brow chakra exercise; chakra spinning; locking and unlocking a chakra; healing with energy and the OLAP and ARN surgeons; lower entities latching on to you; changing and removing illness events; seeing and feeling aura; electricty and other energies; telekinesis;
August 12, 2004 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Aug 12 16:30:45 2004
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<Aura_74> Hi hermes
<LogoRat> welcome
<Hermestr> wow, its loaded here
<Hermestr> hello everyone
<LogoRat> :)
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<orph> hermes, nice to finally meat you (: (after reading ALL the logs ^^ )
<Aura_74> my first time meeting you, after your good counsel
<Aura_74> (:
<Hermestr> well then welcome new people, glad you could make it
<orph> I have questions, can I go first?
<orph> (:
<Hermestr> sure
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<orph> I was wondering how come I never read anything on planet orpheus in whatever creation story I came across
<orph> planet orpheus crashed into the earth a looong time ago, and formed the moon btw
<ian_> I am here
<ian_> darn 'work'. hi everyone
<ian_> Aura_74: thanks a lot for your info
<Aura_74> no problem
<Hermestr> well I would guess that that event predates the written records we have
<ian_> now what are good exercises in your experiences for third eye awareness?
<ian_> i have heard of good exercises for heart chakra and crown
<Hermestr> this event is mentioned in esoteric circles but I too do not know of any ancient document talking about it
<orph> too bad
<Hermestr> it is said that when that happened the balance of male and female was upset
<Hermestr> because that planet generated the balancing current for the earth
<Hermestr> this led to the division of the sexes and the oppression of woman
<Hermestr> since then humanity has been trying to anchor this current on his own
<Hermestr> third eye exercise.
<Hermestr> i tell you what i did
<Hermestr> it is not an official exercise but I used to do it often
<ian_> ok
<ian_> anything will help
<ian_> to provide a context/direction
<Hermestr> make a fist and place your hand up against your temple, you should have your t
<Hermestr> the hole that your clinched fingers make by the tumb should go up against the temple
<Hermestr> if you understand what I am saying
<Hermestr> make sure your elbow descends downward
<Hermestr> so to cross the heart chakra or at least close to it
<LogoRat> like you are holding a pin that is through your head?
<Hermestr> yea
<ian_> i think so, so that if something shot out of my temple it would go inside of my palm?
<Hermestr> as if you had a rod in your hand
<LogoRat> k
<Hermestr> and you were holding this rod outward from your forehead
<Hermestr> then you focus on that hole in your fist using your mind
<ian_> and the heart chakra is that near the human heart but directly between the lungs and lower?
<Hermestr> in the center of the body
<ian_> Hermestr: that's...interesting
<Hermestr> about where the heart is
<orph> heart chakra can be at different places, right?
<ian_> isnt the center of the body lower, more like the spleen/kidneys?
<ian_> you mean the center of the torso
<ian_> right?
<Hermestr> you can almost feel the energy going through your brow into the hole in your hand and out
<ian_> ok, i should know anyway
<ian_> Hermestr; yeah, i think i see where you’re going
<Hermestr> center torso yes
<ian_> these 'unofficial' exercises help
<Hermestr> if you want
<ian_> I hesitate to call myself skeptic but i am very analytical
<Hermestr> you can use your other hand across your body to hold up your other hand that is on the brow
<Hermestr> well I used to use it
<Hermestr> for myself to help focus the third eye
<Hermestr> well still use it
<ian_> Hermestr: i can already kind of get the idea of that by thinking about it
<Hermestr> but not as much these days
<ian_> thanks
<orph> hermes: what do you think of chakra rotation?
<Hermestr> it is hard to explain
<ian_> so when i see the big purple haze around i see it through this third eye no?
<Hermestr> yea that purple haze stuff when you close your eyes
<Hermestr> you can use that as a focus point if you like
<ian_> only when i close?
<ian_> or that just helps
<Hermestr> what do you mean by chakra rotation
<Hermestr> well i do close my eyes when I do this exercise
<ian_> hm, ok
<ian_> that is helpful to know
<orph> the direction in which chakras spin, clockwise or counterclockwise
<Hermestr> it is easier to focus on the energy with your eyes closed
<ian_> Hermestr: understandably...
<Hermestr> Normal chakras will rotate clockwise
<orph> I spin my chakras CW for crown CCW for brow CW for throat CCW for heart and so on,
<Aura_74> is there any good reason to spin them counter, since it seems there is some debate on it with some sources
<Hermestr> it does differ by source
<ian_> I thought i had read that males go one way and females go the other
<Aura_74> I have heard that
<Aura_74> but I have been told clockwise and I only spin my that way
<Aura_74> and it simple feels better to me
<Aura_74> but I am female
<ian_> but then I can't sense any spinning whatsoever, so it doesn’t mean much to me
<Hermestr> I myself don't think about rotation, when I focus on them I see them as fast spinning orbs of light
<Hermestr> i do think about rotation when doing a healing
<Aura_74> should you beware how fast you spend them for any reason at all
<orph> hermes: The last few days I tried to spin them both directions at the same time, this really makes them hot, that's not a bad thing, right?
<Hermestr> counter clockwise unlocks them
<Hermestr> clockwise closes them
<Hermestr> I would say do what feels better
<Hermestr> your body knows
<orph> (:
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<LogoRat> do you have any suggestions on how to use quartz crystals for the chakras?, i am right now using a quartz at my heart chakra, will try and see if it helps me
<Hermestr> i think as far as chakra exercises are concerned either way will work fine
<ian_> i didn’t know much about energy at all the last time i touched a crystal.. but for some reason i didn’t want to put it down.
<Hermestr> I use a crystal over a chakra to open and close it
<Aura_74> hermes, but is there a danger in how fast you spin them
<Hermestr> you hold the crystal over the chakra and think counter clockwise to open it
<Hermestr> do the work
<LogoRat> k
<ian_> and is there any time in which it is beneficial or necessary that they be closed?
<Hermestr> then hold the crystal over it again and think clockwise and when it spins that way for a bit it is done
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<orph> aura, if you spin too fast the chakra opens too much I think, and when it goes back to normal size it should... feel bad at least
<LogoRat> when u think if the rotations, do you observe the rotation like you are looking at your body or from the view within and out !?
<Hermestr> well you open it to work on it
<Darlok> hey guys
<Hermestr> then close it when you are done
<Aura_74> hi darlok
<ian_> i see
<Hermestr> this does not refer to an open chakra and closed chakra
<Hermestr> that is something else.
<ian_> ahh that was my confusion.
<Hermestr> this is for healing work
<ian_> gotcha
<Hermestr> you unlock the chakra
<Hermestr> do the work then lock it again
<ian_> very interesting
<Aura_74> what form of healing to you do, Reiki?
<Hermestr> it is not Reiki but is similar to it in that it uses energy to heal the body
<Aura_74> have you heard of Chios
<Aura_74> I am currently studying that
<Hermestr> I think what I do goes back to the days of Atlantis
<Aura_74> oh yes
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<Aura_74> I have heard of it
<Aura_74> something with symbols or am I wrong on this
<Hermestr> it is energy but also I use nonphysical healers to help
<Aura_74> the OLAP?
<Hermestr> the OLAP and the ARN healers for example
<Hermestr> so it is a joint effort,
<Hermestr> they often direct me to do things
<Aura_74> (:
<Hermestr> and I do them
<Hermestr> where as in Reiki you do this and that and then you are done
<orph> hermes, how about sound healing?
<Hermestr> i don't use sound healing myself but I have met some gifted healers that do use it very well
<orph> can you explain what they do in a nutshell?
<LogoRat> they try to get out :)
<orph> :P
<ian_> haha
<Hermestr> In a normal healing I will do some energy work myself then call in the OLAP or ARN. Then they use my energy to help deliver their energy into the patient
<Hermestr> they will direct me to areas of the body
<Hermestr> sometimes I may touch parts of the body
<Aura_74> when you use a crystal for healing and the spin rotations, is it a pendulem by any chance or wand
<ian_> Hermestr: i suppose the initial work you do is comparable to enabling the flow of chi/prana?
<ian_> or is it different?
<ian_> less physical?
<Hermestr> i use a pendulum for locking and unlocking the chakra
<Hermestr> i use a wand for working on the chakra
<Aura_74> thanks I needed to hear that
<Hermestr> i have a couple wands
<Aura_74> I have both tools
<Hermestr> great
<orph> hermes: have you ever heard of sound shielding?
<Hermestr> yes the initial work sets the stage and readies the body
<Hermestr> i usually rack the aura
<Hermestr> I will also hold the patients feet
<Hermestr> send energy up the feet to the top of the body and do a progressive read of the body from top down
<Hermestr> i note any areas where the energy seems blocked
<ian_> I've read the Chinese medicine can diagnose specific problems just by feeling the pulse.
<Hermestr> then I may open a chakra or two and or call the OLAP surgeons in
<ian_> i wonder if there are any correlations in ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to energywork
<Hermestr> i'm sure it is all connected to various healing methods
<LogoRat> can u tell us a bit about why certain entities likes to feed off humans energies, and how they choose their sources?
<Aura_74> also tell us how to cast them off if they are feeding of you
<orph> or how to prevent them from attaching in the first place (:
<Aura_74> and it is harder to get rid of them depending on the strength of the entity
<LogoRat> are they like the physical insects that feed of our blood?
<Hermestr> well lower entities feed off the lower passions
<Aura_74> so like attracts like, if you are in that state of mind
<Aura_74> ?
<Hermestr> yes if you are generating lots of lower energies you will attract these guys
<LogoRat> and how do yo do that
<Hermestr> well do you get angry a lot
<Hermestr> or do you have uncontrolled sexual urges
<Hermestr> are you depressed all the time
<Aura_74> or perhaps addictions to substances
<Hermestr> all these things will attract these things to you
<LogoRat> i have no uncontrolled emotions no more, but yes.. i do feel fed up with most things nowdays
<Hermestr> i think the addictions are a sign of these uncontrolled emotional energies
<Hermestr> they take the drugs to feel better to compensate
<Aura_74> I understand ( :
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<Hermestr> well fed up is not bad
<davedave> hi guys
<Hermestr> everyone gets that way
<Hermestr> it is just if you get real depressed over it for a long period of time
<Hermestr> then you have problems
<LogoRat> k, well that i don’t
<Pairote> hi hermes
<LogoRat> i have good control over my emotions
<LogoRat> its just that it feels as if something is draining me
<Hermestr> it will attract these entities that will feed off that energy, then you just get more depressed because the entity wants more of that energy so it tires to invoke it more within you.
<LogoRat> working on it
<LogoRat> k
<Hermestr> well there are entities that just feed off your energy
<Hermestr> these guys latch on when your light is low
<Hermestr> keeping your light high usually keeps these guys away
<orph> hmm, I thought they are attracted to light, like flies, so if you up your vibrations, you will attract these entities as well... like, the stronger you get, the stronger you need to be
<LogoRat> k, well if i do like a ripping pushing pulling away motions with my hands from my heart chakra when i feel energy drain, i can feel the energy coming back.. like im pulling away something
<Hermestr> meditation and prayer works well for raising your light. you can also use the MPE or the WLE
<davedave> hermes, may i ask you a question?
<ian_> davedave: too late, that was your only one
<LogoRat> lol
<davedave> :-)
<ian_> ;)
<Aura_74> actually if they can they probably will feed of your energy so I always protect myself through various methods
<Aura_74> dave better just jump right in and ask
<davedave> ok
<davedave> can the "change the past" technique be used to heal physical injury?
<davedave> for example...
<davedave> suppose, hypothetically, i bruise my ankle by banging it something...
<davedave> if i reorient my "memory" to a probability in which i never had that accident, will that actually have a beneficial effect>?
<Hermestr> it will help to heal it quicker
<davedave> hmmm. interesting
<Hermestr> by changing the past you remove from there so your present should want to catch up to it
<davedave> I’ve also heard that a powerful moment is the moment "before" you actually know something about the injury
<Hermestr> well in those moments you can change it
<Hermestr> prevent if from happening
<davedave> e.g. BEFORE you get an official diagnosis from, say, a doctor, there's more flexibility to change the extent of the injury... do you think there's something to this>
<Hermestr> usually you get some kind of warning that it is about to be created
<Hermestr> yes dave that too
<davedave> cool!
<Hermestr> your belief system will determine what probable realities come to you
<davedave> even "after" the fact?...
<Hermestr> so by altering your thoughts to a more positive flavor you alter what is coming your way
<Hermestr> well after the fact is different, that is like damage control
<Aura_74> I know people who were diagnosed with ills and they just don't claim it and they get all better
<Hermestr> once it is created you have to deal with that creation
<Hermestr> in the case of an injury you can help to heal it faster
<Hermestr> or change the flow of the illness so it is more mild than it would be normally without any intervention
<Aura_74> (:
<orph> so you can heal the injury, but NOT make it undone, erase it from ever happening, right?
<davedave> again, but BEFORE a state of knowing, i.e., before you get your X-ray back from the hospital, you can attract a possibility where you get the "better" of the possible diagnoses
<davedave> hermes, do you think placing crystals near the affected area can have a beneficial effect?
<Hermestr> correct, once it is in your reality you have to deal with it, but you can at that point alter its course
<Hermestr> the changing of the past exercise is one way to do this course altering
<Hermestr> you do not remove the event from your present but change the conditions that created it in the past
<Aura_74> so as a make thinketh he is, positive thoughts can work wonders, well hermes your RC book 1 helped, lol
<Hermestr> this causes the event to eventually unmanifest itself in your reality, that unmanifesting may come in the form of a quick healing or something like that
<Hermestr> i Use crystals for much of my healing work
<orph> hmm, so if I cut someones arm of after drugging him, and he does not recognize that for being true, the arm will grow back?
<Hermestr> so yes crystals can help to heal an area of the body that needs healing
<davedave> cool!
<Hermestr> of course not
<Hermestr> the arm will not grow back
<orph> lol
<orph> just to be sure
<Hermestr> that is a reality creation that must be dealt with
<orph> what is the difference?
<Aura_74> lol
<Hermestr> if you create something so one way like that there is no going back
<Hermestr> as they say
<Hermestr> so the rule is
<Hermestr> don't do that
<Aura_74> or karmic debt for him losing his arm in the first place
<Aura_74> perhaps
<Hermestr> well that could be but then what happens is you take the easy way out and start to blame everything on a karmic debt when it may just be bad reality creating
<orph> i read of fingers growing back...
<Aura_74> (: I see
<Hermestr> i always look for the reality creating angle first
<Aura_74> interesting
<Aura_74> I will
<Hermestr> use karmic debt as a last resort
<Aura_74> good
<Aura_74> I will
<davedave> are "accidents" just bad reality creating then? e.g., someone stubbing his toe shows he's doing something wrong?
<LogoRat> <-- flygande penis
<LogoRat> oops wrong window
<LogoRat> remove that
<LogoRat> lol
<ian_> one of the Chinese professors I’ve been reading about tells a story where there were two men in a hospital, and the nurse accidentally switched the orders from the doctor, so that the patient who was seriously ill was told he would be fnie, and the person who was fine was told they were seriously ill.
<ian_> well, the person who was fine died, and the other person fully recovered
<davedave> wow!
<ian_> before they could realize what happened
<Hermestr> some accidents are created intentionally on accident
<Hermestr> what I mean by that is you unknowing create it
<ian_> the power of the mind ... is important
<Hermestr> you do this for example when you want to punish yourself or others
<ian_> just think of defeatist attitudes and what they produce
<Hermestr> so you create this bad thing happening to you to get back at them or you, so you can say " I told you so"
<davedave> so by avoiding these destructive thoughts you are warding away mishaps?
<Hermestr> yes exactly
<Hermestr> stay away from all those kinds of thoughts
<davedave> hermes, when you use crystals do you put them directly on the injured area? or just nearby?
<Hermestr> i hover them over it
<Hermestr> working them back and forth
<davedave> i see
<Hermestr> you can just place them on the body as well
<Hermestr> and I do this too when I am doing something else someplace else
<Hermestr> but i like to actively more the crystal energy around as well
<orph> hermes: have you ever used the affirmation "I AM awake" ?
<Hermestr> yea to keep awake during a test
<davedave> thanks
<Hermestr> in college
<ian_> :)
<orph> I mean...
<orph> like waking up in dreams when you know you are dreaming, this can be used for waking up in real life, when you know you are awake,
<orph> um, the state it gets me in is... interesting (:
<orph> like being lucid in waking life
<orph> a similar feeling anyway
<orph> can you relate to that or comment?
<orph> I'm still experimenting
<davedave> where did you hear about this?
<orph> maybe its more like "I AM conscious"
<Hermestr> well try it and let us know how it works
<Hermestr> i usually do not do that sort of thing when I am dreaming or on a obe
<orph> dave: i just woke at some point, had full consciousness, and then I decided to have it more often (:
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<davedave> lol
<davedave> i guess I’ve been napping for a long time...
<orph> yea, I have been for 18 years ^^
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<Hermestr> nice long nap there
<orph> that state feels like the ultimate RC state to be in
<davedave> in what way, orph?
<LogoRat> can a unbalanced chakra make you unconscious in dreams?
<orph> well, you only have 100% of choice, if you are 100% conscious
<Hermestr> it helps to have an open brow chakra for dream recall
<davedave> so when you are in your "awake" state, you fully choose EVERYTHING you experience?
<LogoRat> oki
<orph> dave: yea (:
<Hermestr> but an unbalanced one should still allow dream recall
<davedave> nice
<LogoRat> oki
<davedave> hermes, by open brow, are you referring to the third eye area?
<Hermestr> yea
<Hermestr> there are several terms for the same thing
<orph> I thought brow was 5th eye...
<davedave> interesting... something's been telling me just recently to put a lot more of my attention in that area?
<Hermestr> brow, temple, third eye
<orph> third eye is between the eyes (ajna chakra I think) brow is on forehead
<davedave> i don't quite know how to identify the reason, but lately, i just feel like I’ve been suggested to focus on that area?
<Hermestr> well i suppose the terms are not precise
<Hermestr> but there is only one chakra there
<orph> just one?
<orph> hmm
<Hermestr> all chakra have parts of them
<Hermestr> the chakra at the third eye has parts to it
<Hermestr> but generally speaking all those parts are referenced under one chakra
<ian_> Hermestr: are the main chakras sort of the 'master' of all the hundreds of chakra surrounding in a sense?
<Hermestr> yes
<orph> ugh, that's new for me
<ian_> so it's sort of a heuristic to control all of them
<Hermestr> yes
<davedave> hermes, does the concept of trying to "see" through your third eye make any sense to you?
<ian_> cool to think about.
<ian_> now how people identified these chakra, and acupuncture, is insane to think about.
<Hermestr> I guess that means to open it up, the third eye
<davedave> lately, when visualizing, i try to imagine that the third eye is itself an eye, and to imagine how things would look from that perspective
<Hermestr> that sounds like it would help
<orph> dave: think about the third eye are being filled with purple, that should be effective to open that chakra real wide real fast
<orph> are = being
<Aura_74> for third eye work, is amethyst a good crystal, because I tend to use that one a lot
<davedave> purple, huh? I’ll try that
<Hermestr> any kind of attention to the third eye will help here. yes purple is a good color to use there
<orph> hermes, may I ask about sound shielding again please (:
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<novice> hello
<LogoRat> ive heard that the actual feeling you get when opening the regular eyes, that tension you get before they open, if you make that opening when having you regular eyes open will stimulate the 3rd eye spot
<Aura_74> hi
<ian_> wb aura
<Hermestr> interesting logorat
<Hermestr> having any luck with that method
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<LogoRat> yes
<LogoRat> when doing practice with seeing auras
<LogoRat> it shows up faster
<Hermestr> great, perhaps you will have many others trying it as well
<Hermestr> i will have to try that myself for seeing aura
<davedave> is the tension very subtle? how does it feel?
<ian_> interesting
<LogoRat> it can be felt, but try to do the feeling that is before you actually feel your muscles working
<ian_> davedave: just close your eyes and open them, notice the 'pull'
<LogoRat> when you have eyes open, you can feel the spot
<`gradient> i feel colors in ppl.. whats up with that?
<davedave> i think i feel something
<`gradient> hi btw :)
<ian_> it's just natural
<Hermestr> feeling auras is another way to see them
<orph> gradient: have you heard of expression colors?
<Aura_74> sometimes you can feel them, the energy of what is going on with that color
<`gradient> yeah, but i feel over the net
<Aura_74> well the energy of the person so to speak
<`gradient> over IRC i can read ppl.. i don't understand how that is possible indirectly
<Hermestr> that's real good long distance feeling there gradient
<davedave> how's mine? :-)
<`gradient> well maybe, but i don't know what the colors mean :)
<`gradient> your yellow
<`gradient> mainly
<`gradient> i see one color at a time
<Aura_74> is he?
<Aura_74> ( :
<`gradient> davedave is a curious yellow
<Aura_74> but there are layers of aura
<`gradient> yes
<davedave> hmm.. now i am very intrigued
<Aura_74> and some can see deeper layers than others
<LogoRat> gradient: mine is green right?
<Aura_74> I see them as well and sometimes over distance
<novice> 01how can you tell
<Aura_74> energy sensing
<Aura_74> but like I said there are layers
<`gradient> LogoRat, your fuzzy, possibly holding back i cannot see
<novice> 00how can you tell
<Aura_74> and some intuitive will see them differently
<LogoRat> k
<LogoRat> try now
<Aura_74> but when you speak of them with the person and give them meaning behind the color
<Aura_74> they will know if you are right or wrong
<`gradient> i noticed colors after increasing my feeling or empathy skills
<davedave> that's amazing
<davedave> does yellow correspond to anything?
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<`gradient> LogoRat, well i see a strong green, but it's projected now's not your natural state
<Aura_74> yes
<Aura_74> many things
<LogoRat> lol
<Aura_74> ego
<LogoRat> k
<Aura_74> light
<`gradient> unless you really are that green
<Aura_74> auras reflect from your chakras as well
<Aura_74> your chakras can depict your energy body into the aura
<Aura_74> there is a connection
<LogoRat> well, did a reading at a exhibition
<LogoRat> not those aura photos but a reading on my hand
<LogoRat> meridians reader
<LogoRat> something like that
<`gradient> meridians
<`gradient> channels?
<LogoRat> cant tell the name of it, was long time ago
<Hermestr> well your aura does change over time logorat
<Hermestr> so it may not be as green as it was or it could be more green
<`gradient> i'm writing about color and and the meridian of light at the mo
<LogoRat> yah, mine is like a xmas-tree
<LogoRat> lol
<Aura_74> lol
<davedave> ho ho ho
<Aura_74> a rainbow aura can be good I hear
<Aura_74> lol
<orph> ^^
<Aura_74> has meant perfect balance
<orph> still, i'll stick with blue and green (:
<Aura_74> but generally I am mostly 2 colors at a time, well those that are obvious
<`gradient> i er need some help with direction but essentially, this is what i've been 'given'
<Aura_74> when I do any healing practices there is a lot of green on me, healing work is a good way to learn about the colors and the intuitive feelings of them
<davedave> hey, can u click on the link without being disconnected from the chat?
<LogoRat> will do a reading on myself from the mirror when i can see auras good
<`gradient> yes davedave
<davedave> here goes...
<Aura_74> gradient do you mind telling me what my aura is right now
<Hermestr> green is a healing and a very mental color
<Aura_74> (:
<Hermestr> in healing work with colors you need to feel the color not see it
<`gradient> that site so far was based on a vision i had a while ago
<Hermestr> if you think blue you get green
<Aura_74> (:
<`gradient> Hermestr! yeah!
<`gradient> alignment
<`gradient> omg i thought i was going mad.. every time id seriously think about a color another would appear instead
<Hermestr> yep, you have to feel the colors to get them right
<`gradient> but when i just let a cooler have 'feel' it is what i expect
<Hermestr> because green is a mental color any time you involve the mind you get green
<orph> wasn't yellow the mental color? :/
<Aura_74> I never think of green, I just know I am green, but I do feel all colors
<Hermestr> or you inject green into whatever you are trying to get
<ian_> weird.. I was thinking actively to myself earlier i am green
<ian_> maybe there was some scientific basis to that after all
<Hermestr> I know aura, I thought I would just pop that fact in when you mentioned green
<LogoRat> is this why they use green in hospitals to calm down people
<`gradient> green is the nature or result in a way of something else
<Aura_74> well I am not saying I am green now
<`gradient> a balance
<Aura_74> gradient will you read my aura? or not now
<`gradient> no
<`gradient> sorry
<Aura_74> (:
<Aura_74> it's okay
<`gradient> it gives me a headache.. too much color in the room lol
<Hermestr> yes often these spiritual gifts can take a hit on the body
<Hermestr> because they use up so much spiritual energy
<`gradient> I’m only a novicee i don't actually have meanings or anything
<Hermestr> then the body does not have enough to do its thing
<Hermestr> over time you can build up your spiritual energy bank so you can do more
<`gradient> thanks for the color chart www Hermestr
<Hermestr> glad to help gradient
<`gradient> that is what I’ve been searching for
<`gradient> crystal is interesting
<`gradient> that is very important to me
<Hermestr> yea crystal people have it tough
<davedave> yes, thanks for the chart, hermes
<`gradient> I’ve just discovered a color 'x' that connects to other aura colors...this is it
<Hermestr> they tend to take on the aura of the moment
<Hermestr> which means they need to pick their friends very carefully
<`gradient> oh yeah
<Aura_74> interesting
<orph> hermes: friends are an reflection of self, how can you actually pick them?
<davedave> change your self?
<LogoRat> likes attracts likes
<Hermestr> yea change yourself and your friends change
<ian_> orph: the first part of your sentence
<ian_> ;)
<`gradient> oh that’s why 'x' (crystal) connects to yellow, yellow is reflection
<`gradient> omg !..sorry probably no sense to others, but that works for me!
<Aura_74> makes sense
<davedave> I’m curious -- what's the meaning behind "yellow is reflection"
<`gradient> oh
<davedave> it seems significant
<`gradient> its part of my project www above
<davedave> oh
<`gradient> you'd have to read it to understand...its a work in progress as such i do not recommend it as gospel
<Aura_74> I am already looking
<davedave> arghh.. the link is too far up to be accessible .. oh well
<ian_> that is an interesting project
<LogoRat> hermes: can computers and all other kinds of electrical things disrupt your energy field?
<davedave> thanks!
<Aura_74> I will bookmark it
<`gradient> remove the /1.0html for the intro page (what my original 'vision' was)
<Hermestr> logorat, i suppose then can, however I find that the human energy field has an effect on them
<LogoRat> oki
<orph> logo: yea they can, and somewhere here it tells how
<`gradient> i need to update again in light of this convo lol
<LogoRat> yah its funny how those that is angry the most at computers gets the most problems
<Aura_74> this reminds me of how I was told you should wear your watch on the right hand so it won't effect your heart chakra
<`gradient> yes
<`gradient> i get very angry at mine
<LogoRat> some people that have a negative feeling to computers, when they come by my computer.. hell breaks loose
<ian_> LOL!
<Hermestr> strange logorat
<ian_> so thats why when I write software and demo it, it crashes *then*
<Aura_74> well I am a web developer, that explains it, lol
<ian_> :))
<Aura_74> just kidding
<orph> hmm, that might be why my RAM stopped working a few days ago :P
<LogoRat> what i mean was that the computer starts to fail
<LogoRat> lol
<LogoRat> yah
<orph> btw, hermes, I read electric energy is not from earth
<`gradient> my connection was so slow before, so i re connected in an angry mood.. it wouldn't connect at all this time...told me the password was incorrect, when i checked , i saw the password had repeated itself, and thus was wrong...funny thing is, i have it on auto, i did not change it manually
<`gradient> i love my pc now , honest:)
<orph> electric*
<orph> onle magnetic is,
<orph> and that aliens introduced it here
<orph> like they brought in triangle energy, when there were only round shaped energies before that on earth
<orph> and that’s why humans still cant handle too strong electric currents
<LogoRat> the printer at work for example, those that hate it the most, they get all the problems when they use it
<ian_> well this anger clouds your judgment from seeing the problems too
<ian_> your mood will affect your perception of the speed
<ian_> for ex.
<LogoRat> using computers makes the time accelerate, i think it has to do with the fast movement energies that is being used.
<ian_> stepping out... thanks hermes and everyone for a good convo
<davedave> bye, ian
<orph> seeya later ian (:
* ian_ has left #energyworks
<davedave> orph, did you mention something about sound shielding?
<davedave> what is that?
<orph> that's what I want to know, lol
<orph> I tried it out, and it does make perfect shields, the range from your body varying as you increase or decrease frequency of the sound,
<orph> but it was just an idea that struck me, and I can't find anyone else ever trying it
<davedave> shields against what?...
<orph> I cannot imagine anything not physical getting through those
* novice has joined #energyworks
<novice> im back
<orph> wb (:
<davedave> hi
<`gradient> sound, imo, is a result of light
<novice> what are you guys talking about
<orph> both are vibrations
<LogoRat> hermes, is it too late for more questions?
<`gradient> a coincidence that there are 7 colors and 7 notes?
<orph> lol
<orph> Chinese have 5 notes
<orph> so...
<`gradient> they also have 5 elements
<Hermestr> logorat, you can send another question I will be here for about 10 more minutes
<`gradient> each with 5 colors representing them
<LogoRat> oki
<LogoRat> are you experienced in telekinesis?
<Aura_74> some notes do respond to color, there are charts for it
<`gradient> www?
<orph> hmm, well if i had paid more attention in music class I could name at least 20 different note structures... I don't think related to anything ^^
<`gradient> lol
<Aura_74> I have a list of them
<Aura_74> here on me, a lot to type just now
<novice> when is the next workshop because i really wanted to ask you abought out of body travel hermes
<Hermestr> logorat, I do not have that skill, you mean moving objects with your mind
<Hermestr> to be honest I never tried to develop it
<LogoRat> yes
<LogoRat> I’ve practiced it
<LogoRat> and can now spin an object
<davedave> whoa, r u serious?
<`gradient> really?
<Aura_74> nice logo
<Hermestr> wow
<LogoRat> yes
<Aura_74> impressive
<novice> cool
<LogoRat> its amazing really
<Aura_74> I have tried
<Aura_74> I have failed
<Aura_74> how do you do it
<davedave> you mean, you just focus your mind, and the object spins?
<davedave> yeah, how do you do it/
<`gradient> i think you answered that davedave
<LogoRat> it kinda makes me wonder what else skills that is hidden behind the fabric of the society structure
<novice> i once tried to move water inside a cup but with no results i think i senn it move a little but i am not sure
<Aura_74> oh I forgot, once I moved a pen
<Aura_74> too easy though
<LogoRat> yes, took me 3days to learn it
<davedave> did you just keep trying and trying and trying?
<Darlok> .
<LogoRat> yah, trying to find a muscle that i haven’t used yet
<LogoRat> kinda
<LogoRat> there is this psiwheel that is documented on internet
<orph> hmm, if hard work really pays off I better get back to my chronokinesis exercises too ^^
<LogoRat> that u can practice the skills on
<Aura_74> lol
<davedave> lol
<novice> herster when is the next workshop cause i want to talk to you about out of body travel?
<Aura_74> Logo you made telekinesis interesting for me again
<LogoRat> k, cool
<novice> i am very new at that and need a few tips
<Hermestr> next Tuesday for workshop
<Aura_74> (:
<LogoRat> its soo cool when you sit there and it turns left, and then you focus right and it turns right etc :)
<orph> o, hermes, are you familiar with the "wingmakers"?
<Hermestr> logorat just tells us briefly what you do
<Aura_74> okay logo, one day I will ask for details on how you make the connection
<novice> ohh what time does it start? cause i just started school today and dont get home till 2:30
<Hermestr> wingmakers? does not ring a bell
<Hermestr> 20:30 GMT, roughly two hours ago
<LogoRat> well, i have this paper or foil that i i have balanced in a needle, and then i sit there and focus...or rather try and be friend with the object, really feel it. Myself i run energy into it and around it to make it spin
<LogoRat> but you don’t have to use your hands, you can do it at distance
<LogoRat> but i personally feel energy are being energized in my hands and to the object
<Aura_74> I have tried
<LogoRat> my hands sometimes get very warm
<novice> 1:30 at my neck of the woods then will you still be there
<Aura_74> but now I know a little more
<Aura_74> as far as energy around it and running through it
<davedave> have you ever shown this skill to anyone else? they must have freaked out
<LogoRat> when doing the Telekinesis, the interesting thing is that you think you need to tense up, but you really learn that being more relaxed and calm will work better
<Hermestr> nice procedure there, logorat
<davedave> yes, i think that's an interesting point that applies to other stuff besides telekinesis, in fact, al of RC in general
<LogoRat> yah
<Aura_74> (:
<Aura_74> thanks for the detail
<LogoRat> np
<orph> hermes: there is this wingmaker site, it's really impressive, they have a huge database of info (I think they copied your chakra pages though, lol) There are telekinesis exercises there too ;)
<davedave> hhmmm'
<novice> i will check it out
<orph> especially the charts of the human body meridians are really cool
* novice has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<davedave> do they correspond to Chinese chi flow charts
<orph> yea I think so,
<Hermestr> ok i have to go but great chat here today
<orph> though my knowledge on the Chinese ones is very very limited
<LogoRat> oki
<LogoRat> thx for the workshop
<Hermestr> see you next week
<davedave> thanks again, hermes
<orph> seeya later hermes (:
Session Close: Thu Aug 12 18:47:08 2004

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