the Venus transit; group meditation; hearing voices; ascended masters and the cities of light; The Elohim & The Melchizedek; The Great Central Sun;
July 29, 2004 (workshop log file)

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<Hermestr> howdy
<shintia> hi
<Attuned> hello. you made it after all
<shintia> hermes, what do you think about this new Venus transit that the Mayan Indian had prophecy about, the new era of humanity.
<shintia> Are u preparing your cup of tea now Hermes, I am waiting with excitement..
<Attuned> shintia what did you hear about this new era of humanity?
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<shintia> well, in Sweden we had Oneness Celebration for this new era.
<shintia> Venus transit happened on 7-9 of June 2004 and the Mayans had written about this time for 2000 years ago.
<Attuned> so what now that the transit happened?
<shintia> they spoke about an important period of time between 2004 until 2012.
<Attuned> why important?
<shintia> important for humanity to foster love and compassion and spirituality
<shintia> everyone can do actions according to the inner voice in everyday life in simple things, or whatever you feel to do it.
<Hermestr> I am back
<Attuned> :)
<shintia> there are lots of blessings during this time to develop spirituality
<Hermestr> it is a very good time to be incarnated on the planet if you are looking to make great leaps in you spirituality
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<Hermestr> ok I guess I chase people away now
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<Hermestr> there was lots of talk about that Venus transit
<Hermestr> I did do some research on previous Venus transits that occurred
<shintia> the next Venus transit is in 2012, right?
<Hermestr> yea
<Hermestr> they occur in pairs
<Hermestr> then there is like a 200 year gap or something like that
<Hermestr> the problem I found in equating any change that occurred in the past to a Venus transit is that there was so much time between the transit and when these changes occurred that it is hard to say if that one thing was a factor in it.
<shintia> so it's not a big thing about this Venus transit?
<Hermestr> well it could be
<Hermestr> but it is hard to say because it takes so long to see changes from the event
<shintia> have you tried to ask the archangels about this?
<Hermestr> well I did ask about the latest one
<shintia> and what did they say?
<Hermestr> they said that it would result in more house cleaning for relationships
<shintia> wow, exciting!
<Hermestr> those people that could make the necessary changes would experience a new high in their relationships
<shintia> yes, I can see it now in my parents relationship
<Hermestr> better connections and more intuitive connections
<Hermestr> I think that in itself can cause changes on a small and then eventual global scale
<Hermestr> but it would have to ripple its way outward
<Hermestr> which may be why these Venus transits take so long to see the changes
<Hermestr> they work on a very personal level
<shintia> oh yes I believe things starts in ourselves, even small scales and the effects everyone around us.
<shintia> This year my parents have supported a young team that gives Retreats to people in all ages, especially those 50 above.
<shintia> Here young people "educates" my parents generation.
<shintia> even help them with healing.
<Hermestr> wow nice
<Hermestr> that is very rewarding and needed work
<shintia> You see we have a Vision and Mission to arrange a Good Will Visits to different countries, maybe you can give me some inspirations that inspires others too.
<Hermestr> what country are you in?
<shintia> in Sweden.
<shintia> The land of the Nordic Light
<Hermestr> you have a great location for this work anyway
<shintia> yes, there is a Bhagavan (Kalki) in India who told Swedish to work for helping people in Europe, Africa and Asia.
<shintia> But I hear you in USA, especially Ashland have also a Beloved Community.
<shintia> So it's happening everywhere.
<Hermestr> I guess with several hot spots scattered across the globe this energy can move outward and eventually cover the entire planet
<shintia> yes, I heard we need 60.000 people around the globe doing this work and it will spread like fire.
<shintia> everyone will get infected in a positive way
<shintia> more in tune with the presence.
<shintia> do you have a network at your place Hermes?
<Hermestr> I have a small group of a few people that do special work when needed, but it is not a large network
<shintia> aha..
<shintia> what about doing meditation together now before we end the chat?
<Hermestr> sure we can try that
<Hermestr> I'm always up for a good meditation
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<shintia> what time?
<Hermestr> we can start now for 5 minutes
<Hermestr> then come back and chat a bit about it
<Hermestr> or 10
<shintia> 10 is fine, if it's ok for all here..
<Hermestr> ok sounds good, I will return at :44
<Hermestr> I have returned
<shintia> it was great! I feel the energies on the crown chakra.
<Hermestr> yes it was really nice
<Hermestr> I wanted to stay longer'
<shintia> Thank you hermes
<Hermestr> well it was a group effort
<Hermestr> I did see several things, I always see stuff in meditation
<Hermestr> I saw a circle of people holding hands
<Hermestr> then the planet Saturn
<Hermestr> then a beehive
<Hermestr> full of bees
<Hermestr> and the beehive was connected to the holding hands people in some way
<Hermestr> and the energy of Saturn was around these people
<Hermestr> then someone sitting under a tree in a green field dressed in those little bo peep outfits
<Hermestr> I think that was some kind of shepherdess energy or something
<Hermestr> I think that was about it
<shintia> what is the meaning of Saturn, isn't it the planet of responsibilities?
<Hermestr> yes Saturn is not an easy planet
<Hermestr> it is demanding on the soul because it strives to perfect the soul through experience
<shintia> this last weekend I joined a course with the young people who helps the old folks who have so much problems in their lives.
<Hermestr> that may be the group I saw holding hands
<shintia> we holds our hands in a big circle and sang a song for the earth and friendship
<Hermestr> I did see them singing songs but I said no that is just too cliché
<Hermestr> so I did not mention it
<shintia> during this course they let loose of so much sorrows.
<Hermestr> ah
<Hermestr> Saturn energy
<shintia> and they got so much light and healing which might symbolize the beehive
<Hermestr> yes, I did get a nurturing feeling when I saw the beehive
<shintia> the light flooded into everyone
<shintia> there was the mother and father archetype of light.
<shintia> the mother gave so much love
<shintia> and nurture
<Hermestr> perhaps the shepherdess I saw
<Hermestr> for the mother energy
<shintia> yes
<Hermestr> or maybe someone in particular in the group, could have two meanings
<shintia> what do you mean?
<Hermestr> I got the feeling that the shepherdess was a female leader type or someone that could lead the others
<Hermestr> I also got the feeling from her of nurturing and kindness and love
<Hermestr> and a bit of sadness that she could not do more
<shintia> maybe Moa.. she was the young girl with so much love, I think she is enlighten
<shintia> yes yes, she told me
<shintia> she would love to give people more joy.
<Hermestr> wow
<shintia> maybe you should come and join our retreat to Sweden in September 2004
<shintia> Attuned you are also welcome
<Hermestr> well I will keep it in mind
<shintia> thank you
<Hermestr> well it seems like that is important stuff you are doing there
<Hermestr> it came though very powerfully in the meditation
<Hermestr> the universe I’m sure is very grateful to you and these others for this work.
<shintia> I hope so. You must know that you give me so much inspiration and knowledge
<shintia> we must share this gifts to others, right?
<Hermestr> yes that is important
<Hermestr> otherwise it will not spread
<shintia> what do you want me to know more how to develop this vision and mission that I share to you now. Can you ask the archangel how I can release all the old blocks that sometimes I still have. Please ask the archangels.
<Hermestr> you mean blocks in carrying out this kind of work
<shintia> yes, I feel sometimes I don't want to stand and lead my friends who trust me for leading them.
<Hermestr> friendship is your greatest gift for helping and leading others.
<Hermestr> do you hold back your friendship
<Hermestr> friendship
<shintia> wow.. you know what in 1993 we founded Global Friendship Social Innovators cooperating families helping each others.
<shintia> But I haven't been strong enough to carry this work outwards.
<Hermestr> ah perhaps you should
<Hermestr> or at least try
<Hermestr> or perhaps use this idea in your current focus or work
<Hermestr> with your friendship you can do much, they keep saying that
<shintia> Please support me. I need your guidance please.
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<Hermestr> was there something that happened to you that keeps you from connecting to others
<Hermestr> and so you hold yourself back
<shintia> how do you know that?
<Hermestr> fear of getting hurt or something like that
<shintia> how do I release it?
<Hermestr> you have to use your ability foster powerful friendships
<Hermestr> instead of holding back from it
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<shintia> so I should trust my ability.
<Hermestr> yes
<Darlok> how late am I?
<Hermestr> put aside the fear, if it is there
<shintia> thank you for your guidance. Perhaps others will communicate with you now.
<Hermestr> well I hope I helped
<Hermestr> you are late
<shintia> yes you do. Thanks again.
<Hermestr> hi darlok, if you have any questions fire away. Otherwise I will wrap it up for tonight.
<Darlok> Hermestr sometimes I hear voices. For example. I read the bible where Jesus said he's always with humanity even until the end of days.. And after reading that passage I stuck my tongue out and laughed at the ceiling.. Then I heard a voice that said "u should smile more"
<Attuned> this talk was really of help to me too…
<Hermestr> darlok maybe that was your spirit guide trying to help you
<Darlok> then.. I had other instances where I heard different voices.. I was alone in the room btw
<Darlok> where are these voices coming from
<Hermestr> well if you are sensitive you can hear things from the nonphysical plane. the idea is to know who or what is talking to you.
<Hermestr> everyone is always surrounded by nonphysical people that help and guide and perhaps some that do not
<Hermestr> if you are sensitive enough you can hear these voices
<Hermestr> as the speak to you
<Hermestr> some of them may be good voices and others may not
<Hermestr> best to get rid of the not so good ones and focus on the ones that try to help and nurture you
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<Hermestr> did you get the last few sentences I sent to you
<Hermestr> darlok
<Hermestr> hello you there darlok?
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<shintia> Hermes shall we say goodbye to each other now. When can we see again in workshop?
<Hermestr> sure
<Hermestr> I am done here too
<Hermestr> next Tuesday evening
<Hermestr> well the Tuesday coming up
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<shintia> see you all, bye bye..
<Hermestr> bye shintia
<Attuned> bye
<Hermestr> I will give Darlok a few more minutes
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<Darlok> lagging
<Hermestr> hi there darlok
<Darlok> hey my Cable modem hanged on me
<Darlok> what was ur answer
<Hermestr> <Hermestr> well if you are sensitive you can hear things from the nonphysical plane. the idea is to know who or what is talking to you.
<Hermestr> <Hermestr> everyone is always surrounded by nonphysical people that help and guide and perhaps some that do not
<Hermestr> <Hermestr> if you are sensitive enough you can hear these voices
<Hermestr> <Hermestr> as the speak to you
<Hermestr> <Hermestr> some of them may be good voices and others may not
<Hermestr> <Hermestr> best to get rid of the not so good ones and focus on the ones that try to help and nurture you
<Darlok> okay, thanks
<Hermestr> most people are not that sensitive
<Hermestr> you just happen to be
<Darlok> cool
<Hermestr> most people have to work real hard to hear these things
<Hermestr> on your end you will have to work hard to make sure they do not distract you at times
<Darlok> okay
<Hermestr> do you do any kind of regular meditation
<Hermestr> darlok
<Darlok> nope
<Darlok> none at all
<Hermestr> it could help you with making sense out of these voices
<Darlok> I feel energy around me though.. all the time
<Darlok> yeah but I think I have attention deficit Disorder... SO I can't really meditate.. I don't see the sense in doing so
<Darlok> and it's hard for me to concentrate
<Attuned> see you
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<Hermestr> I see
<Darlok> Hermestr who was Jesus referring to when he was talking about his Father?
<Hermestr> he was referring to the energy of the Monad. The monad sits above the Soul.
<Darlok> so the Monad talked to him?
<Hermestr> sure
<Hermestr> it will talk to you too if you take the time to quiet the mind to listen
<Darlok> yeah that happened to me like 3 times I think
<Hermestr> Ascension is about merging and becoming with that level of divinity
<Hermestr> becoming one^
<Darlok> *nods*
<Darlok> do Ascended Masters live in cities?
<Darlok> like what do they do in the nonphysical universe
<Hermestr> there are cities of light that are invisible physically that hover all over the earth. They usually can be found in these places.
<Hermestr> from these places they work to help humanity
<Hermestr> when they are not there they are in any one of many spiritual levels that exist above the mental plane
<Darlok> k
<Hermestr> in other words they have their own level of reality that they can call home.
<Darlok> cool.. hopefully I'll make it to one of these places after I ascend :)
<Darlok> hey Hermestr are the Elohim angels or angels and Elohim are 2 diff things?
<Hermestr> The Elohim are the co-creator gods, aspects of God that are responsible for the earth and nurturing humanity.
<Hermestr> Back in the time of Moses they played a more active role in shaping the globe
<Hermestr> today they do most of their work behind the scenes.
<Darlok> how are Elohim and Ascended masters different then? Do the Elohim have human type spiritual bodies?
<Hermestr> The Elohim were never human. The never separated from God
<Hermestr> an ascended master is a person that separated from God and then reconnected
<Darlok> okay got it
<Hermestr> I know it can get very confusing with all the terms floating around
<Darlok> yeah it can
<Darlok> so who was the 1st created being by God?
<Darlok> or who was the 1st co creator with God?
<Hermestr> The first ones were vast God-like intelligences that are still way beyond human comprehension
<Hermestr> beings like the Elohim are very much as connected to God as these first intelligences but these other beings are more closely in line with human experience
<Hermestr> so they can help us more right now than these other more massive aspects of God.
<Darlok> k
<Hermestr> these other vast aspects I talk about are responsible for things like keeping the universe together
<Darlok> I see
<Darlok> is Melchizedek one of these vast intelligences?
<Darlok> I did some research :)
<Hermestr> Melchizedek comes from the energy in the center of the Milky Way universe in what is called the Great Central Sun.
<Hermestr> the Melchizedek energy is more like the Elohim
<Hermestr> the difference is
<Hermestr> the Melchizedek energy carries more of the Christ energy with it than the Elohim do.
<Hermestr> The Elohim energy carries much of the first ray energy or the energy of creation
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<Darlok> k
<Hermestr> The Melchizedek energy can seem more personable because of this
<Darlok> how many Great Central Suns are there in the Universe?
<Hermestr> there is one at the core of every universe
<Darlok> how many Universes are there?
<Hermestr> look at that as the spiritual seat for the local universe it is part of
<Hermestr> there are millions and millions of universes
<Darlok> Jesus Christ!
<Darlok> damnnnnnnnnnn!
<Hermestr> yea it is a big place
<Hermestr> you won't have to worry about running out of things to learn
<Darlok> that's for sure
<Darlok> hey Hermestr the Ark of Covenant has 2 angels on it.. Are they Michael and Lucifer?
<Hermestr> To be honest I don't know, I would have to research it
<Darlok> k np
<Hermestr> I will make note to look it up
<Darlok> do we live in the Milky way Universe btw
<Hermestr> yes we do
<Darlok> cool
<Hermestr> you can find pictures of it on the net
<Darlok> hey Hermestr I just read something (a channeled message from an ascended master Kuthumi) can u read it and see if it makes any sense to u ?
<Darlok> I’ll look for the pics of it then :P
<Hermestr> well send it to me in an email or at least the link and let me know. I'm going to be leaving in a minute or two.
<Darlok> will do
<Hermestr> I have some company that will be here minute
<Darlok> okay
<Hermestr> ok let me go
<Hermestr> good talking to you darlok
<Darlok> u too
<Hermestr> I will catch you here next time
<Darlok> hey next time u should schedule workshops a little later
<Hermestr> well sometimes they run later anyway like today
<Darlok> yeah that's good if they do
<Hermestr> I will keep it in mind though
<Darlok> okay great
<Hermestr> light, peace
<Darlok> cya around and thanks for all the info
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