Reality Creating and Emotions
April 26, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Apr 26 16:41:08 2007
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. -- workshop on Thursday'
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<attuned> Adam here was looking forward to this workshop, but seems he's not there
<iris254> I was just waiting a few minutes to see if anyone else was coming on
<iris254> do you have something you want to discuss today
<attuned> no..
<iris254> how is your reality creating going?
<attuned> could be better
<iris254> it takes a lot of practice
<attuned> discipline too I guess
<iris254> we create whether we work at it or not. The key is to create what we want and that takes yes, practice and discipline
<iris254> the greatest energy behind reality creating comes from our feelings
<iris254> so that is where we can get messed up
<iris254> because feelings just are
<iris254> fear, for instance, holds great energy
<iris254> when we feel afraid, we actually send out a lot of energy in that direction
<iris254> so we create that which we fear
<attuned> so what to do about a fear?
<iris254> embrace it - experience it - and let it go
<iris254> in other words, we need to overcome our fears to be good reality creators
<iris254> but first we need to recognize them
<attuned> right
<iris254> we do not always realize what we fear
<iris254> Anger is another feeling that sends out great energy
<iris254> carrying these negative emotions with us interfere with what we want to create
<iris254> we send out mixed messages
<iris254> and then what gets created isn't exactly what we set out to do
<iris254> sometimes I think we "think" too much and "feel" too little
<iris254> let's try a little example
<iris254> suppose you drive to work aand one morning you overslept
<iris254> you have an important meeting scheduled that you cannot miss if you want to keep your job
<iris254> driving to work, what do you think? What do you feel?
<iris254> emotions - worry, panic, what if I am late...
<iris254> a lot of energy gets created to make us late that way
<iris254> so we may hit traffic, slow drivers in front of us and the panic increases
<iris254> and we move slower and we create being late
<iris254> those are the messages we send out with the energy
<iris254> if however when we got up late we took a moment to "relax" and visualize being at work on time
<iris254> feel walking into the meeting early - that's what we send out
<iris254> then the universe takes that energy and creates that experience
<iris254> that is part of the discipline you mentioned
<attuned> that was helpful..
<iris254> I always found the unimportant things in my life were a lot easier to create.
<iris254> It took a while to realize that it was because they didn't carry strong negative emotions that would interfere
<attuned> what to do about guilt?
<iris254> if you are aware of why or what caused the feelings of guilt that's one thing
<iris254> if you do not realize you are feeling guilty or you do not know why you feel guilt that is something else
<iris254> the first is easier to handle, but in either case, one needs to embrace it, experience it, and let it go
<iris254> let's try this:
<iris254> when parents split up, children often feel guilty
<iris254> they feel if they had behaved better their parents would not have fought
<iris254> the child grows up and winds up in one bad relationship after another
<iris254> look at the energy here -
<iris254> when they get close to someone the guilt kicks in
<iris254> the negative energy goes out and the relationship is doomed
<iris254> until they can understand that the first relationship - their parents - had nothing to do with them
<iris254> but revisiting negative experiences is painful
<iris254> so we tend to just carry them and all their negative feelings like excess baggage
<iris254> in this case, as an adult, it is easy to see that what happened in the past was not their fault
<iris254> and the person can let it go once they sift through the painful memories.
<iris254> Many times we touch these painful times through meditation
<iris254> and through meditation our guides help us to work through them and let them go so we can move on
<iris254> It is also a safe place to do this since we are protected in meditation
<iris254> Now, suppose the person actually did something to feel guilty about.
<iris254> like taking something that was not theirs
<iris254> or hurting someone
<iris254> the easiest way to get rid of the guilt is to make it right
<iris254> give the item back or apologize to one hurt
<iris254> but we cannot always do that
<iris254> do we carry the guilt forever?
<iris254> so here are a few thoughts:
<iris254> none of us is perfect - if we were we would not be here
<iris254> we all make mistakes. We are here to learn and that means we don't do everything right all of the time
<iris254> When we mess up - admit it - even if it's only to yourself.
<iris254> Ask for guidance to understand what it is we had to learn from the experience
<iris254> let it go - and move on
<iris254> without baggage - then you can truly love the journey!
<iris254> I hope this has helped you in some way
<iris254> We are all great artists creating our masterpieces. Great artists focus on their creations - not aall the mistakes that went before
<iris254> We are masterpieces in progress. Enjoy every stroke of the brush - even if you go over it later!
<iris254> Thank you for reality creating me into your life today
<iris254> Next workshop will be posted
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