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February 6, 2003 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Feb 06 16:28:54 2003
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<Hermestr> Howdy
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<davedave> hi all
<Hermestr> hi dave
<davedave> hi hermes
<Hermestr> how are you doing today dave
<davedave> I think I'm doing pretty well - thanks...
<davedave> I think I had a good week so far
<davedave> I just ordered a new laptop computer
<Hermestr> that is always a good thing
<davedave> yes, I think so
<Hermestr> I like new computer equipment
<davedave> how is your voice recognition software working?
<Hermestr> not bad, it makes mistakes
<davedave> actually, the whole computer ordering process raised a kind of interesting question for me
<Hermestr> which was?
<davedave> if I want to manifest a consciousness of abundance, then is that incompatible with trying to shop for a "bargain"
<davedave> I mean, part of me enjoys trying to negotiate a lower price, etc., but is this actually the sort of actions that bespeak not having a lot
<Hermestr> it can be yes
<davedave> if you really want to experience abundance, should you have a more carefree attitude re: money?
<Hermestr> it depends on what is behind the bargaining
<Hermestr> if you want to bargain for the best deal price per dollar wise
<Hermestr> then there should not be a problem within restricting the creation of abundance
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<davedave> oops, hope I didn't turn off somebody with such a mundane question
<Hermestr> however if you are bargaining because you don't have the money to spend , then you could have a problem
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<Severian^> hi
<davedave> hermes, could you elaborate, please?
<davedave> for instance, a lot of spiritual books say that if you want to manifest abundance, give even more than you would normally be comfortable with giving
<davedave> let's say you give the homeless man on the street twenty bucks, instead of your usual quarter
<Hermestr> yes by withholding money you can block the creation of even more money , to a certain degree
<Attuned> dave: I think the result for you will be better if you do that out of love and not so you attract more abundance
<davedave> ah yes, very good point
<Severian^> by withholding it, one is saying that one doesn’t have enough? as it is?
<Severian^> I usually seem to get enough money to live my life comfortably, but usually never more
<Hermestr> with purchasing stuff you should always focus on what you need and try not to settle for less. you can bargain for a better price, but as long as you not need that price to pay what you need.
<Hermestr> lets try that sentence again
<Hermestr> bargaining is good as long as you do not need to have it at that less price
<davedave> I see, so you remove the desperation
<Hermestr> yes, the desperation has to be gone
<Hermestr> otherwise you just create not having enough money to buy what you want
<davedave> I think I get what you are saying - by the way, desperation seems like a bad idea all around - not just in terms of money, but in terms of love as well
<Hermestr> yes if you are desperate for love , you are liable to settle in a relationship that is less than ideal for you
<davedave> thought I'd just throw that in there, since I did notice our topic for today is "higher love"
<Severian^> yea, what about higher love...
<Severian^> what’s that ;)
<Hermestr> only because you will not take the time to reality create what you really need
<davedave> how do you get in touch with your real needs?
<Hermestr> a bit of truthfulness about your life and yourself should reveal want is a real need
<Hermestr> of course another word for need is usefulness
<Hermestr> so if you really want something then you must create its usefulness in your life
<davedave> yes, that seems to be the positive side of the concept - the negative side would be desperation, I guess
<Hermestr> Severian what do you think higher love is?
<Severian^> Hmm
<Severian^> To be able to embrace everything that exists
<Hermestr> reality creations born on desperation are often not complete manifestations that will bring you happiness and usefulness
<Hermestr> that will not bring you to full happiness or usefulness
<Severian^> Jesus demonstrated it by going to the leprosy village?
<Hermestr> yes severian that is a good start
<Severian^> affinity
<Hermestr> Higher love starts with your relationship with everyone around you
<Severian^> admiration rather than envy
<Hermestr> envy is not a good thing, because it implies that you find your own life less than someone else’s
<Hermestr> so it creates your life less than everyone else’s
<Hermestr> and it also makes you bitter toward others
<Hermestr> everyone is deserving of love, wealth, happiness
<Severian^> it is a fun exercise, to admire everyone you come into contact with
<davedave> hmmm....
<Hermestr> higher love is also about seeing the goodness within a person , even an enemy .
<Hermestr> all of you haven't some time experience this state of higher love. It is in those moments when everything seems alive and connected and good. And you feel that warm glow within your heart .
<Hermestr> correction
<Hermestr> haven't = have
<Severian^> In any relationship with a person (friends too), it rises to a new level when you begin to see their faults and problems imo.
<Hermestr> darn voice recognition
<davedave> hermes, I am not quite sure if I am putting this correctly, but is higher love experienced as a sort of energy
<Hermestr> You should always try to look past a person's faults . and there is a good reality creating reason for this.
<Severian^> I meant it the other way around, my personal relationships grow in love and intensity when I come into contact with also the bad sides.
<Hermestr> When you focus on someone's faults , your reality creating mirror will reflect this back. You will in effect not only be encouraging that other person to bring it out these faults , but you will also be encouraging these faults in your reality mirror
<davedave> hermes, could you explain the last part of that sentence, please?
<Severian^> I'm not sure if I agree, the faults are there to be accepted just as the good sides
<Hermestr> higher love at times is an energy it is a feeling of connectedness to the best of everyone and everything. You only feel this energy when you can put behind you your judgments of others and your dislikes
<Hermestr> the reality mirror dictates that what you focus on is what you will create
<davedave> ah, I see -- re: both your answers
<Hermestr> so if you constantly focus on a person's faults, then that is what you will create
<Hermestr> I'm not saying that you should not be aware of a person's faults.
<Severian^> My experience is that when you accept a person for who they are, those faults aren’t faults anymore, they just are
<Hermestr> You just should not focus on them to the point where it blinds you from the goodness within the person
<davedave> I guess you focus on their goodness instead -- is that correct?
<Hermestr> Severian in a higher love format you would not only want to accept a person for whom they are, but also would want to see them become better
<Hermestr> want to see them become better
<Severian^> Yes of course, but without accepting them fully it isn’t possible
<Hermestr> to do this you should try to focus on what is good within a person
<EMwave> hermes you seem to suggest that it is easier to reality create negative things rather than positive?
<Hermestr> and try to bring that good side of the person out in your reality mirror
<Severian^> I accept you for who you are :) I love you for who you are..., I sincerely wish that you reach all your life’s goals and become all that you can be
<Severian^> you too dave
<Hermestr> it is not easier to create negative things over positive things. It is just that by human nature people tend to only look at the negative side more then the positive side.
<davedave> aw shucks...
<davedave> yes, but here's a question: what if you notice the negative traits persisting?
<Hermestr> yes dave it is important to try to always see the best in people to focus on what is their best qualities and try to create them in your life
<Hermestr> dave you only noticing the negative traits because you are not looking hard enough for the positive ones
<davedave> if faced with persistent negativity, try even harder to focus on the positive aspects?
<Hermestr> in a relationship the other person will always mirror back at you your own inner thoughts and feelings.
<Hermestr> dave yes try to see the goodness in this person, you will see things change quickly if you can do this
<davedave> yes, I don’t' disagree - I have noticed tremendous positive changes, so I know they are possible
<Severian^> what about just being good in general, wont the universe response in kind?
<Hermestr> Severian: by being good in general the universe will
<Hermestr> That goodness back to you
<Hermestr> return ^
<Hermestr> but of course
<Hermestr> The term good can be a loaded term
<Hermestr> be careful of what beliefs you attach to words like good
<Severian^> What is good for you Hermes?
<Severian^> and what is evil?
<Hermestr> because you will create from that template
<Hermestr> all I'm saying is that you should try to be aware of what you think the term good implies
<Hermestr> I'm not implying that the term good should mean anything specific as far as we are using it here
<Severian^> my meaning of good is affinity
<Severian^> and the opposite, evil would be a distancing/individuation
<Severian^> pretty much the same as love I guess
<Hermestr> OK a good example , I'm sure your meaning of the word good is different than on other persons
<Severian^> yes
<Hermestr> than another person's
<davedave> hermes, can I ask you a pretty metaphysical question on a topic that's not quite in line with our current discussion?
<Hermestr> sure
<davedave> in rc1, I was perhaps most fascinated, of all the topics you cover, by the subject of probabilities
<davedave> could you perhaps go into some of the additional insights that rc2 might have to offer? of course, if the time is not ripe, I don't at all mean for you to spill the beans :)
<Hermestr> it is from probabilities that you get freedom of choice
<Hermestr> in order to choose something it must exist someplace in the universe
<Hermestr> so all the possibilities of certain things exist in the nonphysical as unmanifested pathways
<davedave> is it true then, that EVERYTHING, in the sense of every possible permutation of everything, actually does exist, in some way
<Hermestr> yes every possibility of everything exists in the nonphysical universe
<davedave> e.g., there's a different hermes living in each of the 50 states :)
<Hermestr> yes there is a different Hermes living in different states in different probabilities
<Hermestr> now those probabilities maybe far from you
<davedave> do you ever feel connected to these others? is probability jumping really just another way of saying you are merging your "current' you with an alternate you?
<Hermestr> you may have to go through 10,000 probabilities before you found one where Hermes lived in Texas
<Hermestr> in dreams states and meditation you can get a sense and the connection to these other probable selves
<Severian^> the Tiphareth hermes, is that the hermes that all the other probability hermes combine into?
<Hermestr> above the plane of spirit the probabilities merge
<davedave> why do we find ourselves in the particular probability we are in? is there a higher reason the dave in NY is now chatting with the hermes in fl?
<Severian^> then, every action we take... is a probability split?
<Hermestr> basically because of the reality creation stream you and I are creating
<Hermestr> it has caused out probabilities to meet here now
<davedave> are all probabilities "perfect"? are some more perfect? are some better?
<Hermestr> yes severian, every action causes you to shift probabilities
<Hermestr> you walk as easily through probabilities as you do from one room to another in a house
<Severian^> so above time, everything that can exist has already existed
<davedave> hermes, in your daily life, do you consciously try to shift probabilities, or do you adopt a laissze faire approach to which probability you personally are experiencing?
<Hermestr> I try to focus on my goals and the things I want to create , and then I set out to bring that probability into my experience
<davedave> I see
<Hermestr> there are times when I can sense the probability is far
<Hermestr> off
<davedave> btw, isn't that largely a function of your belief
<Hermestr> and that I will need to rearrange things a bit to reach there
<Severian^> ..but you don’t keep "yourself" with you when you shift, you just move into a different state of you, right?
<davedave> if you believe it's far, it is far, if you believe it's close, it becomes closer
<davedave> I meant the last as a question, actually?
<Hermestr> everything comes down to a belief . My beliefs in probabilities one day will be superseded by a larger belief that will enable even more reality creating flexibility
<Hermestr> it is important to realize that beliefs are temporary
<Hermestr> and you must always look for the belief system that offers you an increase in freedom of reality creating
<Hermestr> your belief system should always evolve and grow as you do
<davedave> reality creating flexibility seems to be an intrinsic good, then
<Severian^> in taking an action, do I move into the state of me that has taken that action?
<davedave> I mean, it seems to be something that itself is preferable to rigidity
<Hermestr> yes severian once you take action you start your journey on that probability . The action propels you on that journey
<Severian^> but my higher self already encompasses all probabilities, right?
<Hermestr> when your belief system becomes too rigid and does not change as you change , then it serves you no good purpose.
<Hermestr> it becomes a prison from which you cannot escape
<Hermestr> modern religions have gone this way
<davedave> hermes, aren't some probabilities different from others only in trivial respect - e.g., a me who is half an inch taller - what is the reason there is this sort of infinite variation? what good does it serve?
<Hermestr> Severian your higher self is aware of all the probabilities . But you are not yet merged with that higher self . So you have to choose the path you want to tread . After ascension a multidimensional existence is possible where you would be aware of more than one probability at a time .
<Severian^> if I was merged with that higher self, wouldn’t I be that higher self?
<Hermestr> the purpose of probabilities is to offer you the ultimate freedom of choice. you should be able to choose between a probability in any flavor you want .
<davedave> I see...
<Hermestr> Severian, you are not merged with your higher self. You won't be until after your ascension
<Severian^> I know
<Severian^> laugh
<Hermestr> in which case you will no longer be restricted to time and space
<Gamble-> if two or more probabilities (like possible futures) are known to you, how do you suggest to go about finding out which you'd like best, and thus which you'd want to choose?
<Severian^> but I'm thinking, if I want to be merged with the higher self, I wouldn’t be me, I would be the higher self, or?
<Hermestr> when you merge with your higher self you become the sum total of all of your probable actions
<Hermestr> this happens a little bit at a time and is happening even now
<davedave> by trying to "feel" a probability, can you bring that into your life, to a certain degree, as a manifested reality?
<Severian^> I am the person I am, if I want to become someone else I have to change into that someone else.
<Severian^> What is that merge about?
<Hermestr> there are a couple ways you can look into future probabilities to see which way you may want to manifest. You can use tarot cards, dreams , out of body travel, or meditation
<Severian^> Isn't the higher self already complete? Sitting "outside" of time?
<Hermestr> Severian: you are changing every single day every moment that goes by. And has these moments go by you become another person.
<Hermestr> if you look back at yourself ten years ago you could say you were a very different person then.
<Hermestr> and of course ten years from now you'll be a different person again
<Severian^> every moment, "I" die, and is replaced with something totally new
<Hermestr> you are always working toward becoming your higher self
<Hermestr> it is just that you do it in small steps and only when you look back over time do you see how much you have changed
<Severian^> we are having a small communication break :)
<Severian^> I know this, but I'm wondering if the higher self is in a state of becoming, rather than already "being".
<Hermestr> The higher self evolves and grows as well. everything changes everything evolves.
<Hermestr> if the universe did not change it would not exist
<Hermestr> before creation there was nothing
<Hermestr> there was nothing because nothing changed
<Hermestr> when the universe changed then there was something
<Severian^> So even the higher self has a "before", and "after"?
<Hermestr> outside of time and space there is no before or after
<Hermestr> there is only change
<Hermestr> within physical reality you experience a unique set of circumstances and changes
<Hermestr> you experience change over time
<davedave> yet at the same time, all time is simultaneous, so those changes have already occurred?
<Hermestr> yes outside of time and space those changes have already occurred
<davedave> what kind of changes are they?
<davedave> maybe that was a bit of a broad question....
<Hermestr> the change of the soul from moment to moment
<davedave> nice answer :)
<Hermestr> in physical reality there is this pointer . you want to define your changes . You want to define them in some kind of a direction. so mind perceives these changes over time in a certain direction
<Severian^> For all we know, time could be going backwards
<Hermestr> yes time could go backwards
<Severian^> or jump all over the place
<Severian^> we are only aware of this instant anyway
<Hermestr> it doesn't only because you are in the probability group that moves forward in time
<davedave> hermes, is there a connection between simultaneous time and probabilities?
<Hermestr> yes there is a connection between both
<Hermestr> imagine the past , present and future as roads
<Hermestr> now imagine all the probable past , present , futures , as roads
<Hermestr> now take them all and arrange them up, down, side to side.
<Hermestr> now all these roads are moving and changing at the same time
<Hermestr> that is simultaneous time
<Hermestr> everything happening at the same instant
<Hermestr> your intersection point
<Hermestr> within this structure
<Hermestr> is where your consciousness is focused at the current moment , the particular road in that particular time
<davedave> is this the "now point"?
<Hermestr> you can of course instantly remove yourself from this point and jump to another
<Hermestr> yes we're talking about your now point. The point of focus for your consciousness at the current moment within the vastness of simultaneous time
<Severian^> I gotta go, thanks and cya
<Hermestr> bye severian
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<EMwave> so how do you get the future lottery results, and use them in the past?
<Hermestr> I'll be leaving in about 5 minutes as well
<davedave> hermes, you mentioned we can instantly jump from this point to another-- how?
<Hermestr> you would have to sense the probable future where you won some money and then bring that probability into your present experience
<Hermestr> you do this jumping already . A daydream is a great example of removing yourself from the present moment and into an alternate moment .
<Hermestr> consciousness decides the focus the point of intersection
<davedave> when you daydream, you've transported yourself to another point of intersection?
<Hermestr> the mall or flexible you make your consciousness the easier you will find it to shift from one moment to another
<Hermestr> mall = more
<davedave> is this another way of saying that if you focus your thoughts on a particular point, eventually, you'll be transported there
<Hermestr> dave, yes in a daydream you have removed yourself from physical reality for the moment and into a probable reality
<davedave> by point, I mean point in time and space
<davedave> yet that doesn't seem to "stick" - it ends with the daydream
<davedave> can the daydream become your "full" reality?
<Hermestr> because you are focused in time and space you cannot just blink out long term wise, you would negate your experience within a moment to moment framework
<Hermestr> you're here in physical reality to learn about these moments and how to shift one to another
<davedave> I see
<Hermestr> so for this reason you are locked into a form that allows you to be restricted to a certain degree
<Hermestr> so that these powerful lessons can be learned.
<davedave> by the way, does this mean that part of our lesson is to learn how to remove the sense of restriction
<davedave> in other words, the prison bars are there so we can learn to bend them?
<Hermestr> yes
<davedave> hmmm...
<Hermestr> it is very difficult to learn the intricacies of reality creating in the nonphysical
<Hermestr> think about how hard it is to navigate in a dream
<davedave> hmmm...
<Hermestr> physical reality offers you a unique slowed down perspective on how your thoughts create the exact intersection point in the universe
<davedave> every obstacle is there so we can overcome it - now that's an encouraging thought :)
<EMwave> in a dream we can create instantly anything we want
<Hermestr> yes you do
<davedave> ultimately, though, as we become better at reality creating, don't we get more immediate manifestations in real life, not just dream life?
<Hermestr> and you can do that here as well
<Hermestr> but it is slowed down so you can understand just how you created that
<Hermestr> Yes as you get better at reality creating you can decrease the amount of time it takes from thought to manifestation
<Hermestr> this happens because you are exactly applying the reality creating rules exactly right
<Hermestr> it is hard to create in physical reality on purpose
<Hermestr> it is a training ground to teach you the exact kind of changes you have to make in your consciousness to be precise enough to manifest very specific things
<davedave> here's a thought - we are each co-creating each other, to some degree, aren't we?
<Hermestr> yes there is a group reality of which you are part and of which your reality interacts with the group's . But this is a topic for another day. I must depart to and I will be back next week .
<davedave> yes, thanks very much
<Hermestr> see everyone later, good questions today
<davedave> bye
<Hermestr> even though we did not touch much on higher love
<Hermestr> bye
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