not eating before sleep to increase dream recall or out of body; the Elohim; the Monad; the holy ghost; tuning into the various levels of divinity and using this energy; Ascension and the various physical/nonphysical bodys; releasing anger and learning to forgive;
August 3 2004 (workshop log file)

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<Hermestr> a bit late but here
<Hermestr> howdy
<jsn> hi
<Hermestr> hi jason
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<gnosis> hi
<Hermestr> hi gnosis
<gnosis> your tardiness is unacceptable!
<gnosis> j/k :)
<Hermestr> :)
<gnosis> how's your day going, Hermes?
<Hermestr> going well
<Hermestr> just got back from a early dinner with some friends
<gnosis> way old folks dinner time
<gnosis> :)
<gnosis> cool, so whadda ya eat?
<Hermestr> pizza
<gnosis> I actually like eating earlier. It gives the body a chance to process food before sleeping.
<Hermestr> well you should not eat thee hours before going to sleep, yes I try to stick to that myself
<Hermestr> i have found that it not only keeps your more fit and trim, it also helps with your dream recall and out of body adventures
<gnosis> neat
<Hermestr> i suppose because the body is not busy doing the digestion thing it has more energy for dream recall and out of body travel
<gnosis> yeah
<gnosis> I don't know if people fully realize that the body has to work to process after you eat a big meal you're all you just worked out or something
<gnosis> lol
<Hermestr> you are right
<Hermestr> most people do not realize this
<gnosis> nice talking with you
<gnosis> i have to go tho :)
<Hermestr> ok
<Hermestr> thanks for stopping by
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* Darlok has joined #energyworks
<Darlok> hey Hermes whatsup
<Darlok> I have a question
<Darlok> Who created the Monads?
<Hermestr> everything was created by God at some point
<Hermestr> the monads are just one of the may gradual extensions of God
<Hermestr> may=many
<Darlok> GOd as in the creator created the monads or God as in the Elohim?
<Hermestr> the Monad for the human soul is the first true divine part of it
<Hermestr> God as in the force that created everything that is everything
<Hermestr> the Elohim are called the c-creator gods
<Darlok> so when the Monad spoke to let say Jesus.. that meant that GOD was directly talking with him?
<Hermestr> they are gods in a sense that they never separated from that force
<Hermestr> so they act in a divine manner
<Hermestr> and in accordance with the laws of the universe
<Darlok> k
<Hermestr> i know
<Hermestr> it is damn confusing
<Hermestr> In the bible they call the Elohim God
<Darlok> lol.. yeah.. I was asking about it last time we spoke.. so this is just a continuation :P
<Hermestr> however that is not really true today, because mankind’s idea of what God is has changed, evolved and expanded
<Darlok> can the co creator Elohim Gods create monads though?
<Darlok> or is creating Monads only GOD's privilege?
<Hermestr> no they cannot create that
<Hermestr> they are partially responsible for the creation of this universe and perhaps some others
<Darlok> k
<Hermestr> the work with matter and energy and combine them in ways that create change on a physical level
<Hermestr> they also are responsible for the way life evolves and grows on a planet
<Darlok> okay
<Darlok> so the Creator (GOD) communicates with a human through the Monad?
<Hermestr> Yes
<Darlok> nice
<Hermestr> communication from a higher being to a lower one has to go through steps or translators if you will
<Hermestr> the Monad is your translator to God
<Hermestr> it is the first divine spark that the human self can communicate with and eventually merge with in ascension.
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<Darlok> cool
* miah has joined #energyworks
<miah> hi all :)
<Hermestr> Hi Miah
<Darlok> whats up miah
<miah> this is the first time i have been able to log into the chat during session time
<miah> i hope i didn’t miss too much :)
<miah> Hermes I absolutely love your website
<Darlok> yeah the web site rules, so does Reality Creator 2.. Great book
<miah> i purchased the first one, haven’t had a chance to get the second one yet :)
<Darlok> :0
<miah> i have also spent hours browsing through the past log files
<Hermestr> thanks, I'm glad the website and the books are helpful
<Hermestr> yes there are lots of those log files up there
<Darlok> Hermes.. is the Holy Ghost a person ?
<Hermestr> the holy ghost / holy spirit usually refers to the divine spark within a person. It also was/is seen as a separate force
<Hermestr> to be very honest I don't find any exact being taking on this role
<Hermestr> i think it was often used as a general term to explain spirit unfolding within man
<Darlok> k
<Hermestr> but i have never met nonphysically a holy ghost
<Hermestr> if that helps
<Hermestr> now of course beings like Sandalphon and Archangel Michael could use this idea at times to reach a person
<miah> Hermes do you have a technique that is a good starting point for someone that wants to start exploring astral work?
<Hermestr> well out of body travel or travel meditation are really the big tools to do that
<Hermestr> you can use dreams to a certain extent
<Hermestr> if you are good with dream recall
<miah> I am not very good at remembering my dreams
<miah> i have used relaxation techniques, and those have helped to an extent
<Darlok> i am.. I wake up 6 times a night to go to the bathroom and seem to remember all my dreams.. Hehe (--- bladder problems
<miah> i can feel vibrations and i was successful in leaving my body on a few occasions, but never an extended trip
<miah> i think my concentration is probably my weakest point
<Hermestr> Miah, well then out of body travel sounds like your best way to explore then
<miah> what are some good techniques for out of body travel?
<Hermestr> yea Darlok, drink lots of water and you will wake up enough times to remember your dreams, works good
<Darlok> *nods*
<Hermestr> it is also good for the body to get up once or twice during sleep
<Hermestr> Have you tried the one on the website
<Hermestr> that is the one i recommend
<miah> also Hermes, do you have an email that people can send questions to you outside of the chat?
<Hermestr> use the contact form
<miah> thank you :)
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<Darlok> so Hermes about the Great Central Sun. Previously you said that there's one in every Universe. Now, how Does the Great Central Sun relate to GOd? WHat's the connection?
<Darlok> like GOd created the Great Central Sun for what purpose?
<Hermestr> these things like the Great Central Sun, Monad, Soul, are all various connecting points to God
<Hermestr> you are a connecting point to God as well
<Hermestr> the Great Central Sun is a massive divine being (or energy) that is connected to God but in a greater way than say you are.
<Hermestr> your one day, you will be a Great Central Sun as well
<Hermestr> as you evolve and grow and become more united with God
<Hermestr> the first step is merging with the Monad
<Hermestr> then on to other more powerful and intimate mergings with the Creator of All things
<Darlok> Ahhhh I seee
<Hermestr> :)
<Hermestr> As you evolve further you can reach higher in the divine chain.
<Hermestr> the Great Central Sun happens to be at the far reaches of the scale for now
<Hermestr> but that will change of course
<Hermestr> and then there will be another more unified force with God to reach to next.
<Darlok> that's cool!
<Hermestr> 2000 years ago if you told someone about the Great Central Sun they would have not understood you and would have thought you were crazy. Today however human consciousness has come further and is more open to these greater divine forces.
<Hermestr> you do not meditate right?
<Hermestr> i think you had said that once
<Darlok> yes I don't
<Hermestr> well if you could try to tune into these various energies at different times, you will develop a feel for them
<Hermestr> each energy is different and holds another divine piece to your makeup
<Hermestr> so one day you should tune into the Monad, another the Great Central Sun, and another day see if you can reach further to divinity
<Hermestr> you will find that all these divine levels have some thing to offer you.
<Hermestr> and you can use their energy in your own life at different times
<Hermestr> just by thinking about them
<Hermestr> you bring forth how they feel
<Hermestr> this invokes the energy within you
<Hermestr> and you can use that energy
<Hermestr> but to get to that point you have to first learn what they feel like
<Hermestr> and you do that in quiet moments,
<Hermestr> or in meditation by focusing on that energy
<Hermestr> allowing it to fill you and feeling what it is like
<Darlok> k
<Darlok> Hermes.. how many different bodies do we have? Like etheric, astral etc... ? and during Ascension what happens to these bodies? or to the human body
<Hermestr> well this depends on who you ask, however I break it down to five: physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual
<Hermestr> during ascension they are all burned up and replaced with the spirit body
<Hermestr> but this new spirit body is now connected intimately with God
<Hermestr> whereas before the spirit body could only exist and be connected to God in the Spirit plane.
<Hermestr> Spirit plane means the reality levels in the Aethyrs
<Hermestr> the plane of Spirit
<Darlok> okay
<Darlok> so the Monad exists in the Spirit plane ?
<Hermestr> yes and above that
<Darlok> k got it
<Darlok> hey Hermes.. Let say I want to forgive someone with all my heart from a past life.. How do I go about that?
<Darlok> I really hate that person.. Tremendous type of Hate red :(
<Hermestr> close your eyes and just say you forgive them
<Hermestr> you mean
<Hermestr> you want to forgive them but you can't
<Darlok> yes!!
<Darlok> i said that it's not easy to forgive them
<Hermestr> ah, ok
<Hermestr> you can try this,
<Hermestr> what holds you back is the anger that is connected to that person
<Hermestr> you must let go of this anger first
<Hermestr> you must realize that nothing happens without you allowing it
<Hermestr> and if you allowed it then some good had to come from it
<Hermestr> find that good and hold on to that
<Hermestr> you also have to realize that people are not perfect
<Hermestr> and they make mistakes or do things that they should not.
<Hermestr> sit quietly and feel this anger within you
<Darlok> I did that
<Hermestr> then imagine this anger leaving your body like a mist
<Hermestr> see this anger go into a reality creation vortex and be transformed into love
<Hermestr> just the anger, i am not asking you to love this person
<Hermestr> just see the anger turn into love, use your imagination
<Hermestr> do this every day till the anger is gone
<Hermestr> everyday you will release a bit more of the anger and transform it
<Hermestr> eventually the anger will be gone and you will be able to let it go and forgive and forget.
<Darlok> I sure hope so.. Part of me wants the anger to remain yet part of me wants it to disappear ASAP
<Hermestr> this could take a week, a month or several months
<Hermestr> yes this is what you do for the part that wants to hold on to it
<Hermestr> you say "Mighty I am presence, please remove and transform the part of me that wants to hold on to this anger, transform it now. I give my permission for this to be done even though that part of me does not.
<Hermestr> not want to go^
<Hermestr> you are invoking your higher right to remove a part of yourself that you no longer need
<Darlok> well I'll be trying but the Roots of this anger are DEEEP! From a previous lifetime few thousand yrs ago
<Hermestr> it will go
<Darlok> hope that works
<Hermestr> just be persistent
<Hermestr> look for the small changes first. like feeling less anger
<Hermestr> than you did the previous day
<Hermestr> anger like this goes away a bit at a time
* Darlok crosses fingers ;\
<Hermestr> ok time to go
<Hermestr> good questions and thanks for stopping
<Darlok> np
<Darlok> thanks for answering
<Hermestr> catch you next time
<Darlok> cya l8r
Session Close: Tue Aug 03 18:13:12 2004

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