destiny; love and the universe; time-shifting in dreams; talking to angels; twin flames and soulmates; relationships; remembering past lives; good and bad spirits; animal forms; angels and spirit guides, what is the difference; the training centers in Tiphareth
May 03, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu May 03 17:21:24 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<hermes> ok I am late
<hermes> very late
<SandCastle> hi!
<hermes> hi sandcastle
<attuned> better late than never
<SandCastle> are you hermes?
<hermes> yes i am
<SandCastle> :)
<hermes> did i miss anyone
<hermes> earlier
<SandCastle> electra
<hermes> darn
<hermes> oh well
<hermes> best to get my memory fixed
<SandCastle> Actually i always miss the chat because of timing
<SandCastle> but this time it turned out okay that i am late
<hermes> well good then
<SandCastle> So what will we talk about today?
<hermes> anything you want, being you are here
<SandCastle> Well i asked a question earlier, i'll ask that again
<hermes> sure
<SandCastle> Does Destiny have a meaning anymore, being able to create my own reality and whatever i want in it...
<hermes> you have a plan laid out ahead of time, before incarnation, well at least most people do
<hermes> you rarely come here without some guidelines as to what you want to accomplish
<hermes> however how you accomplish those goals are up to you
<hermes> so you are destined to a point
<hermes> as far as what you have pre laid down before your incarnation
<SandCastle> yes, that is true, the plan before incarnation because i did feel that at some point because certain things in my life showed me a part of that plan
<hermes> that really is the extent of destiny
<SandCastle> so what's beyond that?
<hermes> some people set up certain events to happen at certain times in their lives
<hermes> you can call that destiny. It is really a switch that you set off before you come here, to help propel you forward on your path.
<SandCastle> doesn't the creator have something destined for us?
<hermes> sure, you are here to learn how to co-create with God
<hermes> (Creator)
<hermes> because humankind's destiny is to become master reality creators of the universe
<SandCastle> what happens after that?
<SandCastle> once we become masters
<hermes> then you go on to create in dimensions more complex than physical reality, dimensions that create physical reality and the realties underneath that
<hermes> but there is lots to do here in this physical reality as well, even if you are not physically part of it
<hermes> many nonphysical beings help maintain and create the physical universe as you see it
<hermes> much energy work goes on under the physical hood
<hermes> you could be involved in some of this work
<hermes> after you move off the physical plane
<SandCastle> how does love fit into all this?
<hermes> love is the glue that binds everything together
<hermes> physical and nonphysical molecules bind together because of love
<hermes> great universes come together because of love
<hermes> gravity is part of love
<hermes> gravity pulls things together, love does too
<hermes> the universe constantly tries to remake itself
<hermes> using love
<SandCastle> so is that the reason people are attracted to each other in the first place?
<SandCastle> to create together?
<hermes> yes
<SandCastle> how powerful is that"love" energy?
<SandCastle> on a physical plane
<hermes> very powerful, look how hard people go about looking for it
<hermes> they are completed to it
<hermes> this is because the universe is made up of love
<hermes> it is in everything
<hermes> and as humans we try to mimic the universe
<SandCastle> (woaw...i think i just saw this dream last night...where i was typing to hermes!)
<hermes> so we want to create love in all our structures
<hermes> nice, a bit of time shifting there in the dream state
<SandCastle> what do you mean?
<hermes> in dreams, you can travel forward and backward in time easily
<hermes> so you can actually tune into events that will happen or have happened
<SandCastle> yeah, but i can never do that intentionally
<hermes> i call it time-shifting
<hermes> it usually is confined to about 24 hours
<hermes> but it can go further
<SandCastle> i do that but never consciously
<SandCastle> i have had dreams that have taken me months ahead of my time
<SandCastle> that was weird
<hermes> yea, in the dream state all the mechanics are there to make it happen easily
<SandCastle> weird
<hermes> you can go months and years in dreams
<hermes> forward
<hermes> but I do not consider that time-shifting
<hermes> because when you travel that far into the future, you are really diving into probabilities
<hermes> which may or may not happen
<SandCastle> oh
<hermes> time-shifting is short term and for the most part what you experience in the dream you get to experience physically
<hermes> i suppose it is just a fine point.
<SandCastle> So if you meet someone in you dream, does that mean that you actually met them or you just were in a probability pool
<SandCastle> ?
* electra has joined #energyworks
<electra> hello again!
<SandCastle> hi
<hermes> it depends, but in most dreams when you meet people you do actually meet them
<electra> I emailed Hermes to ask him where he was and he said he was just on how so
<hermes> but not all dreams
<hermes> in some dreams you just construct a likeness of a person and interact with it
<SandCastle> oh
<hermes> i actually find those dreams more rare than the typical one, where you actually do meet the person you dream about
<SandCastle> why?
<hermes> what makes dreams a bit more funky is how they are put together
<SandCastle> hmm
<hermes> dreams come together with the future, past, and present all glued together
<SandCastle> all the time?
<hermes> so you meet someone in a dream but when did you meet them
<hermes> could be the future, or the past,
<hermes> or present
<SandCastle> oh
<hermes> it also could be from another probability
<SandCastle> i get it
<SandCastle> i get it now
<SandCastle> i wish i had known all of that months ago
<hermes> most of the time it is like that
<SandCastle> would have made my life easier
<SandCastle> Can people actually see angels on earth?
<hermes> angels can make themselves visible if there is a need
<SandCastle> but unless they want to be seen you will not be able to see them?
<hermes> that is true
<hermes> angels can also displace normal people for a short time
<hermes> take control
<SandCastle> will they appear if we ask them to appear all the time?
<hermes> do the work then give back control
<SandCastle> what do you mean displace?
<SandCastle> oh
<hermes> they can enter a person's consciousness
<hermes> influence it
<SandCastle> can they displace me, if i ask them to show up?
<hermes> this is something they do only on the need
<SandCastle> and contact me that way?
<hermes> in crisis situations
<hermes> they come in and help and then get out
<SandCastle> oh
<hermes> it is not meant as a mechanism to display power
<SandCastle> what if i want to talk to my angel to figure out things in my life?
<hermes> or ability
<SandCastle> then will they show up
<hermes> talk to them in your dreams, or meditation
<hermes> or just talk to them in your head
<hermes> they will hear you
<hermes> and after awhile you may just hear them back
<SandCastle> how can i be sure that they are listening?
<SandCastle> oh
<SandCastle> but you can never hear them talk english, right?
<SandCastle> it has to be a consciousness communication
<hermes> they will speak any language you understand
<hermes> they use telepathy
<SandCastle> oh
<hermes> at first this communication may be seem to be yourself talking to you
<SandCastle> but the other you just knows all the answer
<hermes> they do not like to invade, so they talk in your own inner voice
<SandCastle> what if i want them to invade?
<hermes> they will not
<hermes> this is how it starts
<hermes> as you get better with talking with your angel, the communications become more separate
<hermes> still they come in your own voice but you start to see the subtle difference
<SandCastle> i see
<hermes> some people are clairvoyant
<hermes> this is not the same
<hermes> in clairvoyant you are like an open radio receiver
<hermes> picking up on whatever spirit happens to whisper in your ear
<hermes> the kind of thing we are talking about
<SandCastle> oh
<hermes> is the intimate one to one communication between you and your angel
<hermes> angel^
<SandCastle> i see
<SandCastle> Hermes, i read on your website about twin souls. is that true at all? that our souls are incomplete?
<hermes> well not sure incomplete is the right word
<SandCastle> hmm
<hermes> the Monad (your OverSoul) breaks up into 144 parts
<SandCastle> then?
<hermes> which it disperses throughout reality
<hermes> two or each of these are twin flames
<hermes> they are cut from the same part of the Monad
<hermes> they are very close in energy makeup
<hermes> when twinflames come together
<hermes> they bring a more pieces of the puzzle to each other
<hermes> and it gives this added feeling of completeness
<hermes> because this extra energy is used to make a stronger connection to the Monad
<SandCastle> oh
<hermes> The Monad is one with the universe
<hermes> it does not feel alone or divided
<hermes> divided^
<hermes> humans want to reach this state of being
<hermes> again
<hermes> and will do so through the evolutionary process
<SandCastle> So then to be complete the final step would be, i assume, to combine with your twin?
<hermes> so you are not incomplete because you are cut from the Monad
<hermes> the idea is to become complete without your twin
<hermes> which is why twin flames rarely come together before this is accomplished
<hermes> if they did, they would block the process to rejoin with the Monad
<SandCastle> oh, do the twins ever meet up before their incarnation?
<hermes> sure
<hermes> there are times when they come together to accomplish some great task
<hermes> then part
<SandCastle> have you known any twins who have done that?
<hermes> historical figures?
<hermes> not sure
<hermes> as far as relationships go there is no real way to tell
<hermes> people will say it is a feeling
<hermes> you just know
<hermes> well sometimes you do and sometimes you don't know
<hermes> lust is easily confused at times with completeness
<hermes> it is the kind of thing that you must experience to know
<SandCastle> have you met your twin soul?
<hermes> no i have not
<hermes> I did meet a soulmate once
<hermes> and that was very intense
<SandCastle> how did you know that they were your soulmate?
<hermes> a soulmate is another soul on the same Monad but not from the same tree branch as you
<SandCastle> yes but how did you know that they were your soulmate
<hermes> well again, it is a feeling unlike any other
<hermes> i have been married and in love
<hermes> and it is not the same
<hermes> the soulmate connection was special
<hermes> intense
<hermes> when you were together
<hermes> your bodies vibrated with this energy
<hermes> that bounced off each other
<hermes> you could feel the molecules jumping for joy in every cell of your body
<SandCastle> :) i bet you cant imagine what it would be like it with your twin soul then
<hermes> when soulmates are together their energy actually heals each other
<hermes> because of the increased connection to the Monad
<hermes> I would assume a twin flame connection would be much more intense
<hermes> it would completely blind a person
<hermes> to anything going on around them
<SandCastle> that gives me hope
<hermes> Physical reality is hard because of the separation
<hermes> you yearn for reconnection to the monad and seek it in your relationships
<hermes> it is a drive that pulls you together to form relationships with others
<hermes> as i said earlier it is an important lesson, love and the universe is built on love
<hermes> but it is not the only lesson
<SandCastle> that's true. But what if there's a need to fill that gap with the unconditional love from god instead?
<hermes> it is important to devote some of your attention to that reconnection to the Monad
<hermes> because once that connection is cemented you will never feel alone again
<hermes> and then you are free to create relationships that are not based on co-dependency
<hermes> at this time, relationships are hard
<hermes> this is because it is a time of cultivating the relationship with spirit
<hermes> so the energy on the earth right now does not fully support the keeping of relationships together
<hermes> I do not mean that it is not possible. I just mean it is much harder today to keep a relationship going than it was 50 years ago
<SandCastle> why?
<hermes> this is meant to make people reconsider these relationships a bit, to get people to realize there is more to life than moving from one relationship to another
<hermes> human kind has forgot that the ultimate reason for his being here is to reconnect with spirit
<hermes> that is the primary lesson at this time
<hermes> so the relationship lesson is not as supported
<SandCastle> ah
<hermes> it is much easier today to cultivate your relationship with spirit because the energy around the planet is helping this
<SandCastle> but what happens to a person who has already united with the higher energy? do they get to leave or something?
<hermes> they can leave if they wish
<hermes> or they can stay to do some work
<hermes> they have much greater freedom because they have learned the lessons needed
<SandCastle> do they get the chance to find their twin soul and soul mates on earth then?
<hermes> they may
<hermes> but they may not
<hermes> it is an individual thing
<SandCastle> why not?
<SandCastle> i thought the whole process was get united with higher energy and during that process we get to unite with soulmates and twin soul
<hermes> because once you unite with the Monad, there is no great need to be with your twin flame
<hermes> you only feel the great need to be with your twin flame because you lack the correct connection to your monad
<SandCastle> oh
<hermes> so you seek your twin flame as a means to complete your process
<hermes> this is natural but it is not the purpose
<SandCastle> i get it
<SandCastle> how can we start to remember our past lives?
<hermes> start with your dreams, before you go to sleep focus on remembering a dream of a past life that is relevant to your current life
<SandCastle> i mean there are certain skills that i realize i already had and that must have something to do with past life but how do i remember?
<hermes> you can also use meditation
<hermes> keep a pad and pen by the bed
<hermes> and before you wake up
<hermes> i mean
<hermes> before you move out of the bed
<hermes> write down what you remember briefly
<hermes> enough so you can recall it later
<hermes> if you get out of the bed before you do this, you may lose the dream memory
<SandCastle> what if i don't remember a dream from my past life? how do i start then?
<hermes> just keep focusing on it before you go to sleep
<hermes> it will happen
<hermes> maybe not today or tomorrow but within a week or two
<hermes> if you are good at remembering your dreams
<SandCastle> how will i know if i see a dream that it is from my past life/
<hermes> well, you will be in the dream, it will be of a different timeframe
<SandCastle> ah
<SandCastle> that's right
<hermes> you may have brothers and sisters and friends, then when you wake up, you say, I do not know these people
<hermes> where did they come from
<SandCastle> true
<hermes> when you dream of a past life you are actually in that life
<hermes> so you experience it as if you were actually there
<hermes> you have memories and feelings. You really can't miss it
<SandCastle> does that mean that i am also going back in time?
<hermes> sure
<hermes> remember dreams have not time boundaries
<hermes> in a dream you move easily backward and forward in time
<hermes> so yes you are moving through time here.
<SandCastle> this is kind of silly but are there "demons" too?
<SandCastle> i had to ask
<hermes> it is a good question
<hermes> just like there are good people and bad people there are good spirits and bad spirits
<hermes> bad spirits are usually bad people without bodies
<hermes> they can be in between incarnations
<SandCastle> i met someone once and they told me how they would astral project and every time they did they would land in some kind of a dimension where they had to fight bad spirits and demons
<SandCastle> that's scary
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<hermes> well, sometimes in out of body states you meet with your fears
<sandcastle> sorry my computer logged my out
<hermes> these get created
<hermes> and you wind up in some kind of battle duking it out with them
<hermes> this is not the same a demon
<sandcastle> ah
<hermes> these guys are projections
<hermes> fears you have taken with you
<hermes> in this case
<hermes> you can banish them
<sandcastle> but could you meet a demon or bad spirit that can try to harm you when you astral project?
<hermes> you just withdraw your focus from them
<hermes> it is possible, but unlikely at the start of learning how to out of body travel. Your spirit guide will keep them away.
<sandcastle> wow, thank you spirit guide
<hermes> usually
<hermes> when you need some kind of demon it is the kind you created yourself
<sandcastle> what about animal spirits? is it true that we all are assigned a certain animal spirit as well?
<hermes> Spirit guides have an animal form
<hermes> as far as the individual, you can have one too if you like
<hermes> just create it
<hermes> perhaps you like cats, so you create your body to be a cat
<hermes> you can do these things in the nonphysical
<hermes> your thoughts create you
<sandcastle> so i will be creating a guide then?
<hermes> spirit guides are trained in using their animal form
<hermes> so that they can better serve
<hermes> as a human you will find it harder to control this aspect of your being
<sandcastle> ah
<hermes> to turn yourself into an animal when nonphysical
<sandcastle> cool
<hermes> you can do it, but it takes great concentration and focus
<sandcastle> is it possible for a master to ascend from earth and become an angel?
<hermes> sure, what is an angel, but a person that is nonphysical
<hermes> there is of course a more strict inturpation of an angel which we are not using today
<hermes> in our discussion
<sandcastle> you said something about angels are trained, who trains them?
<hermes> today we are using angel and sprit guide interchangeably
<sandcastle> ah
<sandcastle> i am confused a little then about angel and spirit guide
<hermes> but the strict definition of an angel is a being who never was physical and never did separate from the Monad
<sandcastle> are they different?
<sandcastle> oh
<hermes> strictly speaking
<hermes> an angel is connected to the creator
<hermes> they and the creator are one
<hermes> they never separated
<hermes> spirit guides can be angels but they do not have to be
<hermes> they can be a person in between life times helping out
<hermes> or an ascended master helping out
<hermes> spirit guides are any being that is in service to the individual
<hermes> the physical individual that is
<sandcastle> ah
<hermes> as far as spirit guide training
<sandcastle> you said before that the angels are trained, who trains them?
<hermes> there are trainers and masters a whole education network that is dedicated to training spirit guides
<sandcastle> really
<hermes> yes
<sandcastle> wow
<hermes> and you can visit these training places in out of body or meditative states
<sandcastle> really
<hermes> they are located in the Tree of Life sphere Tiphareth
<sandcastle> what does it look like?
<hermes> the training centers are located in GIANT pyramids
<hermes> they are so tall you cannot see the tops of them when you stand at the bottom
<hermes> this is in Tiphareth
<hermes> the healing centers are also located there as well
<hermes> some of the classrooms are virtual like
<sandcastle> woaw
<hermes> when you step into a room, it is blank
<hermes> then all of a sudden the room comes alive with some training program
<hermes> and it seems you are in another reality
<hermes> when the training is finished the room empties
<sandcastle> wow
<sandcastle> i want to go there
<hermes> sure, just focus on going there in a dream or meditation
<hermes> same as before with the past life
<sandcastle> oh
<hermes> where your focus is that is where you will go
<sandcastle> i will work on the past lives for now though
<hermes> yes, work on one at a time
<sandcastle> i will
<sandcastle> Thank you so very much
<hermes> your welcome
<sandcastle> Will you have these chats more often?
<hermes> i do hope so
<hermes> Iris will be here next Thursday and hopefully i will be there the next
<sandcastle> i hope so too
<sandcastle> nice
<electra> Thanks for asking some great questions SandCastle!
<sandcastle> Your welcome, you and your website saved me months ago.
<sandcastle> thank you so much
<electra> I enjoyed the session very much - great answers there Hermes!
<sandcastle> i have to go now, so have a great rest of the day!
<sandcastle> :)
<electra> Bye
<sandcastle> bye
<hermes> have a good evening
<sandcastle> u too
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<electra> I should go too
<hermes> any other questions, otherwise, I will wrap it up
<electra> In the UK it's past midnight
<electra> no, really that was a lot to think about!
<hermes> ok great then
<electra> a philosopher's dream!
<hermes> I will see everyone in a couple weeks
<electra> ok
<hermes> nice to see you here attuned
<hermes> and Gamble of course as well
<hermes> the silent guardian
<hermes> until next time
<electra> bye hermes
<attuned> bye
<electra> bye attuned
Session Close: Thu May 03 19:00:35 2007

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