Using the Aethyrs; Spiritual offices; make your own magical tools
August 16, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Aug 16 16:41:21 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.'
* Set by Gamble! on Wed Aug 15 14:13:34
<hermes> hi
<attuned> :)
<hermes> how are you doing
<attuned> I'm ok
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<orph> hi :)
<attuned> hi
<orph> how are you?
<attuned> good
<orph> :D
<orph> hey, ever since the new site is up, it seems harder to log into the chat
<orph> is that just me?
<orph> or maybe a firefox issue
<attuned> I use mirc
<orph> ok
<orph> through the browser, choosing a country loads a new page for me
<orph> so it's going back and forth a bit
<orph> maybe that's why it's been a bit empty here too
<orph> but then, may be coincidence too :)
<orph> Hi Hermes, are you around?
<orph> well, I'll grab a snack quickly and be right back
<orph> *back
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<orph> this could be one of the less interesting blogs ^^
<orph> wonder what's up
<hermes> oh
<hermes> hi orph
<hermes> sorry
<hermes> i stepped away
<orph> welcome back
<orph> I thought maybe a technical issue
<hermes> it was quiet here so i was not watching as I should have
<hermes> the new chat interface allows you to select a server closest to you by setting country
<hermes> it actually should be easier to connect
<orph> yea, it was like that before
<orph> anyway :)
<orph> I've been studying the kabalah a lot lately
<orph> and that aethyr system
<orph> well
<orph> the aethyrs, when you visit them in dreams or OBE or meditation
<orph> are they places that you CAN go to, by will or on accident,
<orph> or are they names for different parts of the non physical?
<hermes> they are actual nonphysical places
<orph> I mean, how fundamental are they?
<hermes> that you can visit
<orph> but you can dream or OBE outside the aethyr?
<hermes> sure
<orph> ok
<hermes> the Aethyrs are like towns
<hermes> on that reality level
<orph> just the major towns
<hermes> yes
<hermes> it gets a bit confusing
<hermes> for example TEX
<hermes> is both a level and a place
<hermes> TEX exists just above the earth plane and is earth like
<hermes> you can do things on this level
<hermes> in parts of TEX you can go and embark on the lesson
<hermes> that is there
<hermes> in the case of TEX the lessons are located in quadrants, North, south, east, west
<hermes> but in other aethyr the lesson may take place in a structure or small part of that level
<hermes> on the level of IKH
<hermes> it is quite barren
<hermes> except for the lone castle where the lesson is learned there
<hermes> you can of course wander the landscape there
<hermes> and meet up with various beings and such
<hermes> as they go about their business
<orph> well, ever since I started really recalling dreams, I would recognize a similar energy between some of them,
<orph> some dreams felt as if they were "to the left" of other dreams or "before or after",
<orph> so I thought perhaps I could make a dream map
<orph> like a world map
<orph> but would that be similar to the aethyr perhaps?
<orph> or would it be inside the aethyrs
<hermes> if you charted it long enough you would see similar things
<hermes> your experiences on various levels tend to be similar
<hermes> so when you are on IKH for example
<hermes> you may have noble dreams
<hermes> or dreams of preparing for battle
<orph> ok
<hermes> but charting your dreams is a real good idea
<orph> can you go all the way up to the real high spiritual aethyrs through dreams?
<hermes> i would certainly say worthwhile
<orph> *nods
<hermes> you can, but remembering them is quite hard
<orph> true
<hermes> the higher the level the more conscious you need to be to interpret the experiences properly
<orph> is it generally easier to remember when you OBE or meditate to those high places?
<hermes> yes
<hermes> i would say that is the case
<hermes> at least in the higher levels
<hermes> you will have many dreams on the lower levels that are easily remembered because those experiences are still quite physical like
<hermes> in the higher levels you need some conscious interpretation going on there to see it clearly
<orph> what kind of sensation do those places usually leave on you?
<hermes> it depends on the level
<hermes> IKH is cold, lonely, and has a feeling of a constant threat
<hermes> TEX is physical like, and full of trees and life
<hermes> so how you feel there depends on the atmosphere
<hermes> they are powerful in that you usually do not forget these experiences
<orph> so you can say the impression is usually stronger/more memorable compared to the common astral type experiences?
<hermes> yes certainly
<orph> ok
<orph> o, the word aethyr
<orph> does it mean anything?
<hermes> yea it should
<hermes> but to be honest I have to look it up
<orph> ^^
<orph> in the rune alphabet, the letters are divided into three aettir
<orph> almost the same word
<orph> perhaps similar meaning
<orph> each aet (aettir is multitude) corresponds to a certain nordic god
<hermes> i actually was working on the Aethyrs today for RC3, but the reference book i have does not mention a meaning of the word
<hermes> here you go
<hermes> not sure if it is right
<hermes> The term "Aethyr" (meaning literally the fifth Element), which can imply either "cosmic space" or a plane of psychic reality, is perhaps indicative of the
<orph> ok
<orph> it's hard to find that much info on the aethyr anyway, do you know of some good books, or do you channel most of it directly?
<hermes> these days i get my info from out of body trips there
<hermes> i have a couple old books on them
<hermes> that are out of print
<hermes> Enochian magick
<hermes> by Gerald Schueler
<hermes> you may find some copies around
<hermes> there were three in the series at one time
<hermes> i only got two of them
<hermes> i have never seen the third one again
<hermes> and i can kick myself for being piss ass broke at the time and unable to buy it
<orph> haha
<orph> sure enough, it's even more expensive and rare now
<hermes> you do not hear much of it today
<hermes> i use the aethyrs because they are a great teaching aid
<hermes> most experiences that students have can be found in one of the levels
<hermes> it immediately gives you an idea of where you are and what you are learning
<orph> but with some effort, it would be possible to make a personal system?
<hermes> yes
<hermes> i had one fellow emailing me a year or so back
<orph> cool
<hermes> he was visiting each level on his own and writing what he found
<hermes> that is really how it should be done
<hermes> that way you actually make your own map
<hermes> and it is yours and yours alone
<hermes> everyone is different
<hermes> and the maps should be similar but unique between students
<orph> so the count could also vary, say 20 or 40 instead of 30 aethyr
<hermes> well it could
<hermes> but lots of people have mapped the system and found 30
<hermes> of them
<hermes> it can be subjective for sure
<hermes> i found for example
<hermes> two of the aethyrs reversed
<hermes> from what is written
<hermes> it could be a mistake or
<hermes> it could just be how i did them
<hermes> my makeup switched them around
<orph> ahum
<orph> by the way, what is the connection between Enoch and Hermes
<hermes> they are the same
<hermes> Enoch is the original
<hermes> than there was Thoth
<hermes> than Hermes
<hermes> they are all the same energy construct
<orph> what about Metatron?
<hermes> Metatron is an archangel, which is not really the same
<hermes> Enoch is like a living library of knowledge
<hermes> Metatron is a different kind of entity
<orph> some people believe God promoted enoch to become metatron
<hermes> it could be
<hermes> these things are offices
<hermes> Enoch is an office
<hermes> held by some entity for thousands of years
<hermes> they move on and others take their place
<orph> *nods
<hermes> there actually is a Aethyr lesson on this point
<hermes> ZIM
<hermes> the idea is to take over the office of NEMO
<hermes> become a NEMO yourself and hold the office until a new person comes along to take it
<orph> *looking
<orph> ok
<orph> I see ^^
<orph> well, thanks a lot for answering all that :)
<orph> seems like it wasn't the most boring workshop after all
<hermes> np
<hermes> i like answering questions
<orph> haha
<hermes> it sounds like you are doing well
<orph> that's a blessing
<orph> oh, I've been doing a lot lately ^^
<orph> even started cutting a rune set yesterday
<hermes> nice, I always wanted to do that
<hermes> i never liked the store ones
<hermes> and always felt i could make much nicer ones myself
<hermes> but i never did get to that
<orph> well, a branch of an apple tree in the garden had to go, so
<orph> the opportunity presented itself
<hermes> yea great
<hermes> they will work much better too because you made it yourself
<orph> but all the charging, sawing singing, ritual, cutting, staining, consecrating...
<orph> they better work good :D
<hermes> ahahah
<hermes> yea
<orph> goodnight :) see you next time
* orph has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<hermes> well i guess that is it
<hermes> i do hope when the summer ends it gets a bit more crowded in here
<hermes> have a great night attuned
Session Close: Thu Aug 16 18:30:59 2007

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