dreaming of snakes and karmic ties within family
June 27, 2005 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Mon Jun 27 16:33:04 2005
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. '
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<Hermestr> howdy
<Gamble> hi there
<Hermestr> how is it going
<Gamble> mostly fine. and you?
* Sarah has joined #energyworks
<Hermestr> doing ok
<Sarah> hi
<Hermestr> Hi Sarah
<Hermestr> how are you
<Gamble> hi
<Sarah> I have a problem with postponing things I need to do
<Hermestr> you like to postpone them
<Hermestr> yea so do i
<Hermestr> what i found helps me is making a list, then crossing off the things that are done
<Hermestr> it is a bit mechanical but it keeps the things that have to get done in front of me
<Sarah> but big things
<Hermestr> oh
<Sarah> which take time to be done
<Hermestr> i guess you need to discover why you do not want to do them
<Hermestr> have you tried the energyball routine
<Hermestr> that can break through the blockages
<Sarah> I realized why but can't make myself do the needs first steps
<Hermestr> if it is a fear
<Hermestr> then you can work on getting rid of that fear
<Hermestr> you could,
<Hermestr> use dreams
<Hermestr> out of body travel
<Hermestr> or just make some energy balls to dismantle the fear
<Hermestr> you can also make yourself a talisman if you are into that as well
<Hermestr> you charge it up at the right time and day and then carry it with you
<Hermestr> there may be some lag here, my bandwidth is going elsewhere right now
<Hermestr> There is of course also a time and place for everything
<Sarah> I dreamt of snakes attacking me 2 days ago
<Hermestr> take my list
<Hermestr> i never do them in order
<Hermestr> i just keep them there and when I feel the energy is right I tackle it
<Hermestr> big things also work this way. The energy needs to be right for something
<Hermestr> well that is never a good sign
<Hermestr> for me snakes attacking me means a family member will try turn psycho on me
<Sarah> what do you mean?
<Hermestr> a big fight with a family member
<Sarah> ic
<Hermestr> usually it is some kind of misunderstanding that turns into a big thing
<Hermestr> usually it involves people around me and not me specifically
<Hermestr> it depends on the dream actually
<Hermestr> if the snake bite me
<Hermestr> then it means me directly
<Hermestr> if it attacks but misses it means it is going after someone else
<Hermestr> I do take my snake dreams very seriously
<Hermestr> because I know they are tied into deep rooted karmic issues
<Hermestr> that involve the family and sometimes myself
<Sarah> like what?
<Hermestr> well let's say that my mother tends to say the wrong things, which then pisses off my brother
<Hermestr> just an example
<Hermestr> of course it I wll be hard not to be drawn into this thing
<Hermestr> because it is so closely tied to everyone, and it will effect everyone to a certain point
<Hermestr> even if the conflict does not involve me.
<Hermestr> the karma is the energy that ties you to the event
<Hermestr> and how you handle yourself is a product of how well you have cleared this karmic energy
<Hermestr> Do you side with one or the other, or neither?
<Hermestr> do you not get involved at all?
<Hermestr> do you try to smooth things out?
<Hermestr> If you do try to smooth things out and get bit by the snake, the situation could wind up in your lap, now with everyone mad at you.
<Hermestr> I take such creations carefully because family is where the greatest concentration of karma remains
<Hermestr> if you can clear this karma out
<Hermestr> then you pretty much have it all gone
<Hermestr> family is the last stronghold of karma
<Sarah> in that case I have a lot of work....
<Hermestr> :)
<Hermestr> well you are not alone, karmic knots within family is something that touches everyone
<Hermestr> but you never said what snakes mean to you
<Hermestr> when you dream about them
<Sarah> parents and me should talk some things out, but I'm afraid of their reaction which would just make me run from there
<Sarah> that's what keeps me from trying to initiate the talk
<Hermestr> maybe the time is not right for the talk
<Hermestr> is there energy there for the talk
<Hermestr> can you feel the energy under the surface
<Hermestr> timing can be important in these kinds of situations
<Sarah> I was always trying to catch the right moment..
<Hermestr> i am not saying to put it off
<Hermestr> just try to feel when the energy is there for it
<Sarah> well I feel it must be done or everything will just keep getting not good
<Hermestr> well, then
<Hermestr> perhaps create some energyballs or visualizations to manifest the correct moment
<Hermestr> and that you seize that moment
<Hermestr> with the right moment I don't actually wait for something to happen and say, okay now is the time
<Hermestr> i monitor the energy or you would say my inner feelings
<Hermestr> for when there seems to be current in that direction
<Hermestr> I may not want to do this thing
<Hermestr> but I will feel the current there or energy there supporting it
<Hermestr> i will usually then push through my defenses and complete the task
<Hermestr> let me see if i can explain it better
<Hermestr> when you do some task that turns out well
<Hermestr> there is this energy and feelings that go along with it while you are doing it.
<Hermestr> this energy is mated to the situation, it is part of it
<Hermestr> if you can notice this
<Hermestr> as you do some task that is going well
<Hermestr> you will glimpse what I am talking about.
<Sarah> yes, ic
<Hermestr> the next step is to sense the energy and see what it fits to
<Hermestr> so you can say, okay, this is a good time for this
<Hermestr> the energy is there for it
<Hermestr> it will guarantee the best outcome, than just picking any moment at random
<Hermestr> or waiting for the perfect moment, which may never reveal itself in a way you will notice
<Sarah> I think there was such a situation and then things went well, except that inside I was still feeling the fear
<Hermestr> yes
<Hermestr> true
<Hermestr> the energy may be there but the fear will be too
<Sarah> it just so deep, and there all my life
<Hermestr> you have to push through it
<Sarah> I guess it gets easier
<Hermestr> well
<Hermestr> i think it gets easier to act with such things
<Hermestr> but it is never easy to engage them
<Hermestr> especially if there is fear or any kind of strong emotion there
<Hermestr> i will send you some energy to help you with this situation
<Sarah> that would be of great help
<Hermestr> and drop me a note to let me know how things turn out, not the details, just how they went
<Sarah> I will
<Sarah> I think my whole family is depressed, it is unhappy. could there be one cause for it all?
<Hermestr> well family's usually incarnate together because they share similar problems to work on
<Hermestr> so unhappiness and depression could be a common thread in the people in your family
<Hermestr> it is why they incarnated together
<Sarah> guess that's communication for us
<Hermestr> however
<Sarah> the reason
<Hermestr> go ahead
<Hermestr> however,
<Sarah> the root of all is communication problem
<Hermestr> line up 10 people in a row and most them will be unhappy
<Hermestr> communication is important
<Hermestr> very important
<Hermestr> happiness is something everyone seeks but few obtain
<Hermestr> but you can obtain it
<Hermestr> and it is wonderful
<Hermestr> i think most people keep reaching for something to make them happy
<Hermestr> when in fact
<Hermestr> if they realized they already are happy
<Hermestr> they would enter instantly into that state of being
<Hermestr> and then there is no need to reach for it
<Hermestr> but i think we are getting further from the topic which was those wonderful karmic bonds between family
<Hermestr> communication is very important
<Hermestr> but understanding each other is important as well.
<Hermestr> understanding why they are the way they are
<Hermestr> your family members
<Hermestr> and accepting them for who they are today
<Hermestr> loving them for their faults as well as their greatness
<Sarah> I think I do understand a lot of why they're as they are. what would this accepting them as they are really mean?
<Hermestr> it means, you do not look down on them or chastise them for their ways
<Hermestr> you look inside and see the good
<Hermestr> the good that wants to come out.
<Hermestr> If you can see that good, then your energy will help to pull that out
<Hermestr> don't get hung up on the flaws
<Hermestr> celebrate the good parts of each family member
<Sarah> ic..
<Hermestr> everyone is a wonderful person, full of joy and hope and life
<Hermestr> it may not be apparent on the surface but it is there in everyone
<Hermestr> you can find that energy and pull it out in a loving and joyful way
<Hermestr> just recognize it is there, that is the start
<Hermestr> you can wear rose colored glasses every now and then
<Sarah> you know that poem about this called please hear what I'm not saying?
<Hermestr> it sounds familiar
<Hermestr> i may have read it
<phace> oh, hi.
<Hermestr> nice poem
<Hermestr> it goes along with what we are talking about here
<Hermestr> hi phace
<phace> it's been a few years. what's the subject here? i tried to scroll up but seems quite wide matter
<Sarah> "the nearer you approach to me the blinder I may strike back" - I think that's also what makes it hard to approach them
<Hermestr> people do that
<Hermestr> you have to realize why they are striking out and try not to be pulled into it
<Hermestr> it is just a defense mechanism to stop you from getting too close to the heart
<Hermestr> family energy can be delicate at times
<Hermestr> and family members often know just what to say or do to send you into a karmic downward spiral
<Hermestr> if you can stay focused on the goodness within a person, you can get by all that debris that may get thrown in the way.
<Sarah> :) right
<Hermestr> i know
<Hermestr> easier said then done
<Hermestr> as the saying goes
<Hermestr> but it is a start
<Hermestr> a way to perhaps remove friction and tension and unhappiness and create better relationships between each other.
<Sarah> yes I will keep this in mind
<phace> some problems just are not meant to be solved in easy way, that’s how i see it. that's when you need to struggle your way into the solution.
<Hermestr> it is not easy to solve because of all the walls, fears, and blockages put up
<Hermestr> but that all can be defused if you stay focused on the goodness within a person
<phace> yep, but sometimes you need to face the walls, fears and blockages before you can defuse them.
<phace> if focusing on the goodness doesn’t simply works.
<Sarah> "love is stronger than strong walls"
<phace> true.
<Hermestr> ok, time to depart
<Hermestr> good chat
<Hermestr> I will try to be here more. Hopefully
<Hermestr> one more day this week
<Hermestr> then try to set up some kind of schedule
<Hermestr> take care
<Sarah> ok, thanks. bye
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