the sun entity; the monad and beyond; the white brotherhood; angels and spirit guides; three levels of demons; Lucifer and Satan
May 31, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu May 31 16:28:00 2007
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<hermes> howdy
<attuned> hi
<hermes> man i guess i chased everyone away
<hermes> from last time
<attuned> or answered everything
<hermes> yea that too
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<hermes> welcome
<electra> hi, sorry I'm late - had trouble getting into the chatroom
<hermes> no problem, usually i am the one that is late
<electra> hahahaah1
<Nachun> maybe you need a watch
<Nachun> I heard that works
<hermes> a watch, I use a sun dial
<Nachun> what if the sun isn't out?
<electra> that sounds wonderful - very old fashioned - ancient wisdom
<hermes> then i do not show up
<electra> you can still get a shadow without the sun
<electra> hahaha
<electra> so where are all our friends from last week I wonder
<hermes> i guess they got chased away
<electra> hah!
<Nachun> maybe they don't have sun dials
<electra> either that or too much sun!
<electra> could you go into some detail about the nature of the spiritual sun
<hermes> what do you mean?
<electra> at one point you also talked about the significance of black holes and I never quite got the hang of that
<electra> the relationship between the physical sun and the spiritual sun
<hermes> ah
<electra> the monad
<hermes> the sun as an entity
<hermes> or the monad
<hermes> father mother
<hermes> stuff
<electra> I never quite grasped the connection between the monad and the spiritual sun
<Nachun> the sun is a star
<Nachun> like a billions of other stars
<hermes> the sun is an entity, that has the body of a star
<hermes> just like you have your body
<Nachun> I don't think so, the sun is one big fusion reaction
<hermes> the Monad is the spiritual source of the human being
<electra> but isn't' the physical sun a representation of the spiritual sun
<electra> but so is the spiritual sun
<electra> so I take it that they are one and the same
<electra> the eternal source of light
<Nachun> no
<hermes> the sun has its own evolution
<hermes> it does not have a monad in the human sense
<hermes> the sun is an entity that is much more evolved than the monad
<Nachun> all stars do, the sun will turn into a red giant and swallow the Earth
<hermes> i do not mean to say the monad is inferior
<hermes> it is just two different evolutionary tracks
<electra> ah - now we are getting somewhere
<Nachun> we are?
<hermes> the sun is a reflection of what it to come for human kind
<hermes> humans will one day be so evolved that they give off so much energy that they appear like a sun
<hermes> the sun gives warmth, and life as well. And so too will the evolved human spirit do the same to less evolved beings
<electra> so how does the Great White Lodge fit into this picture?
<hermes> the great white lodge is a group of ascended masters commissioned to help humanity to evolve
<electra> but eventually even they will return to the light
<hermes> but you do not necessarily have to be ascended to be part of the white brotherhood
<electra> that is supposed to be the final resting place of all life
<electra> because it is eternal
<hermes> there are many humans that are not yet evolved that are part of the brotherhood as well
<hermes> is the white brotherhood?
<hermes> the final resting place?
<electra> well the eternal light is supposed to be
<electra> and I guess it's not called the White Lodge for no good reason
<electra> Like in the Tarot Key 0
<electra> that's supposed to have the great white sun in the background, the infinite and eternal energy
<hermes> when you achieve merger with the Monad you become one with source energy of God (the universe)
<hermes> you return to source in one sense but your journey is far from over
<electra> but isn't that source energy supposed to be the eternal light of the spiritual sun
<electra> its that which powers the universe
<hermes> there are many many more levels of evolution past the Monad
<electra> yes - I did wonder about that!
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<Gamble> hi
<electra> and evolution never truly stops
<hermes> well spiritual sun i think is being used as a general term for the consciousness of God
<electra> yes - exactly
<electra> hi Gamble
<hermes> God is an immense being
<hermes> he has many levels of energy
<electra> but even in the light the process of evolution never stops
<electra> it just goes on into infinity
<electra> I think that would have to be the case
<electra> I've thought about it many times
<hermes> the energy that fuels the physical universe and the stars is one form of this energy
<electra> so what are the other forms?
<hermes> there is the energy that creates other dimensions
<hermes> nonphysical ones
<electra> I did not think of that as being different - how is it different
<hermes> this energy if finer and more rarified than what powers the physical universe
<hermes> it moves faster than the speed of light
<electra> are those dimensions also evolving?
<hermes> it behaves differently than energy that pours into physical reality
<hermes> There are also dimensions without form at all
<hermes> where thought is pure
<hermes> and the only thing that exists
<hermes> this uses a different even more rarefied energy
<electra> do you think that we contact all these dimensions subconsciously and that we are linked to them
<electra> contact I mean
<electra> logically I think that has to be the case
<hermes> yes, there is always a part of you that reaches above where you rest. this is how you grow to higher levels
<hermes> it is like looking into a great distance
<hermes> you can see only so far
<electra> so in fact there is no dimension or reality that your consciousness cannot reach
<hermes> after that the view becomes indistinct
<hermes> these levels are the same
<electra> but the thing is that intuitively you know that those other realities and dimensions are there
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<electra> even if you just get an inkling or a feeling - some impression
<hermes> yes there are parts you that are there
<hermes> you are not alone remember
<electra> so although we may not know it in fact we are functioning on many dimensions
<hermes> you are linked to the monad
<hermes> you reach upward through your monadic connection to these other levels
<electra> I often wonder how many unseen beings one is connected to
<hermes> you are multidimensional, in that you are doing more than just being focused here now
<electra> or how many beings or dimensions one is sympathetically vibrating with
<electra> you were talking about the dreamwalkers
<hermes> but what you can accomplish at one time is limited by your evolution
<electra> how they were far more connected to other dimensions than to physical reality
<hermes> the higher the evolution, the more multitasking you can do
<electra> my impression is that the more connected to these realms and beings you become the more you can generate new abilities
<electra> and improve ones you already have
<hermes> the dreamwalkers never fell from grace they never disconnected from their Monads
<electra> it's a byproduct of sympathetic vibration
<hermes> so they were aware of themselves in more realities that humans are
<electra> so they were highly evolved beings then
<hermes> you are highly evolved, you just forgot in the fall
<electra> wonderful reality creators no doubt
<electra> so we are fundamentally different from them
<hermes> the dreamwalkers never forgot who they were
<hermes> they never got lost in the physical dream
<electra> what happened to them?
<hermes> they seeded physical reality with their energy and moved on to other dimensions
<hermes> they never wanted to be fully physical
<hermes> so back to the question of being multidimensional
<hermes> as you evolve you reawaken to yourself on these other realities
<electra> I think that if you didn't you could never grow up in any sense
<electra> I was saying that you could never grow up if you could not connect to these other dimensions
<electra> growing up is all part of evolving
<electra> the human being has to develop from birth
<electra> some ppl just cannot grow up past the baby stage
<hermes> you do connect to more realities that you are aware of
<hermes> that is how you reach upward
<electra> others realize that they can't grow and make enormous efforts to help themselves
<electra> somehow we have to access the ancient wisdom
<Nachun> how do you determine what is ancient wisdom?
<electra> well that is exactly what Hermes is talking about and that is why we are all here
<electra> to connect to the ancient wisdom
<hermes> yes wisdom that all of you know, you just forgot
<electra> so the Monad is also called the Ancient of Days I believe
<electra> that is another name for the Creator I think
<hermes> i never heard that before
<hermes> well the creator is not the monad
<Nachun> ancient doesn't equal wisdom, it might in fact equal old immature ways at understanding reality
<electra> Tarot Key 4 - the Emperor is sometimes called that
<hermes> The monad is the father aspect of the human spirit
<electra> OK - I got this a little wrong
<hermes> the Soul is the mother aspect
<electra> can you explain the difference between the Monad and the Creator
<hermes> ok
<hermes> a Monad is a being that desires to experience physical reality
<Nachun> where did the monad come from hermes?
<electra> well I thought that is part of the Creator's being, so to speak
<hermes> but is too immense to do so
<hermes> The Creator can be said to be made up of many many Monads
<hermes> the creator divides itself in infinite
<electra> I always thought there was only one Monad
<hermes> no there are many
<electra> I didn't realize that there were many
<Nachun> where did the monad come from
<electra> that would explain a lot
<hermes> there are 144 individual parts of one monad
<electra> yes - I got that
<electra> from before
<hermes> the monad desiring to experience physical reality but unable to in its current form
<hermes> splits itself into 12 Souls
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<Nachun> where'd the monad come from hermes?
<hermes> These 12 Souls then split themselves into 12 more parts
<electra> so that's the 144
<hermes> yes
<hermes> you first merge with the Soul
<hermes> then you Merge with the Monad
<hermes> Monad merger results in Ascension
<electra> so are you saying that the ascended master can access many monads and merge with them all
<electra> or just one
<hermes> the energy of your physical body moving faster than light
<Nachun> you two should get a room
<hermes> Nachun: The monad is made up of many Super Beings that are spun off from the Creator
<hermes> I mean the creator created super beings
<Nachun> oh and who created the creator
<hermes> which then go on to create Monads
<electra> so how does the Ain Soph Aur fit into this
<hermes> but there are other levels between the Creator, these Super Beings and the Monads
<hermes> i am just simplifying
<electra> you have the Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur
<hermes> Nachun if you could answer who created the creator, you would not need to be here
<electra> I always thought this was just one process happening but not with many monads, just the one
<hermes> Ain, Soph, Aur?
<Nachun> oh just thought you found out the answer on one of your head trips or journeys
<electra> I'm going to have to adjust my view significantly
<Nachun> significantly how so?
<electra> Those are the 3 spiritual levels prior to the formation of the Monad
<electra> I think it's compared to lighting a candle when the Monad is finally formed
<electra> I think it's a kind of negative reality before creation
<hermes> yes there are levels before the Monad, I was not aware of what they were called
<hermes> i just refer to them as super beings
<electra> ok
<hermes> i guess bit less technical there
<hermes> on my part
<Nachun> are the super beings the giants referred to in the bible?
<electra> well it brings the 'beingness' into it a bit more than if it were just doctrine
<hermes> i agree, it is nice to be more precise
<electra> do you tend to see the 'beingness' in everything?
<hermes> the giants that walked the earth in the bible
<Nachun> are they the ones that came to Earth and consorted with human females ?
<electra> in the standard accounts like with the Ain Soph Aur that does not come out
<electra> it makes it very difficult to relate to
<electra> impersonal
<electra> so difficult to visualize of feel
<electra> or feel, I mean
<electra> I supposed that 'beingness' could mean different aspects of the creator's consciousness
<electra> leading on from all of this:-
<electra> I often wonder if all these different levels are accessible in physical existence purely by metaphor
<hermes> they are not
<electra> as in 'as above so below'
<hermes> its like i said earlier
<hermes> you are on a long road
<hermes> you can only see so far
<hermes> from your point of view
<hermes> this is how these levels are
<electra> but doesn't physical existence give you many pointers to these realities and levels
<hermes> you can only see so many of them before they blur
<electra> so that you can make inferences
<hermes> sure
<electra> that's what I meant - difficult to express
<ChrisU> Talking about seeing, Hermes what do you see happening in 2012?
<hermes> we can do our best to understand what we can
<hermes> and know that there is much more to know than what we can understand
<hermes> but physical reality does always give you clues
<electra> but even so I think the mind is capable of infinite expansion
<electra> to accommodate all the universe
<electra> that's why we meditate
<electra> to attune to the universe
<hermes> yes
<electra> to achieve a certain congruence with it
<hermes> and each time you expand, you can then see a bit further
<hermes> so you can see a bit more down the road
<electra> it's hard work
<hermes> yea, its real hard work
<Nachun> hey hermes
<electra> but one's quality of life is much better for it
<Nachun> I got a question for you
<electra> makes life easier
<Nachun> you got time?
<hermes> It certainly is. The spiritual work does improve life
<electra> but then to achieve anything takes hard work
<Nachun> yes electra we know
<electra> especially discipline and also planning
<electra> I find planning is really important so you can get everything done that you want to
<electra> one teacher said to me how important it is to set a goal and then follow it through
<electra> always follow through
<electra> it's good discipline for the mind
<Nachun> I have a question
<electra> anything good you do is always like going through a jungle - you have to make a path for yourself
<Nachun> hey hermes, where do the spiritual guides come from and how are they allocated to an individual
<ChrisU> Hermes can spirit guides be your past self sometimes?
<electra> I think that is a nice question
<hermes> Nachun: Spiritual guides are assigned by the Soul and Monad and also by any nonphysical teachers you have. The more evolved you are the less guides you have.
<hermes> typical human beings can have up to 12 guides
<Nachun> lol
<hermes> more evolved souls have about 3
<Nachun> well there's the problem, the less evolved you are less guides you have, that makes sense
<Nachun> the more help you need the less help you get
<hermes> it just means you need less looking after
<Nachun> oh well if you need less looking after you're probably already there
<electra> if you don't have a guide because you have already done a lot of work I take it you can still ask for one
<electra> and also you have angels as well -
<electra> how long do they stay with evolved beings or are they always there
<electra> in your book you talk a lot about the Guardian angel
<hermes> indeed, your life here on the planet is filled with much nonphysical cooperation
<hermes> the Guardian Angel is a good focal point for the human spirit
<Nachun> I want a guide, how can I ask for one
<electra> do you also find that guides and entities attach themselves to evolved beings just for companionship?
<hermes> it is close enough to the human spirit so that you can touch it with your mind and feelings
<Nachun> I've found that
<hermes> yet far enough away so that it can pull you toward it
<Nachun> I can't even have a good sleep anymore cos ppl are always showing up in my room and messing with me
<hermes> i find this attachment thing more common in less evolved souls
<Nachun> one night I woke up and seen smoke coming from my night stand
<hermes> more evolved souls are capable of being on their own and do not seek such things
<ChrisU> Are Angels not 90 degrees away?
<hermes> 90 degrees away? explain
<ChrisU> 90 degrees of separation.
<ChrisU> If light is bent 90 degrees an object becomes invisible.
<hermes> angels are invisible because their energy travels faster than light, if that is 90 degrees than yea
<ChrisU> Ok
<hermes> when you merge with the monad that is what happens to the human energy field. it travels faster than light and you seem to disappear
<Nachun> why do you think angels would be receptive to humans?
<Nachun> are angels more advanced than ppl?
<hermes> Angels are loving entities that never learned hate or any negative emotion. they never separated from their Monad. they never experienced the human lower energies
<hermes> they help because they care
<hermes> they do not think like humans do
<hermes> they do not expect any return
<Nachun> so angels are lower than ppl but ppl try and ask them for wisdom and guidance
<Nachun> that makes no sense
<hermes> they are not lower or higher
<hermes> they just never separated from the creator
<hermes> so they can tap into that infinite knowledge more easily
<electra> I often wondered how the angels came into existence
<electra> as a lifeform I mean
<Nachun> doesn't god have some decree that angels can't interfere with humans?
<electra> we always think of them as being part of the creator more than any other being
<hermes> angels are just on a different evolutionary track. They are one of the many beings that were created as God subdivided his consciousness
<hermes> in a sense they are more part of the creator, because they never forgot who they are
<hermes> they know that they and the creator are one
<Nachun> God said do not use methods to contact spirits
<electra> but even so they are still evolving
<Nachun> his angels wouldn't be in contact with ppl
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<electra> do you think humans are part of that evolution
<electra> for them
<Nachun> only demons appear
<hermes> angels evolve yes
<hermes> some angles help humanity
<hermes> and as they help humanity they grow
<Nachun> hermes, why would you evoke a demon
<hermes> Nachun: I never evoke demons. I also do not recommend it either.
<Nachun> why not?
<hermes> i am not a fan of pain and suffering
<Nachun> won't they do things for you?
<hermes> a demon never does anything for free
<hermes> there is always a cost
<Nachun> but why would angels appear for ppl?
<hermes> usually they don't
<Nachun> so michael or gabriel would never appear?
<hermes> i never said never
<hermes> i said usually
<hermes> they would only appear if there was great need
<hermes> they are quite capable of helping mankind without showing themselves
<Nachun> but you can compel them to show themselves
<hermes> no, you are thinking about demons
<Nachun> do humans have more power than angels, or do humans want to aspire to be angels?
<Nachun> do angels have free will?
<ChrisU> Hermes what would be the correct first line of your white light exercise? in the book and on website there are different ones.
<hermes> angles do not have free will like you understand.
<Nachun> so they work for me if I want?
<hermes> they never separated from God, so their every action is in concert with the universe
<ChrisU> They work with universal law. not?
<Nachun> you should be able to invoke an angel
<hermes> Chris both white light exercises are correct. They are just different versions
<hermes> you can start it either way
<ChrisU> Ok, Thank you! I was os worried i was doing it wrong.
<hermes> Angels work with the will of god, and universal law yes.
<Nachun> so you can ask an angel for help and have them appear?
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<hermes> angels will not appear. they only appear if there is a great need
<hermes> you are more likely to see an angel in your dreams or travel meditation
<ChrisU> It probably is not much fun for them appearing in this density.
<Nachun> if you invoke a demon does it have power to do your biding?
<hermes> well, they only do things out of need. It has to have some greater purpose. They can appear to you in dreams and meditation, so why do they need to show themselves physically.
<hermes> demons never do what you want. Invoking a demon is like putting your hand in a fire.
<hermes> that crap you read about demons doing your bidding is just that, crap
<hermes> believe it if you like, but you will get burned by it
<Nachun> well I would think that is God is above us and demons are below, we should be able to command a demon
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<hermes> the best a good magician can hope for is to control a demon so that it does not do harm to himself or others
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<hermes> you can't get demons to do what you want. they have their own selfish agenda
<Nachun> humans have control over demons
<hermes> it is the magicians job to grow enough in the light so that they can stay a demon
<hermes> it is not a magicians job to command demons or use them
<hermes> a good magician
<hermes> as far as dark magicians, like i said, there is always a price to pay for evoking a demon
<Nachun> well I think it has a purpose
<electra> I take it that whereas angels never forgot who they were the demons did
<hermes> that is why there is free will. Feel free to evoke all the demons you like
<electra> Is it true that they came from the same monad to begin with
<hermes> yes demons have forgot all of what they once were
<electra> are all demons 'fallen angels'
<hermes> they focus entirely on the lower planes hoping to forget even more
<ChrisU> In the darkness they are.
<Nachun> I will tell you right now, demons are very useful
<hermes> there are different kinds of demons electra
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<electra> well you don't hear so much about that as the different kinds of angels so it would be nice to hear about this
<hermes> ok there are several levels of demons
<hermes> upper level demons exist in the Abyss and below
<Nachun> I love them all
<hermes> they are not evil in the human sense and they are not actually connected to the other lower demons
<electra> so are these guardians like Khronozon
<hermes> these upper level demons are the ones you meet in the Aethyrs and in the Tree of Darkness
<hermes> yes they are forms of Khronozon and exist to teach humanity the hard lessons
<hermes> humans can learn two ways
<hermes> through joy or pain
<hermes> it is the individuals choice
<ChrisU> Is one way of learning quicker?
<ChrisU> What is the difference between learning thru pain or joy?
<hermes> Chris: As a human being with free will you can evolve through joy or pain. If you fail to heed the warnings or lesson through joy
<hermes> then you will learn the lesson through pain and suffering.
<hermes> its like tending to an open wound. If you do not cover it right away or fix it, it may become infected.
<hermes> if it becomes infected, it still will eventualy heal, but not before much pain and suffering.
<hermes> life is similar. If you fail to learn a lesson or heed a warning in your life, than karma will create you on a track to bring that
<hermes> aspect into the forefront thorugh pain and suffering. What happens is one of these levels of demons gets hold of this aspect of yourself
<hermes> that you refuse to change and inflames it, using it against you
<Nachun> so pain leads to evolutions?
<hermes> these upper level demons teach humans to evolve by invoking pain and suffering
<hermes> there is a higher purpose there
<hermes> this is not the case with the two other forms of demons
<electra> but do they realize that
<hermes> yes the upper level demons are fully aware of their purpose
<electra> so they are not 'bad' in the human sense of the term
<hermes> yes Hachun, pain leads to evolution for those that want to travel that path
<hermes> no they are not bad because they do not seek the destruction of mankind
<hermes> they seek to purify it
<hermes> through pain and suffering
<Nachun> without pain you probably don't even know you're alive
<electra> so that is part of their evolution then?
<hermes> yes, they have an evolution as well
<electra> what happens when there is no more need for demons - how will they evolve then?
<Nachun> they will become part of the Monad
<hermes> i suppose by that time they will have evolved along with humans
<hermes> yes , they will then rejoin their monads
<hermes> become one with spirit again
<ChrisU> Is it just choice?
<hermes> i would like to think so
<Nachun> why are spiritual beings higher up than physical beings?
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<hermes> physical beings have not yet learned how to control their energies. they create chaos and destruction
<hermes> but lets move on to the two other kinds of demons
<hermes> first
<electra> that is a really interesting point
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<Nachun> but in the hierarchy, humans rank higher than angels
<hermes> well i think you are referring to in the bible where it says that man shall be greater than the angels
<hermes> remember that destiny we talked about earlier, becoming stars
<hermes> and such
<hermes> humans have a great destiny
<hermes> and it is this they refer to
<hermes> it is not so much of who is higher or lower
<electra> I hope you won't forget the 2 levels of demon you were going to explain
<Nachun> but humans don't really even exist
<hermes> yea lets get back to that
<hermes> the next lower level of demon is made up of trapped human souls that prey on the weak and those full of anger and hatred
<hermes> they do not reincarnate but stay in the in between
<hermes> they are stuck there
<Nachun> no way humans have a higher purpose, you are alive for only 50 years maybe
<electra> are those the demons that can attach themselves to humans - the type that psychics can see?
<hermes> they are focused entirely on their own misery and creating misery in others so they can feed off of it
<hermes> no that level of demon is the next lower one
<Nachun> I will tell you I have many demons
<Nachun> but they love you so far
<hermes> they try to entice human beings to create destruction and hatred
<hermes> they whisper in your ear
<hermes> they will wield their dark energy into you to invoke your lower energies and passions at the right time
<Nachun> yes they do
<electra> they sound very nasty!
<Nachun> why do you think demons want destruction?
<hermes> this second level of demon is only interested in destruction
<hermes> they are not interested in raising the human soul
<Nachun> why should they be?
<electra> so what will be their final phase of evolution?
<Orph> is this the kind of demon that stems from negative emotions that took on "a life of their own" ?
<hermes> these guys may never evolve
<hermes> it is said that some small percentage of human souls will not evolve
<electra> well surely they can't stay stuck forever
<hermes> they will go into the next pot of evolution
<hermes> no of course not
<electra> as the eventual plan is for the perfection of the universe
<Nachun> if you can control demons you are evolved
<hermes> they will go into the next human journey
<hermes> or into other systems of evolution
<electra> so are you saying that eventually they will get a human incarnation
<electra> ok - or another type of evolution
<Nachun> demons are humans
<electra> but the point is that they don't stay static forever
<electra> but from what you say it sounds as though they live for a very long time
<hermes> no but their evolution is on a very slow track
<hermes> that is fine, because they universe is patient
<hermes> they=the
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<electra> I hope that you will find a space in your next RC book for a session on this topic
<hermes> i introduce demons in RC3
<hermes> it is an advanced topic
<electra> There is very little available that is sensible on this topic
<hermes> yea it can be confusing
<electra> it's the first thing I've heard that is intelligible and makes sense
<hermes> there is one more level of demon
<electra> the next level?
<Nachun> I tend to find that they are helpful
<hermes> this the lowest level
<hermes> these demons are like animals, operating on instinct mostly
<hermes> they feed off lower emotions.
<ChrisU> Do they make the temperature drop like in the documentaries?
<hermes> the lower level demons absorb the energy from the room to make their presence felt, this makes the temperature drop, sometimes
<Nachun> if only because they like to have fun with problems
<hermes> these are the ones that attach themselves to people and slowly feed off their lower energies
<hermes> these demons are remnants
<hermes> of powerful emotions left behind
<hermes> when someone releases a powerful lower emotion
<electra> are they self-aware or not?
<Nachun> if a human got hold of that wouldn't it be great?
<hermes> it appears as energy on the astral plane
<electra> do they have a sense of life and death?
<Nachun> yes we do
<hermes> yes they have some intelligence, but it is more instinctive
<hermes> they are kept going but absorbing lower energies from others
<electra> so this is the nearest to the meaning of the word 'Satanic' then?
<hermes> yes, the lower two forms of demons are where the term Satanic comes from
<electra> Is Satan a real demon and is he this first level or the next level up
<hermes> Lucifer is an upper level demon
<hermes> and Satan (if he exists) would be on the second level
<electra> ok
<hermes> Satan is actually a construct of religion
<hermes> how about we say
<hermes> there are Satan like beings in the second demon level
<hermes> that are dark human souls
<hermes> trapped and hell bent on creating misery
<hermes> and control of the world
<electra> I'll go for that - it sounds plausible
<electra> yes -
<electra> you can tell us more?
<hermes> these humans exist in VTA and below
<hermes> they cannot progress any higher
<hermes> because to do so they have to let go of the emotions they love
<electra> well that explains a lot
<hermes> VTA is an
<hermes> Aethyr level
<electra> yes - i got that!
<hermes> yea just for everyone that may read the log file.
<electra> the thing is that I've always found Satan a very stupid entity
<electra> he appears not to be very bright
<electra> and in that sense is very disappointing
<hermes> yes
<hermes> you are thinking of Lucifer who is an upper level demon
<hermes> with more intelligence
<electra> probably that's it then!
<electra> good distinction there then
<hermes> Lucifer is interested in human development through purification
<hermes> Satan is interested in human domination
<hermes> these are not the same goals
<hermes> though they may go about it in similar ways
<hermes> ok, i think i must rest
<hermes> so i will end this here
* ChrisU has joined #energyworks
<electra> well many thanks for a fascinating chat today
<electra> I've really enjoyed it and learned a lot
<hermes> ok I will see everyone in two weeks.
<electra> that I didn't know before
<electra> yes - that's for sure
* ChrisU has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
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