the benefits of meditation; wisdom; staying focused in the present; time is spherical and the universe is inside you; how conflicts are created;group meditation with experiences; Malkuth and the Garden of Eden; the spiritual growth path;
June 7, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jun 07 16:04:44 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<attuned> hi
<Klim> hi
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<attuned> hi Iris
<iris488> Hi attuned
<iris488> hope all is well with you today
<iris488> I'm just waiting a few minutes for anyone else who may show
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<iris488> hi electra
<electra> hi iris
<attuned> hi
<electra> hi - I see I'm a little late!
<electra> normally I get here before everyone except maybe you
<iris488> well you are right on time
<electra> oh good - it's 9.30 pm here
<electra> and we have been running very late here today
<electra> then I got waylaid this afternoon reading the website about chakras
<electra> that color page is wonderful
<electra> I am very much into red/green at the moment
<electra> and that is the color of the solar plexus chakra
<electra> there is a place i go walking not so far from here that has very similar energies
<electra> lots of willow trees by a river and many fairy type energies
<electra> many dragonflies there as well
<electra> sometimes they will alight near you or even fly along with you while you walk
<electra> huge tree roots stand out from the soil!
<iris488> it sounds wonderful
<electra> it really is very nice - maybe I should put some pictures on the forum website
<electra> it is a magickal place
<electra> there is an enormous rock there as well
<electra> in the summer it is half covered by foliage but I managed to get a picture of it this winter while the leaves were off the trees
<iris488> pics would be nice
<electra> well I can do that then - I have them right here
<electra> I love rocks but this one is truly huge
<electra> no chance to take that one home and put it in my study LOL!
<electra> so what have you got in store for us today Iris?
<iris488> but good reason to keep visiting it!
<electra> oh yes!
<iris488> do you have anything you wish to bring up?
<electra> not today I don't think
<electra> but quite a lot has happened since the last session - I'm still working with that
<iris488> i also want to check in on how your meditations are going and if you want to put one in today
<iris488> that's a good thing i hope?
<electra> I would like a session today - I think we agreed that we would do one every week
<electra> also we agreed to talk about the collective consciousness at some point but I don't think that will work this evening
<iris488> yes we did
<iris488> why not
<electra> that will be a lot of talking and I feel maybe we are all a little passive for that at the moment
<electra> unless you would like to do most of the talking and we'll just absorb LOL!
<electra> but I'm happy to do whatever suits - we can flex the mind, so to speak!
<iris488> well how are the meditations going? Is anyone meditating outside the workshop?
<electra> well I am
<electra> and when I'm not I'm still thinking about it and working on it
<iris488> great!
<iris488> there is so much to be gained through meditation
<iris488> it does not have to be long
<electra> well I was reading that no matter how much magic you practice you will never progress without doing meditation
<Klim> do you believe everything you read?
<electra> based on my experience that makes sense to me
<iris488> i don't believe everything i read but i do believe that
<electra> and anyway I enjoy it so much I would do it anyway!
<iris488> if nothing else it is calming and relaxing but through meditation...
<iris488> we learn, evolve, and heal
<electra> I am finding that the healing part is very very important
<electra> you have to heal before you can grow
<electra> especially emotionally
<iris488> yes because each of us has traveled this earth and picked up some baggage along the way
<electra> get rid of all that extra baggage
<iris488> exactly
<electra> you find that most of it isn't yours anyway
<iris488> meditation helps us work through it and let it go
<Klim> I got rid of my wife, does that count as dumping baggage?
<iris488> yes, giving people pick up a lot of others baggage too
<electra> I am learning new skills in various ways so that I don't get all that stuff
<iris488> i'm sure she left you with some klim
<Klim> left me with alimony
<iris488> that's baggage - and some bitterness to sweeten the pot
<Klim> not really, I can afford it, it's just money after all
<iris488> too true
<iris488> we have energies that we pick up daily just interacting with people and
<electra> How many times can you follow your breath without your mind wandering off?
<electra> now that is an interesting exercise I find!
<iris488> meditation helps to clear them
<electra> yes - it does work well -
<Klim> I connect to my source everyday
<iris488> try to sit quietly without words going through your mind
<electra> if you have a problem that can be difficult to do
<electra> I find that I can spend a lot of times working through problems before I can get to that state
<iris488> these are both little exercises we can do to help our focus
<iris488> working through how?
<Klim> when you visualize something in your mind do you actually see a picture?
<Klim> I don't, all I do is think it
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<iris488> i see it
<electra> I find that problem solving is a way of exercising the mind
<electra> sometimes the mind seems to want a workout
<electra> sometimes working out a problem in the mind seems to be part of the meditation process
<iris488> i try to lose mine - it's a hindrance many times!
<Klim> who wants to sit and ruminate over their problems while meditating, I don't.
<electra> well for me a problem solved is very helpful
<electra> it's one way of learning
<electra> and if it makes you feel better then that's all to the good!
<Klim> if you can solve the problem just by thinking it I suppose
<Klim> most of my problems actually need some kind of action to resolve them.
<electra> I love a good think, but then I like it when I'm not thinking too
<Klim> I think too much
<Klim> whatever you think about is drawn to you, so you have to be careful with your thoughts
<iris488> i "think" we all do
<electra> hahaha
<electra> but if you can work something out like a principle then it is helpful I think
<electra> if you can get some knowledge
<electra> to help you with your life - that's what I try and look for
<electra> bringing out the inner wisdom
<electra> sometimes I contemplate on that Idea of bringing out the inner wisdom
<electra> trying to tap into the wisdom of the ancients - that kind of thing
<iris488> meditate on it
<electra> going back before creation
<electra> wisdom can be a state of mind, not only a state of knowing
<iris488> wisdom is a state of being
<electra> well it would be very helpful to be in that state of being all the time
<iris488> it takes a lot of practice and letting go of ways we've been taught
<electra> oh yes! that's a whole other ball game
<iris488> a child has no concept of tomorrow - they get immersed in the moment
<electra> do you ever say to yourself 'oh will you stop doing that'
<electra> or 'I really wish you wouldn't do that - it is so irritating?'
<iris488> we are taught to think linearly
<electra> indeed
<iris488> yes - even that - thinking of what will be
<iris488> assuming the action will happen again
<iris488> and when we think it - it does
<electra> all those habits are so dangerous because they have a tendency to degenerate, they are not upwardly mobile so tho speak
<iris488> how often during the day are we thinking of yesterday or tomorrow
<iris488> how often are we thoroughly immersed in the present moment
<iris488> we are trained to think of "future" and analyze the past
<electra> do you think that the present moment encompasses the past and future moments as well, if we are really living that?
<iris488> it's more like a sphere than a time line
<electra> yes!
<iris488> we are that sphere in that moment - all the "pasts" and "presents" and "futures" rolled into that ball
<iris488> but physical reality trains us to think of ourselves in terms of a line
<iris488> going in one direction
<iris488> that gives us a very narrow focus
<orph> I had a dream not too long ago, about time being like that sphere
<orph> the dream took place on a space ship, and aliens were showing us things
<orph> there was a projection of a person, with a sphere inside them,
<orph> and the sphere stood for time and space
<Klim> how do you know it was a dream, maybe you were abducted
<orph> because of the type of aliens in it ^^
<iris488> does it matter really - the message is what counts
<orph> they were the aliens from the movie "alien"
<orph> the message was inspirational
<orph> it showed me how reality is really an internal experience
<orph> we think we are in a world
<orph> or in a universe
<iris488> yes! very evolved
<orph> but at the same time, the universe is inside
<orph> yea, that dream helped me shift my views :)
<iris488> that's a great experience
<iris488> that idea of reality as an internal experience is how and why we create our
<iris488> reality
<orph> that's also why thinking about problems helps to solve them
<orph> there really are no problems, we just think there are :P
<iris488> agreed
<Klim> no problems, just challenges
<orph> yea
<iris488> yes - just challenges
<electra> how do you work that out - well ok challenges for sure - i'll settle for that LOL!
<orph> that's a nice way of phrasing it
<iris488> remember we are the creators - and one way we create is through thought
<iris488> we send that energy throughout our sphere
<iris488> that "mind" energy
<iris488> and negatives don't translate well so when we think - don't do this or that it translates into - do this or that
<orph> yea, like we say don't do this that I don't like and do this that I like
<orph> and the signal really is, do this that I don't like and do this that I like
<iris488> so part of reality "training" is in what and how we think
<iris488> that's it
<iris488> remember also that feelings are more powerful creators
<iris488> so we may think a certain way but really feel differently - the feelings manifest
<iris488> so it is important to have both mind and emotions in sync
<electra> hey - good point there!
<iris488> when they are at odds conflict results
<electra> how do you think that conflict can manifest in our reality
<iris488> and our creations don't exactly come out the way we expect
<iris488> that's how conflict is created
<iris488> we create it
<iris488> practice visualizing the reality - that way words don't get it mixed up
<Klim> immerse yourself in the feelings and experience of having what you want before you have
<iris488> if i'm running late for work, i don't think about it - i visualize being on time
<Klim> it
<iris488> that's it klim
<iris488> it really is that simple
<Klim> well ladies and gentlemen, my reality requires me to do some work.
<Klim> bye bye, it's been nice.
<electra> bye!
<iris488> thanks for joining us
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<iris488> meditation helps with the visualization too
<electra> often I find that meditation induces a visualization before I even thought about it
<iris488> there really aren't many words in meditation - just experiences
<iris488> it should induce that visualization, yes
<iris488> then we experience the meditation
<iris488> and eventually, we do the same in physical reality
<iris488> and then we are working from our inner selves
<iris488> creating our reality instead of realty creating us!
<iris488> who is meditating today?
<electra> me!
<iris488> and me!
<attuned> me too
<iris488> we'll start in a few minutes - that should give us some time to share our experiences
<electra> great!
<electra> I'm just about ready
<iris488> ok!
<iris488> remember to find a quiet place
<electra> right - I'll go then - about 15 minutes is it?
<iris488> just get comfortable and quiet your mind
<orph> hmm, it seems I need to do some things right now, so no meditation for me today
<iris488> visualize your bubble, fill it with white light, seal out negativity and just go with it!
<orph> maybe next week :)
<orph> bye bye :)
<electra> bye!
<iris488> ok orph - we look forward to next time
<orph> me too
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<iris488> at the end of the meditation you can send off any excess energy to do some good
<iris488> attuned, are you ready also?
<attuned> yes
<iris488> ok then let's do it!
<electra> ok - I'm gone!
<iris488> happy travels - we'll be back in about 15 minutes
<attuned> back
<iris488> back too
<iris488> attuned did you have a good meditation?
<electra> I'm back!
<iris488> hi - we're all here
<attuned> no, am at a different place, couldn't relax/trust
<attuned> felt uneasy
<iris488> that happens
<iris488> sometimes it's the energy in the place
<iris488> sometimes we just feel insecure
<attuned> yes.
<iris488> sometimes just external noise makes it too distracting
<iris488> soft music sometimes helps
<iris488> or visualizing a place or thing that brings you pleasure
<attuned> I should go.. bye
<iris488> bye
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<electra> actually that's a really good idea - I wonder if the web will take downloaded musical items
<electra> I'll ask Hermes
<iris488> good idea
<iris488> how was your meditation
<electra> and pictures for meditation as well would be good!
<iris488> great idea
<electra> well I put in some time this afternoon as I find it helps to do a bit of preparation for these sessions if one possibly can
<electra> so very much the same as I was saying at the beginning of the session
<electra> a lot of red and green together
<electra> and a very special kind of energy
<electra> I am thinking of willow trees a lot
<electra> that is the tree associated with Sandalphon and I also have always thought of it as a very spiritual tree
<electra> that and silver birch are 2 trees that often come to mind
<iris488> i was thinking Malkuth
<electra> oh really!
<iris488> very earthy very green
<electra> well ppl meditating together will probably tune into each other
<iris488> with that willow tree
<iris488> yes, i've found that in the past
<electra> it's a good thing because it gets the group energy going and i think we mentioned that right at the beginning of these sessions
<iris488> it is good - we get the chance to share on another level
<electra> yes exactly
<iris488> it builds the group energy which helps everyone
<iris488> and helps us learn what it is we need to learn from one another
<electra> yes it does - you're right
<electra> Here's an interesting question - I think you could write a book on this one!
<electra> I was just thinking about the relationship between Malkuth and Genesis
<electra> by Genesis I really mean evolution
<electra> it could also mean alchemy
<iris488> ok
<electra> I always think of this when green is very strong in my meditation
<electra> that and solar energy
<iris488> malkuth is most closely connected to the earth plane
<electra> everything needs solar energy to evolve does it not?
<electra> do you think that malkuth and the earth plane are supposed to be congruent at some level
<iris488> yes, at least solar (light) energy seems the closest form in physical reality
<electra> I was thinking during this session back to how ppl have so much trouble in this world and how it wasn't meant to be like that
<iris488> yes
<electra> and that malkuth and planet earth were supposed to share a certain congruence
<iris488> malkuth is like our garden of eden in a sense
<electra> if they did life would be very different, reality creating would be easier, there would be abundance and ppl would be endowed with real commonsense and intelligence
<electra> chaos would be at a minimum
<iris488> yes!
<electra> well you saying that Malkuth is like our garden of eden is very helpful
<iris488> and so we go to malkuth to learn that sense of how it "should" be here
<electra> I was thinking about this yesterday - how reality was meant to be
<electra> what the original garden of eden was like
<electra> this comes up in my thoughts a lot
<iris488> is this the first you are exploring in malkuth?
<electra> It's something that has been in my thoughts for some time but it's only now that I'm making sense of those inner sensations
<iris488> because your focus in the nonphysical will come through in thoughts throughout your day
<electra> its' becoming much more part of my inner truth
<electra> before I was getting all these sensations or information and didn't seem to be able to assimilate them
<electra> very frustrating because I wasn't getting anywhere that was meaningful to me
<iris488> and then it just starts to make sense
<electra> yes - exactly
<iris488> i know
<electra> I had a lot of sorting out to do
<iris488> every time we progress to a different level we have a lot of sorting out
<electra> I think it's all very well getting results at some outer level but if you can't assimilate it into your life then it becomes like more baggage - what do you do with it LOL!
<electra> so you just keep collecting it until you feel like you're going to burst - like collecting a library but not really being able to relate to it like it's someone else's subject but actually it's yours
<electra> reason tells you that this has to be right - intuition tell you the same but still there is this gap
<electra> but thankfully i seem to be getting over that now
<iris488> and sometimes it's frustrating - until you assimilate it
<electra> i also know that none of this is easy
<iris488> then you move to the next level
<electra> so I consider myself quite lucky to have got anything really
<iris488> not easy but fun and exciting
<electra> well when you're succeeding it's ok LOL!
<electra> not so great when you're not because you feel that in your whole body and it can bring you down a bit
<iris488> many people spends hundreds of lifetimes and never get as far as you
<electra> well it's not like i didn't put the work in
<electra> I'm always working at it
<electra> it's something that just won't stop
<electra> I couldn't stop this process if i wanted to
<electra> I don't feel I have any choice in the matter really
<electra> once you start the ball rolling with a major intention that is it!
<iris488> as long as you're working at it, you will be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there
<iris488> and it seems to me you have no choice because you already chose to follow this path!
<electra> if I can just achieve a better state of mind, ie happier and more at peace with myself then I will consider that a great achievement
<electra> yes - I think this is the only path
<iris488> and you will, more than you can imagine if you stick with it
<electra> one thing is that I never think in terms of not getting a result
<electra> getting a result has never been an option
<electra> not getting a result I mean LOL!
<iris488> and that is what will propel you forward in this wonderful discovery
<iris488> it's your time
<electra> well if I can just get that connection between Malkuth and the Garden of Eden sorted and assimilate that into my life then that will help me at the practical level a lot
<electra> I think that's what I've really been aiming for though I didn't realize that until recently
<iris488> keep going there - experience the willow trees - it will become clear
<electra> well I think that is pure Spirit and you can't do better than that!
<iris488> yes!
<electra> I learned that from hermes so that was very useful
<iris488> it sounds like you are at a wonderful place in your evolution - love and embrace each experience
<electra> well I have to say it doesn't feel that wonderful but I also feel that things could better any time
<electra> I am always making that affirmation
<iris488> going to malkuth will change the way you perceive this reality
<electra> yes - I am sure you are right
<electra> and I have a lot of confidence in that
<electra> the thing with this path is that you really have to understand what you are doing
<electra> doing I mean
<electra> that is a very high level of understanding
<electra> if you don't have that then even the best of experiences fall a bit flat
<iris488> but realize that the understanding often comes after the experience
<electra> yes - I can see that
<iris488> embrace the experience and have patience - the understanding will follow!
<electra> well we seem to be doing better now
<iris488> it is the same for all of us on the path
<electra> and I'm sure that the ability to reach that level of understanding increases with each insight
<iris488> i think so - i "feel" so!
<iris488> yes - it's exponential!
<electra> I guess one will just get into the way of it
<iris488> that was part of what i meant earlier
<electra> right - well I'll just keeping going with Malkuth and what we've just talked about
<electra> that phrase Solve et coagule comes to mind
<iris488> yes
<electra> and that word vitriol
<electra> I forget what you call that
<electra> but it means something like look into yourself and retrieve the inner wisdom
<electra> like finding the philosopher's stones
<electra> stone I mean
<electra> I have never seen an elegant translation for that word
<iris488> retrieve the essence and let it become part of you
<electra> I like that!
<iris488> that's the hard part - one must let go to let that happen!
<electra> I also think one needs to have formed a firm spiritual base and to have developed much discipline
<electra> other wise the letting go might not be so easy
<iris488> well, one won't even get to that place without the foundation
<electra> I think it will be difficult to have that quality of discipline if one is not first at peace with oneself
<electra> Yesod also means foundation doesn't it
<electra> Very lunar and very interesting
<iris488> and yes a certain peace within oneself
<iris488> yes it does
<electra> I was just wondering about the relationship between Malkuth and chaos
<iris488> I must sign off but I would like to leave you with some "homework"
<electra> ok
<electra> perhaps I could e-mail you with that question as
<iris488> yes - good idea
<electra> I'll do that tomorrow then
<iris488> in the meantime, try to focus on malkuth - there are lessons there for you
<iris488> when you meditate, ask to go there
<electra> ok - i will do that
<iris488> during the day, or when you take that walk, focus on it
<iris488> let yourself be carried there
<electra> ok - I will have that intention at certain times
<iris488> and then we'll talk in email
<electra> I'll let you know when i get something meaningful
<electra> i had better let you go
<iris488> Thank you for a wonderful session
<electra> and thank you also for your help
<iris488> Yes, please let me know
<electra> very much appreciated
<electra> I will
<electra> and I'll email you with the question tomorrow
<iris488> I look forward to it!
<electra> me too!
<iris488> Bye for now
<electra> bye Iris
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Session Close: Thu Jun 07 18:56:09 2007

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