You are psychic, psychic exercise; about the nature of Malkuth, Midgard
October 18, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Oct 18 15:18:22 2007
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.'
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<C4RB0N> Geia sou!
<Hermes> howdy
<Hermes> attuned you there
<attuned> hi, you're early
<Hermes> i wanted to seta preworkshop exercise and topic but its locked
<attuned> yes
<Hermes> so here it is, you can pass it along when someone shows
<Hermes> study the following picture. It is part of an entire page. Your mission to divine what is on the rest of the page. Make a list have it ready
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<Hermes> just pass that along. I'll be back in an hour
<attuned> ok
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Session Start: Thu Oct 18 16:02:17 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
* Now talking in #energyworks
* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.'
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<Hermes> ok I added a utc clock to the workshops page so no one will be confused when the workshops start
<Hermes> I'm not officially here yet
<Daniel234> okay :)
<C4RB0N> Who said that?
<Hermes> i have to walk the dog i a few minutes
<Electra418> Just as well Hermes - we're still working on this one
<Electra418> you sure did it this time LOL!
<C4RB0N> I recall reading somewhere that every person has some sort of symbol that's supposed to... symbolize them, on some level. I wonder if that's true.
<Electra418> I think it might be but Hermes is definitely the person to ask about that
<Electra418> Did anyone get a list - I've got a few things
<C4RB0N> A list?
<Electra418> A list of of what else might be on the page - just wondered if anyone had sensed anything
<C4RB0N> I've got an idea as to the layout, maybe.
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<shrishti> hello!
<C4RB0N> Hi!
<Electra418> Hi Shrish
<shrishti> hey electra
<Electra418> Great to see you
<shrishti> great to see you too
<Electra418> There's an exercise to do
<shrishti> oh?
<Electra418> Attuned - could you tell Shrishti please
<Electra418> I think you'll just have a minute before we start
<shrishti> okay
<Electra418> if Attuned is there
<Electra418> otherwise I'll cut and paste - hang on
<Electra418> aargh - can't get back that far on the page
<C4RB0N> Does the default Java client support private messaging?
<Electra418> Attuned - where are you?
<Electra418> It does
<Electra418> well you can do private chat if that's what you mean
<shrishti> what's going on?
<Electra418> Well not a lot really
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<Electra418> Hi Mike
<Mike727> hello
<C4RB0N> Hi!
<Electra418> Have you been here before?
<Mike727> nice to be here
<Mike727> no
<Electra418> Thought not - welcome
<Mike727> ty
<Electra418> What is ty?
<Mike727> thank you
<C4RB0N> Thank you. ^_~
<Hermes> here is the first half of the page
<Hermes> your mission is to figure out what is on the second half of the page
<Hermes> the idea is that everything contains the whole
<Electra418> Oh fancy not working that out (to Mike and Carbon I mean - not you Hermes)
<Hermes> so the rest of this information is there, it is just not visible
<Hermes> you have to use your psychic sense to come up with what may be on the rest of the page
<Hermes> look at the page
<Hermes> relax
<Hermes> close your eyes
<Hermes> see what comes to mind
<Hermes> write it down
<Hermes> it could be a word, a image, a feeling
<Hermes> keep writing until you got a list of things you think are on the rest of the page
<Hermes> then in a bit we will see some of these lists
<Hermes> then show the rest of the page
<Hermes> and see how close you came
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<Electra418> HI - we're all in the middle of an exercise
<Electra418> Hermes I tried to copy and paste your instructions but it won't work
<Hermes> yea the client program is limited with that stuff
<Hermes> it does copy and paste though
<Hermes> you highlight the text. then let go
<Electra418> how?
<Hermes> then paste it into the window
<Electra418> I got something back really weird
<Electra418> I did all that
<Electra418> I'll try again.
<Hermes> i do not think you have to select the copy function it does that automatically
<Electra418> OK
<Hermes> <Hermes> here is the first half of the page
<Hermes> <Hermes>
<Hermes> <Hermes> your mission is to figure out what is on the second half of the page
<Hermes> <Hermes> the idea is that everything contains the whole
<C4RB0N> It's a little buggy, it won't deselect easily. Plus it kept disconnecting me, which is why I switched to HydraIRC.
<Hermes> <Hermes> so the rest of this information is there, it is just not visible
<Hermes> <Hermes> you have to use your psychic sense to come up with what may be on the rest of the page
<Hermes> <Hermes> look at the page
<Hermes> <Hermes> relax
<Hermes> <Hermes> close your eyes
<Hermes> <Hermes> see what comes to mind
<Hermes> <Hermes> write it down
<Hermes> <Hermes> it could be a word, a image, a feeling
<Hermes> <Hermes> keep writing until you got a list of things you think are on the rest of the page
<Hermes> <Hermes> then in a bit we will see some of these lists
<Hermes> <Hermes> then show the rest of the page
<Hermes> <Hermes> and see how close you came
<Hermes> oh sorry about that carbon
<Electra418> No luck
<Hermes> i will have to check for bug fixes
<Hermes> np I did it electra
<Aoibheal> I'm not getting anything either
<Electra418> OH!
<Daniel234> I have something
<Aoibheal> What am I doing wrong?
<Electra418> 09:52 PM Hermes: np I did it electra
<Electra418> oh I did it now
<Mike727> I got a service (pro) page
<Electra418> But couldn't do it for the link
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<Electra418> OH got it and now he's gone
<Electra418> What I did was get the webpage and then copy and paste from that!
<Electra418> Oh well!
<Mike727> electra is it the pro page?
<Electra418> I got a weird link if I copy from this chat page
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<Electra418> but if I get the link up onsite and paste the address from that then it works
<Electra418> hello sunshine
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<Electra418> there's the link - now you have to divine what's on the rest of the page
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<Aoibheal> thank you. I'll try.
<Sunshine652> hello and glad to participate for the first time
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<Electra418> There's the link, now you have to divine what#s on the rest of the page
<Hermes> everything contains the whole, so the rest of the page is there on another level, you just have to tune into it
<Hermes> we're exercising those psychic muscles everyone has
<Hermes> make a list
<Hermes> of what you think is on the rest of the page
<Hermes> it could be a word, a feeling,
<Aoibheal> I'm afraid that I don't know how to do that -
<Hermes> just let whatever comes into your mind as you stare at the page
<Hermes> then write it down
<Aoibheal> okay
<Hermes> if you are looking at the page for example and a bird pops into your head
<Hermes> write that down
<Electra418> Actually that already happened for me LOL!
<Hermes> :)
<Electra418> That was a medium strong intuition - I had some stronger ones first
<Electra418> and then after a few medium ones some much weaker ones
<Electra418> I've learnt a lot from this exercise already - really need a different one now to try again
<Aoibheal> I don't think I'm psychic at all, unfortunately.
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<C4RB0N> Uh... what if the things popping into your head are indescribably weird symbols?
<Hermes> write them down
<Hermes> maybe they will make sense when you see the rest of the page
<Electra418> actually that sounds really cool!
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<Electra418> Anyone got a man carrying a ladder or something like that?
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<Electra418> Hello Darlok, how are you
<Electra418> Here's the link
<Darlok> hi.. i'm good :) thanks
<Mike727> I am seeing the
<Electra418> You have to divine what's on the rest of the page
<Electra418> 09:58 PM Hermes: just let whatever comes into your mind as you stare at the page
<Electra418> then write it down
<Hermes> everything is connected and even though i cut this page in half the second half still exists on the etheric plane.
<Hermes> and with a bit of effort you can tune into that etheric page and glimpse what is there
<Hermes> this is one of the ways to boost your intuitive abilities
<Hermes> and its lots of fun
<Hermes> for workshops
<Aoibheal> Is that one of those things that is impossible to explain how to do?
<Hermes> impossible how to figure out what is on the page?
<Hermes> you are learning to tune into what is not there
<Hermes> but is there
<Aoibheal> tuning into the etheric
<Hermes> you do it all the time
<Hermes> that is the point of this exercise
<Hermes> to show you that you do
<Aoibheal> I mean, I KNOW it's there, I just don't seem able to do it on command
<Hermes> you are right in that the power is not commandable
<Hermes> but it can be
<Aoibheal> Oooh, I think I got a flash!
<Hermes> fun exercises like this help to develop it
<Aoibheal> I'm trying
<Electra418> I'm going to try this with the local paper that came tonight - I haven't looked at it yet
<Electra418> in fact you could do it with any magazine or newspaper
<Electra418> have a go every day LOL!
<Hermes> yes very true, any paper will do
<Hermes> i try to pick a page that is full of stuff at first
<Hermes> that way it increase your chances of getting something
<Hermes> as you get better you can use less populated pages
<Electra418> sounds a great idea
<Hermes> i am of course rushing all of you, the proper way I would do this exercise is give you a week to divine it
<Electra418> why so long
<Hermes> but we will still get good results
<Aoibheal> So taking your time to do this isn't a bad thing, then?
<Hermes> some people do not do well under the gun
<Electra418> would that be to let it sink into the subconscious
<Aoibheal> (grins) that's me - not graceful under fire
<Daniel234> Mostly my problem is trust
<Daniel234> but I get things
<Electra418> yes - I have to say I was a bit nonplussed
<Hermes> sometimes it can take time for the images from the rest of the page to rise to the surface
<Electra418> and now I've spread my net too widely I think
<keesh> sorry if this was already asked at the beginning of the workshop...but is everyone psychic?
<Hermes> everyone is psychic
<shrishti> well i am done
<Aoibheal> some more than others!
<Hermes> i bet if you put 10 things on a list you will get at least one of them right
<shrishti> I have more than 10
<C4RB0N> lol
<Hermes> the psychic skills just have to be developed
<shrishti> many different feelings and images
<Hermes> everyone has them
<Electra418> when people create music or works of art how much is psychic
<Electra418> and how much creative
<Electra418> I have 15 but it's too much
<Hermes> i would say a good part of their work comes from tuning into other realties
<Electra418> I thought so!
<Hermes> there is no limit on how many things on your list
<Aoibheal> I have two - other stuff is my conscious mind guessing
<Hermes> another couple minutes and I will want you to pick some of your best choices and list them
<Electra418> mmm - I think I spread my net too widely and not focused enough
<Hermes> that is okay electra
<Hermes> it is the exercise that is important
<shrishti> can we start listing?
<Hermes> i want you all to look at your lists and pick a few ones you think are good
<shrishti> how are we supposed to know which ones are good?
<Electra418> well I did that already
<Hermes> most likely some of the things you think are good will not be and others will be
<Aoibheal> since I only have two, that's easy!
<Hermes> its all part of the process
<shrishti> they all felt pretty random
<Electra418> yes - I know that feeling - some feel hot and others quite cool and as you say quite random
<shrishti> how many things?
<C4RB0N> Say, if thoughts are things on the ethereal(?) level, could so many people having different thoughts about the paper in question affect the image of it?
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<Electra418> WEll I've got 4 hot ones and one medium I think
<Electra418> hi orph!
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<orph> Hi :D
<Hermes> it could carbon but more than likely the group mind will hone in and make it easier
<orph> big crowd today
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<Electra418> yes - it keeps growing LOL!
<orph> yea, lucky :)
<Hermes> ok, are we ready to start listing
<Electra418> Hey orph - that's looks like a man from Mars there lOL!
<Daniel234> Hi Orph
<shrishti> yeah
<shrishti> we are
<Electra418> yep
<orph> a man from mars?
<Hermes> orph you want a quick go at this before we start
<orph> the smiley face?
<orph> sure
<Electra418> well it was green
<orph> I see
<orph> *looking at link
<Hermes> go to that page and divine what is on the rest of the page
<Hermes> make list
<Hermes> then pick the best things on your list and list them here
<Hermes> then I will show the rest of the page and we see how well everyone did
<orph> ok
<orph> nice idea
<Hermes> ok while orph is divining,
<Hermes> lets start listing what others have
<Hermes> i wouldn't want anyone to fall asleep
<Electra418> well whose going first
<Aoibheal> I have welding, auto, and tires
<shrishti> garage,barber,deserted road, candy store
<Electra418> I have ladder fabric, taxi and birds
<Sunshine652> Painting, hauling, kitchen cabinets, pet care
<keesh> i had wood, the color red, a larger ad and a funny wheel thing
<orph> city, big triangle with spokes or wheel with spokes, car
<Electra418> Aobheal - I had auto as well but not as a main one
<Aoibheal> auto might have been with tires
<Daniel234> I have eye glasses, carpenter, window, cleaner, car, fixed, bathroom, computer
<Daniel234> haha
<Electra418> actually I thought car wash maybe
<C4RB0N> A blurry image of a man to the left, two columns of text in the middle & right.
<shrishti> i had car too
<shrishti> in one of the scenes
<Electra418> yep - I had computer
<Aoibheal> tire as main picture
<orph> and my city looked very sci-fi, like a high tech computer city
<orph> not an old village at all
<Electra418> Anyone got animals or fitness
<shrishti> I felt like it was old country
<shrishti> somewhere there
<attuned> clear man+ladder
<Aoibheal> I had animal but thought it might not be a flash
<Electra418> yes - attuned, same as me
<Hermes> not bad so far
<Hermes> are you ready for the page
<shrishti> yup
<orph> yep :)
<Electra418> yea go ahead!
<Hermes> ok
<Daniel234> yup
<Hermes> the man on the ladder is bottom left
<Hermes> it is hard to see
<Sunshine652> Painting, hauling, kitchen cabinets, pet care
<Hermes> on the image
<shrishti> oh wow
<Hermes> the cars are on the back of the page, which I did not print
<Electra418> Interesting that coast to coast one - I got a feeling there was a travel thing there
<Hermes> let me scan the back, because some of you got that
<shrishti> i kept getting gardening images but i kept ignoring it cuz i thought it wasn't important
<Electra418> right intuition but wrong interpretation
<shrishti> haha
<C4RB0N> Totally off. @_@
<Aoibheal> back of page rather than below the fold?
<Electra418> yep - I got decorating
<Sunshine652> Yes, I got landscaping twice and ignored it
<Hermes> you got the man carbon
<Hermes> he is on the roof
<C4RB0N> Nah, I saw a portrait type thing.
<Hermes> still
<Hermes> it was something
<Electra418> and there's the ladder for the aluminum contractor
<Hermes> yep the ladder was great catch those of you that got that
<Hermes> it was not even center page
<Electra418> so there seems to be a problem with tuning in but interpreting wrongly
<Hermes> that is part of the process
<Electra418> I saw the ladder but thought it was something else
<Hermes> you all picked up on it but did not see it 100% correct
<Electra418> saw the fabric, and there it is on the chair but it interior decorators
<Hermes> some more some less
<Hermes> this is how it starts
<Hermes> trusting
<Electra418> not a fabric specialist
<Hermes> there is a chair there
<Hermes> that has fabric
<Electra418> I had the intuition that there were a number of ppl selling the same service
<Sunshine652> Nice exercise !
<Electra418> but who would have though of aluminum - there are 2 of them there I think
<orph> and there were cars on the back of the page you said, Hermes?
<Hermes> here is the back
<Aoibheal> anything on welding?
<Hermes> i on purpose held off the back
<Hermes> i wanted to see if anyone got that
<Hermes> the energy on the back was quite strong as it is full color and large
<Daniel234> that's the only thing i got right heheh
<Sunshine652> I got water and see there are 3 ads relating to it.
<Electra418> that's quite cool!
<orph> well Daniel, a part of what you saw could be symbology
<Hermes> your carpenter could be the guy on the roof you know daniel
<Daniel234> okay...that's right
<Hermes> they do do those sort of things
<Aoibheal> guess the energy has to be strong for me to pick up on it since that's the only thing I picked up on
<orph> hey, my triangle and city is in the right bottom of that last back page ^^
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<Aoibheal> that's cool, orph!
<Hermes> yes it is
<Electra418> yea - I just seen it
<Hermes> not bad
<Daniel234> :)
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<Hermes> Aoibheal you had tires and cars so that was good too
<Aoibheal> well, they do seem to go together!
<Hermes> :)
<Hermes> true
<Daniel234> A question why is the topic named nothing in life is to be feared only to be understood
<Hermes> because we can't change it
<orph> lol
<Hermes> the sysop has it locked
<Electra418> Hahaha
<Daniel234> okay hehe :)
<Electra418> but the title is on the webpage
<Electra418> the chat webpage on the webpage
<Electra418> what is a sysop?
<orph> system operator
<Hermes> yea it just grabs the title and puts in on the webpage
<Electra418> oh there I go again LOL!
<Electra418> so obvious!
<orph> to ICT people it is ^^
<Electra418> hahaha - I feel better then!
<Hermes> i think all of you did well with this exercise
<Hermes> and it shows that with some effort you can improve
<Aoibheal> well, I'll definitely be trying to improve
<Hermes> the only difference between you and a psychic is that they use it more
<Aoibheal> not innate ability?
<Hermes> energy connects everything
<orph> but more often? or also differently?
<Hermes> and your consciousness reads energy
<Hermes> you just have to learn to use your focus in a different way
<Hermes> to read the energy that is there but is not seen
<orph> *nods
<Hermes> Aiobheal everyone has this ability
<Hermes> and this exercise was a way to show you that you do
<Aoibheal> just like any other muscle you must use it in order to strengthen it?
<Hermes> yes. exactly
<Hermes> you just have not used it so it gets lazy
<Hermes> i made you stretch it a bit here tonight
<Aoibheal> stretching is good!
<Sunshine652> Yes it is and thank you for helping us
<Electra418> Yep - great session Hermes!
<Aoibheal> definitely fun
<Daniel234> :)
<Hermes> yea this one is always fun, i have been meaning to do it for weeks
<Aoibheal> will we be doing more in this vein?
<Hermes> sure
<Hermes> i will do another one next time
<orph> great
<Aoibheal> Excellent!
<orph> ^^
<Electra418> great stuff!
<Hermes> and you have all stepped into a large world now
<Aoibheal> ???
<Hermes> you found out you all have a new skill
<Hermes> you can use and develop
<Sunshine652> How exciting !!
<Aoibheal> the implications are enormous!
<Electra418> Yes - it does have a very exciting feeling to tit
<Hermes> yes!
<Electra418> Hermes - when you do the log could you please correct my spelling there!
<Hermes> sure
<Electra418> Hahahahaha!
<Hermes> i do a spell check
<Aoibheal> looking forward to more exercises and guidance on the larger aspects
<Hermes> yes this was a nice taste to get you all thinking and excited about it
<C4RB0N> Are there any risks we should know about?
<Hermes> we will progress with this
<Hermes> not that I know of any
<Electra418> well we're all risk -takers here LOL!
<Aoibheal> (grins) well, I know I don't have to worry about progressing too quickly!
<C4RB0N> I mean, aren't there certain ah... groups that actively practice various occult things?
<Aoibheal> Lightworkers?
<Hermes> how would that interfere with your developing your psychic talents
<orph> carbon, you mean like the golden dawn type cults?
<shrishti> I really would like to do more group trips to tree of life
<Electra418> Oh me too but we do that with Iris
<Aoibheal> don't you have to be able to do an OBE to go to the tree?
<Hermes> yes hopefully Iris will be doing more trips to malkuth
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<Hermes> if not than I will next week
<orph> Iris thought next stop would be yesod ;)
<Electra418> see if she can get there in one piece this time LOL!
<Aoibheal> I can't consciously do OBE
<shrishti> I landed in HOD last time instead of malkuth!
<Electra418> Nice one!
<Hermes> yea, it could be
<shrishti> how does that happen!
<Aoibheal> maybe she was ready to leave Malkuth?
<Hermes> you do not need to OBE to travel to the tree of life, we do it in mild meditation
<Daniel234> When are you ready?
<C4RB0N> Is there anything above Kether?
<Hermes> you can over shoot malkuth and go to other Sephira
<Hermes> that happens
<Aoibheal> I imagine when her guides decided she was ready
<Hermes> there is another tree of life above kether, but that is for ascended masters
<orph> there is the nothingness (AIN)
<Hermes> the one we travel too has all the human lessons
<Electra418> Wow I never knew that
<Aoibheal> is that connected with the etheric chakras?
<Hermes> the tree of life does have some connection to the chakras yes
<Daniel234> can you go at this time to all Sephiras
<Aoibheal> physical or etheric chakras?
<Hermes> Tiphareth is connected to the heart chakra for example
<Hermes> ONce you go to the towers and pillars of light and dark the rest of the tree of life is open to you
<Hermes> generally speaking
<Daniel234> okay
<Daniel234> to go the next one
<shrishti> i was propelled to tiphareth after hod
<Aoibheal> can I do anything to prepare for a meditation on the tree?
<Hermes> you can practice doing some meditations
<Hermes> unless you already do regular meditations
<C4RB0N> What's the highest you've visited, Hermes?
<Hermes> the hardest part is the relaxing part
<Aoibheal> what type of meditations? I try to meditate but the restless mind usually wins
<Hermes> I have been in Kether and to the top of the Aethyrs
<Hermes> kether is rather easy to get to
<Hermes> all the sephira are fairly easy to get to
<Hermes> desire is usually enough to propel you there
<Aoibheal> Can I use crystal meditation to reach there?
<Hermes> Aoibheal, just relax, clear the mind for a bit, then just let things happen
<shrishti> I have to leave
<shrishti> see you next time
<Hermes> yes crystals help a great deal
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<Hermes> crystals give you extra energy to propel your consciousness outward
<Hermes> so travel meditations tend to be easier with crystals
<Hermes> but you can do them without them as well
<Electra418> could you explain that
<Hermes> when you meditate with crystals
<Hermes> your energy is raised slightly
<Hermes> a crystal
<Electra418> how they propel the consciousness outward
<Hermes> vibrates at the frequency of the universe
<Hermes> so when you meditate with the crystal, it starts to raise your vibration
<C4RB0N> With the help of a crystal, would it be possible for someone to visit the next Tree up?
<Hermes> this is like heating up water in a pot
<Hermes> the water starts to boil and wants to change form
<Hermes> your consciousness starts to vibrate faster from the crystals heating it up
<Hermes> and it wants to leave the body
<Hermes> it starts to free itself
<Hermes> it makes the process easier
<Electra418> I never realized that they were good for this kind of meditation
<Hermes> Carbon I could not say
<Daniel234> I use the crystals almost every time and it works great!
<Hermes> there is a barrier at the top of kether that prevents anything not ascended from passing
<Aoibheal> thanks, I'll definitely use my crystals next time. What about andara stones?
<orph> In one kabbalist book I read that only the masters of kether can understand the higher tree
<Hermes> but you never know what is possible
<orph> like, the people who are native to kether
<orph> yea
<orph> who knows
<Hermes> yes orph that is how i understand it as well
<Hermes> even if you could travel there
<Hermes> your perceptions would not be correct
<Aoibheal> Does anyone else use andara stones in place or in conjunction with crystals to access the higher levels?
<Hermes> andara stones?
<Electra418> what are andara stones?
<orph> that's new :)
<Hermes> is that a kind of gemstone or mineral
<Electra418> yes - explain!
<Aoibheal> I need to do more research before I can completely explain it but they were brought to my attention by a friend who has a collection of them
<Aoibheal> They look rather like colored obsidian - they come in all colors including black
<Hermes> any links to pictures you may have
<Aoibheal> and to me, at least, they seem to have the ability to push your energy higher
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<Aoibheal> thanks, orph!
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<Hermes> the yellow one looks like it has citrine in it
<orph> another question, how does the experience differ between visiting the kether aspect of malkuth and visiting kether itself?
<Aoibheal> In any event, according to my friend, they are very useful in many ways
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<Hermes> orph are you talking about the tree of life within each sephira
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<orph> yea
<Hermes> i never found that to correspond too well
<orph> how so?
<Hermes> i have always been aware of the 5 regions of malkuth but as far as like 10 subdivisions of it, that is a tough one
<Aoibheal> Is that like the shadow Kether?
<orph> not quite
<orph> it's an endless division
<orph> sort of
<Hermes> the regions of malkuth or any sephira seem so connected
<orph> a tree in a tree in a tree...
<Hermes> but each sephira seems so distinct
<Aoibheal> As though it were a mirror that splintered
<Hermes> i never found it easy to find this distinction within each sephira
<Hermes> i know the texts say it is divided as such
<Hermes> but in practice
<Hermes> that seems so different
<orph> I see aspects of the tree in the physical
<orph> hmm
<Hermes> i guess what I am saying is, these inner divisions are very hard to see
<Electra940> I often wondered if these divisions exist in theory only
<orph> ok
<Hermes> now if i sat down and thought about it, perhaps i could say that the crystal cave is part of the Kether region of malkuth
<Electra940> like there's a difference between the theory and the practice
<Hermes> but you see how complicated it now gets
<Aoibheal> crystal cave? Merlin's crystal cave?
<Hermes> it could be merlin's cave
<Hermes> its in the north part of Malkuth
<Hermes> I was going to head everyone there in the next meditation
<Aoibheal> that'd be a sight to see
<orph> :D
<Electra940> hahaha -
<Daniel234> I saw a couple of weeks ago a river full of crystals
<Hermes> yea
<Hermes> you were close
<Daniel234> is it near the crystal cave
<Daniel234> okay
<Daniel234> :)
<Hermes> just up the road a bit from that garden of crystals
<Electra940> Hermes - does the Tree of Life point East
<orph> ...divisions are man made, so I suppose every division will depend on the person making it
<Electra940> what I mean is, is Kether in the East?
<Hermes> I actually do not think of points of the compass when interacting with the tree of life
<Hermes> though I do sometimes use it
<Electra940> oh ok - so you don't have to I wasn't sure on this
<Electra940> because the 2 pillars on the Tree of Life are supposed to be N and S
<Hermes> I always thought of the tree of life as existing along side
<Hermes> you mean on that picture
<keesh> hermes who created malkuth and the other places?
<C4RB0N> So the Tree has it's own dimension in addition to the one's we're familiar with?
<Hermes> yes the tree exists in its own space. You step out of the physical plane a bit and then you are there
<Hermes> the tree was created long time ago to help consciousness evolve but it is more than that
<Hermes> each sephira is a big energy transformer that actually helps create physical reality
<Hermes> energy from source passes through each sephira and is slowed down
<Hermes> malkuth slows the energy of spirit below the speed of light
<Hermes> so that you can have physical reality
<Hermes> its like white light from a prism being broken up
<Hermes> into various parts
<C4RB0N> How does the Tree of Life compare to the Aethyrs?
<Hermes> when you visit a sephira you immerse yourself in that energy
<Hermes> The tree of life is much simpler to the Aethyrs
<Hermes> but both exist across similar energy levels
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<Hermes> binah for example is near ZAX
<Hermes> Malkuth is near RII and TEX
<Hermes> they are different systems
<Hermes> it is like two roads going to similar places
<orph> what about cross referencing the tree of life with the norse world tree iggdrasil? :)
<Hermes> i guess we could do that sure
<Hermes> i am not too familiar with that
<orph> oki
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<Hermes> i think each culture had its way of interpreting these things
<orph> the norse stories are similar in content to the kabbalistic stories
<orph> but way different in style
<orph> it's fun to read both of them
<orph> and cross reference
<Hermes> yea i will have to look into that more
<Hermes> any links of where to start
<orph> one version from the freezing nordic regions, and one version from the blazing deserts
<orph> the most striking resemblance to me is that they both emerge from the void
<orph> the AIN in the Kabbalah and the ginnugegap in the Norse myths
<C4RB0N> If the Aethyrs and The Tree of Life "are like two cities next to each other", what are some of the other cities? Iggdrasil?
<orph> iggdrasil is a tree too
<orph> but it comes from norse mythology
<Hermes> i have not done the research but Iggdrsil sounds like the tree of life just a different interpretation
<orph> instead of malkuth it has Midgard for instance
<Hermes> you will find when you visit these spheres they are very much tailored to your perceptions
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<Hermes> so the norse people would perceive this environment their own way
<orph> yea
<Daniel234> I am going of thank you for the workshop and till next week!!
<Daniel234> :) bye
<Hermes> ok bye
<orph> see you next week :)
<Hermes> good having you
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<Aoibheal> I thought that Midgard was simply the physical plane
<orph> yes it is
<Aoibheal> ok
<Hermes> malkuth is also considered the physical plane
<Hermes> in a strict sense
<C4RB0N> Weird.
<Aoibheal> but it's not physical at all!
<Hermes> malkuth extends past the moon but includes the earth
<Aoibheal> It's not on this plane, though, is it?
<Hermes> A real strict interpretation of Malkuth would include physical reality
<Hermes> but I don't
<Hermes> it gets too confusing
<C4RB0N> If it's physical, could you travel there physically?
<Hermes> I could say malkuth is divided into 6 sections with physical reality being the lowest portion of it
<C4RB0N> There go my holiday plans...
<Hermes> the parts we visit in malkuth exist on the etheric plane
<orph> lol
<Hermes> :)
<Hermes> ok, i think it is time to wrap it up
<orph> ok
<Hermes> i think everyone did great today
<orph> the paper thing was fun ^^
<Sunshine652> Thank you all for this forum
<orph> good night :)
<Hermes> I look forward to seeing everyone next time, next week
<C4RB0N> Aye, thanks for hosting & coming!
<Hermes> bye
Session Close: Thu Oct 18 18:19:42 2007