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July 26, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jul 26 17:20:09 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
* Now talking in #energyworks
* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.'
* Set by Gamble! on Wed Jul 04 13:20:51
<hermes> howdy
<hermes> yes i am late
<shrishti> hello
<aura_74> hi hermes
<aura_74> orph is on his way
<hermes> how are you both
<aura_74> I am doing well, how are you doing
<shrishti> doing better
<shrishti> how are you?
<hermes> doing well
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<shrishti> is it possible to have two colors at the same time in your aura?
<hermes> sure
<hermes> your aura is rarely only one color
<hermes> one color is usually dominate
<hermes> but you will have other colors as well
<shrishti> so its okay if one hand is green and the other is blue?
<hermes> well
<hermes> you would not have one hand blue and the other green
<hermes> you may have a blue aura with green steaks in it
<hermes> or perhaps a green outline to it
<shrishti> oh
<hermes> or a green layer
<hermes> the two colors would be present in the entire aura
<hermes> and of course your emotions affect your aura
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<hermes> so if you became angry, your blue aura may turn red for a bit
<shrishti> what does blue aura with a violet outline reflect?
<hermes> until the emotion faded
<hermes> that would indicate a kind, friendly, gentle person who has a high vibration probably due to meditation or some spiritual development
<shrishti> changing topics
<hermes> topics
<shrishti> you said that dreams are personal and mainly just so we can learn
<hermes> dreams are doorways to your inner self
<hermes> some teach
<hermes> some help you to get over difficulty
<shrishti> oh so then they don't really have an existence in the universe
<shrishti> just within ourselves?
<hermes> some serve as a way to balance out your personality
<hermes> yes dreams mainly concern with the inner reality of yourself
<hermes> most dream elements will be constructed by your inner self
<shrishti> so then one would never OBE in a dream
<hermes> and will have meaning to you alone, even if it is a shared dream
<hermes> you can OBE out of a dream
<hermes> however
<hermes> there are three different nonphysical bodies
<hermes> if you happen to out of body travel in the first body
<hermes> you will pick up dream elements bleeding into the OBE
<shrishti> what does that mean?
<hermes> if you leave your body and can see your body you are in the first nonphysical body
<shrishti> oh
<shrishti> ok
<hermes> if you cannot see your physical body
<hermes> than you are in the second
<hermes> if you are in the first body
<hermes> your OBE will have some dream elements in it
<hermes> you have to watch for things you may create
<hermes> that are not real in your OBE
<shrishti> so the dream world isn't real at all
<shrishti> i mean in its existence like the physical reality\
<hermes> well when you have a dream you are always someplace
<hermes> let's say you are on the Etheric plane
<hermes> and in a dream
<hermes> if someone was watching you
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<hermes> that would see you moving around the room in a dreamlike state, unaware of your surroundings
<shrishti> but i would see something different than that person
<hermes> if your dream was particularly strong some of these images you are creating may be visible to others on the etheric plane
<shrishti> oh
<shrishti> i see how it works
<shrishti> and how do you snap out of your dream into that actual place?
<hermes> sometimes entities after death can get lost in their dreams
<hermes> if this happens a spirit guide has to enter the dream and try to pull them out
<hermes> make them aware that they are in a dream
<hermes> there is danger here of course
<hermes> because the spirit guide can get trapped as well
<hermes> and another spirit guide would have to go in to pull out the first
<shrishti> oh my
<shrishti> hahaha
<shrishti> that's scary
<hermes> it can be
<orph> at least in life we always wake up
<hermes> especially if it is a nightmare they are creating
<hermes> yes physical reality gives you an anchor point
<hermes> it helps to teach you to wake up from your dreams
<orph> why don't the other realities do though?
<hermes> early consciousness went in and out of dreams
<hermes> without ever realizing it
<hermes> being physical helps beings with this
<shrishti> this doesn't make sense then
<hermes> what does not make sense
<hermes> orph, what other realities?
<orph> just outside the physical
<orph> it seems an anchor point should always be there
<hermes> you would think
<shrishti> what other realities are there?
<hermes> your consciousness is very powerful
<hermes> on the physical plane
<shrishti> If all we know is dream and we cant even tell the difference...
<hermes> most of its creative power is tied up in staying on the physical plane
<hermes> you are only using a small percent of your consciousness for reality creating
<hermes> but on the nonphysical plane
<hermes> your full power of creation comes into play
<orph> *nods
<hermes> this is like a wild untamed beast
<hermes> and you can get lost in it
<hermes> lost in what is real and what is fantasy
<orph> a friend called this existence the wilderness ^^
<orph> we talked about Malkuth
<orph> fun choice of words you two
<orph> :D
<hermes> humans have evolved past the point where they drift in and out of dreams with out knowing it
<shrishti> so is the tree of life a real place then?\
<hermes> but early consciousness could not tell the difference
<hermes> yes these nonphysical places are all real
<hermes> they exist as surely as the earth does
<orph> shrishti, on the tree of life, we are in that wilderness now
<shrishti> all this just keeps getting more and more complicated- to a point where i feel like a lunatic :(
<hermes> it certainly is not so simple
<hermes> you are right there
<hermes> a dream is something you create
<hermes> you do so wherever you are focused
<hermes> if you are sleeping than you create the dream around your physical body
<shrishti> why is there a need to create a fake world in the first place?\
<hermes> on one of the reality planes, but must likely the etheric plane
<hermes> first there was the dream
<hermes> nothing existed but the dream
<hermes> than later there was created realities
<hermes> as consciousness become more focused
<hermes> and was able to control its dream power
<hermes> they slowly woke up
<hermes> as they woke up they created other realties
<shrishti> so then the universe, monad and everything is just a big dream?
<hermes> no
<hermes> first there was the dream
<hermes> consciousness without focus dreams
<shrishti> oh
<hermes> it is like being pulled down a fast running river unable to grab on
<hermes> but as you get stronger
<hermes> you start to hold on to places on the way
<hermes> you an stop and see the reality you are passing through
<hermes> as you wake up
<hermes> you start to see reality as it really is
<hermes> instead of being lost in the dream
<hermes> there is nothing wrong with dreaming
<hermes> it is an inner reality that you create
<hermes> but there is also the more tangible reality
<hermes> of which others are part of
<hermes> the shared realities
<hermes> like the physical plane
<hermes> the etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual planes are shared realities
<hermes> they exist
<hermes> have points of interest
<shrishti> so the people we see in our dreams...they are made up?
<hermes> sometimes
<hermes> sometimes it is a shared dream
<hermes> or sometimes
<hermes> it is a spirit guide trying to help you in your dream
<shrishti> how in the world can we learn to break free of the dream state?
<hermes> well now you know why you have embarked on physical reality and are trying to tame your consciousness
<hermes> physical reality is a very fast way to train consciousness how it creates what is around it
<hermes> physical reality ties up most of your creative power, the creation process is slowed down so you can examine it and understand it
<hermes> you learn who you are in a reality where your consciousness is forced to be awake
<shrishti> and as you awaken you start to integrate with your HGA, Soul, Monad?
<hermes> yes
<shrishti> i think i get the picture
<hermes> this gives you higher levels of awareness and focus power
<hermes> you are able to focus your creative power on higher levels of existence where they are more creative
<hermes> without getting lost in a dream
<hermes> if you were to try to raise to a level of reality you could not handle
<hermes> one of two things would happen
<hermes> you would start to dream uncontrolled
<hermes> or you would be forced to a lower level of reality where things made more sense
<hermes> the more you understand yourself and your creative powers the higher reality planes, where there are higher levels of creativity, you can reach
<shrishti> That helps me a lot
<shrishti> thank you
<hermes> good question
<shrishti> so when we meditate at first
<shrishti> we start to dream right?
<hermes> yes
<shrishti> only on a conscious level
<hermes> you start to see things
<hermes> images
<hermes> hear things
<shrishti> and those are real or in the dream state?
<hermes> at first, i say they are dreams because you have not learned to control the extra creative power
<hermes> however as you get better at meditation than you are able to focus on the reality plane
<hermes> and see what is there without dreaming
Session Close: Thu Jul 26 17:57:59 2007

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