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May 24, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu May 24 16:20:48 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
* Now talking in #energyworks
<iris> Hi everyone!
<attuned> hi
<Gamble> hi there
<NSP> hi
<iris> glad you all could make it today
<iris> electra had asked that we talk about the collective unconscious and we are also scheduled for a meditation
<iris> is there anything else you wish as today's topic?
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<NSP> nothing comes to mind
<iris> chat first, meditate later? what works for you?
<NSP> that works
<attuned> I think electra is away, so best you start with that topic
<iris> ok
<iris> any other topics or concerns?
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<iris> i like to think of group consciousness in terms of energy
<NSP> what kind of energy is that
<iris> the energy that makes us what we are
<iris> when we think and feel, we send out energy
<NSP> which is what
<NSP> what sort of energy do we send out?
<iris> ah, scientists are trying to figure that out
<iris> the energy is most similar to electromagnetic
<iris> but we don't quite have all the answers yet
<NSP> oh so the collective unconscious is really like one big magnetic take machine
<iris> no, electromagnetic is not magnetic energy
<iris> it is the energy that makes up light, x rays, gamma rays radio waves etc
<iris> it is the basic component of all matter
<NSP> if it's made up of those what makes it different than any of those constituents
<NSP> you wouldn't look at your light bulb as being anything other than the energy it's emitting
<Orph> different frequencies make for different patterns I belief
<iris> yes, the differences in how it manifests lies in the frequencies
<Orph> the light from the light bulb has a frequency , it's much higher then matter (and less dense)
<iris> lower frequencies make radio waves, higher gamma
<Orph> frequencies in consciousness are similar
<iris> yes
<iris> scientists are coming to believe that matter is nothing more than energy moving slowly
<iris> when energy slows down, it sticks together and we can detect it
<NSP> none of that really explains the collective consciousness
<iris> no, not at all
<iris> but you asked about the energy
<iris> so lets get back
<Orph> actually... ^^
<iris> everything gives off energy
<NSP> yes explain what it is, just saying energy doesn't distinguish it from all the other emery the universe is made up of
<Orph> energy comes in many frequencies, solid matter,
<Orph> gas
<Orph> liquid
<Orph> plasma
<Orph> ethereal
<Orph> and I don't believe we can measure anything finer then that
<iris> yes, the solid being the slowest moving
<NSP> and none of those even combined explains what the Collective consciousness is though
<iris> liquid faster, then gas, etc
<Orph> a collective consciousness is a pattern over a pattern, a higher vibration
<NSP> that's really vague
<Orph> your life for instance, will last a certain number of years,
<Orph> the life of the cells you are made out of will last many times shorter
<Orph> the group consciousness that you are a part of in the same way, will outlast your current life
<Orph> you are a part of all three examples there in a way
<Orph> only your consciousness is split up
<Orph> in different frequencies
<Orph> with your waking consciousness you can influence the present
<Orph> with your group consciousness you influence past and future
<NSP> of course, you can make a decision to do something and influence it that way
<Orph> well, the bodies we have, fit the consciousness that we experience
<Orph> physical bodies for the present moment
<NSP> I don't think I can influence the past because it's already passed
<Orph> nonphysical bodies for the move wider experience
<Orph> you personally can't change the past no ^^ I don't believe any human can
<Orph> believe*
<Orph> believe*
<Orph> ack
<Orph> because we experience time linearly
<NSP> this isn't the butterfly effect
<Orph> but on a higher level, the experience is non linear
<iris> time exists here because we are in a linear reality
<NSP> and so what if it is?
<Orph> non linear means that there is no division between past present future
<Orph> it means there is just possibility
<Orph> so from that viewpoint, the past is also subject to change
<Orph> but for us, the possibilities are limited to just one past
<Orph> (linear)
<NSP> sounds to me like you're talking about the potentiality of the universe
<Orph> that is a part of group consciousness
<aura_cat> many people speak of using non linear time to heal the past
<aura_cat> they do it through different techniques
<aura_cat> even hermes believes this
<aura_cat> and has written about it
<aura_cat> on this site
<iris> and iris
<Orph> lol
<NSP> i would say heal in terms of yourself maybe, but only because you consciously work through your own past and reconcile your present self with it
<aura_cat> sure
<NSP> not because you are in some way changing what really happened, you're talking about basic healing through your own actions
<aura_cat> but still it can be influenced
<aura_cat> well that is a linear way to put it
<aura_cat> one change in any incarnation affects them all
<aura_cat> so if I heal now
<aura_cat> my past is healed and future
<aura_cat> as well as present
<aura_cat> the higher self is not linear
<aura_cat> and perhaps
<aura_cat> if I heal my relationships now, because we co create
<NSP> would seem easier to just look at it as I put it rather trying to come up with some bizarre explanation and bring in esoteric ideas
<aura_cat> well we believe all that we can perceive
<aura_cat> ideas create the universe
<NSP> if you heal your present self it's because you did something now in the present, not because you are changing your past as it really happened, you are basically just accepting the notion that there is no past or future, you make them both up now in the present because all you are is the present.
<Orph> what you believe the past to be, becomes your personal reality.
<aura_cat> that is a nice way to look at it
<Orph> there is not just one past
<aura_cat> nor one future
<aura_cat> now is the moment in which you focus your attention
<NSP> sure, change how you think about it in the here and now and cast it aside and accept it and you've probably made things better for yourself now rather than dwelling on past events
<aura_cat> in linear thinking that makes sense
<aura_cat> but in simultaneous time who knows
<aura_cat> all moments are now moments
<NSP> there really isn't any need to look to the collective unconscious to figure out what is happening there
<Orph> the collective unconscious is not the group consciousness though
<aura_cat> well I am all inclusive
<NSP> well a group conscious could be a mob acting as one
<aura_cat> could be
<Orph> yes
<aura_cat> might not be
<NSP> could be your influencing other people in someway
<aura_cat> well people attract how they want to be influenced
<aura_cat> nothing is outside of us
<NSP> but you want to say well it's a collection of a group's energy or something I suppose
<aura_cat> nah, I have no hard core opinion on much
<Orph> well yea, and out of it comes one dominating image
<Orph> hihi ^^
<Orph> I think the group makes for a dynamic energy, which is the sum of all the individual energies in it
<iris> we manifest things here through energy
<NSP> it's more than a sum because groups do things that the individual may not, you could have 12 people all believing something and as a group they will do what personally they are against
<aura_cat> sounds like the person has no choice in that scenario
<aura_cat> sounds like they cannot control themselves
<aura_cat> or their actions
<aura_cat> strange
<aura_cat> they have no free will in that scenario
<Orph> it makes sense though, 12 individuals + 1 (the sum)
<aura_cat> not all are followers
<aura_cat> or made to be
<NSP> but i'm saying everyone in the group would have an opposing opinion, it may only take one individual to get 12 to do what they wouldn't otherwise, how can the sum of 12 override 1
<iris> don't the 12 still choose
<aura_cat> do you mean 1 override 12
<Orph> the 1 may have put more energy in his idea then the 12 others put in theirs
<iris> don't they agree to go along with the 1
<aura_cat> there is always choice, but good speakers can change the hearts of men
<Orph> one leader takes over 12 doubters
<aura_cat> well this happens a lot, someone has to tip the balance
<aura_cat> but this is common in day to day life
<NSP> I guess the 12 really don't have much emery going then
<aura_cat> or they change the way their energy flows
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<Orph> it's all about the quality
<iris> what you are saying is strong energy can overpower weak energy
<Orph> yea
<Orph> I think that happened in germany 70 years ago
<aura_cat> if you think of energy as ideas or concepts, if it is strong in that sense, then is may help others with less energy expand their own and flow the same
<NSP> agreeing to go along is a conscious choice, I think that is more an argument for what I'm saying, look to the simpler explanation rather than complicating basic processes and personality types
<iris> and many other times and places
<iris> and when we agree to go along we send out energy in that direction
<iris> and the energy builds
<iris> it is so important to watch our thoughts and feelings - that is how the energy gets sent out
<iris> that is what reality creating is all about
<Orph> if people just don't care, they have less input then those with strong beliefs
<Orph> the latter are left to run the show
<NSP> if it worked like that than anything you desire or project a lot of mental energy into would bring it about
<Orph> right
<aura_cat> actually if you are good at it you will
<iris> hey are still making a choice - a choice not to care
<iris> NSP now your 're getting the idea of reality creating!
<aura_cat> well I think people are beginning to care now more than at other times in our history
<iris> but it's more than mental energy
<iris> "care" is a feeling -
<iris> and feelings send out powerful energy
<aura_cat> hmm
<NSP> but all the feelings in the world won't make something happen unless you take actual steps
<aura_cat> I would think caring is action
<Orph> true
<Orph> emotions put in the energy, thought guides the energy, and action makes it manifest
<aura_cat> I think you have to take actual steps
<aura_cat> so action
<iris> i care - then i act because i care
<aura_cat> to care is a verb
<aura_cat> action word
<NSP> so it if it boils down to, well you have to act, that really doesn't mean anything more than you have to motivate yourself and actually work
<iris> if it matters to me, if it is important to me, then i care about it
<Orph> NSP, pretty much! but some people do the work and get no results because another factor is missing
<aura_cat> the thought you gather about the issue, bring about and emotion or feeling
<aura_cat> you can gage that
<aura_cat> and then you begin to care
<aura_cat> caring leads to action
<aura_cat> we eventually will do something about it
<NSP> point being, think all you like, mentally think about it, wish for it, project some hidden energy, it won't do a think if you don't actually work
<aura_cat> I agree
<Orph> *nods
<iris> no, it won't do a thing if you doubt it
<aura_cat> but thinking about it is part of it
<aura_cat> because it's all connected
<NSP> so which is actually the reality creating aspect, action or all this talk of energy and vibrations
<aura_cat> how you think can cause things to not manifest
<Orph> RC is the sum of all that
<aura_cat> yes
<aura_cat> they are interconnected
<NSP> seems very simple concept to me, believe in something, make goals and work towards them, that is reality creating
<Orph> :)
<aura_cat> yeah, and many people can't do that
<aura_cat> believe it or not
<Orph> true, people will see opportunity, but shy away in fear of failing
<NSP> probably because they're too busy trying to emit that strange energy substance you refer to
<NSP> they're dreamers is all
<aura_cat> well I suppose we all begin somewhere
<aura_cat> but follow through is the issue I guess
<aura_cat> and sometimes it's difficult to know how
<NSP> could all be summed up in the idea of thinking positively and working hard
<aura_cat> thus these wonderful people like hermes showing us a way
<aura_cat> yes
<NSP> probably more work to it than thinking though I would say
<Orph> depends what you want to achieve
<Orph> when you work work work without any thought or feeling behind it, you will keep doing the work with little result
<iris> that is why we say follow your passion
<NSP> you would get paid, that's usually the one big reason people work, course if you weren't enthusiastic about your work the boss might fire you
<Orph> but you aren't. you just work
<aura_cat> but if you really think about it, how to be successful and get a raise, you might make extra efforts.. okay, don't know what I am leading to here
<NSP> could be leading to nepotism
<iris> putting more energy into it ?
<aura_cat> rofl
<aura_cat> actually
<aura_cat> just saying
<aura_cat> perhaps you need an equal amount of thought energy to match the action you take
<aura_cat> in order to get the result you want
<aura_cat> and all of this needs to be in harmony
<aura_cat> to achieve the goal
<iris> from the thought and feeling, the action flows
<aura_cat> yeah, so all of it
<aura_cat> balanced and interconnected
<aura_cat> seems like you cannot weaken your position on any of those
<aura_cat> in order to gain success, but if you get good at it, it becomes second nature and won't feel like an effort
<iris> the problem lies in knowing your thoughts and monitoring your feelings
<aura_cat> yeah, there are lots of self help books for that
<NSP> we won't discuss all the people that get rewarded for doing crappy jobs and not caring about it
<aura_cat> most people don't know themselves well enough to even know what they are thinking half the time, thus confused a lot
<iris> and that's what manifests
<aura_cat> I think in that case with the crappy jobs, there is probably something else being played out for a reason
<Orph> NSP, when those people believe that that effort is enough, then it will be
<NSP> maybe they don't want to know themselves, maybe that's scary, it's easier to just reach out and latch onto some other person's ideas of something
<Orph> there is a popular movie out now, called the secret. It is about becoming anything you want based on these principles
<aura_cat> or project your issues on others and not pay attention to the root cause
<aura_cat> well there is a book called ask and it is given
<aura_cat> which is so much more inclusive
<NSP> i have that book
<aura_cat> but the secret makes a good tag along
<Orph> haven't read that yet
<aura_cat> nsp have you read it yet
<aura_cat> wondering what you think of it
<NSP> no, I have only thought about reading it
<aura_cat> it is very useful
<aura_cat> very
<NSP> you ever see that movie what the bleep do we know?
<aura_cat> yes
<electra> no but I'm watching Notting Hill
<electra> anyone ever seen that?
<aura_cat> yes
<aura_cat> hugh grant right
<electra> yes - there;s a break at the moment
<aura_cat> it was just on here
<aura_cat> I think
<aura_cat> julia roberts
<electra> the battery on my laptop went so lost contact with you guys
<electra> so I'll be back next week
<aura_cat> bye bye
<electra> what happened to the meditation session - I thought we were starting with that
<iris> we waited for you
<electra> I'll be back next week as Miss Whiplash LOL!
<electra> bye for now
<electra> oh sorry!
<iris> but i think we should get started soon
<electra> I kept coming down and looking for you
<iris> you an still meditate with us without your laptop
<electra> ok
<iris> we'll just set a time
<electra> right
<electra> but I need to see the end of this movie
<iris> how much longer
<electra> I'll come back next week
<electra> its long - maybe 45 mins
<iris> ok
<electra> you'll wait that long?
<electra> I think it's soo much
<iris> maybe too for everyone
<electra> I think so
<electra> next week for sure
<electra> it's just this one time - always wanted to see this film
<electra> I'll leave you to it and be back next week
<electra> very sweet of you to wait for me
<electra> sorry about that
<iris> that's fine - we'll see you next time
<electra> great!
<electra> bye for now everyone!
<iris> bye
<Orph> bye (:
<electra> bye
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<iris> who is joining for the meditation?
<Orph> I will
<NSP> I have to leave
<Orph> maybe next week?
<iris> it's orph, iris, anyone else?
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<attuned> me too
<iris> great
<Orph> oh, what exactly do we do ^^ (I haven't participated before)
<aura_cat> you all have a great time, goodnight, light...
<Orph> bye ( :
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<iris> i'll review what to do
<Orph> tnx
<iris> find a quiet comfortable place not too far from the computer
<iris> then just quiet your mind
<iris> visualize yourself in a safe bubble
<Orph> that's all?
<iris> ask the spirit guides to keep out all negativity
<iris> and fill your bubble with light, love, and positive energy
<iris> imagine it swirling around inside the bubble
<iris> you can visualize it entering from above you and going down through the chakras
<iris> or imagine it entering through the solar plexus and working up and around and through you
<iris> imagine yourself in a peaceful place or imagine the energy swirling around, lifting you higher and higher
<iris> let your mind go
<iris> that's it
<iris> we do it for 15 minutes
<Orph> got it ( :
<iris> before we leave we each say we're leaving
<iris> when we come back we say we've returned
<iris> i wouldn't sign off if you are coming back though
<iris> any questions?
<Orph> so just start speaking after the 15 minutes?
<iris> yes - somehow it works!
<Orph> ok
<Orph> ( :
<Orph> starting now
<iris> i'm ready if you are
<attuned> here too
<iris> ok, attuned, orph, iris off to meditate - see everyone in 15 min
<iris> let's go
<Orph> back
<iris> back
<iris> i forgot to tell you that at the end of the meditation, you can ask the spirit guides to send off any excess energy to do some good or to help someone
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<iris> how was your meditation?
<Orph> when finally my mind was a bit silent, there were some useful images ( :
<iris> good
<Orph> there was a white metal gate made from decorative patterns. I opened it, it lead into a dark tunnel with a bit of water at the floor.
<Orph> Further ahead, there was a black gate, same as the white one, but I didn't open it. Couldn't see what it was exactly, might be a giant spider web or something
<Orph> don't know because it was dark, so I didn't touch it.
<Orph> this was very helpful, because I have a tendency of exposing everything before taking it in
<Orph> but that keeps the real mystery away
<Orph> so I think that is what the images were about, mystery ^^
<iris> you didn't even hesitate about going through the white gate
<attuned> (back)
<iris> welcome back attuned.
<Orph> no, the first gate was like, woo, a gate, let's see what is behind it
<Orph> welcome back ( :
<iris> that's good
<iris> attuned, how was your meditation
<iris> orph, what kind of black gate was it?
<iris> shiny black is good in meditation
<attuned> very charging. for a while felt something happening at the third chakra area. only had one image of a stream of white energy
<Orph> iris: the second gate was the same as the first, but black and almost not visible in the dark
<iris> oh, this sounds good too
<iris> black can open the aura to accept higher energy
<iris> it's not necessarily evil
<iris> in my meditation, i met a guide who cleansed us with incense - so maybe all our meditations were a little connected
<iris> (connected)
<Orph> I'm sure they were, at least to a certain degree ^^
<Orph> there is probably more interaction when more people are involved
<iris> as we are all connected to a certain degree :-)
<attuned> why incense?
<Orph> ( :
<iris> i thought that was interesting
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<iris> it's not something i usually experience
<Orph> incense like white sage has been used for cleansing spaces by many people for a long time
<Orph> iris: maybe your guide was indian?
<iris> many cultures use incense for cleansing
<iris> well later in the meditation i saw the head of an indian in full head dress
<iris> so i guess so
<iris> that's the fun of meditation
<Orph> interesting visitors ^^
<iris> yes
<iris> i also saw the head of someone in artic clothes
<iris> i've never seen that before
<iris> attuned, was the stream of energy entering you
<iris> or just in sight
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<attuned> just in front of me
<iris> ok, entering your space
<iris> i hope you both came away feeling better
<iris> either more at peace or refreshed
<attuned> yes
<Orph> o yeah, meditation is always inspiring
<Orph> always something new
<iris> yes
<iris> it is a spa for the soul
<Orph> :)
<Orph> it's getting late, so see you all later
<Orph> *waves
<attuned> cu
<iris> bye
* Orph has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<iris> i guess it is getting late
<iris> shall we end until next time?
<attuned> yes
<iris> thanks for joining us today
<iris> and thanks for meditating with us
<iris> go in peace, love and light!
<attuned> bye, and thanks
<iris> thank you!
<iris> bye
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Session Close: Thu May 24 19:01:45 2007

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