Nonphysical hearing and sound; falling in dreams; experiencing events in the nonphysical; duality and unity, the nature of reality
July 27, 2004 (workshop log file)

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Session Ident: #energyworks
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<jsn> Hi
<Hermestr> hi
<Hermestr> how's it going
<jsn> Pretty well, I have a question or two
<Hermestr> sure
<jsn> How would you define the sounds in non-physical realms, how person experiences the sound and the voices, does it have significant difference in physical with two ears?
<Hermestr> well in the nonphysical sound is very enhanced.
<Hermestr> sound does not travel in sound waves in the nonphysical plane
<Hermestr> what happens instead is you pick up on thoughts or communications telepathically
<Hermestr> hearing has not limits
<Hermestr> you can hear things miles away or even thousands of miles away
<Hermestr> but of course in a normal nonphysical encounter you will not really encounter this to this degree
<Hermestr> you may be able to hear very faint things or things around corners in other rooms
<Hermestr> If a book were to fall on the floor for example, you may or may not hear it fall
<Hermestr> in this case awareness or focus may be an issue. Since the book does not think or emit waves of thoughts
<Hermestr> you would have to be aware that the book fell and then you may construct a sound to go along with it
<jsn> When one can hear way beyond usual ability, shouldn’t there be huge noise when picking all the stuff happening in wide range. As in question, what makes to hear just those certain things?
<Hermestr> its a matter of focus
<Hermestr> what are you focused on at the moment, this determines what you hear
<Hermestr> on a person's very first visits in the nonphysical plane you may be completely unaware of sound
<Hermestr> you are caught up in seeing things
<Hermestr> so you do not hear anything.
<Hermestr> it takes a trick to turn on the sense of hearing
<Hermestr> usually I will speak something aloud and try to hear my voice
<Hermestr> this turns on the telepathic quality and routes it to something that resembles hearing
<jsn> That reminds me, I do not recall hearing my own voice in dreams or in other experiences.
<Hermestr> yes very true
<Hermestr> if you do not make an effort to hear you may not
<jsn> I have this idea of speaking in dreams and so, but still I cannot remember my actual voice in there
<Hermestr> well sound is a product of air vibrating on your ear drums. there is no such mechanism in the nonphysical plane, the substitute is telepathic hearing
<jsn> When book falls down and person constructs the sound where does this construction come from?
<Hermestr> if you can become dream aware on a dream and were to try to hear yourself speak you would turn on this telepathic hearing
<Hermestr> from his or her own mind
<Hermestr> or bank of memory of sounds
<jsn> bank of memory of sounds, sounds like place where one could buy out some new sound experiences
<Hermestr> well you have a whole list of how things sound in your mind
<Hermestr> this memory bank goes with you in the nonphysical plane
<jsn> if there is event where person has never experienced something and it should send some sound
<Hermestr> they may construct their own or hear nothing
<jsn> I see, so basically it could be place of no sounds, the sound events happen in persons own construction abilities
<jsn> if there is some entity trying to contact person with limited ability to construct sounds and voices
<Hermestr> well there are no voices
<Hermestr> it is all telepathic
<jsn> would there still be understandable conversation?
<Hermestr> your mind just reconstructs it to appear like sound
<Hermestr> you will think someone is talking to you and you are hearing them with your ears
<Hermestr> but you do not have ears. you are a big ball of energy
<Hermestr> you pick up what they are thinking at you and this is created as sound within your own mind
<Hermestr> entities that have never been physical have no idea what sound is
<Gamble> -nut
<jsn> hi gamble
<Gamble> wrong.. button
<Hermestr> yes you are right Jason, the person constructs the sounds
<Hermestr> depending on his on inner ability
<Gamble> hello, anyway
<Hermestr> hi gamble
<Hermestr> in actuality your body is a construct of your mind as well
<Hermestr> because you identify yourself with your physical body your mind reconstructs your energy to look like this
<Hermestr> you project this image outward. It can change
<Hermestr> as you get to the higher planes of manifestation you will find more entities not using bodies at all
<jsn> Alright.
<Hermestr> have you ever had any falling dreams, where you felt like you were falling but you did not see anything
<jsn> I do not have
<Hermestr> really wow
<jsn> I have some elevator dreams though
<jsn> usually some huge buildings with interesting elevators :)
<Hermestr> well the falling dreams are caused by you not constructing an image around your energy, so it just expands outward and you get this feeling of falling
<Hermestr> elevator dreams....
<jsn> that sounds interesting
<Hermestr> yes I am surprised you never experienced that
<Hermestr> so many people have this kind of experience at some point
<Hermestr> they wake up and usually expect to be on the floor instead of the bed
<Hermestr> oh well
<Hermestr> no that I have mentioned it no doubt you may experience it
<jsn> I've maybe close to experience that because there's few times when I've almost fall from bed because I tend to sleep pretty close to edge :)
<jsn> what do you think if person is hearing 'wrong' stuff compared to physical
<Hermestr> it can happen
<jsn> for an example, there should be sound of walking but one instead hear raining
<Hermestr> experiences in the nonphysical are very fluid
<Hermestr> so you can be walking and hearing rain at the same time
<Hermestr> it usually means rain is important in some way or connected to your walking
<jsn> well lets say someone sees huge explosion but hears something like bird singing?
<jsn> is the construction then messed up
<jsn> or something else going on?
<Hermestr> it is both
<Hermestr> the construction is messed up but there is a message there
<Hermestr> perhaps it may mean that song can explode outward and make changes
<Hermestr> the power of a song
<Hermestr> something like that
<Hermestr> there are always connections and meanings in what you experience in the nonphysical plane
<jsn> alright, I think that will be enough about soundscape in nonphysical for this time, unless there's something you want to tell more :)
<Hermestr> nope
<jsn> I need to think about it and see and feel when focused in sound while in nonphysical
<Hermestr> yes try it
<Hermestr> it will open your awareness to these things
<Hermestr> and you will have interesting results
<jsn> yes I do have pretty good soundscape there, but I wanted to talk about it a bit
<jsn> and I have never focused on it
<jsn> I'm more into visual side in it
<jsn> sometimes there's these very good music songs playing when dreaming
<Hermestr> yea
<jsn> something that feels like one could listen forever
<Hermestr> I like those
<Hermestr> that happens to me as well, even on out of body trips
<Hermestr> you catch some energy wave and lock on to it
<Hermestr> or music wave I should say
* Gamble has left #energyworks (Gamble )
<jsn> actually that makes me wonder where those great sounds comes from, hard to think I could constructs something so beautiful :)
<jsn> sounds/music
<Hermestr> nonphysical sound is expanded
<Hermestr> more notes you would say
<Hermestr> or more ways to put together music because it is not limited by air
<Hermestr> and vibration
<jsn> I mean I don’t find myself very musical, but then again I do listen lots of music so my mind could be able to construct some tunes that I will enjoy allot
<Hermestr> well you can for example
<Hermestr> pick up on a radio station broadcasting a song
<jsn> musical as talented composer
<Hermestr> the electromagnetic energy can be picked up and decoded by consciousness
<jsn> that reminds me of one experience I had sometime ago
<jsn> I had some music playing on background while I was taking a small sleep...
<jsn> that sleep I heard song that was playing, I recognized it.. I thought that it is
<jsn> nice to hear this song now,
<jsn> then I woke up.. and noticed that same song was playing
<jsn> with perfect cross-fade from dream to physical
<jsn> only difference was
<jsn> that in the dream scene the song was
<jsn> playing much higher volume
<jsn> like 50% louder
<jsn> other ways the placement and the song was that one
<Hermestr> in that case your consciousness picked up on the energy as it was flowing through the speaker and decoded it. it was much louder because your own consciousness is very sensitive and can amplify things infinitely
<Hermestr> the body is also very much connected to you while sleeping so the sound also could have come from your own ears and your consciousness made it louder for you. Either way the result is the same.
<Hermestr> you could have left the room and probably would have still heard that song just as well
<jsn> yes, it maybe good if there's something dangerous happening in physical plane, like fire alarm going on
<Hermestr> ahaha
<Hermestr> yea that may be a bit loud
<jsn> we will continue from this next time, and how body is connected to person while in non-physical
<jsn> unless there's something else coming up
<Hermestr> nope
<jsn> thank you for explaining the soundscape
<Hermestr> no problem
<jsn> what nope? :)
<Hermestr> at least we have something for the log files to post
<Hermestr> it means no
<jsn> we don’t continue from this next time?
<Hermestr> sure
<jsn> :)
<jsn> then I need to wonder where the nope was aimed for
<Hermestr> thought you asked if something else I wanted to say
<Hermestr> I said no
<jsn> ah yes actually
<jsn> you may have picked what I thought a bit earlier
<jsn> then I thought I wont say that one again :)
<jsn> anyways, until next time.. cya
<Hermestr> ok
<Hermestr> talk to you later
Session Close: Tue Jul 27 17:28:11 2004

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