The Egyptians; the Essenes; opening the third eye; fighting back at nightmares; kinds of dreams; Daughter of Babylon; the sexual spiritual current
June 28, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jun 28 16:25:21 2007
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.'
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<electra880> the explorer Belzoni discovering the tomb of Seti
<attuned> ah 2012
<electra880> hi Hermes
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<hermes> hi there
<attuned> hi
<electra880> We were just talking about tombs in Egypt
<electra880> There was a TV program on just now about the explorer Belzoni discovering the tomb of SEti
<electra880> the artwork was fabulous
<electra880> and the tomb was as big as a stadium
<electra880> there was also a program on mummification
<hermes> yea those Egyptians did know how to build
<electra880> did you know that their word for temple meant house of the millions of years
<electra880> really amazing concepts that they had
<electra880> and I was reading about their language
<electra880> they often seemed to talk in metaphors
<hermes> I have not heard much about the language
<electra880> so if you want to understand the hieroglyphics you first have to master their concepts and the way they talked
<electra880> like as you know they had the relationship between the scarab and the sun
<electra880> and therefore the beetle was a symbol of achievement
<electra880> therefore if you were telling someone that you had been successful
<electra880> you said something like 'I've achieved the beetles'
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<hermes> sounds interesting
<electra880> oh yes - I read a lot but I'll have to read it all again!
<electra880> if you want to draw those symbols you need to do it like calligraphy
<electra880> and sometimes a symbol has a sound and sometimes it represents what it is talking about
<electra880> it will take forever just to write one word
<electra880> that little chick symbol has the sound of oo
<electra880> the Egyptians had a concept of eternity that really we don't in our ordinary world
<electra880> Do you know if the Atlanteans had that same kind of concept
<electra880> also do you know what kind of language they spoke
<hermes> I had seen large light bulbs once in a special that were thought to be powered by Egyptian electricity
<electra880> now that is amazing
<hermes> they looked like big egg plants and were powered by some chemical mixture in jars
<electra880> no doubt containing honey amongst other things - they were great believers in honey
<electra880> and used it a lot in their medicine - a great antiseptic apparently
<electra880> does anyone know what Atlantean temples were like and what gods they worshipped
<hermes> there is even less information on that than Egyptians
<electra880> some ppl relate the egyptians to the Atlanteans
<electra880> I am going to have to do a lot of work on that to see if it really does fit
<hermes> the Egyptians could have copied much from the Atlanteans
<electra880> how do you think they met
<electra880> so to speak!
<hermes> but there is no proof
<electra880> this is what I'm trying to figure out
<hermes> I think the Egyptians got their Atlantean tech from a third party
<hermes> Essenes
<electra880> now they come up here and there - who exactly were they?
<electra880> Am I right in thinking they are mentioned in the Bible?
<hermes> as far as history goes, there were a group of religious people who prepared the way for comings of things
<hermes> prophets
<hermes> special events
<hermes> they kept secrets
<hermes> were very good at documenting things and handing them down
<electra880> so how did the Essenes get all this info from the Atlanteans
<hermes> I believe they kept extensive records on atlantis
<electra880> so were they part of the Atlantean race
<hermes> and later tried to introduce these things into Egyptian culture
<hermes> yes the Essenes go back long time
<electra880> I never saw them mentioned in the stuff I have read about Atlantis so far
<hermes> In every race they have always been prepares
<hermes> preparing the way for change
<Xeno690> can some essenes be descendants of the atlanteans
<Xeno690> some living survivors
<electra880> or did they migrate from Atlantis to Egypt
<hermes> if they are descendents it can't be directly anymore
<hermes> The Essenes always had the gift of foresight
<hermes> so they knew when something bad or good was coming
<hermes> and would prepare
<hermes> they probably left Atlantis before the end
<hermes> and then settled into various societies and kept their secrets
<Xeno690> like egyptians and mayan civilizations?
<hermes> There were Essenes in Egypt but I do not know how much had survived by then
<hermes> yes like the Mayan and Egyptians
<hermes> these races have a hint of something big behind them. My guess this ancient knowledge put to use in various ways to set these civilizations apart
<hermes> without actually interfering with their overall development
<hermes> the pyramid for example is one of the few shapes that stores cosmic energy
<electra880> how exactly does that work - does anyone know?
<hermes> it is a science that has not survived
<hermes> sadly
<Xeno690> so the Egyptians pyramids and mayan temples have similar structures because of the influence of the essenes?
<hermes> I do know that some kind of low level radiation is trapped at the tip
<hermes> and this somehow transforms the energy passing through it
<hermes> into excited particles
<electra880> it probably can tap into another dimension perhaps
<hermes> that fill the pyramid chamber with increase in energy
<hermes> Xeon, I think so
<hermes> it would explain why such knowledge seems to be sprinkled here and there
<hermes> but not in any great degree
<Xeno690> so these scared sites can offer easier ways to connect to the other dimensions, if for example someone meditated in front of it or on it
<hermes> yes
<hermes> this increase in energy helps you to connect to that universal energy
<Xeno690> oh okay
<Xeno690> so their location is not by accident
<hermes> these civilizations wound up using these structures for their dead kings, but I doubt that was the original idea behind giving that kind of tech to the Egyptians and Mayans
<hermes> The Essenes were most likely hoping to help raise the consciousness of the civilizations
<hermes> by having these buildings be hubs or centers
<hermes> it did not turn out that way
<Xeno690> off the topic question, what are different ways one can open their third eye
<hermes> I like the Middle Pillar Exercise for balancing and helping to open all the chakra
<hermes> but you could wear some gemstones
<hermes> that target the third eye
<Xeno690> oh okay
<electra880> yes - I like the Middle Pillar Exercise
<hermes> jade would work well
<electra880> It helps to circulate all the energies
<hermes> i like wearing jade
<hermes> the green color
<hermes> not the red
<hermes> the red jade will have more effect on the lower chakra
<Xeno690> how bout a Herkimer diamond, is it too strong and unstable??
<hermes> yes that would work too
<hermes> Herkimers are good dream crystals too
<hermes> to enhance dreams
<Xeno690> enhance how, like HD quality or more control, lol
<hermes> and they are all double terminated which makes them very energetic
<hermes> yea hehe HD dreaming
<hermes> they help with dream recall
<hermes> it helps open the third eye
<hermes> but more for inter dimensional stuff
<hermes> which I guess that is why you want it opened more
<hermes> Jade would give you more in the lines of insight and wisdom
<Xeno690> i can remember my dreams pretty good but i have little control, i have a lot of nightmares
<Xeno690> unlike my bf who has OBEs and can fly and have telekinesis in his dreams
<hermes> yea best way to get over nightmares is to take action in them
<hermes> usually when you turn and fight back in a nightmare it goes away
<hermes> and does not return
<Xeno690> lol, i have fear of zombies even though their fiction but they still scare me to death, how can i retaliate in my dreams and gain that control
<hermes> When I get a nightmare and wake up in the middle of the night from it
<hermes> i go into offensive mode i call
<hermes> it
<hermes> i know if i go back to sleep i will resume the nightmare
<hermes> so before I fall asleep I concentrate on my magical sword
<hermes> i focus on keeping it on my side
<hermes> as I fall asleep
<hermes> and usually
<Xeno690> oh heh
<hermes> when i enter the dream again
<hermes> i am holding the sword
<hermes> then i go slay whatever it attacking me
<Xeno690> i see
<hermes> it takes a bit of practice but does work well
<hermes> for getting rid of nightmares
<hermes> now you do not have to use a sword
<hermes> it can be any kind of object that gives you power or feel gives you power
<Xeno690> ok
<electra880> I know it's in your book but could you explain again how the dream dimension interfaces with the other dimensions
<electra880> there's that diagram with the dream and probability dimensions passing over the Etheric, astral etc dimensions
<hermes> Dreams overlay the various reality planes: Etheric, astral, mental, spiritual
<hermes> they are special kind of experiences
<electra880> a discussion about that would be very useful
<hermes> because they can occur in any reality plane
<hermes> but are filled with things that are both real and not real
<hermes> i a dream most of what you see or meet is fabricated by your mind projecting your feelings outward
<hermes> if this dream is happening on the mental plane the dream will be mental
<hermes> involve images of things and objects
<hermes> if the dream happens on the astral plane it could invoke things you fear or crave
<electra880> but it still has inner meaning - you can still interpret that can't you
<hermes> part of the dream actually occurs on that reality plane but you are dimly aware of it
<electra880> it doesn't make it any the less meaningful because these are your own personal projections
<hermes> yes every dream has great meaning
<hermes> more because it is filled with the stuff of yourself
<hermes> if you were some nonphysical viewer looking at someone having a dream experience
<hermes> you would see someone not aware at all of what is going on
<hermes> because they are caught up in whatever they are creating
<electra880> how about the interface with the probability dimension -
<electra880> sorry - that's for later
<electra880> your last comment is similar to our ordinary waking consciousness
<electra880> we are also in that state
<hermes> ahaha
<hermes> yea it is
<electra880> I've had dreams which make more sense to me than so called reality
<electra880> i could stay there sometimes
<electra880> and take that as my reality
<hermes> in the nonphysical all versions of events exist, so you can experience a dream of a probable event
<electra880> or ground level reality is a better way of putting it
<hermes> this dream event could be filled with some of your own desires and fears as well as with some real probable events
<electra880> well that poses an interesting question
<electra880> a long time ago I had a dream of something that actually happened as soon as I woke up
<electra880> now that was a lucid dream but it became lucid to the point where I was fully conscious in that dream
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<electra880> it was then that a subtle kind of ego emerged - the I that is in waking consciousness
<electra880> and whether I would have it or no that 'I' altered the dream and it was then that the prediction faculty lost it and reality and the dream content parted company
<hermes> yes, you became conscious in the dream
<electra880> Darn it!!!
<electra880> it started to participate instead of taking a back seat]
<electra880> I learnt a lot from that
<electra880> why couldn't that ego stay still?
<hermes> if it did you would not remember it
<hermes> so it was the only way to benefit from it
<hermes> even if you changed the outcome
<electra880> well I would dearly liked to have switched it off on that occasion
<electra880> I was doing fine without it
<electra880> I was consciously aware without being 'I' or me if you see what I mean
<electra880> I expect there must be some words for that in dream analysis
<hermes> most likely
<electra880> It would be good to be able to be like that at will
<hermes> you would have fell into another dream from that one
<hermes> and forgot it
<electra880> because that is the wise state
<electra880> of mind
<hermes> so your guides woke you up in it
<hermes> because they wanted you to remember it
<electra880> well I think I woke myself up when I realized I had messed everything up
<hermes> you must wake up before the dream ends or as it ends otherwise you will lose the memory
<hermes> dreams run one into the other
<electra880> but when you are really evolved you won't need to do that I guess?
<hermes> so if another dream had begun then you would have lost that dream
<electra880> we are supposed to train to control all functions of our consciousness
<hermes> as you get more evolved you participate more in your dreams
<hermes> they become other places where you can express yourself
<electra880> I understand then that it's one dream at a time to get the full benefit
<electra880> I remember going through a phase where in my dreams I was telling ppl exactly what I thought of them
<electra880> like ppl in authority because I had repressed all those feelings in real life
<electra880> I felt much better for it LOL!
<electra880> I didn't realize I felt so strongly and it made me realize that I did
<hermes> yea without dreams to express those bottled up things we would go mad
<electra880> well they sure got the works from me and did I ever enjoy it
<hermes> in some dreams you are actually with those people
<electra880> yes - that's right
<hermes> so yea, you did give it to them
<electra880> and sometimes they look smaller LOL!
<hermes> i have found
<hermes> no difference in telling someone in a dream than telling them in physical world
<hermes> they react the same either way
<electra880> well it certainly released the same drive and energy
<hermes> only difference is in a dream they do no usually remember
<electra880> but I think it was more focused - more aggressive even
<electra880> there's a psychic element there that in a sense even makes it more real
<hermes> I would have some whopper arguments with people in a dream. then the next morning you could tell what you had said upset them, even though they did not remember it
<electra880> because what you are saying is not ego based
<hermes> yes powerful stuff
<hermes> which is why I do tread carefully now in dreams
<electra880> yes - you're talking far more from the heart and the soul - no emotion is left out that belongs there
<Darlok> Hermes, how can I tell whether my Twin flame is incarnate or already ascended? I'm having a hard time figuring out where my Twin flame is
<Xeno690> I've dreamt i keep beating up my cousin in different scenarios and yelling at her, i've always had repressed anger towards her
<hermes> wow, your poor cousin
<electra880> the ego is a great nuisance at times - you need it and it is always part of you but I would like to be able to turn it off at times
<Xeno690> =)
<electra880> you could not be you without your ego I conclude and you could not be complete either
<hermes> you will gain more control over the ego
<electra880> you can't complete your journey with an ego that is not intact
<hermes> as you advance spiritually the ego starts to learn how it should behave
<hermes> and it stops doing the driving
<electra880> One of my definitions of ego is 'someone who is tired of looking at things through other peoples' eye'
<electra880> yes - if it would stop doing the driving I will be more pleased with it
<electra880> but at the same time if it doesn't have a life of it's own you are also stuck as you can see from my definition
<electra880> eyes I meant to say there LOL!
<hermes> I know that seems like an impossible thing, but it will happen. The upper mental plane is where the ego gets put into place
<hermes> your experiences in that region train the ego
<hermes> and allow the spiritual self to start taking control
<electra880> well if we are going to develop the third eye and really make use of it then we need to get there
<hermes> in the tree of life that would be Binah and Chokmah
<hermes> and Daath
<electra880> otherwise ego is going to taint all our pre-cognition as well as our insight
<Xeno690> hey, darlok asked a question about a twin flame, what's a twin flame darlok
<electra880> it just has to participate LOL!
<electra880> oh we missed that -that's a lovely ?
<hermes> Darlok, you can be the one to tell that
<hermes> its your twinflame
<hermes> do you see her in dreams?
<hermes> just ask her
<hermes> You have 144 soulmates and 12 of them are on the same Monad tree. One of them comes from the same branch of the Monad tree
<electra880> that should test your ego and hers
<hermes> there is a diagram in the latest letter of the month
<Xeno690> 144?!
<hermes> on the bottom
<hermes> just scroll to the bottom
<hermes> for a diagram of the Monad
<hermes> you highlight the url and let go of the mouse
<hermes> it shows where you twin flame is
<hermes> for those of you on the chat interface
<hermes> then paste it into a browser address
<Xeno690> what happened to the romantic notion of one, heh
<electra880> oh you have to get right up the Tree of lIfe for a bit of romance Xeno
<electra880> once you start all this stuff you can forget about that LOL!
<Xeno690> hah
<electra880> well they should but they don't - put it that way
<electra880> and quite honestly if you're giving this stuff all you've got you haven't got energy for anything else
<hermes> that is very true
<hermes> there is only so much energy to put into things
<hermes> So Darlok have you asked this person if they are or feel like they are
<hermes> a twinflame
<Darlok> i haven't spoken to them in ages
<Darlok> her
<hermes> ah well that is a bad sign right there
<hermes> maybe just a soulmate
<hermes> passing by
<hermes> like two ships in the night
<hermes> soulmates can be intense as well
<hermes> especially if they are from your first group of 12
<Darlok> see that's understandable but the thing is.. that once i had this blissful experience where i lost my eyesight and saw my heart charka fully open up and then my soul was transported somewhere else.. to like a Garden of EDEN of sorts.. to paradise.. and i saw this girl in that blissful experience i had
<Darlok> it was a different reality but i wasn't dreaming also
<Xeno690> wow, that must've been an experience
<hermes> could be the Daughter of Babylon Darlok
<hermes> she helps you evolve and grow
<Darlok> yeah.. it was a place where nothing but love existed.. and i was surrounded by it
<hermes> she lures you upward
<hermes> to the higher realms
<hermes> using desire
<hermes> once there your heart chakra would open up
<hermes> that may have been the purpose
<Darlok> i c
<Darlok> yeah i saw my heart charka fully open up and a breathe of God entered inside of it
<Darlok> i heard the breathe while still conscious... this coool breeze blowing into my heart and the next thing i know i'm in LALA land
<electra880> what happened Darlok?
<hermes> there are several places on the Aethyr tree where you meet with The Daughter of Babylon
<hermes> here is one of them POP
<hermes> if you are female you can have that kind of experience in ZEN
<hermes> but it can happen in POP as well
<Darlok> i saw this girl in the dream.. (girl from physical life) and i tickled her on a bed during this blissful experience I had.. and the strange thing about it was that it felt REAL!!! when the experience ended 5 seconds after... I thought this world wasn't real anymore for a few seconds because it didn't feel real
<Darlok> electra.. it was bliss and ecstasy beyond human comprehension
<Darlok> too bad it only lasted 5 seconds or so
<Darlok> i'm checking the links
<Darlok> it was like a cosmic orgasm
<electra880> well I guess I'd have to go for that!
<Darlok> hehe
<Darlok> Hermes.. it wasn't ZEN because I'm male
<Darlok> might've been POP but i'm not entirely sure
<hermes> there is another place this happens
<hermes> in the Aethyrs
<Darlok> where?
<hermes> LEA
<hermes> but the experience here is not as sexual
<hermes> ok the last place you meet here is ZIP
<hermes> you meet her in each of those places
<hermes> in what can be strong intense bliss experiences
<hermes> POP and LEA, and ZIP
<hermes> each time you merge with this being you become changed
<hermes> your energy is raised to a higher level
<Darlok> yeah it totally changed my life
<hermes> females can experience her as male
<hermes> but she can appear in any alluring form
<hermes> or he
<hermes> this merging is very important in everyone's evolution
<hermes> because it parts to you the divine spark you need to grow
<electra880> and sounds a lot more exciting than romance
<electra880> which is unbelievably boring anyway
<electra880> this sounds action-packed
<hermes> yes it is
<Xeno690> can you search for it or does it come to you
<hermes> you can set out to reach that level in the Aethyr
<Darlok> but Hermes.. this girl which i saw in the blissful experience I had looked exactly like the girl i met 7 yrs ago in real life but never kept in contact with her.. How do you explain that?
<electra880> but I think you can have these kids of experience on the Tree of lIfe as well
<hermes> the Tree of LIfe and the Aethyrs parallel each other
<hermes> they fall over the same regions
<hermes> I use the Aethyrs for more discussions because it is divided up more
<electra880> yes you were saying and I still don't understand how that works
<hermes> so it is easier to pinpoint specific lessons
<electra880> I wish you could do a diagram
<hermes> RC3 has one
<hermes> which of course does not help anyone here as it is not ready yet
<electra880> well maybe I can twist your arm for a preview of that
<electra880> I have always been curious
<hermes> Binah sits just below ZAX
<electra880> about that relationship between the 2
<hermes> Kether is above ZAX
<hermes> part of the problem with human beings is they lack the divine energy to bring them upward
<hermes> pull them upward
<hermes> sexual experiences are very powerful for humans, you would agree
<hermes> so there is this sexual current that gently pulls you upward
<hermes> as you rise upward higher and higher the sexual component becomes lessened because you no longer need it to pull you upward
<hermes> but in the lower regions the sexual current is necessary to get humans out of the place they are stuck in
<hermes> it is just one of the many mechanisms in place to help people evolve
<electra880> well depends how you use that current I suppose
<hermes> it is not the only one
<hermes> but the sexual current is an important energy to master
<hermes> so you cannot completely discount it
<hermes> in your evolution
<electra880> I think we are all born with that urge to find our destiny
<electra880> and basically that comes from the sex drive
<hermes> yes you do get it
<hermes> sexual current has a higher component
<hermes> it appears one way in the lower regions
<hermes> and another in the higher
<electra880> I think the point is to refine all your energies
<hermes> of course
<electra880> I was discussing this with someone else and we agreed that in essence you cannot separate sexuality from divinity
<electra880> they are essentially the same but the limited human mind cannot see this
<hermes> there are one of two post ions taken by the evolving magician on sexual energy. they either run from it or embrace it.
<electra880> well how about just embracing divinity or bliss or ecstasy - anything that comes along really - why confine it to sexual energy
<hermes> but this current needs to be conquered so you can rise fully out of the astral plane
<hermes> some magicians get stuck on the sexual experience and never pass out of it
<hermes> others are repulsed by it and never embrace it
<electra880> yes - I'd go with that but what about drive and positive energy and commonsense
<hermes> you have to experience it and let it change you and then move forward
<hermes> POP an ZEN are powerful places you have to master
<hermes> you have to learn how to use and control this energy
<hermes> anyway Darlok experience was meant to plant the seed of divinity within him so it could grow
<electra880> yes - I think he got lucky!
<hermes> and you are right it is a great trap as well
<hermes> because you can get stuck and focused on this energy and not pass though to the next level
<electra880> well hopefully within that experience you will be able to already see the key to the next level
<hermes> yes true
<electra880> in my meditation I am always looking for keys and so far that has worked well
<electra880> not easy but if you have a real problem it does work
<electra880> isn't it said somewhere that within each experience there is the key to the next doorway - something like that
<electra880> you're never left stuck
<hermes> absolutely
<electra880> when you are stuck you know it because you get that dreadful static feeling - it's unmistakable
<hermes> you have not been around last few weeks
<hermes> ok
<hermes> any other questions
<electra880> I hope he hasn't go stuck on the website
<electra880> site I mean
<hermes> or should we wrap it up
<electra880> he went to look at an article
<hermes> yea
<hermes> he's reading it
<electra880> well I'm talked out LOL!
<hermes> so I will see everyone in a couple weeks
<electra880> ok - great workshop
<hermes> bye everybody, thanks for coming
<electra880> bye
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