doom and gloom naysayers and staying positive; channeling; acquiring the Chirst Consciousness; cutting out eating; becoming lucid in dreams; contacting your spirit guide
July 12, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jul 12 16:32:44 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.'
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<hermes> howdy
<attuned> hi
<hermes> how is it going
<attuned> good.. and there?
<hermes> going well
<attuned> well some are saying that there's global warming happening on all the planets of our solar system, and that this extra energy will make changes in matter, consciousness and DNA
<attuned> that that's part of how evolution happens
<hermes> it is possible to fix the human dna with just the power of thought, I am told. An avanced human can use his willpower to mend it
<hermes> the extra energy may make that possible
<hermes> the solar system is moving into a more dense region of the photon belt
<hermes> this has to have some kind of an affect
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<hermes> we entered the photon belt first back in 1989 or so
<Darlok> hey Hermes whatsup
<hermes> each year we go deeper into it
<hermes> and this does affect the planet
<hermes> i do not know the exact number but it takes somehting like 50000 years to revolve where it is now
<hermes> and when the earth enters the photon belt it is a time of great change
<hermes> and great growth in consciousness anchored here on the planet
<attuned> great
<hermes> it is supposed to be one of the more peferred times to incarnate when the planet is in the photon belt
<hermes> becuase this extra energy makes spiritual progress acclerate
<hermes> Hi Darlok
<hermes> i so expect some changes in our lifetime
<hermes> i do^
<hermes> but not to the degree that the doom and gloom people are focasting
<hermes> i think
<hermes> the energy of the planet will go up
<hermes> which will enable more humans to fix that dna
<hermes> on their own
<hermes> which in itself will create a new kind of individual
<hermes> I do not think there will be destruction
<hermes> or any of that
<hermes> i do think that perhaps we will see a bit more of what we have seen
<hermes> earthquakes
<hermes> floods
<hermes> an imbalance in the weather
<hermes> but just because the earth has to rev up to this higher energy
<hermes> which will unsettle things a bit
<attuned> what about there being too many people
<hermes> the world is big
<hermes> who says there are too many people
<hermes> ask mother earth if she thinks there are too many people
<hermes> the planet does take care of these things on its own
<hermes> the birthrate is not rising as fast as it was
<attuned> yes I guess
<hermes> the doom and gloomers just bother me
<hermes> they are all too ready to create something that gets rid of 1/3 of life or 1/2 of life just because they are unhappy
<hermes> their lives are miserable and they want the rest of the world to be that way
<hermes> they thrive on doom and gloom and would be all to happy to plunge the earth into a dark abyss
<hermes> this kind of thinking is just very dark and evil as far as I am concerned
<hermes> it is the sign of a consciousness that is not evolved
<hermes> but has turned downward
<hermes> because they see only death and destrution in everythign
<hermes> when life contains much hope and promise
<attuned> do we just by being aware/thinking of something unnice like war, help keep that be the reality, or is it about what/how we think about it that matters?
<hermes> if you focus on war that is what you will see and create
<hermes> i am not saying to turn a blind eye to thse things
<hermes> but you have to maintain a distance and see beyond
<hermes> and to the positive in life
<hermes> there is always two sides of life
<hermes> if war exists so does peace
<hermes> there are many places in the world today that are at peace
<hermes> look at history and compare the level of peace then to now
<hermes> in the past man was much more violent
<hermes> violence was in every corner, whereever man was
<hermes> but today
<hermes> we have many places in the world that experience peace
<hermes> and kindness
<hermes> it is just very easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom. You have to take a good nonbias look at the world. The media all distort the truth about things
<hermes> they love to show you where people are killing each other
<hermes> they never show you where people are being kind to each other
<hermes> it is so imporant for lightworkers like yourself and Darlok to stay positive and create peace and harmony where ever you go
<hermes> you have to remind people not to ge caught in the negative trap
<Darlok> that's easier said than done
<hermes> yes but not impossible
<Darlok> true
<hermes> just one voice going against the doom and gloom current is enough to cast doubt in the minds of others
<hermes> they may not be true converts
<hermes> but at least they have heard a different side
<hermes> a kinder side
<hermes> a side where there may be hope
<hermes> how can you have hope when everyone is telling you the world will end tomorrow. Hope, positive thoughts, these get humanity from the darkness into the light
<hermes> it is what has got humanity this far
<hermes> and he has come far in a short period of time
<hermes> and in the past
<hermes> there were far less people with a positive voice
<hermes> but those few made a differnece
<hermes> gave hope to others
<attuned> I think the political/economic system is what makes people lose hope most
<Darlok> yeah the political system in our country is a joke
<hermes> well you see
<hermes> it is a matter of perpective
<Darlok> a good movie to watch is the Distinguished Gentleman with Eddie Murphy and u'll get an idea of how our govt (congress) operates
<hermes> i see political and economic systems that are very much improved over the past
<hermes> when was the last time someone was hung on a cross to die in your country
<Darlok> that's true.. humanity is a little more kinder towards one another in terms of punishment
<hermes> when was the last time you saw so many people not living in huts and wooden shacks
<Darlok> but we still have the death penalty in some states
<hermes> sure
<hermes> but the thing is we have changed
<hermes> we have gone from more barbaric to less
<hermes> this is positive growth
<hermes> many countries have laws that protect people
<hermes> okay
<hermes> its not perfect
<hermes> but certainly better than going before a king and having one man decide your fate or the fate of a town
<Darlok> *nods*
<hermes> it is just so easy to forget where we have been
<hermes> history tells
<Darlok> All in all the world has gotten better.. but greed and selfishness is still there
<Darlok> still lots of discrminination
<Darlok> but less than 30-40 yrs ago
<hermes> of course
<hermes> but we are changing and growing
<hermes> that really is my point
<hermes> it is easy to forget how far we have come
<hermes> yes we have far to go
<hermes> but man i would not want to live 1000 years ago, where they would have strung me up by my toes just for saying these things
<Darlok> lol
<Darlok> ain't that the truth
<Darlok> they would probably hang u for being Demon possessed
<hermes> yes they would
<hermes> and would not think twice that they did the right thing
<Darlok> but Hermes do u see the business people are making with all this channeling stuff? it's ridiculous
<Darlok> the new agers now are wackjobs
<hermes> what do you mean
<Darlok> the new agers claim they can channel the Ascended Masters at will.. and even charge $ for 1on1 readings with the Ascended Master
<Darlok> i think that's a lot of baloney
<hermes> wow
<hermes> that is not good
<Darlok> i'm sure there are people who can channel asnceded masters but not at will
<hermes> and channled stuff is so inaccurate at times
<hermes> because it has to sift though the unconscious mind
<Darlok> yeah so i heard
<hermes> and we know the condtion of some of those minds
<hermes> channeling is a natural part of the evoltionary process
<Darlok> and like.. every website out there.. Every new age website and people who claim to have opened up their third eye charkas claim they can heal over the phone.. remove implants over the phone.. THey schedule sessions over the phone or in person and charge a lot of money.. Or sell tapes.. or ointments etc.. THe INternet is FLOODED with these people
<hermes> as you gain in energy and sprit you are able to tune into the minds of these nonphysical people
<hermes> and channel them
<Darlok> i see
<Darlok> i know how channeling works.. I have had channeling experience on 2 occasions
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<Orph> Hi ( :
<Darlok> once when Jesus told me I should smile more.. and the other time where he told me to use more strenght while i was doing something
<Darlok> sup Orph
<hermes> as these gifts open up in people their impulses to use it to make money have them think they have found the holy grail
<hermes> hopefully, they get past this stage
<hermes> and find the real pupose of these gifts
<hermes> to help others and themselves
<hermes> of course some of these people are just scam artists
<hermes> they have no talent at all
<hermes> and just take you for a ride with your money
<hermes> yes I remember you telling me about those times Darlok
<hermes> smiling is very good
<hermes> and strength is useful too
<hermes> and you put that to good use
<hermes> which is great
<Darlok> thanks
<hermes> which of couerse is the real pupose of these communcations
<hermes> to help you grow and evolve
<Darlok> Mr Hermes.. how does a person know when he has attained the Christ Consciousness?
<Darlok> does he feel any different?
<Darlok> does he think differently ?
<hermes> you reach the level of brotherly love
<hermes> you see the goodness in everyone
<hermes> even the bad dudes
<hermes> of coures you know the bad
<hermes> but you can see past it into the good
<hermes> that spark of goodness in everyone that yearns for expression and growth
<hermes> you can see this
<hermes> feel it
<hermes> and truely love everyone you meet
<hermes> then you do your best to pull that spark out of them
<hermes> even when they may be unkind or hurtful
<Darlok> Once i gave these 2 young homeless people 20 bucks and felt my heart charaka spin up when they sincerely thanked me
<hermes> there you go, a good small example
<hermes> of helping others and feeling the energy expand in the heart chakra
<hermes> with the christ consciousness
<hermes> your heart chakra feels like that all the time
<hermes> it gives off this bright light
<hermes> and is warm
<hermes> it bathes you in love and others that are around you can feel it as well
<hermes> they flock to be by your side
<Darlok> wow.. nice.. That's one powerful person then
<hermes> you are getting there
<Darlok> the one with Christ Consciousness
<hermes> both of you
<hermes> are on the path
<hermes> to that point
<hermes> opening your mind to the goodness in the world is important
<hermes> that is why we talked about it earlier
<hermes> and i am so stong on this point
<hermes> you have to see the goodness so the christ energy can expand within you
<hermes> if all you see is darkness and fear
<hermes> it crushes the christ energy starting to bloom within
<hermes> and all of you have great potiential to change the world for the better in ways you cannot seen now
<hermes> you think you are powerless
<hermes> but you are not
<Orph> Hermes, what do you think of taking in nutricion through energy rather then food? is it possible?
<hermes> one good person with positive thinking, love and the christ energy can change thousands
<hermes> as your energy goes up, your body requires less food
<hermes> it will naturally crave less food and get more from energy
<hermes> well
<hermes> crave was perhaps wrong word there
<hermes> you will find yourself getting overweight very fast
<hermes> beause the body gets much energy from the ether
<hermes> it needs less food
<hermes> so you have to train yourself to eat less
<hermes> else you be very large person
<hermes> its a bit of a problem but not a big one
<Orph> I experienced that my metabolism sped up after working on the solar plexus, just got more hungry rather then less
<hermes> yea keep eating like that and see what happens
<hermes> that is my point
<hermes> your take in more energy
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<Orph> it's been about three years ( :
<hermes> but the body still wants to eat more
<hermes> you have to train your body to eat less
<hermes> or crave food less
<Orph> how?
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<hermes> ahaha
<hermes> yea how
<hermes> let me know when you find out
<Orph> lol
<hermes> i exercise, diet, eat like a rabbit
<hermes> and still have to fight it
<hermes> people say, don't you eat
<Orph> some people claim to survive of just air alone, it sounds great, but I'd like to know how to get there without the risk of dying and all
<hermes> well i do not know if that is possible but i suppose anything is
<hermes> i know the body becomes more efficnet
<hermes> from first hand experience
<hermes> but if you can be completely free of eating
<hermes> i could not say
<Orph> ok
<Orph> maybe it's age related anyway ^^
<hermes> perhaps
<Orph> o, I was wondering lately
<Orph> there is a lucid dream technique that I tried,
<Orph> it involves waking up a bit early and going back to sleep an hour later again
<Orph> somehow it really induces lucid dreams
<Orph> anyway
<Orph> I was in a dream, aware, and asked for guides to say hi
<Orph> but it didn't happen, there were many people, many interesting things
<Orph> but I couldn't spot a single guide
<Orph> do you think they can be on a break?
<Orph> ^^
<hermes> a break
<hermes> good one
<hermes> no they are just being shy
<hermes> keep trying
<hermes> it can take several attempts at this before they show
<Orph> lol
<Orph> shy
<Orph> ok
<hermes> i am not sure why you have to be persistent
<hermes> but everyone i talk to that has done this connection fails the first few times
<hermes> its like, they say, let's see if he is seriosu
<Orph> in a way, that is incouraging
<hermes> serious^
<Orph> in the dream, there was a warehouse with lots of interesting stuff in it
<Orph> and also some music was playing
<Orph> it sounded like the rapper 50 cents
<Orph> not anything that I heard in real life though
<Orph> wonder if he gets his inspiration in a similar fashion
<hermes> sure
<hermes> all music is birthed in the nonphysical first
<hermes> you hear it there
<hermes> then create it here in the physical plane
<Orph> it's hard to really recall it though
<Orph> same with exact names
<hermes> writers and musicians are very good at tuning into these realities
<hermes> where music and art exist
<hermes> and they then bring this back
<hermes> as you said, it is not easy to do
<Orph> is there a trick to the bringing it back part?
<hermes> well with the lucid dreaming you just get better at remembering as time goes on
<hermes> with normal creativity that artists use, they tune into the part oftheir mind that is always there in the nonphysical
<hermes> and then bring it back through a creativity bridge
<hermes> they have built up in there psyche
<hermes> they may not be aware that this is where the song or piece came from
<hermes> but they birth it
<hermes> with you, you get to see first hand where it comes from
<hermes> and can bring it back in a more conscious manner
<hermes> in time
<Orph> can anybody do it?
<hermes> the lucid dreaming or the creativity
<Orph> making that bridge
<Orph> in fact
<Orph> can you go anywhere in a lucid dream?
<Orph> or are there off limit places
<hermes> some people are born with that bridge alreayd there, that is what makes them creative
<hermes> but i think it is something you can teach yourself
<hermes> over time
<hermes> with some effort
<Orph> ahum
<hermes> in a lucid dream you are in your dream body
<hermes> this limits you to the Etheric Plane and the Astral Plane
<hermes> perhaps even Mental Plane
<hermes> to go to the Spirit Plane or travel out of the solar system
<hermes> you need to be out of the body
<hermes> but you can learn to go out of the body from a lucid dream
<hermes> when you realize you are dreaming
<hermes> you conscioulsy step out of the dream
<hermes> by rising upward slightly and desiring to leave the lucid dream and OBE
<hermes> the dream then gets dark
<hermes> as if someone turned the lights off
<hermes> then in a moment you will be someplace else
<hermes> then you are out of your body
<hermes> some students prefer to use a door
<hermes> they create a door in the dream and step through it
<hermes> the dream ends then as they pass the door
<hermes> and they are some place else
<hermes> out of their body
<hermes> i never found the door to work too well for me but others have had good luck with it
<hermes> i walk through the door then wake up
<hermes> so I use the rising upward method out of the dream
<Orph> in the lucid dream, if I'd try to stear it, it always seems to take a few seconds for anything to happen
<Orph> is that a common thing?
<Orph> that delay
<hermes> yea that delay is normal
<hermes> i have seen it
<hermes> things change like being in a thick liquid
<Orph> yea
<hermes> it is the nature of dreams
<hermes> which are part reality and part fantasy
<Orph> the techniques sound great, I forgot about the door one but read about it before
<hermes> well it sounds like your method of waking up and going back to sleep works good for you
<hermes> i use similar method too sometimes
<hermes> I drink lots of water so I have to pee in the middle of the night
<hermes> this makes me get up
<hermes> then when I go back to bed I do the OBE or lucid dream thing
<hermes> it is much easier that way
<hermes> than just doing it straight from going to sleep
<Orph> wonder why
<hermes> yoru mind is already there on the nonphysical plane
<hermes> because you just came from there you can get back quickly
<hermes> also all your important dream things are done by then
<hermes> which get done when you first go to sleep
<Orph> aha
<Orph> in the first few hours
<hermes> so in the later part of sleep you can have fun and do more of what you want
<hermes> yea in the first few hours you work out probabilies of your day and coming day
<hermes> stuff you can't let go of until you sleep
<hermes> so it is a very active part of sleep
<hermes> but one that makes it hard to remember from
<hermes> so it is easier to jsut let the body get done with all that everyday stuff
<hermes> then you can experiement
<hermes> in an easier mode
<hermes> as all the important sleep stuff is done
<Orph> well, tonight I'll be trying to see if spirit guides are around ( :
<Orph> and try the door technique
<Orph> that one seems least
<Orph> um
<Orph> overwhelming
<hermes> good, let us know how you do
<Orph> sure,
<Orph> goodnight ( :
<hermes> goodnight
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<hermes> okay any other questions
<hermes> otherwise we will wrap it up
<Darlok> yeah
<Darlok> Hermes
<hermes> sure
<Darlok> when someone managed to attain the christ consciousness.. does that mean they will ascend in this lifetime?
<hermes> no
<hermes> but they are getting close
<hermes> it is one step
<Darlok> how far are the 2 apart
<Darlok> ascension and christ consciousness
<hermes> it can be quite close or far
<hermes> it depends on how hard you want to work
<hermes> and what you want to achieve
<hermes> you are certainly in the range of achieving it in one lifetime
<hermes> once you reach that level and anchor the christ consciousness
<Darlok> okay... and do u need to have the christ consciousness in order to ascend?
<hermes> sure
<hermes> that is what enables it
<hermes> there was no ascension before the christ consciousness
<hermes> you just endlessly reincarnated
<hermes> the christ energ was around before christ
<hermes> but it was not anchored into the planet
<hermes> so it was very hard to retain
<hermes> but after chirst the energy became anchored in the planet
<hermes> as a primary energy
<hermes> so it makes it easier for consciousness to tap into it and aquire it
<Darlok> k
<Darlok> well i'm gonna cross my fingers and hope i can attain it sometime in the future
<hermes> you are on the way
<hermes> i have no doubt you will achieve it and more
<hermes> you are achieving it everday
<hermes> bit by bit
<hermes> each day you focus there
<hermes> you take on more christ energy
<hermes> then one day, its yours forever
<hermes> it explouds out of your heart chakra
<Darlok> sweeeeet
<Darlok> very few people are on the spiritual path and it's hard to find those that are on it in real life
<hermes> very true
<hermes> the internet has helped bring many together in this way
<hermes> othewise i would not be blessed to meet so many spiritually minded souls
<Darlok> *nods* I feel the same way Mr Hermes
<Darlok> u have one of the best sites on the internet
<hermes> thank you, i am glad you like it and it helps
<Darlok> and i've virtually went though like every SPiritual site out there over the many years i've been resarching spirituality
<Darlok> u should put up more Real Player shows ;0
<hermes> yea i have been slow there, i do like them. I will do my best.
<Darlok> btw Hermes quick question
<hermes> sure
<Darlok> who initiates the christ consciousness?
<Darlok> like who/what makes it come down into a person?
<hermes> your Monad
<hermes> first you join with the HGA
<hermes> we did talk about that right
<hermes> Holy Guardian Angel
<Darlok> ahh okay
<hermes> then after that you obtain the Chirst Consciousness
<hermes> then you work toward ascension
<hermes> so you are getting there
<hermes> we talked about the daughter of babylon
<hermes> right
<Darlok> once someone reaches the christ consciouness and anchors it within himself... Does he remember his past lives?
<hermes> it does get easier to remember that stuff yes,but it is more a product of your spiritual advancement than from the christ consciousness
<hermes> the chirst consciousness gives you the ability to love unconditionally
<hermes> which is very important for any ascended being
<hermes> you have to accept others for what they are
<hermes> and love them
<hermes> those other things like reading past lives and healing and other psychic skills just develop because of your evolution
<Darlok> *understood*
<Darlok> okay Hermes.. thanks for answering my questions.. I'm gonna go take a shower now
<hermes> ok great
<hermes> glad to help
<hermes> see you again next time
<hermes> i am going as well
<Darlok> okay, until next workshop.. bye
<Darlok> thanks.. i try
* Darlok has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<attuned> bye, and thanks
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