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July 8, 2005 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Fri Jul 08 16:38:25 2005
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. '
* Set by Gamble! on Thu Jun 23 12:34:38
<Hermestr> howdy
<arche> hello!!!!
<Hermestr> hi there
<arche> are you hermes?
<arche> himself?
<Hermestr> yea
<arche> really really?
<Hermestr> yes I do show up occasionally
<Hermestr> actually I was here last week on Tuesday too
<arche> I’ve been coming here for months and gave up on ever finding you
<Hermestr> I have not been on too much this past year
<arche> well I'm so glad you're here
<Hermestr> but I am making an effort to change that
<Hermestr> at least come by once a week
<arche> do you still think it's possible to create your own life?
<Hermestr> you can get real good at it
<arche> I read most of your book years ago
<Hermestr> there are always those stubborn areas that may resist change
<arche> and I’ve tried your philosophy but I'm not sure it works for me
<Hermestr> but for the most part you can change most of it to what you want
<arche> I would sure like it to, though
<Hermestr> well it is not easily mastered but you should see some results right at the start
<Hermestr> what have you tried to change
<arche> I have tried to be less angry with the world
<arche> and more kind to myself
<arche> but I can't help being angry when I deal with mean people
<Hermestr> but has your anger diminished at all
<arche> yes!
<arche> I can certainly say that
<Hermestr> well then you have seen some progress
<arche> but I am very afraid that a fit of anger will harm me
<arche> I can do stupid things when I'm angry
<Hermestr> with anger when a person thrusts anger at you, your natural instinct is to be angry back
<Hermestr> this is imbedded in the genes and goes back to the survival mode
<Hermestr> however even in these situations you can bring calm into them.
<Hermestr> when a person gets angry at you
<Hermestr> the anger he thrusts back at you is meant to create anger within you that you thrust back at him
<Hermestr> this increases the anger
<Hermestr> to defuse this situation you resist getting angry back
<Hermestr> this removes the fuel the other person needs to be angry
<arche> that's not possible!
<Hermestr> sure it is
<arche> what do you do when someone curses you?
<arche> just smile?
<Hermestr> you do not meet it with anger
<Hermestr> anger is the prelude to violence, once anger reaches a certain level violence starts. To prevent violence you have to starve anger
<arche> I agree but as you said it's a primitive impulse
<Hermestr> but you can over come that
<arche> and if you also have an inferiority complex that goes back to childhood
<arche> it's almost impossible to not respond with anger when you feel threatened
<arche> how?
<Hermestr> in an angry situation you have to break the cycle of angry energy by stop being angry
<Hermestr> you do not need anger to be powerful
<arche> I understand that but how do you feel powerful then
<Hermestr> anger is just emotions run wild
<arche> I agree
<arche> I think anger comes from feeling powerless
<Hermestr> well from a reality creating angle, you can realize that your thoughts and actions control how a situation will play out
<Hermestr> if you can remain calm
<arche> but can I control how people see me?
<arche> or treat me
<Hermestr> yes
<arche> how?
<Hermestr> do not send thoughts out of helplessness
<arche> you think that does it?
<Hermestr> it is a start
<arche> it is true that most of the times these events happen *I* have a premonition of it
<arche> a bad feeling about myself for example
<Hermestr> you can in these moments
<Hermestr> imagine yourself powerful, secure, and peaceful.
<Hermestr> like a pillar in a storm that stands erect
<Hermestr> the storm cannot harm it
<Hermestr> this will help you to defuse the coming situation
<arche> oh I would give anything to actually be powerful
<Hermestr> but you are
<arche> I wouldn’t' care about anything at all if I felt powerful
<Hermestr> you just do not believe it
<arche> so I have to believe I"m powerful?
<Hermestr> you can reality create around a bad situation
<arche> what else do I have to do
<Hermestr> that is real power
<Hermestr> I would also spend time meditating on being peaceful and powerful
<arche> do you think everyone is powerful?
<Hermestr> yes everyone is powerful
<Hermestr> but few know how to use their power
<arche> that is what I have been trying to learn
<arche> and you have helped me a great deal!
<arche> during the past few years
<Hermestr> I am glad that I could be helpful
<arche> you have, more than I could express really
<arche> I used to be really really miserable
<arche> I even signed on in this channel as 'misery'
<arche> I'm better now, but still struggling
<Hermestr> ah I remember that nickname
<arche> :)
<Hermestr> then you have come a long way
<Hermestr> congratulate yourself for a job well done
<Hermestr> yes you will have to keep at it. Change happens slowly over time, with persistence
<arche> yes it's much better but I'm still on the way
<arche> I remember you told me once that you speak to Jesus sometimes?
<Hermestr> yes I do
<arche> wow
<Hermestr> he is a wonderful teacher
<arche> would it be a lot to ask you to mention me to him?
<Hermestr> sure
<Hermestr> I can ask him to help you with your anger
<arche> oh please do
<arche> I would be so grateful
<arche> thank you :)
<arche> what does Jesus look like?
<Hermestr> when I see him I see a simple man but with this aura energy of love and compassion
<Hermestr> usually I break down and cry in his presence
<arche> I can't even imagine
<Hermestr> I think this has something to do with the amount of love and compassion he holds for everyone
<Hermestr> I think, again, this is something anyone can do but few try or reach.
<arche> but Christians pray to Jesus
<Hermestr> the masters are there for anyone that reaches out to them
<Hermestr> yes prayer is not the same thing
<Hermestr> you can reach the energy bank that is part of Master Jesus with prayer
<Hermestr> and this can help you for sure
<arche> do you mean meditation is not the same as prayer
<Hermestr> they are different
<Hermestr> you can reach these masters directly in meditation
<Hermestr> in prayer it is indirect
<Hermestr> or out of body travel
<Hermestr> or even your dreams if you program them right
<arche> I have asked to meet my angels (if I have any) in my dreams
<arche> repeatedly, but so far I haven't
<Hermestr> do you remember your dreams
<arche> yes
<arche> sometimes
<Hermestr> it is important to note the dreams you have the morning after asking for such a dream
<Hermestr> sometimes they disguise themselves
<Hermestr> dreams are not fully reliable because of the dream element
<Hermestr> but you can often find clues in them that you did reach your goal
<Hermestr> perhaps you dreamed of a long lost friend
<arche> I see
<Hermestr> that evening or an old forgotten relative
<Hermestr> in out of body travel or meditation these kinds of things are more clear
<Hermestr> there are less dream symbols mixing up with the events
<arche> I see
<Hermestr> but dreams is an easy thing for everyone to reach, so I start with that
<arche> yes I will do that
<arche> do you think meditation is the best way to reach the spirit world?
<arche> if I want conclusive proof that there is a spirit/non material world, can I ask for proof?
<Hermestr> yes
<Hermestr> self exploration is the best way to prove it
<arche> but then you never really know; everything could be explained is psychological terms
<Hermestr> you may think so
<Hermestr> but this is not the case
<Hermestr> when you experience them directly
<Hermestr> there is a quality about them
<Hermestr> that adds the reality to it
<Hermestr> it is like now
<Hermestr> you know you are real
<Hermestr> and this is happening
<Hermestr> you do not doubt it
<Hermestr> when you travel in meditation or out of body, the same thing applies
<Hermestr> you know the experience to be real
<Hermestr> in fact
<Hermestr> if you think of your physical life at this moment
<Hermestr> it will seem like the dream
<arche> it feels like a dream even now
<Hermestr> have you tried any kind of meditation
<arche> yes
<Hermestr> any luck
<Hermestr> with getting visions or hearing things
<arche> I haven't been able to meditate regularly;
<arche> but when I do, I feel better
<arche> but have not really had visions or heard things
<arche> I did have a very strange dream last night
<arche> very different from most dreams because it was crisp and clear
<Hermestr> what was it
<arche> I dreamed long sequences of 'recovering my memory'
<arche> I was half aware that I was asleep and thought that I was remembering things I had lived through years ago
<arche> when I immigrated to the us
<arche> and I felt a very great sense of 'recognition'
<arche> and then when I woke up I realized I never lived those events
<arche> but those sequences were so clear
<arche> I saw people, faces, their clothing; it was coherent
<arche> like actual life
<Hermestr> so a past life
<arche> I'm not sure
<arche> I remember that I was intent on verifying when I woke up
<Hermestr> or a current one lived in a parallel
<arche> so I actually took a newspaper from the table, in my dream
<arche> and looked at the date
<arche> there was one 1985
<arche> and I thought, that's too soon! I only arrived here in late 80's
<arche> soo! strange
<Hermestr> could be a parallel live
<Hermestr> life
<arche> really?
<Hermestr> yea
<arche> it was a very familiar feeling
<Hermestr> unrealized reality
<arche> wow
<arche> I was even a fan of some musician guy with curly blond hair
<Hermestr> you live often these lives I call them at the same time as you life this one
<arche> people wore very 80's hair, and clothing
<arche> that's so strange!!
<Hermestr> they are your reality in an alternate reality
<Hermestr> it bleeds through in the dream state
<Hermestr> usually
<Hermestr> there is something that each life can use
<Hermestr> so that is why you tune into them
<Hermestr> the other you, of course
<Hermestr> saw your life
<arche> goodness that's strange
<Hermestr> yes it is
<arche> how many alternate lives can we have?
<Hermestr> you can have many
<Hermestr> but
<Hermestr> usually you may have 3 or 4 of them intersect at times in your current life
<Hermestr> after death
<arche> but are the alternate lives 'real'?
<Hermestr> these alternate lives are collected
<Hermestr> and become part of your total experience
<Hermestr> yes to a degree they are
<arche> so is there a flesh and blood person living in Spain, for example, who is also me?
<Hermestr> they are not the home reality
<Hermestr> but they are lives you are leading in concert with this one
<Hermestr> in an alternate reality
<Hermestr> not this one
<arche> I see
<arche> have you ever seen your angels?
<Hermestr> yes
<arche> really? what do they look like?
<Hermestr> they usually appear to me like people
<Hermestr> sometimes they will use animal forms,
<Hermestr> each sprit guide has his or her own animal form
<Hermestr> I think this goes back to the American Indian culture
<Hermestr> but they still seem to use it at times
<Hermestr> to convey a different sort of experience at times
<arche> I have heard of this
<arche> have you heard of Lynne Andrews
<Hermestr> yes
<arche> what do you think?
<Hermestr> I have read one or two of her books many years ago. I liked them
<Hermestr> they seem based on a reality I have experienced.
<Hermestr> some of the stuff in the books I question what reality they actually happened in
<Hermestr> the books are not clear as to what happens in the physical reality and what happens in the nonphysical reality
<arche> yes, that's w hat I thought
<Hermestr> she traveled to places in the world where the veil between physical and nonphysical reality is thin
<Hermestr> in most places there is a thick wall between them
<arche> do you ever think it is all very confusing
<Hermestr> sure
<arche> it's so much easier to think of the world in the old Newtonian sense
<arche> a chair is a chair
<Hermestr> at the start of my nonphysical journeys I was very confused
<Hermestr> reality was so changeable and fluid in one dimension and so rigid in the other
<arche> do you think the existence of these many worlds changes our ideas of right and wrong
<Hermestr> in one reality you have all these memories of lives and alternate realities
<Hermestr> and in the other you only have one
<arche> I can imagine!
<arche> overwhelming
<Hermestr> if an action hurts another or prevents their progress back to the divine there is negative karma created
<Hermestr> that creates an not so nice reality back on you
<Hermestr> right and wrong is so hard to define at times
<Hermestr> there are things that seem very right and then of course very wrong and then you have all those things in the middle
<Hermestr> I think for the most part
<arche> yes, but I personally find it very confusing when I try to think outside of the right and wrong way I’ve been taught
<arche> I feel like it's all a jumble
<arche> maybe we progress in our understanding, but we have to accept what we know right now?
<Hermestr> sure
<Hermestr> you can only start from where you are
<Hermestr> your idea of right and wrong will surely change as you evolve and grow
<Hermestr> I think goodness and kindness are things that seem to be more stable in that sense
<Hermestr> goodness, kindness, love: these things seem more penetrating in that they exist more or less the same no matter what reality you go to.
<arche> yes
<arche> so therefore we can say that cruelty violence and hatred are wrong?
<Hermestr> I would say
<Hermestr> cruelty and violence create negative karma
<Hermestr> which then holds you to the planet and prevents your ascension off it
<Hermestr> I try not to say right or wrong
<Hermestr> I would certainly say that is wrong
<Hermestr> but right and wrong tend to be opinions
<arche> I want to ask you for one more thing
<Hermestr> sure
<arche> what can I work on reality creation at a small level
<arche> to build confidence in it
<arche> is it a material thing I want, ie something I want to wear but cannot find
<Hermestr> use the creation technique, (create energyballs) programmed at small changes in your reality
<arche> just as an exercise
<Hermestr> sure that will work
<Hermestr> say you want something green to wear but do not have it.
<Hermestr> focus on what you want then go out and find it
<arche> I see
<Hermestr> you can also create being on time
<Hermestr> or
<arche> what if I want my business to prosper
<Hermestr> create green lights when driving in the car
<arche> can I actually influence the behavior of my customers
<Hermestr> you can do that too, but if you want to build confidence in the system start with these small things
<Hermestr> small amounts of money
<arche> yes
<Hermestr> try to create small increases income in your business
<Hermestr> I would stay away from influencing others to do something specific
<Hermestr> let the universe order that
<arche> yes
<arche> so simply imagine having more money
<arche> ?
<Hermestr> or small increases in sales
<Hermestr> not sure what your business is
<arche> things for children
<arche> toys
<Hermestr> you can then focus on more people buying toys they need but not any specific person
<Hermestr> just create having a busy day
<Hermestr> for example
<Hermestr> seeing lots of toys being sold
<Hermestr> in your mind and in the energyball you create
<Hermestr> this will
<Hermestr> pull toward you people who are searching for these toys and a place to buy them
<arche> I’ve got to try that!
<arche> if it works, I may give you a cut!
<arche> :)
<Hermestr> a thanks will be fine
<arche> I'm kidding
<Hermestr> I know
<arche> :)
<Hermestr> I know you will have success with it
<Hermestr> it is not hard to see results
<arche> that would be great; it's hard to work 16 hours a day in a store
<arche> I think everyone wishes that, liberty from too much work
<Hermestr> it certainly is not easy to keep a store, long hours and such
<arche> yes, you make a living but have not time to live!
<Hermestr> you can of course create more time for yourself
<arche> oh yeah! hehehe
<arche> I keep forgetting
<Hermestr> it is just your belief that you have to work that hard that makes it so
<Hermestr> the millionaire certainly does not work any harder than you do
<arche> yes, and a lot of immigrants have that belief
<Hermestr> he just believes differently
<arche> no, but maybe they're smarter? or luckier?
<Hermestr> it is just his belief
<arche> I agree
<arche> that is why I don't agree any more with the idea that giving money to poor nations makes any difference
<arche> not that we shouldn't be charitable
<arche> but it would make such a difference to look at the cause of poverty
<arche> instead of the result
<Hermestr> very true
<Hermestr> you can't make a poor man wealthy unless you change his belief system
<arche> yes
<arche> in many nations, there is so much misery because poor people have lots of children
<arche> and yet there have been studies over and over to show that the education of women is crucial
<arche> for each 1 year of extra education, a woman has 2 less children; and she knows how to care for her children
<arche> why not do things like this instead of donate billions that go to the pockets of the corrupt leaders
<Hermestr> yes that certainly would be a better use of the money
<arche> I grew up in a communist country and all our lives we were told that some people did that to the others
<arche> when in reality, I realized that everyone was just agreeing to the system
<arche> we were all responsible
<Hermestr> yes of course everyone is responsible for the group reality and the changing it starts by educating people
<Hermestr> the group mind is very powerful reality changing tool
<Hermestr> get 100,000 people to see the world differently and you have changed the way that reality is created
<Hermestr> for those people
<Hermestr> and their belief reinforces it for each other
<arche> so does it mean we can fight terrorism this way
<arche> if enough people think in a peaceful way
<Hermestr> yes
<Hermestr> I know, this sounds awfully idealistic
<Hermestr> but a peaceful man is less likely to create himself into a violent situation
<Hermestr> of course the sense of inner power is important too
<Hermestr> because if you feel peaceful but weak
<Hermestr> that creates vulnerability
<Hermestr> so inner power of the ability to control ones reality is important in peaceful thought
<arche> that's very interesting
<arche> I agree that someone can feel peaceful but week
<arche> weak
<arche> also can I help someone else with reality creation
<arche> my sister for example, would never believe in this stuff
<arche> but there is a way I'd like to help her in what she wants
<Hermestr> you can send off some thoughts or energyballs to help her create the things she wants
<Hermestr> I do this often
<Hermestr> it is the last part of my meditation in fact
<Hermestr> I will send people off the energy or love or whatever they need to help with their needs
<Hermestr> I start my meditation with:
<Hermestr> I seal this circle with light and love so that only the best influences can enter.
<Hermestr> then at the end I say:
<Hermestr> I release the excess energy to go and help others in need (state specific requests here).
<Hermestr> then I'm done
<Hermestr> well time to depart
<Hermestr> nice talking to you
<Hermestr> I will try to stop by next week again around this time
<Hermestr> light, peace
Session Close: Fri Jul 08 18:21:54 2005

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