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May 10, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu May 10 16:47:49 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.'
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(03:41:16) iris [] entered the room.
(03:41:32) electra555: Hello Iris
(03:41:43) electra555: Nice to see you here - welcome
(03:41:52) iris: Hello everyone!
(03:42:08) electra555: Iris - before you begin
(03:42:28) Gamble: Greetings
(03:42:29) electra555: Can we talk very briefly about your plans for the meditation sessions and the intro talk
(03:42:36) attuned: hi Iris
(03:42:44) chumong: hi iris
(03:42:57) iris: what a nice group we have today!
(03:44:00) iris: I am open to your ideas but I will share what we did in the past
(03:44:09) electra555: yes - please do
(03:44:35) iris: As part of the workshop we would put aside about 15 minutes to meditate
(03:44:43) electra555: the introductory talk you suggested earlier would be a very good thing I feel
(03:45:06) electra555: it woudl be great to have meditation as part of the workshop - I woudl really like that
(03:45:18) electra555: how about everyone else?
(03:45:32) chumong: i love meditation
(03:45:54) iris: what do you mean how about everyone else?
(03:46:35) electra555: well I would like everyone to say what they feel about this - often ppl won't say
(03:46:54) iris: oh, yes, of course!
(03:47:07) electra555: sometimes I feel there are too many silences in the workshops
(03:47:18) iris: this would have to be something everyone wanted to try
(03:47:22) electra555: often it's because ppl are not used to this kind of chatroom
(03:47:44) electra555: and I would like to encourage everyone to speak up
(03:47:53) electra555: and keep quiet myself LOL!
(03:48:07) attuned: :)
(03:48:28) chumong: :-D
(03:48:31) attuned: well I like the idea workshops starting with meditation
(03:49:02) iris: well this is how we can work it
(03:49:55) iris: once we are here, one by one we just say we are going - then for about 15 minutes we meditate.
(03:50:47) iris: when we come back each one can share the experience if they want to
<iris> If you are not used to meditating, I'll go through a few things first
<electra555> I would like that - yes please
<iris> It was interesting to see how many shared experiences we had as we did this each week
<iris> Meditating is so important for many reasons
<iris> when we meditate, we let go of this physical reality for a little time
<iris> it gives us a chance to look inward without distraction
<iris> through meditation we raise our vibrational energy
<iris> it's a chance to rid ourselves of negative energy and absorb pure, positive energy
<electra555> Iris - could you explain where the pure positive energy comes from please
<iris> I suppose that interpretation depends on your belief system
<electra555> well from the Reality Creator perspective woudl suit me
<iris> some people would call it "God" energy or the energy of the universe or "all that is"
<iris> or our own divine energy
<iris> first you have to believe we exist beyond the physical plane
<Radiant> why?
<iris> and that we are energy
<Radiant> but you either are or not, believing it shouldn't matter\
<iris> are, or are not energy?
<Radiant> yes
<Radiant> you made it sound like believing it was the prerequisite for being it
<iris> oh no
<iris> we are energy - even science confirms it
<iris> but some people have a difficult time with that concept
<Radiant> i can't imagine why, if you weren't energy you wouldn't live
<iris> then you are not open to experience it
<Radiant> what aspect of it would one experience just by believing you were energy?
<iris> of course, but energy to power a physical body is one thing - energy to define your essence is another
<Radiant> what does that mean, define your essence?
<iris> what makes us who and what we are
<electra555> so in essence what you are saying is that a set of positive affirmations concerning the pure, positive, divine energy is very helpful to begin a meditation session
<iris> yes
<electra555> it sounded as though you were listing these, albeit informally
<iris> well, I was getting to a suggestion regarding how to go about meditating
<iris> so that was a little background
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<chumong> hi smiley
<iris> first find a quiet place with minimal distraction
<iris> hi smiley
<smiley713> hello all
<iris> we're discussing a possible group meditation
<smiley713> group meditation is good
<iris> try to quiet your mind - that's not easy because words are always running through our minds
<smiley713> I know
<iris> visualize yourself in a safe bubble of energy
<smiley713> we are doing the meditation now?
<iris> not yet - people asked for a little intro
<smiley713> ahhh
<iris> as to the how and why
<smiley713> I know how to do
<smiley713> I'm a reiki master/teacher
<smiley713> I meditate everyday
<iris> great!
<iris> we can use your input
<smiley713> ok, I was invited here
<iris> glad you could join us
<iris> back to the bubble -
<iris> then ask your spirit guides to keep out all negative energy and fill your bubble with light and love, or positive energy
<iris> try to visualize energyswirling around your circle
<iris> some people visualize it entering from above - through your head and through your chakras
<iris> some feel it enter through the solar plexas work up and around and through you
<iris> so negative energy out positive energy in
<iris> then quiet your mind
<iris> some people try to visualize a peaceful place
<iris> some try to feel the energy rising so you feel lighter and lighter
<iris> this is all the fun and experiementing to see what works for you
<iris> then just let yourself go with it - you may see, feel, smell things - or not
<iris> just let yourself go with the experience
<electra555> how about breathing?
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<iris> at the end of the meditation, I always send off any excess energy to someone or to do some good
<smiley713> a good idea is sending to mother earth
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<iris> some people focus on their breathing and have breathing exerises to help them
<iris> focus
<iris> just don't focus on the breathing so much that you miss the meditation experience
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<iris> anyone have other suggestions?
<iris> questions?
<iris> do you want to try?
<electra555> I found the last comment very interesting
<electra555> Yes - would like to try
<iris> on the breathing?
<electra555> yes - the comment suggests how important balance is in meditation
<electra555> to be just focused enough but not too intense on one thing
<iris> well, that's why I like to leave it open - it should be fun - not work !
<Radiant> but there are meditation techniques where you do focus on one thing
<iris> yes - focus to settle your mind
<electra555> yes - but I find this approach very interesting
<electra555> the idea of letting go in a controlled way
<iris> also when you are comfortable with meditating you will focus to direct your meditation for specific purposes
<iris> yes, meditating is letting go
<iris> so don't restrict it too much
<iris> so whoever wants to try it now find a comfortable space not too far from the computer
<iris> where you can sit for about 15 minutes uninterrupted
<iris> then one by one we will say we are going but don't sign off
<iris> then sit - visualize the bubble of energy - keep out the negative and draw in the positive, relax, quiet your mind
<iris> experience it
<iris> when you are done send off the exces energy
<iris> come back to the computer and tell us you are back
<iris> that's it
<electra555> ok - I'm going now
<iris> good!
<iris> anyone else?
<attuned> me
<iris> light and peace go with you both!
<iris> if no one else is joining, we'll meet back here in 15 minutes
<iris> feel free to join the meditation at any point
<iris> if there are no questions, I'll be back in 15 minutes
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<iris> I am back
<electra555> I am back as well
<iris> Hi! Welcome!
<electra555> That is a completely different experience for me
<electra555> I have never used a technique like that
<iris> did you like it?
<electra555> Yes - it was very different to what I am used to
<iris> well, if you want, while we wait for
<iris> attuned to return
<iris> you can share a little bit about what you were used to
<electra555> I used to focus much more on the breath as an anchor
<iris> many meditation techniques do
<electra555> but recently I find that has not been giving me the results that I would wish for like being able to focus and be at peace
<electra555> this technique enable me to get the depth I ahve been looking for
<electra555> It's like finding an extra piece of a puzzle
<iris> I am so happy for you!
<electra555> it has also helped me to understand some of the inner sensations i had previously but wasn't able to relate to
<electra555> this is a more personal approach#
<electra555> I think it's because of relating to the light in thsi way and also by bringing in teh spirit guides
<electra555> I had never done that in a meditation before
<electra555> I think this has brought in the extra elements that I needed for my meditation
<electra555> I definitely think we need to do this together every week
<electra555> also I am sure this will people together
<iris> I would love to
<electra555> much better than if we didn't do it
<iris> I agree
<electra555> it's another way in which we can all relate to each other
<iris> yes
<electra555> It also explains why I have had a lot of thoughts about the color green and leaves in the last few weeks
<electra555> It's all very symbolic
<Radiant> and what do you think green is symbolic of?
<electra555> leaves are very spiritual entities
<electra555> well for me it always symbolizes regeneration and vitality and freshness
<Radiant> oh, well I'll have to tell them to get off my lawn then
<iris> for me green represents nature
<iris> healing
<iris> rebirth
<electra555> yes - exactly, yes, rebirth came up in my meditation
<Radiant> I'm definitely rebirthing
<Radiant> this is a change of life for me, things have been too stagnant
<iris> and change is good!
<Radiant> I'm shedding all my past you could say
<electra555> well if you can identify with the leaves on your lawn that will be a good thing
<iris> in my meditation I was in a beautiful green meadow!
<Radiant> I was in a purple palace
<electra555> I was among green hills
<electra555> and there were very fresh spring breezes
<Radiant> with orange light filtering through slightly opaque glass
<Radiant> and in the light I could see a shape, an entity
<Radiant> I think she was a female and she beckoned me to come closer, to join her in the orange light
<iris> orange is expanding power
<iris> or expanding energy I should say
<Radiant> my body started to tingle and I felt almost magnetic
<Radiant> drawn to her, but I started to feel some fear or reservations, it was so strange
<Radiant> do you think it's a portent of some kind?
<iris> and normal
<Radiant> so is this woman my spirit guide or is she just enthralled with me?
<iris> probably your spirit guide
<Radiant> what do you think she's guiding me to do?
<Radiant> I mean she never told me, i wasn't aware of anything but the image of her
<iris> helping you take the next step
<Radiant> to where?
<Radiant> to join her for eternity?
<iris> there areno words usually - you just know
<Radiant> maybe she's a demon
<iris> no take the next step in your evolution
<iris> did you feel that she was evil?
<iris> she sounds like the Daughter of babylon
<Radiant> well not in a malevolent way, but I didn't get the impression she was Jesus
<iris> yes - pulling you up through the levels of reality
<Radiant> maybe she just wants to have fun with me, taunt me, tease me
<iris> it is a good thing!
<Radiant> a mischeivous type spirit
<iris> no she is not teasing or taunting
<iris> not mischeivous
<Radiant> well what then
<Radiant> you seem to know the daughter of babylon, so what is she up to with me?
<iris> go to aethyrs - lea in the wisdoms door library
<iris> she is there to help you
<Radiant> good
<iris> she seems seductive but the spiritual journey is alluring
<Radiant> yes she's very seductive for sure
<iris> you mentioned you were stagnating. She is there to help you move on to the next level
<iris> purple is transformation
<Radiant> I'm open to her then and will commune with her some more and see where I end up
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<iris> and so it should be
<attuned> (got disconnected)
<iris> you will meet these beings in meditation. They are there to help you
<iris> be open to her - the journey is wonderful!
<Radiant> what if I start to obsess over her?
<iris> you won't
<iris> she will be there for as long as you need her
<iris> then someone else will replace her
<iris> they come to us to help and teach
<iris> this was a good experience
<Radiant> is it over?
<iris> well, I was hoping attuned would come back before we ended
<iris> I will have to go in a few minutes
<Radiant> as will I
<electra555> i guess our discussion on the collective unconscious will have to wait until another time
<iris> ah, yes!
<Radiant> is the collective unconsious similar to the astral plane?
<iris> hopefully there will be many more workshop hours for our discusiions
<electra555> I was hoping that you would be around for that to give us some direction in the discussion
<iris> are you continuing that topic next week?
<electra555> well it all started last week as a pre workshop discussion
<electra555> then we decided to carry it on after this workshop
<electra555> but I think everyone has probably had enough now
<electra555> perhaps we could integrate it into your next worksho[
<electra555> if you are happy with that suggestion
<iris> I think we had a great experience here today
<electra555> agreed
<iris> I would like to integrate it into the next workshop
<electra555> well that would be really helpful
<electra555> much better than if we tried to do it ourselves without any guidance
<iris> since we had such a positive meditation experience it would be nice to end with that
<iris> yes, now try the meditation again this way
<iris> during the week. Some meditations are more vivid than others - but all are important
<iris> You know you can ask for help at any time
<electra555> yes, thank you Iris
<iris> Thank you for meditating and sharing your experience with us
<electra555> thank you for sharing your wisdom and helping us all today
<iris> we help one another - that's what it is all about!
<electra555> agreed!
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<iris> so, until the next time - go in peace, with light and love!
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<electra555> light and love!
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