The growing Reality Creating Consciousness
April 12, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Apr 12 14:29:11 2007
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<Iris265> Hi - checking that I'm on
<attuned> hi Iris
<Iris265> Hi it's been a while
<Iris265> I'm glad to see you!
<attuned> same here.. you doing any workshops off the net?
<Iris265> no, not much these days
<Iris265> interest seemed to fall off for a while
<attuned> hm. why do you think is that?
<Iris265> it's easy to get caught up in the demands of physical reality
<Iris265> then we forget about the bigger picture and what life is really all about
<Iris265> sometimes I think it's just difficult for people to keep a committment to things that are not tangible
<Iris265> the process is slow and we live in a fast world. When results do not happen right away we can get discouraged
<Iris265> and focus on other things
<Iris265> so we are trying the workshop online once again
<Iris265> perhaps we can be an encouragement to one another on our journeys
<attuned> yes, that would be great
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<tst873> bong
<tst873> good morning attuned
<attuned> hi
<tst873> iik
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<Iris265> attuned, how is everything going with you?
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<tst834> hey attuned
<Iris265> hi tst
<tst834> hi iris
<Iris265> glad you could join us today
<Iris265> hermes said some people have had trouble getting on
<tst834> yes, thats what i'm testing
<tst834> works from finland okay :)
<Iris265> great!
<Iris265> Is there something specific anyone would like to discuss today?
<attuned> seems today you get told about how thoughts create your world from many more sources than years ago
<Iris265> I agree - even in self help books that are not spiritually oriented that point is stressed
<Iris265> people are getting the idea just because they find it works
<Iris265> we are creators
<attuned> also scientists seem to be talking about it more
<Iris265> science works on observation
<Iris265> the scientist tries to explain what they observe
<Iris265> success people are telling us over and over again that you must visualize what you want
<Iris265> and the more it works, the more people ar interested
<Iris265> they don't know why it works - they just know that it does
<Iris265> so it's gaining in popularity
<attuned> yes very much. that's great to see
<Iris265> feelings are the creation fire
<Iris265> so if we feel unsuccessful - we create failure
<Iris265> so it's important to feel as well as think the creation
<Iris265> that's the tough part
<Iris265> and that's what reality creating is all about
<Iris265> I always like to look at small children - they believe they can do anything
<Iris265> as we grow we are told no over and over
<Iris265> we experience failure in the things we do
<Iris265> as we grow we become more focused in physical reality and all the pitfalls
<Iris265> we lose our optimism and spiritual connection
<Iris265> so helpers, like Hermes, are sent to get us back on the path
<Iris265> we all know this - it is deep inside us - buried more for some than others
<Iris265> so when we become aware it is there we begin the process of digging out
<Iris265> and that can long for some
<Iris265> I think that is what more and more of the world is starting to touch
<Iris265> as they desire something and it happens they relearn how to do it by trial and error
<Iris265> so more and more people look at the successful ones and how they got there
<Iris265> this is a good step but still far from understanding why
<Iris265> the deeper spiritual understanding often is not there
<Iris265> so we amass physical success by "creating our realities" and it can still be empty
<Iris265> because it's learned by trial and error not by the spiritual connection
<Iris265> so we are about the spiritual connection
<Iris265> looking beyond this physical life to the bigger picture
<Iris265> any comments?
<attuned> I pretty much agree
<Iris265> I think we are all here today because we want to evolve on a spiritual level
<attuned> and this is also a special time to do it?
<Iris265> I think it is
<attuned> like the Earth frequency changing
<Iris265> I think it is the collective
<Iris265> in other words, we, including the earth is evolving...
<Iris265> as we each become more aware, the frequency rises, then the collective frequency rises
<Iris265> one helps the other
<Iris265> and the collective energy goes up
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<Iris265> it is an exciting time to be here
<attuned> as it continues to go up, things will get created faster?
<Iris265> yes that's why the spiritual connection is so important
<Iris265> to ensure the integrity of creation
<Iris265> otherwise energy gets misused, destruction occurs, and we start over again
<Iris265> with enough of us pursuing our spiritual path that will not happen
<attuned> and if there aren't enough?
<Iris265> then we blow off the energy in negative ways
<Iris265> and build again
<Iris265> giving us more time to evolve spiritually
<Iris265> because those who are evolved understand the sanctity of all life
<Iris265> and respect it
<Iris265> with that respect the earth and all who inhabit it flourish
<Iris265> we're going to end in a few minutes, so before we do, are you interested in doing this workshop on a regularly?
<Iris265> doing this workshop regularly
<attuned> yes of course
<Iris265> great
<Iris265> is this a good day and time?
<attuned> it is for me, but don't know what would be best for all
<Iris265> I'll check with hermes and have him post it on the site
<Iris265> It is important for us to have the suport from one another. I like the workshop because it helps us do that
<attuned> always has
<Iris265> and, as we said today, it helps the earth
<Iris265> any other comments before I go?
<attuned> no..
<Iris265> ok then I'll try to set up the workshops for this day and time
<attuned> ok
<Iris265> It was great sharing this time with you
<Iris265> thank you all
<tst834> thank you
<Iris265> go with peace, love, and light always
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