children and fear of the dark; initiation into the great pyramid; the Indian Calendar
August 30, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Aug 30 11:07:56 2007
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<attuned> hi iris
<iris> Hi! How are you?
<attuned> good. hey wanted to ask you if you've heard from Electra? never see her anymore
<iris> No, I haven't heard
<attuned> ic
<iris> she hasn't been here in weeks but I thought Hermes said she was going away
<attuned> ok
<iris> we've been having a slow summer
<iris> but summer is like that
<iris> how's your meditating going?
<attuned> hm don't do it much
<iris> it's not always easy to fit it in
<iris> especially if you're not in a quiet house
<iris> anything in particular you would like to discuss today?
<attuned> yes actually
<iris> good - we can start whenever you wish
<attuned> you know how children are afraid of the dark, they see something in it. so you can't tell them there's nothing there, but what do you tell them, to not make them more scared?
<iris> many times I think they do see things that we don't
<attuned> I'm sure. It was so with me too
<iris> It takes a child several years here before they lose the connection to the other side
<iris> so they have abilities that we all have but we bury them as we get more immersed in this reality
<iris> so we can't tell them that it's nothing - because in fact it may be something
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<orph> hi :)
<attuned> hi
<iris> hi orph
<orph> any topics going yet?
<iris> it's frightening for children because they don't understand
<iris> yes - children seeing things in the dark
<orph> ah
<orph> brings back memories
<iris> what they see is real to them so the best we can do is be supportive
<iris> let them know that we are there to comfort and protect
<attuned> something they could do/imagine to feel safer?
<iris> reassure them that they are not in any harm and they won't get hurt
<iris> perhaps help them think of pleasant things - or sing a favorite song, hold a favorite toy or blanket -
<orph> attuned, when I was a kid I found a lot of comfort in my toy swords :)
<orph> though blanket sounds good too ^^
<attuned> :)
<orph> but any item could do good
<orph> except dolls
<iris> know someone who sleeps with his swords under the bed even as an adult!
<orph> those are just scary by themselves
<orph> well, I do that too at times...
<orph> hey, it's not that strange
<iris> maybe just not that common!
<orph> I suppose
<orph> :D
<attuned> there are always nonphysical ones too
<iris> those are the best
<orph> anything that can help you decide that no shadow in no corner can get to you
<iris> the main thing is the child doesn't know what's happening - they are in this reality and then in the dream reality or OBE
<iris> yes, it's frightening
<orph> plus, the separation is too focused
<orph> on
<iris> there is no one reality that is "real" to the child
<orph> parents will have you believe that when you go to sleep, your waking self is put on pause
<orph> vulnerable
<orph> and some other self takes over for a while
<orph> they make the gap between the waking and sleeping state sound like its huge
<orph> like different worlds
<orph> and the dream world is a scary dark unknown world
<orph> fear of the unknown is usually what gets to people
<orph> kids
<orph> :)
<iris> all of us
<orph> *nods
<orph> it may be as uncommon as the swords, but what has always worked for me to feel safe,
<orph> was to think of work, school, chores
<orph> things to do
<orph> things to take care of
<orph> things to get through the night for I guess
<iris> yes - something safe and familiar
<orph> by now if I were to see a movement in a shadowy corner I'll say I have no time for this
<orph> and go back to sleep
<iris> and I'd want to find out what it was!
<orph> ah, I don't know ^^
<iris> the dream state has its own set of rules very different from here -
<iris> now the child is getting used to our rules and how to operate here and then has an adventure in the dreamstate - that's confusing!
<iris> even if the child is awake and sees in the dark - we have to give some thought to them "seeing" with there other senses - third eye when the physical eyes are not working
<iris> of course, you just can't explain all this to a young child
<iris> but whatever they experience is REAL to them and should not be dismissed lightly
<orph> also, what can really give you bad nightmares is an uncomfortable posture or temperature, or eating too late, anything causing discomfort
<iris> including watching a horror movie
<orph> lol
<orph> obvious but a good one
<iris> :-)
<orph> but kids will always need to see the horror movie
<iris> what is it that's in us that attracts us to them?
<orph> what other movies would kids watch?
<orph> drama?
<orph> thriller?
<orph> adult comedies? (why are you laughing dad?)
<orph> :D
<iris> disney?
<orph> well yea
<orph> but disney is not that "cool"
<attuned> why do they love weird looking monsters so much
<iris> i know
<orph> I can't quite remember what was so good about it though
<orph> I think as an adult you gradually desensitize, and most horror flicks get boring and repetitive
<iris> maybe they love weird because it brings them back to previous realities
<iris> I agree - we do desensitize
<iris> the weird also touches their creative nature - another thing we lose along the way
<orph> besides, kids are scary themselves anyway
<orph> singing strange rhymes in groups
<iris> lol
<orph> staring at people
<orph> hiding stuff behind their backs
<orph> behind*
<orph> it could just be that phase in life where fears are dealt with a lot
<iris> being able to entertain the wildest things because they have not yet been desensitized
<orph> yea
<orph> but it bites them in the behind at night, lol
<iris> and they do have a lot to fear - they are totally dependent on adults for survival
<iris> that's scary!
<orph> come to think about it, the best nightmares you have as a kid
<orph> scariest thing that I ever had happen to me was this dark nightmare where something attacked me in my bedroom,
<iris> without a doubt - it's then that all things are possible
<orph> it was pitch black and I was wrestled out of bed onto the floor
<orph> thankfully my sword was there
<orph> :)
<orph> but waking up at that point in the same dark room was no joke
<orph> *shivers
<orph> that just doesn't happen anymore
<iris> that's when our realities blend - dreamtime into physical
<iris> attuned, does any of this help?
<attuned> yes
<iris> good
<orph> and if the child is brought up religious, anything that can abolish that religions demons would be good
<orph> specific prayers
<orph> hmm, you could even make one up for the child
<orph> a mantra like rhyme
<orph> has to rhyme
<iris> maybe that's how the guardian angel prayer started
<orph> how does that go?
<iris> to protect the child through the night
<iris> let me see...
<iris> now I lay me down to sleep...
<iris> I pray the Lord my soul to keep
<iris> and if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take
<orph> that last line should be edited
<iris> agreed
<iris> there's another:
<iris> guardian angel be at my side
<iris> oh, wait...
<iris> angel of God, my guardian dear
<iris> to whom God's love commits me here
<iris> ever this day be at my side
<iris> to light and guard and rule and guide
<orph> this one sounds nice
<iris> and then there's -
<iris> Angel of God, my guardian dear
<iris> to whom God's love commits me here
<iris> watch over me through the night
<iris> keep me safe within your sight
<orph> o, was a dream catcher already suggested?
<iris> great idea!
<iris> catch all the bad ones in the web
<orph> plus some of those are just beautiful :)
<iris> agreed!
<iris> does anyone want to meditate today?
<orph> hmm
<orph> I was looking forward to it, but today has been exhausting
<orph> I'd fall asleep
<orph> ^^
<iris> that's fine - we all know those days!
<orph> but as a summary; if a child does not watch scary movies, has a good comfortable bed, does not eat too late, prays before sleeping, owns a dream catcher and or a safety blanket or any other item. THey should be fine.
<orph> :D
<iris> well said
<orph> all that and they won't want to come out of bed in the morning
<iris> and has an empathic adult around
<orph> yea
<iris> true - too comfy to move into this scary physical reality
<orph> the parent must be helpful
<orph> actually, a parent with whom you feel safe close by is probably the best
<iris> we do need each other to get through this scary physical reality
<iris> do either of you have suggestions for workshop topics for the fall?
<orph> oh
<orph> well, too many ^^
<orph> there is metaphysical items
<orph> any specific religion
<iris> well, then we just carry them through all seasons
<orph> lol
<orph> remote viewing and intuition practice is always fun
<orph> if there are enough people
<orph> any current global spiritual event
<iris> now that's an idea
<orph> like peace meditations
<orph> there are many of those
<orph> a topic could in fact be a meditation on world peace
<orph> or happiness
<orph> or spiritual understanding
<orph> hmm
<orph> o, I believe hermes mentioned crystals himself
<iris> these are good ideas
<orph> plenty of those
<orph> I could mail you some more since those just pop into mind during the day :)
<iris> that would be great
<orph> but Hermes has a lot of cool articles on this site. Any of them could serve as a topic
<orph> the chakra system
<orph> or tarot
<orph> or the aethyrs
<orph> by the way, Iris, do you use mIRC or do you log into the chat by browser?
<iris> by browser
<orph> ok
<iris> why?
<orph> just wondering because my browser takes me to another window when choosing country
<iris> did you tell Hermes
<iris> that doesn't happen to me
<orph> yea, but I forget testing this on other machines
<iris> I get right on after country
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Session Start: Thu Aug 30 17:53:54 2007
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<iris> well, we'll mention it tohim
<iris> maybe other people have that problem
<orph> exactly
<orph> Hermes says this is a quiet period but still ^^
<iris> it is - the summer usually brings very little activity
<iris> it should start picking up after the next few weeks
<orph> ok
<orph> for me, this summer has been amazingly spiritual
<orph> lot of synchronicity happening
<orph> and just a surge of interest in reading spiritual books
<iris> that's really great!
<orph> and this chat going up again :)
<orph> have you read "initiation into the great pyramid" ?
<orph> great*
<iris> no
<iris> who wrote it?
<orph> Earlyne Chaney
<iris> and does it mention ascension?
<orph> it is about a past life of hers in egypt as an initiate in the order of Melchizedek
<orph> ascension is in there
<orph> a lot of familiar topics are
<orph> well, a whole lot of them ^^
<iris> I thought I came across it while looking for ascension info that's why I asked
<orph> but there are also the initiations that she goes through
<orph> initiations are interesting, because for a lot of people they are similar
<iris> this is interesting
<orph> what she describes in her book in one chapter, is almost a copy of a dream I once had
<iris> we do experience the same things - in our own way
<orph> seems so
<iris> it's like a may that has been given to us
<iris> map
<iris> we may see different things along the way but the journey is similar
<iris> over and over again over the past years I have seen this
<orph> after reading that book, you'll have a good idea of what is an initiation and what is a curious daydream or vision etc.
<orph> o, by the way
<orph> do you remember how you felt this past sunday?
<orph> august 26th
<orph> me, a friend, my mother all had strange vivid dreams that day, and also many things were very emotional
<orph> like charged a certain way
<orph> the paper mentioned that that date was a specially good day in the indian calendar, but some bombing took place (which is the reason why the story made the paper off course)
<iris> interesting - I had a very emotional experience late Saturday night - and I am not one to get like that
<orph> that is interesting then
<orph> seems like a date to keep in mind for next year :)
<iris> this is something
<orph> I took a brief look at that indian calendar, but it was so complex
<orph> just like that mayan tzolkin system is
<iris> I couldn't understand why I got so emotional at the time - it involved a situation that is long standing
<iris> is it a reoccurring thing every year
<iris> i wish I understood the calendars better also
<orph> I'm not sure, the system was too complex to make sense off ^^
<iris> Indian, you said
<orph> yes
<orph> as in india, not native indians
<iris> I'll see what I can find out
<orph> each day had an energy
<orph> some days were good for social things like marriages
<orph> some for business deals
<orph> some were good for waking and winning wars
<iris> sounds like our astrology
<orph> yea
<iris> position of planets and all
<orph> which is super complex too when you get deep into it :D
<iris> oh i know
<iris> but everything affects everyone and everything else
<iris> so there is basis for it
<orph> as above so below
<iris> oh yes
<orph> which can also be a workshop topic :)
<iris> definitely!
<orph> I'll head off to bed now, but if more topics come to mind I'll send an email :)
<orph> sounds like a nice project to work on
<iris> great!
<orph> sorting those out
<orph> have a good night :)
<iris> well, I'd like to get a little more structure
<iris> thanks for your help - good night!
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