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June 14, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jun 14 16:32:02 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<hermes> howdy
* Darlok has joined #energyworks
<hermes> Hi Darlok
<hermes> man long time
<hermes> its been
<Darlok> hi, yeah it's been awhile
<Darlok> I bought your 2nd book.. the Reference guide not too long ago.. It's off the hook.. Really nice book and easy to read.. I learned allot from it
<Darlok> waiting on RC3 to be released
<hermes> yea rc3 is being worked on now
<hermes> i work on it several times a week
<hermes> i am glad you like the reference guide
<hermes> you will not find anything similar anywhere
<Darlok> yeah i have the reference guide and Rc2.. both great works
<hermes> i had rc3 nearly done
<Darlok> awesome
<hermes> then realized it was just a glorified reference guide in prose
<hermes> and to keep it like rc1 and rc2
<hermes> it needed rewrite
<hermes> so that is why it took extra years to work on
<hermes> i had to rebuild it from the ground up
<Darlok> ahh, gotcha
<Darlok> I'm sure it'll be just as good as your other books if not better
<hermes> yea that is the plan
<hermes> it too will be unlike any other book out there
<hermes> like rc1 and rc2 they are unique
<hermes> and rc3 will continue the journey to becoming a master
<Darlok> :)
<Darlok> Hermes i have a question.. I wrote to you allot about twin flames in the past and about God and all that stuff.. However recently something very strange happened to me
<hermes> ok, listening
<Darlok> it's nothing new to me really since things like this happen to me all the time
<Darlok> I was in a hospital bathroom when out of nowhere i felt an overwhelming presence.. then my body started to tremble
<Darlok> then i heard a voice that said "Kneel" it was in my head i think
<Darlok> so i knelt in the bathroom floor.. and my legs (knee down) started raising themselves upwards so i was kneeling on my knees and it was very painful
<Darlok> then my head went down to the floor
<Darlok> and i tried raising it back up and it wouldn't nudge
<Darlok> i tried with all my strength to pickup my head but it wouldn't let me.. it was stuck to the floor
<hermes> ok continue
<Darlok> and then i started licking someone's feet like a dog.. I don't know if it was an Ascended Masters or not like Jesus' or God's but i was giving away sounds of a dog licking someone's feet
<Darlok> do you have any idea what's going on here?
<hermes> have you had any kind of contact since then and did that event change you life and how
<Darlok> well prior to that
<Darlok> i did
<Darlok> i was lead by voices into a secluded place which was a laundromat
<Darlok> voices from other people.. like mere channelings
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<Darlok> like i was going somewhere and then i ran into a person and the person murmured and said "not there, go there"
<Darlok> or follow me
<electra> hi - sorry I'm late everyone
<Darlok> hi electra
<electra> hi
<Darlok> but these voices weren't the actual people telling me this stuff but they where from diff dimensions or something
<Darlok> like angels of some sorts
<Darlok> and they lead me to a secluded laundromat which i went into and it was closed down
<Darlok> it closed down with me in it so i had the whole night to myself
<Darlok> and In that laundromat i tried doing some things... up to the point where i manifested 2 tables.. They just APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE!! chained to themselves
<Darlok> so i thought they were torture tables.. one for me and one for Jesus
<Darlok> they just popped out of nowhere.. those 2 tables chained to the floor.. I can't explain the frame of mind i was in but i was very confused and tired
<Darlok> i saw the chains and freaked out and ran away from the Laundromat
<Darlok> don't know how i made it home but i did
<Darlok> from that time on I had this feeling that Jesus is trying to help me but i'm failing him and that he's going to risk his life for me.. thus the 1 torture table for him that appeared and one for me.. that together we'll get tortured or something like that
<Darlok> then i went to the hospital and i realized that by licking Jesus' feet no such thing will happen since he's already ascended
<Darlok> i think my mind is playing tricks on me
<hermes> well it is hard to say
<hermes> my experiences with ascended masters has been pleasant, kind, and forgiving
<hermes> and master jesus
<hermes> the kind of thing that you describe sounds like some kind of demon tormenting you, using your own belief system against you
<hermes> however, there is a basis for this kind of thinking in religious beliefs
<hermes> at one time in the middle ages especially
<hermes> you were required to prostrate yourself in front of God
<hermes> that you were a lowlife compared to him
<hermes> and that you had to be cleansed through pain and suffering
<hermes> this thinking however
<hermes> is outdated and really was just a tool used by some people to spark fear in the people
<hermes> to control them
<hermes> it is possible
<hermes> that a demon was using this buried belief within you to get you to crack or submit to his will
<hermes> it is also possible
<hermes> that your unconscious mind interperted some event that was meant to be positive
<hermes> in this negative way
<hermes> because of some past life trauma having to do with this sort of thing
<hermes> some lifetime in the middle ages
<Darlok> i see
<hermes> it sounds like you are a powerful psychic
<Darlok> I have a past trauma with jesus.. Once i went to church and i started (in my mind) saying to the Cross that i hate it.. ANd i was saying I hate jesus.. I hate u .. and then out of nowhere.. for Every i hate u i said at it
<Darlok> he repeated but I love you
<hermes> yes he does love you
<Darlok> and then when i went home during that time.. and as I was going to sleep.. my soul erupted with tremendous rage and fury and it screamed out I HATE U BECAUSE U DIEEEEEED and it's not EASY TO FORGIVE U!!! and that's when Jesus appeared in his invisible form and hugged me
<hermes> that is the kind of response I would expect from Jesus
<Darlok> *nods nods*
<hermes> if you are very open to these kinds of events
<hermes> you may have to try to determine the source of what you are experiencing
<hermes> demons can and do pretend to be deities
<Darlok> I see
<hermes> i think your jesus hugging you sounds right for that
<hermes> but the part where you were made to kneel and lick the floor
<hermes> sounds fishy
<hermes> if you suspect that some demon is trying to manipulate you
<Darlok> the thing with this is once.. when i got off my bed both of my ankles cracked and they were sprained just by getting off a bed that's 2 ft tall.. SO i somehow know it's punishment from God.. I think i want to be punished because i think i'm a bad person even though i haven't done anything wrong in this lifetime
<hermes> you can call on the power of Jesus to intervene and banish the demon
<Darlok> i see
<hermes> God or any being of light will never punish you
<hermes> that is thinking from the middle ages
<hermes> demons love to use that stuff
<hermes> because many people still believe that way
<Darlok> but doesn't the bible say "GOd disciplines those he loves and he punishes those he accepts as a son"
<hermes> beings of light are caring, loving, warm, friendly
<hermes> all the good things you expect, they are
<hermes> yes, as I said there was this way of thinking back then, even in the bible
<hermes> that man was not worthy
<hermes> and that he must be punished
<hermes> Jesus came to dispel this thinking
<hermes> to break the falsehoods
<Darlok> I see
<hermes> that brotherly love was the way
<hermes> along the way the priests did not like what Jesus was doing and saying
<hermes> they wanted it to be the old way
<hermes> they liked having the people in fear over them
<hermes> so they tried to stop Jesus
<hermes> and even tortured him
<hermes> but through it all
<hermes> he still loved them
<hermes> and he was true to his words
<hermes> that he spoke
<hermes> about brotherly love being the way
<Darlok> yeah
<hermes> demons and dark energy use fear and hate and pain
<Darlok> Hermes have u ever read Pistis Sophia of Jesus Christ?
<hermes> I may have
<hermes> off hand it sounds familiar
<hermes> but i would have to go digging through books
<hermes> you can summarize it
<Darlok> it speaks of Jesus total ascent to the heavens and what happens and what he did for the salvation of every soul on earth
<Darlok> after he comes back from the dead.. it's 140+ chapters of reading
<hermes> the three days that he died
<hermes> and walked the astral plane to clear it out and free stuck people
<Darlok> nope not that
<hermes> ok
<Darlok> here's the link.. it's a very interesting link and u would probably like it
<hermes> yea that is a bit of reading
<hermes> i will bookmark it for later
<hermes> do you have a question or observation about it
<Darlok> yeah i'm a little curious why it says that after he died he walked 11 yrs with his disciples before he fully ascended and left them
<Darlok> I always thought Jesus just died, went up to heaven.. came back 3 days later and went back up and never showed himself again
<Darlok> but according Pistis SOphia it's not what happened at all.
<hermes> He walked 140 days after he died. He says right after he is found at the tomb "do not touch me as I have not yet ascended to the father".
<Darlok> right
<hermes> what does it say in that document
<Darlok> I don't remember.. I think it says he walked 11 yrs with his disciplines but i'm not sure if that's his total ministry yrs or if that's after he arose from the dead
<hermes> there is much speculation on what happened at that time
<hermes> because so little written records survive that time
<hermes> the stories in the bible were written later
<hermes> 100 years later
<hermes> before that these stories were told by mouth to each other
<hermes> so it is hard to say what happened exactly
<hermes> However, there are two stages of ascension
<hermes> stage one you merge with the Soul, which is the mother aspect of creation
<hermes> in stage two you merge with the Monad or the Father aspect of creation.
<hermes> It is said that the incident on the cross was Jesus's merging with the Soul
<Darlok> i see
<hermes> when you merge with the monad, your earthly body is bathed in white light and changed
<hermes> to a energy body
<hermes> from which you can just disappear of the planet
<hermes> with no remains left at all
<Darlok> wow
<hermes> this is the ascension referred to in the bible
<Darlok> that happens before you die? or after?
<hermes> again, exactly when that happened is in debate
<hermes> it can happen before or after you die
<hermes> if you die, you have 3 hours to 3 days to complete the ascension process
<hermes> you can also complete it before you die as Jesus demonstrated
<hermes> many apostles were rumored to achieve ascension after they died
<hermes> because there bodies vanished from the tomb
<Darlok> wow.. I didn't know that
<Darlok> so you leave no traces of your physical body after you ascend?
<hermes> exactly
<hermes> the physical body is burned up and replaced by the light body
<hermes> the physical body becomes the blueprint for the ascended body
<hermes> this enables complete access to all levels of reality
<hermes> physical and nonphysical
<hermes> before this point
<hermes> to appear on the physical plane you would have to incarnate
<hermes> go through childhood
<hermes> etc
<hermes> after ascension this is no longer necessary
<Darlok> how do ascended masters travel? by space ships or by mere thought alone?
<hermes> they travel by thought
<hermes> they have no need for ships
<hermes> they can manifest or unmanifest themselves at will anywhere they want
<hermes> have you ever had an out of body experience
<Darlok> damn that's so cool
<Darlok> i did.. i was slowly leaving my body but then i was scared and started panicking and came back
<hermes> in an OBE you travel to where ever you want by just willing your nonphysical body there
<hermes> Ascended master travel is similar
<hermes> but they have the added ability to travel the physical plane just the same as you travel the nonphysical in out of body states
<hermes> this is the reason for ascension
<hermes> to give full access to all the levels of reality
<hermes> well not the only reason
<hermes> but the reason why it is important for humans to complete their training while they are physical
<Darlok> k
<Darlok> Hermes..
<Darlok> how does the Tree of life relate to ascension? do ascended masters still use it?
<Darlok> or is it only for humans
<hermes> the TOL is a training system for humans
<hermes> it is manned by angels and ascended masters who wait for the OBE person to visit them
<hermes> they know that OBE is one of the steps toward ascension
<hermes> it is the freeing of the mind from the body so that learning can take place on other levels of reality
<hermes> this enables these great kind beings to help in a more direct manner
<Darlok> i see
<hermes> it also gives you an idea of how your ascended body will work
<hermes> and makes you proactive in achieving knowledge and wisdom that is not limited to the earth
<Darlok> can you OBE at will Mr. Hermes? WHenever u want to?
<hermes> i can OBE at night during sleep
<hermes> i have limited OBE ability in meditation, but some students do well in mediation and have full OBE's there
<hermes> it depends how you are hardwired
<hermes> OBE in sleep or meditation will be easier for you
<hermes> that is just an observation i have seen over the years
<hermes> sometimes i will obe as i fall asleep
<hermes> sometimes i will become awake within a dream and realize i am dreaming
<hermes> then launch the OBE from there
<hermes> I find the easiest way for me to OBE is to allow my body to fall asleep
<hermes> then wake it up quickly during the first dream
<hermes> then without full switching to an awake state
<hermes> i use this in between place to launch my obe
<hermes> I like that method the best for me.
<Darlok> can you have an OBE and not remember it?
<hermes> sure you can. YOu obe all the time, you just do not remember it
<hermes> if you are not conscious when you leave the body and conscious when you return the memory gets lost
<hermes> but everyone obe's at night
<hermes> it is the only way body and spirit can rejuvenate themselves
<hermes> they have to separate for a bit
<hermes> usually this happens it the deepest part of sleep.
<hermes> it the = in the ^
<Darlok> where the spirit separates itself from the body?
* Shrishti has joined #energyworks
<Shrishti> hello
<Shrishti> Did I miss the whole chat?
<hermes> it can leave at the solar plexus or the pineal gland, those are the two most astral sensitive parts of the body
<Darlok> hi Shrishti
<electra> hi
<Darlok> it always comes back to the body though right Mr. Hermes?
<hermes> sure
<hermes> it is really really hard to stay out of the body
<hermes> your cord is like a rubber band
<hermes> it pulls you back if you withdraw you will to stay out
<hermes> so as soon as you let go
<hermes> you are pulled back
<hermes> you have to exert great will to remain out of the body
<Darlok> that's good
<hermes> eventually, you get very weak
<hermes> and will be pulled back anyway
<Shrishti> Does the cord connect the nonphysical body to the physical body then?
<hermes> as you get better at OBE your OBE will be longer
<hermes> yes it connects the two
<hermes> and you can see this cord as well
<hermes> if you desire to see it during the obe
<Shrishti> do we have the same cord for all the different non physical bodies?
<hermes> but in normal obe you will not see it
<hermes> this cord just connects the physical body to the nonphysical body
<hermes> there is only one cord
<Shrishti> ok
<hermes> your various nonphysical bodies are just you changing your energy density
<hermes> density^
<hermes> after death
<hermes> there is no more cord
<Shrishti> oh
<Shrishti> i see
<Shrishti> Can I did you get to know so much about this universe?
<hermes> I learned much through out of body travel
<hermes> it was my main source of learning
<hermes> at night i walk the nonphysical in search of experiences
<hermes> nothing specific
<hermes> but over the years that can accumulate lots of learning
<Shrishti> aren't you ever scared of what you will see?
<hermes> sure
<hermes> some times it scares the woollies out of me
<Shrishti> how do you overcome that fear
<hermes> with all my strength
<hermes> it is never easy to overcome a fear, but you can
<Shrishti> Do you ask your angel to accompany you when you get scared?
<hermes> with will and determination
<hermes> yes
<hermes> they are always there
<hermes> usually
<hermes> when traveling
<hermes> from one dimension to another
<hermes> i can feel them on my back
<hermes> they attach themselves just below the neck
<hermes> this is how they are able to guide you on your obe
<hermes> and make sure you do not go in two different places
<Shrishti> i want to explore the universe but i don't know how to start or where to and i am afraid that i might end up somewhere that is not good
<hermes> your OBE are always guided
<hermes> you never meet with anything you cannot handle
<hermes> that is what your spirit guide is there for
<hermes> they may seem invisible
<hermes> but they are there
<Shrishti> oh,that's nice to do you make sure that you do not go in two different places?
<hermes> your spirit guide does that
<Shrishti> oj
<hermes> like attaching themselves to you
<Shrishti> oj= ok
<Shrishti> How do you know if your conscious mind can handle all the information from obe?
<hermes> well, you do not remember everything
<hermes> i would
<Shrishti> i sometimes feel that it cant, that's why i don't remember visions.
<hermes> choose what to remember before I got back into the body
<Shrishti> hmm
<hermes> I realized that my experiences in OBE were so rich and that many of them got lost when I returned
<hermes> eventually I figured out that to focus on the information I wanted to bring back that was most important
<hermes> before entering the body
<hermes> would ensure that that information made the transition
<Shrishti> ok
<hermes> you are right in that you can't remember it all
<Shrishti> what does the physical reality feel to you after you get back?
<hermes> the physical mind just cannot take in all that information at one time
<hermes> but you can spoon feed it
<hermes> physical reality feels very unreal and dreamlike for several minutes
<hermes> or even for a half hour after a long OBE
<Shrishti> i don't get why we are in this form then if staying in it is not very helpful...
<hermes> well it is
<hermes> we were speaking earlier about ascension
<hermes> that one of the reasons for being in this form
<hermes> is to create a new spiritual body that is capable of transcending all the planes of existence
<hermes> by learning on the physical plane and completing the monadic merger here
<hermes> you retain the ability to travel back to physical reality without having to reincarnate
<Shrishti> i see
<Shrishti> how did you first know that the tree of life is the tree of life when you visited it
<hermes> i actually did not
<hermes> i realized there were these places of learning
<hermes> that you could go ot
<hermes> to
<Shrishti> oh
<hermes> much later
<hermes> i saw a book on the tree of life
<hermes> then I knew where i had been
<Shrishti> oh
<hermes> but at the time of my OBE adventures I had no clue what they were called
<hermes> my guides would take me places
<Shrishti> but then in your mind how do you map out these places..say if you wanted to return to some of these places?
<hermes> and i would write down my experiences
<hermes> once you have been somewhere you can get back to it almost instantly
<hermes> at first
<hermes> you are taken there by a guide
<hermes> who steers you along the tunnels
<hermes> then once you are there
<hermes> it becomes a part of you
<hermes> to return you just think of it
<hermes> an then you are whisked away in the tunnels and go there
<hermes> but much faster than the first time
<hermes> it is like a part of you remains in these places
<hermes> and anchors you there
<hermes> this is another reason for visiting each tree of life location
<hermes> to anchor yourself in these places
<Shrishti> hmm
<hermes> some out of body trips would take long and I would barely make it to the Tree of Life sphere
<hermes> i would say what is the point if I can't reach there in time before my strength runs out
<hermes> but then I realized that once I was someplace
<hermes> I could out of body travel back there in one tenth the time
<Shrishti> oh
<hermes> this is when I realized that some inner map or pathway was set up because i had been there
<Shrishti> I do this every time and i don't know if its helps though....when i go to bed mind automatically takes me to where i left off in the dream
<hermes> there you go
<hermes> that is it
<hermes> the same mechanism
<hermes> you bookmark it
<Shrishti> i don't get it
<hermes> what do you mean?
<Shrishti> what does that mechanism do?
<hermes> it enables you to pick up where you left off, so you do not have to start from the beginning
<Shrishti> oh
<Shrishti> i get it
<hermes> events in a dream can be marked the same way as a location to the Tree of LIfe
<hermes> dreams are like places in the nonphysical
<hermes> they have a beginning, middle, and end
<hermes> some dreams continue on
<Shrishti> oh
<hermes> you can come into a dream anywhere you like
<hermes> normally
<hermes> you enter a dream where you left it
<Shrishti> how does a dream end? or does it end?
<hermes> some end
<hermes> some do not
<hermes> it depends on how the dream was constructed
<Shrishti> I felt once that i woke up after i was done with whatever i was there to do in my dream and i never had that dream again i think
<hermes> there you, go an example of one that has a beginning, middle and end
<hermes> you competed it and like a book, you put it away
<hermes> but you could go back and re-experience that dream if you like
<Shrishti> So what happens to the ones that i left in the middle and i don't want to return to
<hermes> they exist
<hermes> they do not go anywhere
<hermes> it is like a DVD
<Shrishti> I've gone to a few of my very very old dreams and they just seemed a little more messed up with things i did not recognize
<hermes> the movie is there whether you pick it up or not, it exists
<hermes> perhaps you changed the dreams
<hermes> you can change them
<hermes> by being in them
<Shrishti> Sometimes i feel like i can change dreams just through that possible?
<hermes> sure
<hermes> every feeling is an energy that affects the nonphysical dream
<hermes> your participation in dreams changes and reshapes them
<hermes> they are living DVD's
<hermes> they are not set in stone forever stamped
<hermes> they change
<Shrishti> i see
<Shrishti> hermes, how well do you know yourself?
<hermes> i hope well enough
<hermes> but there are places within me I have yet to fully explore
<hermes> the psyche is a very big land indeed
<hermes> why do you ask
<Shrishti> I feel two different parts of me
<Shrishti> that are opposite of each other
<Shrishti> and they exist within me
<Shrishti> Its hard to explain
<hermes> where are these parts
<Shrishti> but i am a certain way but i am always changing and discovering new things about myself
<hermes> well that is part of growing
<Shrishti> Sometimes when i try to remember my past lives i get this cold feeling and i almost transform from what i am right now to that part of me that is cold and isolated
<Shrishti> and i cant understand where they come from
<hermes> yes the unexplored areas of the psyche
<hermes> your consciousness
<hermes> is like a vast country
<Shrishti> because when i look at my life and upbringing now i cant see a reason for those parts of me to be there
<hermes> and you are forever exploring this country
<Shrishti> It makes me feel that i am stuck between physical and non physical
<Shrishti> and that i am nowhere at all
<Shrishti> you make it sound like such a wonderful adventure :D
<hermes> it is
<hermes> it is perspective
<Shrishti> i see...i will try to look at it that way
<hermes> the psyche is huge and you are just learning how to explore it
<hermes> if you sense there is much to see and do within yourself, you are right
<Shrishti> hmm
<Shrishti> you are right
<hermes> it is a great mystery to uncover and to learn
<hermes> it is part of your star journey
<hermes> back to the creator
<hermes> to discover this land within yourself
<hermes> to bring light to the dark places
<hermes> and love to the cold places
<Shrishti> star journey? is it different from the journey to monad?
<hermes> yes
<hermes> the star journey is your trip to learn everything there is about yourself
<hermes> so that you can merge with the Creator of all things
<Shrishti> and monad merger is not the same thing?
<hermes> it is one step along the way
<Shrishti> can you be on a star journey and not the monad one?>
<hermes> the monad is part of this country
<hermes> it is a city along the way
<Shrishti> oh
<hermes> someplace to make yours again
<hermes> then your journey continues
<hermes> you uncover more things you did not learn about yourself
<Shrishti> so you are saying that by being on a star journey merger with the monad is inevitable?
<Shrishti> i see
<hermes> yes it is
<hermes> the monad merger will happen
<hermes> it is a step you have to take
<hermes> to uncover what is there
<Shrishti> i get it
<Shrishti> So do you think you've discovered most of yourself then?
<Shrishti> (I'm just curious ..because you know SO much!):)
<hermes> oh no, just the tip of it
<hermes> the more i learn
<hermes> the more i realize the less i know
<hermes> i am vast
<hermes> i am timeless
<hermes> I am infinite
<Shrishti> yeah i know the feeling
<hermes> it is amazing
<Shrishti> yeah it is
<hermes> ok any final questions, we need to wrap it up here
<Shrishti> Thank you so much
<electra> not from me
<electra> a great session - many thanks
<hermes> okay great workshop, we covered much
<hermes> see all of you in two weeks.
<hermes> light, peace
<Shrishti> yup
<Shrishti> light and peace
<electra> bye hermes
<Shrishti> bye
<Darlok> cya Hermes
Session Close: Thu Jun 14 18:26:24 2007

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