making wands; Atlantis and electricity production; a shared OBE
September 6, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Sep 06 16:20:40 2007
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<Hermes> howdy
<Hermes> hi attuned, darlok
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<Hermes> hi orph
<orph> hi :)
<orph> thanks for that reply about the wands :)
<orph> still writing the article and will let you know when its done
<Hermes> glad to help
<orph> any topic yet?
<Hermes> no topic yet
<Hermes> its on the list of things to do
<Hermes> what usually happens with a room full of people is the topic goes out the window
<Hermes> so i got out of the habit of setting topics
<Hermes> i used to do that
<Hermes> we never talked about the topic of the day
<Hermes> but with the small groups over the summer topics would work
<Hermes> it is easier to keep on track with only several people in a room
<orph> yea, something to fall back on
<orph> hey, about wands though... ^^
<Hermes> yea it be nice to cover various aspects that from week to week make whole
<Hermes> so i am thinking about it
<orph> have you got a caduceus by any chance?
<Hermes> a caduceus wand
<Hermes> i did make one
<Hermes> yes
<orph> what would you use it for?
<Hermes> i never found it very useful
<orph> oh
<Hermes> i did use it
<Hermes> from time to time
<Hermes> for energizing things
<orph> it's so elaborate
<orph> anyway
<Hermes> yea it is
<Hermes> i guess that is why I found it less useful
<orph> still powerful, just elaborate :)
<Hermes> i have a healing wand and a fire wand that I use allot
<orph> I'll be re reading your reply a few times while writing the article
<orph> speaking of elaborate ^^
<orph> fire wand
<orph> that sounds obvious, but I have to ask
<Hermes> yea straight wand with a crystal at end
<orph> what is a fire wand?
<Hermes> i use it to invoke fire energy
<Hermes> the healing wand has a healer crystal in the end
<Hermes> and rose quartz at the back
<Hermes> so that is just for more apt for healing
<Hermes> the regular wand i use for energizing things
<orph> any staffs in the collection?
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> big one
<Hermes> 6 foot tall
<orph> self made too?
<Hermes> yes. I can send you pictures
<orph> woo
<Hermes> the staff has a magnetic coil
<orph> that would be nice :)
<Hermes> with batteries and a halogen light
<Hermes> it generates a magnetic field and light beam that can be used for energizing
<Hermes> things
<Hermes> the fire wand too has that but much smaller configuration
<Hermes> i actually am not sure why i made the staff bigger than i am
<Hermes> but that is how it came out
<orph> staff connects heaven and earth, it's supposed to be big :)
<Hermes> yea true
<Hermes> i also made a rainbow wand
<Hermes> that has a crystal at each end
<Hermes> and has the ten chakra colors
<Hermes> in bands
<Hermes> from one end to another
<orph> nice
<Hermes> i think its 10
<orph> all that isn't on the site is it?
<Hermes> that is handy for spiritual energy
<Hermes> i did one article on wands but never did display the different kinds
<Hermes> i think it is handy to make your own tools
<orph> certainly adds a connection
<Hermes> it is like Luke making his own light-saber
<orph> lol
<Hermes> yes the connection is much stronger that way
<orph> star wars is so spiritual anyway
<Hermes> yea lots of spiritual stuff in that story
<orph> still hoping for a part 7 through 9 some day
<orph> ^^
<Hermes> yea that would be nice
<Darlok> back.. whatsup Hermes and Orph
<Hermes> i made a super wand one day, which was very dangerous and had to be dismantled
<orph> welcome back :)
<orph> lol
<Hermes> i used a big 1 inch round pipe
<orph> what happened?
<Hermes> put a projection bulb used for a movie projector in it
<Hermes> took huge wires and wrapped it around the pipe
<Hermes> put a huge fist size crystal at the top
<orph> ok, picture is forming already
<orph> :D
<Hermes> then plugged it into the 110volt electrical outlet
<Hermes> man
<Hermes> that put out some energy wave
<Hermes> the pipe turned red hot
<Hermes> and the lights dimmed in the house
<Hermes> you can tell how much energy these wands put out by hanging a crystal on a string over the end of the crystal in the wand
<Hermes> the larger the spin the more energy it puts out
<Hermes> on my smaller Direct Current versions the crystal would spin about 4 inch circle
<orph> the branch that I made the runes from was a V shape, so now one part is gone for runes, and the other part will be for a wand
<Hermes> on this huge 110 volt ac version the crystal spun out nearly the length of the string which was about 12 inches
<orph> I'll carve a bennu head at the top
<orph> and probably put a tuning fork at the bottom
<orph> lol
<orph> 12 inches
<Hermes> yea, when the pipe turned red i turned it off
<orph> yea, wood sounds increasingly safer
<Hermes> then took it apart
<Hermes> it was way too dangerous for normal use
<orph> perhaps for demolishing work
<Hermes> you know i have memories of such devices in atlantis
<Hermes> but do not know what we used them for
<Hermes> the big ones
<orph> they used electricity there?
<Hermes> yea
<Hermes> it was produced from gold
<Hermes> this is why gold is such a sought after item
<Hermes> not because it is pretty
<Hermes> it creates a tremendous amount of electricity
<Hermes> once you have the tech to do so
<orph> but it's just rare
<Hermes> well in atlantis there was much gold
<Hermes> remember Atlantis was actually located in another galaxy
<Hermes> that planet it was on was rich in gold
<orph> oh, so you do mean atlantis the planet, not the island
<orph> ok
<Hermes> right, not the island
<Hermes> correct, the planet not the island
<Hermes> gold being sought after comes from this ancient memory more than from the fact that it is rare
<Hermes> buried in the psyche is the ancient knowledge of just how precious it was for energy production
<orph> if atlantis was the hot spot of cool spiritual stuff in the past, is there one such place out there now?
<orph> if so, it would be a fun OBE location I think :)
<Hermes> atlantis tech is not lost. There are those three races that watch humanity that still use much of that tech
<Hermes> the Essenes, Alteans, and the Pleadians
<Hermes> i am told that the earth had much more gold than it has now
<Hermes> after the invaders came and started mining gold
<Hermes> the Essenes removed much of the earth's gold and put it away
<orph> can't alchemists just replace some? :)
<Hermes> until we grow enough to need it
<Hermes> you would think so
<Hermes> but as far as I know there is no way to make gold
<Hermes> from other elements
<Hermes> it has to be mined from planets and asteroids
<orph> what of those like Nicholas Flamel?
<Hermes> yea but no one has found the formula
<Hermes> they used
<orph> I know scientists can make gold in particles in atom accelerators, but since it costs that much more in power then the value that would come out, it's just one of those fun things to know
<Hermes> well than perhaps that is the problem
<orph> gold particles *
<Hermes> it takes more power to make it
<Hermes> i just know that gold is sought after in the universe to power these advanced civilizations
<orph> perhaps in, say, 10.000 years of time in technology development :)
<orph> hmmm
<Hermes> i know the reason the Essenes removed the gold from the earth was to make it less of a target
<orph> I always imagine highly evolved civilizations utilize energy sources that are more long lasting
<Hermes> it is long lasting
<Hermes> but keep in mind that these civilizations have existed for millions of years
<Hermes> that is a long time to go through gold
<orph> if they had to resort to raiding the earth though, that indicates a shortage ^^
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> gold is not common
<Hermes> in the universe
<orph> I'd suggest making a filter to grab it right as the gold atoms leave the sun
<orph> leave undeveloped planets in peace
<Hermes> well perhaps one day we will
<Hermes> but more aggressive civilizations would just take what they need
<orph> *dyson sphere it was called
<Hermes> not all the races out there that were seeded are peaceful
<orph> o, before I forget, I had a question :)
<Hermes> sure
<orph> in a dream yesterday, at some point into it, I happened to be chased down a hill by this army
<orph> me and some friends were running for our lives
<orph> but there was this person who looked somewhat like batman
<orph> dark cape and grim expression anyway
<orph> who had an invisible sword, that cut through the enemies swords
<orph> and at waking I thought...
<orph> an invisible sword, that cuts through the enemies sword
<orph> that sounds like something out of a story
<orph> any familiar symbolism in that?
<Hermes> sure
<Hermes> i have a nonphysical sword
<Hermes> i use it all the time
<Hermes> in fact
<Hermes> i am not sure this is connected
<Hermes> but last evening
<Hermes> i helped two people running from these military people
<Hermes> who wanted to beat the pulp out of them
<Hermes> the guys running were wearing brown
<Hermes> and the army was wearing dark blue
<Hermes> well
<Hermes> it was a squad
<Hermes> not an army
<Hermes> three or four people
<orph> well, what happened before was, I was on holiday with a group of friends. At some point we drove up a hill to some turkish bath,
<orph> my main friend, who drove the car stayed in, and I followed someone to take the bath somewhere outdoors on a hill
<orph> but I felt uncomfortable and then noticed the army
<orph> it were more like, say, 300 of them, wearing somewhat shiny white
<orph> I packed up the spare clothes I carried and ran ^^
<Hermes> strange
<orph> and my friends too
<Hermes> i guess it is not connected
<orph> and the army chased us
<orph> but the batman person charged them instead
<orph> and he was scary to them,
<orph> very menacing grin ^^
<orph> I'm sure it was connected, but just how
<orph> I felt he was in the dream on his own
<Hermes> i did wreck the squad
<orph> that happens, when characters seem to be there without me putting them into the role
<Hermes> and i do wear all black at times when i am on a mission like that
<Hermes> so it could of been me but doing the slashing with the sword
<orph> the sword was invisible, but somewhat flashing colors now and then
<Hermes> well I usually can see the sword
<Hermes> but it could be in invisible until i actually use it
<Hermes> invisible to others
<Hermes> i never much thought about that
<Hermes> i just pull it out of nowhere
<Hermes> and use it
<orph> oh, and by the way, even though a large group of men chased us, batman/you, only had to take out two or maybe three of them
<orph> after that I didn't see the rest
<Hermes> yea, i only remember two or three or four
<Hermes> but there could have been more
<Hermes> i just saw two guys being chased
<Hermes> by these guys with bad intent
<Hermes> and stepped in to dispatch these bad guys
<Hermes> then i left
<Hermes> i was actually on my way to Romania
<Hermes> to help someone there
<orph> :)
<orph> my dream took place in turkey
<orph> not too distant
<Hermes> yea
<Hermes> pretty close
<Hermes> wow its nice to have correlating dream elements like that
<Hermes> it does not usually happen
<orph> two people have to have good enough dream recall
<Hermes> outside of the differences in the color of the uniforms it does follow
<orph> if we all had such partial memory of real life, we'd have the same issues while awake :P
<Hermes> that is true
<Hermes> not everyone sees the same things the same even in physical reality
<orph> now I know what energy to recognize you by :)
<Hermes> yea look for the guy making the mess
<orph> lol
<orph> did you ever reach romania afterwards?
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> next attempt
<Hermes> sometimes the universe puts me someplace else on the way
<Hermes> i have come to understand that some kind of work needs to be done there
<Hermes> when that happens
<Hermes> then i move on to the original plan
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<Hermestr> back
<Darlok> orph or Hermes are any of u familiar with the Urantia Papers?
<orph> just by name
<orph> my friend whom I stay with has a book about it
<orph> (haven't read it yet though)
<Darlok> i see.. the urantia papers are like 5000 pages about everything.. They claim there are 700,000 universes
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<Hermestr> i never heard of it
<Darlok> the whole book right there
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<orph> lol, nice
<Darlok> it says Jesus CHrist aka Christ Michael or Archangel Michael rules this universe
<Hermestr> what else does it say
<Darlok> has details about Jesus life and his apostles.. his appearances once he ascended and came back to his apostles
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<Darlok> How everyone is in search of the Supreme Godhead and not even the angels can find him because he is hidden from them residing in his own mystery
<Darlok> the hierarchy of this universe and the 7 super universes
<orph> the Kabalah mentions something very similar
<Darlok> that there are 7 trillion planets in the 7 super universes
<Darlok> 7 trillion inhabited planets that is
<orph> o it's late, I have to call it the night, have a good night everyone :) and happy rest of the chat
<Darlok> cya later Orph
<Hermestr> by orph
<orph> seeya :)
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<Darlok> Hermes did u ever read Pistis Sophia of Jesus Christ? I mentioned the free online read to u a few weeks back and pasted u a link to it
<Hermestr> i have the link and downloaded the file
<Hermestr> but have not had the chance to read it
<Hermestr> its on my list of things to read
<Hermestr> this summer i have devoted all my time to working on Reality Creator III
<Darlok> yeah i wanna get that book asap :)
<Darlok> waiting for it
<Hermestr> its coming together
<Hermestr> finally
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Workshop ended prematurly due to frequent sever disconnection...

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