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August 2, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Aug 02 16:59:40 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<orph> I read something with making electrons spin in the direction that they want to, not sure what exactly it all meant but people were quite thrilled
<hermes> sounds interesting
<hermes> they are reaching the speed limit with conventional thought
<hermes> so they do need to make a break through
<orph> yea, silicon based computers are getting closer to their limmits
<orph> I had a question though :)
<orph> some time ago I had a dream about an alternative view of physics
<orph> in the dream, I saw a way of understanding creation, not through the atoms that we know,
<orph> but through this, carpet of blueish pill shaped things
<orph> perfectly woven and conscious
<orph> and flat
<orph> and everything three dimensional or anything concerning time was a perception
<orph> and caused by the personality of those blueish pills
<hermes> weird dream
<orph> hmm
<orph> it's hard to put something like that into words :)
<orph> does it sound in any way familiar?
<hermes> perhaps the shape of the pill represents some new way of looking at energy flow
<hermes> i have seen glimpses of future computers in my obe travels
<hermes> part of them exist outside time and space
<hermes> that is how they do computations instantaneiously
<hermes> they are shaped like pyarmids
<hermes> the top of the pyarmid exists outside 3d as we know it
<hermes> the data is passed through the top of the computer
<hermes> then the answer instantly appears the same time the question is pressed
<hermes> perhaps that pill shape has something to do with the tech behind it
<hermes> on the bottom of the computer is a circular ring that is like a donut
<hermes> they use this as some sort of bridge
<hermes> maybe the pill shape you saw is this lower part of the computer
<hermes> of course it is all speculation
<hermes> as the tech is not birthed yet for such things
<orph> well, I love all the things we know about the consctruct of matter
<orph> the atoms, the quantum mechanics theories
<orph> that way of looking at things, it introduced consciousness to the equation
<orph> I miss that in the views that we hold now
<hermes> yea science is a bit rigid
<hermes> it dismiss lots of good ideas because it does not fit in with current thought
<hermes> i do hope they relax their views a bit to allow for new thought and freedom
<orph> *nods
<hermes> so what do you think of your dream
<orph> well, I think that the blue carpet is as valid a way of perceiving the stuff that we are made of, as are the tiny balls with tinier balls floating around them ^^
<orph> maybe on a parallel earth people see the universe that way
<orph> where basically anything in existance is an expression of consciousness
<hermes> yes that line of thinking is not here
<hermes> i do look at things that way
<hermes> i see everything as conscoius energy
<hermes> living and existing
<hermes> the table, floor, computers
<orph> yea
<orph> that part, the consciousness, that's probably what hold scientists from getting to their unifien theory ( :
<orph> unifying*
<hermes> yes true
<hermes> how can you have a unifed theroy if you do not first think of how connected everything is
<hermes> in the nonphysical plane it is very aparent
<hermes> things change right away
<hermes> as your thoughts change
<hermes> so does the surroundings
<hermes> you can see the connection between yourself and the universe around you
<hermes> but in they physical plane the seeming permanance of everything shows you how separate things are
<orph> a very strong impression of the dream, was that every single tiny particle had it's place there
<orph> like a specific purpose
<orph> but at the same time, the entire construct was a whole
<hermes> yes it does
<orph> everything fit perfectly
<hermes> that is how it is
<hermes> the universe is built up on consciousness units
<hermes> single bits of consciousness
<hermes> that is the smallest particle
<hermes> it is aware of itself
<hermes> as indiviudal and part of a greater whole
<hermes> your consciousness is made up of individual consciousness units fitting together and working together
<hermes> even atoms and molecules
<hermes> all are conscious
<hermes> science has yet to make that jump in understanding that atoms do things the way they do them, not because they must, but becuase they like to do it that way
<orph> wow, it's always amazing to feel how right that sounds
<orph> ^^
<hermes> your dream sounds like some of this lesson
<orph> ( :
<hermes> physical reality is held together mostly because separate bits of consciousness units bond together to do things they like to do
<hermes> they can fling apart of they like, but they do not
<hermes> they like what they are doing
<hermes> so science observes atoms and molecules and things they have to behave this way
<hermes> that is not the case
<hermes> they behave that way becuase they like to
<orph> do you think it will always be that way? or might there be a closing of the experiment one day
<orph> after which everything changes
<hermes> I think the universe constanlty changes
<hermes> and in a real long long time
<hermes> perhaps things will be reordered differently when consciousness tires of it the way it is
<orph> it's strange but, even while asking questions like that, I get a feel for what you will answer ( :
<orph> it all makes perfect sense
<orph> but it takes effort to keep thinking that way
<hermes> yes because everywhere you look you are programmed to think a certain way
<hermes> so thinking out of the box is much harder
<orph> great thing though, is how fast it may be changing
<orph> that "the secret" movie is on the news constantly
<orph> and so was "what the bleep do we know"
<hermes> yes the revolution is starting
<hermes> people are waking up and challenging the preconceptions of what they have been told
<hermes> it is very encouraging
<orph> the renaisance came a bit early ^^ maybe now the world is ready
<hermes> you need to have more dreams like that to help free your mind
<orph> I wish there was a way to control them, lol
<hermes> yea, that is a tough one
<hermes> they come and go like bandits in the night
<orph> but maybe, the lack of control is where the power of dreams lies
<hermes> true, dreams have their own time and place
<hermes> and you really cannot control them
<hermes> they appear and go away at some random interval
<hermes> and you wonder why they showed up when they did and why not sooner
<orph> the strongest pattern so far, seems to be with reading books
<orph> as soon as I read something interesting, within two days it will be in a dream
<orph> especially spiritual stuff
<hermes> very true
<hermes> the energy in the words unlocks the dreams
<orph> last week I started reading a book about the kaballa, so far every night there was a dream about it
<hermes> nice
<hermes> what have you learned about it from your dreams
<orph> I think the dreams prepare my mind for what I will read the next day actually ^^
<orph> they help me have that, "I knew this" feeling more often
<hermes> nice
<orph> and they help me see when the author is unsure about what he's writing
<orph> like trying to justify the presence of evil in the world
<orph> it just didn't add up as "because god wanted it to be there"
<orph> and I think the author knew it
<orph> I believe that good and evil, or health and illness are not real states to be in
<orph> we can only have an overdose or shortage of something
<orph> and based on how small the overdose or shortage is, we are more healthy
<orph> or ill, or good or evil
<hermes> you correct, duality only exists on the lower planes of existance
<hermes> duality is kind of made up
<orph> hermes, could I email you another interesting dream for interpretation?
<hermes> sure send it along
<hermes> duality is a useful tool in teaching young consciousness how the universe works
<orph> thanks ( :
<hermes> but it servers no purpose beyond the physical plane
<hermes> servers = serves
<orph> yea, it's like learning a bunch of stuff here that will only be subconscious in the higher realms
<hermes> exactly
<orph> after dealing with this, metaphysics stuff for years, do you still get super suprized?
<orph> by new discoveries
<orph> or realisisations
<hermes> sure
<hermes> the universe has lots of surprises
<hermes> i thinkn
<hermes> think
<hermes> when you are constantly expanding and growing
<hermes> you natrually find these suprises
<hermes> and it keeps things fresh
<hermes> makes it exciting
<hermes> it really is supposed to be fun
<hermes> we just make it all complicated
<hermes> ok i guess we will end it here
<orph> yea, the room was small today
<hermes> thanks for stopping orph
<hermes> i will see you next week
<orph> nice talking to you :)
<hermes> and look for your question
<hermes> in emial
<hermes> email
<orph> thanks
<hermes> have a great night
<orph> goodnight :)
Session Close: Thu Aug 02 17:55:44 2007

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