Remembering out of body events and the brain and nonphysical memory; your various nonphysical bodies and nonphysical travel; ascension and advanced skills like teleportation & instant manifestations; 10 minute group meditation with experiences; finding your nonphysical space
March 4, 2003 (workshop log file)

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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. '
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<Hermestr> howdy everyone
<LogoRat> helu ;D
<linka1> hi Hermes
<Attuned> hi
<LogoRat> I have some questions later on for you hermes
<Hermestr> sure anytime you are ready
<LogoRat> oki, ill shoot out the first one
<LogoRat> Why do you have to boost up your energybody if you leave your physical body easy every night anyway.
<LogoRat> If you need to boost up the energybody, then maybe there are times when you cant leave your body because the energybody is too weak?
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<Severian^> hi there
<Hermestr> you need the higher energy level to bring back conscious memory of it
<linka1> what do you mean by memory?
<LogoRat> ahh ok, so by boosting up the energybody regularly you have more consciousness?
<Hermestr> the higher energy helps you to bridge the gap between the physical brain and the nonphysical consciousness that leaves the body
<LogoRat> oki
<LogoRat> Why is it so hard to be conscious during sleep, if we have the ability to dream and it is a natural thing, why is the brain constructed so strange that you have a hard time to change the structure in it to remember the events.
<LogoRat> or has that nothing to do with the brain at all, only that you need to stimulate the energybody to make it work?
<Hermestr> there are no physical connections between the brain and the nonphysical self. These connections have to be built with effort and will.
<Hermestr> the brain has to be able to take information from the etheric plane and integrate it into chemical memory
<Hermestr> it is not normally used to doing this
<Hermestr> it normally processes information through the physical senses
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<Wil1> hi
<Hermestr> So when you have these out of body experiences and dream recall these memories have to transfer over in some way. With effort you brain builds connections that enable it to tap into this nonphysical memory and code it over.
<LogoRat> oki
<LogoRat> Is the brain only a storage and analyzer machine for the physical world?
<Hermestr> Yes the brain is the physical self's mechanism through which events can be ordered through time
<Hermestr> without the brain there would be no way to order events as past, present, or future
<LogoRat> and the reason for this sorting is?
<Hermestr> physical reality is the means by which you learn the consequences of your thoughts and actions. The time based medium shows you clearly that action A created result B.
<LogoRat> oki
<Hermestr> In the nonphysical plane it is much harder to connect thought with manifestation because events in the nonphysical plane are not ordered by time.
<linka1> does this mean that some of our memories are also stored somewhere else, which means that memory isn't chained to the brain, or?
<Hermestr> the brain merely stores the memories for you while you are physical. The events are also recorded in your nonphysical self.
<Hermestr> you can for example leave the body and know what you did today while you were physical.
<linka1> which nonphysical self, the monad?
<Hermestr> well memory is also stored in the monad but in this case I'm talking about your own nonphysical self
<LogoRat> and vise versa
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<Hermestr> given time you can and will be able to access the Monadic memory, which means all the experiences of all 144 soulmates
<Hermestr> but till that time your nonphysical memory is limited to your own experiences.
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<LogoRat> If I stay out of my body for lets say 10years and it has only been 1hour on physical reality, will I be able to stabilize myself to know what I did the last day in the physical before I left my body?
<LogoRat> Or will it be very hard. And if so, will I need to choose between remembering the 10years of astral travel or what I did the last day in physical reality?
<Rk> Hello !
<linka1> you mean the time when before we go back to the monad?
<Hekate1> Oh my! Ive actually made it to another chat! Yipee.
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<Hermestr> the memory of your physical encounters are hard coded into the brain, those are there for your life. The memories of your nonphysical encounters have to be added to the brain. So your ten year nonphysical experience will have to fit in there someplace, most likely you will not retain it all because it is just too much information at one time for the brain to handle....
<Hermestr> so you will most likely only remember highlights of this nonphysical time.
<Rk> Can we train to remember it all ?
<Hermestr> you can get better at it yes
<Rk> How ?
<LogoRat> yes, but will you remember the day before like the day before or will you remember it like the day 10years ago?
<Hermestr> the more practice you have at it the easier it is for the brain to process larger amounts of information
<Hermestr> you will remember the day before like the day before, the brain will separate the two experiences
<LogoRat> oki
<Hermestr> what happens is the brain builds up a new region for this nonphysical information to be stored in
<Hermestr> so you normally can clearly know the difference
<linka1> in what ways separated into two experience?
<Hermestr> it is not unlike remembering something that happened ten years ago. How do you know that happened ten years ago and not yesterday. Those events are stored in a different part of your brain.
<linka1> ok
<LogoRat> ahhhh yeah, thats right
<linka1> have you experienced any OBE lately Logorat?
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<LogoRat> nope, not yet. But progress is going forward
<linka1> ok :-)
<LogoRat> ;)
<LogoRat> last night I made my body go into trance-state in 1min
<LogoRat> its said swosh
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<LogoRat> but I couldnt move my energy
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<Hermestr> just try sitting up, logorat. It feels very physical like to leave the body. It just takes much less effort than physically doing it
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<Hermestr> it is not a mental thing, though you may think it should be.
<LogoRat> ok ;)
<LogoRat> so you can really feel like you are touching the bed when you sit up?
<LogoRat> even if you’re not?
<Hermestr> yep
<Hermestr> you can feel your feet on the ground as well
<Hermestr> you may even thing you are physical the first few times
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<Hermestr> but you will know you are not because there is a light feeling about the nonphysical body...
<LogoRat> until you turn around and see your physical body in the bed ;) ?
<Hermestr> and of course you can walk through walls if you want
<Hermestr> you may not see your body on the bed
<LogoRat> oh, ooookey
<Hermestr> if you are in your second nonphysical body you will not see the body on the bed
<linka1> the second?
<Hermestr> yes there are three kinds of nonphysical bodies
<linka1> so many?
<Hekate11> astral, mental and etheric?
<Hermestr> the first is your dream body. it is the body you dream in, it has very limited abilities and cannot walk through objects
<Hermestr> it can only float
<Hermestr> the second nonphysical body is less dense can walk through objects and travel up to the speed of light
<Hermestr> this is the body you use in out of body travel, for the most part
<Hermestr> but you can have some OBE"S in the first body as well.
<Hermestr> the third nonphysical body is who you really are, a nonphysical spirit of pure light
<Hermestr> it has no form
<Hermestr> just energy
<Hermestr> it can travel many times faster than light and can leave the solar system.
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<Hermestr> it can instantly transport itself to other dimensions, times, and places.
<linka1> so the third body is the one that is the most conscious...
<Hermestr> when you are in this body you will lack any of the physical senses you are aware of and used to.
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<Hermestr> it is a body that lives among the stars and has senses that enable it to do star things
<LogoRat> ok, now I’m confused
<Hermestr> well each body has different levels of conscious awareness in it
<Hermestr> it is practice in each body that helps you to be more conscious in one over the other
<linka1> wow.. I wished I could experience that.. among stars, that sounds wonderful..
<N_R> Hermes, have you ever traveled about in space?
<Hermestr> it is a truly unique experience
<LogoRat> so what you are saying is that when you are in the third body you can move objects in the physical reality?
<Hermestr> no you can't move any objects with any of these bodies
<Hermestr> you can move nonphysical objects but not physical ones
<Rk> Can we use that body to carry our other bodies somewhere ?
<Rk> Something like teleportation ...
<LogoRat> so stars and planets is in the astral also
<Hermestr> no the nonphysical bodies cannot take your physical body with you
<Hermestr> yes for everything that there is a physical part there is also a nonphysical part
<Hermestr> it is the nonphysical part that you can move and manipulate
<LogoRat> oki
<LogoRat> is it was that you meant of "doing star things"
<LogoRat> ok
<Hermestr> well stars do some interesting things. they process energy, they move through time and space with their minds. They change energy on a very subtle level, and they travel from place to place.
<Hermestr> the do other things too.
<Hermestr> your third nonphysical body does all these things as well
<Hermestr> in normal out of body work...
<Hermestr> you will use your third nonphysical body to travel to distant places quickly
<LogoRat> ok
<Hermestr> here is a good example
<Hermestr> you want to visit the sun
<Hermestr> now the sun is very far away
<Hermestr> you can use your second nonphysical body to get there but it is slow compared to the distance to the sun
<Hermestr> could take 10 minutes or so
<Hermestr> in physical time this could be too long for the physical body to go without your consciousness
<Hermestr> so you change to your third nonphysical body, you get there in 10 seconds instead of ten minutes, then you change back into your second nonphysical body
<Hermestr> have some fun on the sun and then return
<Hermestr> the entire trip may take 2 or three minutes
<linka1> An old lady in Java had a husband who was very spiritual and lived during certain period in his mountain like an hermit. Then one day he said he would stay in his meditation room for some days and she shouldn't disturbed. When these days had gone he came out from his room with fruits from Middle east that he gave her to eat. How could he do that.. I mean he could bring physical thing with him although he traveled OBE...
<LogoRat> that’s great
<LogoRat> story or realy event?
<Hermestr> Linka, as you reach closer to your ascension your physical body begins to do these nonphysical things. You start to exhibit advanced skills like instant teleportation
<Hermestr> instant manifestation of objects and things
<Hermestr> this only happens when you are on the last leg of your ascension training
<linka1> This lady is very old, her husband much more older... but already passed away.. She told me about this story some years ago. Her husband was also the spiritual teacher for the former president of Indonesia (Sukarno)
<LogoRat> so then it is true
<linka1> yes
<linka1> so this man was very high spiritual then?
<Hermestr> it certainly sounds like it yes, linka
<Rk> Are there any special techniques for teleportation ?
<LogoRat> 600lives ;D
<Hermestr> yea lots of lives and lots of work perfecting yourself
<LogoRat> if you still want to be a physical explorer that is
<Hermestr> these advanced skills come naturally, once all the garbage is removed from your energy field and your physical body is preparing for ascension.
<Rk> Great.
<LogoRat> The images you can get from daydreaming or just visualize something, is that things that are part of the brain or is the IMAGES pure astral events?
<linka1> so you don't have to go to a course but you already have that skill latent inside of you then?
<Hermestr> logorat, they could be either.
<LogoRat> hmmmmm
<Hermestr> linka: you can do a course on it, but you know how to do these things already. The reason you do not is because your physical body is too heavy
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<Hermestr> the negative energy and fear built into the physical body keeps your light body from descending upon you
<linka1> then I should go on diet then, hahaha..
<LogoRat> hehe
<linka1> I wanna get rid of these negative energies
<linka1> I wanna let go of all fears..
<LogoRat> hmmm, if I visualize an apple spinning around in mid air behind my closed eyelids, if that is not astral events and just images created inside my brain, then there is a possibility that dreams occur in the brain ;/
<Hermestr> you can over time, just keep working on being the best person you can be. keep perfecting yourself, look for areas in your behavior where you are hurting others.
<Hermestr> it all starts with one thing at a time
<linka1> :-) yupp that's right
<linka1> I have to be patient..
<Hermestr> logograt, when you construct a visualization like that it will appear on some reality plane: etheric, astral, mental, spiritual
<Hermestr> it will exist on whatever plane it was created on
<Hermestr> it is a real object there
<LogoRat> what part of it is created in the brain then?
<linka1> do we have the energy to meditate together today folks?
<Rk> Hermes if I'm not mistaken, you said once that Ascended Masters, having ascended over the world can not interfere with it unless requested.
<Hermestr> Logorat a visualization is different than a memory, when you daydream sometimes you daydream into a past memory or event
<Hermestr> this takes you back in time to that event
<LogoRat> ahhhh oki, so you access the memory pattern to snapshot the astral event?
<Rk> Can we stop very near ascension to keep working on the world to help ?
<Hermestr> Rk: yes that is true, an ascended master cannot alter the course of events unless it is in perfect harmony with everything and that the event is requested by someone living in the physical plane.
<Hermestr> Rk, at some point you reach critical mass and the ascension energies cannot be stopped
<Hermestr> it is like a magnet pulling them down on to you.
<Hermestr> logorat, yes something like that
<LogoRat> If I meditate, to I project to an astral place or is it only inside of my etheric dreambody?
<Hermestr> logorat, you can and do go to places in meditation, our little trip the other week was a demonstration of it.
<LogoRat> ahhh
<Hermestr> we will be doing this again soon, perhaps this Thursday if I can get the time in.
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<LogoRat> oki
<Hermestr> you only think that your consciousness is anchored into the body while you are in it...
<Hermestr> however it can be sent out of the body to places and things at will and bring back the memory of those events.
<Hermestr> our travel meditation is a good beginning of seeing this power
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<linka1> how about a 5 minute meditation together today? :-)
<Rk1> Yes, please !!!
<LogoRat> I’m finito
<LogoRat> I cant meditate without going to sleep
<LogoRat> ;)
<LogoRat> today I meant
<linka1> please.. please..
<Rk1> Well, do the meditation standing up .
<Hermestr> I was not planning it, but we can try,
<linka1> :-)
<LogoRat> I can fall asleep standing up ;)
<Rk1> That way you won't fall asleep.
<linka1> yes, so you stand up logoRat..
<Hermestr> it has to be quick otherwise we won't get the time to discuss it before I have to leave.
<linka1> when do we do it, now?
<linka1> I'm ready..
<Hermestr> ok start now and come back in 10 minutes
<linka1> ok
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<LogoRat> *off*
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<LogoRat> *back*
<Hermestr> back
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* Hermestr changes topic to '10 min meditation discussing experiences '
<Hermestr> ok who wants to start, anyone?
<LogoRat> the other fell asleep :D
<linka1> I am back
<Rk1> I had some of the craziest moments of my life.
<linka1> it's still tingling on my head...
<linka1> :-)
<Rk1> craziest
<linka1> ok tell us!
<Hermestr> yes there was energy that made my head vibrate as well.
<LogoRat> tell us plz
<linka1> my throat got really dry..
<Rk1> Well, I didn't knew if we were supposed to go to some place so I decided to go where you were going.
<linka1> ok
<Hermestr> and where was that Rk
<Rk1> I saw myself flying, waved Links good bye and when I was going to land, in some mountain, I couldn't.
<LogoRat> I was jumping around in the air around you guys and spinning and turning and jumping and zooming in on everyone of you. and then I relaxed and then I created a sphere around us like a protection and then I took it away and after a while I made myself ka-boom in peaces and then I returned to the chat
<Hermestr> I saw the mountain too but we were not there this week. We were in a green place in Malkuth near the bridge
<Hermestr> perhaps that is why you could not land there
<linka1> I saw ocean..
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<linka1> or water
<linka1> I dunno..
<Rk> I'm back. do you want me to continue.
<LogoRat> green ..same as before, with a fireplace in the middle
<Hermestr> sure continue Rk
<linka1> yes tell us Rk..
<Rk> I began to fly among the stars and ended up somewhere, with a golden haze.
<linka1> what’s a haze?
<Rk> a kind of mist.
<linka1> aha
<LogoRat> what a mist ;D
<linka1> hehe.. now ur kidding..
<Rk> The mist, changed itself in a trail of red roses.
<LogoRat> ;)
<linka1> that sounds beautiful..
<LogoRat> very
<Rk> I followed the trail, flying all the time, and ended up near a pool of water.
<Rk> I saw myself in it
<linka1> good, so not only me who saw water..
<Rk> and the image transformed in to what I could be.
<Rk> I drank the water, with that better image of me and began to fly back.
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<Rk> I saw the mountain again and once again tried to land.
<linka1> Did u succeeded to land?
<Rk> I landed near a kind of clown , or jester.
<Rk> wile I was watching him something bitted my neck.
<LogoRat> shit
<linka1> Did u know what bit you?
<Rk> I drew a sword from somewhere and striked with it several times.
<Rk> No lInka I didn't.
<Rk> After getting rid of it I decided to look for hermes.
<Rk> I opened my eyes and he was asking our experience.
<Hermestr> nice experience there
<linka1> oh.. what a timing..
<Hermestr> perhaps that jester is the bear I saw holding a guitar, it was different, was wearing strange clothes as well.
<LogoRat> damn I want more vividness
<Hermestr> and I did get a sense of some kind of battle going on as well because I saw my sword at one point.
<Hermestr> I said, that is strange, who's battling in this nice meditation
<linka1> Oh my God, this is amazing!
<LogoRat> linka, what about you
<Rk> So it happened, it wasn't just my imagination ?
<Hermestr> it happened sure
<linka1> I was only focusing on the group and feeling the energy... it is still tingling a little on my head..
<Hermestr> that is the idea of these meditations to show you how easily you can and do travel and do things. you just need to learn how to tune into it
<LogoRat> maybe it happened because I created much energetics in my mind
<LogoRat> ;)
<linka1> Oh you are funny LogoRat!
<Hermestr> logorat it can take time to develop it, be patient
<Hermestr> Linka there was that buzzing energy in the head, so you did pick up on that.
<LogoRat> I will meditate more
<LogoRat> it will come right?
<Hermestr> yes, it will
<linka1> So all this things that happened with Rk where we all there although I didn't "see this" as you did Hermes?
<Hermestr> you remember stuff even now but you don't trust it yet
<Hermestr> I saw the group by a small stream, and someone was writing things down on paper
<LogoRat> could anyone see a sphere of blue color?
<linka1> who could that be? Who wrote things...
<Hermestr> what else did you see, what was around the blue sphere
<Hermestr> try to remember, it is there
<linka1> yes?
<LogoRat> I think I created a blue sphere around the group
<linka1> blue is calming color...
<Hermestr> well that could represent the energy of the group, I did see everyone sitting in a circle by that bridge with the stream
<Hermestr> and of course water is blue
<LogoRat> we where al standing around a fireplace (it was mad of bricks ina circle)
<LogoRat> hermes was wearing a robe
<linka1> now you remember...
<linka1> ;-)
<LogoRat> and he was standing 10meters away down the hill and he was walking towards us and saying something to us
<linka1> can u remember the color of the robe?
<LogoRat> I made a tube of energetics in the middle of the fireplace
<LogoRat> brown and red
<linka1> ok
<LogoRat> hmm some blue in it
<LogoRat> I did hover towards you guys and waved with my hands to say I was there
<LogoRat> and in the end I turned to linka and said hello one more time with a smile and then I blew myself into pieces
<LogoRat> and woke up
<Rk> Hope it didn't hurt, blowing up like that :-)
<LogoRat> no it was a test
<LogoRat> :)
<linka1> oh I remember I had a feeling of smiling...
<Rk> A test ? What kind of test ?
<LogoRat> energetic test
<linka1> did you see something else Hermes?
<Hermestr> a smiling sun
<Hermestr> Sandalphon was there
<linka1> lol :-D
<LogoRat> :D
<Hermestr> and briefly a bird or something flying
<linka1> yes, I think I also had a feeling of a bird passing by..
<Hermestr> that could of been Rk flying, it was Rk that was flying
<LogoRat> hihihi
<Rk> It seems that a lost my chance to introduce myself to Sandalphon
<Hermestr> well next time
<Rk> Hope so.
<linka1> Did Sandalphone say something, or?
<LogoRat> -e
<linka1> oh yes.. I always write his name with an e..
<LogoRat> k
<linka1> yep, he's not French
<Hermestr> well I did not see him speaking
<Hermestr> he was just standing there near me
<Hermestr> and in front of us where all of you in a circle
<Hermestr> with one person writing something down
<Hermestr> down
<LogoRat> Sandalphon :D
<linka1> ok
<linka1> so you were behind us then Hermes?
<LogoRat> deja-vu
<linka1> where you not in the circle?
<Rk> All of us, including me ?
<linka1> And who was the person writing things down?
<Hermestr> I was first in the circle than not
<Hermestr> I don't know who was writing down stuff, I just remember someone writing
<Hermestr> I knew you would ask but when I tried to focus on who it was, that person was just indistinct
* LogoRat has a habit of writing things down before he wake up in the morning (while still dreaming)
<Hermestr> there you go it could of been you then
<LogoRat> maybe
<Hermestr> ok any thing else before we end this
<LogoRat> I have 2 questions left
<linka1> :-) you knew I would ask? then you start to know me then Hermes..
<Rk> I've a question
<LogoRat> rk first
<Rk> Thanks Logorat
<Hermestr> ok make the questions quick
<Rk> can I do an energyball to create something, while in a meditation like this ?
<LogoRat> my girlfriend did it when she was using magic
<LogoRat> Is it possible to create my own workshop in an Astral world where I can write books or just "download" my progress or logbooks :) so I can at later times download the information I have gathered into my physical brain?
<LogoRat> And if I can do this, is it possible that the workshop will be safe from other beeings who want to play tricks on me?
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<Rk> Good questions LogoRat. I'm thrilled to see the answers.
<Rk> Hello Mistery.
<Mistery> Hello
<Hermestr> Rk, sure you can make an energyball in meditation if you want.
<Hermestr> lograt, you can and do have your own personal nonphysical places where you store all sorts of things, memories and nonphysical objects and such
<linka1> My question (after Logorats) is; is the energy of our group good enough that you think it's ok to meditate with us. I suppose you are used to meditate with people more highly evolved. I mean do you get something of meditating with us? I must say I am truly thankful that you share you precious time with us...
<Hermestr> your ability to bring stuff back from that level depends on how much practice you have at bringing it back
<Hermestr> each of you has a nonphysical place that is yours and no one elses
<Hermestr> and if you use your dreams or travel meditations you can catch glimpses of these places
<Hermestr> I always learn from my meditations with others. It is as much a learning for me as it is for all of you
<LogoRat> ahhh nice
<Hermestr> it is always good to share your spiritual energy with others
<linka1> oh, this makes me feel good..
<Mistery> may I ask a question?
<linka1> I am relieved..
<Hermestr> of course you have to watch how much you do this
<Hermestr> and all of you will do the similar with others in years to come.
<Hermestr> in this way you help others evolve and grow
* LogoRat has no questions left and thank Hermes for his answers and time!
<linka1> Thank you Hermes!
<linka1> You are a spiritual true friend!
<Hermestr> ok I will depart now
<Hermestr> good session, see all of you
<Hermestr> later
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