The Three Ages of Mankind; What happens after Ascension; Reality Creating something from the Nothing; the Universe & Eternity
April 26, 2005 (workshop log file)

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sprocket: ...that will also tell that there is good thing going on
sprocket: but I think all the troubles will be solved in time
sprocket: in whole world
sprocket: then its time to re-born in another world full of troubles :)
sprocket: world=planet
sprocket: is this the last one?
sprocket: I mean planet
Hermes: well there have been various ages
Hermes: this is the second of the three
Hermes: there is supposed to be a 1000 year peace between the second and third age
Hermes: then the third and final conflicts begin
sprocket: I'll be there
Hermes: you have three groups of humans evolving
Hermes: if you did not evolve in the first group
sprocket: it sounds interesting u know :)
Hermes: then you had to go into the second age
Hermes: if you miss evolving in the second age
Hermes: then you have to move to the third
sprocket: if I evolve in 2nd age
sprocket: can I still watch over third? :)
Hermes: yes you can watch over the third
Hermes: chances are people that evolve in the second will become spirit guides and masters for the third age
Hermes: the third age is supposed to be the most pugnacious because
Hermes: it is filled with the individuals that did not want to transform in the first or second age
sprocket: that makes point
sprocket: it doesn’t sounds so nice anymore :)
sprocket: well that settles it then
Hermes: I have seen visions of the third age
sprocket: I may have seen too, but cant recognize
Hermes: interplanetary wars
Hermes: peaceful on a local level
Hermes: but volatile outside that level
Hermes: of course the future is always changing, what I see today may not come to pass, it could be quite peaceful. You know I do not like to make predictions.
Hermes: it goes back to the original group of human souls. They are set to the earth to become divine and this takes three ages to complete...
Hermes: Not everyone evolves at the same rate, so you have to account for that in the grand design.
sprocket: what after divination?
sprocket: I mean what happens when we're all done
sprocket: that is question I’m always asking but never get answer
Hermes: You move on...
Hermes: to other reality creating systems
Hermes: there are other reality creating systems
Hermes: for example,
Hermes: the sun exists in one of these realities
Hermes: the sun you see is just a mirror of a greater being in another dimension
Hermes: living a different kind of existence
sprocket: have you seen anything that resembles nothingness
Hermes: nothingness exists between reality creating systems
Hermes: you get that when you travel OBE from one dimension to another
sprocket: can one possible end be just nothingness?
Hermes: I don’t think so
Hermes: the nothingness is the lack of consciousness
sprocket: yes
sprocket: what if someone wants desperately to disappear
Hermes: your consciousness can't be destroyed
Hermes: it can't
sprocket: that is interesting
Hermes: consciousness is forever
Hermes: you can change the nature of your consciousness
Hermes: but you can never eliminate it
sprocket: and why is that?
Hermes: there is nothingness and consciousness
Hermes: in the nothing is nothing
Hermes: it is undifferentiated zones where consciousness can fill it with something
Hermes: consciousness alters the nothing into something
Hermes: if you do not exist then you are nothing
Hermes: there is no going back to being nothing
Hermes: from what I understand
Hermes: consciousness can change
Hermes: but it can never be destroyed
Hermes: it is immortal
Hermes: part of the creator
Hermes: which is immortal
Hermes: if you think about it
Hermes: nothing ceases to exist
Hermes: it just changes
Hermes: when you burn a piece of wood
Hermes: it changes from wood to ash
Hermes: it never does not exist anymore
Hermes: it is no longer wood
Hermes: it becomes ash
Hermes: which then becomes other things
sprocket: I know
sprocket: that is what I’ve being telling people
Hermes: and then you have been telling good
sprocket: I’m just curious if there was a way to become into nothing
Hermes: not that I know of
Hermes: I have traveled to the nothing regions
Hermes: you still exist
Hermes: there is just nothing around you
Hermes: and you can create things with your thoughts in these nothing regions
Hermes: but they do not stay
Hermes: it takes great numbers of consciousness to transform great regions of nothing into something permanent
Hermes: physical reality is one such creation of nothing to something involving many levels of beings
Hermes: beings like you and me
Hermes: and others like the sun, planets
Hermes: and galaxies
Hermes: create something from the nothing
Hermes: but in these nothing regions by yourself
Hermes: it is very hard to create things
sprocket: you need building material
Hermes: true
Hermes: in the non nothing regions it is much easier because many consciousness are continually reshaping the fabric.
Hermes: working on the nothing
Hermes: the most advanced reality creators work on this level
Hermes: create realities from the nothing
sprocket: quite a task
Hermes: it sure must be
Hermes: I am lucky I can create my small world here
sprocket: you need energy that is wanting to be something you create?
Hermes: yes
sprocket: is this energy constant?
sprocket: there is certain amount of it available
sprocket: and that is
sprocket: that’s it
sprocket: what happens when I get this energy, is it out from somewhere else
sprocket: out/off
Hermes: you talking about the nothing
Hermes: the nothing is vast regions of unreality ordered space
Hermes: I am told it goes on and on
Hermes: that it is limitless
sprocket: I meant
sprocket: I’m part of energy
sprocket: someone else is too
Hermes: yes you are energy
sprocket: this energy
Hermes: and so is someone else
sprocket: we use to create things
Hermes: yes
sprocket: is that energy constant
sprocket: I mean is the energy amount constant
sprocket: that is there to use
sprocket: or is there some sort of place that gives it more
sprocket: all the time
Hermes: it varies in different realities
Hermes: that is why in dreams you have more freedom than in physical reality
sprocket: so the amount of energy grows
sprocket: what I’m aiming at is
sprocket: that nothingness shrinks while the consciousness grows
Hermes: yes it does, if something that is limitless can shrink
sprocket: so the balance keeps on
sprocket: even if the energy amount grows
sprocket: both are limitless?
Hermes: yes
sprocket: ok
Hermes: that is how I understand it to be
Hermes: I understand it was not always like this
Hermes: that The Creator took many cycles to reach the point where reality did not fold back in on itself
Hermes: it would breathe
Hermes: out and in
Hermes: each time staying out longer
Hermes: till now we have reached a point where it will no longer go back in
Hermes: it will just keep expanding
Hermes: this is also something physics is discovering
Hermes: that the universe has enough mass to keep expanding into the nothing
Hermes: in previous breaths reality would fold back into itself after a certain point
Hermes: then expand outward again. This was called the Breath of Prana
sprocket: really? that is weird, because I always said in younger that I think universe is like big lungs
sprocket: even before I saw any scientist writings about it
Hermes: there you go
Hermes: you knew all the time
sprocket: the theory they are giving is that it expands, but it shuts it down off
sprocket: meaning the energy is no more
sprocket: but that was when they also thought there is black holes.. so :)
Hermes: yes they do not have the whole picture
Hermes: they still do not believe in existences outside the physical one, which is a small part of the greater reality
sprocket: it’s weird
sprocket: they should try to add it up to calculations
sprocket: and see what kind of results it would give
sprocket: if one can give any parameters
sprocket: but still think that it could make sense of something
sprocket: that is yet not understood
sprocket: I’ll be back later
sprocket: cya

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