The relationship mirror; banishing negative thoughts; what to expect from your first crystal meditation; hollow earth and the Lemurians; making and using wands
September 13, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Sep 13 16:34:41 2007
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<Daniel70> but I lost the depression in 2 days, everybody was amazed
<Destiny349> hi herm
<Hermes> howdy
<Daniel70> Hi
<Destiny349> 2days wow
<Daniel70> yes I recognized so much
<attuned> that sounds familiar daniel
<Daniel70> :)
<LogoRat> o/ hermes
<Daniel70> since that time my world was changed hehe
<Destiny349> bless
<Daniel70> :)
<Hermes> How is everyone today
<LogoRat> emotional
<Daniel70> emotional 2
<Destiny349> content
<LogoRat> got one question for you hermes
<LogoRat> about relationships
<Hermes> sure logorat, good to see you again
<LogoRat> :)
<LogoRat> same
<LogoRat> what is it that makes relationships such good tools for learning about yourself and life
<Hermes> your relationship is a mirror to yourself
<Hermes> your mate will usually mirror back at you things that are going on within you
<Hermes> things you may need to work on
<Hermes> or explore
<LogoRat> yeah
<LogoRat> I've noticed that..its great
<LogoRat> though its tough sometimes to face it
<Hermes> sure
<Hermes> it creates tension
<LogoRat> mmmm
<Hermes> because you do not like what you see
<LogoRat> yeh
<Hermes> the trick, if there is such a thing...
<Hermes> is to realize that your mate is being a mirror
<LogoRat> mmmmmk
<Hermes> search inside you for this thing and try to remove it
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> for example, if you are experiencing anger
<Hermes> than remove the anger within you
<Hermes> this will prevent anger from flaring up in the relationship
<Hermes> you can't really experience something if you do not have it inside you. So in theory if you removed all anger from your inner being, your relationship would reflect this back.
<LogoRat> yah, i've managed to deal with that ..almost had myself jump on her for it but stopped myself and realized it was something with myself i had to deal with
<Hermes> it would be impossible for anger to be present between you at all
<LogoRat> mmmm
<LogoRat> sometimes I'm afraid that my thoughts on things..will affect my reality instantly and affect my relationship in a bad way
<LogoRat> if i worry etc
<LogoRat> that i manifest it
<Destiny349> i'm the same
<Hermes> if you ever get thoughts you do not like or feelings you do not like banish them
<Hermes> you can say
<Hermes> to yourself
<Hermes> "Mighty I AM, Shatter and Consume these thoughts NOW! I do not want them or desire them to affect my reality!"
<Destiny349> :)
<Hermes> you keep saying that until they are gone
<Hermes> sometimes once is not enough
<LogoRat> ok...
<Hermes> the earlier you catch it the easier it is to banish
<Hermes> if you have only been having these thoughts for a few minutes it is easier than if you have been having them for a half hour
<Hermes> bad emotions and thoughts tend to dig in the longer they stay
<Hermes> so it gets harder to evict them
<Daniel70> Hi Hermes I am new here but some people say you have to accept these thoughts also and let them go?
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<Destiny349> wb
<Hermes> well
<Hermes> let them go is okay
<Hermes> accept them
<Hermes> no, i would not do that
<Hermes> anytime you accept something you make it part of your reality
<LogoRat> how do you 'not accept' and still focus on the now and be calm?
<Hermes> you kick bad thoughts and feelings out of you
<Hermes> you demand they leave
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> you refuse to let them have hold on you
<Hermes> its like getting splashed with mud
<Hermes> you would not leave the mud there would you
<Hermes> no
<Hermes> you would clean it off
<Hermes> bad thoughts and emotions are the same
<Hermes> clean them off you, banish them
<Hermes> most likely they came from someplace else
<Daniel70> okay
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> you just picked up on the bad energy
<Hermes> and made it your own
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<Hermes> test
<Daniel70> I had a strange experience with it and did not know what happened
<Daniel70> yes thank you I learned from it to
<Daniel70> Hi Hermes did you read my question because you were off for a moment?
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<Hermes> no
<Hermes> resend it
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Session Start: Thu Sep 13 17:08:24 2007
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<Daniel70> wow I had a strange experience today with the crystal meditation
<Daniel70> I did it for the first time
<Hermes> i am back
<Daniel70> It was like some real powerful energy was present when I meditated
<Daniel70> Lightly in the head and it was like I was close to lose consciousness
<Daniel70> I just stopped because I didn't now what was happening
<Daniel70> also my view changed I had my Eyes closed but it sort of changed
<Daniel70> Hard to explain
<Destiny349> maybe you were just in a really relaxed state
<Daniel70> I did the triangle meditation
<LogoRat> F.E.A.R = False Evidence Appearing Real - Gary Busey
<Daniel70> Yeah but I meditate allot but this was something I didn't experienced before
<LogoRat> wb ;)
<Daniel70> okay
<Daniel70> shall i resend the question again or did you read it?
<attuned> [23:02] <Daniel70> wow I had a strange experience today with the crystal meditation
<attuned> [23:02] <Hermes> resend it
<attuned> [23:02] <Daniel70> I did it for the first time
<attuned> [23:02] <Daniel70> It was like some real powerful energy was present when I meditated
<attuned> [23:03] <Daniel70> Lightly in the head and it was like I was close to lose consciousness
<attuned> [23:03] <Daniel70> I just stopped because I didn't now what was happening
<attuned> [23:03] <Daniel70> also my view changed I had my Eyes closed but it sort of changed
<attuned> [23:04] <Daniel70> Hard to explain
<attuned> [23:04] <Destiny349> maybe you were just in a really relaxed state
<attuned> [23:04] <Daniel70> I did the triangle meditation
<Daniel70> thanks :)
<LogoRat> i love life
<Hermes> ok i am back
<Hermes> i keep getting disconnected
<Hermes> yes you sent me that question today
<Hermes> in email
<Hermes> if you have never done a crystal meditation it can be intense
<Hermes> there is lots of energy
<Hermes> and it can overwhelm you into a dreamy condition
<Hermes> it also
<Hermes> likes to send you out of your body
<Hermes> if you are sensitive to those things
<Hermes> so some of what you saw
<Hermes> the lights
<Hermes> was the beginning of an OBE/travel meditation
<Hermes> usually you see a dark purple color
<Hermes> and that takes you to Malkuth
<Hermes> in the Tree of Life
<Daniel70> I Yeah I am sensitive for out of body experiences but I never had one I always stopped but as intense as today I never had it before!
<LogoRat> is it possible to have protection mechanisms for yourself to not go out exploring nonphysical to hold you focused on the physical more?
<Hermes> you mean to stay in
<Hermes> instead of traveling
<Hermes> the travel meditations are great
<Hermes> why would you want to stop that
<Daniel70> I thin fear
<Hermes> you get to meet teachers and angels
<Daniel70> because it feels really strange in the head and everything
<Hermes> well this is part of your growth process
<Daniel70> like I loose consciousness
<Hermes> you have to get over it
<Daniel70> so its not dangerous
<Hermes> no not at all
<Hermes> you will drift off
<LogoRat> i don't know either.. but there was this special day when it all stopped for i got overloaded or something .. I met my friends and teachers and my "workers" and after that meeting my experience stopped
<Hermes> and for a moment see this slight
<Hermes> then find yourself in a nice green place
<Hermes> lots of plants and trees
<Hermes> a garden
<Hermes> that is the garden in Malkuth
<Daniel70> Do this happen automatically to get in Malkuth?
<Hermes> LogoRat you have been unable to travel meditation since then?
<LogoRat> i have been..but not consciously..only "memories" ..the emotional memory
<Hermes> Yes Daniel, it pretty much is automatic
<Hermes> your experience is guided
<LogoRat> oh?
<Hermes> your spirit guide is there
<Hermes> helping you get there
<LogoRat> k
<Daniel70> okay I never met one, but i have to get over the fear then
<Hermes> yes, you have to just let it happen
<LogoRat> i always hold my intent to go places and know i've been there..but don't have visual memory of the event..only emotional
<Hermes> that can happen LogoRat
<LogoRat> k
<Daniel70> Hermes do you feel the same when you have such experience?
<Hermes> but you should be able to recall something. Are you perhaps afraid to remember
<Hermes> I feared it quite a bit in the beginning
<Hermes> but I did work through it
<LogoRat> i'm not really afraid of anything anymore ..maybe that is the problem hehe
<Hermes> realize i had no one telling me it was okay
<Hermes> i was in uncharted territory
<Hermes> so it was not easy for sure
<LogoRat> k
<Daniel70> wow that's even harder
<Daniel70> I understand
<Hermes> the experiences in Malkuth are really lots of fun, wonderful
<Daniel70> what do you do when you are there
<Hermes> after one or two you will be begging for them
<Daniel70> hehe
<Daniel70> :)
<Hermes> usually you will do something
<Hermes> you will be preprogrammed
<Hermes> first time you may just be alone
<Hermes> and look around
<Hermes> next time you may meet Sandalphon
<Hermes> he may give you a gift
<Hermes> or send you on a task
<Hermes> once you complete the task
<Hermes> then you can enter the rest of the Tree of Life
<Hermes> its a kind of initiation
<Daniel70> that sounds really nice
<Daniel70> Do you remember everything when you get back
<Hermes> you should
<Daniel70> to you physical body
<Hermes> i am not sure why LogoRAt does not remember
<Hermes> you will remember more as you get better with recall
<Daniel70> But the pressure was so hard when I meditated like al energy was going into my head hehe
<Hermes> at first you experiences are simple so you can easily remember them
<Daniel70> okay
<Hermes> well you can ask that the energy be more evenly distributed
<Hermes> your spirit guides can adjust that
<Hermes> but mostly
<Hermes> you are just not used to the intense energy from the crystals so it gives pressure in the head
<Hermes> this will pass as well
<Daniel70> okay
<Daniel70> I just have to let it go
<Destiny349> do we all have more then one spirit guide ?
<Hermes> yes, take a deep breath and relax
<Daniel70> Also compliments for this website
<Hermes> thanks, I appreciate it
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<Daniel70> So much information
<Daniel70> Tomorrow I will meditate again
<Daniel70> I will see what happens then
<Hermes> it will be easier next time
<Daniel70> Yes thank you for your answers it really help me
<Hermes> glad to help
<Daniel70> to get over some fears
<Daniel70> I have to read more about the tree of life I learned it from my teacher but I have to study it for my own also
<Hermes> well its good you do not remember too much
<Hermes> experiencing it for yourself is really the best way to learn about it
<Daniel70> that's true
<Hermes> once you have some adventures to Malkuth
<Hermes> usually your meditations will start to take you to each Sephira
<Daniel70> what is sephira
<Hermes> a single sphere in the tree of life
<Daniel70> okay
<Hermes> Malkuth is a Sephira
<Hermes> as is Kether
<Hermes> that is just what they are called when you are not being specific
<Daniel70> hehe okay
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<Daniel70> But how can I interpret that if I come to several Sephira how do I now where I am
<Hermes> usually you only do one at a time
<Hermes> at least until you get the knack of it
<Hermes> it is guided
<Hermes> in the beginning
<Hermes> your experiences in the Tree of Life
<Hermes> later you will be able to just go where you want
<Daniel70> okay I am glad these are guided the first times
<Daniel70> do you see you spirit guide/s?
<Hermes> i can see them in meditation or OBE
<Hermes> but not with my physical eyes
<Daniel70> I ask to much maybe I have to just experience it
<Hermes> questions are always good
<Hermes> no one asks too much
<Daniel70> okay :)
<Daniel70> What is Obe
<Hermes> Out of Body Experience
<Daniel70> wow okay
<Daniel70> Is this on every thursday?
<Hermes> yes
<Daniel70> cool
<attuned> Hermes what about the hollow earth theory, have you been underground, seen anyone?
<Hermes> you are talking about the Lemurians
<Hermes> left over
<LogoRat> lemurians?
<Hermes> The Lemurian civilization came before the Atlantis base on the earth
<Daniel70> I heard about it to but know not much about this civilization
<Hermes> to be honest I have not had any kind of contact with them
<Hermes> i did meet someone quite reliable who met Lemurians that came from the hollow earth
<Hermes> these two people came to the surface to help mankind
<Hermes> they said that they could not return once they came here
<Hermes> as the energy with humans changes them
<Hermes> it was a strange story
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<Hermes> i never spoke to these people myself
<Hermes> it was just third party connection
<LogoRat> have you gone to the center of the earth?
<Hermes> but nonphysically
<Hermes> i have to say I have not had any experience with their cultivation
<Hermes> they are said to be xenophobic so perhaps that is why
<Hermes> i also thought that perhaps they exist more in a parallel dimension but one that is in our past
<Hermes> and the few people that do seem to make their way into our reality do so by crossing time
<Hermes> that is just a theory
<Daniel70> sorry what is hollow earth and xenophobic
<Hermes> Hollow earth says that there is a civilization of Lemurians living inside the planet
<Hermes> they are an ancient race
<Hermes> it is said that most left and evolved
<Hermes> but some remained and closed the entrances to their caverns
<Hermes> and live deep inside the earth's crust
<Daniel70> wow okay nonphysical?
<Hermes> no physical beings
<Hermes> real people
<Daniel70> how is that possible
<Hermes> well we have not tech to reach or detect anything deep within the crust of the planet
<Hermes> it is uncharted territory
<Daniel70> okay
<Hermes> the Lemurians were very much afraid of hurting the natural planet
<Hermes> their cultivation came many years before Atlantis on the earth
<Hermes> they built their civilization inside the earth in caves
<Hermes> so that they would not disturbed the planet
<Hermes> they had openings to the surface
<Hermes> and would come to the surface from time to time
<Daniel70> do they look like just normal human beings or different
<Hermes> their DNA is much older than human DNA
<Hermes> so they would look different
<Hermes> i do not know of any pictures of them however
<Daniel70> sounds interesting
<Hermes> as far as these ones that are supposed to be living now
<LogoRat> my partner is hiding from something and don't want to express emotions...what does that tell me about myself ..i am not hiding my emotions.
<Hermes> they could have evolved to look human
<Hermes> or use human DNA
<attuned> in an OBE you could go there? was there ever a place you tried to reach but couldn't, like there's some guards?
<Hermes> Yes LogRAt, if your partner is not expressing emotions toward you than you either fear that expression or fear expressing emotions yourself
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> yes attuned I could go there, you are right
<LogoRat> how d i deal with my fear
<Hermes> most places are open to me
<Hermes> few are closed
<Hermes> these days
<Hermes> in the early days of OBE that was not the case
<attuned> oh?
<Hermes> i will have to put it on my list of things to check out
<Hermes> my theory with Hollow Earth is that they exist but in the past
<LogoRat> yeh do that..and check the dark side of the moon
<Hermes> and they time travel to reach our time
<Hermes> like a parallel world that exist in our past but also exist along side of us
<Hermes> i think
<Hermes> if you were to find these hollow earth people
<Hermes> you would have to travel some time doorway to reach them
<Hermes> but that is just a feeling on it
<Hermes> LogoRat the moon is a good place to OBE to as well
<Hermes> but very quiet place
<LogoRat> oh?
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> :)
<LogoRat> :) ill focus my intent on it tonight then
<attuned> in an obe how do you know if you're in the past or present?
<Hermes> now you can also visit Mars in an OBE and travel to the the past and see the civilization that was.
<Hermes> that is an interesting place
<Hermes> to set you sights on
<Hermes> there is much life in the universe
<Hermes> it is just not all happening at the same time
<Daniel70> wow there is much possible
<Hermes> but in OBE or travel mediation you can travel backward or forward in time if you like
<LogoRat> nice
<LogoRat> mmm
<Daniel70> How can you arrange that
<Hermes> you just ask your spirit guide to take you there
<Hermes> then be patient
<Hermes> and keep practicing your travel mediation or OBE
<Hermes> you will find yourself there on one of your adventures
<LogoRat> when i feel like crying because i miss my partner verymuch..does it help me to get closer to my partner?
<Hermes> does what help?
<LogoRat> to cry
<LogoRat> letting energy flow
<Hermes> crying is an emotional release mechanism to relive tension
<LogoRat> or am i wasting energy?
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> so it will make you feel better
<LogoRat> ok
<Hermes> relive- releve
<LogoRat> mmmm
<Daniel70> But I have to go, sleep a bit.
<Daniel70> thank you Hermes! and all the others that joined
<Hermes> Relieve <--- that is the word
<LogoRat> take care daniel
<Hermes> good evening Daniel
<Daniel70> I will be here next thursday because its very interesting
<Daniel70> thank you!
<Daniel70> Bye
<Hermes> bye
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<LogoRat> so do i deal with the fear of lack of expression of emotions from my partner?
<LogoRat> that is my final question
<LogoRat> :)
<Hermes> first how are your emotional expression toward your partner
<Hermes> is that okay
<LogoRat> yes
<Hermes> then, is there some reason why you would not want your partner to express herself emotionally
<Hermes> to you
<LogoRat> i want her to express herself more..she just stopped because of tons of work at home.
<LogoRat> and it makes me feel uncomfortable
<Hermes> so she is getting distant
<LogoRat> yes
<Hermes> have you talked to her about it
<Hermes> that is usually the first thing to do
<LogoRat> yes
<LogoRat> and she says "lots of work..mmmkaybye"
<LogoRat> hehe
<LogoRat> well it gets better
<LogoRat> i accept it..but still want to deal with it in myself if possible
<Hermes> perhaps you have just lost that spark from when you first met. Have you tried to do those little things you used to do when you first met
<Hermes> its easy to get complaisant
<Hermes> you stop doing those small things that make the magick
<Hermes> than she stops
<Hermes> before you know it you are stuck in a niche
<LogoRat> yeh it stopped when she had to work her ass off
<Hermes> i sense anger there toward her job
<LogoRat> yes she hates it
<LogoRat> and hates to be pissed about it
<Hermes> but do you hate it
<Hermes> are you angry at her job or working too much
<Hermes> this can create an anger barrier between the two of you
<Hermes> and push her away
<LogoRat> i'm frustrated
<LogoRat> not towards her though
<Hermes> well if she needs this job than it may be a good idea to learn to accept it and work around it
<LogoRat> mmyeah
<Hermes> if you have anger toward her job
<Hermes> that will project into her
<LogoRat> need to find the space in between
<Hermes> she will be angry at her job
<LogoRat> ok
<LogoRat> ahhh
<Hermes> you are a mirror for her as well
<LogoRat> true
<Hermes> so if your mirror is more accepting
<Hermes> than that can help to diminish the bad energy building around the issue
<LogoRat> oh... something poppedup in my mind..
<LogoRat> like if i accept, she will move away
<LogoRat> ahh ok
<Hermes> she will move away from where
<Hermes> from you
<LogoRat> yeah because i don't focus on the communication
<LogoRat> complicated heheh
<Hermes> well communication is important. I am just saying to try to accept the situation of her working
<LogoRat> but ill deal with it
<LogoRat> yeh that is no problem
<LogoRat> just know that she misses me a living hell as well as i miss the work is in the way yes
<Hermes> well you need to be creative
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> to find ways to express your feelings to each other around the work issue
<Hermes> but first you have to get rid of the anger toward her job
<Hermes> that will change much if you can do that
<LogoRat> ok
<LogoRat> cool
<LogoRat> tricky lol
<LogoRat> hehe
<Hermes> they always are
<LogoRat> yeh ..challenges
<LogoRat> ill beat the system
<LogoRat> moahah
<LogoRat> thx for the advice m8
<Hermes> np
<Hermes> attuned have you had any experiences with the Hollow Earth people
<Hermes> why did you ask about them
<attuned> no..
<Hermes> i actually forgot all about them myself
<attuned> I'm just checking some theories and stories
<Hermes> its strange
<attuned> how do you prove a theory to yourself
<Hermes> i can for example focus on visiting these people
<Hermes> and travel in obe
<Hermes> and meet them
<Hermes> but now
<Hermes> you have to wonder
<Hermes> are they in our probability line
<Hermes> or dimension
<LogoRat> why not forget about the people and just go into the place they are in
<attuned> right
<LogoRat> either the earth is compact or its hollow hehe
<Hermes> it is easy to visit these places in the nonphysical but harder to determine just where you are and when
<attuned> and how do you know if it's in the past or present
<attuned> yes
<Hermes> but some investigation will yield some data
<Hermes> i like to ask John (Sandalphon) about these things
<Hermes> he usually can give a straight answer on these things
<LogoRat> is there a way to help a partner by taking them to a place of relaxation on the you have any suggestions?
<Hermes> sure, you can meet with them in a shared dream or OBE and give them some attention
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> i use that medium all the time to find out about things
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> people are so closed physically
<LogoRat> mmmm
<Hermes> but on the nonphysical they open right up
<LogoRat> yeh
<Hermes> you can usually spot the problem straight away there
<LogoRat> nice
<Hermes> i will often do healings on people on the nonphyscial
<LogoRat> ohh
<Hermes> this then transposes over to the physical plane
<LogoRat> :)
<LogoRat> thx, ill keep that in mind..gonna go to bed now a release some energy inside me and then take my partner for a ride
<attuned> you were talking about wands, how do you use that and for doing what?
<LogoRat> goodnight people
<Hermes> ok logorat have a good night
<Hermes> i love wands
<attuned> bye logo
<Hermes> i have a healing wand
<LogoRat> bye
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<Hermes> it has a lemurian healer crystal in one end and a rose quartz sphere in the other
<Hermes> i use that to heal just about anything on myself
<Hermes> and the dog
<Hermes> and others when the time presents itself
<Hermes> you hold it over the area that needs healing and gently work the energy into the area
<Hermes> kind of like scribbling
<Hermes> after a bit you get a sense for what you are doing
<Hermes> and can actually feel the energy go from you to it
<Hermes> my other wand is the fire wand
<Hermes> i use that to charge crystals
<Hermes> create my banishing pentagrams to ward away dark energy
<Hermes> and negative energy
<Hermes> the fire wand too has a crystal at one end
<Hermes> the other end is just closed
<Hermes> i never got round to taking those pictures for Orph
<attuned> have a picture of that?
<attuned> ah
<Hermes> I will try to do that and put them up on the web
<attuned> do you say something while using it?
<Hermes> for healing i use the OLAP (oh-el-aa-pay)
<Hermes> as it helps to unlock more energy
<attuned> so why the wand, not just hold the crystals?
<Hermes> the wand delivers a bigger charge
<Hermes> you can use wood or metal
<Hermes> what happens is the wood or metal helps to connect you to the crystal
<Hermes> in a better way than by touching the crystal
<attuned> why is that
<Hermes> the crystal works better when it is not held
<Hermes> your body energy in direct contact with the crystal diminishes its power
<Hermes> your body power and its are incompatible
<Hermes> the wood or metal acts like a transformer
<Hermes> changing the energy to a more compatible form for both of you
<Hermes> also
<Hermes> the wood and metal store a charge
<Hermes> like a battery
<Hermes> so the more you use it
<Hermes> the more energy it stores
<Hermes> it stores
<Hermes> this stored energy also increases the power
<Hermes> you can use hold a crystal and use it
<Hermes> but wands tend to work a bit better
<Hermes> can use = can just
<Hermes> do you have any crystals there you can experiment with
<Hermes> get a piece of wood, a branch or something and tie the crystal to it with some string
<Hermes> then try to feel the difference between using just a crystal and with the wand
<attuned> ok
<Hermes> it would be better to hollow out the tip of the wood
<Hermes> but use the string for now as an easy test
<Hermes> well i guess that is about it
<Hermes> any other questions
<Hermes> before i depart
<attuned> I'll try that
<attuned> nothing else
<Hermes> good to see you again
<Hermes> i will see you next week then
<attuned> ok
<Hermes> ok night
Session Close: Thu Sep 13 18:52:46 2007

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