controlling anger and feeling powerful; meditation and contacting the nonphysical masters; dreaming of alternate lives and realities; reality creating; creating peace
October 26, 2006 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Oct 26 16:26:18 2006
<hermestrs> howdy
<socintel> HiHi Hermes It Set
<Gamble> hi there
<hermestrs> hi set
<hermestrs> hi gamble
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<hermestrs> I have an email from you set. I have not got to that one yet
<fion> hello
<Attuned-2> hello Hermes, nice to see you here again
<socintel> I have not check
<hermestrs> hi attuned, yes its been awhile
<hermestrs> hopefully we can get back on track with these things again
<socintel> Im' tryin to get my color right
<socintel> That works
<fion> this is the first time I've participated in an online workshop - I've only just discovered your site Hermes and it's been a revelation
<hermestrs> well good to see you here fion
<socintel> I have a ?
<hermestrs> sure go aheda socintel
<hermestrs> aheda=ahead
<socintel> I just came from Meditating, I saw A cube and The sun
<socintel> the sun was firery and I could feel the heat
<socintel> it felt good
<socintel> what might all this rep
<hermestrs> what kind of cube was it
<hermestrs> was it just a cube
<hermestrs> did it have any marks on it
<socintel> it was spinning and only the right angles showing
<hermestrs> maybe it was a merkabah
<hermestrs> let me get picture
<socintel> the cube was under the sun
<socintel> I'll be right back
<fion> Can I ask a question about energy cords with people you really want out of your life because they were literally draining you.
<socintel> thanx
<hermestrs> ok let me know if it looked like that
<socintel> k
<hermestrs> sure go ahead fion
<fion> I've tried all kinds of methods to cut them off - but I still sense them and find myself thinking obsessive angry thoughts about them 1 year on
<hermestrs> do you still have contact with these people
<hermestrs> because they can reattach
<hermestrs> if you do
<fion> None whatsoever
<hermestrs> were these deep emotional comittments
<fion> I cut myself off to protect myself cos I sensed something wierd going on
<hermestrs> or just casual aquaintances
<fion> No just friendships - but they were relying on me for emotional and spiritual support
<hermestrs> what have you tried so far to remove these cords
<fion> Or maybe just getting an energetic transfusion whenever they were low
<fion> Visualisations, affirmations, spells - you name it - I've just started on prayers
<socintel> I have been using that lately, and as was trying to concentrate, the kids out side started to make noise, but I had just surrounded myself with it before I started to meditating
<socintel> maybe it grew weak and I needed to re-establish it
<socintel> ?
<fion> I'm a bit of an energetic sponge - so sensitive nowadays - so maybe that's why they've got so deeply attached
<hermestrs> fion, I would do a healing meditation and call in the OLAP healers. Ask them to remove the cords. a healer could remove those cords as well, if you had access to one. YOu can also try wearing or carrying som hemitite to help ground your energy.
<socintel> They work great
<fion> O.k - any particular kind of healer - I assume not a reiki type
<hermestrs> socintel: I would say you were veiwing your merkabah in that meditation and the sun represented yourself or your higher self
<socintel> yes
<hermestrs> i do not know if a reiki healer knows how to do that but they may. I would certainly give the OLAP healing session a try first
<fion> Cheers Hermes - I'll give that a shot
<hermestrs> energy cords can be sticky business
<hermestrs> they like to be persistent
<socintel> Everytime I use my merkabah, I feel it instantly around me, and I was wondering alot about it lately
<hermestrs> usually there is some part of yourself that is holding on as well, so I would look into that too
<hermestrs> close relationships like ex spouses are not easy to remove either because of the deep emotional conections
<fion> The only emotion I feel is anger - but maybe that needs to be released - but I feel my anger was a form of protection - it got me away from them after all
<hermestrs> socintel: yea i think you got to see the merkabah in your meditation
<hermestrs> the sun representing your self or higher self and
<hermestrs> you aspiring to feel the warmth of it
<socintel> that maked sense
<hermestrs> any strong emotion can act as an anchor keeping the energy connection live
<hermestrs> so yea, it may be good to work on releasing that too
<fion> But doesn't anger serve as a protective force - it feels like it's the one thing that stops people going too far
<hermestrs> well the best protection would be the merkabah. Anger can be used in that way but by holding on to anger in this situation you are holding on to those energy patterns
<hermestrs> in the short term your anger may have served you to remove you
<hermestrs> but in the long term it is holding your energy to theirs
<fion> When I've let go of anger before - the people have reappeared in my life and continued whatever they were doing before
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<hermestrs> humm
<hermestrs> well there must be a part of you pulling them back
<hermestrs> i can see why you would keep the anger up in this case
<hermestrs> but either way the anger has to go
<hermestrs> it uses much energy
<hermestrs> and is never good for the spirit
<hermestrs> then you will have to be strong enough to not let them walk into your life
<fion> I wonder if it's karmic stuff - this person told me that I was one of her soulmates - I creeped me out at the time!
<hermestrs> if it is karma, are you any good at travel meditation or out of body
<fion> I thought it was just manipulative strategy to keep me close
<fion> never done a conscious OOB - though have had an unplanned one
<hermestrs> you can travel to the Aethyr MAZ and dump the karma
<fion> This stuff is really scary for me - I'm wary of the denizens of the spirit world
<hermestrs> ok the karma healers can help then
<hermestrs> that would be the ARAGOTH
<hermestrs> they can help you release karma
<hermestrs> you can just lie down
<hermestrs> go into a light state of being
<hermestrs> and focus on them
<hermestrs> there is no traveling here
<hermestrs> they do come to you
<hermestrs> but you have to be comfortable with this as well
<fion> So do you trust that all these spirit beings that you work with
<fion> have no agenda other than to help
<fion> They don't want to use humans in any way?
<hermestrs> well these ones are very good and helpful
<hermestrs> i would not fool you into thinking all spirits are like that
<fion> It's just a spiritual teacher I've read said that all of them have an agenda exceptfor bodhisattvas
<hermestrs> well, I can only say that these healers have never asked for anything in return
<hermestrs> it is good to be cautious
<hermestrs> i would never say to force a connection you are not ready for
<fion> this teacher said that simply working with them lets them into your field and thus seperates you from enlightenment
<hermestrs> i do not like to get into which teacher is right and wrong. I can say there are many paths back to the divine and you do have to tread your own.
<hermestrs> this teacher may have had goog reasons for saying this to you. So i really cannot say he is right or wrong
<fion> It's all so confusing cos there are so many paths - finding the right one feels like a lifetimes task
<hermestrs> you have to follow your heart
<hermestrs> where you feel it is best
<hermestrs> and try not to let fear hold you back
<hermestrs> i have found that just by focusing on your goal of lets say growing and evolving in spirit, thing just start to happen
<hermestrs> the universe brings to you what you need
<hermestrs> because you are searching for it
<fion> I've been focused on that for many years and a heck of a lot has happened both wondrous and sometimes unpleasent
<hermestrs> so i would say, let the path create itself and stay focused on the goal
<hermestrs> well working on the self is never easy
<hermestrs> to be honest
<hermestrs> we hold on to energy good and bad that we should let go of
<fion> Well I have been led to your work the very day I was desperate for answers to some metaphysical questions - so the universe does provide
<socintel> I had three vivid dreams last night, a girl sent me to buy 4 pomagranetes, for give the spelling, the fruit with the red seeds you suck the juice of, two of them were delicious the other two were not as favorful. Second, I was trying to get away from some kind of authority figures, and I had a gun, a 380 to be specific, as I was trying to get away, I encounter another gun stuck in the ground, I picked it up and ran with it, only to
<socintel> :)
<socintel> I'm a talker
<hermestrs> i find that when you hold on to old energies that is when it gets unplesant, a struggle between spirit and man starts and this creates unplesant things, that can be looked upon as being negative.
<hermestrs> socintel: when you have more of one thing in a dream it is a time frame. 4 days, 4 weeks
<socintel> ok
<socintel> these are things to come
<hermestrs> pomagranets was also the fruit of Persephone that sent her to the underworld
<socintel> wow
<socintel> whom is that
<hermestrs> she bit into it and then spent 6 months in hads and 6 months on the earth
<hermestrs> Greek mytholgy
<socintel> Is had on the tree of life
<hermestrs> no it is just Greek folklore
<socintel> ok
<hermestrs> let me see if Wikipedia has something on her story
<hermestrs> not too much on it
<hermestrs> you may find more on the web about her
<hermestrs> which may help you understand your dream
<socintel> thanx I'll check into it
<hermestrs> she also corsponds to the high priestess card in the Tarot
<socintel> the guns that I was trying to keep, what of them
<hermestrs> two guns in that story
<hermestrs> guns are sexual in nature
<socintel> yes
<hermestrs> so you have 4 weeks two good and two not so good
<hermestrs> perhaps something to do with sexual encoutners
<socintel> I haven't been sexually active for months
<hermestrs> this can also tie in with Persephone because she tasted the forbidden fruit
<socintel> been meditating alot
<hermestrs> meditation is very good
<hermestrs> Meditation is the key to self transformation
<hermestrs> it really is
<socintel> I've been trying to avoid women lately
<hermestrs> when you meditate you open up an energy vortex 6 inches above your head
<socintel> I feel it
<hermestrs> this connects you to the forth dimension where source extrudes itself into physical reality
<hermestrs> it is the gateway to your higher self and the divine
<hermestrs> and
<hermestrs> this looks like a merkabah
<hermestrs> if you could see it
<hermestrs> so here we have another reason for you seeing the merkabah
<socintel> wow. Maybe it time to work on those higher chakra
<hermestrs> it spins at something like 700,000 times a second
<socintel> I started using my merkabah during the 818 gateway
<hermestrs> 818 gateway?
<hermestrs> august 18
<socintel> Oct 17
<socintel> 2006
<socintel> Have you heard of it?
<hermestrs> i was just reading about it
<hermestrs> that happend to google up first
<socintel> yes
<hermestrs> yes this is an important time to focus on peace and love
<socintel> yes
<hermestrs> the earth is passing through energy regions we have never passed through before
<hermestrs> so these rare energies are passing through the planet
<hermestrs> that can be used to create peace and harmony
<socintel> I have been seeing some result around my home
<hermestrs> what have you seen?
<socintel> my family has been turning toward me for peace
<socintel> That is why I email you
<socintel> It seem I need to step it up
<socintel> also
<socintel> I been seeing alot more spirit in my home lately
<hermestrs> wonderful, meditation will do that
<socintel> and this twinl
<socintel> and this twinkling light for about a year now, what might that be
<hermestrs> people around you are sensing this new energy and it is helping them. So you are not only helping them but yourself as well.
<hermestrs> when do you see this light
<socintel> it's getting bigger
<socintel> thought maybe they were orbs
<hermestrs> so you are seeing it in normal consciousness
<socintel> yes
<socintel> all the time
<hermestrs> it could be energy orbs that you are pulling toward you
<socintel> so they do exist
<hermestrs> sure
<hermestrs> energy comes in many forms
<hermestrs> it may even be the fairy kingdom
<hermestrs> they are the earth keepers
<hermestrs> they keep the earth's energies in balance
<hermestrs> but it could be just energies of peace that you have been creating
<socintel> I think that is it
<hermestrs> you are sensetive enough to actually see them
<socintel> It runs in my family
<socintel> most of my aunt in up in mental hospitals
<socintel> later in life
<socintel> so I've been worrying about my mother lately
<socintel> how can I help her?
<hermestrs> is it her senstivity to these things that is causing your mother problems
<socintel> she won't say
<hermestrs> if she is really sensitive and seeing these things and not trying to understand them, she could start to think she is going crazy
<socintel> she won't talk to me directly, she is mentally sound at present, but I can see the road turning
<hermestrs> you could try to help her in your OBE. She will be more recpetive there
<socintel> I'll try that
<hermestrs> if you persist, then eventually your work will trickle down to the physical and she may seek your help physically
<hermestrs> either way, i have found helping relatives and frieds from OBE to be wonderful work
<hermestrs> because people are much more open and receptive on that level of reality.
<socintel> Last week she did say she needed to talk to me, but when I called her. she act as if she never said that
<hermestrs> could be a sign that your OBE work is having an affect
<hermestrs> you did say in your email you sent me that you saw your relatives flying with you in a dream
<socintel> I think so, I wondered why she called
<hermestrs> flying in a dream or obe symboizes freedom and relase from pain and trouble
<hermestrs> symbolizes^
<hermestrs> release^
<socintel> ^ what does^ mean
<socintel> ^
<hermestrs> oh my misspellings
<hermestrs> i was correcting them
<socintel> ok
<hermestrs> ^ means the next line up
<socintel> Yes i've been have obe's alot lately
<socintel> I was wondering why
<hermestrs> it is most likely your time to have them. you may have set up to have your evoutionary progress expanded at this time in your life
<hermestrs> so your spirit guides are helping you
<hermestrs> and getting you into an OBE state
<hermestrs> they are coming to you because before you incarnated you instructed them to do this at this time in your life.
<socintel> Thanx Hermes someone needs the comp. I 'll catch you later. You are great
<fion> Hermes, can I ask you about meditating with crystals?
<socintel> bye
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<hermestrs> sure go ahead fion
<fion> Is it O.K to meditate by staring directly at a quartz
<fion> I've done it with a ordinary stone and went very deep, very still
<fion> but am a bit wary of quartz - I'm very sensitive - can't sleep with an crystals near my bed
<hermestrs> Well do this often to get a crystal to talk to me
<hermestrs> tell me its programming
<hermestrs> but if you are very sensitive to it, I would try a small crystal first
<hermestrs> and see how you do
<fion> so this is the method for communicating with the elemental energy of the crystal
<hermestrs> yes
<hermestrs> you stare into the crystal and ask it your question
<hermestrs> it then responds in your minds eye
<hermestrs> you could just hold the crystal in your had
<hermestrs> had=hand
<fion> But if you just stare without questions - do you absorb it's frequency that way?
<hermestrs> but I have had better luck by looking into them
<hermestrs> just by be nearing a crystal you will interact with its energy
<hermestrs> nearing=near
<fion> I'm wondering why crystals are so powerful
<hermestrs> crystals are perfect energy forms. They vibrate at the frequency of the universe.
<hermestrs> so when you hold one or look into one it transmits this perfect energy into you
<hermestrs> this is what makes them powerful
<hermestrs> they also store programs that universe puts in there
<fion> The are just rocks after all = the densest form of matter
<fion> It seems an inverse of the law of higher the vibration the less dense the form
<hermestrs> a crystal is very old, it takes like 100,000 years to form
<hermestrs> that is quite a bit of experience
<fion> I'm really tuning in to all the elemental energies at this point in time - earth, water, air though not fire
<fion> so much
<fion> So my interest in crystals seems to be coming from that
<hermestrs> i would say a crytals energy is fire
<hermestrs> so you may be going to explore that next
<hermestrs> a differnt kind of fire
<hermestrs> energy
<fion> Cos they were formed from molten rocks?
<hermestrs> that could be, but more because a crystal trasmutes or changes one energy to another
<hermestrs> and this is a property of fire
<hermestrs> fire changes a substance
<fion> Wow! I'd never thought of that.
<fion> About 10yrs ago I used to drink crystal water i.
<fion> that is water with a quartz in it for purification purposes
<hermestrs> yep
<fion> It makes your urine go really clear
<hermestrs> i have a watter cooler here with a crystal in it
<hermestrs> i fill it with ionized water and the crystal sits on the bottom of the tank
<fion> But when I tried it again a few years ago - it was unbearable - too intense
<hermestrs> you most likley are getting very sensitive
<hermestrs> do you carry any hemitiate with you
<hermestrs> this could help
<hermestrs> as your energy gets lighter
<hermestrs> you have to increase your grounding to the earth
<hermestrs> otherwise you will experience what you are experiencing
<fion> I used to wear hematite rings and necklaces - they didn't do much good
<hermestrs> really
<hermestrs> wow that is too bad
<hermestrs> that is the usual fix
<hermestrs> how about sea salt baths
<fion> I do feel grounded though - at least very connected to earth but also very out there as well - it's strange
<hermestrs> i can relate for sure feeling that way
<fion> I'll try the sea salt - sounds good especially for cleansing. I'm doing cleansing meditations and egg cleansing a lot at the moment
<hermestrs> yes keep that up
<hermestrs> you may just have lots of energy to even out in your energy field and it may take time
<fion> And your MPE is wonderful - really wonderful - thanx
<hermestrs> thanks, I love the MPE. Glad it helps
<hermestrs> i think if you take small steps you can find your path and fix these things
<fion> Have you heard of a hawaiian technique called ho'oponpono?
<hermestrs> no i have not
<hermestrs> what is it
<fion> It was created by a kahuna called mornna simeona
<fion> It's very similar to the reality creation stuff - the ancient hawaians believed that your thoughts created all your reality
<hermestrs> they sound smart
<hermestrs> :)
<fion> So to correct problems in your reality you had to change your thought
<fion> So it involves taking responsibility and apologising for everything that you feel is wrong and asking forgiveness
<fion> Cos you created it somehow so you have to put it right and only asking the divine for forgiveness can put it right.
<fion> It's hardcore!
<hermestrs> forgiveness is imporatant too in RC'ing
<hermestrs> you need to forgive yourself
<hermestrs> and others as well
<hermestrs> this frees your energy
<hermestrs> so you can create more harmony
<hermestrs> i do myself as forgivness from the divine. I think that this is important step toward ascension
<hermestrs> as=ask
<fion> Apparently one of the teachers of this a Dr Len, cured a whole psychiatric hospital full of criminally insane people by sitting in his office, looking at their notes and asking for forgiveness for his erroneous thoughts that were making them so insane
<fion> It's been documented - the psychiatric hospital eventually closed down cos these people were able to be moved into normal prisons
<hermestrs> wow nice
<hermestrs> it does show the power of forgiveness nicely
<fion> But I wondered whether this attitude engenders guilt
<hermestrs> in what way?
<fion> I mean it's like taking the principle of responsible to it's ultimate extreme - i.e I 'm responsible for the war in Iraq...
<hermestrs> well what he was doing is an advanded spiritual practice
<hermestrs> you can intervien between the person needing forgivness and the divine and ask for them.
<fion> I belive you create your reality and we are god, but if I exist at the personal level most of the time rather than in god consciousness I can't be held responsible for everything?
<hermestrs> well karma is the great equalizer
<fion> However when I've tried to do this practise continously strange things happened - wierd coincidences, thoughts manifesting immediately. But it's so hard to watch every erroneous thought and be apologising to the divine all the time
<hermestrs> i think you just need to watch the big things
<hermestrs> in time you can get your thoughts to be perfect most of the time
<hermestrs> it is just in the beginning it is tough to change your thinking patterns
<hermestrs> so you seem overwhelemd with all the things your mind is spitting out that is not good
<hermestrs> I would work on the big things first
<hermestrs> then as you get those under control move to the smaller thoughts
<fion> But it's the little moment by moment thoughts that cause the pain and create your reality
<hermestrs> very true
<hermestrs> but you have to start someplace
<fion> Yes - that's true
<fion> How long have you been on your spiritual path, Hermes
<hermestrs> about 25 years now
<hermestrs> it was very hard in the beginning. I was a mess
<hermestrs> but over time and with lots of patience I did clear out most of the junk
<hermestrs> i was very impatient
<hermestrs> so i can understand wanting to transform quickly
<fion> Wow. Do you think you were a yogi or spiritual practiioner in past lives too?
<hermestrs> my guides say i was
<fion> I believe I must have been too - any issues with vows taken in previous lives?
<hermestrs> yes I am still working on them
<fion> That is with chastity or poverty
<hermestrs> yep the big ones
<hermestrs> and also obidence
<fion> How do yo unlock them and should you?
<hermestrs> not so much that one but that will impact your reality creating a bit too
<hermestrs> because if you are too obidient you constrain the universe
<fion> Maybe they are necessary to grow swiftly right now
<hermestrs> i think vows do help at some point'
<hermestrs> but I think they also need to be removed at some point beause they start ot restrict you
<fion> I've found a real aversion to relationships and money making despite also really wanting to be experience these things - I'm torn
<hermestrs> yes that is the vow kicking in
<hermestrs> sets up a fight within you
<fion> How to cancel it ?
<hermestrs> you want to move outward but you are pushed back
<hermestrs> I have found the only way to remove these things is with something equally powerful as the thing that set it
<fion> Someone suggested writing a letter to the pope revoking your vow and actually posting it to the vatican!!:)
<hermestrs> ahaha
<hermestrs> good one
<hermestrs> :)
<hermestrs> you need to set up a cermony of sorts
<hermestrs> because these things were created during cermonys
<hermestrs> so to tear them down you need to be in the same mindset as if you were when you created it
<hermestrs> it is the only way that has worked for myself and others
<fion> That makes sense
<hermestrs> i would design some elaborate ceremony
<hermestrs> create it any way you like
<hermestrs> but make it meanging ful
<hermestrs> full
<hermestrs> set a day and time
<hermestrs> and then on that time go the vow breaker
<hermestrs> go=do
<hermestrs> I would make sure the moon is full or nearly full
<hermestrs> to help
<hermestrs> and only do one vow at a time
<hermestrs> don't do another for several months
<hermestrs> pick the one that is giving you the most pain first
<hermestrs> then move on to breaking the others
<hermestrs> if you were into magic I would say use the watchtower ritual, but you can desgin your own to be just as affective
<fion> It's funny that you mentioned a vow of obediance - cos I 'm a bit of a rebel and always question authority
<fion> Maybe I was a renegade monk ;)
<hermestrs> yea :)
<hermestrs> obidence keeps you from becoming famous
<hermestrs> or well known
<hermestrs> or renoun in your area of expertise
<fion> This is really relevant cos I'm a performer and have a lot of issues with fearing fame
<hermestrs> there you go
<fion> It feels safer not to be exposed in that way
<hermestrs> yep
<hermestrs> that is the obidience vow kicking in there
<fion> Oh migod!
<hermestrs> well now you have a good way to start
<hermestrs> to break these chains
<fion> Also issues around sensitivity - the more people know and think about you the more energetic influences you have to deal with.
<hermestrs> very true
<fion> How do celebrities cope with that - they do seem to have disastrous personal lives
<hermestrs> I think it is important to be pure
<hermestrs> if you are not pure of heart and mind this energy could affect you
<hermestrs> if you are not pure of heart and mind i mean
<fion> At one point I thought I would have to become enlightened before I became famous ;)
<hermestrs> well I think you can do it all along the way in steps
<hermestrs> if you work towards enlightenment at the same time you work toward being famous it will just work out
<fion> When you say pure - do you mean cleansing the aura or dealing with your negative emotions
<hermestrs> both, but more so the emotions
<hermestrs> the aura will clear up when the emotions and thoughts clear up
<hermestrs> for dark energy to attach itself to you from others, it has to find something inside you to attach too
<fion> Have done so much work on emotions - years of therapy and buddhist meditation and emotional release - when does it end ?
<hermestrs> so by keeping yourself pure of heart and mind, the energy of others thoughts no longer affects you.
<hermestrs> belive it or not it just does all of a sudden. one day you wake up and you are lean
<fion> I mean it's been beneficial - I used to have subclinical depression - now I'm the happiest person I know - but still lots of anger
<hermestrs> anger as long as you keep it under the hood is not all terrible
<fion> But it's like rage sometimes - I'm wondering if it's entities as well
<hermestrs> well you may have to work on relasing some of that
<hermestrs> enities will feed off these emotions if you express them
<fion> It's strange cos it feels so protective, like a rottweiler that really loves it's owner and wants to protect but can competely take over
<hermestrs> It really is the fear inside that creates that defense mechanism
<fion> I mean it's all mental, just sometimes verbal if someone's in my face -never physical though I do worry sometimes
<hermestrs> Reality Creating can help you
<hermestrs> once you realize you are the maker of your reality the fear goes away
<hermestrs> you realize you control what happens and does not
<fion> I do believe so - It's come into my life at the right time
<hermestrs> i do have to run
<hermestrs> i will be back next week at this time
<hermestrs> great chat
<hermestrs> keep it up fion
Session Close: Thu Oct 26 18:41:40 2006

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