hot, cold, and needle feelings in parts of the body & your personal healers; bringing your emotions under control; changing faulty belief systems; changing dislike to like; seeing archangels
December 5, 2002 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Dec 05 16:35:13 2002
Session Ident: #energyworks
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* Topic is 'Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. '
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<Hermestr> howdy
<Misery1> Hello
<Misery1> :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
<Misery1> so happy to see you Mr Hermes
<Hermestr> glad to be here
<Hermestr> how are you doing?
<Misery1> I have so many questions
<Misery1> I just finished all the workshop logs, thank you for putting them up on the site
<Hermestr> wow that is a heap of reading
<Misery1> yes but so informative
<Misery1> I have a question specifically about physical signals when energy level changes
<Hermestr> ok
<Misery1> I have had some persistent physical sensations and was wondering whether they have to do with energy
<Misery1> my ears get suddenly very hot, but when they aren't hot to the touch; it's not painful just uncomfortable
<Misery1> and has been happening for several months
<Misery1> I also feel sometimes as if someone is sticking something in my left ear
<Hermestr> It could be possible that your personal healers are sticking you with light needles to fix the energy centers around your ears
<Misery1> is there any way I could know?
<Hermestr> you could ask them in a dream or meditation if they are working on your ears
<Hermestr> when you energy changes you can get some strange things happening in the body
<Hermestr> so it is possible the burning ears are related to your energy shifting, or going up
<Hermestr> the needle thing however usually is a good sign that a healer is working on you
<Misery1> really?? :) I didn't think I would be so important
<Hermestr> sure you are
<Hermestr> you are on the path to evolve yourself
<Hermestr> that makes you important
<Misery1> I also used to have the suddenly getting very hot in parts of my legs or arms, about an area of half an inch
<Misery1> as if something warm is there but very quickly
<Hermestr> that also could be healers working
<Hermestr> they may be breaking up blood clots
<Hermestr> or redirecting energy in your body
<Hermestr> that has become blocked up there
<Hermestr> there are two kinds of healing energy, hot and cold
<Hermestr> the hot is used for transformation, breaking up things, adding energy
<Hermestr> the cold is used to sooth, relax, reduce swelling
<Misery1> I see
<Misery1> wow it would be so great
<Misery1> thank you
<Hermestr> your welcome
<Hermestr> as you get more in tune with your own body you will notice this kind of thing going on quite a bit
<Hermestr> your healers are always working to keep your body healthy
<Misery1> but then why do I feel so badly sometimes, emotionally
<Misery1> why don't they help with that?
<Hermestr> well physical problems are often the result of emotional problems...
<Hermestr> your healers may be trying to help keep your body together as you work out the emotional problems
<Hermestr> they can help with emotional problems but more of that work has to come from you
<Misery1> I see
<Hermestr> you have to release the energy that you are holding on to
<Hermestr> let the emotions go
<Hermestr> as long as you keep generating emotional energy that breaks down the body all your healers can do is try to keep the body working
<Misery1> do you mean be emotionless?
<Hermestr> no, your emotions should be controlled
<Hermestr> at your command to use
<Hermestr> not to be use you
<Hermestr> not to use you
<Hermestr> run away emotions like bad thinking can be brought under your own control
<Hermestr> it takes persistence
<Hermestr> of course
<Hermestr> You have to stand firm and not let a runaway emotion get the best of you
<Hermestr> command it to go
<Hermestr> command it to go away when it is not needed
<Hermestr> or helpful
<Hermestr> you still experience emotion but at your own time of choosing
<Hermestr> it may seem strange to think that you can command an emotion
<Hermestr> but you can
<Hermestr> the problem is no one tells you that you can do this
<Misery1> but wouldn't life be very mechanical then
<Hermestr> not at all,
<Hermestr> you create what you want when you want it
<Misery1> and if someone let's say says something very cruel, or does something cruel, how to you not respond emotionally?
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<Hermestr> run away emotions destroy the body, especially if they are negative emotions
<Hermestr> well you would respond to that situation but the emotion under your own control
<Hermestr> you may deduce you need to express firmness in that situation
<Hermestr> so you raise this emotion and express it. You choose the emotion to express, it does not choose you
<Hermestr> what you are trying to do is control emotional runaway, as I call it
<Hermestr> you release this powerful emotion without knowing it and then it is like a big wave you can't control
<lotus_an> Hello, everybody! Hermes, for how long can you remain here from now?
<Hermestr> it takes on its on life and drives you to think and do things you would not normally do
<Hermestr> lotus I will be here for another hour
<Misery1> I see, it sounds great but seems very difficult
<Hermestr> yes it is not easy
<Hermestr> but you can start now
<Hermestr> just be aware that is possible opens the door for you
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<Hermestr> a runaway emotion also destroys the body, it is like taking a hammer to it. The energy just backs up and causes all sorts of problems. Ever notice that right after you have released some powerful emotions your body gets cranky on you the next few days.
<Misery1> yes
<Misery1> but it feels good right afterwards
<Hermestr> yes only because you have lots of backed up emotions
<Misery1> if I get very very angry
<Misery1> after I do that I feel as if my body is releasing endorphins
<Misery1> you know, the pleasure chemicals
<Misery1> maybe to reset the balance
<Hermestr> well an emotion will change the body chemistry by its very nature
<Hermestr> but if that emotion is not controlled those chemicals could stay in the system longer than they are needed.
<Hermestr> and that can cause stress on the body
<lotus_an> Hermes, what do you think about euthanasia ?
<Misery1> is that how people develop cancer and such illnesses?
<Hermestr> yes
<Hermestr> the emotional energy destroys the body from the inside
<Hermestr> causes the energy of the body to attack itself
<Misery1> well sometimes I have felt like I want to destroy the body
<Misery1> so much less suffering
<Hermestr> life is supposed to be pleasant
<Hermestr> you can make it so
<Misery1> life is supposed to be pleasant? you must live on another planet than me
<Hermestr> :)
<Misery1> :|
<Hermestr> you just think life is hard so you create it that way
<Hermestr> you can change that belief
<Misery1> but doesn't life have to be hard in order to be life?
<Hermestr> and then your life will change
<Misery1> you know, the Iliad and the Odyssey are all about tragedy
<Hermestr> that is just a belief
<Hermestr> you can create your life any way you want
<Hermestr> some people may like creating that stuff in their lives
<Hermestr> but it certainly does not have to be that way
<Misery1> oh come on
<Hermestr> see
<Misery1> aren't there some physical constraints that add to our suffering
<Hermestr> now you see why you are stuck
<Misery1> I don't see how people create hurricanes
<Hermestr> I'm not talking about hurricanes just your own life
<Hermestr> the only limitations in your life are the ones you put there yourself because you believe it to be so
<Hermestr> if you believe life to be hard and full of suffering it will be
<Misery1> but wait, if there's no suffering, there's no Shakespeare, no opera, no art
<Hermestr> just because people have used sadness to create things with does not mean they could not have use other emotions as well
<Hermestr> create another kind of reality for themselves
<Hermestr> their works prospered because
<Hermestr> misery loves company
<Hermestr> people identified with what they were expressing because they were living their own lives like that
<Hermestr> it does not have to be that way
<Misery1> but then what is there to talk about with people?
<Misery1> I'm fine, you're fine
<Misery1> isn't that boring?
<Hermestr> you see another trap
<Hermestr> by talking about that stuff you create it even more in your life
<Hermestr> you have to learn how to talk about other things
<Hermestr> there is no need for conversations to be negative to be entertaining
<Misery1> like what?
<Hermestr> like all the good things in life
<Hermestr> I'm sure you think I'm nuts
<Hermestr> but I am just trying to help you get out of the place you are in.
<Hermestr> Life is hard because you create it that way
<Hermestr> in your thoughts and how you interact with others
<Hermestr> you expect it to be hard so it is
<Misery1> this is very difficult to comprehend
<Hermestr> everyone around you reinforces this belief because you surround yourself with like minded people
<Misery1> but I don't understand how my own expectations or thoughts have anything to do with reality
<Misery1> let's say, people at work don't like me
<Misery1> how can I not feel upset about this
<Misery1> and doesn't it have to do with something that is out of my control
<Hermestr> People at work don't like you because you most likely do not like them, or you think bad thoughts about them, or you have strong opinions of others and this energy comes back at you in a karmic cycle.
<Hermestr> do something nice for them at work and see what happens
<Hermestr> the energy will change
<Hermestr> bring in donuts to the office on Friday.
<Hermestr> share some of the goodness of yourself with them
<Hermestr> you will find that if you share goodness than goodness will be returned
<Misery1> donuts?? they are fattening and most of them are already fat
<Hermestr> well you get the idea
<Misery1> :) just kidding
<Hermestr> :)
<Misery1> I hope the other people can feel free to ask questions
<Attuned> <Hermestr> do something nice for them and the energy will change -- this is so so so true
<Misery1> I have so many that I have to bandage my head so it doesn't explode
<Attuned> I think what can change any situation is doing nice things for others, they then feel your care. try it Misery....
<Hermestr> yes it is easy, just bring donuts they will love you
<Hermestr> :)
<Misery1> I am always very nice to everyone
<Hermestr> but are you nice to them in your thoughts
<Hermestr> this is another area where you can create problems
<Misery1> most of the time, yes
<Misery1> I just think perhaps that they hate me as much as I hate myself
<Hermestr> well, here is an assignment for you
<Hermestr> I want you to do one nice thing to someone each day
<Hermestr> write it down in a journal
<Hermestr> do it for a couple weeks and I bet things will change in both categories
<Hermestr> you will feel better about yourself and others will feel better about you
<Attuned> I completely agree
<Hermestr> review your journal every few days to keep reminding you of your progress
<Misery1> okay but apart from this
<Misery1> when you meet someone and you sense they dislike you
<Misery1> instantly
<Misery1> that can't have anything to do with donuts yet
<Hermestr> no no no
<Hermestr> it does not work like that
<Hermestr> if someone does not like you at the start it is because you have sent that energy out or you have returned their bad energy back at them]
<Hermestr> if they send bad energy to you and your send it back then you have instant dislike
<Hermestr> however if you do not return this bad energy but only fill your own self with kindness this energy will go away
<Hermestr> the person will be unable to dislike you
<Misery1> but why are they sending me bad energy
<Misery1> this is what pisses me off
<Misery1> oh I mean makes me angry
<Hermestr> they are not sending it at you
<Hermestr> they are sending it at everyone
<Hermestr> it is not you personally
<Misery1> oh I see
<Hermestr> if you take it personal than it becomes personal
<Misery1> yes
<Hermestr> you then start the chain of events
<Misery1> but here is another problem
<Misery1> often times I just simply walk down the street
<Misery1> and I seem to be a target for people to say all sorts of mean things
<Misery1> and I just don't understand why as I am not doing anything to anyone
<Misery1> for example, homeless men will curse me
<Misery1> it's as if I have a sign on my forehead, "mistreat me please"
<Hermestr> what are you thoughts about people as you go down the street
<Hermestr> do you look to see the goodness inside everyone
<Hermestr> or do you look to see their faults
<Hermestr> do you judge them?
<Misery1> nooo
<Misery1> I usually think only of myself and trying to make myself as invisible as possible
<Misery1> I'm always afraid of people
<Hermestr> well
<Hermestr> try thinking kindly of people as you walk by them
<Hermestr> send them energy of peace and love
<Hermestr> smile
<Hermestr> when appropriate
<Hermestr> in fact
<Hermestr> smile all the time
<Hermestr> you are just caught in a bad reality creating pattern
<Hermestr> you can break out of it easy
<Hermestr> the good deed a day will help to break this pattern
<Hermestr> you will start to look at people and how you can help them
<Misery1> but I can't smile at them
<Misery1> I hate them
<Misery1> people have always been so mean to me
<Hermestr> there you go
<Misery1> I mean, I don't hate them
<Misery1> I just don't care about them
<Misery1> because I know if I was on the side of the road dying
<Hermestr> you have to care
<Misery1> not one of them would stop to help me
<Hermestr> you have to see the goodness in everyone
<Hermestr> who cares what they would do
<Hermestr> it matters what you would do
<Hermestr> they are only responding to the energy you are sending out at them. You don't believe they can be kind so they are not
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<fooki> hi folks
<Attuned> hi
<Hermestr> you must change this belief system misery
<Hermestr> otherwise you will life such a hard life
<Hermestr> it does not have to be this way
<lotus_an> Misery, how can you be so sure that nobody would stop to help you? Why do you always take for granted that all negative things would happen?
<Misery1> because they always have
<Misery1> imagine you grew up in a place w here people put you down always
<Misery1> as far back as you remember
<Hermestr> well forget the past
<Hermestr> its gone
<Misery1> it's human nature that when event A happens over and over, you'll expect event A to happen again
<Misery1> it's not such a stretch
<Hermestr> lets talk about now
<Misery1> ok
<Hermestr> I want you to start doing at least one good deed a day to someone you would not normally do a good deed to
<Hermestr> and
<Hermestr> email me everyday this journal for two weeks
<Hermestr> that way you have to do it
<Misery1> but I have *always* put other people above myself
<Misery1> doing kind things for them
<Misery1> why should I do that?
<Misery1> I want to be able to do kind things for myself
<Misery1> that is the hardest thing
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<Misery1> I was always thought to think of other people first, myself last, and you're telling me that's what I should continue to do?
<Hermestr> well than you won't have any trouble filling in the daily journal
<Misery1> thought = taught
<Misery1> I see your point Mr Hermes
<Misery1> but it bothers me that you're asking me to think of other people
<Misery1> that's what my parents always say
<Misery1> that's what everyone always says, be good and nice to other people
<Misery1> but never to myself
<Hermestr> you should be nice to yourself
<Hermestr> that goes without saying
<Misery1> oh finally thank you
<Misery1> :)
<Hermestr> so then add one good deed to yourself to that daily journal
<Misery1> well but that's the thing, when you say "that goes without saying" I dont' think you understand how some people life
<Misery1> in some countries other than US, human life is not valued like her
<Misery1> children are taught they are evil and bad
<Hermestr> its no different here, people grow up thinking they are evil and bad
<Misery1> being nice to oneself is not so automatic
<Hermestr> bad self worth is a universal constant on the planet for many people
<Hermestr> anyway
<Hermestr> back to you
<Hermestr> you said you want others to think nicely of you
<Misery1> so it seems to me that the problem is people having low self worth
<Misery1> not that they don't think highly enough of other people
<Misery1> so isn't the solution to love yourself first?
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<Hermestr> I suppose I could tell you that yes lets start with yourself, however it is clear you have some aversion to others as well
<Hermestr> so you need to work on this in your internal and external reality
<Misery1> but my greatest aversion is to myself
<Misery1> as much as I don't like other people
<Hermestr> let's go back to the donuts
<Misery1> I like them more than I like me
<Hermestr> you bring in donuts to the office
<Hermestr> one person there thanks you for bringing in the donuts
<Hermestr> this then begins a feeling inside you of self worth, your kindness was appreciated
<Misery1> no I'm not bringing donuts
<Hermestr> you have now taken a small step to liking yourself better
<Misery1> I'm not the office Santa
<Misery1> give me another suggestion
<Hermestr> make your own
<Hermestr> that is just an example
<Misery1> oh okay
<Misery1> thank you so very much for your advice
<Hermestr> no problem
<Hermestr> I'll be waiting for the journal
<Hermestr> one good deed to others and yourself
<Hermestr> a day
<Misery1> uh
<Hermestr> the good deed has to be to someone you would not normally do something nice for
<Misery1> okay, I will do it
<Hermestr> 14 days that's all and then we will see where you are
<Misery1> but if I don't come back here you will know it's because a mean New Yorker beat me up
<Misery1> you know, they don't like kind people up here
<Hermestr> I lived in Brooklyn for 30 years
<Hermestr> I know about NY
<Hermestr> the reality creator material was born there
<Hermestr> tested there
<Misery1> this is a good testing ground :)
<Hermestr> it has a NY seal of approval
<Misery1> =]
<Hermestr> great
<Hermestr> on that note I will call this workshop to a close
<Hermestr> I will see everyone next Tuesday
<Misery1> oh no don't go
<Hermestr> why
<Misery1> can I ask only 1 more question please
<Hermestr> ok
<Misery1> have you ever seen an Angel?
<Hermestr> in the nonphysical
<Misery1> anywhere
<Hermestr> not physically
<Hermestr> in my out of body travels or my travel meditations
<Misery1> which angel, what did he/she look like?
<Hermestr> the Tree of Life if full of them
<Hermestr> they are all different
<Misery1> oh wow :)
<Misery1> are they nice?
<Hermestr> Archangel Michael wears brown armor
<Hermestr> yes very nice pleasant people
<Misery1> oh wow wow wow
<Misery1> I'd give anything to see an Angel
<Hermestr> you can, start by looking into your dreams
<Hermestr> Sandalphon is the easiest to contact, he either looks like a pope or wears shorts with sandals.
<Misery1> hehe
<Hermestr> children see him as a princess
<Misery1> They all have such beautiful names
<Misery1> that seem to end in -el as in Raphael, Uriel
<Misery1> does El mean God?
<Hermestr> yes
<Hermestr> part of the EL-oh-him
<Misery1> thank you for all the information you put up on the site
<Hermestr> glad to be of service
<Misery1> really appreciate your time, thank you
<Hermestr> ok so I will see you here next Tuesday or on Thursday or both
<Misery1> yes, both :)
<Hermestr> ok great, have a good day everyone
<Misery1> you too Mr. Hermes
<Hermestr> :)
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