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August 9, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Aug 09 16:21:42 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<Gamble> hey there
<iris> hey, how are you?
<Gamble> mostly fine. and you?
<iris> good
<iris> had some family things that kept me away for a few weeks
<iris> we really appreciate all your help in keeping this going
<iris> thank you
<Gamble> there was a time when I was pretty close to calling it quits when no one showed up for a year or two, but seems it might go on a bit longer. anyway, you're welcome.
<iris> well you are by far the most loyal - and most helpful!
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<orph> hi :)
<iris> hi orph, how are you?
<Gamble> hi orph
<orph> I'm ok, but sad because our dog died a few days ago
<orph> hi gamble
<iris> sorry to hear about your dog
<orph> I'm sure he's doing just fine now, but we are left upset here
<orph> the house is quite empty
<iris> well, pets are family members too
<iris> and we can even be closer to them then people
<orph> do you know of any angels or guides who take care of animals during crossing over?
<iris> there are guides who take care of them
<iris> at some point after my own pets died, I would meet them and see them move on
<iris> they have their own network, so to speak
<orph> o, remember when I said I'd try putting some labradorite under my pillow and see if it would effect dreams?
<iris> yes, did you?
<orph> well, that night I dreamt of fire and I think three nuclear explosions
<orph> but not sure if it was due to the stone ^^
<orph> still, the dreams were quite a bit different then the usual
<iris> was that the only night you used the stone
<orph> yea, just once
<iris> is there some reason you didn't try it again?
<orph> not at all
<orph> just forgot
<iris> well, i think that would be something to think about
<iris> when you try it several times you get the feel of it better
<iris> and what it is affecting
<orph> at least I had no trouble sleeping, like would happen with quartz
<iris> so that's a good thing
<iris> but unsettling dreams may not be what you want either!
<orph> oh, they weren't that unsettling
<orph> just curious that there was so much of the fire element present
<iris> see i wonder if fire energy is attached to that stone
<iris> or it just brought that out in you
<orph> it's very shiny and changes color a lot when you hold it in the light
<orph> it would make sense
<iris> sounds like it
<orph> but yea, I'll try again soon, if I remember
<iris> I'm going to try to pick some up and i'll try it too
<iris> see if i get the fire energy also
<orph> what would be good applications for that kind of energy?
<orph> in meditation for instance
<iris> transformation
<iris> changes
<iris> spiritual but could be physical
<orph> *nods
<iris> what was connected to your dream with fire
<orph> well, it's been a while so the dreams aren't super clear anymore, but in one of them
<orph> I was a priest giving a sermon over a coffin with a deceased men
<orph> there were a few people standing around
<orph> then, they all walked off and I felt insulted for a moment, since it seemed like they stopped paying attention to me
<orph> but then, I saw that they all looked towards this giant explosion
<orph> so I tried to help everyone to shelter
<orph> and I don't think anybody got hurt, because we stood in this hole in the ground
<orph> or behind a hill
<orph> the other explosions, I just remember also being outside somewhere
<orph> but not in detail
<iris> this gives me a very good feeling
<iris> first, death is a transformation
<iris> in two instances you were there to help people
<iris> and keeping them safe
<iris> sleep with the crystal again
<orph> sure :)
<iris> i think you are getting good info
<iris> it is in your nature to help people and maybe reminding you to stay focused there
<iris> as far as the nuclear explosion part everyone on the spiritual path has that dream
<orph> what does it represent?
<iris> it's part of the Aethyrs RII
<iris> knowing you exist without a body
<orph> hmm
<orph> come to think of it, not too long ago there was another nuclear dream
<orph> no explosion
<orph> but I worked on a nuclear plant with a friend
<orph> and something went wrong,
<orph> we had to run because of the radiation
<orph> a very unpleasant sensation
<orph> but eventually we got far enough not to feel it anymore
<orph> looking at RII in the Aethyr guide
<orph> lesson 4 says:
<orph> "Your sense of helplessness and human frailty must be faced in the West."
<orph> is that the connection?
<iris> you got it!
<iris> my experience was very similar
<iris> i hope this helps with the lose of your dog
<iris> to understand that even pets live beyond their physical bodies
<orph> oh, I'm convinced he's in the place that he went to in dreams
<orph> running around
<orph> I think that in his last years, he was on the border often, between that dream world and the real one
<iris> yes!
<iris> we do the same in our later years also
<orph> it helps at the moment of passing, and I suppose with picking just the right time as well
<iris> yes
<iris> it helps to understand where we are on our spiritual journey
<iris> little signs like those dreams direct us
<iris> to know and that helps us understand
<iris> so it seems your "fire" stone helped
<orph> I'll put it to the test now ^^
<orph> next time I see a nuclear explosion, I'll try to become lucid
<orph> see if something can be done with it
<orph> those dreams have been the for a while now
<iris> don't be surprised if it doesn't happen again, you may be moving beyond it
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<orph> the first one I recall, years ago, I was swimming in a pool next to a buzzing nuclear plant
<orph> very strange
<orph> but by now a familiar sensation
<orph> hi darlok :)
<Darlok> hey whatsup orph
<iris> hi darlok
<Darlok> hiya Iris
<Darlok> just observing :)
<orph> I don't think we ever met, but I remember your name from the log files :)
<iris> keep in mind also, some dreams come from experiences in the past
<iris> (past lives)
<iris> they all become clearer as we advance
<orph> yea, I'm just glad I made the effort to start with dream recall exercises ^^
<orph> even if some are not quite clear, there are still a bunch of dreams every night with a lot of messages in them
<iris> great way to gain insight - dreams
<orph> we should consider adding dream courses to school classes
<orph> could help kids along a lot
<iris> agreed!
<orph> even if it would be with distinguishing realities
<orph> yea, just swap it with math, who needs that, we have calculators now :D
<iris> fine with me!
<orph> seems like there is plenty to do tonight, so good night all, see you next week
<orph> *waves
<iris> happy dreams!!!!!!!!
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<iris> Gamble, Darlok it's time for me to go
<iris> thanks for sharing this time with me!
<Darlok> okay
<Darlok> cya later Iris
<Darlok> btw Iris.. how did u come to know so much about reality creating? and how old are you?
<iris> the second part is actually easier than the first
<iris> I'm many lifetimes old!
<Darlok> how do you know that?
<Darlok> can you recall past lifetimes?
<iris> yes to the recall
<Darlok> okay
<iris> other psychics told me this years ago - before I had a clue
<Darlok> how many lifetimes have you been reincarnating already?
<iris> but through my own spiritual journey I discovered it myself
<Darlok> is your heart chakra fully opened?
<iris> I really haven't counted - I can remember Atlantis
<Darlok> wow.. nice!
<Darlok> are you close to reaching the Christ Consciousness?
<iris> I feel it is - my heart feels full - I love it!
<Darlok> lucky u
<iris> it's there for all of us if we let it happen - it's all in the wanting
<iris> I feel aligned with the christ consciousness
<iris> it is with that that i identify the most
<Darlok> do you think u will ascend in this lifetime?
<iris> i hope so - hope i can wrap up my lessons this time around
<iris> and perhaps its time to help from another reality
<Darlok> cool.. i wish u all the best
<iris> and you too!
<Darlok> thanks
<Darlok> okay I'm gonna go
<Darlok> cya
<iris> it's been great - come again
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<iris> bye Gamble!
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Session Close: Thu Aug 09 18:34:59 2007

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