Group Travel Meditation with sharing experiences.
February 13, 2003 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Feb 13 16:26:58 2003
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. '
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<Hermestr> howdy
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<LogoRat> not many ppl here
<LogoRat> howdy
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<Hermestr> hi logorat
<Hermestr> yea I see that
<Hermestr> I guess the group meditation is not so popular
<LogoRat> looks like it
<LogoRat> ive never done it btw
<Hermestr> its easy
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<Hermestr> you sit down someplace in your room, clear your mind of the garbage, than wait to see what happens
<LogoRat> ok
<Hermestr> after we come back and share what we felt or saw or heard
<newguy> hi all has the meditation started
<LogoRat> not yet
<LogoRat> waiting for people I guess
<Hermestr> we will give it another 5 minutes for late people
<Hermestr> than we will start
<LogoRat> can I ask a question while we wait?
<Hermestr> basically, it will last 10minutes
<Hermestr> then we all come back here
<Hermestr> well you don't have to leave the channel
<Hermestr> just go away from the computer to someplace quiet to meditate
<Hermestr> often you will get stuff in mediation but you dismiss it
<Hermestr> when we share what we encounter this often turns on the ahha I did see something like that
<newguy> what is the benefit of doing it in a group?
<Hermestr> it trains you to see these images and feelings and to make them stronger
<newguy> oh, you just answered my question - :)
* LogoRat is one of them that looses every part of the meditation stuff when he get back :)
<Hermestr> well then logorat this may help you
<LogoRat> yes, I hope
<LogoRat> but mostly it will take like more than 10min to just clear my mind :)
<LogoRat> should I have an alarm clock beside me if I fall asleep?
<LogoRat> or to tell me when its time to stop
<Hermestr> well I know 10 minutes is kind of brief but some people can not stand still longer
<LogoRat> mhmmm ok
<Hermestr> with the group energy you will find it easier to clear the mind
<LogoRat> ahhh ok
<Hermestr> well I guess this is all that is coming
<newguy> so, our minds are linked even if we're not in the same room?
<Hermestr> yes we will all be linked even though we are across the planet from each other
<Hermestr> we've done these before on the channel
<Hermestr> ok well I guess we can start,
<LogoRat> emwave: are you on?
<Hermestr> you can set a watch or just come back when you think 10 minutes or so ar up
<LogoRat> oki
<LogoRat> ill go to my meditation spot now
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<Hermestr> just clear your mind and think about the group and see what you can see or feel or hear
<Severian^> hi
<newguy> okay
<LogoRat> ok i.. think about the group... roger
<Hermestr> we're just starting the group meditation SEverian
<Severian^> okay
<Hermestr> go someplace and clear your mind
<Severian^> 10 minutes? is there a purpose?
<LogoRat> put in the time in the topic on the time when we start maybe?
<Hermestr> think about the group and then come back in 10 minutes and we will share what we all saw or heard
<Severian^> see ya
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<LogoRat> *off for meditation*
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<Hermestr> ok back from meditation
<Severian^> :-)
<Hermestr> I guess severian is back
* LogoRat is back
<newguy> hi all
<LogoRat> that was really nice
* Hermestr changes topic to 'Group Meditation: sharing experiences '
<Hermestr> yes there is nothing like a good group mediation to help calm the mind and let the spirit soar
<newguy> what did you guys feel? how can I know if I "connected" with the group?
<Hermestr> anyone remember anything off hand or do you just want me to start with whta I saw
<LogoRat> I felt a buzz in my body after like 3-6min after I started and I felt alot of "vibrations" in my hand and the feeling was spreading around my body..
<newguy> wow
<Severian^> feel free to begin hermes
<Hermestr> logorat, sounds like you felt the group energy
<LogoRat> every time I was focusing more on the group the warmth in my body was really nice
<newguy> in general, I felt peaceful
<LogoRat> peaceful here too, just had some problem with my neighbors tho. but the energy focus was so intense that I could block it out
<Hermestr> I saw us on the top of some mountain by a cave. there was snow on the ground and it was snowing a bit.
<newguy> I had a couple of stresses in my past week as well
<LogoRat> not block it but letting it go.. not focusing on it
<Hermestr> inside the cave was a fire burning
<Hermestr> and then toward the end of the mediation the sun was shining brightly overhead
<EMwave> all I got were random memory images of things that happened today, things that I would have dreamed about later anyway
<newguy> nothing distinct in terms of imagery for me, but I think I got one image of a shooting star or comet
<Hermestr> ah could be the sun I saw
<newguy> hmm, it was brightly colored
<Hermestr> it had a tail on it that went downward to the earth
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<LogoRat> when I read these words you are writing hermes I feel a connection to it, but I cant remember that I saw anything
<newguy> yes, it streaked from right to left
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<Hermestr> it could of been moving sure
<newguy> I felt some positively towards a relationship I am in, but I am not sure if that was just wishful thinking coming from me, or me tuning in to something genuine
<Linka> I just came in right in the middle of the meditation but it was strong so I was drawn into it directly.
<LogoRat> nixw
<LogoRat> nice
<LogoRat> :)
<Linka> and it's interesting about the sun. Usually my meditations are more of feeling, but this time it seemed to be a strong light, yes something that could have been from a sun.
<Severian^> I saw you standing on a hill, on a patch of green grass. Hermes was wearing something Egyptian, and seemed quite urgent, flailing his arms around. You others were mostly watching, it seemed. newguy was a bit lower, so I gave him a capital N and that aligned him with the rest of you for me. :-) At the end I created a fountain in the middle that sprayed down warm water on everyone.
<LogoRat> hmmm, guess I need to work on my meditation abit ;-)
<LogoRat> I only felt energy, got no images whatsoever
<newguy> overall, I was content just to clear my mind
<Severian^> maybe because you didn’t create them... I got images because I made them
<newguy> I might have seen an old, wizard-like fellow, and I think he was dressed in a purple robe -- Sandalphon, perhaps?
<newguy> Sandalphon = Sandalphon
<Linka> I want to thank you all that I can meditate with you. This was really good for me!
<LogoRat> I felt a flow of energy inside my body and out, moving from the heart and hands around in fountain-like movements reaching around the body and I felt a strong connection to the group
<Severian^> You too Linka, I am privileged that you are taking the time.
<Linka> :-)
<LogoRat> did someone say the words hermes in the meditation out loud(not physical)?
<LogoRat> cuz I could hear someone say it more than 3times
<Severian^> me not
<Hermestr> the energy did circulate around each of us, I could see it
<Hermestr> so you certainly could have felt it as well
<Linka> yes, I felt it in my heart, then like my head was connected upwards
<Hermestr> yes that could of been Sandalphon newguy
<Hermestr> the energy connects all our heart centers together and then you also have a stream of energy that goes upward and downward down the charka line
<newguy> that's great
<Hermestr> then this energy goes around into and out of each of us
<Hermestr> it's ok if you did not see anything, just feeling something is good
<Hermestr> it does get easier the more you do this sort of thing
<Linka> that explains the way we felt
<Hermestr> all of you did well
<Hermestr> logorat you could of really heard that
<Hermestr> you can get sound in these meditations as well as pictures and feelings
<LogoRat> why is there that I feel an image of an open field.. green very green and a cricle of wood around ..probably 30meters in radius .. and in the middle a circle of rocks and something in that circle of rocks.. what it is I cant say ..but I can feel characters around the field ..maybe 5-10meters away from each other and everyone was looking at tthe circle of rocks
<Hermestr> I did have a fire burning in that cave, but that cave could just as easily been in a green field
<Hermestr> it is all a matter of perception at times
<Hermestr> usually you will go to the green area of Malkuth
<Hermestr> lots of trees
<LogoRat> ok
<Hermestr> grass
<Hermestr> you could of picked up on all of us as we were there
<newguy> hermes, you really felt each of us connecting? that's wonderful!
<Severian^> I had an image of the spray of water directly ahead, glistening against something bright, yeah.... maybe something indicative of a sun most of us saw
<newguy> I think I got a waterfall
<Hermestr> there is a waterfall in Malkuth that people do visit in these meditations
<newguy> hmmm
<Hermestr> there is a bridge too that flows from there down the stream a bit
<Hermestr> there you see how your minds are opening up to these visions, now that we are talking about it
<Hermestr> its all a matter of learning how to see and remember the things you did and saw in these meditations
<Severian^> If we have a distinct energy pattern to home in to, we can share the same mental area?
<Hermestr> usually we get similar things in these kinds of meditations but of course the exact details will vary
<Severian^> I reckon that when you described your cave, that I was there as I imagined it.
<Hermestr> like all of us remember some kind of sun or brightness
<LogoRat> are there any red colors on the sun?
<Hermestr> I did not see the sun that clearly, it was very bright,
<Linka> Sorry I am asking this since I wasn't present before the meditation started. But how does this meditation that we did work, did we decide where we should be going just before it started or do we just follow "to what will happen"?
<LogoRat> I can feel a red color on around where the sun is
<Hermestr> Linka, we did not specify where we would go. I like to just see where everyone winds up
<Severian^> Linka: I started off with an affirmation that it would be free flowing imagery from the group on #energyworks, that’s all I did.
<Linka> ok
<Hermestr> its too easy if I say we will go here
<Linka> interesting
<Hermestr> it is much more interesting to see how everyone picks up on the mystery place we all go
<Hermestr> and it shows you how different people see the same thing
<newguy> the "root" of these images is energy, then?
<Hermestr> I for example saw snow and someone else saw grass but we both saw a fire
<newguy> if you tap into the energy, you are getting at the source behind the imagery?
<Hermestr> the energy connects us, but the images come from Malkuth
<Severian^> Hermes: I'm just curious what I might have perceived as so urgent. You were like all over the place.
<Hermestr> when we group meditation we will be in Malkuth usually, or some portion of it
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<Hermestr> Severian... I have been doing some peace meditations today earlier, you must of picked up on it
<newguy> Malkuth is the area of the tree of life most closely connected to the physical plan?
<newguy> plan = plane?
<Hermestr> it is urgent to create peace at this time
<Hermestr> so yeat
<Severian^> you were the Anubis at one point, I'm could be getting some archetypal "hermes" images from that area?
<Hermestr> yea I was waving my hands like a madman
<newguy> you mean, in light of what's happening in Iraq?
<Hermestr> I have also been working with Anubis too today
<Hermestr> Yes newguy (david) the middle east situation
<Linka> yes, the peace meditation that a lot of people had last Sunday, which I also participated in was strong.
<LogoRat> don’t talk about Iraq please, it will destroy the session...
<Hermestr> ok we won't talk about that
<Severian^> It was quite peaceful though, I see this group as quite harmonious.
<Severian^> err harmonious
<Linka> yes, I think so too.
<Hermestr> session went even better than I thought for a first session with new people
<LogoRat> did anyone see me?, did I have any body or was I a huge circle?
<Hermestr> huge circle? what do you mean?
<Severian^> I'm getting the idea of "blue" from you LogoRat, you represented the group archetypal member in my meditation.
<newguy> bye all
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<Linka> yes how do you see us, like something vague of energies, or more of a facial image?
<Linka> or just the feeling of presence?
<Hermestr> I see people but no one specific
<LogoRat> I can feel that I was energy 30-40mm diameter and was circling around in a "huge" circle maybe 3meter-8meters in diameter an O .. that was standing on the ground circling upwards ..if you know what I mean..
<LogoRat> like a huge tire ..but more white than black tho :)
<Hermestr> logorat, perhaps you were picking up on the energy as it passed from each of us in a circle.
<LogoRat> more of liquid form
<LogoRat> ahh yes
<LogoRat> maybe it was that
<Hermestr> there is this ball of light or energy that goes around
<LogoRat> liquid connection
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<Hermestr> it goes in and out of everyone
<Hermestr> leaving a trail of light behind it
<Severian^> maybe you picked up on the thing that gave me the impulse to make the fountain
<Severian^> ah well
<Hermestr> yes that is right you had water
<Hermestr> could of been that too logorat
<LogoRat> mmm
<Linka> so this ball helps us to get more connected as a group?
<Hermestr> yes this energy ball binds the group together
<Severian^> kinda like the middle pillar
<Severian^> cycling...
<Linka> I see
<Hermestr> it feeds everyone the energy they need and helps us all to go to the same place in the travel mediation
<Severian^> What about the energy ball, did you make it hermes?
<Hermestr> that energyball just forms naturally on its own, I do however initiate it
<Hermestr> I spend one or two minutes forming the energy to connect the group
<Hermestr> of course anyone can be the one to do this
<Severian^> there was joy, definitely joyful in the closing moments, more passive at first
<Severian^> the group response, that is
<LogoRat> yes, happiness I felt strongly
<Severian^> How it is done? Do you focus on each member and add them to the energy?
<Hermestr> yes I sensed toward the end a more calming and peaceful and joyful energy. I saw this in the snow stopping and the sun shining brightly
<Linka> Hehe.. I joined! (just kidding)
<Hermestr> I see each person in my minds eye. Then I connect upward to my higher-self, allow energy to flow down through me and into the earth. then I send the energy out my side and into the next person. I then see the same energy stack forming upward and downward on this person, then the energy moving to the next person
<LogoRat> linka: hehe
<Severian^> We knew you would join beforehand, Linka. ;--)
<Severian^> interesting Hermes, thanks
<Hermestr> I encourage all of you to try this with your friends if you can
<Linka> :-) yes I was looking really forward to this so I ran all the way from the bus stop. So glad you were still meditating. (Actually I ask Olap &ARG not to be to late, so I could join)
<Severian^> Swe?
<Linka> will the energy multiply if everyone had that vision of energy for the group
<Hermestr> glad you could make it linka, it can get stronger if everyone was to focus on the energy but really only one person needs to do this to get the energy going
<Linka> I see
<Hermestr> it depends on the purpose of the med
<Hermestr> this meditation I wanted people to see things
<Hermestr> to travel, so the energy was secondary to this
<Linka> ok
<Hermestr> but if you were to have a pure energy meditation you could have everyone focus on the energy part of it
<Linka> so there may be different kind of meditation purpose..
<Hermestr> sure
<Hermestr> healing, travel, energy
<Hermestr> anything you can think of
<Linka> then the focus get stronger..
<fooki> what happens if somebody tries to meditate on negative things?
<LogoRat> I want to get more awareness on the nonphysical location instead of just the energy from it.. I want to see it also. its so strange that I have my awareness at my physical location instead of having visions from that green place. I only get the memory from it afterwards ..why
<Linka> that's an interesting question
<Severian^> LogoRat, I think it improves with practice.
<Severian^> Personally, the more senses I involve, the stronger and more "real" is the memory.
<LogoRat> ok
<Linka> ok, so if we meditate together more often our inner vision will open up faster..
<Hermestr> logorat that is how it is at first
<Hermestr> the more you do the group med the better you get at it
<Linka> then we have to do it one in a while ;-)
<Linka> once in a while I meant..
<Hermestr> yes it is a learning tool to teach you to do these travel meditations on your own
<LogoRat> its like we have a filter that do not let the full energy come to us.. just letting the "feeling" energy comes first ..and with practice we clear the filter and the image is getting more clear
<LogoRat> ?
<LogoRat> like cleaning a window?
<LogoRat> the more you work on the "dirt" the clearer the window
<Hermestr> yes logorat
<Severian^> LogoRat: I've meditated on scent alone, or hearing... for example
<LogoRat> ok
<Linka> and did the hearing or scent senses become a bit more stronger then..
<LogoRat> ahhh ok
<Hermestr> ok got to go
<Hermestr> we may do this next week too
<Hermestr> check the web
<Severian^> I reckon so. When I do these things, I try to let the wind blow, the scene have a temperature, smell, sound, and so on.
<Hermestr> see everyone
<LogoRat> roger
<Severian^> thanks, and bye... I'd love that
<LogoRat> bye
<Linka> Thank you Hermes!
* LogoRat will meditate in 40min before sleeping
<Linka> See you again..
<LogoRat> seeeya
<Severian^> Take care all :)
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