Energyballs, manifesting what you want; karma; Enochian Aethyr system; creating relationships; seeing aura; Reiki and healing; contacting spirit guides in meditation
January 30, 2003 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jan 30 16:33:22 2003
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. '
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<Wilin> don’t really understand your question?
<Hermestr> Howdy
<Brulaap> ok.. I’ll rephrase.. what is lucid dreaming?
<Severian^> hi hermes
<Severian^> It is dreaming, but you know that you are dreaming
<Brulaap> oh I’ve had that a few times before.. heheh
<Wilin> don’t know the protocol, so I will not answer now... Hi Hermes, new here
<Severian^> Suddenly you realize in the dream, "Oh haha, I'm dreaming... "
<Wilin> love your site, amazed at what I read thanks
<Brulaap> yeah I had that before.. :)
<_SSS_> I have a question about energy balls...
<Hermestr> hi willin you can answer that question if you like
<Severian^> its pretty cool, you can prolong it by looking at your hands, or spinning around
<Wilin> on Lucid dreaming?
<Wilin> or energy balls?
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<davedave> hi all
<Hermestr> glad you like the site and are finding it to be useful
<Wilin> am a participant but also a good listener..
<Brulaap> actually so far it's one of the few sites actually useful I think :)
<_SSS_> Since we send the ball into dimensions in which time is relative, how do we make sure the desired result happens soon, and not ten years from now?
<davedave> good question....
<Hermestr> SSS: The reality creating energy will dissipate within a few weeks to months. It never last that long. With the energyball routine it is best to do the routine once a day for what you're trying to manifest till it manifests .
<davedave> hermes, I was wondering: is it okay to do the energyball routine when you are sick or not feeling well physically?
<_SSS_> Ahh, ok. The energy dissipates.
<Hermestr> If what you're trying to manifest does not manifest been some way you believe system for your fears for some other reality creation you are currently working on is blocking the manifestation of the new event.
<Wilin> I am new here, so after a question is asked we wait for Hermestr to answer? is that the protocol?
<Hermestr> If what you're trying to manifest does not manifest been some way you believe system for your fears for some other reality creation you are currently working on is blocking the manifestation of the new event.
<Hermestr> .
<_SSS_> Thank you, I was wondering about that.
<Hermestr> manifest than in some way^
<Hermestr> most medium to small manifestations should happen within a few days to week two at the most .
<_SSS_> How often should they be repeated?
<Hermestr> Larger manifestations that require the reorganization of your wife to some degree maintain longer a month or two.
<Hermestr> for medium and small manifestations that need to come quickly you should do the energyball exercise once or twice a day
<_SSS_> Ok.
<Hermestr> for larger manifestations that require more reorganization of your life and you can do it perhaps several times a week instead of every day.
<Hermestr> with these larger manifestations less energy over a longer period time usually works better then of great amount of energy over a short amount of time
<Brulaap> ok, I have a question I asked yesterday to Attuned, but he wasn't too sure either I think... it's about the human senses.. I know that when in non physical your senses are heightened.. so they are in meditation.. but is it also able to heighten your senses in the physical world? (without stabbing my eyes out so my hearing improves)? (maybe by use of meditation or so)
<Wilin> How can I find or remember a solution to overcome the resistance I have to a particular situation?
<Hermestr> energy in the nonphysical plane is less restricted then in the physical plane. so your senses are much more powerful there. to improve the physical senses you should direct healing energy at those senses.
<Brulaap> but they could never really become better then they now are basically?
<Hermestr> you can create what you want as long as your belief system does not block it. if you do not believe that you can make your physical senses better than they will not ever get better
<Hermestr> the physical body is very much dependent on your own beliefs.
<Brulaap> well, I’m a believer in that it's possible.. no problem there :) just wondered how to do that :)
<Hermestr> well you could create energyballs to improve your senses
<Severian^> we believe in hearing aids :)
<_SSS_> Can sheer willpower overcome or "push back" negative karma to a later date or lifetime?
<davedave> hermes, also was wondering about if it's okay to do the energyball routine when you are not feeling well physically or are sick or have a cold?
<Hermestr> you could spend some time visualizing or using your imagination to help reprogram your unconscious belief system to the new one
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<Hermestr> you can create energyball at a time. I would just suggest you do not create too many of them in one day because you will use up all of your reality creating power
<davedave> I see, thanks
<Hermestr> karma needs to be repaid in some way. it can be repaid in a similar way to how it was incurred, or you can pay it back by manifesting its most positive opposite
<Hermestr> for example
<Hermestr> if you stole something from someone , karma can be repaid by something being stolen from you. For it can be repaid by you giving something to someone else .
<Hermestr> It all depends how you want to pay back that.
<Brulaap> best way would be giving something away I think
<Hermestr> that certainly is the nicer way to do it, yes
<Severian^> I'm curious, how did you come in contact with the Enochian system on your site?
<Brulaap> yeah and someone else’s karma doesn't get worse either
<_SSS_> I see.
<Wilin> what if its not Karmic and you are resisting something and can find a way to deal with it directly?
<Hermestr> I learned the Enochian system from some books and from my nonphysical teachers and from direct experience in the system
<Severian^> Are they the same/similar energies as can be found in the tree of life, for example?
<Hermestr> Wilin: if something is being created in your reality that you do not want , you are putting their yourself through your own thoughts and actions , or you have given up your reality creating power to another person and allowed them to thrust this reality creation on you .
<Wilin> I know I created the resistance, but can’t remember how to get rid of it and continue to resist it
<Hermestr> the fix lies within yourself , either stop creating this thing with your thoughts and actions, or take back your reality creating power that you've given away
<Wilin> thank you
<jsn> hermes, how come giving something to someone else (does this count even the things one don’t need or care.. and is happy to give away) will fix the fact you stole something, that someone else who most likely needs and wants (not always of course)?
<Hermestr> Severian: The tree of life is a scaled down version of the Enochian system. is good to experience the tree of life first and then work in the Enochian system.
<Severian^> tnx
<davedave> hermes, can I ask you a ? re: a pattern of experience that recurs frequently, and your thoughts on what might be going on re: this from a reality creating perspective?
<Hermestr> Willin: you most likely have some kind of reality creating conflict going on.
<Hermestr> Willin: can you figure out where this might be coming from
<Hermestr> sure Dave go ahead
<Wilin> yes
<Wilin> I can wait
<Hermestr> Willin: you can wait for what?
<davedave> thanks - I don't think I’m the only one this applies to, by the way --- anyway, if I allow myself to become romantically interested in someone, I notice these feelings of attachment
<Wilin> for daves question
<davedave> con'td
<davedave> if I allow myself to feel "attached" to someone from a romantic perspective, this tends to often frustrate things going my way in the relationship
<davedave> yet as soon as I "lose interest" that person with whom I was originally interested starts to show more interest in me???!!!
<davedave> what is going on here from a RC perspective?
<davedave> it's almost as if by being "detached" emotionally, I am setting things up to go more smoothly with her
<davedave> conversely, if I allow myself to work up a lot of interest in her, things seem more difficult,
<davedave> it's almost as if I can't have my cake and eat it too, so to speak
<Severian^> I get that too davedave :)
<davedave> yes, severian, thanks for noticing
<davedave> and it's not just a guy thing - girls go through it too
<Hermestr> some people carry within them a fear of relationships. these people will run away from relationships if they feel the energy going too fast . Also there could be a self worth issue with your self . unconsciously you feel you're not worthy of this relationship, so when it to gets serious you begin to uncreative it
<davedave> interesting
<Severian^> ...but when you really want it to get serious, it seldom does
<davedave> it's almost as if there's a basic setup such that if I fervently, passionately desire the relationship, it's more likely to falter, whereas the minute I say to myself I couldn't care less, the person in question somehow starts paying attention
<Brulaap> yeah I have that too.. it was the cause of the end of my last relationship I think
<_SSS_> Perhaps, also, when you really want something, you usually have a fear of losing it, which places doubts.
<davedave> I guess I’m oversimplifying, but it's like the universe won't let you have your cake and eat it too
<Severian^> personally, I write that phenomenon up to polarities...
<Hermestr> with relationships there's a lot of inner fear of being lonely that can mess things up. The more intense the relationship the more inner via of losing the relationship that comes up.
<Hermestr> inner fear of losing the ...^
<davedave> if it's THE relationship I care most about, it's a lot harder to reality create in a consistently positive fashion than a relationship that doesn't have the same importance to me
<davedave> if that's the case, what is the remedy? Ultimately, would an improvement in one's belief system allow one to escape what I just described
<Severian^> Buddhists try to remove the desire instead
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<davedave> exactly severian
<Severian^> which imo is the only way, but that is just a personal opinion
<Hermestr> people always say good relationships take a lot of work. Of course they believe this and so they created. And that to the fact that the group consciousness goes in this direction , is no wonder that good relationships are difficult .
<davedave> but why can't one experience the desire and the complete fulfillment at the same time
<Severian^> if you already had it, it wouldn’t be a desire
<Severian^> by desiring it, you place yourself at a condition of not having it fulfilled
<Hermestr> also relationships of the most powerful reality creating mirror you have. when you look into the eyes of the other you are actually looking into your own soul
<davedave> true, severian, but metaphysics aside, why not evolve oneself where one experience what anyone knows is a preferable condition -which is not to suffer from having the relationship you love most be your rockiest one as well
<Hermestr> So if you do not like something in your mate than you best remove it from yourself first.
<davedave> I guess there's a pragmatic side to my question as well
<Severian^> davedave: my impression is that "evolving" is usually done by learning from experience
<Hermestr> the best you can see, this is not a simple topic
<Hermestr> as you can see, this is not a simple topic
<davedave> because of the basic setup which I’ve just described, one "remedy" when things are not going so well between me and the person in question is for me to become interested in someone else
<Wilin> why not look at the space between the two of you and see what’s not clear between you both?
<davedave> in other words, the real irony is that, the lesson I've learned is that if I want to help myself get over difficult times with the person I care most about, one effective means of doing this is to go outside the relationship and allow myself to feel an interest in someone else....
<Severian^> to love someone, while not getting love back, and vice versa... seems like a condition that is created by both parts so they can learn from it
<davedave> could well be
<Brulaap> I’m good in loving someone and not getting it back.. lol
<Severian^> I’m good at the opposite brulaap
<Severian^> lol
<davedave> lol
<Brulaap> heheheh
<davedave> hermes, I guess my question really is why is it that my relationship heals best when I am willing to give it up?
<davedave> isn't that kind of weird? what is the universe trying to say?
<Hermestr> either you have a fear of relationships or you feel you are not worthy of a good relationship
<Wilin> why would the universe care about davedaves relationship in the first place? davedave and the other person created it, the universe just provides the opportunity right?
<Hermestr> from a reality creating standpoint you create everything that happens in a relationship
<Severian^> would co-creation in other areas help? creating stuff with others?
<Hermestr> so you somehow believe that because you care less about the relationship it will do better , so it gets created that way .
<davedave> wilin, I am not trying to "personify" the universe, but am speaking metaphorically
<davedave> I am trying to get at the heart of the reality creating process that seems to be at work here
<davedave> aha, hermes
<davedave> that's what I was wondering
<davedave> in your opinion, it's ultimately a function of a belief I have about how relationships work, not a fundamental law of the universe per se -- is this what you are saying?
<Severian^> imo, metaphysically speaking, the universe has a way of coming up and tell you that the opposite is also true, of whatever you believe/decide on
<Hermestr> yes dave the problem is that the nature of men and women but the nature of yourself . Your belief system needs adjustment.
<Hermestr> problem is not the nature^
<Brulaap> so is there a reason why we end up with specific people? before my ex and I came together I didn’t like her... 2 days later we were together.. lol
<Attuned> davedave: I'd say you're also wishing too hard (sending out too big of an energy ball). once you give up on it the energy comes down to the right amount to make your wish become reality
<davedave> ultimately, then, if I were somehow to revamp whatever inner beliefs I have re: relationships in general, I would notice a different set of experiences?
<Hermestr> It is easy to feel this way about relationships because a lot of people to not to mention television and movies show this reality .
<davedave> yes, attuned, I’m inclined to agree with you
<davedave> attuned, that is definitely one theory I’ve considered - it makes a lot of sense
<Hermestr> most likely you need to not try so hard , which means you need to reduce your fear of failure in this area , and you need to change your belief system about how relationships are suppose to be.
<davedave> say I’m madly in love with person A - then if there's too much mental energy there, and I somehow shift my focus to person B - then often my relationship with A will stabilize - is that kind of what you are saying, attuned?
<_SSS_> Can relationships be a disadvantage? It seems that it is very common for a person to become over dependant on the other person. "I cannot live without him/her"
<_SSS_> Would this not weaken the person's reality creating power over themselves?
<Brulaap> it might.. I thought I couldn't live without my ex.. and now I see I can..
<Attuned> davedave: yes exactly
<Brulaap> although I still wouldn’t mind returning to her :)
<Wilin> my ex thought I was responsible for her happiness instead of her
<davedave> hermes, does all of this imply that in creating healthy relationships, it's absolutely important not to exert too much mental energy
<Hermestr> sss: many relationships are codependent with energy strands going from one to the other. Often one person will tap more energy from the other. Yes it can and does weaken your reality creating power
<Hermestr> sss: in the ideal relationship there is no codependency going on, and each person's energy source is with the universe and not with each other.
<_SSS_> Hmm.
<Hermestr> but this kind of relationship is not seen on this planet very often, yet
<_SSS_> Yes, that’s what I was thinking. These seem very rare.
<Hermestr> you may see it more as people evolve more as you come to know the importance of being connected first to the universe and then to your mate
<Severian^> Hermes, do you know how to learn how to see auras? Or isn't it possible for anyone?
<Hermestr> everyone can see or learn to see aura. not everyone will have the same amount of this sight
<Hermestr> some people can only see the outline of the aura, others can see colors. but everyone can learn to see at least to the first level
<Severian^> how would one go about that?
<Brulaap> yeah I tried this yesterday.. with the aura thing and used a white background.. I sorta saw a bright white line around my finger.. that can't be good right?
<Brulaap> I assume that was my eyes playing tricks on me at least
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<Hermestr> it usually is saying as the haze or an outline around the body or in this case the finger
<Hermestr> saying = seen
<Brulaap> ah, I think that was greenish blue
<Hermestr> well you could of been seeing the color, like I said some people can develop to see the color
<Brulaap> well, I don’t wanna try too much things at the same time
<Severian^> is this visualization mental "sight", or intermixed with physical eye sight
<Brulaap> but it's sorta what I meant with heighten the senses.. like seeing aura's and stuff.. better hearing
<Hermestr> there were some good websites around that did teach you to see aura . does anyone have any of these ?
<Wilin> barbara brennan has a site about auras and healing pretty good one
<Brulaap> nope.. can try to find them.. jobless right now and sometimes spend a day browsing the web finding info
<Hermestr> At first seen aura is physical using the subtle areas of the eye, but overtime looking at aura's tends to turn on the third eye a bit and you will start to see using that.
<Severian^> A question on that, to pretend to see auras, will that eventually turn on the "real thing"?
<EMwave> when it is dark or semi dark with eyes open I can see different colors appearing and disappearing, if I then close my eyes it is very easy to visualize or produce dream imagery, are these auras?
<Hermestr> well you do not have to pretend, the human eye can see the faint outline of aura on its own
<Severian^> yes but it is always the same size, I'd imagine a living thing had a wider area than a piece of plastic
<Hermestr> it is easiest to see with your hand against a white background
<Hermestr> well the level of the aura you are starting to see is very static
<Hermestr> it is like a outline of the body
<Hermestr> in time this vision will gain in strength and you will even start to turn on that third eye
<davedave> hermes, you mentioned the third eye
<Severian^> what is required? trying to see auras?
<Hermestr> yes it is with the third eye that most people who can see color and the moving aura use
<_SSS_> Is seeing "through" closed eyelids while meditating on your spirit part of this? Seeing outline of objects in the room.
<davedave> yes, I've noticed some tingling in the area right above my eyebrows on my forehead
<davedave> is this the third eye?
<davedave> in the center of my forehead, I should say
<Hermestr> if your eyes are closed and you are able to see things than most likely you are using your third eye.
<davedave> any exercises to strengthen the third eye, so to speak?
<Hermestr> unless you are just looking through your eyelids
<Hermestr> start looking at aura, that should help your third eye to get stronger
<davedave> thanks
<Brulaap> with a somewhat trained third eye.. would it give better results in meditation too? meeting and/or seeing spiritual guides or traveling to places?
<Hermestr> sure
<Hermestr> many travel meditations are done with the third eye
<Severian^> I'm curious, do you have any experience with Reiki Hermes?
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<_SSS_> One last question....what is you opinion of these so called "shadow people" who appear during episodes of sleep-paralysis?
<Hermestr> I practice a self taught form of Reiki that I learned from my nonphysical teachers
<_SSS_> whoops. sorry.
<Severian^> I'm curious what actually happens when a student becomes "attuned" by a master. Does the master actually change anything in a being energy-wise?
<Severian^> err being=student
<Hermestr> the master changes the energy of the student . It is a faster way to gain the healing skills.
<Severian^> oh... cool
<Attuned> bye all..
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<Hermestr> when I learned healing myself , it was my nonphysical teachers that changed my energy so I could better heal. by tradition is done this way , but you can develop the energy changes on your own as well . It just may take longer .
<Brulaap> well, still hoping I can contact spirit guide soon so the learning process would improve (still having a feeling I’m not doing something right with meditation.. heh) :)
<Hermestr> do you get anything in meditation?
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<Hermestr> or are your meditations all blank
<Brulaap> mostly blank
<Brulaap> I haven't reached the state I could hear my own heartbeat and stuff anymore
<Brulaap> and I do see images.. but they are more thoughts
<Hermestr> One at a five of the meditations should have some kind of activity going on.
<Severian^> mine are blank too brulaap :)
<Hermestr> those images are the beginning
<Hermestr> you have to follow them to see where they lead
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<Hermestr> at first it may seem like you're watching a movie or that you're making it up.
<Severian^> Like, producing a flower, and letting it morph into whatever.. and go with the flow, immerse oneself in whatever comes up?
<Hermestr> butt in time it will become more real .
<Brulaap> alright.. usually before I go to bed I meditate.. hoping I would at least reach Malkuth again in dream state (I think I was there the other day in a dream when I was standing in a hallway of what seemed to be a castle and I saw someone standing down the stairs (I think Sandalphon)
<Brulaap> but I got excited and basically forced myself to wake up.. lol
<Brulaap> well, I’ll just keep on trying :)
<Hermestr> follow the images and see where they lead. they will take you someplace
<Brulaap> for now I just wanna get the hang of meditation (I'm not using crystals or so as I don’t have them yet)
<Severian^> my Malkuth experience was a somewhat disturbing one, actually :) I did that "go with the flow" thing there...
<Hermestr> yes brulaap that sounds like it could of been Sandalphon in Malkuth
<Brulaap> oooh.. I have an interesting question about dreams
<Hermestr> what happened Severian
<Severian^> I’m not sure if I’m supposed to share it
<Hermestr> ok
<Severian^> I'd like to but shrug....
<Hermestr> no problem
<Brulaap> 3 weeks ago my relationship ended.. and in dream I woke up and saw a mist appearing in front of me.. and I sorta knew I was gonna see a ghost.. closed my eyes for a minute.. opened again and saw this dead girl standing in front of me (bit decayed)..
<Severian^> without details, I was thrown into Kether, and then fell down into some "hellish" place :)
<Brulaap> now I know it could mean something it was the end of my relationship.. but it was somewhat scary.. I remember shaking and shivering for an hour after I woke up
<Brulaap> any idea what it could mean?
<Hermestr> well Binah can be a bit foreboding
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<Brulaap> even scarier was that I was laying in exact position in my dream as I was for real
<sca1> hello
<Brulaap> hello
<Severian^> I was the Christ gestalt, so... I dunno if it was all subconscious stuff floating up at me
<sca1> anyone use brain gen?
<Hermestr> maybe you saw a ghost
<Brulaap> in my dreams?
<Brulaap> cause it was a dream.. that's what I’m certain of
<Hermestr> sure, dead people can visit you in your dreams
<Hermestr> the difference between a dream and a nonphysical adventure is the amount of your consciousness that you take with you.
<Hermestr> okay time to go, catch everyone on Tuesday.
<Brulaap> ok, another experience happened 1,5 year ago.. and I met Jesus in a dream.. or I believe it was him... and in my dream I felt total happiness and even when I woke up I had this almost painful smirk on my face.. feeling really happy.. could that have some meaning too?
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