FLO; Tree of Life; Tarot; Predictions; pillars of dark and light; balancing spirit and physical life; using crystals in meditation
July 5, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jul 05 16:14:17 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.'
* Set by Gamble! on Wed Jul 04 13:20:51
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<Shrish> did i miss the chat?
* electra928 has joined #energyworks
<Shrish> hi electra!
<electra928> hi shrish
<electra928> haven't seen you before
<Shrish> yea u name's shrishti usually
* iris has joined #energyworks
<electra928> hello Iris
<Shrish> hello iris
<iris> Hi all!
<iris> I'm having a little delay at this end
<Shrish> oh
<Shrish> good to know
<electra928> oh that's ok - we'll wait!
<iris> thanks -
<iris> I'll be back in a few
<Shrish> ok
<electra928> I was going to say what sort of a day have you had but then it's only late afternoon over in the US though maybe you're not from there
<Shrish> are you not in US then?
<electra928> I'm in the UK and we've had none stop rain for weeks
<electra928> no _ UK
<Shrish> i love rain
<Shrish> what time is it there?
<electra928> here it's nearly 10 pm
<Shrish> good time for meditation
<Shrish> its almost 3 pm here, in Colorado
<electra928> yes - it can be
<electra928> you're in Colorado!
<electra928> I
<Shrish> yea
<electra928> have a friend who lives there
<electra928> neAR Denver
<Shrish> nice
<electra928> where do you live
<Shrish> what does he do?
<Shrish> in boulder
<electra928> well I've heard of that place
<electra928> I'm not sure - don't really know him that well
<Shrish> hmm
<electra928> but he's in a group I used to belong to
<electra928> so we just correspond from time to time
<electra928> Colorado is an interesting place
<electra928> Somewhere there you get dinosaur fossils
<Shrish> is it like a meditation group? if u don't mind me asking
<electra928> and I was wondering if there were any remains of ancient man there - don't know if you're interested in that kind of thing
<Shrish> yes ...there is a dinosaur park near red rocks
<electra928> that's FLO
<electra928> I'm sure you've heard of that and Paul Foster Case
<Shrish> actually i have not
<Shrish> please do tell
<electra928> also isn't there a great museum in Denver with loads of fossils
<Shrish> yes there is
<electra928> never heard of PFc?
<Shrish> nope
<electra928> well he was a very famous occultist - I think around the 1920s
<electra928> I should know more - not sure when he was born
<electra928> he was a great exponent of the Tarot
<electra928> and revolutionized it
<Shrish> oh
<Shrish> wow
<Shrish> and that's here in colorado?
<electra928> or at least evolved it so that it could be understood in a spiritual fashion
<electra928> there is a lodge somewhere in Colorado but it's quite small
<electra928> there are a lot of FLO groups on the uS - you can find them on their website
<electra928> just Google FLo
<Shrish> ok
<electra928> I have to say I had never heard of Paul Foster Case
<electra928> you hear of lots of other people before you get to hear about him
<electra928> There's also Builders of the Adytum
<electra928> he founded that organization and they offer courses of his teaching on Tarot
<electra928> The courses are good but they are very Christian orientated - too much for me
<Shrish> do you do tarot readings too?
<electra928> i think a lot of ppl interested in meditation do his course but don't actually get involved in BOTA
<electra928> well Case was able to show that the Tarot , especially the Major Arcana , can be used as a spiritual tool
<electra928> not necessarily for divination
<electra928> it's all to do with symbolism
<electra928> and what it means
<electra928> and what it teaches
<electra928> Tarot is very profound and it's all bound up with the Tree of Life
<Shrish> interesting
<electra928> if you look on the website here you'll find all this stuff
<electra928> explained in a very user-friendly fashion
<electra928> Pfc IS GETTing very dated
<electra928> written so long ago
<electra928> this website is very modern
<Shrish> wisdomsdoor?
<electra928> if you use the search tool and - yes Wisdomsdoor
<Shrish> ok
<electra928> use the search tool and put in Tarot and then Tree of Life - it's all there
<Shrish> what do you thin k about predictions? as in predicting future?
<electra928> and you can e-mail Hermes and ask him if you're stuck
<electra928> well I don't believe in predestination if that's what you mean but I still think it's good to take notice of ones intuition
<electra928> Hermes tackles that subject as well
<electra928> in his chapters on probability
<electra928> put that in the search engine as well
<Shrish> true..but what i meant was there are people who talk about this year being a good year
<Shrish> and they predict about future years too
<electra928> well - could be genuine pre-cognition or mere speculation
<Shrish> maybe
<electra928> the future isn't fixed, we can only say what might happen as the energies are right now
<electra928> but things change
<Shrish> that's true
<electra928> if x, then y
<electra928> but if x changes then not y
<electra928> each individual holds the key to their future - not chance or destiny
<Shrish> that's t rue
<Shrish> i have to say it
<Shrish> it becomes a burden sometimes
<electra928> what does?
<Shrish> a big responsibility- reality creating
<Shrish> taking decisions
<Shrish> that have to help physical life align with spiritual self
<electra928> yes - but we do it all the time
<electra928> what you mean is achieving some kind of equilibrium
<electra928> that's what the tree of life is all about
<Shrish> true
<Shrish> really
<electra928> finding the equilibrium between the 2 pillars
<electra928> have you done that or not?
<Shrish> done what?
<electra928> I assumed not
<electra928> the Pillars
<Shrish> I haven't read a lot on tree of life yet
<electra928> well it's all on the website here
<Shrish> so what are the pillars? physical and spiritual ends of self?
<electra928> well on the T o L there's a left and right hand pillar and one in the middle
<electra928> the two outer pillars represent every kind of opposing forces that you can think of
<electra928> black/white, good/bad, day/nigh
<Shrish> okay
<electra928> and the middle pillars represents their resolution
<electra928> if you think about it you have the left and right hand sides of the brain
<electra928> each side does a different job
<electra928> one side is the reasoning function , the other the emotional function
<electra928> in the mundane sphere those tend to oppose each other on a daily basis
<iris> sorry everyone
<electra928> and by resolving that opposition we find an equilibrium or harmony
<electra928> hello Iris
<Shrish> i see what you mean
<Shrish> thanks electra
<iris> seems like you're all doing great here!
<electra928> we were talking about the t o L and the pillars
<electra928> it made me realize how difficult it is to explain some things
<electra928> just writing here in a small box
<Shrish> :)
<electra928> Iris - do you have any meditations on the Pillars
<electra928> something I don't think I've seen
<Shrish> .
<electra928> oh - everyone's gone quiet
<Shrish> i have a question
<electra928> well either this is a very long question or my connection has timed out
<electra928> I'm not getting anything here
<Shrish> sorry my computer was acting weird
<Shrish> but my question was..
<Shrish> i am having trouble balancing physical life with spiritual self..and i was wondering if anyone has any advice
<Shrish> i don't have time to meditate ....choosing career is tough because almost everything seems meaningless when i think about spiritual needs
<Shrish> so i was wondering if people have any advice on that
<iris> sorry again - I've been in and out here
<electra928> well if you can solve that problem you've solved the riddle
<electra928> that is THE problem
<iris> it seems the question is balancing spiritual with physical?
<Shrish> yes
<iris> part of this "problem" is our perspective
<electra928> unfortunately I need to go now - I have some preparation work to do and it's been a long, hard day today
<Shrish> okay
<Shrish> have a good night
<electra928> I'll see everyone next week
<iris> physical reality is a tool through which we gain spirituality
<electra928> ok - bye for now
<iris> bye electra
<Shrish> bye electra
<electra928> bye Iris
<electra928> Bye!
* electra928 has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<Shrish> but then why does it seem to be more of an obstacle?
<iris> to help us learn
<Shrish> like teaching physics - all that time and effort that goes into that could've been used to meditate and learn spiritual lessons
<Shrish> granted physical does teach lessons
<iris> yes but understanding physics helps us to understand energy flow!
<Shrish> it seems to be an obstacle even in the dreams because after the hard day of work the body goes to sleep and does not OBE
<Shrish> even though u want it too
<iris> i've also felt the same
<Shrish> Physical responsibilities interfere or delay the spiritual truths- right now anyway
<Shrish> and its driving me crazy its almost like
<Shrish> we have two options either leave the society and e a hermit or live in the society and be suffocated
<Shrish> what can/should i do?
<iris> we all feel that at times
<iris> want to be tibetan monks
<Shrish> so there is no solution?
<iris> there is
<iris> I can't say working through this reality is easy
<iris> it can be very difficult
<Shrish> so then what is the solutions?
<iris> but working here fine tunes many reality creating skills
<iris> and hence has some value
<Shrish> i see
<iris> in other realities we create immediately
<Shrish> so the whole purpose is to be the master reality creator ...because it refines the physical self?
<iris> almost
<iris> rather the spiritual self gets refined through physical reality
<Shrish> but reality creating is so different than remembering past lives
<Shrish> or spending time in the tree of life
<Shrish> that's why it seems like a burden
<iris> burden - physical reality?
<Shrish> burden- creating reality all the time while spiritually nourishing self(spending time in tree of life)
<Shrish> i'm sorry i'm throwing all these things at you
<Shrish> i'm just really frustrated with life right now
<iris> it can be frustrating
<iris> but it's not supposed to be a burden
<Shrish> okay
<Shrish> I'm listening now
<iris> let's take a step back -
<iris> we are creators
<iris> in other realities we instantaneously create what we think and feel
<iris> that can be disastrous
<iris> so we come into physical reality - a reality I call the polar reality
<iris> because we live in a world of opposites
<iris> up down in out black white good bad
<iris> that helps us really fine tune our thoughts and feelings
<iris> we learn to be very specific
<iris> in our thoughts
<iris> so we can create safely in other realities
<iris> now this is frustrating for many of us
<iris> especially "older souls"
<iris> who may have been here before and in other realities
<iris> we don't want to be bothered with all the nonsense here
<iris> just want to cut out the heart of things
<Shrish> true
<iris> but there is a reason for us to be here now - whether to fine tune ourselves or help others
<iris> there are lessons to be gained from being here - as frustrating as it many times is
<iris> search yourself - what do you want for yourself
<iris> focus on that - meditate on it
<Shrish> okay
<iris> meditation, OBE, etc are tools to help us uncover that
<Shrish> any special meditation?
<iris> do you use crystals?
<Shrish> no
<Shrish> i just have a few crystals that look like rock crystals
<Shrish> i don't have any clear quartz
<iris> they help - 3 or 4 small clear quartz
<iris> if you can get some they are the best
<Shrish> okay
<Shrish> i can try to get them
<iris> when you do sit them in sea salt overnight
<Shrish> i have other stones
<Shrish> calcite ...citrine; quartz.....rose quartz...
<iris> do you have 3 green or rose quartz?
<Shrish> i have three rose quartz
<Shrish> in different shapes
<iris> good enough
<iris> can you get sea salt
<Shrish> yes
* orph has joined #energyworks
<Shrish> hi orph
<iris> hi orph
<orph> hi
<iris> bury them in sea salt overnight
<Shrish> okay
<iris> or leave them out in strong sun for a day
<Shrish> okay
<Shrish> i will do that
<iris> this will clear them for you
<iris> if you use sea salt, dissolve it in water and discard after
<Shrish> will do
<orph> iris, did you by any chance acquire some new kyanite recently? : )
<iris> not yet - but I wanted to talk with you about the crystal pics
<iris> once you clear the crystals you're good to go
<iris> now find a quiet comfortable place
<iris> place the crystals in a triangle
<Shrish> ok
<iris> with you sitting in the middle with one pointing toward you in front
<iris> and the other to on each side of you pointing toward you in back
<Shrish> ok
<iris> if you have another you may hold it in your hand
<Shrish> alright
<iris> first close your circle - or triangle
<iris> that means asking your guides to seal your space so no negative forces can enter
<Shrish> oh
<iris> then try to imagine yourself in a bubble
<iris> imagine white light entering your bubble from above your head and coming down through your chakras and out swirling around and filling your space
<Shrish> k
<iris> empty your mind
<iris> you can do that by visualizing a peaceful scene or imagining yourself getting lighter and lighter - "floating upward"
<iris> then just let it take you where it goes
<Shrish> okay
<Shrish> thank you
<Shrish> i've to go now- thanks a ton
<iris> one last
* Shrish has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<iris> oh well
* shrishti has joined #energyworks
<shrishti> ok
<iris> ah - when your meditation is finished
<iris> send off the excess energy to do some good
<shrishti> okay
<shrishti> will do
<iris> also, before you start you can ask that the meditation help you with something specific
<shrishti> ok
<iris> try to do several times a week
<shrishti> k
<iris> let me know how it goes
<shrishti> i will
<shrishti> thanks
<shrishti> bye!
<iris> bye
* shrishti has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<orph> : )
<iris> orph, thanks for the crystal pics they were great
<orph> any thoughts?
<iris> crystals store things
<iris> they have "memories" so to speak
<iris> like the computer chip
<iris> I think the images we see on them may be reflections of what they carry inside
<iris> like us
<iris> it helps when you are choosing crystals for specific tasks
<iris> we get drawn to certain ones
<orph> that one is still under investigation : )
<iris> the first pic?
<orph> if I ever get myself to take time and really meditate on it and find something, I'll let you know
<orph> both images were from the same crystal I believe
<iris> I would like that
<orph> ( :
<iris> really
<orph> ok
<iris> as it turned out I didn't get to my crystal source yet so have not picked up the kyanite
<orph> ah, I'm curious what you'll choose :D
<iris> I remember my last piece crumbled over time and I lost bits and bits until it was gone
<iris> well I am excited about adding another
<iris> and I wouldn't have thought of it - so thanks
<orph> some kyanite blades come on nice stands, that may be an option to preserve it well
<iris> good idea - should have thought of it the first time
<iris> do you do a lot of meditating with them or collecting?
<iris> or both?
<orph> a bit of both,
<orph> tonight I'll try sleeping with a labradorite tumblestone under my pillow
<orph> just read it is supposed to help with night vision :D
<orph> I tried putting quartz under my pillow a few times too, but it just kept me up all night
<iris> I used to have a whole set under my bed for healing - never kept me up though
<iris> I found I really learned what many were for by trying different ones
<iris> never tried labradorite - you can fill me in there too!
<orph> sure ( :
<orph> I'm glad you got the pictures ( :
<orph> seeya later
<orph> goodnight
<iris> ok - goodnight
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