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August 23, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Aug 23 15:26:09 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<hermeslogger> hi orph
<orph> hi
<orph> I thought hermeslogger was a bot
* hermeslogger is now known as hermes
<hermes> yea it is usually
<hermes> i put it up when Iris does a workshop
<hermes> but i guess she is not coming today
<hermes> how are you doing
<orph> oh, I'm doing ok
<orph> hey, I had some ideas how to perhaps fill the workshop up a bit
<hermes> sure
<orph> there used to be a topic every workshop, a long time ago
<orph> I think it's easier to get started with a chat when there is one
<hermes> ahah
<hermes> yea
<orph> maybe you can highlight an article weekly and make it the topic?
<hermes> typically august is a dismal month for workshops
<hermes> everyone is either on vacation or getting ready for school
<orph> that's no excuse :D
<hermes> but yes advertising topic would help
<hermes> i actually am trying to get two more workshop people on board, a healer and a crystal expert
<hermes> that way we can have some variety here
<orph> sounds great
<hermes> yea
<hermes> once i get them to agree
<orph> but perhaps it just also needs to be advertised ^^ I could have a direct link to the workshop from my and aura's website
<hermes> you have a website
<hermes> I did not know that
<orph> well,, remember? :)
<orph> we don't get as much hits as your site does, but still it could draw some crowd
<hermes> nice website
<orph> thanks :)
<hermes> i do remember looking at it
<hermes> i think
<hermes> it has nice light energy
<hermes> i guess i never got round to adding it to my links section
<orph> actually
<orph> you - very long ago - did
<orph> the site did change meanwhile
<hermes> yea i do clean the site links every now and then
<hermes> I will add it to the links section this week
<orph> I think it's still in there
<orph> yep
<orph> it says The SpiritSide, spiritual exercises, and library articles
<orph> :)
<hermes> ah good
<orph> soon we'll be adding a lot more interactive articles, tests, charts stuff like that
<hermes> yes your yin yang article is interactive
<hermes> that is nice
<hermes> people like that
<orph> hey, you should try it, lol
<orph> though it takes quite some time to do well
<orph> half an hour at least
<hermes> yea i am reading it
<hermes> i will have to think this real good and try it
<hermes> i do like these kinds of programs and always wanted to add things like this to WD
<hermes> good work there
<orph> well, if you have some cool ideas, perhaps I could help
<orph> it's good training for me :) and I think tests like that are really effective
<orph> more then just reading flat text
<hermes> my ultimate program to design is a dream Encyclopedia
<hermes> but the number of entries needed is staggering
<orph> it sure is
<orph> best one on the web that I know is
<orph> it has over 1700 dream symbols
<orph> but there are books with 10.000 or more in them
<hermes> yea that is lots of typing
<orph> plus the symbolism is exceptionally personal at times ^^
<hermes> yes dream are very personal so these books do not always work
<hermes> but sometimes i find myself grabbing for one of these when i get some obscure dream symbol
<orph> perhaps a program would be nice where you can choose between atmospheres first, then whether there were people, or objects, then choose from a few situations and so on
<orph> and after a few steps the program would give you an interpretation
<orph> well... no that's even more work
<hermes> :) yea
<hermes> lots more work
<orph> o, by the way, I'm trying to get some telekinesis to work,
<orph> now
<hermes> how are you progressing, any luck
<orph> in a dream a few days ago, I saw a master who was teaching students to levitate
<orph> and I looked at them and tried it
<orph> and in the dream, it worked perfectly
<orph> it was like having magnetic hands and feet
<orph> I simply move a whole lot of energy
<orph> since then, I get a strong similar impression in real life, although stuff isn't moving
<orph> yet
<hermes> well keep at it
<hermes> i have not been able to move anything myself
<hermes> but i have not actually tried on regular basis
<hermes> i do get emails from some people that can
<hermes> at least they say they can
<hermes> they move small things
<hermes> like paper
<orph> keeping up the practice is the biggest challenge ^^
<hermes> they stand a piece of paper up with some sort of brace so it is teetering
<hermes> then use their mind to gently turn it
<orph> ah, the psy wheel
<hermes> i have not tried it but probably should
<orph> well, I'm so certain it should be easy once one gets the hang of it, so I'm trying cups and other heavy objects
<orph> in dreams it works perfectly, and feels very natural
<orph> so
<orph> light objects should be easier to start with, but then you'll have afterthoughts like "was that the wind?" and "did I bump the table?" ^^
<hermes> this is true
<hermes> however using wind is one way to move things,
<orph> good point
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<hermes> there was this movie called phenomenon
<hermes> he could move objects
<orph> loved that movie :D
<hermes> with john Travolta
<hermes> i loved the part where he moved the pencil and said it was cooperative effort
<hermes> effort
<orph> yea
<hermes> he asked the pencil to move
<hermes> i think that has merit
<orph> there's got to be some truth in that
<hermes> in learning to move objects
<hermes> hi Iris
<orph> I hear most successfully attempts take place when the person really gets into the item that they try to move
<orph> and then move their own body
<orph> the item just follows
<hermes> humm interesting
<hermes> approach
<iris> Hi Orph and Hermes
<hermes> we're talking about moving objects... well learning how to move objects
<orph> I think there are just a couple of things to work out
<iris> ok
<orph> connecting to the item, believing that you can move it, and sending enough energy
<orph> and I think that either of those, if you really really are good at it is enough
<hermes> yea its the middle one that has to be overcome
<hermes> the belief
<orph> thing is, abilities like that, come naturally like a side effect from having evolved very far
<hermes> but I think you have it broken down nicely
<orph> :)
<hermes> yes, you energy gets so light that it starts to bend the laws of physical reality
<hermes> but i think before this point, as you say, it can be developed
<orph> *nods
<orph> probably can get very far with practice and devotion
<hermes> yes do keep at it
<orph> in fact, I think spirit guides won't have it any other way, lol
<orph> will there be a meditation today?
<orph> or is it a bit late already
<hermes> Iris.
<hermes> are we doing meditation
<hermes> here it is only 4;30 in the afternoon, so its never late
<hermes> well
<hermes> its 6pm now
<orph> o, you just reminded me of something
<hermes> it was 4:30
<orph> do you think that days are getting shorter?
<orph> in a way where they actually get shorter
<orph> not less hours of sun
<orph> but less hours
<hermes> time compresses and expands
<hermes> you could be sensing this
<hermes> an hour is not the same everyday
<hermes> then after you begin to sense this
<hermes> the next step is to use your consciousness to expand or contract it with your will
<hermes> if you need more time, then you slow down the clock
<hermes> if you want less you speed it up
<hermes> but to answer your question
<hermes> i have found the ability to make an hour last as long or as short as I need
<orph> perhaps globally, it's tied to the expansion of awareness through communication technologies, fast travel, amount of available knowledge etc?
<hermes> we certainly do things more quickly than we did years ago
<orph> so perhaps we also have less time to do things as well
<hermes> and yes I do agree that the technology has made this happen
<hermes> we expect things to happen quicker
<hermes> we are so used to it on a global scale
<hermes> that it has to have an affect
<hermes> on the fabric of time
<orph> and the world changes immensely every decade
<hermes> very true
<orph> I forgot where I read it, but someone said that compared to a hundred years ago, the day has 16 hours instead of 24
<hermes> I bet it is
<hermes> it also could have something to do with the speed of the solar system moving through the milky way
<orph> yea, heard that too
<orph> that's where 2012 comes in again :)
<orph> our and the earths vibrations increase and so does the speed of time
<orph> in a way, it makes sense too
<hermes> i feel the breaking down of time and space within the human psyche is a necessary part of the evolution
<hermes> in higher dimensions time is and space are fluid
<hermes> to evolve to the next level you do have to break your hold on this barrier
<hermes> so I think the energy raising in the planet and the instant nature of our tech is helping humans move toward this state
<orph> and visa versa
<orph> the earth has been like it is now for a thousands of years, and ten thousand years ago, humans were just as smart as we are today
<orph> but right now
<orph> it's "time" ^^
<orph> hmm
<orph> by the way
<orph> why do you think it is that we, homo sapiens are the only humans left today?
<orph> no neanderthal or any other less known human specie around at all
<hermes> this is how I understand it, but it is way out there
<hermes> the original dna was flawed
<hermes> and doomed to extinction
<hermes> the Essenes an ancient space faring race and spiritual advanced race
<hermes> visited the earth and merged the dna of the species on the planet with their own to remove the dna problem
<hermes> this created the human being
<hermes> the Neanderthal was doomed and would not have survived because the dna was corrupted
<hermes> essenes^
<hermes> i think that is how you spell it
<orph> we humans are really changing the earth, do you think Gaya ever had a vote in our presence here?
<orph> I mean, we do pretty badly want to get off the planet and go into space ^^
<hermes> Atlantis was a real old old civilization that existed in a far away galaxy
<hermes> they seeded many planets with life
<hermes> earth was one of them
<hermes> i would hope that Gaya was okay with that original seeding
<orph> were they the ones who messed up with human DNA or did they save it?
<hermes> the Atlantean civilization was destroyed
<hermes> it was another civilization that came and messed with the dna
<hermes> later
<hermes> then after they had left
<hermes> the Essenes came to repair the damaged dna
<hermes> the Essenes continue the original work of the Atlantean
<hermes> which was to bring peace and harmony to the galaxy
<orph> why are we so unlike all the other species?
<orph> perhaps the essenes not just fixed the DNA
<orph> gave it a boost too ^^
<hermes> yes they advanced it greatly
<orph> why?
<hermes> their plan is for humans to reach outward into space and bring harmony to the galaxy
<hermes> harmony^
<hermes> so they advanced the DNA to give humans an edge
<orph> what kind of disharmony is there now?
<hermes> they shortened the lifespan from 200 years to under 100 so that the dna would mutate faster
<hermes> knowing that when the time was right we would fix the dna and restore the normal length of life
<hermes> not all races of beings exist in harmony
<hermes> there are dark races that create war and destruction still
<hermes> without the guidance of the Atlantean some of the races they seeded
<hermes> did not grow up peacefully
<hermes> some did
<orph> do you know how the Atlanteans came into being?
<hermes> they were the first race of conscious life the universe birthed
<orph> universe or galaxy?
<orph> *universe or galaxy
<hermes> universe
<hermes> Atlantis was in another galaxy
<hermes> there is said to be 12 galaxies that the Atlantean seeded
<orph> why of all places were they at it in this galaxy then? ^^
<hermes> not all galaxies could support their kind of life
<orph> organic life?
<hermes> some are full of radiation that would kill organic life
<orph> ok
<hermes> yes organic, I could not think of the word
<orph> I hope they had some variety in the seeding and not all life looks right like it does here
<hermes> there is some similarities
<hermes> but of course differences too
<hermes> they had two legs and eyes
<hermes> hands
<hermes> etc
<orph> o, were they who you'd call the dreamers?
<orph> or the blue men
<orph> tall
<hermes> the dreamers came to the earth before it was seeded by the Atlantean
<orph> oh ok
<hermes> they prepared the earth
<hermes> for the seeding
<hermes> the dreamers had nearly physical bodies
<hermes> they were not organic
<hermes> not fully
<hermes> they were more wispy shapes
<hermes> of energy
<orph> etheric like
<hermes> yes
<hermes> nearly physical but not quite
<hermes> more than a ghost
<hermes> but less than a physical being
<hermes> this was needed to so the consciousness could hold on to the planet
<hermes> a conscious impression had to be made on the planet
<hermes> so that organic fully aware beings could be birthed
<orph> do they have to do maintenance on the project? come back every now and then
<orph> perhaps some time soon? ^^
<hermes> they do watch
<hermes> the Essenes
<hermes> they cannot interfere for the most part, unless the spiritual hierarchy lets them
<hermes> they understand karma real good
<hermes> I do think they do what they can, when they can
<hermes> as far as I know the only thing that is incomplete in the DNA is the life span
<hermes> which is supposed to be easily fixable by us at the right time
<hermes> so i do not think any more DNA adjustments are needed
<hermes> just some evolution
<orph> do you think people throughout history have reached that point already?
<orph> alchemists
<orph> mystics
<orph> people like thoth/hermes
<hermes> yes
<orph> Thoth*
<hermes> i think you can repair it yourself with a high consciousness
<hermes> and then be relatively free of aging and getting ill
<hermes> and these mystics do show it is obtainable
<orph> what about Thoth, is he still around?
<hermes> Thoth is the older version of Hermes. Yes he is around, but his consciousness is quite different from our way of thinking
<hermes> i am told it is like this
<hermes> Thoth and Hermes are like living knowledge in a giant library
<hermes> Thoth is the older one for a different age
<hermes> Hermes is the newer version that is more suited to how we think
<hermes> you can grab for either book
<hermes> they are both there
<hermes> for the taking
<orph> so he/they are around, but not as a physical person
<hermes> they are no longer physical
<hermes> they prefer to work with others
<hermes> who are in the system
<hermes> help people to understand
<hermes> whisper in their ears to the ones that will listen
<orph> how would one go around getting their attention?
<hermes> just ask
<hermes> focus there
<hermes> in dreams or out of body or meditation
<hermes> if you go some of the way, they will come the rest
<hermes> I find the both very different
<hermes> Hermes is very down to earth but serious
<hermes> Thoth is like talking to a computer
<hermes> what i mean by that
<hermes> is that it is hard to understand just what you are talking to
<hermes> because the language is so very different
<hermes> the thought process is alien
<orph> well, I always felt some sort of a connection with thoth, but never explored it deeply
<hermes> You should try
<orph> plus Anubis appeared in a dream once
<orph> just once ^^
<hermes> ah there is a colorful character
<orph> and I think thoth and anubis are close
<orph> colorful, he was gray and black
<hermes> i mean in temperament
<orph> and he stood there silent, not moving
<orph> ah ok
<hermes> yes he is quite ominous
<orph> he's not really dark though, right?
<hermes> no
<hermes> just real serious
<hermes> the darkness around him makes him seem bland
<hermes> singular purpose
<hermes> that is what i meant by a colorful personality, I was being ironic
<orph> what would his appearance usually signify?
<hermes> he's not the kind of guy to take to a party
<orph> lol
<hermes> usually when you see him
<hermes> there are changes going on
<hermes> you are going through a kind of rebirth but first you must die
<hermes> not physically die but die emotionally
<hermes> so you can be reborn to a new way of thinking
<orph> and he could help
<hermes> yes
<hermes> he is the transition god
<hermes> his energy gets you from death to rebirth
<hermes> he shows you how to let go
<hermes> and to embrace the new
<orph> *nods
<hermes> well i guess it is time to depart
<orph> yea
<hermes> it was a good chat
<hermes> i enjoyed what you brought up today
<orph> I do hope that the chat fills up, but it's great talking to you like that too :D
<hermes> it will get better in September
<hermes> but this was good too
<hermes> one to one is nice as well
<orph> would you like us to put up a link?
<orph> on the site
<hermes> yes
<hermes> do that
<orph> ok
<hermes> great
<hermes> i would love it
<orph> :)
<hermes> have a great evening
<orph> thanks
<orph> you have a good evening
<orph> I'm off to bed ^^
Session Close: Thu Aug 23 19:03:10 2007

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