> Took me a half hour, you got it much faster
<Hermes> yea i can't get the pages at all now
<Hermes> i may have to call the server company to find out why the website is not working
<Hermes> if it does not come back
<sunshine652> I couldn't get it thru the link and had to open a window and type the address myself
<Daniel495> normally I couldn't get it so fast either
<Daniel495> but somehow now I was really open and focused
<Daniel495> just trusted this time
<sunshine652> the back also has a cover with a picture of a bridge, grass, plants, trees and blue sky
<Daniel495> ow I came very close :)
<sunshine652> You did great
<Daniel495> which things you picked up (sunshine)
<sunshine652> I got the treescape from the same book
<sunshine652> and a few others
<sunshine652> I think I probably got more from the contents ha ha ha which I can't see
<Daniel495> ow okay nice :)
<sunshine652> like 'daggar in the dark'
<sunshine652> appropriate for so many murder mysteries
<Hermes> sounds like you did pretty good daniel
<Hermes> even though the page is not coming up right now
<Hermes> oh its back now
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<hermeslogger> Welcome orph Today's Exercise: Here is the link for the first half of the page. Divine what is on the rest of this page. Make a list! Have it ready!
<sunshine652> Hermes, do we have a topic for next Thursday session?
<Hermes> hi Orph
<Hermes> next thursday will be a mediation again
<Hermes> I am not sure where we will go
<orph> hi :)
<orph> slightly distracted
<Daniel495> ho orph
<Hermes> did you come late for a reason
<Hermes> was it a time zone mess up
<Hermes> or just late
<orph> ok
<sunshine652> Ok, thank you for info and another fun session
<Hermes> why what would you want to do for next week Sunshine?
<orph> hey, the wisdomsdoor website seems to be down for me
<Hermes> it should be working now
<orph> ha, it is right now
<Hermes> it was done for about 10 minutes
<orph> perhaps just a glitch
<orph> ok
<Hermes> just long enough for me to put in a support ticket that I had to cancel
<sunshine652> I like to have a topic to look forward to. Playing with traveling and physic abilities and meditation is all fun.
<luci> by the way all my dreams lately are without scenery
<luci> just figures in the dark
<luci> what is that
<Hermes> I think you are just stuck in a dark place, that you need to get out of.
<luci> and , i'm working on a protection on my heart
<luci> a bold pentagram in front of it
<luci> sounds good
<luci> ?
<Hermes> yea
<Hermes> the pentagram is a good protective symbol
<luci> i wasn't sure
<Hermes> wear black
<Hermes> it conceals your energy
<luci> :)
<Hermes> it also contains the light within you
<luci> perfect , all my clothes are black
<Hermes> which you want to hold on to
<Hermes> there you go
<Hermes> a wardrobe ready to go
<luci> yeah
<luci> there was something else..
<sunshine652> Thank you all and good night.
<Hermes> take care sunshine
<luci> what do you think about gnosis
<sunshine652> :)
<luci> ?
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<Hermes> in relation to what
<Hermes> that is a bit general term
<luci> no .. it's a religion
<Hermes> Gnosis and Gnosticism
<Hermes> ah those
<Hermes> they are a nice read
<Hermes> it is hard to say what is valid and what is not
<luci> probably , i know it means knowledge but i'm referring to ...
<luci> valid
<Hermes> you mean all those secret books that have been discovered written by the Gnostics
<Hermes> it is hard to say what facts are real in those things and what is not
<Hermes> hay the same goes with the bible for that matter
<luci> no , it's supposed to be the religion of the next age
<Hermes> what specifically are you referring to in those texts
<orph> luci, the current age is called the information age, and people have already coined the name knowledge age as the coming era
<orph> in that way it makes sense
<luci> no , it's a new religion , in the 20 a master was incarnated
<luci> wait ill give you a link in a min
<Darlok> speaking of gnostic gospels.. have u read Pistis Sophia of Jesus Christ? Jesus description of what happened to him when he ascended to the heavens and came back to disclose with his disciples about life and what happens when a person dies etc..
<Hermes> Darlok, I have that text here, but it is so long I have not been able to get through it all
<Hermes> I don't know Luci, to be honest. I know of the Gnostic scrolls. If something has sprung up around those things I do not know much about it
<luci> ok , sorry i just thought you heard of it
<luci> :)
<Hermes> only in the form of the writings that were discovered
<Hermes> not much in the religion around it
<luci> but it's not a religion around the scrolls Samuel is an ascended master
<Darlok> k
<Hermes> like i said i do not know much about it
<orph> Hermes, can I ask a quick question? :)
<Hermes> sure orph
<luci> ok , tx for everything
<orph> hmm
<luci> bye
<orph> now I have to remember the name
<orph> bye luci :)
<Hermes> bye luci
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<orph> what is it called, birth marks?
<orph> like the shapes we have on our skin that are not freckles
<Hermes> yes
<orph> ok
<Hermes> birthmarks
<Daniel495> I am going to bed
<Daniel495> Thanks for everything
<Daniel495> Bye!
<Hermes> night Daniel
<orph> goodnight daniel :)
<Daniel495> thanks
<Daniel495> you to
<orph> I heart a theory that they represent wounds from previous lifetimes
<orph> something like that
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<orph> and in books you often will read about a prophecy tied to the birth mark of some hero
<orph> so I'm wondering what is up with them ^^
<Hermes> sounds interesting
<Hermes> I never really thought of it
<Hermes> your consciousness creates your body
<Hermes> so these marks would be created by the individual
<Hermes> they could mark an individual
<orph> oh, how did the photo exercise go today?
<Hermes> that carries a certain energy
<Hermes> not bad with the exercise
<orph> I did forget about the time change
<Hermes> we did not carnage times here yet
<orph> :)
<Hermes> that will be next week
<orph> yea
<Hermes> people were not as focused as the last time we did it
<Hermes> next time I will have something new for them to try
<orph> for the photo's I got an image of a big water drop, and of a desert... so I'll have to read the logs for what everyone saw
<orph> ok
<orph> it's good to refresh the exercise
<orph> keep it exiting
<Hermes> let me get you the other pages
<orph> thanks :)
<orph> lots of blue and water
<Hermes> I queried people and they wanted to try the same exercise again
<Hermes> so that is why i did it twice
<Hermes> yea there is a book with water on it
<Hermes> and lots of blue in general
<Hermes> two books with water
<orph> the desert probably was meant to look like a beach ^^
<Hermes> and one with the work Lake in it
<Hermes> thousand splendid suns looks like a desert
<orph> which book is that?
<Hermes> on the back page
<Hermes> bottom right
<Hermes> it is hard to see on the image
<orph> hmm, I see "up close and dangerous" in the bottom right
<Hermes> other page
<Hermes> back page
<Hermes> there are three books
<Hermes> on the bottom
<Hermes> it is the rightmost book
<orph> oh
<orph> I have the first and second half of the front page
<orph> you know what would be fun, a flash game where you can do something like this with cards
<orph> like, guess what is on the card
<orph> focus, and the turn it around
<orph> and it would be simple drawings
<orph> like a house
<Hermes> i used to practice all the time with things like that
<Hermes> not much anymore
<orph> did you draw stuff yourself on the cards?
<Hermes> i used tarot cards
<Hermes> i'd pick one
<Hermes> and sit it up on the table for day or so
<Hermes> try to guess it
<orph> I tried too, but they seemed to elaborate ^^
<Hermes> that is true
<Hermes> simple cards probably would be easier at first
<orph> I'll make the application and try ^^
<orph> should be easy enough
<orph> that time change, will it take place before next week workshop?
<Hermes> yes your website has those fun things on it
<Hermes> yes
<orph> ok :)
<Hermes> i actually wanted to know how that affects people
<orph> what exactly?
<Hermes> like if that puts the workshops at a bad time for people
<Hermes> it be great if the whole world changed clocks together
<orph> I heard that it was way worse before we had trains
<orph> every province would have its own time
<orph> and then suddenly, people had to leave and arrive on specific set times
<Hermes> yea that had to be a nightmare
<orph> but, just one week
<orph> well
<orph> two
<orph> back to normal after that
<Hermes> yea i guess once everybody gets their clocks switched the confusion is over
<orph> but with just one time switch...
<orph> well, there's all that talk about one calendar
<orph> to replace the gregorian calendar
<orph> which people feel is not right for us
<orph> and that we would be better off following moon phases
<orph> like in the mayan calendar for instance
<orph> rather then solar phases
<orph> not sure what would be the difference
<Hermes> good luck getting the corporate world to change
<orph> I hardly know what day it is usually anyway ^^
<Hermes> yea me too, but many people live their lives by the time and the calendar
<orph> in Polish, at least the names make more sense
<orph> november I believe would say "fall of leaves"
<orph> listopad
<Hermes> nice
<Hermes> that works
<orph> and logical
<orph> cause they do fall
<Hermes> yea
<Hermes> sorry i can't help you much with the birthmark thing. But it does sound like there is more to them.
<orph> yea
<Hermes> not sure where that would be researched
<orph> I only have one, an upside down number 1 on the right shoulder
<orph> always wondered about it
<Hermes> maybe I will get something tonight on it from one of my nonphysical teachers
<orph> that would be nice
<Hermes> wow that is a strange one
<Hermes> My dad has a big Man on his arm
<orph> :D
<Hermes> looks like a man
<Hermes> real strange
<orph> that's much more interesting
<Hermes> I do not have any marks at all
<Hermes> Yea I often think it has something to do with his genetic linage
<Hermes> that somehow it links him to the John the Baptist line
<Hermes> but that is just a feeling
<Hermes> I have nothing to back that one
<orph> perhaps that is the past lifetime connection
<Hermes> could be
<Hermes> i thought of it when you mentioned birthmarks
<Hermes> as a child I always found that mark engaging
<orph> I'm sure there is something about them, like the palm of the hand that can be read
<Hermes> nothing is chance
<Hermes> so these marks have to have some significance
<orph> was c4rbon around today?
<Hermes> no he wasn't. it actually was a small group today
<Hermes> some came late, like you
<orph> *nods
<Hermes> very different energy
<Hermes> perhaps the time change has disrupted the flow a bit
<orph> probably
<Hermes> these workshops are delicate things at times
<orph> quite a few people that visit live in europe
<Hermes> much preparation goes into them on a back end energy level
<Hermes> and if it is not right you just feel it
<orph> I was meaning to ask him something about what he mentioned (at least I think it was him) about every person having a unique symbol
<orph> the subject didn't get picked up at that time
<Hermes> like a coat of arms
<Hermes> i must have missed it
<Hermes> or was that with Iris
<orph> forgot ^^
<Hermes> i think everyone has a personal symbol
<orph> I think he just asked the question and it got overlooked
<orph> I think so too
<orph> at least, I had one since a young age
<Hermes> when I started birthing the Reality Creator material i had a personal symbol given to me
<Hermes> it is actually on the website
<orph> oh
<Hermes> what was it orph
<Hermes> orph
<orph> I think I know which one you mean
<orph> the triangle?
<orph> with the staff in it
<Hermes> that is the new one
<Hermes> look at the book with the cauldron on it
<Hermes> on top is a small angel
<Hermes> that is a better image of my symbol
<orph> I see
<orph> I could show you what I came up with
<orph> let's see
<Hermes> I used that for years
<Hermes> its one of my personal symbols
<orph> does it have a meaning tied with it?
<orph> or just a graphic representation of you
<Hermes> for me it means, perfection, light, and divinity of the self
<Hermes> i always equated my own progress with the symbol
<Hermes> i hoped that my writings would be endowed with these qualities
<Hermes> so I put it on everything I wrote
<orph> *nods
<Hermes> i even made a pin for it and put it on shirts
<orph> that's a good way to attract the energy
<Hermes> yes, i thought so too
<orph> I mailed you a tiny picture just now :)
<orph> while researching runes I came across some fun ways to absorb energies from symbols like that,
<orph> for instance
<orph> you can carve it in say, cheese and eat it
<orph> fun stuff like that
<Hermes> that is intricate, yet simple
<Hermes> so that is your symbol
<orph> for me, it represents the outcome protecting the process that leads to it
<orph> or the master and the student as one
<Hermes> yes it does look like that
<Hermes> perhaps I can build a workshop around discovering your own personal symbol
<Hermes> people may find that interesting
<orph> that would be great
<Hermes> yea i will work on that for next time
<Hermes> good thinking
<orph> :P thank c4rbon
<Hermes> yes will do
<orph> oh, there is another nice one
<orph> on the home page of my site,
<orph> before the title
<orph> that one I haven't figured out completely yet though ^^
<orph> partially, it is a gift
<orph> but it reminds me of a tool as well
<orph> like a sword
<orph> yea
<orph> it's very fitting :)
<Hermes> it reminds me of embracing
<Hermes> your symbol
<Hermes> on
<orph> we use it for initiatory purposes some times
<orph> but, it gets a bit complex there ^^
<Hermes> symbols are powerful things
<orph> *nods
<orph> language of the soul
<orph> it's getting late so, see you next workshop :)
<Hermes> ok take care orph
<Hermes> i am leaving as well
<orph> will just mention one more time that the exercises are a nice addition :)
<Hermes> good chat
<Hermes> yes, thanks
<orph> good night
<Hermes> i will keep them up
<orph> :)
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<Hermes> ok darlok i am leaving as well
<Hermes> thanks for stopping by
<Hermes> I have not read through that entire Pistis Sophia yet. If you have any specific questions on it perhaps you can send them to me and point me to the place where they are and we can talk about it.
<Darlok> okay
<Darlok> yeah from chapter 96 to 101
<Hermes> ok I will make a note to have a look at that
<Darlok> 96-101 are my favorite chapters where i have questions
<Darlok> okay cool
<Hermes> take care
<Darlok> cya later Hermes
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