ghosts; demons; old and young souls; out of body travel; your palm; ascension of the earth; ascension of the individual; the dreamwalkers; Reiki, ancient ascended masters; spiders in dreams; train dreams; breaking the old reality creating patterns; your changing circle of friends; being chased by cops in dreams
May 17, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu May 17 16:30:27 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.'
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<Infinity545> hey
<Infinity545> hi hermes
<hermes> howdy
<hermes> its a full house
<electra696> hi hermes
<universe0> hi hermes
<Infinity545> I have a question, if nothing in life is supposed to be feared then what is the purpose of pain
<Sandcastle> hi hermes!
<attuned> hi
<hermes> pain, what pain, life is painful!
<Infinity545> I guess all things like mental and physical
<hermes> that was meant as a joke but did not work
<Sandcastle> haha
<Infinity545> oh sorry:) I"m bad with sarcasm
<hermes> pain reminds you that something is wrong
<hermes> pain is the species failsafe to prevent injury
<hermes> or even death
<hermes> it mobilizes the individual and the physical body to action
<universe0> Hermes, do we have souls?
<Hazamak> or demobilizes you
<Infinity545> we have souls
<Infinity545> I mean can you really imagine not existing at all
<Infinity545> in a sense
<hermes> the word souls means many things to many people. do we have spirits, bodies that survive our physical death? Yes of course.
<Infinity545> hermes what is the difference between someone who is an old soul or a young soul
<Infinity545> like how are they different when they incarnate
<hermes> Hazamak: there are two kinds of pain, real and fake. it is the fake pain that cripples you
<universe0> we don't have souls hermes
<universe0> you don't have basis on that
<hermes> real pain is meant to create action
<universe0> i would like you to give me some basis of truth
<universe0> bodies that live on after
<Hazamak> oh so any pain that immobilizes you doesn't really exist
<hermes> I did not say the pain did not exist
<Hazamak> oh it exists but it's not real
<universe0> hermes you don't make sense
<Infinity545> universe i think you had a good question there
<hermes> the mind creates this pain
<hermes> when it should not
<hermes> so what exactly is your question Universe0
<universe0> hermes you speak more philosophical then logical
<Infinity545> I don't know what basis of truth I could give you universe except the fact that I could not imagine my consciousness not existing at all
<universe0> explain to me how we have bodies after life
<universe0> that's because it does exist
<hermes> i can't you will have to discover that yourself Universe0
<Infinity545> but i mean even with death
<universe0> How did you discover it?
<universe0> and how do you know it is real
<hermes> out of body travel
<universe0> how do you know that isn't a dream
<hermes> well if you have ever had an OBE you would not ask that
<Hazamak> but out of body isn't dead
<universe0> again, you cannot explain to me anything
<hermes> how real is your physical life Universe?
<hermes> do you think it is real?
<universe0> yes, but not special
<hermes> I can say that physical reality is an illusion
<hermes> and out of body is real
<universe0> it could be
<hermes> who's to say
<hermes> to say for sure
<universe0> who's to say you are right
<universe0> you act like you are right
<hermes> you need to have an out of body experience
<universe0> and correct
<hermes> perhaps i am
<hermes> perhaps I am not
<hermes> find out yourself
<universe0> how do i get an out of body experience
<universe0> and what does it do
<hermes> learn to OBE and prove it to yourself
<Hazamak> sure it's real, but until you actually die you can't say with any certainty that what you experience during obe is the same as after death
<universe0> how do i learn it
<Infinity545> i think it is on the website
<universe0> hazamak is correct
<universe0> Nothing is certain
<universe0> as a child, i experienced ghosts
<Infinity545> HOw does creativity work, and I have another question how can one have the creativity of like mozart or beethoven or something
<universe0> hermes, i saw ghosts
<Infinity545> and also what is creativity really?
<universe0> when i was a child
<universe0> in my bedroom
<universe0> explain what they were
<hermes> yes ghosts wander on the etheric plane. They can make themselves visible
<hermes> when the body dies, it leaves behind what is called an etheric shell. This shell is a carbon copy of the physical soul.
<hermes> usually
<universe0> what about demons
<hermes> this shell disintegrates over time
<universe0> my bother was possessed
<hermes> but sometimes astral entities will inhabit the shell and bring it to life to a degree
<hermes> these are the mischievous haunting's
<universe0> have you traveled in the past
<Sandcastle> So it is never the real soul haunting then? always some other entity using the shell?
<hermes> the kind of creativity that Mozart and others had comes from accessing ideas beyond the physical plane
<hermes> there is a part of the brain that if left open
<hermes> can reach into the nonphysical regions and bring back select information, that normal physical beings can't access.
<Infinity545> how can one leave this part open?
<Infinity545> wait information form places like the pleaides?
<Sandcastle> is that the part of the brain responsible for visions, telepathy etc?
<hermes> sandcastle: Yes that is true, in 99 percent of those cases it is not the actual person doing the haunting
<universe0> Hermes was Jesus Christ God?
<Hazamak> is the part of the brain you're talking about the Pineal gland?
<hermes> Infinity: either you have that part of the brain open or you do not. it is something you are born with or just happens by accident. It is a curse as well as a gift, as it leaves your mind open in ways that you would not be used to. Kind of like having the television on all the time.
<Infinity545> ahh that is interesting
<Infinity545> what will the higher vibrational level of the earth (when it has fully occurred) do to human beings?
<universe0> hermes have you heard of Planet NIBIRU??
<hermes> somebody asked about demons? what is the question there?
<hermes> Universe: Jesus Christ was a great prophet. God has no reason to be on the planet
<hermes> was he the sun of god
<hermes> that needs much more explanation
<hermes> in ancient mystery school tradition
<hermes> you become a son of god after a certain level of spiritual achievement
<hermes> your energy and God's merges and becomes like one
<Infinity545> wow
<Infinity545> is their higher achievements?
<universe0> don't believe in him
<universe0> he is talking nonsense
<Infinity545> still it is interesting knowledge
<hermes> sure there are higher achievements. Once you leave the planet
<hermes> planet^
<Infinity545> hmmm
<Infinity545> very cool
<universe0> he is rambling about his adventures being in a dream
<universe0> or being high on drugs
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<Infinity545> but still I was wondering what will the higher vibrational level of the earth do to humans
<Sandcastle> so then that felt part of the brain causes time shifting, telepathy etc?
<hermes> Infinity: Hopefully humans will just exist at this higher level too
<Infinity545> they won't gain any powers or anything
<hermes> you are referring to the earth's ascension to the 4th dimension I suspect
<Sandcastle> *left not felt
<Sandcastle> haha
<Infinity545> nothing like Jedi powers?
<Infinity545> lol
<Infinity545> yes
<Infinity545> is that also supposed to happen soon?
<hermes> when you are dreaming you are in a 4th dimension environment
<hermes> time and space become fluid
<Infinity545> oh...thats kind of crazy
<Infinity545> life would be crazy
<Infinity545> like we'd always be in a dream
<hermes> it certainly adds something to the mix of reality
<Infinity545> wow, but when is that supposed to happen?
<hermes> i actually do not support earth's ascension theory the way it is
<Infinity545> why?
<hermes> it just seems to have two earths
<hermes> one in 4th dimension with all ascended people
<Infinity545> two earths?
<Infinity545> oh
<Infinity545> and then one in the physical
<hermes> and one in the third with all the non ascended people
<Infinity545> where things remain the same
<hermes> in actuality
<hermes> if the earth actually ascended to the 4th dimension
<hermes> it would cease to exist in the physical plane
<hermes> because physical reality is a 3 impersonal world
<Hazamak> well wouldn't the Earth have a etheric equivalent just as people do?
<Infinity545> thus it would then be easier to ascend
<Hazamak> so there are two Earths
<hermes> there is that now
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<Infinity545> hello
<Hazamak> i know
<mattmtl> hello
<hermes> earth has etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual plane equivalents
<hermes> when you Out of body travel you leave the physical plane and travel in one of these other planes
<Infinity545> hermes I heard that demons are really an alien race of reptilian creatures
<Infinity545> is that true?
<hermes> it actually is easier to ascend now than it was say 30 years ago. This has to do with the earth passing into the photon belt that has sped up the energy around the earth.
<Hazamak> the Earth's magnetic field is changing, maybe that has something to do with it
<hermes> it could. No doubt this extra energy will have some other affects
<hermes> Infinity: a demon is just a bad nonphysical entity that likes to cause pain and suffering
<Infinity545> so it deals nothing with reptiles?
<hermes> it can be from the earth or any other planet that spawns life
<Infinity545> oh
<Infinity545> now that is interesting
<Infinity545> indeed
<hermes> there was a reptilian race of beings
<hermes> and I am sure they had their share of demons
<Sandcastle> that's crazy
<hermes> some may still roam the nonphysical
<Infinity545> Have you heard of david icke
<Infinity545> I was wondering if you agree with that man
<hermes> I have not heard of david icke
<hermes> sandcastle: what is crazy?
<Infinity545> he is a man who claims that a race of reptilian creatures are in our political leaders
<hermes> there are all sorts of alien theories
<Infinity545> and that they are setting the world for self destruction
<hermes> i could not confirm any of them
<Infinity545> hmm
<hermes> when I say a reptilian race existed I am talking in the past
<Infinity545> is their anything we can do as human beings to help the world
<Sandcastle> reptilian race
<Infinity545> like stop the bad things that are going on
<hermes> Sandcastle: it was not actually reptilian as you think of it
<Sandcastle> oh
<hermes> there were three progressions of human dna
<hermes> reptilian, denoid, and human
<Sandcastle> this is the final one?
<hermes> reptilian is the oldest of the dna
<hermes> which later was merged with the denoid
<hermes> then later merged again to create human
<hermes> i have no idea what these beings looked like
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<hermes> final one
<hermes> maybe
<hermes> maybe not
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<Infinity545> that's scary
<hermes> perhaps there will be more advances
<hermes> in dna
<Infinity545> what would then happen to us
<Sandcastle> so is this the last evolution stage then?
<hermes> perhaps those advance abilities we were speculating about may come from a more advanced dna
<Infinity545> hmm
<hermes> i am just saying human dna is the third in a chain of increasingly advancing dna structures
<Sandcastle> i remember you talking about the three stages of human evolution and you said how the third one will have the most difficult people, people who don't want to ascend
<hermes> there is supposed to be three ascension waves
<hermes> one is supposed to have already occurred
<Sandcastle> are we in the third?
<hermes> in the late 1980's
<hermes> the next in 2012
<Sandcastle> oh
<hermes> and the final 1000 years later
<Infinity545> hermes how can one access information in crystals?
<hermes> but i am just speaking of what is said
<hermes> i have no proof
<Infinity545> since I have a lemurian crystal
<Infinity545> but
<Infinity545> I don't know how to use it
<hermes> nor do I really support these things
<Sandcastle> oh
<Infinity545> as
<Sandcastle> question
<hermes> Infinity: just hold it in your hand and ask it to tell you what it knows. Clear your mind and let it speak to you in visions and sounds
<Infinity545> thanks
<Sandcastle> how are chakras related to the physical body? how do they fit in with the left brain stuff?
<Sandcastle> (what is a lemurian crystal?)
<mattmtl> (how long does the chat last usually ?)
<hermes> charkras are the nonphysical parts of your body
<Infinity545> a crystal from Lemuria infused with the lemurian consciousness
<hermes> the nonphysical organs
<Sandcastle> oh
<Infinity545> question
<Sandcastle> then why do they affect the physical?
<hermes> they feed energy from the nonphysical into the physical body
<Sandcastle> oh
<Infinity545> how can one know the difference between sleep and meditation, or know that they meditated
<hermes> without energy from the nonphysical the body would die
<Infinity545> since sometime I meditate
<Sandcastle> when u were talking about the opening of the left brain, is that what causes time shifting in dreams and all that stuff?
<Infinity545> but it feels like a short nap
<hermes> time shifting has nothing to do with the brain, that is your out of body consciousness doing that
<hermes> when you return to the body, the time shifted information is given to your brain so you can remember it.
<Sandcastle> so then how can u tell if ur left brain is open? and is that important?
<hermes> Infinity: you do know the difference between sleep and being awake don't you?
<Infinity545> yes
<Infinity545> well
<Infinity545> sometimes I always feel like i do when I am dreaming
<hermes> well then you can tell the difference just the same between meditation and not meditating
<Infinity545> well there are times where I close my eyes to meditate
<Infinity545> and basically
<Infinity545> I just feel as if I closed my ewyes
<Infinity545> and well
<Infinity545> thought about nothing for a while
<hermes> Sandcastle: with that open thing we talked about earlier. If it is open you know it, your mind never shuts up, it is like a television that never shuts off
<hermes> Sandcastle: I do not think it is important to most people. It was just how those extraordinary people like Mozart created the things they did.
<hermes> they had a hole in their mind that was open to ideas beyond the physical plane
<Sandcastle> right
<hermes> Infinity: there are several forms of meditation. In one you just clear the mind and nothing happens. In the next you actually travel to some nonphysical place. In yet another form you are greeted by nonphysical beings that help and heal you.
<hermes> meditation is more than just clearing the mind, but that is how you start to learn it
<Infinity545> hermes do you think that hole in their mind is a benefit to creativity
<hermes> It can but but it also is a curse, because you can't shut it ever
<Infinity545> wait but ow is that bad
<hermes> it depends on the individual and what they want to achieve
<mattmtl> ok a question
<hermes> is it bad, it could be if you can't handle it
<Infinity545> recently I have been doing research on reincarnation I was wondering what would the difference be (in personality and in who the person was) between an old soul incarnating and a young soul incarnating
<mattmtl> when will Reality Creator 3 be published ?
<Sandcastle> haha that was going to be my next question too matt
<mattmtl> there is already a lot of it I think in the Reference Guide
<Sandcastle> is it?
<hermes> an old soul is more refined and stable
<Infinity545> how so
<Infinity545> more detail please
<hermes> well its like looking at a puppy and an old dog
<hermes> the puppy is full of lots of uncontrolled energy
<Infinity545> so if a person is an old soul
<Infinity545> they will be more calm or passive?
<hermes> that is the general rule
<Infinity545> that's interesting
<Infinity545> they won't feel a need to really go out and experience so many things
<hermes> RC3 is being worked on, not sure when it will be out
<mattmtl> & more spiritual too I think
<hermes> RC3 has taken more time than planned
<Infinity545> since I think i know an old soul
<Infinity545> who is very spiritual
<Infinity545> yet hates religion
<hermes> RC3 has been though several incarnations already
<Infinity545> and this stuff
<Sandcastle> hahaha
<mattmtl> well being spiritual has nothing to do with religion
<Infinity545> yeah
<Infinity545> i know
<mattmtl> spiritual people usually look for direct experience
<Infinity545> its fun though
<Infinity545> yeah
<Infinity545> I think he came in here as universe
<Infinity545> as a disguise
<mattmtl> they don't believe , they experiment and then they know
<Infinity545> he was in here under the name of jamal
<Infinity545> then left
<Infinity545> and came back as i think universe
<Infinity545> anyway
<hermes> very good matt
<hermes> i like that
<mattmtl> Hermes I like your crystal meditation, I do it every day
<Infinity545> so old souls probably feel they have to accomplish less
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<Infinity545> hello
<Orph> *waves
<mattmtl> I would say about old & young souls
<hermes> i think old souls accomplish more but do it in a more controlled way
<mattmtl> that it doesn't matter much
<mattmtl> an old soul is somebody who lived a lot of lives but still is in the physical plane
<hermes> but a young soul can accomplish much too
<mattmtl> so you can be proud of having many lives but still you are not done yet
<hermes> they just go about it differently. Experience in an old soul has taught them how to refine their energy and their plan
<mattmtl> so at the end it doesn't matter old or young
<Infinity545> hermes can information be encoded in music?
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<hermes> old , young, no should not matter
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<jammal2> jammal supreme here
<aura_cat> hello everyone
<Sandcastle> hi aura
<aura_cat> what is the conversation
<Infinity545> since sometimes i feel I could encode information in music
<Orph> hi : )
<aura_cat> hello hermes
<Sandcastle> old and young souls
<Infinity545> hi jammal and aura
<aura_cat> ah
<Sandcastle> hi orph
<jammal2> Jammal supreme here
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<jammal2> sandcastle we don't have souls
<aura_cat> what do we have then
<jammal2> so hermes i here you think you know everything
<jammal2> nothing
<jammal2> we have nothing
<aura_cat> does that intimidate you
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<mattmtl> :)
<hermes> sure i know everything if you say so
<Sandcastle> :)
<hermes> and I know nothing
<mattmtl> :)
<aura_cat> I say so
<jammal2> do you think you are special because you can give "fake" advice to people
<aura_cat> ) :
<mattmtl> :)
<mattmtl> Jammal
<aura_cat> I mean happy face
<mattmtl> experience by yourself
<mattmtl> and come back when you will be more evolved
<hermes> I think you should respect others a bit more Jamma12
<hermes> but that is just my opinion
<jammal2> i think you should get a reality check
<mattmtl> it is mine too
<Sandcastle> i agree with hermes on the respect part
<aura_cat> I agree with you hermes, Jammal are you upset about something
<aura_cat> this environment is friendly
<hermes> please do not disrupt the workshop
<jammal2> hermes did you go to college?
<hermes> if you are not interested just leave
<mattmtl> :)
<mattmtl> Alright I think Jammal needs to be kicked out
<Sandcastle> yeah
<aura_cat> yes
<Infinity545> ...
<jammal2> i think you are ridiculous
<jammal2> i am trying to ask hermes something
<mattmtl> ok let us continue the topic
<jammal2> the OBE
<Sandcastle> u are also insulting him jamal
<mattmtl> and ignore him
<Sandcastle> ok
<mattmtl> or use /kick command
<jammal2> i've tried the OBE
<Infinity545> i don't think jammal should be kicked
<jammal2> and been successful
<mattmtl> well so am I
<jammal2> but what does it offer to us
<mattmtl> unlimited access to knowledge
<jammal2> and how can you distinguished what is real
<mattmtl> explore
<jammal2> how do you know that knowledge is real
<hermes> how many OBE have you had?
<mattmtl> & bring back new things that your mind ignore and then share
<jammal2> i have had 5
<jammal2> 2 by mistake, 3 on purpose
<Infinity545> i have had 0
<hermes> well , you need much more
<hermes> like one every week for a year
<jammal2> yes but can you please tell me the purpose of these OBE
<mattmtl> For me OBE is a way to access knowledge
<Sandcastle> ask your guide jamal
<jammal2> and why not everyone can do them
<mattmtl> about spiritual topics
<jammal2> I didn't have a Guide
<mattmtl> I go there to be guided
<hermes> an OBE is you conscious mind staying alert when it is out of the body, as it does so during sleep
<jammal2> yes i've had that
<jammal2> its hard to maintain
<hermes> in an OBE you actually remember what goes on
<hermes> everyone OBE's
<jammal2> I do
<hermes> they just do not remember it
<jammal2> yes of course, but
<jammal2> in some sense it isn't reality
<jammal2> and if OBE is so great
<jammal2> then why do we stay awake?"
<mattmtl> what is reality?
<jammal2> okay no need to ask a retarded question matt
<mattmtl> is the physical plane more real than astral plane ?
<hermes> there many levels of OBE
<jammal2> you have no idea what you are talking about matt
<mattmtl> I think you are retarded, in a spiritual way
<Infinity545> I want to hear the answer to jamals question
<mattmtl> retarded but experimenting advanced techniques so you are lost
<Infinity545> why do we stay awake
<jammal2> No
<Sandcastle> this is so sad
<jammal2> you don't make sense matt
<jammal2> i am asking
<jammal2> if
<hermes> when you first start having OBE's you are in the very lowest level of nonphysical reality
<Sandcastle> no one is learning anything and everyone is just fighting
<jammal2> yes hermes.. but The OBE if they are so great
<jammal2> why do we stay awake
<jammal2> if we have more knowledge and reaches in OBE
<mattmtl> can we change the topic ?
<jammal2> in the real state we don't have this power
<hermes> obe's are good but they are not replacements for your physical journey
<Infinity545> no, this interested
<jammal2> why not?
<mattmtl> not really
<jammal2> for example hermes
<jammal2> say
<jammal2> a coma patient
<hermes> because you came here to learn how to be physical
<jammal2> could he forever be in OBE?
<mattmtl> it is just a way for jammal to bring attention by being RUDE
<hermes> to grow as a physical creature
<Infinity545> ohhhhhhhh
<Infinity545> i see
<jammal2> why be physical if we can transcend that?
<mattmtl> yeah you could
<hermes> because you can't
<mattmtl> when you will be more evolved spiritually
<hermes> that is why you are here to transcend it
<mattmtl> then you won't need to go back on physical plane
<mattmtl> or you can also in between lives
<jammal2> yes but the underlying question is
<jammal2> what is the point
<jammal2> i mean
<jammal2> I'm not religious, so i don't believe in the bible
<mattmtl> or in the Koran
<hermes> as you get more advanced you start learning obe, to prepare you for the next kind of existence
<jammal2> but at least catholic's told people what it means to be spiritual..this OBE has been stated no where by any religions
<mattmtl> ah ah
<mattmtl> religions are limited
<jammal2> yeah i know that
<mattmtl> check the history of the bible
<jammal2> but OBE is told to no one
<jammal2> i know
<jammal2> I'm not religious
<mattmtl> and how they decide to remove everything about reincarnation for example
<jammal2> matt i know
<hermes> you actually do not have to be taught obe, you already know how to do it
<mattmtl> because it was too dangerous for people to know
<jammal2> yes i know matt
<jammal2> please matt
<jammal2> i want to talk to hermes
<jammal2> not you
<mattmtl> then send him emails
<Orph> jamal, you could mail you know ;)
<mattmtl> this is a chat
<mattmtl> you are not alone
<Sandcastle> true
<mattmtl> so respect the RULES
<jammal2> but hermes, i understand about the OBE
<jammal2> but
<jammal2> it seems that OBE is a lot better then real life
<mattmtl> and this is not even interesting
<mattmtl> if you had read hermes books
<Infinity545> I am learning something
<mattmtl> you wouldn't ask those questions
<Sandcastle> i agree with matt
<mattmtl> read RC2 and come back here
<Infinity545> it is good to ask questions
<Infinity545> to experiment and know
<jammal2> look, i want to be informed
<Infinity545> rather than believe
<mattmtl> this is a chat for people who at least took the time to read hermes material
<Sandcastle> its good to ask questions but not good to take over the chat room
<mattmtl> I read all his books and played with it
<Infinity545> please
<mattmtl> no
<jammal2> i mean drugs are there ..people feel pleasure right..but not everyone decides to do drugs because they don't want that pleasure
<Infinity545> can we just let jammal speak
<mattmtl> no way
<Infinity545> one person at a time
<mattmtl> I have so many questions to ask
<hermes> in an obe you are in your native environment, so it feels like home. YOu feel connected to the universe because physical sensation does not get in the way.
<Infinity545> and then someone else speaks
<mattmtl> hermes ?
<jammal2> well i mean we are all part of the universe right hermes
<hermes> ok lets have other questions
<jammal2> we are all one
<mattmtl> why are you nice to someone who insulted you in order to get attention?
<Infinity545> I don't et offended
<mattmtl> in real life those people are called energetic vampires
<Infinity545> overpower those people
<mattmtl> this is the technique they use
<jammal2> matt, i think you fail to understand hermes messages
<mattmtl> so that you give them energy
<mattmtl> threats
<mattmtl> bad manners
<jammal2> OBE is good, but its not good to be caught up into everything
<mattmtl> so that you can feed their ego
<jammal2> you must be able to distinguish
<jammal2> and not think of yourself as more knowing
<mattmtl> because they are always lacking energy
<Infinity545> yes its hard to control the ego
<mattmtl> Jammal is a good example of that
<mattmtl> it is not the way to behave in a spiritual chatroom
<Infinity545> what do you think of jammal hermes, I'm just curious
<Infinity545> as to how you view him
<mattmtl> Infinity ?
<Infinity545> I just like to learn
<jammal2> look hermes, you have answered things in a spiritual way, i'm looking for a logical way
<mattmtl> you are falling into the trap too it seems
<Infinity545> I really don't care, right now i am learning
<Infinity545> by how I respond and so on
<jammal2> i am learning too
<hermes> logic and the nonphysical plane, yea i wish that was true
<mattmtl> study quantum physics then
<Sandcastle> hahahahahaha
<Infinity545> I have learned a lot from the hostilities today
<aura_cat> about the old and young souls... I tend to define them based on the current stage of your evolution process based on the particular world/universe/dimension you are experiencing... how was it defined by you hermes... in brief
<Infinity545> well i may study that
<Infinity545> who knows
<mattmtl> I am a Past Life Regression facilitator
<mattmtl> I meet old souls a lot
<Infinity545> what?
<jammal2> wonderful
<jammal2> in other words, you are crazy.
<mattmtl> I had some neanderthal period regressions last week for example
<aura_cat> oh that is great, I have been reading a bit about that matt, particularly Micheal Newton books
<aura_cat> do you know him
<Infinity545> matt this is a good time where you can learn how to deal with people like jamal
<mattmtl> no jammal, in other words they may be crazy I am just facilitating
<Sandcastle> hahahaha
<hermes> an old soul just has been around longer so they know how things work better
<mattmtl> I know how to deal with them
<mattmtl> ignore them
<aura_cat> oh well, I give up I tried to help change the conversation
<Infinity545> look I don't know if I think I know or if I don't
<mattmtl> those people, like Jammal, live in a limited reality
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<hermes> younger souls make more mistakes but also can make more breakthroughs because they are not as regimented
<Infinity545> all I know contardictly is to learn
<jammal2> yup matt because you are SO correct
<aura_cat> ah
<jammal2> those who believe they are enlightened, are enlightened, remember that
<jammal2> so you cant judge someone
<jammal2> you don't know
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<Infinity545> ...
<aura_cat> so a young soul can really benefit at this time in the earth realm since energies are changing
<kickjammal2> yep
<jammal2> energies are constant
<hermes> those who believe they are better than others have not learned any of the spiritual lessons
<aura_cat> do you think there are many younger souls here today or older in general
<kickjammal2> good question
<hermes> i think there are more medium souls
<hermes> few new souls
<hermes> and few old souls
<kickjammal2> there is a book about the level of the earth
<kickjammal2> as for general soul evolution
<kickjammal2> I am trying to find it 2mn
<hermes> i think it is hard for a new soul to come to this earth at this time. it is very advanced
<Infinity545> well I got to go guys
<Infinity545> see you all later
<Orph> see you later
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<jammal2> hermes, thanks, matt grow up
<kickjammal2> Power vs Force by David R Howkins
<kickjammal2> it is in the section of Applied Kinesiology
<aura_cat> do you know if by chance that there are some souls coming here to help the evolution of consciousness perhaps, because sometimes I think the world is perfect as it is for our learning and other times I am concerned with its improvement
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<kickjammal2> the guy use a technique and he did interview many people
<kickjammal2> and build a scale of evolution
* kickjammal2 is now known as jammal2
<hermes> if you like palmistry i can tell you a way to know if you are old soul or young soul
<hermes> look at your wrists
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<aura_cat> okay
<hermes> you will see bracelets on them
<jammal2> it is good stupid jammal is out
<hermes> fine lines that go around
<aura_cat> yes
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<hermes> count them
<hermes> a total on both hands now
<hermes> over 5 is old soul
<hermes> 1 to 2 is young soul
<hermes> and middle is 3 to 4 or 5
<hermes> but you get the idea
<hermes> 7 or 8
<hermes> you are ancient
<sandcastle> why is there nothing about palmistry on your website?
<aura_cat> 6 noticeable
<aura_cat> but 4 very hard
<aura_cat> yes
<aura_cat> lol
<aura_cat> that would make me a very old lady indeed
<aura_cat> there have been some things on my mind
<hermes> yea palmistry should be up there a bit
<hermes> one day I may add it
<aura_cat> and I don't know if this fits
<aura_cat> ah
<hermes> when i get back into it again
<aura_cat> ( :
<sandcastle> tell us some palmistry facts please
<sandcastle> there are so many things out there i don't know what to believe
<hermes> well, the palm is your souls record of its journey in this life and the past
<hermes> when you see a new born
<hermes> next time
<hermes> look at its palm
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<hermes> it will change in a month or so
<aura_cat> should the palm be slightly bent to see creasing to count
<hermes> to reflect the new life integrated with the old
<aura_cat> I only ask this to make sure
<hermes> yea you can bend it to see the bracelets
<aura_cat> or should the lines show by color depth
<aura_cat> okay
<aura_cat> then I will have to bend them
<aura_cat> thank you
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<aura_cat> hermes have you every
<aura_cat> when traveling the worlds and dimensions
<aura_cat> seen perhaps the earlier stages of this planet
<hermes> sure
<aura_cat> parallel or even linearly
<hermes> i have seen it when it was all green
<hermes> with nothing but trees
<aura_cat> ( :
<aura_cat> I have wondered about the seeding of this planet
<hermes> the trees were so thick you could not see the sky
<aura_cat> because of a recent vision I had in meditation or well guided meditation
<sandcastle> how beautiful
<aura_cat> wow
<aura_cat> yes
<aura_cat> I have seen something similar
<aura_cat> but one thing I saw
<aura_cat> was questionable to me
<aura_cat> and as started a new expansion in my awareness
<aura_cat> where I have questions
<aura_cat> and I when back linearly
<aura_cat> perhaps this world or parallel
<aura_cat> not certain
<aura_cat> just went back into time
<aura_cat> at different points as it was guided, I saw different things
<aura_cat> but far back
<aura_cat> I saw human beings
<aura_cat> giant
<aura_cat> with like a clearish blue tinted skin
<hermes> yes that is the first race, the dream walkers
<aura_cat> and seemingly advanced
<aura_cat> that you so much
<aura_cat> thank you
<aura_cat> they said to me
<aura_cat> well
<aura_cat> when I asked
<hermes> they lived in the physical plane
<aura_cat> it was strange
<aura_cat> okay
<hermes> but to them it was a dream
<aura_cat> they seemed aware of my presence
<hermes> they were not yet physical enough
<aura_cat> but
<aura_cat> okay
<aura_cat> because
<hermes> they had physical bodies
<aura_cat> I was wondering if they seeded the planet
<aura_cat> yes they did
<hermes> but the mind was not yet perfect to focus the individual on the planet
<hermes> wholly
<aura_cat> okay
<aura_cat> how do you define this kind of vision with all the talks concerning seeding of this planet
<aura_cat> how do you advise I digest this
<aura_cat> it doesn't trouble me
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<aura_cat> it is just a curious thing
<Orph> hi there :)
<aura_cat> and it may help with my growth
<hermes> we are descendents of the atlantis beings that evolved in another galaxy.The dreamwalkers were here before the atlantis seeded the planet
<aura_cat> did the dreamwalkers play a role in our development somehow whether they even projected ideas to us ... or so
<hermes> the dreamwalkers helped to stabilize the earth so that it could support higher consciousness
<aura_cat> do you think they play a role with us today somehow to help sustain our world
<hermes> their dna is not directly related to ours
<hermes> but their energy did help to make it easier for us to incarnate
<aura_cat> what you say seems to fit my experience, it is a nice validation
<hermes> i am sure they do still help the planet
<aura_cat> I channeled a bit concerning these beings
<aura_cat> I think somehow they might
<hermes> this is a very special place that you just can't get enough of, even when you have moved on
<aura_cat> yes, indeed
<aura_cat> I didn't think they could detach from it completely
<aura_cat> I felt they might have interest in our planetary evolution
<aura_cat> and help in some small way
<aura_cat> another question
<hermes> many of them are ascended masters now I am sure
<karuna> hermes, how do you define Reiki ?
<aura_cat> yes
<aura_cat> thi think so
<hermes> reiki is you using your energy to heal another person
<karuna> my energy ? are you sure ? seems to me this is external
<hermes> you impart your vibration on the patient and that brings them to a better health state by displacing the illness.
<hermes> well
<hermes> you are not alone when you heal
<hermes> you connect to the earth
<hermes> and use it as a power base
<hermes> and of course many reiki people have nonphysical healers that help them
<karuna> yep I think so but I thought Reiki energy was chi, and I think Chi goes from chakra 7 to chakra 4
<karuna> not from the earth, doesn't come from earth chakra and feet
<hermes> i just call chi and reiki energy. It is all energy
<hermes> che=chi
<hermes> it comes from various chakra
<hermes> chi is more physical
<karuna> it is interesting to feel the nuances in various energy forms
<hermes> reiki is higher in vibration because the heart chakra is used
<hermes> to transmute the energy to a finer level
<aura_cat> the Atlantean there are some writing that say some achieve immortality, do you think there could possibly be immortals who walk the earth, perhaps using a light body... my last question so others have time with you
<hermes> yes karuna it is. Amazing to have all these graduations of energy
<aura_cat> wal = walk
<hermes> when you ascend, your physical body is replaced with your light body. When this happens you can rematerialize the physical body at any time. there is no more need for reincarnation
<hermes> the atlantis civilization was long ago, so it stands to reason that most of those people have ascended
<aura_cat> do you think any of these ascended souls inhabit the earth at this time or do you think all have left and work with us from a very ethereal existence
<hermes> i think they are here but in secret, but not many
<aura_cat> I think so as well
<hermes> i think the many work from the nonphysical side more
<Orph> hermes, may I ask a question? :)
<hermes> sure Orph, go ahead
<aura_cat> but I respect all that you say and this is why I ask you, I have high regards for you
<Orph> I was wondering why most people have this fear for spiders. There are many things immensely more dangerous, but the spider seems to trigger something... any thoughts?
<hermes> I could not say Orph
<hermes> its a good question
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<hermes> but i do not really know
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<Orph> too bad
<hermes> something in the genetic memory from long ago
<Orph> I meet spiders in dreams often,
<Orph> I think they bring a lesson but...
<aura_cat> I know that spiders can be a spiritual representation but I would have to research that exactly
<Orph> they usually end up smacked
<hermes> spiders are good in that they do eat the bad bugs
<sandcastle> i've heard that spiders have to do with future and fate
<hermes> so while they may be a bit scary, they do serve a good function at times
<Orph> their energy in dreams is very... green, I feel it connects to the heart
<hermes> what have you heard sandcastle
<Orph> but then, legends mention the spider weaving language and cool stuff like that ^^
<sandcastle> and its the feeling that a spider sparks within you at that moment that guides you
<hermes> i always liked them myself, but of course one in bed with me, I be the one to get out
<sandcastle> to whatever you are supposed to be guided to
<Orph> *nods
<aura_cat> lol
<Orph> what would you say about giant green spiders, as a dream symbol?
<aura_cat> I ask friends to remove them from my place to avoid killing them
<hermes> are they scary spiders in this dream
<sandcastle> i think with animals, its what each animal represents to you is what is important and when some animal shows up, that part of you or your life needs attention
<Orph> the spiders in my dreams are often very nice, sometimes they even speak ^^ but I am scared unfortunately
<Orph> I'm not in real life
<Orph> though the dream spiders are huge
<Orph> the size of a hand, a head, a car
<sandcastle> are they threatening you in your dreams?
<hermes> maybe Orph, it is your spirit guides helping you to get over your fear of spiders
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<Orph> in real life, I like spiders, and jumping spiders are just cute ^^
<Orph> but in dreams it seems the the subconscious me doesn't like them that much
<aura_cat> how many years though have you been dreaming of spiders
<Orph> so I wonder, what is there, deep down that makes us jump
<Orph> o, maybe 6 or 7 years, not my whole life, but a long time
<aura_cat> it seems like a guide to me
<aura_cat> taking that form
<aura_cat> delivering messages to you
<sandcastle> what does the image of a spider mean to you spiritually orph?
<aura_cat> perhaps you should ask them to use a different symbol if you can't pass the fear stage
<hermes> yes i was just typing that
<Orph> spiritually, they seem to be a connection, like they spin a web between things and link them
<aura_cat> and I was just about to ask you what you thought hermes
<Orph> ^^
<Orph> well, I have the same "issue" with snakes, and wolves in dreams
<sandcastle> ah
<Orph> I think they are messages, but in the dream, I'm afraid because it feels so real
<aura_cat> ask for a dove.... okay just kidding
<sandcastle> haha
<Orph> hey, doves can be scary in groups
<aura_cat> a rabbit then
<Orph> every seen monty pythons and the holy grail?
<aura_cat> okay... lol
<Orph> just teasing :P sorry
<sandcastle> :)
<Orph> but basically, animal guides in dreams... if there was a way to not be scared and chase them off...
<sandcastle> i used to be afraid of every animal once...even dogs
<Orph> in dreams?
<sandcastle> and then in my dream i think my guide took an animal form of an eagle and i don't know what happened after that but i was not scared of any animal after that
<Orph> or real life
<hermes> Orph. ask your spirit guides to give you pleasant dreams to over come your fears of these things
<sandcastle> in real life
<Orph> Hermes, what if they are just a very specific energy?
<Orph> like a consciousness I mean
<hermes> could be, but sounds like higher intelligence, like spirit guides
<Orph> *nods
<hermes> i would investigate it more
<hermes> usually
<hermes> if it is spirit guides they will shift form if you ask them
<hermes> just to show you that it is them
<Orph> in the dream, I'm always a part of the experience, it doesn't come to mind to ask questions
<hermes> you do that before you go to sleep
<Orph> I see
<hermes> as you are going to sleep
<hermes> just ask them over and over again to show you a different form
<hermes> as you go off to sleep
<electra696> nice to meet you all - i need to get to work but need some sleep first LOL! Bye!
<hermes> good night electra
<Orph> Bye, see you later :)
<aura_cat> bye bye
<electra696> bye
<sandcastle> bye
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<aura_cat> bye sandcastle
<sandcastle> oh i was saying bye to electra
<sandcastle> haha
<aura_cat> oh
<aura_cat> hee hee
<sandcastle> haha
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<Orph> I would ask more of dreams if nobody else has questions?
<sandcastle> go ahead orph
<Orph> ok :)
<Orph> what do you think trains usually represent?
<hermes> transition from one place to another, from one part of life to another
<Orph> what about missing the train then?
<hermes> i guess you will not be changing anytime soon
<Orph> the thing is, I take a train to work daily, so I wonder how much a symbol it is, or how much I relive the day
<hermes> this is true
<hermes> still either way a train gets you from one place to another
<hermes> in a dream it is saying the same thing
<hermes> usually
<hermes> i have a whole mess of train dreams for a month or so
<hermes> then it goes away for awhile
<hermes> then my life changes after that
<aura_cat> :)
<Orph> strangely, I have the same thing, only the period is a few months, and the change comes much later
<hermes> there you go
<aura_cat> now I will think of my train dreams when they come
<aura_cat> but I have been in train accidents
<Orph> just a different rhythm?
<aura_cat> and died in some
<Orph> ay
<aura_cat> and watched the death of myself and others on the train
<hermes> aura: what about past life?
<aura_cat> so that must mean serious resistance to change
<aura_cat> well
<aura_cat> I have died twice in dreams
<hermes> was it a new train or old
<aura_cat> so real I wake crying
<aura_cat> it was a new train
<hermes> then
<hermes> it is a warning
<aura_cat> and I knew the accident was coming
<aura_cat> before it came
<aura_cat> I wanted to get off
<hermes> from your spirit guides
<aura_cat> and save the lives of others
<hermes> that your life needs fixing fast
<aura_cat> and couldn't
<aura_cat> then I was floating
<aura_cat> interesting
<aura_cat> that dream was at a time of huge complexities in my life
<aura_cat> but I think I did change it for the better because I don't dream of trains often these days
<aura_cat> but one dream
<aura_cat> the other of death
<aura_cat> was definitely in the past
<aura_cat> and bothered me so much
<aura_cat> I wrote a novel about it
<aura_cat> the novel is complete
<aura_cat> and I haven't sent it to a publisher yet
<hermes> wow nice work
<Orph> :D
<aura_cat> I had to fix what happened to me
<aura_cat> it was a murder
<aura_cat> I was murdered carrying a child and so was my lover
<aura_cat> now perhaps that is a past life
<hermes> could be
<hermes> has the sound of it
<aura_cat> I woke sweating and crying and then started a novel that took 7 years to write
<hermes> yea i say that is major stuff
<aura_cat> ah well
<aura_cat> :) life is interesting
<hermes> but it sounds like you processed it right
<hermes> the writing helped you to put it away
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<aura_cat> well, I did, but for some reason I just wonder from time to time about that soul
<aura_cat> for a long time I felt he was so real, that something was missing
<aura_cat> I am not an advocate of twin soul thinking
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<aura_cat> since I feel those relationships are to bring you into higher awareness
<aura_cat> when you are ready for them, I am not gonna be romantic about it
<aura_cat> what do you think of twins and such
<aura_cat> I know you mentioned something once
<aura_cat> in another chat
<aura_cat> about someone special
<aura_cat> but it is vague to me
<hermes> past life relationships can seem more powerful than they really are
<hermes> because the bond spans across time
<hermes> it seems a bit stronger more like twin souls or soulmates
<hermes> but it does not have to be
<hermes> just this energy remains
<hermes> it is caught between lives
<aura_cat> ah
<aura_cat> can it be invoked again or somehow transferred into the next life
<aura_cat> perhaps through a soul agreement
<hermes> sure
<hermes> but i think it is always best to put the past away
<hermes> in the past
<hermes> and let the present be what it is
<Orph> even memories of simple things like foods and places always carry more charge then the real thing, when you focus on them
<aura_cat> okay
<hermes> that is true Orph
<hermes> you get the idea now
<hermes> how this energy gets trapped
<aura_cat> and when you focus on them you deal with the present reality...
<hermes> and seems more powerful than the original event
<Orph> in the present your focus is never as strong
<Orph> in a memory you leave other details out
<hermes> Orph it can be
<hermes> but most people do not operate on that level
<hermes> level^
<aura_cat> I think what you focus on is a major point of your existence
<aura_cat> on of many
<aura_cat> one*
<aura_cat> it is a difficult level for me to operate on
<aura_cat> I have to stay conscious of how I create through my point of focus
<aura_cat> hermes, do you think you have done well in this area
<aura_cat> I know you write on it
<aura_cat> I have the first book
<aura_cat> but have you done well with this in your own application
<aura_cat> cause some say you can master this process and masters probably do
<aura_cat> but seems like so much work involved
<hermes> sure, i can really focus well on the present
<aura_cat> how do you stay positive in your creations thought wise
<hermes> it is lots of work
<hermes> it is not easy at times to stay positive
<hermes> but I remember what it was like before
<hermes> and that pushes me forward, not to lapse backward
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<hermes> life was a mess, chaotic, full of doubt, fear
<aura_cat> is it something that can be taught, or do you think I will have to reach another level of consciousness to really soar with this
<hermes> i think you are learning it now
<aura_cat> yes, I am leaving that sort of this in the past year
<hermes> you have to experience it to make it your own
<aura_cat> I am trying
<hermes> the book guides you
<aura_cat> but sometimes I feel like I am failing
<aura_cat> not progressing
<aura_cat> then I have to get that book back, it is leant out
<hermes> i found at the start this vacillation back and forth
<hermes> you have progress
<hermes> than take steps backward
<hermes> then move forward again
<aura_cat> :)
<aura_cat> yes that is true
<hermes> you are tempering the metal so to speak
<aura_cat> I would like to be more persistent, and guides well, they try to help... true
<hermes> you can only temper it so much before it breaks
<aura_cat> I get pig headed about it
<hermes> then you have to rest
<hermes> rest
<aura_cat> okay
<hermes> take stock and then try again to move the metal further
<aura_cat> I feel like enlisting a friend to help me
<aura_cat> someone who knows me well
<aura_cat> to catch me
<aura_cat> but I know I have to work at it
<aura_cat> maybe alone somewhat
<Orph> why does it take an effort to stay positive though? It is extremely useful, so you'd say people would naturally do it rather then not.
<hermes> the problem is the rest of the world is not positive
<aura_cat> yes
<hermes> so you have to fight the inertia to go forward
<aura_cat> I am affected I feel by that
<hermes> you have to not only be positive yourself but you have to do so in the face of a reality that says otherwise
<aura_cat> I have gotten emotional at times wanting positive progression in the world
<Orph> but why is it naturally hard to be good, be nice, stay positive, be generous, open trusting etc.
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<aura_cat> it seems that there would be struggle because of the conflicting energies
<sandcastle> yeah it is very difficult to stay positive when all seems lost
<sandcastle> but it is not impossible
<aura_cat> I am sensitive to energies around me
<hermes> Well Orph we are children learning to walk, as far as our consciousness goes.
<aura_cat> and I have to block not to be affected
<Orph> yea, sensitivity...
<Orph> I can say boo and the negative thoughts run off, but why do we need to make the effort
<aura_cat> well I am sensitive because I want to experience the world in a way that is not separate
<Orph> I guess that is the answer ^^
<aura_cat> so as hermes suggested
<hermes> the effort is there because you have not broken the pattern from the past
<aura_cat> I will have to push a little bit forward at a time
<aura_cat> that seems true
<aura_cat> there was a past way of doing things
<aura_cat> I have been looking at my cycles
<aura_cat> and seeing what is unhealthy to purge
<aura_cat> this is like having to create a new me
<hermes> if you family you can see this real easy. When you are in their presence your old patterns energy
<aura_cat> and it is hard to leave the old me completely behind I suppose
<Orph> Hermes, do you think the progress goes in steps, where first you become generally positive emotionally, and only after then you become generally positive with thoughts?
<aura_cat> yes, so I had to move across the ocean to space myself from them
<hermes> you will one day leave these patterns behind
<hermes> and move on to the new ones forever
<hermes> then it gets easier
<aura_cat> thank you for the positive words, they help
<aura_cat> you see, I have a friend
<aura_cat> it is so much easier for him
<aura_cat> but I don't know if he grasps why it is harder for me
<aura_cat> maybe he will come to understand as I make efforts to improve
<hermes> Orph, everyone purifies their being differently, some do it first with thoughts then emotions, others the other way around
<hermes> it depends on your strong traits
<Orph> *nods
<Orph> ok
<aura_cat> but the good thing is that at least we can attract people in our lives to help us out a bit
<aura_cat> like good friends
<hermes> yes, like minded people are pulled together
<hermes> so as you change so will your circle of people around you
<aura_cat> this has definitely happened
<aura_cat> it's all good
<sandcastle> hmm that can be true for some cases
<aura_cat> some people say their friends haven't changed much
<sandcastle> for me, i feel like i drove many people away because i was evolving and they were not
<aura_cat> but then I have found that is because they still hold a lot in common with those friends
<aura_cat> so they just pick up new friends
<hermes> that does happen sandcastle,
<aura_cat> to represent the new energies
<Orph> that sounds familiar :)
<Orph> sandcastle, part of getting to the new is about letting go of the old
<hermes> driving friends away as you change is more normality than keeping them
<aura_cat> I lost a few friends
<aura_cat> even a ex husband during my change, so it really depends
<Orph> but the new friends always seem to fall into familiar positions
<aura_cat> but I have found the change is good
<Orph> like a change of guard
<aura_cat> it brings something new
<aura_cat> none of my new friend did
<aura_cat> not a single one
<aura_cat> is like the old
<Orph> at all?
<aura_cat> that I now am not close to
<aura_cat> no
<aura_cat> my best friend
<aura_cat> though
<aura_cat> is family
<aura_cat> so she doesn't count
<aura_cat> but I lost many friends
<aura_cat> none are like the ones I have today
<Orph> have you kept your closest friends?
<aura_cat> just one
<aura_cat> really
<aura_cat> the rest I don't have much in common with
<aura_cat> we didn't argue or anything
<aura_cat> just slowly drifted apart
<aura_cat> all my new friends that came after my change in the last 3 years
<aura_cat> are my closets friends today
<aura_cat> and there are many of those
<aura_cat> it is wonderful
<aura_cat> there or more friends now that before
<aura_cat> and they are real friends
<aura_cat> loving and supportive
<Orph> I found in my case that there are these seats to be filled so to speak, and they are filled by new people as I go along.
<aura_cat> perhaps you have expectations
<aura_cat> so it is that way for you
<aura_cat> perhaps you see value added to your life this way
<Orph> perhaps ^^
<Orph> Hermes, have you ever noticed a pattern of any sort or none?
<hermes> yea, all the old friends went
<hermes> then some new ones came
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<Orph> was the energy that they brought all different, or familiar though?
<aura_cat> perhaps
<hermes> a few remain, but that is all I need is a few good souls
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<aura_cat> a persons energy has not shifted enough to change friends so quickly and dramatically as it was with me
<Orph> *kicked a wrong button there
<hermes> Orph, as I changed so did my friends, even my jobs
<aura_cat> lol
<aura_cat> so did mine
<aura_cat> I have no job now
<aura_cat> ah well
<aura_cat> but soon will have one
<aura_cat> I left my company with my change
<aura_cat> well that was what that train must have been about
<hermes> there you go, you figured it out
<aura_cat> hee hee
<Orph> o, Hermes, one more question on dreams symbols please ( :
<hermes> sure, then we will call it a night
<Orph> ok
<aura_cat> ok
<Orph> I often get chased by the cops in dreams
<hermes> spirit guides
<Orph> but why would they? ^^
<hermes> they are trying to get your attention, but you fear them, so you run
<aura_cat> sounds like the spider thing in a different form
<Orph> now that you mention it
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<aura_cat> hermes, it was a pleasure
<aura_cat> light to you and goodnight
<Orph> it sure was :)
<aura_cat> goodnight to all
<sandcastle> thank you
<sandcastle> goodnight'
<Orph> goodnight
<Orph> *waves
<aura_cat> bye bye
<sandcastle> bye bye
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<hermes> ok then time to go
<hermes> thanks attuned and gamble
<hermes> and iris
<hermes> be back in two weeks
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Session Close: Thu May 17 19:13:45 2007

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